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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The HGs are Hoping for Easter

10:55pm BBT
The HGs are really hoping BB will do something special for Easter.
I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Natalie painting eggs sometime soon.
Josh is depressed about being cooped up in the house, so he's eating.

At the moment, they're trying to convince Adam to either grow a mustache or shave his head.. or both.

Natalie: Do it, Baller. There's nothing else to do. It'll be entertaining for us.

Natalie wants everyone to participate in Mustache Mondays... or porn star makeup...

The HGs are getting along famously at the moment. It's like a breath of fresh air.

11:00pm BBT
Dining Table
Everyone but Shaorn and James
Ryan: Sheila, we need you to strip.
Sheila: Noooo.
Chelsia: Don't pressure Sheila.
Natalie: Give her some wine.
Sheila: Sounds good, but I'm still not stripping. We need a male revue. We've already seen the women strip...
Ryan: Yeah, next time Chelsia strips, I'm wearing head gear.
Sheila: You better wear a cup.
Ryan: Yeah, she smacked my nuts too! I forgot about that...

Natalie and Chelsia are recalling the strip night... and how much fun they had together getting ready for it and doing it...

Hmm.. this could turn into something...

Chelsia and Josh break away, and return to the red room where Sharon is.
They're trying to figure out a way to legally use the Vegas trip - Chelsia's gonna say, I can't legally give it to you, but I can invite you, and you can bring a friend...This is for a Natalie nomination... Sheila is not acceptable to them...

Chelsia swings back out to the living room... Natalie has just become aware of the youtubes.. and all the sexual youtubes of everything that goes on in the BB house every season...

Chelsia: Anything. Anything you do. If your boob flops out, someone'll freeze frame it, and it'll be on the internet forever.

Natalie suddenly becomes very quiet... Oh dear.

Good times in the BB house. ;)

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C=Venus Strikes Again

10:20pm BBT
All's calm on the western front. James and Chelsia are flirting in bed. It's an odd flirt, but it's theirs... Chelsia just asked James to give her a good slap. He complied. Okie dokie.

Sharon's in the next bed, reading her bible. The juxtaposition is delicious.

Josh's head's under a pillow, Adam and Ryan are talking game in the backyard, Natalie just joined them... and Sharon is still the most likely Veto Replacement Nominee... Unless, of course, someone's head explodes on the live feeds between now and the Veto Ceremony Sunday, which is always a distinct possibility. This is, after all, Big Brother... Expect the unexpected. ;)

But first... Take a moment to enjoy this little treat from C=Venus. Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Click the pic to check out C=Venus' site.


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DEAL: Chelsia's Vegas Trip for Nat on the Block

7:10pm BBT
James, Chelsia, Josh, Sharon
The conversation has gotten DEEP back into game. Josh, James, Chelsia and Sharon have just come up with an idea to save Chelsia - trade Adam the Vegas package in exchange for putting Natalie up on the block. Chelsia goes in to ask the DR if they can do this.

James says maybe to include Sheila as an option... Sharon and Josh agree Sheila's not worth 21k and Vegas. Maybe 5k and a water park.

7:19pm BBT
Adam joins the group outside...
Waiting for someone to broach the subject...
Chelsia: So Adam, whaddya want? What do I gotta do to stay in this game?
Adam: Do we have to have this conversation right now?
Chelsia: Yes. Do you think this is the best thing for you?
Adam: No. I can't tell what's the best thing for me.

Conversation goes back to chatter... Chelsia runs in to grab something...

Adam: What? She wants to stay, huh?
Josh: She wants to stay. Baaaad.

Return from Flames @ 7:24pm BBT
and James and Chelsia are both gone...
Sounds like the deal was flat out rejected...

Josh: You can't blame her for trying.
Adam: No.
Sharon: James even said he wouldn't vote for her to stay.
Adam: Ya know. I think what I did is best for me. If i do switch it up somehow, everyone's pissed at me. This way, only James is. Hopefully what I'm doin' now... Even if James puts me on the block next week, I'm still safe.
Josh: If James puts you up against Natalie, you're fine. And thank you for putting up Sharon. She's not mad, she's fine.
Sharon: I came up to you with the deal... This is gonna be the easiest HoH week for you ever.
Adam: I mean, I'm sorry she's mad, but...

Ryan comes outside, and the conversation returns to the movie.

We learn 30 minutes later the DR said no to the deal. Here's the clip, captured by xx2000xx:

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The Movie's Over

6:50pm BBT
Sharon, Sheila, Chelsia and Josh have come down from the movie, and they brought all kinds of movie sweet treats for everyone.

Sharon: It was good times!
Josh: I didn't think about HoH or PoV the whole time we were up there!

Less than a minute later, Josh heads outside to James.

Josh: They only one I know's gunning for me is Natalie. She wants me on the block tomorrow.

James tells Josh he's pretty sure Sharon's still going up.

