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Thursday, February 21, 2008

BB9 Reactions to the Nomination

The house is buzzing with the Nomination news. While it didn't come as a shock to anyone, the reality of it has definitely set in for those effected. Here's a trio of quick clips. The house is gonna be buzzing all night.

See ya on the live feeds.

6:33pm BBT
Matt & Amanda

6:47pm BBT
Matt & Nat

Alex & Amanda
7:11pm BBT

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that now that Parker is out of the house Amanda has now turned against him. I thought Parker was the man that she had true feelings for. Isn't this why she would be all over Alex in the HOH room and then run to tell Parker a completely different version of the story. She wanted two men to fight over her just to feel good about herself.

She talks about Parker having a negative attitude, but wasn't she the one going around and spreading rumors about Alex to the other HGs, going to Matt and telling him that James had said something about him, and then keeping up trouble between the other house guests(the song that she and Jen made up about Alli). After the major blowout Alex calls a meeting with the HGs to discuss the allegations that Amanda has made against him. What the other HGs reveal to him is very disturbing.

Amanda has no loyalty to anyone and she gravitates toward the person that is going to make her look good at the moment. She is not there to play the game. She was hoping that this show would lead to a modeing career for her(she said this to Alex during their last night in HOH), that's why she wears those shorts. If Parker had been paired with her I am quite sure that she would be telling the other HGs that he tried to touch her while she was asleep,that he is jealous, won;t let her wear those shorts, and talks bad about her. Just wait, it won't be too long before she starts telling the other HGs lies about Parker. Matt would have been an excellant partner for Amanda because they have the same motto: "throw my partner under the bus". Both of them treat their partners like scum and have never really said nice things about them.

It just bothers me that this girl keeps getting a free pass and no one holds her accountable for the things she says and does. CBS edits the scenes to make it appear that she is a saint. I understand that she has been through rough times, but that does not excuse how she treats people. I know that all of the HG talk about each other, but Amanda is just ruthless.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Serena said...

I'm so irritated that Jen and Parker are gone and I'm going to be really mad if Alex and Amanda leave! Then I think I'll stop watching because I really don't like anyone else in the house. I feel like there is yet another freaking Nerd Herd!!! Sharon the ultimate floater, Josh - what can I say about him except that I can't stand him, Matt - gives the word "player" a whole new meaning, Natalie - has NO self respect, Sheila and Adam are just plain irritating, Ryan is cool - but I can't stand Allison, she is sneaky and devious! I don't know, I'm just not happy with the way things are going with this season! GRRRR! Is it just me?

10:04 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

OK. So I think everyone has figured out by now that the HG's were not paired as soul mates due to personality traits. I think BB found other 'ties' these couples have that ended up in their pairing. Alex/Amanda both lost their fathers. James/Chelsia go 'both ways.' Adam/Sheila have ties to the mentally handicapped. Sharon/Jacob dated. Neil/Joshuah are gay. I'm not sure of the rest of the couples. Jen might have been with parker because she inter-racially dates, but what about Parker himself? And what tie do Ryan and Allison have, therefore? Does Ryan have money issues like Allison's gambling problem? Most of all, I am clueless to what Matt and Natalie might have in common. I can't think what Matt would have in common with ANYONE in the house!
Anyone else have thoughts on this?

10:06 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

There's some gamin' goin' on!
Amanda and Natalie are talking numbers, realizing how stupid they were not using the veto, and figuring what they will do if they get out of the position they are currently in.
Of course, that's a big if!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Matt/Nat and Alex/Amanda were paired because of their opposing religious views. Alex called the Bible a joke and Matt said some pretty negative things as well. Both Nat and Amanda professes to be "religious". We see Nat and her Bible, while Amanda was seen on the live feeds praying out loud. Its interesting that both girls also do not practice what they "preach". We all have seen Nat in action; while Amanda is/was involved in heavy PDA and flirting with both Parker & Alex. She differs from Nat in that she does not allow the heavy PDA and flirting to go any further than that(Jen stated that nothing was going on with Parker/Amanda-just teasing; and Alex states that he is getting nothing).

This is just my observation.
Don't mean to make this into a religious thing, but I haven't seen the other HGs so adamately expressing these views. It seems that both Alex and Matt are against religion and here we see them paired with girls who practice their faith.

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they are all Type A personalties paired up with someone who is 50% their opposite, 25% match, 25% unknown.

They where paired up to give the show the most drama-entertainment.

3:33 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

i totally agree with the first comment about amanda. i can't stand her either. as i stated before, i can't stand most of the people in the house. i can't stand amanda either, but she is 3rd on my list of houseguests i can't stand...right behind allison, who is my most disliked and sheila. i think allison was jealous of jen and wanted her gone so she could get ryan to herself. i can't respect someone who goes after someone else's man, married or not. i can't stand to watch her. i don't like sheila b/c she is nothing more than a washed-up model(there are some words i could use to describe her here, but i won't get posted so i'll not say them outloud). i just think the way she treats adam is ridiculous and childish and i have no respect for her. she disgusts me looking at her. then, to amanda. i will be happy to see her go if she stays on the block. i just see her as fake. i loved when the whole house attacked her...she got what she deserved. maybe she should keep her mouth shut and put some clothes on. she doesn't look good in what she wears anyways. her voice irritates me just as jessica's did last season. i wanted jen and parker to win and now they're gone, so i root for no one. i don't care who wins as long as it's not sheila, amanda, or allison. i like ryan, too bad he has allison for a partner. i am sure they won't be coupled much longer and if i am right about that, i will root for ryan. i also thought that maybe 1 out of every evicted couple would be voted back in the house to extend the season. i don't know what they have planned, but i too have thought there is something going to change b/c the season would be too short. anyways, you have been doing a great job blogging again this season. i enjoy your posts. keep up the good work.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Writer of BB9Dish,

I have been an avid fan of your since I discovered you while BB8 was one.

I JUST realized while reading your blog here today and watching a video that the background dots and the sofa bed in BB9 are an exact match!!! Coincidence???

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Amanda trying to sabatage the game for she and Alex? Both Alex and Matt will be trying to compete for POV and she reminds him that she and Alex have an advantage(HGs will pick her over Josh and that Sheila will pick Alex because she likes him). Wouldn't this make Matt work harder so that Alex/Amanda can not win the POV? Matt is fighting against a member in his alliance to stay in the game, so now he will try to sway Josh and sheila to be on his side. I don't understand Amanda, is she trying to be sent home or does she not know how the game works? Matt only looks out for matt and to point out the people that may vote in their [A/A] favor, is just not a good move.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alex/Amanda, and Matt/Natalie should be on the block. They've done a pretty terrible job of playing the game. It was in their best interest to have Parker/Jen in the house (despite the drama they brought). Alex/Amanda should have never nominated them, and Matt/Natalie should have used the POV. Did they actually think that would alternate HOH for the rest of the season?

That being said, none of the people this season are overly interesting. This season has pretty much been a snorefest. Is anyone actually playing the game? Anyone? Bueller?

6:51 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

I SOOOO noticed the Background of this site and the sofa bed matching last week. Do you think it was on purpose?

7:15 AM  

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