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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Just Checking In

I hope everyone's having a wonderful Saturday so far. At the moment, 2pm BBT, the HGs are out sunning themselves and mostly just enjoying a relaxing Saturday... Me too. :)

Just checking in to quickly recap the important conversations of the day...

11:10am BBT
Joshuah and James talk game
Josh is hoping that Matt goes, then Natalie wins HoH and puts up Ryan, since she's the only one who didn't give Ryan the 2 week pass. Josh and James believe their group has the votes to control the game from this point forward.

    ***What they don't know is a lot.

11:47am BBT
Sheila, Natalie, then Matt joins in.
Sheila and Natalie are reveling in their new found friendship and alliance with the boys. They have been intentionally kept out of the loop by the boys, so they are still excitedly waiting for the ball to drop on Josh tomorrow. Matt joins them and is equally excited about the Veto Ceremony tomorrow. He doesn't let on that the target has switched to James.

12:08pm-12:35pm BBT
Ryan and Sheila - later joined by Matt and Adam
Ryan tells Sheila that he has reconsidered and is now seriously considering putting James up, instead of Joshuah. Sheila tells him how brilliant he is, and agrees that James is a very scary player... that Joshuah is the more obvious choice, but James is a smarter choice. They all congratulate themselves at keeping the other side completely in the dark about the new plan.

Sheila shares the news with Natalie a few minutes later.

1:30pm BBT
James and Joshuah are certain their plan to backdoor Matt is still a go, and they can't wait for it to happen. They're also quite confident that no one suspects their 4 way alliance - Josh/Sharon - James/Chelsia.

2:02pm BBT
Ryan and Matt
Reconfirming James Backdoor.
Matt: I cant wait to see the look on that kid's face.

Here's a clip:

2:30pm BBT
James and Chelsia just finished showering together.
Matt, Nat, Ryan and Sharon are outside sunning and chatting about football..

2:40pm BBT
Sharon and Joshuah
Josh is mentioning how Matt wont ever give him any alone time with Ryan, and he believes Matt is scared. Both Josh and Sharon feel very secure about the deal with Ryan, and feel he'd be stupid to go back on it.
Josh: If he doesn't do this, he might as well be handing Matt the $500,000.

Josh goes over his ideal order of events with Sharon...

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The Creatures are Stirring

Well, Josh is anyhow.

9:22am BBT
Josh is the only HG awake.

He's laying out sunning himself and talking about the events of the week and his plans for the weeks to come.

Josh: ... the PoV gets used, we throw Matt on the block, I win the next HoH, put Nat and Adam up on the block. Natalie goes home. Sharon wins the next HoH... Adam goes home.

Joshuah is thus far clueless that his plan has gone awry. What's most interesting to note is that even in his solo mumblings, Joshuah does remain 100% true to keeping Ryan safe for the promised time frame.

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning BB Lovers! Happy Saturday!

After the complete chaos that was Friday on the live feeds in the Big Brother 9 house, things settled down a bit late last night, and miraculously, I have no new target to report this morning. As far as what new schemes they'll cook up today, and how many more times it'll flip before the Veto Ceremony tomorrow, heaven only knows.

If you weren't around yesterday and you just feel the need to get caught up on all the insanity, here are the key posts:

As it stands right now, the bulls-eye seems pretty fixed on James, although Ryan is still telling Natalie he's wavering between James and Josh, and wisely playing up to her ego in asking who she recommends.

10:13pm BBT
Matt comes outside after having been in the Diary Room for over 30 minutes. He is oozing testosterone, beating his chest, puffed up like a gorilla. It stands to reason his whole DR session was about the plan to backdoor him and his having overcome it. After a few minutes, he calms down and plays pool with the core of the bro-lliance, Adam and Ryan.

10:20pm BBT
Pool Table
Matt, Ryan and Adam
Ryan: He's (Joshuah) sittin' in the bathroom, and I walk in to get some q-tips, and he's like, so, what's goin' on? And I'm like, same as usual.
Matt: They think it's still goin' on. They're laughing at me behind my back. Which I think is great.
Ryan: Yeah.
Adam: He tells me you're in place, you're right where you're supposed to be.
Ryan: Yeah, right on the outskirts of our alliance...
Matt: It kinda makes me upset that we're not getting him this week, but we are taking out a key player... Who do you think they're gonna try to save? I think they'll try to save James more than Sharon.

Here's the clip:

10:20pm BBT
The Bro's Talk More Outside

10:59pm BBT
Sheila & Natalie
The women on the outskirts of the Bro-lliance talk about getting rid of Joshuah and bond over their mutual hatred of Chelsia.

Sheila: You've got to tell Ryan tonight how they said they could get him to do whatever they want 'cause he's easy to manipulate...


11:29pm BBT
HoH Room
Natalie & Ryan
Natalie dogs James & Chelsia to Ryan

Nat: He wants to take all the weakest people with him, so he can win...

They talk about how much everyone's trying to pit her against Matt, and Ryan reinforces that Matt may be a jerk to her, but he does love her, which is all the confirmation Natalie needs to keep her going, ever.

Ryan says that it's so clear that Josh & Sharon along with James & Chelsia are still playing as couple and as a 4some.

Nat: They are in for a surprise.
Ryan: Oh yeah, they're gonna be scrambling... Our side has been tearin things up. PoVs, all the comps... They're scared to death of us.

Natalie continues on about how she's keeping it cool with them, letting them think she's with them.

Ryan: To be honest, between us, its up in the air right now between James and Joshuah. Who do you think?
Natalie: Joshuah is the mastermind.

Ryan pumps her up about her house knowledge, so she shares all the factoids with him...


As you would imagine, Natalie keeps talking and talking and talking after this, and after a while, Ryan is reduced to the occasional politely uttered "yeah" to indicate he's listening and awake...

They both indicate how much they trust Sheila and how honest she is. Natalie says how Sheila will listen to them making fun of her about Matt, egg them on a little to see how fat they'll take it, and then come right to her and tell her everything they said.


12:09am BBT
James & Ryan
Ryan talks to James for the 1st time since deciding his fate.

James slept most of the day. Rather a dangerous occupation in the BB9 house.

James: Anything crackin' go down today?
Ryan: No. Today's been mellow, chill. Nothing goin' on...
    ***Translation: You're screwed, dude.


After this point, there was a bit of small talk, but nothing crucial. Most of the HGs were down for the count by around 1am BBT.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

BB9 New Target: James

9:00pm BBT
HoH Room
Matt, Adam, Ryan
I'm just sitting here, minding my own business, putting together a bunch of endurance comp research for a post (it's very good news, by the way), when what do I hear but the Bro-lliance cooking up a plan to nominate James instead of Joshuah.

They're calling the plan Operation Tightie, in honor of James' Tightie Whities...

This is ongoing. Is anyone else's head spinning about now?

This whole thing actually started about a half an hour ago outside in the back yard when Ryan said James was who he really wanted out, and the boys are up in HoH now solidifying the plan...

Here's the clip from the backyard, captured by xx2000xx:

Here's the meeting up in HoH, also captured by xx2000xx:

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Sheila Makes Her Move
New Alliance - Target: Josh

I go out for dinner and all hell breaks loose. Sheila, of all people, has convinced Ryan to go back on the deal and target Joshuah.

6:05pm BBT
Sheila: There's only 2 people in this house that can protect you, and that's Matty and Adam.. These other people are clowns.
Ryan: I know.. I know... If we do this, I really need you guys next week, or I am screwed.
Sheila: I guarantee you, if you get rid of Joshuah, Sharon will come over to our side.
Ryan: We've got to think about the votes. If we get one of them out, we have the numbers. I just need to figure out who's gonna be on my side.
Sheila: If you get rid of Matty, Adam's next. I'm not gonna go against my own friggin' partner...


6:14pm BBT
Sheila: Who do you trust more? Who has a better chance of winning HoH?
Ryan: Who do you think I should take out? Josh?
Sheila: You've gotta take Josh out.
Ryan: He's also thrown me under the bus twice (referring to Matt)...