James: Either way, you're not going home. You have my vote.

They discuss who to target next week. James tells Josh to target Adam and Natalie.

Josh: Adam's genuinely scared. he's expressed that to me several times. He's like, you gotta help me with James. He thinks I owe him for not puttin gme on the block. I'm like, that's your fault for not putting me up.

James says he'll nominate Ryan and Adam. Josh says, "And backdoor Natalie?"

Josh: I'm really happy for Chelsia. That package she won's worth a lot.

    If I understand correctly, Chelsia won $21,000, a Suite & 5k in chips at a casino in Vegas.

Chelsia joins them outside. Ryan too.

James: It's a big place... You can probably invite people...

Chelsia says she'll probably invite her friend from home who's bday she missed.

Sharon joins them.

Chelsia's still jazzed about the movie. James wants to know the ending... Josh tells him. (I'm not blowing it. I just can't do that.)

Back to the Vegas Suite... The HGs are bucking for an invite from Chelsia... She's into it, with the 5 that are present, but she doesn't want to tell the rest of the HGs.

Chelsia: It was weird to zone into a movie, and totally forget where we are.

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Natalie & James Make a Deal

Hi Everyone :) Just got in from a lovely, albeit rainy, day on South Beach. It's official - I'm human again. :) ...So what do I walk in on, but a deal making session between James and Natalie. Color me baffled. I'm guessing I can stand on my head longer than the deal will actually last, but here it is:

5:50pm BBT
Natalie & James
James tells Natalie he did not support Chelsia's actions toward her last night, and he does not want to be associated with those kind of attacks and behaviors. James and Natalie make a one week deal to look out for each other and not go after each other. James tells her that both of their respective sides are using them for protection in the physical comps. Natalie agrees.

Natalie: OK. So do we will still pretend that we don't like each other?
James: We don't have to pretend.
Natalie: ok.
James: I'll look out for you.
Natalie: Ok... then we're working together. I have no doubt we can make it to the end. I can see myself at the end, and I can see you. We just have to get rid of all the weaklings.

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The Overnight Report

Boy oh boy, a lot went down on the live feeds last night! I wish you all a wonderful Saturday. I'm off to go and enjoy mine too. I'll check back in with you this evening.

The Overnight Report is Now Complete.

Ryan's Grandfather Passed Away

6:53pm BBT
Backyard - Couch
Ryan & Sheila
Ryan asks Sheila if he can speak to her privately. He was called in to the DR earlier today, and they told him his grandfather passed away. :( They also gave him a letter from home... He doesn't want to play the sympathy card with anyone in the house, but he's got to talk to someone, so he selects Sheila, because she's a mom, and he feels she is a compassionate person.

This clip, captured by Quirkydude, shows Ryan reading the beautiful letter he received from his mom to Sheila, and the ensuing conversation... Ryan's family has encouraged him to stay in the game.

Ryan: I'm gonna stay in here and fight for my grandpa.

Rest in Peace, Ryan's grandpa. Ryan, may you feel the love and comfort from home reaching you across the miles...


At the end of the conversation about Ryan's grandpa, the two of them moved back into more familiar territory: The Allison-Swinger rumor and Nat & Matt's hummers. Sheila asked Ryan about the rumor that Matt and Natalie actually had hooked up considerably more than Nat's admitting. Ryan, in as gentlemanly a fashion as possible, confirms it's true.

7:57pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
Ryan: Sheila's goin' off, saying Sharon's not going on the block.
Adam: She's nuts. She's just being paranoid.
Ryan: Maybe she thinks you're putting Josh up.
Adam: It's just wishful thinking on her part.

The talk continues, and they refer to Sheila as the burnt offering, the sacrificial lamb. Then they move on to Natalie not being good at mental HoH comps, and both agree that it all comes down to Ryan this week. He must win HoH. Further, Ryan suggests they maintain a little distance from each other, so they don't become the next target... They should still be cool with each other, but not make it seem they are so tight. Talk turns to Mat & Natalie, and how Matt didn't really like her, but since his departure, Nat has practically canonized him and inflated their relationship.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

7:59pm BBT
Dining Table
Natalie, Sheila, Sharon
Chelsia's words about going to sequester and having her way with Matt have just begun to penetrate into Natalie's brain...
Natalie: Chelsia said Matt hates me, but I know he loves me. I even have confirmation from his best friends in the house... He said leaving me was gonna be the hardest part about being evicted... Matty would never risk losing his ex-girlfriend for anyone but me. He would never risk that for Chelsia! She's just jealous.

Natalie spills some more bile on Chelsia, blasting her to the others for asking her to pray with her for a comp. She calls Nat out on it, a little..

Sheila: Chelsia wanted to pray with you, and you said no.
Natalie: I wouldn't pray with her.
Sheila: But I thought that's what Christianity is all about.
Natalie: Chelsia wanted me to pray for a comp. I would pray with her if it was for the right reasons, but not to ask God to win something!

