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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Report

I'm ba-ack!! Just popping my head in to say hello and let you know I haven't fallen off a cliff. More like stuck in massive traffic trying to get back onto my island after doing my mother a favor that took us both off the island...

Anyhow, the Saturday Afternoon Report will be going up shortly - clip by clip - right here in this post.

12:03pm BBT
Joshuah, Chelsia & Natalie talking about Sheila and everything that bothers them about her. Natalie thinks her illness last night was because of Sheila - just listening to all her stuff.
Joshuah: She wants to play the respect card. Well, either you can be one of us, or you can be our mom.

Part 1

Part 2

1pm BBT
Amanda & Allison dishing about Sheila. She's the talk of the house today. No one's happy with her or her behavior. Natalie joins Amanda and Alli, and echoes the hope that Joshuah & Sharon will use the veto and put Sheila (and Adam) up on the block, because they feel the house would vote unanimously to oust them - just to get rid of Sheila.

1:27pm BBT
Sharon joins Amanda, Allison & Natalie in the sauna to talk about Sheila some more, and agrees with the women that Sheila's behavior upon their return from the hospital last night was just too much.

1:56pm BBT
James, Matt & Adam
Outside Couch
The guys are still pretty shook up about the events of last night - James especially.
James: It's a little bit different when someone's in your hands.
Matt: I can imagine. You were right there holding her.
James: I didn't sign on for that.
Adam: Nah. You were shook dude.
Matt: You didn't sign up for trauma like that... I've never witnessed something like that before. I was taken aback.

2:33pm BBT
Allison & Adam talking strategy.
Allison has returned to blaming Amanda for her breakdown with Sheila, and reassuring Adam that Joshuah & Sharon do not plan to use the veto.
Allison: ...but if they do use the veto and put you two up, the goal is still to get rid of the other couple.

3:48pm BBT
HOH Bathroom
Chelsia & Allison
Allison is casting aspersions, as kindly as she can, on Amanda's episode yesterday... just doing her best to cast doubt and make sure no one starts feeling better about Amanda.

She flashes the feeds near the end of the clip.

Downstairs Bathroom
Josh and Amanda
4pm BBT
Josh: I owe you one. Whether it's taking you off the block or giving you my vote, I haven't decided yet...

This clip starts just after he said that. I can't decide if I believe him or not. What's your take?

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Doc in Diary Room

8:23am BBT
DR Voice: Allison?
Allison: Yes?
DR Voice: Hi. The doctor's here to see you. Can you head in to the Diary Room?

    ***I think this must be the one the HGs refer to as the sexy female voice. She sounded very gentle and soothing.

Allison goes... Feeds cut to Trivia.

The feeds came back on at 8:38am with Amanda getting up, grabbing a jacket and leaving the room. Logic dictates she's headed for the DR as well.

I'm off for a few hours. Check in with ya later this afternoon.

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Big Brother 9 Overnight Report

Good morning, Big Brother Lovers! With all the excitement in the BB9 house yesterday, we were up pretty late last night covering as much as possible. Still, as much effort as we put into it, bb9dish is no substitute for the live feeds. Anyhow, the Overnight Report is rather short this morning - just a few moments with James & Chelsia, then Alex and Amanda. To get all the details about last night, please check out the following posts:

And here's what happened after all that:

2:28am BBT
HOH Room
James & Chelsia
After kissing Chelsia a bit, and getting the scoop from her that she promised her parents she would not have sex on tv, James leaves to satisfy his fixation on the items in the guinea pig cage.
ReporterX for bb9dish

2:51am BBT
Amanda & Alex's Bed
Checking in with Amanda and Alex. They're sleeping, but this is the first glimpse we've had of them in a while, and they're having a nice unconscious cuddle. Alex has his arm draped over her in a very protective position.
    3:16am BBT
    He just reached over searching for her hand and then petted it and then they held hands... rolled over and put her leg over his and she held his arm and when she did that it put his hand near her crotch but not on it. Now she's turned over slightly and his shoulder and hand are still on top of hers in the middle of the bed and their legs are next to eachother. She has her head on his shoulder and his hand isn't near her crotch...just laying next to hers so that they are touching.

    3:41am BBT
    Now she's laying on her stomach with her butt scooted toward him and Alex is on his back with his leg up over her butt and leg.

Here's the clip from 2:51am.
ReporterX for bb9dish

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Comic Relief

12:40am BBT

It's been a heck of a day and night in the Big Brother 9 house. Absolutely non-stop since 9am BBT... For me, it's been non-stop since 9am eastern, when I began the overnight report.

It's now 12:30am BBT. James & Chelsia are upstairs in HoH chatting. Matty was sleeping alone, because Natalie's got a fever and he doesn't want to catch it, but he just got up, and he's sitting in the dining room staring into space and having a drink. Ryan and Allison had a pre-sleep chat about Sheila's self-centered behavior, and they're now sleeping. Amanda and Alex have been AWOL for over an hour now.

I thought it would be nice to end the posting for Friday (although it's technically Saturday) with a little comic relief from a little earlier this evening:

Matt giving Adam advice on how to "work his partner."

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Amanda, Allison & Sheila Talk

It starts off as a really excellent bonding experience for the women. Both Allison and Amanda have gotten to a point of clarity. Sheila, on the other hand, manages to make everything about her. It's unreal and a bit maddening.

10:36pm BBT

10:48pm BBT

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Allison's Back!

Whatta night! Jeez louise.

Allison's throat was completely closed. Her tongue was huge. She had hives all over her body.

Allison: Once I got to the hospital, they pumped me full of all kinds of stuff.
Ryan: Can I get you something to eat?
Allison: No, I don't want to eat anything till after they do all the tests on me tomorrow...

Alex: We didn't even know where you were. We were trying to get in there for her (Amanda), and we couldn't understand why they wouldn't let us in...

Allison: The doctor said, a few more minutes, and I could've been dead... I just have to say, the nurse on duty here is incredible. She is so on top of everything....

The HGs are all being quite lovely, human if you will, to one another. Quite refreshing.

Allison is high as a kite right now. Her words... Here's a clip:

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Amanda's Back

10pm BBT
Everyone's being lovely to Amanda, welcoming her back. Lots of Video on the way...

Natalie, however, is getting much worse... She's very feverish and Matty is now bringing her a bowl in case she has to vomit.