6:17pm BBT
New Alliance Meeting at the Pool Table
Target: Joshuah
Ryan: They're tryin to use my ass to get you outta here... They're trying to f'in use me to.. I trust you guys more... We gotta win. We gotta win. If none us win, you n me are goin' up.
Adam: (Sounds like one of the hyenas from the Lion King)
Matt: We gotta all stick together to vote him out though.
Ryan: Joshuah's f'in goin' home. I'm gonna play this off.. I don't give a f.. This girl... (Sheila)
Matt: You with us Sheila?
Sheila: Who do you think told Ryan about all this?
Matt: No matter what, after all this, no matter what you hear about me, you come ask me!


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BB Historical Trivia

Hi Everyone :) I'm heading out for a little while to take my mother out to dinner for her birthday. Before I go, though, I have a trivia question for the BB historians out there.

During Big Brother 8, the 1st Endurance Comp was the 5th HoH Comp of the season. How many other seasons have followed this formula?

I'll be back to publish your responses in just a little while.

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Veto Spoiler & Post Veto Coverage & Clips

1:55pm Feeds are Back!! EVEN MORE VIDEO ADDED

: Ryan, may I have my key back?

Chelsia has won the Power of Veto!!

At the moment, she's having a celebratory make-out in the Storage Room with James.

  • Sheila has to wear a unitard...

  • Josh won a letter from home.
  • Sharon won a slop pass.
  • Ryan won $10k
  • Adam won a bike of unknown make...

Sharon & Josh join James & Chelsia in the Storage Room.
They all advise Sharon to go up to Ryan and make him the same 2 week promise they all did. Also, they tell her to relax... "He's putting up Matt!"

2:02pm BBT
Ryan comes into Storage Room. Sharon pleads/babbles her case, gives him the 2 week promise, and Ryan says the magic words: The plan is in motion. I am going ahead with it.

Here's some "random footage" after the Veto Comp at 2:08pm from Quirkydude:

And here's some more... of Ryan confirming again that Matt's a goner. This clip was captured by xx2000xx.

Matt to Ryan "you're gonna backdoor me, you jerk."

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Veto Comp Trivia

At 12:09pm BBT, the live feeds went to Trivia. Straight to Trivia. It is extremely likely that the Power of Veto Comp is underway.

Checking in at 1:43pm BBT, We still have Trivia.

What a morning on the live feeds! Holy moly! If you need to get up to speed, just scroll down and check out all the posts from today.

Random things to do while we wait and wait and wait, instead of laundry:

While we wait, here's another fab chop from C=Venus for ya. :)


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Josh's Crew to HoH

Game Frikkin ON! VIDEO ADDED

HoH room
11:37am BBT
Ryan, Josh, Chelsia, Sheila, James.
(While Matt Shaves downstairs)

All guarantee Ryan 2 weeks safety following his HoH. They say Sharon is in as well. Ryan tells them he's considering it, and has not told Matt about it. All shake Ryan's hand on the deal. Josh ups the ante publicly and says if he wins HoH even in the week following the deal, he's still good.

Here's a clip:

(Matt finished shaving. Sharon's running interference, keeping him busy.)

Josh heads downstairs to talk to Adam... and to make it less obvious... he tells Adam not to win the comp and to go for the prizes...

Ryan: I'm gonna go with what the house wants. That's a wonderful opportunity. It's a great offer.
Sheila: Has he offered you anything?
Ryan: He's "got my back." (laughs)

James: You have the house backing you.
Chelsia: We'll leave you alone to ponder it.

They agree that nothing can be said to Natalie. Period. All agree she is the next target, as a reward for going against the whole house.

Joshuah comes back up to HoH, and they make sure he didn't tell Adam anything. He confirms he did not, and that Adam doesn't want to win... he doesn't want to be put in that position.

(Sharon is still distracting Matt)

The other HGs filter out of HoH. Josh remains. It looks like a done deal at this point, as much as that can actually be said in Big Brother.

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Josh Pitches to Ryan & Ensuing Madness

This post has been added to and now includes Ryan leaving Matt out of the loop, Natalie lying to Joshuah some more, Sheila heading to HoH...

HoH Room
Ryan and Josh
10:34am BBT
Josh fills Ryan in that the house is really on edge, thinking he's in a secret alliance with Matt, and they are willing to offer him a 2 week deal of total immunity, which actually guarantees him 3 weeks, since he's HoH now. Josh throws in a promise that as HoH, he will NEVER nominate Ryan. All Ryan has to do is backdoor Matt, and everyone's down with it. He will go. josh says that everyone is willing to have a meeting the minute Matt goes in for a Diary Room session, and swear on a bible about this deal.
Ryan: I would need that kind of confirmation.
Josh: Well everyone's willing to do it.
Ryan: That's awesome!

Josh stresses to Ryan the importance of the deal, especially since Ryan cannot play for HoH next week, and the whole house would be gunning for him if he protects Matty this week.

Josh: It's the easiest way, and it takes the target off your back, cause the more you 2 hang out together, the bigger the target gets.
Ryan: That sounds pretty much like an offer that cannot be refused.

Josh continues selling it... telling Ryan how giddy everyone was that Matt didn't get picked.

10:48am BBT
Ryan informs Josh that this offer was already leaked to him.. and to Matt.... by Natalie.
Ryan: I think she will do anything for that kid, when it comes down to voting.
Josh: So it'll be 5-1.
Ryan: She'll do anything for him. Now you know... she can't be trusted for sh*t. You can't trust her with anything.. especially about Matt. So.. I'm thinkin', if we have this conversation, she cannot be involved.

10:53am BBT
Josh leaves HoH, goes straight to tell Chelsia and Sharon that Natalie blabbed the deal to Ryan. Sheila comes in and he tells her too.
Sheila: Well that explains the dirty looks from him. (infuriated whisper) She is so blinded by him!

10:54am BBT
Matt heads up to HoH to ask Ryan if Josh made his pitch.
Ryan leaves Matt out of the loop.
Ryan tells Matt Josh was up there just being paranoid about being backdoored.
They talk about adding someone to their alliance, and who they may be able to trust, etc.
The most important detail has already been written in bold type.

11am BBT
Natalie, Josh
Natalie: He ran right up there to Ryan.
Josh: Maybe he got a whiff of something...
Natalie: Not from me..

The conversation is stilted.

Natalie: You guys need to calm down and stop being so paranoid. Matty knows I'm done with him.

Josh doesn't call her out. Patience is a virtue he's learning. Let's see if the rest of their alliance can keep it quiet too.

11:15am BBT
Sheila heads up to HoH, and joining Matt, Ryan and Adam. She stresses that she's on the same page with them (without going into details or giving anything away). She also says she wants to win veto and if she does, she'll do whatever Ryan wants. She also says that if there are some crazy prizes, she's going for them.

Meanwhile... Natalie is still downstairs in the bathroom telling Joshuah how she's completely done with Matt. In lieu of calling her out on her lies, Josh is picking his nose while she speaks. Ultimately, he says "We'll see what happens at Veto."

Here's a clip:

11:26am BBT Flames... merciful flames... somehow symbolic of just how much the feeds are on fire today. Holy Cow!

11:29am BBT
Feeds are back. Sheila's still up in HoH with Adam and Ryan. Matt has come downstairs to shave. Chelsia and James are cuddling. Josh and Sharon are whispering.

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Veto Players Chosen

10:15am BBT
The selection of the players for the PoV comp is underway. As soon as the feeds come back and the selection is 100% clear, the names will be listed here.

10:19am BBT
Feeds are back.
Sheila: I'm glad. I wanted to get picked. I'm excited.
Natalie: I wanted to play. :(
Adam: I'm playin' the PoV, dude.

Veto Comp Players:

  1. Ryan - HoH
  2. Sharon - Nominee
  3. Chelsia - Nominee
  4. Adam -
  5. Sheila -
  6. JOSHUA - Chosen by Sharon
Matt: (to baller) We're gettin' backdoored this week, me n you.
Chelsia: Really?
Matt: yeah, that's what I heard. I love it when people make plans. (to Baller) You should win and take Sharon off.. That will F Sheila.

Natalie whispering with Sheila about Matt and how he's gonna go try to get close to James and Chelsia now... and then she tells Sheila that he made out with her on Valentine's Day.
Nat: Oh, trust me, I've been working with him for 5 weeks. I now him better than anyone in this house. I'm gonna do what I have to. I'm playing for me now.
Sheila: Well, let's see. Let's see if you really are.