8:20pm BBT
Natalie & Adam
Adam: (teasing her) James offered me 3 weeks safety if I put you up on the block this week.
Natalie: James is an idiot if he thinks you would trust him and put me up!
Adam: He knows. He was just kidding.
Natalie: It's because I'm so strong. I can beat him in comps. The only reason I didn't play in PoV this week is because God wants me to win HoH next week and get James out myself!

Nat and Adam talk about how important it is that their side win HoH this week, and Natalie says she's going to pray for the win, and asks Adam to pray she wins too.
    ***Kinda funny since she was chastising Chelsia (to Sheila and Sharon) less than 30 minutes ago about asking her to pray for something game related.

8:30-9:15pm BBT - BB Gave the HGs alcohol - Beer and Wine.
Everyone partakes. Natalie grabs some wine and heads back up to HoH with it. Adam goes outside to work out with Ryan a bit. Chelsia hides the rest of the beer & wine from Natalie. Everyone but Adam laughs about it. Sheila says that its awful, but it must be done...

9:17pm BBT
HOH Room
Natalie & Adam, then Ryan
Natalie's thinking may be clouded by the alcohol... and the threat of Chelsia near Matt in sequester.
Natalie: We have to get rid of Joshuah this week. We have to backdoor him and keep Chelsia. If we get rid of Josh, Sharon will have to come over to our side. Sharon does whatever Josh wants. We have to break them up. If not, Josh and James will be deadly together in the house because James is so good at physical comps and Josh is good at mental comps.

After several repetitions of the above, Adam says he'll think about putting Josh up, but they have to keep it a secret just between the 2 of them.

Ryan joins them up in HoH a couple minutes later, and Natalie blows the secret as soon as he walks in the door.

Ryan agrees to appease, but he tells Nat and Ryan that he still thinks Chelsia needs to go first. Natalie will not be derailed, insisting Sharon is Josh's mole, and to get her on their side, Josh needs to go... Ryan assures Natalie that Josh will dump James after Chelsia is gone.

After about 20 more minutes on the subject, Natalie sees Joshuah's face appear on the spy screen and says it's a sign from God that he must go.

By 10:15pm BBT, Adam and Ryan seem to be coming over to Natalie's side...

Adam & Joshuah
Adam tells Josh that Natalie wants him up on the block, because she thinks he and James are together. Adam tells Josh he's got his back.

Meanwhile, Chelsia and James are alone in the red room, and she's in tears about leaving. James tells her not to let the others see her cry.

Adam and Josh are joined by Ryan, and Josh tells them he's very nervous about going up on the block... Ryan says they need to stick with the gameplan, put Sharon up, and get Chelsia out. Thirty minutes into the conversation, Adam says he loves Chelsia, has no problem with her at all. Josh says Chelsia would love him back this week if he'd backdoor Natalie. Josh continues pushing the Nat up theory, saying everyone would give Adam 2 weeks safety if he did it.

Chelsia continues to break down...

11:26pm BBT
Adam, Josh
Josh: I can't watch Chelsia ball her eyes out. It sucks. I want to go off on Natalie.
Adam: No... Nat isn't pushing hard (to get you out). There's no need to worry.
Josh: I have your back.
Adam: I have yours. There's no need to explode.
Josh: Chelsia's hysterical. I couldn't look at her.
Adam: I can't either.

Adam continues to lie to Adam, saying Nat's not gunning for him...

11:38pm BBT
Chelsia vs Natalie
Red Room
Chelsia, Sheila, Natalie, Ryan, Sharon..
Chelsia: Guess what world, the real Chelsia is comin' out!

Chelsia calls Nat out for her hypocrisy. It gets quite nasty. Natalie goes up to HoH to hide. At the end of the clip, Josh convinces Chelsia to squirt ketchup on Nat to symbolize Natalie's abortions.

Watch the clips!

Part One

Chelsia continues going off on Natalie for quite a while. The above clip was only the beginning. If anyone's wondering, yes, Chelsia did call Natalie out about the oral sex, and Natalie denied it. Chelsia further goaded Natalie by telling her that she and Matt hooked up rather extensively in the storage room...

To see the rest, please check out Quirkydude's clips. He got everything.

After a very short time, Adam booted Natalie out of the HoH Room, telling her it was not ok for her to hide up there. Natalie's none too pleased.

Privately, Chelsia spoke about Natalie to others, saying she's a good girl, and she wishes the best for her outside of the game, and she knows that Natalie is going to be very hurt when she sees all the things Matt said about her.

Chelsia definitely got to Nat. Speaking privately with Sheila, Nat talks about throwing in the towel: "I'd rather just go be with Matty in sequester." Sheila tells her to sleep on it. She says she will, and she either wants Chelsia gone or herself, but she'll tell Adam in the morning.

1:30am BBT
James and Chelsia have a bit more under the covers action than usual.