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Allison and Amanda Coming Back Tonight

9:42pm BBT
The feeds went to flames for a moment, and came back on with all the HGs gathered together in the Diary Room. We heard a female voice, very likely BB EP Allison Grodner, tell them all the following:

We're still on showtime, and we want you back out there, but I just want to give you an update. Both Amanda and Allison are fine.

Chelsia: Goood!!
Sharon: Good!
All HGs look relieved.

FEMALE DR VOICE: They will be back home shortly.

Guys: Today? Tonight?

: Uh, yes. As a matter of fact, very shortly, and we put some flowers you had requested for both of them in the Storage Room, so you can please...

Girls: Yayy. Thank you!

: ...make sure that they get those.

Ryan: Excellent.

: And um, in light of...


We return moments later, and ALL the HGs are OFF slop tonight, and there are glucose pills (sugar tablets) for Amanda next to the flowers.

Chelsia and Matt are making get well cards:

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BB9 Amanda: Down But Not Out

The BB9 HGs are talking about Amanda's return.

Kitchen Counter
Adam, Alex, Chelsia
Chelsia: What do you think there gonna do for Amanda? Just made her eat slop for the show and give her something... else?

    ***Sounds like Amanda is NOT off the show.

Adam: They've gotta give her something
Chelsia: I mean tomorrow she's gotta eat normal food.
Matt: They might give her a pass saying no slop.
Alex: It just sucks all around, ya know?
Sharon: Well, can't they just give her orange juice or something like that, or somethin... like peanuts or somethin?


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Alex All Alone

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You Saved Her Joshuah

Tons of Post Amanda Seizure / Allison Allergic Reaction Clips Posted...

Amanda has not been seen yet. Neither has Allison, who seems to have had an allergic reaction to something.

7:22pm BBT
Immediately after the feeds came back:


7:26pm BBT
Alex & Sheila
Sheila: SO how are you feeling right now? Terrible?
Alex: It's just one more thing to add to this week. There's nothing good from this week...

Watch the clip...

7:29pm BBT Matt talking about the paramedics and get well cards...

7:30pm BBT
Sheila: You saved her Joshuah. You really did. By pushing that emergency button.

7:44pm BBT
Chelsia & James
James: Adam pissed me off... talking about game stuff right after Amanda passed out. it was the last thing I wanted to think about... I feel numb. Everyone is still in game play mode... like what the F, dude?

7:51pm BBT
Sheila talking about Allison - her allergic reaction...

Sheila: I'm just glad I made up with her...


8:05pm BBT
Pool Table
Ryan and Adam
Ryan: I didn't even know Allison was in there till after Amanda went in...

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Amanda is Seizing

6:35pm BBT - 2nd Video Just Added

7:18pm BBT - The feeds just came back on for a couple seconds.
7:20pm BBT - Feeds are back on. No sign of Amanda yet. Spark em up!!

Amanda mentioned a few minutes ago that she really needed some sugar, but BB wouldn't let her come into the Diary Room... She told us a few times on the feeds that she's hypoglycemic...

    Derangements of function can range from vaguely "feeling bad" to coma and (rarely) permanent brain damage or death. Hypoglycemia can arise from many causes and can occur at any age.

Just now, Amanda dropped to the floor in a dead faint, and then began to have a seizure.

Natalie: Amanda just fainted or something!
Chelsia: Guarantee she's just being dramatic because she's on slop. Guaranteed.
    ***Go look for a noose, why don't you, Chelsia?
Alex: Open the Door! She's hypoglycemic!
Ryan: Open the Door!


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Post Veto Comp Mayhem

The feeds have been nuts all day, and they're not letting up. If anything, they're intensifying.

Sheila's freaking out, talking smack about Allison to anyone who will listen.

Chelsia is up in HoH with Sharon, Ryan and Allison, talking about what to do about the Veto and talking about putting Sheila up next week.

Alex is with Adam and Matt...

Pick a feed, any feed...

As of 6pm BBT - Allison has figured out a way to make the whole argument about Amanda... saying she started the whole thing... this is not looking good.

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Watch Big Brother 9 on SuperPass 24/7!

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Power of Veto Spoiler

Sharon & Josh: At least we finally won something...

Veto Winners

Sharon & Joshuah

The madness continues...

HoH Room
Chelsia, James, Joshuah and Sharon and Ryan are up in HoH discussing the fate of the nominees right now.
Chelsia: Did anybody see? Matty f'in pushed me.
Ryan: Do you know who you want out right now?
James: We're exploring our options.

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Trivia=Veto Comp?

The Live Feeds
cut to Trivia at 1:41pm BBT. It is entirely possible the Veto Competition has begun. We'll be here to let you know one way or the other, and we will post a BB9 Veto Competition Spoiler as soon as we are certain of the winner.

As of 2:30pm BBT - Still Trivia

We've had trivia for well over 30 minutes now.

I believe the Veto Comp is underway.

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BB9 Afternoon Report

This post is being updated every 10-20 minutes.

The Veto Comp is today. The HGs were awoken at 9am, and the action on
the live feeds
hasn't stopped since. Not once.

Joshuah and Sharon were chosen to compete in the Veto Comp.

Adam is hosting.

We have videos posted below, but there is so much going on today, I strongly urge you to hop on the feeds yourself if you can. Also, do the new quickie poll on the right, and let us know who you're rooting for in the veto comp. :)

Please check out the post below this one for a full rundown on the morning.

11:40am BBT
H0H Room - Veto Strategy Session
Josh, James & Chelsia
James: Something's not right.
Chelsia: Somebody's gonna turn.
Joshuah: I'm scared it's gonna be Adam. He just looks so nervous.
Chelsia: Why does he want Amanda and Alex out so bad?
Joshuah: They're so worried about going singles, they're just contradicting eachother.

Here's the rest...


11:47am BBT
Matt & Alex Strategize in the Storage Room
Matt: If one of us gets off, I think our wild card is Adam and Sheila.
Alex: Make the move.
Matt: One of us has to win PoV. It's essential.

Matt: I really hate James & Chelsia. I really hope one of us wins PoV and we swing the whole sh*t around. I don't even care if I lose, I just want to send them home. Stupid move for us not to take our boy off the block...
Alex: Yup. You know what? Hey. How many times was Dr. Will on the block?