Nat concocts a story of how Matt is really into her... follows her everywhere, etc... and how she told him of last night...

Josh's Room
Josh, Matt, James, Chelsia
Josh: I'm quite jealous that I'm not playing.

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Morning Report

New Quickie Polls on the Right! :)

8:01am BBT - Flames.

It's quite probable the HGs are being woken up. They have a big day ahead of them with the Power of Veto on the line today. Shame none of them got much sleep!

Still flames at 8:13am BBT

8:17am BBT
Josh & Sheila
He's telling her about the plan to backdoor Matt and how he's already proposed it to Ryan. Sheila says, "Well, first Sharon has to come down."
Sharon: I know he wants to get rid of him. All he has to do is sit back and watch it happen.

    ***What color is the sky in her world?

Meanwhile, Ryan's up in HoH alone, brushing his teeth. Then he gets back into bed.

James/Chelsia Josh/Sharon Bedroom
8:20am BBT
James is saying how he couldn't sleep last night because of the nic patch, and he was tossing and turning, so he slept on the floor, because he didn't want to keep Chelsia awake all night.

8:23am BBT - Flames
8:26am BBT
Back with Sheila & Josh, talking about how badly Matt treats her, and how embarrassing that is for her on national tv. They think maybe she forgets about the cameras, and Josh says he never does, ever.
Josh: We gotta strike while the iron's hot. Everyone's on the anti- Matty bandwagon.
We have the votes. Who's the boys club?
Sheila: It's the smokers...

They talk about the danger of Matt winning PoVs, and that this ought to be the perfect opportunity to backdoor him. Josh says he'll do the talking.

Sharon comes in and they start talking about Amanda. Sheila says she misses her, and she even misses "bueno." Josh relents that "well, she definitely added some personality to the house," but his tone isn't quite loving.
    ***I miss Amanda too.

Meanwhile, Natalie's in her room, strutting around mostly bare in a bra and thong.

Still in the bathroom...
Josh: Hey, what'd that lady say?
Sharon: We have 30 minutes.
Josh: Till the veto comp??
Sharon: No, till we pick the players.
Josh: 30 minutes till we pick the players... Da da dummm...

Natalie joins the bathroom group. She's put on a pair of boxers. Chelsia joins the bathroom crew too. She speculates that today's Veto Comp will include all kinds of prizes and punishments for the house. The all believe that the oversized pool table will be the comp.
    ***I have my doubts. Remember how long the HGs got to practice with the croquet last season?
Sheila reassures Sharon about the game, and says how much she really wants to play.
Sheila: Usually, I go out there and I'm afraid to play, period, but this looks fun.

Talk moves to slop preparation, then back to the comp. Sheila says it's a combination of pool and putt putt golf, and she's played both before.

Storage Room
Matt & Adam
Matt tells Adam about the plan to backdoor him.
Matt: You didn't get the veto yet...

FLAMES, briefly.
We come back to everyone preparing for the day. Getting dressed, making breakfast, brushing teeth, etc.

9:00am BBT
Sheila & Natalie
Natalie says she really doesn't think the pool table will be the Veto Comp.
Natalie: In all my years of watching Big Brother...
    ***In all your years? OK, it's official, then. You have no excuse.

9:07am BBT
Josh, Chelsia, Sharon
Josh: (in an undertone) We can't even talk about it (backdooring Matt) till one of us wins veto...

Josh starts singing/whistling and we get flames... briefly.

The HGs are on lockdown inside, and have been for quite a while... Matt joins the people in the kitchen and conversation is stilted. He knows what they want, they know what they want... no confrontations, but not so lovey dovey.

Josh tries to listen for noises from the backyard.
Josh: Yup. People are outside. There's noises out there.

Natalie's big plan: Pigtails. Big Poofy ones.

9:34am BBT Still waiting to choose Veto Comp players. General chatter. Sheila and Ryan are talking about music..

Flames @ 9:40am
Feeds are back at 9:48am BBT

Still waiting.

9:55am BBT
Josh says he has a crush on 2 of the guys in the DR, and more flames...

10:08am BBT
Still flames... It's starting to feel like they've just forgotten to switch over to Trivia to signify the Veto Player Choosing has begun... lol.. as I type it...


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The Overnight Report

This overnight report is going up a couple segments at a time. Please check back periodically for new additions. The HGs were up quite late last night, and they did a whole lot of plotting and scheming.

9pm BBT
HOH Room
Ryan and Chelsia
Chelsia is stressed out out being on the block, and Ryan is telling her there's a 99% chance she's staying in the game. Ryan tells Chelsia that even Josh will flip on Sharon if he needs to, because he knows he can't get far in the game with her attached to him. Chelsia has her doubts about that. She's just hoping Sharon doesn't win PoV. Ryan reassures Chelsia that even if Sharon does win PoV, she'll still be safe, because of the replacement nom he'll put up.

9:07pm BBT
Matt comes up to HoH and joins them. For a few minutes, the conversation shifts to the pics on the wall, their families, etc...

9:17pm BBT
Talk returns to game. Ryan reiterates that he will do everything to make sure Chelsia stays in the house. He throws Sheila's name into the mix as a possible replacement in the event Sharon comes off the block. Matt reassures Chelsia that if Sheila gets put up in the renom, the vote to keep Chelsia will be unanimous.

    ***'Cause it's smart in BB to keep a strong player over a weaker one, and everyone likes Chelsia more??? Yeah, that'll gettem far.

10:17pm BBT
Natalie, Sheila, Sharon & Josh
Following a an argument with Matt up in HoH, where he put her down and dashed her dreams of stardom in front of everyone, Natalie runs to Sheila, Sharon and Josh for comfort.
Natalie: If I win HoH, I'm putting his ass on the block. He treats me like crap.

So begins a Matt bashing session. Sheila warns Natalie of the Bro's Alliance - which she believes to be Matt, Ada, Ryan and James - targeting all the women in the house. Sheila also consoles Natalie, saying she'll put her in her movie... Then Josh gets into it...

Josh: Why don't we approach Ryan about backdooring Matt in exchange for 2 weeks of safety?
Natalie: Ryan and Matt are close. He wont go for it.

Sheila continues consoling Natalie, trying to win her over, and bashing Matt.

Here's the clip, captured by scootie668

10:39pm BBT
The lockdown is over, and the HGs come outside to find a Giant Pool table and a note from BB to practice. In addition to the note, Michael, who I'm guessing is the 1st AD, comes over the speaker to further instruct the HGs.

Most of the HGs are practicing right away. Sheila, Josh and Sharon go back inside pretty quickly to continue plotting Matt's demise...

11:34pm BBT
After an hour of trying, Natalie can't seem to get a turn, so she goes in to pout and re-connect with the We Hate Matty crew of Sheila, Josh and Sharon. Natalie says that when she's HoH, she'll put up 2 guys.

They take this as the opening they need. Though they know it's pointless, the crew makes a valiant effort to take advantage of Natalie's anger towards Matt and permanently turn her against him. They tell her all the things he says about her when she's not around, re-emphasize how exuberant he was when single play was announced, etc... They really make an effort to get Natalie to grasp that the boys club is not her friend.

After a while, they're tossing around name ideas for their alliance...

Josh speaks up for the women, and urges the boys club to let the nominees practice. The guys acquiesce and allow the women a turn. Chelsia, Sharon and Natalie begin practicing on the over-sized pool/mini-golf table. After a few minutes, Sharon is called in to the DR.

Cut to:
12:18am BBT
Big DR Leak

Diary Room Leaks to the live feeds are rare, but not at all unheard of. We've had quite a few this season. This one, captured by scootie668, shows Sharon talking about the new pool table contraption in the backyard.

12:29am BBT
HoH Room
James & Ryan
James proposes back-dooring Matt to Ryan, and quite possibly seals his own fate, since in so doing, he has now proven himself outside the Bros Alliance - which isn't real to begin with.

