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Friday, February 22, 2008

BB9 Overnight Report

Good morning, Big Brother lovers. It's a doozy of an overnight report.

  • Matt & Alex Plan
  • Natalie does a striptease
  • Matt offers Alex up on a platter to James
  • Amanda's a virgin
  • James & Chelsia's "Ruthless" plan
  • Alex is psychic

12:10am BBT
Alex & Matt Acknowledge what a huge error it was getting rid of Parker and discuss how to ensure they both stay this week.

Matt: If one of us wins, we can both stay. We have to work the f'in Sheila card. If you win, I have a decent chance of staying. I'm not saying I'm gonna throw it.
Alex: No, you shouldn't... We f'd up.


12:34am BBT
Natalie does a striptease for James, Alex, Matt, Adam, Amanda and Chelsia. Chelsia removes Natalie's bra. Matt says repeatedly to James, "See what I do for you? Put me on the block? Mother f'er."

Matt tries to make a deal with James & Chelsia
12:45am BBT
Matt: What if I don't keep him, will you take me off?
James: What do you mean?
Matt: Cuz I know the only reason I'm up there is because you know I'll vote one plus for my man.
James: There you go. You said it. That's what we were worried about. You just told us.
Matt: Is there any way I can make a deal? I'm not in here for him to win...


1:00am BBT
Alex & Amanda
Pillow talk, Game talk and the recurring theme of Amanda's intact virginity.
    ***lmao. poor Alex. As if he needed one more thing to make him want Amanda more. lol.
Alex: You better do whatever it takes to win.
Amanda: I would eat sh*t to win, would you eat poop?
Alex: Yes. I would even eat your sh*t
Amanda: Would you drink my pee?
Alex: To win?

Alex can't help but touch himself. He asks her repeatedly if she really is a virgin, but Amanda wont give him a direct answer.

Alex: It all makes sense now. The bootylicious chick, let everything hang out, is a virgin. You are! You f'ing are. That's great, I compliment you. It's great, I give you such credit.

Amanda: PoV, baby.
Alex: How could you be a virgin? You're a nutcase. How could you walk around like that?
Amanda: My highschool boyfriend cheated on me.
Alex: All your life, you didn't wanna have sex?
Amanda: Yea, I want to every single day.
Alex: You don't even know what it's like!
Amanda: I know what other people have said it's like.
Amanda: I like other stuff... I like to give head.
Alex: I salute you.
    ***Eventually, we'll get an endurance comp or 2 or 3, but I'd like to take a moment and acknowledge that this entire stay inside the BB house is an endurance comp for Alex, especially with this new info. hehehe. I can't stop laughing.

Amanda's virginity
Part 2

An Epic Ruthless Move
1:40am BBT
James carries Chelsia to bed and they snuggle and make out for a bit. Talk turns to game. They agree that they have to win PoV, so they can make a deal with Amanda and Alex to take them off the block, and replace them with either Sheila & Adam or Ryan & Allison. Then, the plan is to get Sharon & Josh, as well as Amanda & Alex, to vote Matt & Natalie out of the house.

They theorize that this move will blow the entire house apart, as well as blowing everyone's minds. Better still, it will add Amanda & Alex to the list of HGs that owe them. Sharon & Josh already owe them.

They believe this move will secure their safety for the following week when they can't compete for HoH.

1:47am BBT
Alex and Amanda are fast asleep. Suddenly, Alex bolts upright.
Alex: Something's goin' on!
Amanda: (groggy) What??
Alex: I don't know. Maybe something upstairs. Go back to sleep.
Amanda: With what the couples?
Alex: I don't know. We're good, we're good. Go back to sleep.

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Blogger Doc Rocket said...

Shoulda kept Parker & Jen…Ahhh…knowing is half the battle, so they say…perhaps they will get their game on finally. If Matt wins POV and they are able to get the votes to keep A&A they will be able to both stay…very good Matt, now you have to go get Natalie on the same page…don’t forget!

8:15 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

I like Alex even more now! Endurance comp is right! (And, I don't care if you're a virgin, every girl knows that a guy would like to hear what she likes to do!) They should have kept Parker and Jen for their game, but not for their relationship... ;)

8:39 AM  
Anonymous im said...

ah... liking the show better now... the fighting and yelling and screaming has gone way down!

either that or i am good at avoiding it and you not posting it. lol

8:40 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

morning ladies :)

beth - makes me like him more too.

im - i'm glad! :) every season the new HGs take some getting used to... for all of us.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

i like nat even less now. she just really doesn't care at all what she does and she is constantly showing her body off (yeah they all do, but the stripping routines and dances are worse) and i just can't respect her. she is selling her body for the votes and it's pathetic. also, i really don't believe amanda is really a virgin. i think she just says that b/c guys think it's a turn on and she wants an excuse for not giving it up to alex, or any other guy she is flirting with at the moment. she doesn't act like a virgin at all.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't that freaky that Alex all of a sudden woke up and said that "there good, there good". I really hope that plan works out that James and Chelsia cooked up about Alex and Amanda for them to stay in the house.

What the hell is Nat thinking about giving a stripe tease, she's looking pretty desperate now. She degrades herself. This is why Matt disrespects her so much. I hope people see that.
Matt is such a weasle when he was nominated he told Amanda that he wasn't going to suck d*** and look at what he's dong with James begging him mwhat he should do to stay in the house. What a A**hole.

9:02 AM  
Blogger spyke6666 said...

I knew this would happen! Matt better win that POV cause if he's gone instead of amanda, I'm gonna be so pissed! He's the only 1 that has shown a good strategy so far to me, it would suck if he got evicted so early

9:11 AM  
Blogger Doc Rocket said...

Not all shocked by Matt throwing Alex under the bus…though we still don’t know if he is just saying it in hopes of getting himself off the block in order to vote to keep A&A.