2:30am BBT
Chelsia wanders the house a bit, then goes out to the backyard and cries some more silent tears. She goes back to bed 30 minutes later.

8:20am BBT
All HGs are still sleeping.

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C=Venus Strikes Again

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy Saturday!

I lay down for a few minutes last night and completely passed out, so the overnight report will begin considerably earlier than usual... Hey, it happens when ya wake up at 4:30 in the morning! While I assemble the overnight, please enjoy this chop from our pal C=Venus. It's her latest impression of Chelsia. Click the pic to visit C=Venus' site.


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Friday, March 21, 2008

Adam's Rallying the Troops

As much as there is a public display of animosity between Adam and Sheila, and as much as he's had it with Sheila and her attitude towards him, Adam is focused, and he's rallying his troops to get Chelsia evicted from the house.

An hour ago, after listening to Sheila pitch to him about Joshuah, he let her know in no uncertain terms, that Chelsia's the bigger threat, and she's going home.

About 30 minutes ago, he had a quick quiet chat with Ryan, to make sure he was on the same page. Ryan said he is. They also discussed their mutual desire to keep Josh off the block to make sure it's Chelsia that goes.

Now, out back, at 4pm BBT, Sheila and Natalie are both discussing how much they can't wait to get Chelsia out of the house this week.. and how disgusted they are with her behavior towards them. Natalie comes to the misguided conclusion that Chelsia is jealous of her relationship with Matt, as well as Evel Dick checking her out.

No matter the reasoning, or lack thereof, if they all stick to their word to Adam, that's 3 votes to evict Chelsia - Ryan, Sheila and Natalie- and this week, that's enough. Considering the planned renom is Sharon, it's funny that they don't even need Joshuah's vote to keep Sharon in the house and evict Chelsia.

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All About Dick

Backyard - Tanning
2:50pm BBT
Adam, Chelsia, Natalie, Sharon

Adam and Chelsia can't stop talking about Dick's generous endowment... only Sheila bashing from all of them gets them refocused on the game and puts a momentary end to the Dick talk.

Here's the clip, captured by Romie1218:

Sheila comes out, and the talk returns to Dick's gifts. Sheila says she didn't notice. They're not buying it. Sheila also says he flirted with her quite a lot while she was outside alone with him... Then she concedes that he seemed to really like James. Adam's tweaked at production, because Dick was about to give him a pack of smokes, and production wouldn't let him.

In current events, the HGs learned that JLo had twins. Nat's bummed.. she didn't want celebrity news. Sheila could care less about Britney - "it's gonna be the same story over and over." Natalie would rather have not heard about the presidential race... "who cares?"

Talk moves to the comp, and how much better they did with it than last season's cast. Everyone liked the comp...

They all agree it was the best surprise ever, being woken up by Evel Dick. Sheila said she jumped on him, saying "Evel Dick, save me!" Chelsia was awake when he came in, and she was like WTF?? She saw his hair first.. Joshuah was shocked...

Chelsia: He didn't like Joshuah.. at all.
Sheila: Know why he didn't like him? Cause of what he's done the the women in this house.
Chelsia: He did the same thing to Amber about her weight and drugs...
Sheila: It's different... (etc.)

Chelsia: It was weird to look at him. To actually stand there and look at him... cuz he was on tv.
Natalie: Our lives are gonna change dramatically after this show.
Adam: No they're not.

Sheila: He didn't say mean things though...
Chelsia: I know. I thought he was gonna rip us to shreds..
Sheila: He was here for 3-4 hours and he got a friggin les Paul. It was worth it for him.

Chelsia: Did you hear him say "she swallows."
Natalie: About Sheila? Yeah. He said, "that's my kind of girl. She swallows."

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Chelsia: Game On

After saying that voting James back into the house was her biggest mistake, and Natalie agreeing with her on that, Chelsia takes the opportunity make fun of Matty's eye some and then zing Natalie with the words she's been holding in for just the right moment...

For anyone with any doubt, this is the game... not the comps...

2:10pm BBT
Chelsia, Natalie & Adam
Backyard - Tanning
Chelsia: I can't wait to go f**k Matty in sequester.
Natalie: Him and his crooked eye.
Chelsia: Yup. Hey Matty. Which nipple ya lookin at?
Natalie: Poor Matty. He never did anything to anybody in this house.
Chelsia: Poor Matty.
Natalie: I loved him.
Chelsia: He hated you.
Natalie: No, he didn't...

Goal: Manipulate/Encourage Natalie to keep Chelsia in the house and away from Matt.

Just prior to the above exchange, Chelsia and Adam were ripping on Sheila... Chelsia got so rude, she made TRD2010's hit list:

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Veto Comp Spoiler


Oodles of Videos Added!

James won the Power of Veto!

Storage Room
James & Chelsia
11:35am BBT

Chelsia just told him Good Job. James told her he loves her. Here's the clip:

Sheila's Freaking out in the Dining Room

They're talking about the comp, and it did involve drinking gross stuff again...
10 minutes back, and Sheila is rehashing how cool it was to see Dick.