12:59am BBT
Not at all surprisingly, Natalie runs pretty quickly to Matt with all the information she got while seeking comfort from Josh, Sharon and Sheila. Here's the clip, captured by teslad:

1:01am BBT
HoH Room
Matt & Ryan
As Nat ran to Matt, Matt runs to Ryan.

Matt: The puppet has spoken... Ryan, you have been offered a 2 week deal.

Here's the clip, captured by xx2000xx. The clip starts a couple minutes into the conversation.

Cut to:
1:58am BBT
Josh & Ryan
Ryan's a busy boy tonight. Josh comes up to tell Ryan how much the girls all like him, because he's the only one who treats them with respect. Ryan tells Josh that he doesn't trust James, as far as the guys go. They agree that Sheila is the ultimate pawn... They reaffirm their mutual trust and Ryan re-confirms that he will not backdoor Josh.

Ryan says he and Matt are boys, but he doesn't trust the kid. Josh says he's fine pretending to be super nervous about being backdoored.

Ryan: If this PoV does get used, obviously I'm not gonna put you up, but...
Josh: Let's think about the PoV possibilities... If you win, you're not gonna use it. If Sharon or Chelsia win, obviously they are. I think everyone assumes you're putting up Sheila as a replacement... The thing is, Sheila likes you, and getting rid of someone who likes you is f'd up...

Ryan: To be honest, I really don't feel that close with Sharon, so if I'm gunning for anyone, it's her.

Ryan confesses that he told Chelsia she was the pawn, and that he spoke with Josh, and even his vote was swayable, in trying to give Chelsia confidence.

Josh: I wanna tell you everything, but I'm scared that you and Matt are so tight, I'm screwing myself. I mean, I love Sharon to death, but her being here makes me a bigger target.

Ryan says that although he's close with Matt, he doesn't trust him. But he also makes a point to reiterate that backdooring Matt is not an option he's willing to consider this week.

Here's the clip, captured by xx2000xx:
Clip 1

Clip 2

(As I type, the Feeds have just gone to flames @ 8am BBT)

To see the rest of the important moments from last night, please check out the following clips: 2:20am BBT - James Turns Against Matt and Wants Him Out & Chelsia, Josh & James "Plan" getting Matt out this week...

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C=Venus Strikes Again!

Good Morning Big Brother Lovers! Happy Veto Comp Day!

This should be very interesting: the first solo Power of Veto Comp of the season. No one to count on but themselves, and no one to blame a loss on either.

It's do or die (no, wait, they dumped that theme) for Sharon, and to a lesser extent for Chelsia. In Sharon's ideal world of BB longevity, she's got to hope for Josh to win, so he can save her and himself.

Anyhow, I'm gonna get to work on the overnight report, so we can all get up to speed with everything that went down on the live feeds late last night. While I do that, please enjoy this new BB Chop of Natalie from C=Venus, titled Gullible's Travels.

Click the pic to check out her site.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nomination Spoiler

5:52pm BBT The Feeds are back. Matt is offering Sharon a hug. She says she's fine.

Sounds like Ryan did as planned, and nominated Chelsia and Sharon...

Chelsia's jokingly offering to be everyone's b*tch this week...

It's official

Chelsia and Sharon

have been nominated.

The Veto Comp is tomorrow. The plotting, scheming and campaigning begins now on the live feeds. Josh is already stressing that he's going to be backdoored.

Watch Big Brother 9 24/7 on SuperPass

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Nomination Ceremony Underway

4:20pm BBT
BB: Houseguests this is a lockdown. please go outside, and close the sliding glass doors.

BB: Ryan, please go to the Diary Room.

Nominations will be underway soon, folks.

We fully expect Chelsia and Sharon to be nominated this evening, but either way, we will post the Nomination spoiler as soon as the feeds come back and it's 100%

4:28pm BBT - Trivia on all feeds. The Nomination Ceremony is underway.

I'm gonna go over to cbs.com and get some votes in for Alex while it's on... ;) How about you?

Oh, and for the record, I'm not crushing on a 24 year old. I just want him to have another crack at this. We all have our own reasons...

For me, personally, this one has very little to do with Big Brother and more to do with just feeling for him as a human directly affected by 9-11.

He touches my heart.

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Ryan Warns Chelsia

1:15pm BBT


Ryan and Chelsia

Ryan gives her a heads up that she's going on the block as a pawn... He makes it clear that she is not the target, and that he thinks it'll go 6-0 in her favor. Chelsia's nervous about it, but taking it well...

He also tells her that anyone who votes for her to go home will be targeted.

"If I thought there was a chance you would go home, I wouldn't do this. I don't want this, but Sheila is just so weak, if I put her up, that gives Sharon the opportunity to win Veto."

Oddly enough, Ryan outed the guys alliance to Chelsia, saying they had all discussed it and as much as he hates to put her on the block at all, it just made the most sense.

Chelsia commented that she'd been trying to get in on that alliance, but obviously it hadn't worked.

The meeting ends on a hug, and Chelsia beelines for James.

He reassures her as well.

Moments later, Joshuah gets alone time with Ryan in the Frilly Room.

Ryan assures him he will not be nominating him or backdooring him, and they shake on it. Josh tells Ryan, "I'll be your b*tch this week. Just tell me who you want me to vote for."

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After the Comp

This post has been updated to include the Nomination Plans..

11:52am BBT
Sharon and James are showering together in one small stall.
Natalie's flashing the live feeds again, and the rest of the HGs.
James and Natalie are psyched about their sushi feast.
Josh is on slop... HGs beware.

Kitchen Counter
Josh & Ryan
Ryan spoke with BB, asking if Nominations would be today, and BB was non-committal, saying they weren't sure.
Ryan: You don't need to stress.
Josh: I'm not the type of player to come suck your dick (so to speak).
Ryan: I respect that. I really do.
Josh: I think they wont do nominations today, since we just went into singles... you need more time to process.
Ryan: I'd rather it be tomorrow. We were all just dead yesterday. I had no time to talk to anyone.
Josh: I hope they slow it down a little.
Ryan: I do too.

3:08pm BBT
Ryan, Matt, James

Nominations are Today... just shown in the screen.

Ryan: (to James) You're safe, man.
James: I'm going to play the shadow walker.
Ryan: How does that work?
James explains that Ryan should let him know who he's going to nominate and James will work behind the scenes to get the rest of the house behind it...
Adam enters.
Ryan: The bros....
While the men are alone, it is established that all of them are safe.

Chelsia enters... and the frank discussion ends.

Ryan: So the noms are tonight.
Matt: If you're gonna put me up, just do what ya gotta do. I feel I have more of a chance now that I'm not with a partner.

Conversation shifts to Matt making fun of Natalie...

Matt, James, Adam and Ryan are all enjoying a Sushi Feast. Chelsia is there, but can't eat. Natalie is absent from the feast, but she's quite entitled to it.

The rest of the house is on slop! Sheila, Sharon, Josh and Chelsia.

Matt & Ryan
Ryan: I think I'm gonna do the Sheila, Sharon thing... if Josh won PoV, He'd take Sharon off, and that would suck. Worst case scenario.
Matt: It's risky putting anyone up with Sheila, cause no one likes her. We could tell Sharon we're putting her up against Sheila just as a pawn... Not we, you, cause I have nothing to do with it...
Ryan: I don't know, dude.. I think I'm gonna stick with Sheila and Sharon.
Matt: Now that it's solos, one of us goes up, we have to take the other off. Let Baller and James think they're with us too...
Ryan: I think Baller and James are in a secret alliance too... and Chelsia's trying to get in with us. Wow, this is really tricky now.
Matt: It does get tricky now. This is when the thinking comes in.
Ryan: I think I'll just put Sheila and Sharon up...
Matt: No one will get mad if you put up Sheila. Only Josh'll really get mad about Sharon. Natalie will do whatever I tell her. She's mine. If you ever wanna get rid of her, that's fine, but she's good to have in your pocket. I'm not gonna be mean to her.
Ryan: There's no need.

Matt: You don't wanna just get rid of Josh? That was our target last week..
Ryan: Maybe after veto... I think Joshuah would have a better chance of aligning with people than Sharon would. I think I'm gonna stick with Sharon & Sheila?
Matt: Oh definitely... whaddya gonna say for a reason? Are you sure you don't wanna just put up Josh and Sharon and say F it?
Ryan: I'm just thinking.. he can be a good competitor, and if he doesn't go, that could bite me in the ass. I did talk to him in the kitchen... If I get rid of Sharon, it'll weaken him... He'll latch on to the girls... and I'm not worried about the girls in this game.

