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Thursday, February 21, 2008

BB9 Alex and Sharon Pow Wow

New HoH, New Game. Once a week the power shifts swiftly and completely, and everything is new again. Tonight on the feeds is an excellent example.

Amanda's been talking game with Joshuah quite a bit this evening, and he's finally able to keep the venom from his demeanor when he's around her.

Alex comes in to a conversation between Amanda and Sharon, and has a strategy session with her. The nominations are up in the air... tomorrow's the day, and many of the HGs are nervous.

Best case scenario for Alex and Amanda is that they're nominated. At least that way they'll have the opportunity to play for veto. It seems so far that the plan is to nominate them against a pawn, and then take down the pawn and backdoor someone else.

This clip is from 11:42pm BBT.

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Following Sharon's one on one with Alex, she goes back to her partner and offers the following:

12:15am BBT
Sharon just came up with the idea that she and Josh should go up as the pawns. She feels they'd be completely safe.
    ***Courtesy Flush, anyone?

Sharon: That way we wouldn't have to vote anyone off, and no one would be pissed off at us. Everyone would keep us.
Joshuah: How would the votes come down?
Sharon: Adam & Sheila would have our backs, Ryan and Allison, Matt and Natalie... The only bad thing is if they won PoV...

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Blogger higgie said...

PAWN?! PAWN?! Did Sharon not watch any of last season? Look how far it got Dustin with his "clever" machinations....right out the door. Although, I must say Dustin's "deer in the headlights open mouthed look" did provide me with the best gotcha moment I can remember. Very wrong move Sharon....don't do it!

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Heather said...

I seriously feel that nonw of these people have watched the show before. They are like a bunch of newbies!

Don't do it Sharaon.......

6:52 AM  
Anonymous timpop said...

Ditto Ditto higgie and Heather ... C'man Sharon .. you should know better

7:28 AM  
Anonymous That Guy said...

"Operation Condor" isn't about a backdoor. It's about only pissing off one of your potential enemies at a time.

Amanda/Alex are on the block for sure. That's the main target. There will be a pawn next to them. But if they manage to pull out a veto win, Matt/Nat are going up in their place and are going home.

James is a smart player. He identifies the opposition and goes after them, using the numbers to his advantage (unlike Al/Matt/Parker). Unfortunately I can't get behind him or his alliance, as it SCREAMS Nerd Herd III. The old "Woe is me, they left us out of their alliance" schtick is getting way tired (season after season).

7:31 AM  
Anonymous That Guy said...

I don't think that Sharon knows better.

I'm pretty sure she has very little game knowledge, as she's constantly shocked or confused by rather ordinary/common/familiar aspects of the game or the BB house.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Corey said...

I hope they go for it and I hope they go home! sorry Sharon but I can't stand Josh and I'd looooove to see him gone! I like Alex and Amanda! Yes she causes drama with gossip but who doesn't in this game?

7:47 AM  
Blogger StephNs_girl said...

If they do go up as a pawn im thinking they will be safe this week..Way to much drama in this house with Amanda/Nat/Chelcia/Jen. I think this is time for people who cause the most drama to be targets...I think that James and Chelia are a smart team. They know that numbers mean everything in this game right now.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. This is the first season I've gotten into the online feeds and dam what a difference! People are going to try to plot and plan to backdoor people reguardless if they have seen the show before cause it's the "Wont happen to me" effect. But we all know that it will. The thing that is bothering me is that if they evict a couple every week then they are going to have a very small run of a show. There has to be a twist and a curve to come to extend the game so that it will run it's 3 month coarse as has been said several times by Julie.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Is the show not Writer's Strike Filler? Sweeps is in May, and, while I am not sure, I am guessing there could be regular scripted shows back on by then. Thi show may not last that long. Nobody said it would definitely be three months. Plus, Mrs. Moonves said that Ryan and Jen would be separated up to three months. That is ambiguous. Could mean they are reunited IRL or sequester, or that the show may not last that long.

Until I learn that the regular scripted shows won't be back til the fall, or that BB isn't doing as well in ratings as scripted tv, I am not convinced there will be a June.

3:08 PM  

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