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Thursday, February 21, 2008

BB9 Chelsia and James Planning Noms

As stated in a previous post, the plan as of this moment is to nominate Matt & Natalie and Alex & Amanda, with Joshuah and Sharon as the replacement noms. Here are a couple clips of Chelsia and James discussing their strategy.

2:26pm BBT

Next up, Alex comes to talk to James and Chelsia. "I hope you don't, but if you do, you do... I just want you to know if you do, I'll break my balls to win PoV..."
    ***Shhh, Alex! Why encourage them to backdoor you?

2:43pm BBT

3:18pm BBT
Josh is up in HoH talking to Chelsia, telling her how everyone downstairs is getting all dolled up, especially Amanda. They're talking about Chelsia's dislike of Amanda.

Joshuah: She's so jealous. She keep talking about how you guys got pictures.
    ***Earlier, Josh told James and Chelsia that he will pull another Amanda Attack right before the Veto Comp, so she wont be able to compete.
Joshuah: She can't get away with this. She was up in HoH for 10 days, talking sh*t about everyone. You know she talked about you.. Who is she to go around telling everyone final 3? The only common denominator is, she's always in the final 3.
Chelsia: So ok, I need to start with...
Joshuah: You've made no effort to be my friend or get to know me.
Chelsia: Yeah, but, I've made no effort.
Joshuah: Say that you attacked my partner, therefor you attacked me.
Chelsia: I believe in honesty, and you can't be honest with me.
Joshuah: You're the true snake in the house. This meeting is f'in adjourned.

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Blogger Lissy said...

I wish that these nominations would hurry and up and happen.

It seems like everyone is pleading their case.

Matt knows "BB 101--pawns don't work".

4:03 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

And I had such hugh hopes for Joshuah. Who knew there was a scary, smokey, tattooey, spitty beast inside.


4:04 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

I was just thinking about a couple things in this love filled BB9 house..

Sir Matthew and Lady Natalie didn't have a homance...
they had a blowmance!

And don't count out "I have slept with more than 200 men" Josh and "Tripod" or "I'd Do Anything For A Dollar", James getting together for a homomance or a gaymance or a m4m-mance. I guess it could also be known as a "Crazy Texas Bi Mance"!!

Just thinkin!!

4:24 PM  

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