Doorbell - James comes in...

James: Did you guys figure things out?
Ryan: I was thinkin', I have 2 girls in mind..
James: Sharon and Sheila?
Matt: Wow, smart man.
James: If you put up Sharon, she's a smart girl, chances are she'll stay.
Ryan: I'm not really targeting one more than the other... It just feels like the safe thing to do. I think Sheila's the safest bet. The house really wouldn't mind seeing her go.

Doorbell - Natalie comes in... end of conversation. BB calls Natalie to the DR. LOL. Clearly, production wants the Nomination Planning session to continue...

The 4 men continue the discussion, and they talk about putting up Chelsia against Sheila or Sharon... Chelsia's strong, she'll rally the house behind her.

Ryan: Anyone who leaks this info is getting backdoored... If I tell her now, she'll be so pissed. I don't know.. I'm worried about putting her up. She has a lot of pull in this house... and I don't want her to go... and I don't want her against me.
James: She wont be. Not with me in her bed.

They believe Josh would even vote out Sharon, just not to go against the house.

James gives Ryan tips on how to deliver the nomination speech. "You're both strong girls... etc."
Matt: If by chance anyone wins PoV, do we use it or leave it?
Ryan: Leave it.

Ryan confirms with James that he'll cover him with Chelsia... Further, James will act surprised at the noms...

James: And you should talk to her too.. after.
Ryan: Oh, I will.
James: The last thing I want is to send the person I've been chillin' with home.
Ryan: That's also the reason she didn't even come into my mind before.
James: Just say... "Mentally and physically, you're both equal. This week is gonna be amazing. I wish you both the best of luck."

All the men say they will sit around the table in shock at their luck in not being nominated...

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They're Showing the Comp on the Feeds

11:14am BBT


They're showing the comp on the live feeds!!
The comp is being done in bathing suits. There's a red team and a blue team.

To check out some MUCH better pics from the comp, please go to bb9dishcaps.

It involves sliding down a slide into a vat of some liquid... then pulling letters out of the liquid and arranging them into words...

There are 2 teams - red and blue. Chelsia, Sheila, Josh, Sharon are on the Red team...

I keep hearing them urge Sheila to hurry up...

Matt and Nat are on the Blue team together...
they keep communicating back and forth asking for what the other needs...

James and Adam also appear to be on the Blue team.

So far the 2 teams have successfully spelled out the following words on their blackboards:
Sushi, Meat, Beef, Yogurt, Beer, Turkey, Sauce, Milk, Chicken, Rice and Soda.

It's unknown if these will be the foods for the entire house this week, or if the winning team gets food and the other gets slop.

11:28am BBT Back to Trivia

11:45am BBT Feeds are Back
Everyone's talking about the comp.
Adam: That was a close game!
Sheila: I'm just gonna drink protein shakes.

OK.. Sheila's team lost. From the sound of it, the winning team gets their choice of everything they spelled out. The losers are on slop. The women are covered in chocolate (?) and showering off...

11:48am BBT
Matt, Adam, James
Matt: I can't wait to see Sheila on slop.
Adam: I'm a target now that I'm solo.
Matt: (to James) Operation still in effect? Here's my gut instinct. He's not gonna go for you or me. He's gonna want to have some back up going in to the end.

BB: Houseguests. This is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass doors.

***Crew needs to remove the comp set from the backyard.

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What's Up?

11:05am BBT Just checking in... The feeds are still on Trivia for the Comp.

Don't forget - Sometime after the comp is done, we'll have the first Solo HoH Nomination Ceremony. For those of you who like to crunch the numbers, this is a potential 3-3 week, with the HoH as tie breaker.

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Wake Up, Houseguests!

With all the insanity of last night on the live feeds, I completely forgot to post the HoH Room Reveal Pics! Thankfully, the amazing women of BB9DishCaps were 100% on the ball, and they put up some gorgeous pics over there! Check em out and show them some love in the comments section!

8:36am BBT - Feeds Cut to flames. Wakey, Wakey HGs.

We got a few Control Room leaks this morning shortly before the Flames came on... No info, just Ms. Grodner's voice upon arrival... "OK guys.." and a few other little blips.

The houseguests have a busy day today:

  • Food (or Luxury) Comp
  • Nominations - and all the hopeful begging and scheming that will come before them...
8:40am BBT
Feeds are back. HGs are getting up, using the restroom, etc...
Nat's chipper as all get out, Matt's flapping his arms to emphasize he's free (of her) now.
Sheila comes in and tells Nat she wants to say a little prayer with her about the food comp.
Ryan comes down from HoH with his bag of dirty laundry, says good morning to Josh...

In the bathroom, Josh speaks to Sheila:
Josh: Know what sucks for me? I'm gonna go on the block today.
Sheila: Do you really think so? I don't.

Sheila thinks Ryan will nominate James and Chelsia, because of "how shady they were last week."

Around the house:
  • Matt says he thinks it'll be him and James up on the block...
  • Josh wants to make sure he's not on Sheila's team during the food comp.
  • Sharon tells James she wishes Alex and Amanda were here, instead of Matt & Nat.
9:30am BBT
RedBdrm with the lovely couches
James, Sharon, Matt, Josh, Chelsia
Matt: Hey Jimmy, you're gonna be up on the block with me today.
James: You don't think you can talk him out of it? We'll see what happens. I just don't wanna be backdoored.

James: I love you, Chelsia.
Chelsia: F you.
James: I'm just gonna be a maverick...
Matt: Ya mean you're not gonna join a Sexy 6 or something?
Chelsia: Sexy 6?
Matt: Yeah.. created by people who gave more thought to making a name than playing the game... the only person I was really with was Alex. He'd still be here if it wasn't for his wonderful partner. She was a wonderful girl, that Amanda.
    ***Congratulations, Matt! You're the winner of the Paint a Bigger target on your back contest! Your Prize? Well, when Alex walks back in the door next week, if one of the 2 of you doesn't win HoH, you're both going up together...

9:40am BBT
Josh, Ryan, James, Matt
Josh mentions they're still hammering outside.
Ryan says he doesn't think they'll make them wait all day for it. They rarely do for food comps.
The song this morning was "Total Eclipse of the Heart".
Ryan comments to Josh that he was right about the music up in HoH just blaring. Matt starts singing, and we get flames at 9:45am.

9:46am BBT Flames turn to Trivia. Hmm. Could be the food comp already... or them getting instructions for it...

10:20amBBT - Still Trivia

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The Overnight Report

Youtube was doing site maintenance for the majority of last night, so the clips are extremely limited today, and they are all from early in the evening. Fortunately, since the HGs were all just freaked out and scrambling the whole night, these serve as a very good record of their initial reactions, and how they're beginning to play the game as individuals.

At 6:39pm, Josh is freaking out while everyone is talking around him...


6:45pm BBT
The HGs are all still a bit dazed and confused, and they're commenting on how much the game has changed within a span of 2 minutes. Variations on Oh my gosh & What the f?! & This is F'd up are the most common phrases of the night.

6:49pm BBT
Josh and James are the least exuberant HGs in the house at 6:49pm. They secret themselves off to the Sauna and share their mutual concerns about being nominated. James is legitimately concerned about Chelsia's loyalty. He's also kicking himself for being the "guy who said go F yourself to Allison this morning." Josh is still amazed and pleased no one went to hug her the 2nd time she was evicted.

James: I learned from last time, people came into the house and started making alliances really quick. I'm not gonna fall into that. I can already see what Matty's doing...
Josh: They may try to pull you into an all guy alliance...
James: I'm not even sure what I can tell my partner.
Josh: She just doesn't want the 2 of you to be targeted as a a couple.. Sharon's gonna be the complete opposite. She's gonna hang on me.
James: ...Oh my God!

The discuss the possible noms...
James: Adam's safe. Sheila's safe.. she'll be the floater forever.

James confesses how nervous he was during the HoH comp playing all by himself...