12:45pm BBT
James & Chelsia
Chelsia: What're you thinkin'?
James: I'm thinkin' (sing-songy) I'm not goin' home this week.
Chelsia: I don't trust any of these people.
James: Our ideas were good, but there's too many peoples words... Matty's just gonna be...
Chelsia: Hell. ...If he wins, we just have to act like we wanted that.

1:04pm BBT
Sheila, Matt & Natalie - Strategy Session

1:23pm BBT

BB: Adam, Please go to the Diary Room.

The whole house breaks into applause, excited because they think this means the Veto Comp is about to begin... since Adam is the Host.

1:26pm BBT
False alarm. Adam had to do cbs mobile. He's back out of the DR already, and he told the other HGs it'll be another hour or 2 before the Veto Comp.

The HGs have been on interior lockdown all day, and they're getting restless.

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Veto Comp Today - The HGs are Up

This post is being updated throughout the morning. Please refresh and scroll down for new info.

9am BBT
Big Brother woke the HGs a few minutes ago. The Veto Comp is today. The Feeds are buzzing.

Joshuah, James & Chelsia
James & Chelsia reveal the plan to take Alex and Amanda off to Josh, and swear him to secrecy.

Josh: It would totally shock everyone. They would never expect it. They're all running around like crazy people down there.

Spark up the feeds folks.

The HGs all seem to think they're on an accelerated schedule now. They think since the Veto Comp is today, the eviction will be on Sunday.

Alex has his war paint on, literally. Alex woke up at 7:30am, game face on, and began studying the memory wall.

9:35am BBT
BB: Amanda, please come to the Diary Room.
Joshuah: And so it begins.

Matt comes in.

Josh: So pretty and so straight. How can you be so straight?

9:45am BBT
There's game talk on every feed. Lots of scheming today... Sheila and Allison are whispering testily. Alex and Joshuah are primping a little. Alex says, "Don't hate the game. Hate the Playa." Intentionally. Joshuah responds, "What if I don't want to hate the playa, cuz it's you?"

10am BBT

Allison tells Ryan how much Sheila is already bothering her today.
Allison goes. Natalie enters and tells Ryan she feels like she and Matty have an advantage because Alex and Amanda are on slop. Ryan reminds her it's only been a day.

10:07am BBT
Allison and Sheila get into it a bit more. They're speaking very quietly. Sheila feels like she's been dumped. Allison's telling Sheila how Amanda feels lost in the house since Jen is gone, and making excuses for not hanging out with her...
Allison: If I didn't care, I wouldn't say anyhting.

10:09am BBT
Matt is getting into the zone on the couch in his room. Natalie comes in, tells him Sheila and Allison are scheming about something, and he tells her to get in there. She does.

10:10am BBT
Alex, Chelsia and James

Alex: If I stay here, I guarantee I'm here longer than you.

    ***Alex, shut up! Please.
James: OK. But you're probably not gonna stay here.
Alex: I said, if I'm here after this week, I guarantee you I'm here longer. I'm just puttin' that out there. Week by week.
James: ok.
Alex: I'm not gonna eat your souls.. I'm not gonna be like Arrrrr... while you're sleepin'. Nahhh.
Joshuah: What happened to those fun days when we were just laying out?
Amanda: I'm just surprised it's going so fast.

10:15am BBT
The HGs are already gathering in the living room for the Veto Meeting.

They are about to learn who the randomly chosen couple will be. Many of the HGs are chattering...

Alex is silent and focused, holding his father close, drawing strength from his trade center cross.


10:35am BBT
Feeds are back

: I'm just glad it's not us.

Joshuah and Sharon are playing in the Veto Comp.

Josh is working the house...

Josh & Allison
Josh: You've gotta distance yourself from Sheila..
Allison: I know! She wasn't even going on the block yesterday and she was freaking out.

James, Sheila
James: It just depends who wins PoV. I mean, how bad do you wanna stay in?

Joshuah & Chelsia
Josh: I just got the scoop. Evidently, last week, Ryan & Allison made a deal with Nat and Matty that if they didn't vote to kick them out, then they would save them this week. Well, since Matt & Natalie voted to keep Jen and Parker, Ryan says he cannot vote to let them stay, so he's definitely voting against them this week... for Matt and Natalie to go... Sheila and Adam too... SO if the nominations stay the same, Matt and Natalie are out.

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BB9 Overnight Report

Good morning, Big Brother lovers. It's a doozy of an overnight report.

  • Matt & Alex Plan
  • Natalie does a striptease
  • Matt offers Alex up on a platter to James
  • Amanda's a virgin
  • James & Chelsia's "Ruthless" plan
  • Alex is psychic

12:10am BBT
Alex & Matt Acknowledge what a huge error it was getting rid of Parker and discuss how to ensure they both stay this week.

Matt: If one of us wins, we can both stay. We have to work the f'in Sheila card. If you win, I have a decent chance of staying. I'm not saying I'm gonna throw it.
Alex: No, you shouldn't... We f'd up.


12:34am BBT
Natalie does a striptease for James, Alex, Matt, Adam, Amanda and Chelsia. Chelsia removes Natalie's bra. Matt says repeatedly to James, "See what I do for you? Put me on the block? Mother f'er."

Matt tries to make a deal with James & Chelsia
12:45am BBT
Matt: What if I don't keep him, will you take me off?
James: What do you mean?
Matt: Cuz I know the only reason I'm up there is because you know I'll vote one plus for my man.
James: There you go. You said it. That's what we were worried about. You just told us.
Matt: Is there any way I can make a deal? I'm not in here for him to win...


1:00am BBT
Alex & Amanda
Pillow talk, Game talk and the recurring theme of Amanda's intact virginity.
    ***lmao. poor Alex. As if he needed one more thing to make him want Amanda more. lol.
Alex: You better do whatever it takes to win.
Amanda: I would eat sh*t to win, would you eat poop?
Alex: Yes. I would even eat your sh*t
Amanda: Would you drink my pee?
Alex: To win?

Alex can't help but touch himself. He asks her repeatedly if she really is a virgin, but Amanda wont give him a direct answer.

Alex: It all makes sense now. The bootylicious chick, let everything hang out, is a virgin. You are! You f'ing are. That's great, I compliment you. It's great, I give you such credit.