Also, for the other side of the house, it is much better to hang onto a team that has caused a lot of controversy…A&A aren’t the most liked pair in the house and if they make it to the final two, who ever takes them has a good shot at winning (with the way the house is set up right now anyway).

I am lovin’ Alex…Though I have always liked him. I think him and Amanda are on the road to really working well together. I want to see them mastermind something and get their game on all the way!

…and if she is a virgin, it makes complete sense. She certainly displays a sexual immaturity and a need for sexual attention very much like a girl with little experience. “acting like a virgin” doesn’t mean wearing turtle neck sweaters and walking around clenching a bible…take a look the young girls in any Jr. high school nearby on a warm June day…any of them look rather promiscuous…and they don’t fully understand how they are viewed…sound similar?

9:36 AM  
Anonymous im said...

Fave pairs atm are James/Chelsia and Amanda/Alex... least fave Matt&Nat...

Just some morning thoughs before I go and read for a bit while I wait for some mail to be delivered! :)

*pokes beth for fun*

9:41 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

there is no way amanda is a virgin,hasnt she already talked about ex-boyfriends and things she has done?she is just trying to get attention or felt morally higher since she was praying and stopped to see a stripe tease!!!!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

She's a virgin the same way Britney was a virgin.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Amanda really likes Alex, a lot more than she would like him/everyone else to know. I believe this for following reasons:
1. She was upset when Chel told her that Alex said that he did not know if he had feelings for her. When they had the big blowout she tried to twist it and say that he was talking about her because he said this.
2. She was afraid that if she held out too long that Alex would pursue the other girls in the house and this is why she started all those rumors about him. She wanted to make sure that no other girl would want him; leaving him all for herself. This could be why she has caused so much trouble for the girls in the house-she is jealous of them. Notice how she keeps pointing out how Sheila likes Alex.
3. She keeps trying to make Alex jealous. If you don't have feelings for a guy, you do not try to make him jealous. Notice how when she was talking about how Parker was negative, she kept looking at Alex. Alex did a good job at not showing her any emotion.
4. Her Flirting with Alex: She is always all over him-legs, hair, butt, hands.
5. Just observe her behavior when Alex does not show her any attention. Nat was doing the lap dances, taking Alex's attention away from her. She could have stayed in the room, but she got up to watch Alex.

I think that Alex likes her, but not as much as she likes him. I do not believe that he is madly in love with Amanda or has a crush on her. How many women have heard these lines from guys?: I like you because we have many things in common, I don't date because I am too busy(work/school), we want the same things in life. He has said this to her and its funny because it means nothing coming from a guy you have only known for less than a month.

I think that Amanda looks like the type of girl he is use to dating; however, her personality is a problem. I don't understand why he likes her, but that is something that he is going to have to answer to.

I don't believe that she is virgin, this is just her trying to play the good girl image again. Nat was receiving all of the attention from Alex and the boys, so she had to do something to draw attention to herself. By saying that she is a virgin this would make her stand out from all the girls in the house and make all the guys want her. Remember she was talking about the HIV tests in the bathroom- I know that they had to do HIV tests for the show, but she made it sound as if it was a regular thing for her. If you are not having sex, work in an environment where you have the potential to be exposed, or have no risk factors, then you would not need to do this. I think she is holding out because she has the yeast infection, notice how she keeps trying to blame the other women in the house. This would explain why she did not want to sleep with Alex or Parker.

Amanda's personality causes people to distance themselves from her(no one wants to know or be near her), this is why she uses her body and goes overboard with the flirting.

11:06 AM  
Blogger alleson84 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous alyssa said...

I don't think it's fair for anyone to say whether or not Amanda is a virgin. As far as the HIV tests go, she said she liked to give oral which you can get diseases from...I think they all have a level of immaturity this season. Even the way Alex talks to Amanda...it's like he says mean things to her because he likes her just like in junior high when a guy is mean it's because he wants to be your boyfriend...makes no sense then or now.
I feel sorry for Natalie. Does she not know that everyone, especially Matt, thinks she's a joke? She is really acting gross and I'm no prude.I just really hope A&A win POV or J&C so they'll tale em off!

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing with Amanda is that she puts these things out there. If she does not want people to know then she should just keep her mouth shut. Once again Nat was receiving all the attention from the guys/Alex and this made her jealous(I too feel sorry for Nat). Amanda had to do something to draw attention to herself.

When she continues to open her mouth, then she gives up her right to privacy. Like when Alex kept asking her, she kept playing the game with him/teasing him. She saw that it turned him on and she continued to pursue the topic, she tells him that she does other things(he didn't even have to ask). I see your point with the HIV tests, that is why I included other risk factors(multiple partners, drug usuage, safe sex) and sex also includes oral.

Yes they all act immature, but I think he does the name calling and talks to her like a child because that is her maturity level(She acts like she is stuck in her pre-teens). When he talked to her with Jen/Parker present, what did you notice about Amanda? He was so feed up with the way she was acting during this conversation, that he kept asking her how old she was/if she was eight. When they had the discussion about her, he said that she is literally 10 years old. Both Parker/Alex says that she acts like she is twelve. He can't get Amanda to come to his level, so he just stoops down to her level(teasing, name calling). It's just like when adults coo for babies.

Alex is a playful person and just because he jokes around does not mean that he wants to be her boyfriend. He jokes around with all the women in the house, does that mean he wants to date them? Josh was mean to Amanda, does that mean that he wants to be her boyfriend? Matt is mean to Nat, does that mean that he wants to be her boyfriend? Matt called Amanda "thing", does that mean he wants to be her boyfriend?

12:22 PM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

Doc -- VERY good points about girls being virgins.

3:05 PM  

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