Here's the link to the clip: Joshuah & James.

While Josh and James are worrying in the sauna, Matt & Adam are celebrating in the frilly room. Matt tells Adam that it'll be a bro's alliance now, comprised of Matt, Adam, Ryan, and Matt plans to bring James in as well. They are joined by Nat and Ryan. Ryan assures Nat that she's cool with him. They talk a bit more about prize money and what they'll do with it. Nat tries to make sure she's still in with her partner and A-Baller (Adam).

Here's the clip, captured by xx2OOxx:

Scramble, scramble, scramble all night long... Nothing really matters till Ryan makes his nominations, or at least until he calls people up individually to see who they're wanting him to nominate.

As an interesting aside... Just before 11pm BBT, After making them guess for a few minutes, Ryan told Matt and Adam what Allison had confessed to him earlier in the day: that she was a professional gambler, that she studied all the MIT books, and knows how to count cards, etc... Both Adam and Matt are incredibly impressed and see her in a whole new light now... Adam keeps saying he's in love. lol.

The boys are definitely turned on by it, but if Allison does make it back into the house, this new info will sink her fast. Who wants to play against that?

The whole house is in bed by midnight! That's gotta be a first. The new sleeping arrangements are as follows:
  • Chelsia & James remain together & in the same bed.
  • Joshuah & Sharon share a bed in the room with James & Chelsia. (Allison & Ryan's former bed)
  • Sheila is now sleeping alone in the Boat Room, but not the "cursed" boat bed.
  • Matt & Natalie remain together in the same bed in the frilly bedroom.
  • Adam is solo in his same bed, also in the frilly bedroom.
  • Ryan's in HoH.

Just after 1am, Chelsia has cramps and can't sleep, so she gets out of bed and stares at the memory wall. A little while later, James feels her absence and goes to find her.
James: Who do you want to see go first>
Chelsia: Strategically? Matt or Adam...

By 1:49am BBT, all the feeds show sleeping HGs.

Rest well, houseguests. You've got a whole new game to play.

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The Real Deal's Weekly Recap

Good Morning Big Brother Lovers! What a crazy night on the live feeds! While I get to work (& get coherent) on the Overnight Report, please enjoy this BB9 weekly recap from the live feeds and shows for week 3, masterfully put together by TheRealDeal2010.

I'm aiming to have the overnight report completed by 9am BBT... hopefully a little earlier.


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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

BB9 It's a Whole New Game

Sitting here watching the live feeds tonight, I feel like I'm learning a brand new game with a brand new cast of HGs.

Of course, it's the same people, but now that they're playing solo, we get to see who they really are, and what their game is all about... With everyone playing on their own, Big Brother is back, and season 9 has really begun.

So far, it seems James is very interested in maintaining the relationship and the alliance with Chelsia. Chelsia, I'm not so sure about. Joshuah and Sharon are almost sure things to stay together too, but that's it for the couples as far as I've seen.

All of the couples will continue sleeping together, with the exception of Sheila and Adam.

Chelsia holed up in HoH with Ryan and Matt for quite a while, and we learned for certain that at least Baller (Adam) is safe for the next week. Ryan credits his good karma. I'll call it the smokers alliance.

Sheila is completely depressed, in tears, and crying to Adam as I write this. He's being a doll and listening. She just feels completely alone now, and like she's floundering. She tells Adam there's only one other person she trusts in the house, besides him, and she hopes she's right in trusting that person. Sheila waxes poetic about Allison... and continues crying. "It's brutal. It's just brutal. And the way everyone talked about her when she left... They're vicious and they're mean, and they will stoop to any level to win this game."

Flipping over to feed four, the HGs are talking about the food comp tomorrow - they think it'll be slop for half the house. Also they're looking forward to a luxury comp.

Me, personally, I'm all about the endurance comp, which now that they're singles will be played and soon. Talk about an almost sure HoH win for a female HG. Hopefully not Chelsia though, 'cause she'll take out the women.

Back to learning the new game I go. ;)

10:48pm BBT
BB9Dish Bedroom
Josh & James
Josh: I'm not even gonna worry about anything till I get nominated tomorrow, and then it's all abut Veto. It's amazing how you can go from up here to down there...

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Post Live Show Commentary

Wow. The HGs are all going nuts. Brand new game. Brand new everything.

Here's the link to vote your favorite back in the house: VOTE!!

The polls will close at 11:59pm pt on March 11, 2008. If you're having problems getting votes through tonight, try tomorrow. ;) The site will be less slammed then, and you'll get far fewer error messages.

It's every HG for themselves.

None of them know which end is up yet. What a fabulous live show! And tonight on the live feeds is going to be very interesting indeed.

I'm very happy for Ryan, both with getting a unanimous vote back in the house, and winning HoH. Poetic justice for the hands he was dealt walking into the house.

It's just now sinking in that they've gotten a raise. Up until now they thought they were playing for 1/2 the prize money.

The Ryan butt kissing has already begun. Sheila and Adam have already divorced. Matty's trying his hardest to dump Natalie... poor thing.

Voices around the BB House... It's buzzing with activity.

Ryan: I feel like I'm in a f'in dream right now.
Matt: Hey, I got a question, do you still think there's 2 couples in this house?
Ryan: I don't know man...
Nat: So you're gonna have all kinds of pictures. You're gonna have HoH all for yourself...
Adam: What's f'd up is we're all worrying about HoH...
Nat: It was do or die...
Ryan: I'm like, yo, big Brother, unlock the door.
Chelsia: I hate this game! I mean I love it, but I hate it!
Sheila: How does it feel to be released from someone who had no game?

James: So... how bout those 28 days of sharin' a lot of sh*t with someone?
Josh: I think we're all guaranteed sequester now... I've been so stressed out the last couple days.. I'm just relieved. She's gone. I wont have to be in the sequester house with her. My face.. I was just in shock.
Chelsia: My God. Everything f'ing changes. Everything. I feel like I'm in a brand new house.

Natalie's trying to keep the bed... Matt's trying to make it clearer than ever he wants nothing more to do with her.

James is freaking out... Chelsia too. They've exposed too much to each other...

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Big Brother 9 BB9 Live Show Spoiler

The entire Live Show Spoiler will be contained within this post. In the (very likely) event something BIG, like say a Siren goes off... ;) That will be covered here as well. If we should go into an Endurance Comp, a new post will be opened upon the completion of the live show, as soon as the live feeds come back on!

The live show has begun.
They're recapping the last episode... with an emphasis on the siren...
Announcer: Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House. Plus, when the Siren sounds, the whole game will change. Live tonight on Big Brother.
Julie: It's day 28 and tension in the house is at an all time high... Tonight, the houseguests think it's the end of the line for Allison and Ryan or Sheila and Adam, but what they don't know is that a mysterious siren is about to rock the Big Brother house.

Allison: I'm happy to be up against Sheila...

Siren Paranoia Segment: Showing all the HG speculation and worry about the siren from the past couple days.

Matty's World Segment: Allison/Ryan - Discussing trusting Matty. Then showing Ryan talk to Matt. Then Matt's DR session: "I'm basically playing both sides, and whoever gets my vote is gonna owe me next week." Then Allison's chat with James & Chelsia in the hammock... "Every single thing Matty has done, whether it was good or bad, he's been honest about it." Then Sheila chatting to James, saying Matty promised her his vote already... setting up the argument between Matt and James in the back yard.

Julie: Coming up, I'll let you know what that mysterious siren will mean... but first - ;) - hear what the houseguests had to say about the nominees...


Julie: Welcome back to Big Brother. It's time to go to the living room and check in with the houseguests... James... Matt... Sharon - question about being partnered with Josh... Natalie and Matt, congratulations on winning the PoV. (shows them the winning moment clip) Natalie, what was the best thing about winning for you? Matt - Do you owe her a massage? (he says technically I do). Alright, we have you on the record as saying that... Natalie's family and friends on why they wont work as a couple... Matt's friends on same subject.

Julie: Who have the HGs chosen to evict? When the evicted couple reaches the front door, the Sirens will go off! Find out what this mysterious siren means when we come back...

COMMERCIALS ---Aaaaack!!!

