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Friday, February 22, 2008

BB9 Afternoon Report

This post is being updated every 10-20 minutes.

The Veto Comp is today. The HGs were awoken at 9am, and the action on
the live feeds
hasn't stopped since. Not once.

Joshuah and Sharon were chosen to compete in the Veto Comp.

Adam is hosting.

We have videos posted below, but there is so much going on today, I strongly urge you to hop on the feeds yourself if you can. Also, do the new quickie poll on the right, and let us know who you're rooting for in the veto comp. :)

Please check out the post below this one for a full rundown on the morning.

11:40am BBT
H0H Room - Veto Strategy Session
Josh, James & Chelsia
James: Something's not right.
Chelsia: Somebody's gonna turn.
Joshuah: I'm scared it's gonna be Adam. He just looks so nervous.
Chelsia: Why does he want Amanda and Alex out so bad?
Joshuah: They're so worried about going singles, they're just contradicting eachother.

Here's the rest...


11:47am BBT
Matt & Alex Strategize in the Storage Room
Matt: If one of us gets off, I think our wild card is Adam and Sheila.
Alex: Make the move.
Matt: One of us has to win PoV. It's essential.

Matt: I really hate James & Chelsia. I really hope one of us wins PoV and we swing the whole sh*t around. I don't even care if I lose, I just want to send them home. Stupid move for us not to take our boy off the block...
Alex: Yup. You know what? Hey. How many times was Dr. Will on the block?

12:45pm BBT
James & Chelsia
Chelsia: What're you thinkin'?
James: I'm thinkin' (sing-songy) I'm not goin' home this week.
Chelsia: I don't trust any of these people.
James: Our ideas were good, but there's too many peoples words... Matty's just gonna be...
Chelsia: Hell. ...If he wins, we just have to act like we wanted that.

1:04pm BBT
Sheila, Matt & Natalie - Strategy Session

1:23pm BBT

BB: Adam, Please go to the Diary Room.

The whole house breaks into applause, excited because they think this means the Veto Comp is about to begin... since Adam is the Host.

1:26pm BBT
False alarm. Adam had to do cbs mobile. He's back out of the DR already, and he told the other HGs it'll be another hour or 2 before the Veto Comp.

The HGs have been on interior lockdown all day, and they're getting restless.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chelsia and James are nuts if they do this plan and take Amanda/Alex off the block. I'd bet my bottom dollar - the one I would have spent on Nat's striptease ;) - that Matt/Nat aren't evicted.

This decision will make it more likely that Chel/James are goners next week.

1:01 PM  
Blogger spnshacres said...

I think Sheila has some SERIOUSE Mental Issues.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

This it, Finally??

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Ry said...

All I gotta say is thank God Sheila knows that Allison is going around spreading crap about her. I know Sheila is a bit certifiable and everything, but I've always seemed to like her. I hope Alex/Amanda go off the block and they put Ryan/Allison against Matty/Natty. I think I would pee my pants a little to see Ryan/Allison's faces as they walked out that door as they see Sheila give them both a demented little smile/stare as they walked out the door! Oh please let it happen!!

~ Ryan ~

1:45 PM  
Anonymous HAD said...

OMG!!! AMANDA JUST COLLASPED!!! they cut the feeds. its been over 30 mins. she has been complaining about low sugar all day from being on slop!

7:23 PM  

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