Amanda: PoV, baby.
Alex: How could you be a virgin? You're a nutcase. How could you walk around like that?
Amanda: My highschool boyfriend cheated on me.
Alex: All your life, you didn't wanna have sex?
Amanda: Yea, I want to every single day.
Alex: You don't even know what it's like!
Amanda: I know what other people have said it's like.
Amanda: I like other stuff... I like to give head.
Alex: I salute you.
    ***Eventually, we'll get an endurance comp or 2 or 3, but I'd like to take a moment and acknowledge that this entire stay inside the BB house is an endurance comp for Alex, especially with this new info. hehehe. I can't stop laughing.

Amanda's virginity
Part 2

An Epic Ruthless Move
1:40am BBT
James carries Chelsia to bed and they snuggle and make out for a bit. Talk turns to game. They agree that they have to win PoV, so they can make a deal with Amanda and Alex to take them off the block, and replace them with either Sheila & Adam or Ryan & Allison. Then, the plan is to get Sharon & Josh, as well as Amanda & Alex, to vote Matt & Natalie out of the house.

They theorize that this move will blow the entire house apart, as well as blowing everyone's minds. Better still, it will add Amanda & Alex to the list of HGs that owe them. Sharon & Josh already owe them.

They believe this move will secure their safety for the following week when they can't compete for HoH.

1:47am BBT
Alex and Amanda are fast asleep. Suddenly, Alex bolts upright.
Alex: Something's goin' on!
Amanda: (groggy) What??
Alex: I don't know. Maybe something upstairs. Go back to sleep.
Amanda: With what the couples?
Alex: I don't know. We're good, we're good. Go back to sleep.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

BB9 Reactions to the Nomination

The house is buzzing with the Nomination news. While it didn't come as a shock to anyone, the reality of it has definitely set in for those effected. Here's a trio of quick clips. The house is gonna be buzzing all night.

See ya on the live feeds.

6:33pm BBT
Matt & Amanda

6:47pm BBT
Matt & Nat

Alex & Amanda
7:11pm BBT

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Big Brother 9 Nomination Spoiler

Feeds are Back!! 6:30pm

The Feeds cut to flames at 4:47pm BBT. It's now 5:05pm BBT. The Nomination Ceremony is very likely underway. The Nomination Ceremony Spoiler will be posted here just as soon as the feeds return and we know for certain who James and Chelsia have chosen to nominate.

We are waiting for 100% confirmation.


Matt & Natalie


Alex & Amanda

Amanda: I just hope we're not the first to go to sequester. That'd be miserable.

Matt: I'm not gonna suck people's dick's for votes...

Carolyn: You're so poetic, Matty. (rolls eyes)

Natalie: Take it as a compliment that they put us up. They coulda back-doored us.

Matt: If Adam and Amanda win PoV, there gonna put up Josh and Sharon. We'll have one vote from Amanda and Alex, and Adam says he has our back, but... We just have to win PoV.

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Matt and James Pre-Nomination Talk

3:48pm BBT
Matt Goes up to HoH
Matt & James

Matt: I don't want to be on the block, but I understand if you have to go that way.
James: I don't want you two to go, but I have to do what I have to do.
Matt: I know you're gonna put me up against Alex and Amanda.
James: Well you did give Jen and Parker the pity vote. I can't tell you what I'm gonna do, but it won't be expected.

    ***Please. Surprise me, James. Just don't scumball Alex and Amanda out of there.
Matt: You do what you gotta do, buddy. You did tell me you wouldn't put me up, though.

Matt: I'm not hooked up with anyone... Natalie's not smart enough..
James: Natalie was up here in our shower and she said she wanted to be put up, so she could take out Alex and Amanda.
Matt: She said that? I don't wanna hear that sh*t, cuz knowin' the way this house works, I'll get sent home. Pawns don't work. Big Brother history lesson 101.
James: You guys are really strong.
Matt: I'm well aware of that, but we weren't strong yesterday in the HoH comp. We finished dead last.
James: Usually PoVs are a physical thing, and if I can pull your name, I hope I can.
Matt: That's a good sign, what you just said. I like what you just said there. And I'm hoping that when I walk downstairs you're not like F him - he's goin' right up on the block...
James: What I'm doin' this week, I'm goin' for Alex and Amanda... I know you have ties with them.
Matt: You think I have ties with them. It's only week 2.
James: The games gonna go quick, and I can't play for HoH next week.
Matt: Who are you lined up with?
    ***Both lie saying no one.
They discuss the alliances in the house, and Matt goes back to the old standard, "I want you to watch the tapes...."

James: Wanna hear something in confidence? Sheila and Allison actually came to my partner and I day 3 and said they were a married lesbian couple.
Matt: I knew it!
James: No. Then yesterday, they said they're not...
Matt: It would explain a lot. It really really would. But how is that possible...

James goes into the whole story...

Here's a clip of the conversation:
3:47pm BBT

4ish BBT

Immediately after Matt leaves, Chelsia comes back up, and James mimics Matt and everything he just said. They throw around a few more ideas about who's actually going up.

Then they get in some more snuggle time while they chat about everyone... and what everyone thinks of them.
James: We can't be everyone's friend. Do you think we're playing the game wrong?
Chelsia: No.
James: We're not too strong. We're not too weak. We're not smart, but we're not dumb.

Here's a clip of James & Chelsia joking around, toying with the notion of saying they couldn't come to an agreement, and putting themselves up:


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BB9 Chelsia and James Planning Noms

As stated in a previous post, the plan as of this moment is to nominate Matt & Natalie and Alex & Amanda, with Joshuah and Sharon as the replacement noms. Here are a couple clips of Chelsia and James discussing their strategy.

2:26pm BBT

Next up, Alex comes to talk to James and Chelsia. "I hope you don't, but if you do, you do... I just want you to know if you do, I'll break my balls to win PoV..."
    ***Shhh, Alex! Why encourage them to backdoor you?

2:43pm BBT

3:18pm BBT
Josh is up in HoH talking to Chelsia, telling her how everyone downstairs is getting all dolled up, especially Amanda. They're talking about Chelsia's dislike of Amanda.