Julie: Welcome back to BB. The HGs have already cast their votes. But just as the evicted couple tries to leave, they will find the front door locked. The siren will go off. And only one member of the evicted pair will be going home. The HGs will be playing as singles...

Votes to Evict:

By a vote of 2 to 0

Allison & Ryan

have been evicted from the Big Brother House...

hugs all around...


Allison couldn't be any happier.

: HGs now that the siren has sounded, I have an important announcement for you. I have news for you.. The game is about to change. From this moment on, you are no longer couples! You are all playing... (settle down) as individuals... for yourselves from now on. Whether you decide to share a bed with your partner is now up to you. Allison and Ryan, only one of you will be leaving tonight. Houseguests, You will be voting LIVE on who is going home.


Julie: Welcome back to Big Brother. The houseguests are still reeling from the news they will no longer be playing as couples.

Allison and Ryan state their cases... Ryan is charming. Allison is crying - It's really hard to say something against someone I've grown to love and respect a lot... I really want to be here. I really want to stay, but I'd be happy if Ryan stayed too.

Adam - Evict - Allison
Chelsia - Evict - Allison
Matt - Evict - Allison
Sheila - Evict - Allison

With 4 votes to evict, it's official....

Natalie - Evict - Allison
James - Evict - Allison (with gusto)

by a vote of 6 to 0
has been evicted from the Big Brother House

Chelsia: Oh my gosh.. this is insane.
Matt: Now that we're all single, we're going to the hot tub tonight...

Allison is with Julie, seeing the footage of the house celebrating her departure.

Julie: Allison, how surprised are you to be sitting here alone?
Allison: Very surprised... it doesn't feel good.
Julie: Knowing that anyone with an outside relationship was a target, why did you make up the relationship with Sheila?
Allison: It was a joke, a mistake, etc. etc...

Coming up... who will be the first solo HoH?

Julie: Welcome back to Big Brother.. The power is up for grabs. Josh and Sharon, as outgoing HoH, the 2 of you are not eligible to compete.

It's a question based comp.

James and Nat - eliminated...
Matt, Chelsia and Sheila Eliminated

it's between Adam and Ryan...

HoH Comp:

is the new and
1st single HoH

What a twist of fate!

Julie: How will the game change now that Ryan is HoH? The house guests shouldn't get too comfortable, because the game is about to change again.

Something about America participating... then commerical

Welcome back to Big Brother... yada yada schedule... America, it's time for you to get involved in the BB game. All the evicted HGs have been in sequester. With your help, one of them will get the chance to shake things up by returning to the game... Vote at cbs.com.

Feeds are back on!! Spark em up!!

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Big Brother 9 Live Show Spoiler WARNING

We're minutes away from the live show here on the east coast, and in light of everything I believe will be happening in the Big Brother house tonight, I'm breaking my own rules and posting the Live Show Spoiler here at the top of bb9dish tonight.

I have a strong suspicion that it's going to be a very active evening, both during the live show and immediately following on the the live feeds... and I don't want to miss a thing shifting back and forth between my spoiler site and here...

As soon as anything major happens, it will be posted here on bb9dish immediately... all within one Live Show Spoiler post.

See ya at 8pm eastern! :)

FYI - The feeds just came back on. Matt and Ryan are talking.
3:40pm BBT
Matt: Who should I stick with? Since it's solo? Should I stick with Nat?
Ryan: I don't know...
Matt: You really think it's gonna be split up?
Ryan: Well, everything's in 8s in the house... and what about the Hudson River Virus? And the time frame...
Matt: 8 weeks is May 3rd.. on the dot.
Ryan: Who knows... I think it's weird. They don't wanna show you the HoH comp. No walk through... Maybe cause it's individuals, not teams.
Matt: Maybe you 2 are the 1st people going to sequester...

James and Chelsia enter.

Ryan: You guys are getting split up.. just to let you know.
James: Oh really?
Chelsia: Cool.
Ryan: It's gonna be dudes v chicks for the rest of the season.

: I guess we'll find out at the HoH.
Ryan: That's another thing I'm thinkin'.. why wont they even let you see the set-up? Why no run-through?

Matt: Relationships are done I guess. they don't care about fair..
James: Do you still play with your partner?

They talk about the sleeping arrangements... Matt says he'll be looking for his own bed. James says he'll probably grab a couch.

James: Is there really a lot of 8s though?
Matt: That's what I've heard.
Ryan: yeah... Alli. Alli!
Matt: That would be crazy if we all split up. I mean this whole season's theme is the hearts and the couples...
James: Maybe you get a prize if you make it to the end with your partner.

4:05pm BBT
Feeds are still on... Go figure.

4:15pm BBT - New Trivia!

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Lights Out Freak Out

1:40pm BBT
Sheila and Allison
Allison is quite certain that they may be leaving today, but BB is in no way done with them... or her at least. Why? Well, in the past 24 hours, she says, she has had no diary room sessions. None. When Alex and Amanda were about to be evicted, they were called in constantly. Same with Parker and Jen.

1:49pm BBT
Allison has been having a chat with Ryan in the Spa Room, telling him about all her puzzle theories, and suddenly the lights go completely out for a moment.

Sheila happened to be walking by as it happened, and she was completely spooked.

Both Sheila and Allison are completely convinced that whatever it is is about to go down, and soon.

Allison leaves the room to go to the bedroom for a moment, asks Adam if he saw it, and no, he didn't. Then it happens again, Lights out, while she's standing there talking to Adam, and again, but complete blackness...

We hear "Allison.." being called and then the feeds cut to flames.

1:58pm BBT
Feeds are back.
Allison is back with Ryan telling him her puzzle theory.
Allison: Everything is 8s. Everything. If people haven't put that together yet, that those are our initials, they are f'in stupid. Neil actually put this together.
Ryan: What is it about dividing?
Allison: It's like when you divide Ryan and Jen or your divide Parker and ____, then it makes a whole story... Nobody's gonna figure it out. I guarantee it.

Ryan tries to remember Parker's last name...

Allison: The colors mean nothing. That's just to throw us off.

Allison goes out to check the letters... Ryan follows...


2:05PM BBT
Feeds are back.
Ryan and Allison are in the Spa Room
Still trying to figure it all out.

I'm reminded of Jen's laps in the pool during season 8 and how she thought doing the laps could save her from eviction. Anyone else?

They're both sure the Hudson River Virus is a huge part of what's going to happen.

Allison: Jen and Parker's initials... Then divide You and Jen's..
Ryan: Why.. oh, cause we were divided in the house. Maybe like me and Jen were divided... Jacob and Sharon were split up...
Allison: It's all the initials. The other letters don't mean anything... they're just there to confuse everyone.
Ryan: Equals...
Allison: Equals... and it's gonna have something to do with that virus... and that walnut.
Ryan: But then there was asparagus..

Allison: Two colors... divided at 8, will you betray your partner?
Ryan: We might be goin' home.
Allison: I know... but they're not gonna wanna end the rivalry between us tonight. They're gonna do what they f'in wanna do.
Ryan: I think we're gonna go.

Allison: The virus is gonna happen today.
Ryan: Whether we're here on not.
Allison: It's gonna depend on whether or not they want Joshuah's reaction... They know I'm after him with a f'ing vengeance.
Ryan: Why are they not letting us outside to see the HoH comp (for a run through).
Allison: Why do you f'ing think, Ryan?

Allison: I feel pretty good right now. If that siren goes off, we're stayin'.
Ryan: We're probably gonna have to earn it.
Allison: Oh yeah, we're gonna have to earn it.
Ryan: So for your video comin' in here, you did the whole f'in gambling thing?
Allison: Mm hmm. Oh yeah.

Flames for a moment, then back with Allison talking about her gambling... bragging to Ryan, "you would die if you saw me in action."

Allison: They love me there. I tip like a mofo too. THey love me.
Ryan: Don't fool yourself. The casinos don't love you. The dealers might.
Allison: I'm a frigging mastermind at this... That's why people don't trust me.. they've figured me out.
Ryan: I wish you'd told me all this before. I thought you were a lot of b.s.
Allison: Why?
Ryan: I don't know...

Allison: I'm a f'ing professional gambler, I know when I'm playing the right hand. I get a gut feeling. I looked at Alex and Amanda last week, and this thing came over me saying, "choose them to stay, choose them to stay," and I didn't f'ing go with it.