Post PoV
Part 1

Post PoV
Part 2

Chelsia: Do you think Dick gets the live feeds?
James: No.
Adam: No.
Carolyn: Yes, he does! Silly.

The HGs have started talking about the wake up from Evel Dick. It was as we were expecting.

12:00pm BBT
Sheila, Ryan, Adam, Natalie
: Dick told me I was the oldest woman to make it this far.
She goes back to talking about hanging out with him at the Rainbow Room.

Red Room
James and Chelsia are snuggling. Chelsia's excited that Dick was wearing a Harley belt, and so was she. Josh is moping in bed. Sharon is sitting dutifully next to Josh, watching him.

Sharon comes out to the kitchen.
Sharon: Hey Baller. Can I get 15 minutes with you?
Adam: Talk to me, babe.
They go up to HoH.
Sharon: I know this is a tough week for you... just talk to me. I don't want you to feel like I have any kind of vendetta... I know this is hard enough for you... I want you to know I would be ok with you putting me up as a pawn, as long as you can help me stay. I've got your back in this game.. I just want to make sure you've got me.

Apparently Jacob and Adam got on well, and Sharon's basing her conversation on Jacob's recommendation of Adam. Also, if it works, it saves Josh.

Adam: Just tell Josh not to be an a-hole... otherwise I'm gonna have Sheila and Nat in my ear all week.
Sharon: I am and I will. All I need you to do is make sure I stay, and we can get Chelsia out of here. James knows he can't win with her in here.
Adam: She's strong.
Sharon: She's strong and she's smart. As long as we're good with this... I can handle more stress than Josh can... and I have to sleep with him! My makeup is different than his. If we do it this way, it'll cause the house less drama...
Adam: Absolutely. I'll talk to everybody, and if I can make sure you're safe, we'll do it this way.

Storage Room
Ryan and Josh
Ryan's telling Josh he's safe...

12:25pm BBT
Dining Table
Adam, Ryan, Sheila, Nat
Sheila starts pushing for Joshuah as a renom. Adam tells her to pipe down, and if she wants to control an HoH, she should win one.

12:33pm BBT
Sheila has managed to piss off the entire house, including Adam, to the point where she is becoming the likely ReNom. Sheila comes to Adam in the Red Room, and asks to talk to him privately in front of everyone. He declines.. Eventually, she talks him into it.

They go up to HoH. She apologizes. A lot. She tells Adam how she has his back, they have to count on each other, etc... She tells him he has to protect her... etc...

Meanwhile, everyone in the Red Room continues talking about Sheila and how she's trying to run Adam's HoH. Then they quickly move on to talking about the Veto Comp and Dick...

Trivia began on the feeds at 7:10am BBT. The Veto Spoiler will be posted here as soon as the winner is known for certain.

The time is now 11:30am BBT.
We are now 4:20 into blasted trivia,
and I'm beyond cranky w/o my cuban coffee.
Dick said on Housecalls he expected
the comp to last 4-5 hours.

Let's hope it's closer to 4 than 5!

Dick was heard, but not seen, from within the walls of the house before the trivia came on

Last year's Croquet Veto Comp was a 2 parter, if you recall. The first part was done one HG at a time, in private - the HGs had to drink all manner of nasty stuff to determine how many shots they would be allowed to take. The second part brought everyone back together for the actual croquet... It was a long one then too, and Dick won it on the very last shot.

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Evel Dick is In the BB9 House!

6:31am BBT
I hear Dick!! Haven't seen him yet, but he's definitely there! We can hear him on the live feeds talking to people behind the walls.

The HGs are still asleep.

6:40am BBT - No more noise from behind the walls, but he's definitely there.
6:44am BBT - Never before have I watched sleeping HGs with such anticipation.
6:54am BBT - A little more of Dick talking from behind the walls, but no visual just yet.
7:00am BBT - The camera on Feed 3 pulls in for a tight shot of the window above Ryan's bed, there's a light shining and moving around the room from there, then pans over to a medium shot of Natalie, then back out to a wide shot of the frilly room.
7:05am BBT - The camera on feed 4 has pulled in for a slightly closer shot on Sheila.
7:10am BBT - Flames, briefly, then Trivia.
7:10:01am BBT - Carolyn curses up a blue streak... then regains composure in hopes of a visual before the comp starts.
7:19am BBT - Sigh... Here's a link if you'd like a Dick Fix: xx2000xx captured the chats from last night... Dick was there in the Amanda Chat, with his webcam on. It's not what we were hoping for, by a long shot, but it's something!

7:43am BBT - Alas... Methinks we have a Veto Comp afoot.

