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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeds Are Back

1:26pm BBT
Feeds are back!

  • It was a food comp. Amanda and Alex are on Slop. So are Adam and Sheila.
It was a messy challenge. The HGs are beat, hitting the showers and talking about smelling like fish. Sounds like there were prizes involved too. Matt mentioned something about Final Four tickets.

Alex: Big Bro, can I throw this out? I don't wanna wear it. There's fish guts all over it.

Cut to:
HoH Bathroom
Sharon & Chelsia

They're discussing the nominations some more. Unbeknownst to Joshuah, Sharon is doing her best to convince Chelsia to put her and Joshuah up as pawns.

Sharon: The worst case scenario is if Amanda and Alex win PoV and take themselves off. Just Alex and Amanda against whoever...
Chelsia: I hate doing the pawn thing too... cuz I don't wanna see you guys, if something went wrong..

Sharon tells Chelsia they need to carry Adam and Sheila to the end, because they're so weak in competitions, they would be easy to beat down the line.


1:45pm BBT
HoH Bathroom

Natalie and Sharon are showering together.

They got clever and boiled a pot of water, and they're standing in the HoH Shower and sponge bathing together.

1:50pm BBT
Alex and Amanda are on slop. Not sure who else yet.
Chelsia: You have to see them two!
Amanda: Who?
Chelsia: Natalie and Sharon. They're in the shower together, f'in naked, cleaning themselves.

The HGs think there's no way they'll do nominations today, because the set for the comp was so elaborate, and they think it'll take a long time to break it down...

They are incorrect. BB just put "Nominations Today" up on the screen.

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Blogger Dan Halm said...

Do any of these Houseguests ever watch the show... you should never volunteer to go on the block as a pawn. They are always the one that ends up being evicted. Just ask Justin.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nat and Matty should have really thought about using the POV to safe Parker AND Jen because they don't have the numbers to stay n the game that was a bad move Matt and Nat. And as for people calling Amanda a Hoe I think she's not just becasue she wears those little shorts and is always looking at hrself in the mirror doesn't make her a Hoe. She hasn't slept with no one. She could be a bit annoying with her high pitch voice and flirting with parker and alex but it doesn't make her a bad person. She sure looks alot like Janile from BB7. I really dont kmnow who I want to win this game I'm torn between Alex and Amanda and Allison and Ryan.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Lissy said...

Um, that's Dustin, lol.

That's what I'm saying...the pawn always goes home! Just what are they thinking????

And why is Sharon pushing for that?

2:50 PM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

People still volunteer to be put on the block. Why? I do not understand!

2:51 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

dan, do you mean Dustin from last year? It was BY FAR my most favorite moment of BB history to watch Dustin's face when he realized he was the one voted out! Great stuff! :)

2:51 PM  

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