Joshuah: She's so jealous. She keep talking about how you guys got pictures.
    ***Earlier, Josh told James and Chelsia that he will pull another Amanda Attack right before the Veto Comp, so she wont be able to compete.
Joshuah: She can't get away with this. She was up in HoH for 10 days, talking sh*t about everyone. You know she talked about you.. Who is she to go around telling everyone final 3? The only common denominator is, she's always in the final 3.
Chelsia: So ok, I need to start with...
Joshuah: You've made no effort to be my friend or get to know me.
Chelsia: Yeah, but, I've made no effort.
Joshuah: Say that you attacked my partner, therefor you attacked me.
Chelsia: I believe in honesty, and you can't be honest with me.
Joshuah: You're the true snake in the house. This meeting is f'in adjourned.

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Feeds Are Back

1:26pm BBT
Feeds are back!

  • It was a food comp. Amanda and Alex are on Slop. So are Adam and Sheila.
It was a messy challenge. The HGs are beat, hitting the showers and talking about smelling like fish. Sounds like there were prizes involved too. Matt mentioned something about Final Four tickets.

Alex: Big Bro, can I throw this out? I don't wanna wear it. There's fish guts all over it.

Cut to:
HoH Bathroom
Sharon & Chelsia

They're discussing the nominations some more. Unbeknownst to Joshuah, Sharon is doing her best to convince Chelsia to put her and Joshuah up as pawns.

Sharon: The worst case scenario is if Amanda and Alex win PoV and take themselves off. Just Alex and Amanda against whoever...
Chelsia: I hate doing the pawn thing too... cuz I don't wanna see you guys, if something went wrong..

Sharon tells Chelsia they need to carry Adam and Sheila to the end, because they're so weak in competitions, they would be easy to beat down the line.


1:45pm BBT
HoH Bathroom

Natalie and Sharon are showering together.

They got clever and boiled a pot of water, and they're standing in the HoH Shower and sponge bathing together.

1:50pm BBT
Alex and Amanda are on slop. Not sure who else yet.
Chelsia: You have to see them two!
Amanda: Who?
Chelsia: Natalie and Sharon. They're in the shower together, f'in naked, cleaning themselves.

The HGs think there's no way they'll do nominations today, because the set for the comp was so elaborate, and they think it'll take a long time to break it down...

They are incorrect. BB just put "Nominations Today" up on the screen.

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BB9 Morning Report

This post will be updated & added to throughout the morning.

  • Scroll down for Nomination Talk Between Chelsia, James & Joshuah.
  • Goodbye Bro-mance
  • Trivia since 11:38am - Possible Food Comp in Play.
  • Still Trivia @ 12:50pm BBT

*Do the New Quickie Poll on the right!

8:33am BBT
The feeds cut to flames and returned 3 minutes later with some groggy HGs doing their morning bathroom routine, as well as some still in bed.

Chelsia's aleady come down from the HoH to the main bathroom, and is talking with Ryan and Sheila about last night. Ryan's telling her about how James was completely passed out on the massage table. They're also discussing how BB told them there'll be a comp today. They think it's food, but all BB told them was there's a comp and to get a good night's sleep.

BB: The Bedroom Lights must remain on during the day.

And so it begins. Nominations and a comp today.

8:40am BBT
Joshua enters the bathroom.
Joshuah: He was completely passed out.
Chelsia: Yeah I came down at 4:30. I woke up and I was like, where the F is James?
Chelsia: The lady came on when we woke up this morning around 5 and told us, "I just want to tell you guys it's gonna be an early morning. We told the other houseguests earlier." I'm all, 'you can say it... when we were passed out.'
Alex: I think it's gonna be a food comp.
Joshuah: Did they not tell you anything.
Chelsia: Nothin'.
Alex: They came on the speakers last night, and they were like, can you guys go check on James? We tried to move him, and he was just dead weight. Dead weight...

HoH Bedroom
8:45am BBT
Talking about how messed up they got last night.
James: Are they all pissed?
Chelsia: Um, I don't know. They're not acting pissed, but when I came down they were like, oh, ok, HoH doesn't know what's sh*t. Just go get drunk now.
James: Aw F them. Alex knows he's goin' on the block.
Chelsia: Just.. be careful.

9am Bathroom
Sharon, Allison, Sheila and Natalie
Still getting ready and talking about the comp to come. They're all pretty sure it's gonna be a messy one. Also discussing the lack of cold water for 3 days, and they have decent attitudes about it - "it's like camping," but they wish they'd forgone the hot food instead, and they feel as though they were tricked.

BB: Attention Houseguests. There are fresh batteries in the Storage Room.

Everyone's preparing breakfast, drinking coffee from bowls. James is feeling extremely hung-over. The HGs asked about their Margarita party, and the DR told them "not for a few days."

After James passing out last night, I'm glad someone's exercising a little good judgment.

9:20am BBT
BB: James, please go to the Diary Room.
Alex: OK, now that you're sober. Can we talk?
Matt: How they gonna make me go to the diary room when I first wake up?
Alex: They did the same thing to me. Asked me 1 question.

Talk moves back to speculating about the upcoming comp.

Back in the bathroom, Matt gives Chelsia a hug from behind, smells her hair and tells her it smells like puke.

9:37am BBT
Dining Room

Matt: You're lucky.. we were gonna shave you're mohawk last night.
James: You shoulda' f'in done it.
Matt: We felt bad though. You were like comatose.
James: I woulda like, plucked my eyebrows.
Matt: We were gonna do something. We were gonna getcha good. Mustache mondays... draw a dick on your face...

The move on to talking about the scale, and how every time they step on it, it says something different.

James and Chelsia
James: You think we should make an alliance now? Someone that wont be on the block with us? I dont know because next week its going to be 2 couples voting.
Chelsia: Someone that wouldn't be on the block with us would be Amanda and Alex or Matty and Natty. and I don't want to make an alliance with either one of them I dont trust them one bit.
James: I was drunk. So I didn't wanna tell him I was putting him up, or even thinking about it, so I think I said, yeah, I might put up Sharon or whatever, and he went to Joshuah and said that I was putting him up.
Chelsia: This is a no talking game.
James: I was drunk. But then at the same time, Adam was talking about , "yeah, y'know, you could backdoor Matty" or what not, and that makes me wonder if he went to Matty and said that's what we were doing.
Chelsia: Don't Tell Anybody What We're Doing. I'm not even telling Joshuah.
James: ...like we're setting people up against each other. Ya know.
Chelsia: We have to tell everybody that we made out.
James: I didn't say anything.
Chelsia: Yes you did.
James: I didn't like it anyways.. you're breath smelled like cigarettes. I can't believe you smoked last night. Oh dude.. you know they're gonna throw that in there too.
Chelsia: What?
James: Just the covers over your body.. They're gonna extend it.. Someone'll come in here and open the condom pack. You're F'd.