DENIED->Here's what we're hoping comes next: Good Morning, Houseguests! It's time for the Veto Competition! And a special wake up call from Evel Dick! Cigars! Cigarettes! Cocktails? ;)

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Overnight Lite

The Diary Room called Natalie in a couple times over the course of last night, and every time they called her in, all the HGs thought, "This is it! Time for Veto." They'd all get mentally prepared and dressed and made up and do their hair and... needless to say, every time, they were wrong...

Chelsia, James and Sharon are sleeping in their clothes, just in case. The rest of the HGs participating in the PoV are in their underwear.

In between false alarms, and general testiness surrounding them, it was true confessions night. For most, that meant sexual confessions to each other. For Natalie, she fessed up to God:

    9:47pm BBT
    : God, Please forgive me for lying about being a Seahawks Cheerleader. I'm having so much fun with it.
    God: That's ok, Natalie. But lay off on the vengeance and the homophobic crap.
At 1:25am BBT, While the rest of the HGs slept, Natalie and Sheila were still sitting on the couch in the bathroom, talking about Matty, vengeance and God. Sheila decided sleep could be beneficial to her quest for a PoV win, and they both headed for bed shortly thereafter.

James, always a late night wanderer, got up 10 minutes after Sheila and Nat went to bed. He roamed a bit, studied the house, brushed and flossed with great vigor, bit his nails some, and was back in bed by around 2:30am.

James & His Tongue

As of 6:15am BBT, All of the HGs are sound asleep, and we sit vigilantly by, watching the live feeds in hopes of a glimpse of Evel Dick entering the house and waking them all up for the Veto Comp... or better, one last Dick at Night show.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chelsia Makes James an Offer He Can't Refuse

8:05pm BBT
Chelsia offers to give James a blow job, if he'll throw the Veto Comp.
James says yes! No hesitation.
This is ongoing...
James counter offers... 2 hours of excellent oral service for Chelsia
Chelsia: I was cast for the show, cause I said I would do sexual favors to stay in the house.
James says she's full of it.
Chelsia says she keeps her word.
James gets a wee bit graphic...

The 500k BJ

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Natalie Called to DR - The HGs are Freaked

7:25pm BBT
Natalie was just called to the DR.
Sheila: Here we go!
then flames...

7:28pm BBT
Feeds are back and everyone's in the bathroom getting ready for the PoV Comp...
Chelsia: They might just be giving us sh*t, too. We don't know.
Sharon: True.

7:31pm BBT
Red Room
Sharon and Chelsia are getting dressed... James is seated in the green chair...
Sharon asks what time it is...
Sharon: Unless it's like 6am, the sun's not gonna be up...

7:35pm BBT
Blue Room
Ryan, Sheila. Sharon joins.
The talk is all about PoV...
Sharon's wearing lucky clothing...
Sheila's wanting to win something!
Ryan wishes he was playing.
Sharon: I just don't want either one of them to ream me a new a-hole if I win and don't take them off... I'm just preparing for bs.
Sheila: That's what all of us have had to live with.
Sharon: I know.
Sheila: Joshuah already warned me: if James wins, it's gonna get ugly up in here.
Sharon: He's gonna fight hard to stay here...

7:45pm BBT
Sharon, Josh, Natalie, Sheila, Chelsia, Ryan
Natalie comes out of the DR
Natalie: Nothin' guys! Sorry to get you all pumped up for nothin'.
Sheila: Did they tell you anything?
Natalie: Nothin'.
Josh: Do you think it's goin' down tonight?
Sharon: Think? I know it is!

Josh figures there doing a big rush on everything so most of the crew can bail for Easter Sunday.

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Veto Players Chosen

The players have been chosen for the Power of Veto Competition.

  1. Adam
  2. Chelsia
  3. James
  4. Sharon
  5. Sheila
  6. Joshuah
As of 6pm BBT, Ryan and Adam are chatting up in HoH, and just confirmed all the names. Ryan's not pleased, and is trying to impress upon Adam how important it is for him to win it. He feels that Joshuah winning would be ok too.

So.. when does Evel Dick show up??
    According to one of our commenters:
    "Dick was in Amanda's Chat... he thinks he is waking them up with pots and pans... His call-time is 5am BBT... not sure if he goes right into the house.. Dick asked if he could be in back yard and do a Dick at Nite one last time for the live feeders ...they did not tell him yes or no..."

***PLEASE AGP!! One Last Dick at Night Show!!

Natalie and Sheila are calling upon God to forsake the hungry and dying for their personal gain again. Here's a clip:

6:22pm BBT

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Nomination Spoiler


James & Chelsia
are nominated for Eviction

Sheila and Natalie are in HoH with Adam talking smack about James and Chelsia.

Ryan's downstairs with James and Chelsia, jokingly promising both of them his votes, in front of the other. James is goofing around doing a mock interview with Julie... Both he and Chelsia are pumped for the Veto Comp.

Here's a clip of James and Chelsia, right after the feeds came back:

I'm taking a little break... Have fun on the feeds. :)

Watch Big Brother 9 Replay 24/7 on SuperPass

Trivia began immediately following a lockdown announcement at 2:40pm BBT.