2:19pm BBT -TRIVIA - But not just trivia... New Trivia.

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Interview with Joshuah's Sister Kealee

While the HGs are on lockdown up in HoH and the feeds are in and out today, please enjoy this interview with Joshuah's sister Kealee. He was just talking about her on the live feeds a moment ago. Anyhow, she and I had the opportunity to chat last night... all about the game, the blow ups, family stuff... everything that's been going on with her brother in the Big Brother house.

As with All interviews on BB9Dish, please feel free to mention it and link to it, but do not copy and paste large portions elsewhere.

Here's the url for the direct link:

BB9DishCarolyn: First off, thank you so much for doing this, Kealee. When we last spoke, you mentioned that you'd never really watched Big Brother before, but were going to be watching the live feeds this season, since Josh was on. What do you think so far?

    Joshuah's Sister Kealee: It's so wild! Things change everyday from one end of the spectrum to the other. So many lies and deceits and people taking things too seriously!!! They are all there to try and win half a million dollars... I would do and say things also to try and win money if I were in their situation too!
BB9DishCarolyn: I hear ya, Kealee. How do you feel about Joshuah's game play thus far?
    Joshuah's Sister Kealee: Umm... I know he is smart and he is always thinking of things to do and say to help him win... I mean, he has won PoV and HoH, so he has done some great things! Hopefully he can win it all.
Carolyn: Did you witness the night he exploded on Amanda? What was your reaction to all that?
    Kealee: Oh yeah... and when he exploded on Allison. Umm.. no excuse for it.. I will not defend what he said, but I mean, in my position, I feel like, you know whatever, it's my brother! I love him no matter what... and the whole explosions thing, I think they are all just trying to make it through. The Houseguests all have too much stress and not enough for them to do. It takes a lot to keep Joshuah occupied. He is always a busy person. (haha) I need to get him a hot tub for when he comes back..... I do not think Amanda deserved the dad comment, and Joshuah shouldn't have said some things, but she just talked too much trash to him, and he couldn't stand her talking so much trash constantly and about the people he felt close too.
Carolyn: Josh has been mentioning Chase quite a lot lately. Were you aware of their relationship?
    Kealee: Yeah, I knew about them... never met him. Oh well.
Carolyn: Have you been in touch with Chase at all? I'm dying to know what his reaction was when Josh said he loved him (for the first time) on national television.. or the feeds anyhow.
    Kealee: I haven't ever talked to him, never met him, only viewed pics.
Carolyn: Gotcha. Can you confirm they were in a relationship when Josh entered the house?
    Kealee: I can't confirm or deny... It's like he was in the picture, and Joshuah spoke of him, then Joshuah vanished for the show... me and him live apart and are both so busy. When we talk, it's always just things we are doing, work... just brother, sister, family stuff.
Carolyn: I see. OK.. moving right along... Joshuah and Sharon really put themselves out on a limb last week for Alex and Amanda, and fate and skill intervened and they won HoH this week. Are you pleased with how he's been handling the power?
    Kealee: Umm... He has been resting and soaking a lot in the hot tub. hahaha. I think him receiving our gifts and getting to see his family and friends faces can only help him... and that is our granny's blanket. It's a very, very sentimental family piece. I think everyone that gets HoH gets a little power happy, knowing that they are there at least another week.. so I think he's handling it alright.
Carolyn: It's odd there no letters from home this year. That's usually a staple for the HoH winners.
    Kealee: Really? I wish we could have! I would be so upset if we missed out on that one!
Carolyn: So far, none this year. I think it's because last season, one of the HGs received a coded letter from his son... Anyhow...
    Kealee: Ohh yeah.. no wonder.
Carolyn: So.. if you could have a 3 minute uncensored phone call with Joshuah right now, what would you want to tell him?
    Kealee: Just that I love him, I miss him, and that no matter what, win or no win, he always will have his sister. I would also say that he needs to get out of the hot tub before he turns into one. haha. I love all the UT gear, don't cut his hair again, and to stay strong... Even if he only has a pic of us, he has me in spirit.
Carolyn: That's so sweet. Anything game related to advise him about?
    Kealee: Nah. We both graduated from college, but he is the UT graduate with all the brains. He can play smart and win it, I think. He has a good sense of reading people and being able to tell who is legit and who is fake. He will be fine!
Carolyn: Who is your ideal final four, including Joshuah and Sharon, of course.
    Kealee: Joshuah and Sharon first, then James and Chelsia.
Carolyn: OK, and in the event that the twist involves playing as singles, who would you like to see Josh aligned with to the end?
    Kealee: Still James, Chelsia and Sharon. They are legit, and they will keep his stress level down.
Carolyn: Let's hope so.
    Kealee: (laughs)
Carolyn: Everyone and their brother has a theory about what the Siren will bring... What's yours?
    Kealee: Maybe a competition that no one was able to prepare for... I think it might be at like a late late hour that will wake them up, not really sure ya know, because I have never been a Big Brother fan. I have no knowledge of the previous seasons. The virus thing is just mind boggling... I think it has nothing to do with Allison, though. She wishes this whole season and game was about her.
Carolyn: It's on-the-block-itis.
    Kealee: On the block itis? haha! Is that truly what its called?
Carolyn: Nah - I just made it up. Kealee, Is there anything you'd like to clear the air about (with the internet) in terms of Joshuah's statements while in the house? Sorry to be so blunt, but at the moment, the internet is up in arms about the cocaine and unprotected sex.
    Kealee: I can't speak for my brother. I can't defend or apologize for him. What he says and does is his deal. I love him. We will be brother and sister and best friends till the day we die! I think he just gets mad because he doesn't have family or friends to talk everything out with, and it just bottles up and spews out... What my brother does and says, who he offends and doesn't isn't my battle. I can't do anything about what he does or says, just like I can't do anything about who gets offended and who does not.

    People have all done things they regret, or wish they would have done something and they let it slip away... Everyone has a skeleton in their closet or a bad habit or two. I can't defend what happens and who gets mad. Bottom line is, he is my brother. Joshuah will be my brother forever. I will love him and we will take care of each other, no matter what. That's what brothers and sisters do...
Carolyn: Has Josh's participation on the show made you a fan?
    Kealee: Ya know, I have always worked at night and gone to college during the day. I am new to the real world and being able to come home by six and watch evening tv. I will always be a fan now, because it is just crazy and funny. You can't ever predict what will happen! If there is another season, I will definitely watch!

Carolyn: Since this is your first time both watching the tv show and having the live feeds, what's your impression of the two different versions of Big Brother?
    Kealee: Live feeds are true. I feel like CBS doesn't show as much as they should. Too many commercials, and they do not show what starts all the drama. They only show the blow-ups. They should have shown the Allison making up the lie... Allison and Sheila conniving it up, and then her lying about the adopted son... Anyone would understand why he flipped if they showed that! I have heard that from so many people, it is unbelievable.

Carolyn: Anything you'd like to let the bb9dish readers know before we go?
    Kealee: Just that I support my bro 100 percent. I just want everyone to know it is not fake, ya know? I have been such a baby, crying because I miss him so much.
Carolyn K: He's been in tears too.
    Kealee: I know. That makes it worse!

Carolyn K: Everyone just goes nuts in there. It's all part of the game.
    Kealee: I know... I just miss him. The live feeds do make it better. I watch him eat, and I eat. I watch him sleep, and I fall asleep. Being a teacher, I don't get to sit down and watch him all day, so being able to come home and just watch his face and hear his voice is so soothing...
Carolyn: I think a lot of the viewers tend to forget that these are real people, with real lives and families...
    Kealee: Yeah... They can judge all they want. I have people sending me hateful things on myspace and trying to be mean to me about my brother. I understand why they do it, but I mean, their beef is with my brother, not me. So I just email them back and tell them that if being rude and hateful to me makes them feel better, go ahead and say it to me everyday. If they are mad, take it up with him when he gets out of the house, ya know? What ever makes them sleep better at night. (laughs)
Carolyn: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me, Kealee.
    Kealee: You are legit and awesome and respectful. Thanks. My family appreciates it.


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