10:40am BBT
Josh comes up to HoH... Implicates Adam and Sheila, trying to get them nominated.

James: We got played... Well, it made sense.. I thought Sheila was a man-hater cuz of the way she treated Adam...
Joshuah: I mean, you say you trust them...
James: I don't know if I do.

Joshuah: Well, here's what happened yesterday when you weren't around.. Alex, Nat and Adam all had a talk in the backyard and Adam was telling him that Sheila was the one.. that he was voting to keep Parker... I was listening... He's trying to keep votes so if it goes to the jury, people vote for him, or if it goes to singles, he's gonna look like Sheila was the crazy one... He's definitely playing both sides. He's definitely telling people that Sheila wanted Jen and Parker gone. And ya know in the Diary Room, "We vote to Evict?" He wouldn't even say it. he made Sheila say it. That's why she came out cryin'... He's definitely worried that if it gets down to the final 2, it's all crazy Sheila. Like I saw him talking to Matty and Alex, and I was like, Woah - what's goin' on. I think it's the same thing they've been pulling since day one... "You're weak. We can protect you." In reality, they're the ones that're weak, cuz they're losing their numbers. I think you're right. I think Adam's smarter than we think.

James: I have to have operation condor go into effect.
Joshuah: I know. They are coming after you. If they get HoH.
James: It's ours. It's done.
Joshuah: Especially after y'all won HoH this week. You're now, huge red flag next week. If I win, of course you know you're not going up. The ideal master plan would be: Amanda's out this week, I win HoH, y'all have my vote to get out you know who, and I put up Allison vs Matt. Or Sheila v Matt. Matt and Alli gotta go after this week. Don't you agree>
Chelsia: Yeah, they're too strong.
Josh: They're very strong. And it was lucky...
Chelsia: And he's f'in sketchy...
Josh: Poor Natalie... She has no pull in that relationship.

Chelsia: The second we got HoH, everyone.. really nice.. even baller.

James leaves.

Chelsia: Ugh... The F'in dyke thing...

Chelsia is still really bothered by it.

11am BBT
Josh, Chelsia, James

They've moved on to discussing how to go about the nominations. They sound like they're leaning toward putting up Matt/Nat vs. Amanda/Alex.

That way one of them goes home for sure, and if Matt's up against Alex, it'll make Matt fight that much harder for Veto, and then he'll take himself off, leaving Amanda and Alex on the block and next out.

James: Goodbye Bro-mance.

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Caption These!

Ok, my creative lovelies. Take your pic. Whichever one inspires you.

Please leave your captions in the comments section here on the blog.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

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C=Venus Strikes Again

Good morning, BB lovers! In addition to Nominations today, the HGs are expecting a Food Comp. We have another special treat from C=Venus this morning, and there are a couple of late night posts beneath this one for you to check out.

Here's C=Venus' goodbye to Jen. Click the pic to visit C=Venus' site.


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BB9 Alex and Sharon Pow Wow

New HoH, New Game. Once a week the power shifts swiftly and completely, and everything is new again. Tonight on the feeds is an excellent example.

Amanda's been talking game with Joshuah quite a bit this evening, and he's finally able to keep the venom from his demeanor when he's around her.

Alex comes in to a conversation between Amanda and Sharon, and has a strategy session with her. The nominations are up in the air... tomorrow's the day, and many of the HGs are nervous.

Best case scenario for Alex and Amanda is that they're nominated. At least that way they'll have the opportunity to play for veto. It seems so far that the plan is to nominate them against a pawn, and then take down the pawn and backdoor someone else.

This clip is from 11:42pm BBT.

Subscribe to
bb9dish on youtube

Following Sharon's one on one with Alex, she goes back to her partner and offers the following:

12:15am BBT
Sharon just came up with the idea that she and Josh should go up as the pawns. She feels they'd be completely safe.
    ***Courtesy Flush, anyone?

Sharon: That way we wouldn't have to vote anyone off, and no one would be pissed off at us. Everyone would keep us.
Joshuah: How would the votes come down?
Sharon: Adam & Sheila would have our backs, Ryan and Allison, Matt and Natalie... The only bad thing is if they won PoV...

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BB9 James is Passed Out Drunk

11:15pm BBT
After a whole lot of alcohol, a little make out session with Chelsia, and a massage from Natalie, James fell asleep on the massage table. Natalie credited her massage prowess. About a half an hour later, Amanda went in the Spa Room to check on him, and he was passed out drunk. Here's the clip, captured by xx2OOxx.

BB Cut the feeds when the HGs went to move him.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

James and Chelsia are Getting MUCH Closer

9:20pm BBT
James and Chelsia are making out big time up in the HoH.

I think my favorite part is when Chelsia yells out "Daddy! Daddy, I'm sorry."

Poor James.

We suspected this might happen when they started plowing through all the alcohol BB gave them for the HoH room.

By 9:30, though, Chelsia is having momentary regrets... James can't keep his hands off her, but she's suddenly remembered there are cameras everywhere, and she's developed an insatiable interest in the HoH House Monitor Screen.

9:35pm BBT
Feed one cuts to Matt in the Backyard talking bs with Adam and dancing around for the Showtime audience.

9:44pm BBT
James and Chelsia are makin' out some more. This could be a steamy week on the live feeds. They're taking breaks for reason though too...
James: I just want you to know I like you for you.

He is really digging her. Time will tell if she becomes more comfortable with the notion.

9:56pm BBT
James heads down to the backyard for a smoke and a chat with the men of Operation Condor. He's a bit drunk, and he tells Ryan about hooking up with Chelsia, then about the whole lesbian thing...
Part 1

Operation Condor seems to include a pawn and a backdoor... yikes. Adam is 1/2 begging not to be the pawn.

Part 2

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BB9 Post Live Show Report

Chelsia and James are the New HoH.