As soon as the live feeds come back on, and the nominees are 100% certain, the Nomination Spoiler will be posted here. The expected Noms are James and Chelsia... Let's see if that comes to pass.

Still Trivia @ 4:00pm BBT
Any minute now...
Sheesh! Come on already.

Totally unrelated to the Nomination Spoiler,
but we just passed 3 million hits on bb9dish!


I have another interview coming very soon! :)


2:26pm BBT - The Psych out...
The feeds went to Trivia a few minutes ago, and I'm starting to think we may have a Nomination Ceremony afoot. Typically, it follows an external lockdown, where the HoH is filmed alone and studying the memory wall, but Adam inadvertently gave them that footage early this morning, so this could be it...

In the event that the Nomination Ceremony is indeed underway, the Nomination Spoiler will go right here. :)

2:30pm BBT

NOPE! That was a big psych out.

2:40pm BBT
BB: Houseguests. This is a lockdown. please go outside and close the sliding glass door.
TRIVIA immediately, which is odd, but...
Perhaps this time...

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Truth or Dare with James & Chelsia

2:12pm BBT
Red Room
James, Chelsia, Josh

James and Chelsia just started a game of truth or dare on the live feeds. This could get very interesting, very quickly.

Chelsia asked James if his secret has something to do with his physical "abilities." He said yes. James dared Chelsia to take off her clothes and run naked to the pool and jump in...

They digress for a moment, but Chelsia returns to it.

Chelsia: Spit it out!

Spark up the feeds, folks!

FLAMES for 15 minutes...

Back with Josh, James and Chelsia.

Josh is talking about his temper... it's not just in the BB house.

The conversation moves back to sex... James gives a bit more...

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The talk is all about Nominations, which haven't happened yet. Speculation and manipulation are the order of the day. There's so much of both right now, my head is spinning.

At the moment (1pm BBT), Josh, Adam and Natalie are inside talking about putting up James and Chelsia. Josh says that's the only way to insure one of them goes home. Otherwise, one will win the PoV, pull the other off and then both are safe.

Adam: But if he wins PoV, I'm f'd.
Natalie: Hopefully, I get to play. You have to do what's best for you, and they are both very strong players. Joshuah has admitted to me he can't do anything physical.

Josh exits.

Natalie: James and Joshuah. If one comes down, you can replace with Chelsia.. But your best bet is still James and Chelsia.
Adam: To be honest with you, I think Josh is a bigger threat.
Natalie: I do too, but you have to be careful. Unless one of them goes home, next week it's gonna be 4 versus 2!

Natalie invokes her sainted Matty and tells Adam how happy Matt will be to see James walk through the door... Vengeance...

1:09pm BBT
Josh, Adam & James
Adam goes outside to smoke...
James & Josh are playing pool
Adam: Somehow today, no matter what, I'm gonna be the bad guy.
James: You're right... I've been HoH twice. Didn't F with you. You have Natalie in your ear, I understand. But she hasn't won dick besides the PoV... Not saying you owe me anything either...

Adam says this is about who the strongest players in the house - and he tells James that by putting him up, he's actually giving him a better chance of staying, since he'll have the chance to win PoV.

James: Just tell me before you do it... All i can say is, if I come off, win HoH next week...
Adam : I'm a target.
James: Do what you gotta do.

Adam lets James know he is not cool with being threatened in any manner, and lets him know his attitude is not helping his case. Adam goes back inside.

James:(to Josh) He's an idiot... He definitely does not handle this position well.

Here's the clip:

1:09pm BBT

1:15pm BBT
Sharon comes out.

Sharon: This'll either be the best week or the worst week.
James & Josh: WORST.
James: At least we don't have to let him split a tie.

1:18pm BBT
Chelsia has a brief chat with Adam about noms. Here's a clip:

She comes back outside and tels James he just wants to keep us all on eggshells, which is stupid, since he could have such an easy week.

1:25pm BBT
HoH Landing
Ryan & Adam
Ryan: He's just trying to intimidate you.
Adam : He is...

Ryan and Adam discuss James' intimidation tactics. Adam Asks Ryan to spend more time with him... bodyguard style.

They enter the HoH Room.

Adam: I can't put Jimmy up, dude.
Ryan: You can't?
Adam: I GOTTA do it, dude.
Ryan: Even if he comes off, you have Josh, me, Sharon... It's not gonna be like me where you piss 3 people off and no one goes home.
Adam: He ain't never done me wrong, that dude.
Ryan: No one's really done you wrong.

Adam: What do I say now?
Ryan: You can't go after Sheila. Game wise, strategy wise, it's not smart. We need her. You're gonna be fine next week, dude.

Adam refers back to James not wanting to be back doored... Ryan says you can use it in your nomination speech... Just that you're being straight with him, giving him a fair chance...