This is a brand new game. As expected, the live feeds have been nuts for the past 3 hours while I've been biting my tongue, posting over on the special bb9dish live show spoilers site, and wanting desperately to post here on the main site.

    ***Please let me know in the comments if you like the idea of keeping the top of bb9dish safe for all eyes during live show night, or if you prefer all your news right here, right now.
Anyhow, without further ado, here's all the dish for the past 3 hours. There are tons of videos and general mayhem for your enjoyment. :)

6:10pm BBT
Alex is positive that he and Amanda will be nominated this week. He feels the whole house will be against them now. Amanda thinks they'll be backdoored, but she's trying to keep up a positive attitude.
    ***I think they're going up, and Chelsia & James are confirming it.
Allison spilled the beans about the lesbian alliance hoax. She's turning on Sheila. Joshuah and Chelsia and James are discussing it, and they're all tweaked about it.

Chelsia: They came to us on day 3 and said they were lesbians. How do you trust someone like that?
James: I already know who I want to put up against Alex and Amanda. (to Josh) I just want you to know you're safe.

Chelsia is completely focused on her anger about the Lesbian deception.

Josh: If Amanda gets off with PoV this week, she'll just get put back up again next week when I win HoH.

Ryan joins them up on the HoH landing...
James: Operation Condor is in play.
Ryan: Adam really wanted to vote us out. Sheila wouldn't let him. It doesn't make sense.

Interesting how the other alliance is quickly eating their own. So far, Allison and Sheila are on the outs because of their revealed deception, and Adam is being ratted out for wanting to go against the alliance to oust Parker.

6:33pm BBT
BB: Chelsia, James. Please go to the Diary Room.

Meanwhile, down in the Storage Room, Allison continues distancing herself from Sheila, this time to Joshuah.

6:34pm BBT

Chelsia's dancing for joy. Expecting to be given the HoH Room Key any moment now. Usually it takes a bit longer. But not tonight! Spark up the feeds! Chelsia's in her element.

HoH Room Reveal! Chelsia is sooo happy. James seems a little out of sorts.

Part 1
7:07pm BBT

Part 2
7:15pm BBT

7:15pm BBT
Sheila's going bonkers, yelling at Adam.

7:17 BBT
Honestly, there's so much going on on the live feeds tonight, so many different conversations.. my head is spinning. It's a brand new game.

7:30pm BBT
Ryan and Adam are talking about Sheila flying off the handle, and how he needs to keep her calm this week to insure his own safety. If I hear one more of these guys tell another one to "Check your girl," I will scream.

7:31pm BBT Sheila & Adam get into it some more.

8:25pm BBT
Chelsia and James
Getting to know them in private. True confessions and dishing on all the HGs...
James: I will swear to America, and lie my ass off.
Chelsia: That makes me uncomfortable.
James: But that will win us this game.

Chelsia: Your sister looks naughty.
James: She's a Zinckland. We're all crazy.
Chelsia: What do you mean?
James: We're all nuts. They've all been to jail.

James goes on to say how his mother went to jail for something drug related, other family members too...

James: Nominations will be on Thursday. We will alert you to the time...
    James reads the HoH instruction manual...
Chelsia: F-ck. Ooooh.. Look, the folded our toilet paper.
James: I gotta talk to Adam tonight.
Chelsia: No, we are not talking tonight. Tomorrow morning.
James: Are you peeing? I can hear it.

Chelsia comes out of the bathroom. Let loose a massive burp.

Chelsia: Does that gross you out?
James: No, not at all.

James confesses he digs her quite a lot actually. She asks why. Chelsia and James conversation follows in the video below. Getting to know them... Getting to know all about them. :)

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Spoilers Posted

Click here for the Spoilers!! bb9dish-LiveShowSpoilers

All Spoilers and Live Feeds Coverage will be there until the show airs on the west coast. Come on over.. videos and pics and everything are being posted over there till midnight eastern...

Just trying to keep the main blog safe for all eyes.

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Big Brother 9 Live Show Tonight -
What the Buck

3pm BBT

Is everyone excited? I am! I love the live shows! And by 9pm Eastern tonight, the game will have started all over again, with a new HoH, completely new power structure, and all new drama on the feeds.

With just 2 hours before the live show begins on the east coast, I wanted to pop in and give everyone a heads up that in order to keep the blog safe for all eyes tonight,

all posting & and all comments
will be happening exclusively on:

Big Brother Live Show Spoilers




bb9dish-LiveShowSpoilerSite ;)

This will go into effect at 8pm eastern/5pm BBT and remain in effect until the Live Show has finished on the west coast, which will be midnight eastern, 9pm BBT.

Head on over there and get up to the moment Big Brother 9 Live Show Spoilers as the show is happening on here on the east coast.

While it's true we post all other Big Brother 9 Spoilers here on BB9Dish live as they're happening, we hold the Live Show sacred, so we created an adjunct site just for Live Show night! :)

While the live feeds are off for the moment, making sure we all tune in tonight, and giving even the most voracious feeders a sense of doubt about everything they know, take a moment and enjoy "What the Buck." He made another funny new BB (and idol) related video and even recommended bb9dish as his favorite to all of his 100,000+ youtube subscribers. Thanks WTB! We love you too!

By the way, you'll notice during the video that Buck goofed and said Alex when he meant Neil... As we all know, Alex is hopelessly jealous and grumpy about Amanda. Alex is straight, contrary to what some less than responsible sites have been reporting today. Buck's just not 100% on their names yet.

Here's what Buck said about it - "...and I called NEIL- ALEX- I don't know their names yet- I just call them A-Hole, Douche and MA."

Subscribe to WTB!


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BB9 Whole Lotta Primpin' Goin' on

12:15pm BBT
The live feeds just cut back on for a couple minutes to show us Jen, Allison, Natalie, Sheila and Amanda primping in the downstairs bathroom. Everyone's getting ready for the live show.

It's pretty likely that it'll be in and out all day today. Typical live show day...

I grabbed a couple of quick screen shots. If you'd like to see some truly beautiful pics, go check out BB9DishCaps. You wont be disappointed.

12:30pm BBT
For the moment, they're back on again. :) Ryan's now in the bathroom with Natalie, and she's curling her hair and talking about how some people hate her just because of her boobs.

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Quickie Poll

The results of the last quickie poll are to the left.

Please take our new quickie poll, and let us know who you'd like to win HoH tonight.

The BB9Dish Big Brother Quickie Polls have a new home this season. They're on the fancy-shmancy new right sidebar, along with a lot of other cool new features...

Not to belittle the left sidebar, which has some pretty great stuff too.

Please take some time while the live feeds are on and off Trivia today to check it all out.

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Wednesday Morning

Video Added to the end.

The Big Brother 9 Houseguests are feeling the heat. Everyone's cranky today - even Natalie. She just had a blow up with Matt, about him, and then with him again.

9:30am BBT
Kitchen Counter
Matt & Natt
Adam is also present.

Matt has had it up to here with Natalie, and he can't even keep up the public pretense anymore.

Natalie: I'm not talking to you anymore. Everyone gets the nice Mattie, except me.
Adam: Not everybody.
Natalie: (exasperated) Well almost everybody except me.

Natalie goes to the storage room and confides in Joshuah about how poorly Matt treats her.

Natalie: Everybody notices in this f'ing house that he never gives me the time of day. He's not gonna put you up on the block. He's not gonna do sh*t. He's just tempermental. Besides that, if he even threatens to do that, I'll leave this house right now.
Joshuah: Well, he's gonna get mad at me. I know him. He's holding a grudge.
Natalie: I'm gonna talk to him again later. I'm gonna tell him straight up. I'm gonna say, "Joshie was concerned for me, because you don't spend any time with me."
Joshuah: Mm Hmm.
Natalie: I said, he's concerned. He's my friend. But he's not the only one. Matt goes, who else? I'm not gonna name names. I said don't get mad at him. He said, I can get mad at whoever I want. I said, You wanna get mad at someone for starting Sh*t with us, get mad at Amanda! because Joshie was just concerned for me. He said just let him breathe, let him get some food... Leave him the F alone. I'm gonna throw this HoH. F that sh*t. he can kiss my ass. If he's gonna act this way.. and if he even remotely threatens you guys... I will not win this HoH for sure! You guys can have it.

    ***2 points for Josh's manipulation tactics.
Josh leaves the Storage room, and Allison enters.
Allison: Are you ok?
Natalie: Uuugh! My partner spends more time with every other F'ing person in this house that me!
Allison: I know.
Natalie: And I try to talk to him, and every single time I try to talk to him, he blows up at me!
Allison: And.. umm.. I don't know what he's doing exactly, but it's probably not a good move.
Natalie: What?
Allison: Just... like.. this is what I wanted to talk to you about after the eviction today, if I'm still around..
Natalie: OK.
Allison: I mean, Parker is just a f'ing loose cannon. I said to him, here's the thing... If you don't like this, we never had this conversation.

Enter Matt...

Matt: OK, now you're both here, and we can have a chat. (Natalie) If you're upset that I ever lay with her, I'll never lay with her again.
Natalie: I try to talk to you and you throw me off. I just want to get to know my partner, Mattie.
Matt: Why are you cryin'?
Natalie: Because it hurts my feelings.
Allison: I'm gonna let you guys talk.. ok?
Allison leaves.
Matt: Why you cryin? Why you cryin'?

Matt hugs her, rubs her back...

Natalie: Because it hurts my feelings. I just want to get to know you. You put this wall in front of me, and I can't get to know you. I'm sensitive because you don't give me 5 minutes a day. You say you will, but every time I walk into a room, you leave. Every time I ask you to talk, you say later. I'm not gonna ask you 30 times a day to talk to you.
Matt: Alright, I apologize. I'll work on that.

Natalie: ya know? And when other people in the house are noticing that you spend a lot of time with another girl, that just makes me look bad.
Matt: It shouldn't make you look bad. Just say, yeah, that makes me feel uncomfortable, why don't you vote them out. That was part of the f'in original plan..

Natalie: Yeah, but I don't want it to look excessive, like you're trying to suck up to people, ya know, because then people will target us.
Matt: I'm sorry for upsetting you.

Natalie: It's like I'm scared to come up and talk to you.
Matt: You shouldn't be scared.
Natalie: Well, I mean..
Matt: Just talk to me at normal hours of the day.

Natalie: I always try to talk to you at normal hours of the day! Every time I go into a room, you leave! Every time I try to sit next to you, you get up!
Matt: Not really..
Natalie: Start noticing!

Matt: If I do, I'm not doing it intentionally... that's for sure.
Natalie: Well, it just seems you're trying to avoid me at all hours of the day...

Matt: Look, come 'ere, I'm sorry, gimme a hug... I'm sorry. Don't cry. I'll be nicer to you from now on. I've been trying to be nicer. I don't talk smack...
Natalie: I know you have. you've been a lot nicer, but I still feel like I can't talk to you.
Matt: I don't like to talk. That's just me.

Natalie: That's a lie! You talk to everyone else in this house!
Matt: Yeah, but not about myself. I'm just shooting the breeze.
Natalie: How are we supposed to bond if we don't talk to each other. 5 minutes. That's all I ask.

Matt: And the next time people ask you something about us, say, Mind ya business. That's all you have to say to people, because they're like the 2 old people of the house.. ya know the old people who watch out their windows? It's no concern of theirs. Just say it's between me and my partner.
Natalie: OK. I will from now on.
Matt: People realize we're really strong in this game. They're gonna try to break you. They know I don't give a F. They know you're really sensitive.. that's the only way they're gonna crack us. You gotta remember that too.
Natalie: I'm not that sensitive.

Matty spells it out.

Matt: People are not your friends in this house. You think they're your friends.. like Parker... Parker's not my friend. Alex is not my friend. Everybody's here to win a game.
Natalie: Yeah.
: If me 'n you weren't together, we probably wouldn't be friends either.
Natalie: Mm hmm.

Matt: ...because that's just..
Natalie: ...the game.

Matt: You're here for one reason, and one reason only. Joshuah and Sharon may love you, and they may think you're a nice person, but they are not your friends.
Natalie: No...
Matt: They want to win. If they have the chance, they will put you away. You gotta remember that.
Natalie: Oh, I remember that.
Matt: When they're asking you questions like that, they're not saying it to benefit Natalie..

Last night at 12:10am BBT, Natalie expressed to Matt that she thought it was important for them to know each other for the sake of competitions.

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