Adam: Regardless, he's gonna be out to get me.

Ryan goes to leave HoH.

Adam: You're gonna leave me up here all by myself now?
Ryan: Just tell em you're thinking about everything.. if anyone comes up.

Ryan goes. Adam says he's gonna get Natalie up there.

Here's a clip:
1:24pm BBT

1:36pm BBT
Nat up to HoH... But she talks too fast for me to type. Here's a clip:

1:36pm BBT

1:55pm BBT
Adam & Nat wrapping it up...
Natalie: I'm winning HoH next week, and James is goin' bye bye.. This is our week. He's gone. I feel somewhat responsible for voting him back in. Dumb! I'm not good with impulse decisions. Dumb. I feel responsible for Matty leaving because James was his executioner.
BB: Adam, please go to the diary room.
Natalie: I gave you my thoughts. Just do whatcha gotta do.

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Smaller Table in the BB House

12:20pm BBT

Lockdown is over. The HGs head inside and see they have a smaller table now. They all sit down around it and do a mini wave.

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Interview with BB9's Amanda Hansen

As you can tell from the title of this post, Amanda Hansen is our first evicted houseguest interview of the Big Brother 9 season. Amanda was a pleasure to talk to, and I hope you enjoy the read. :)

As always, please do not take the liberty of copying and pasting this interview elsewhere. You are quite welcome to link to it. Here's the direct url:


Carolyn: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me. I really enjoyed you on Big Brother 9, and I was very bummed when you and Alex got the boot. Way too soon, in my opinion.
Amanda: BUENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay! I agree, I am home way toooooo soon, but now it is time to make it happen.

Carolyn: How does it feel to have your life back, after a couple weeks of BB Sequester/Purgatory?
Amanda: It feels crazy to be home. Sequester, aka, lol purgatory was okay. I loved tanning, LOL.... Now you can totally tell I'm Italian..

Carolyn: Are you back home in Minnesota already? If so, have you spoken with the other Minnesota BB alums: Janelle and Nick?
Amanda: I am in Minnesota, and Nick reached out to me. Carol has also reached out to me...I hope to get in touch with Janelle....

Carolyn: I was surprised when you said "Alex and I do not get along" on the live show last week...
Amanda: I will never utter a bad word about Alex, but he and I did butt heads. We are so much alike that we should be brother and sister.

Carolyn: What was it like being in sequester together?

Amanda: It was hard being in sequester for 2 weeks, but as you can tell, we made it through...

Carolyn: Along that same vein, during your stay on BB, you went from liking Alex to liking Parker and then it seemed back to Alex again... How much do you feel the couples twist messed with your mind and your game?
Amanda: I think the couples twist messed me up big time. I could have flirted with the boys, and cooked with the girls. The "hook ups" were not a good idea, but it brought something totally different to BB. I just wish it was singles from the start... I had to like my partner because he was my partner, but flirt with everyone else, and my partner didn't like that.

Carolyn: Were you able to reconnect with Parker at all after you were released?
Amanda: Parker and I will always be friends...

Carolyn: How about the rest of the HGs?
Amanda: I have talked to every single evicted house guest. I talk to Parker and Jen the most, then Allison, then Jacob, and I have only spoken to Alex one time.

Carolyn: Getting back to your time in the BB house... If you could go back in time and do some things differently, what would they be?
Amanda: I would not have flirted with other guys. It upset my partner, we started to fight, and others in the house started to hate me for it.

Carolyn: Anything else?
Amanda: I would have never told people what others said about them. It all came back to bite Amanda in her big fat rear! LOL

Carolyn: Incidentally, for what it's worth, Matt told a few more people about him and Nat under the covers (to be delicate) the other night, and it spread pretty quickly throughout the house, so your name has been cleared (in terms of spreading false rumors) in that respect... FYI, Not that it matters, but they've recently continued those activities.
Amanda: I noticed. I guess they should do whatever makes them happy, but as you see from tonights episode, Matt is gone, and Nat will not be feeding his needs. LOL

Carolyn: Do you hold a grudge against anyone in the house? Josh for the horrible things he said? Chelsia for same? Anyone else?
Amanda: I am upset for what they said, but forgive and forget... I always remember that its better to be hated for who you are then loved for who you are not. So, I will always live by that motto.

Carolyn: Can you clear the air for us about the situation with Alex & the inappropriate behavior in the bedroom?
Amanda: Sorry- I wish I could address this more, but I don't want to speak badly about Alex... He knows what he tried to do...

Carolyn: The night of the strip show and pool free for all, you abstained from the pool part of the evening, opting to stay inside with Allison and Sheila. How come?
Amanda: Outside of BB I have a career, friends, family, and most importantly, integrity. I did not participate because I respect myself. Why would I just bounce from person to person????? Plus, yuck, I don't know where people have put their mouths, and I don't want any STD's, nasty!

Carolyn: How is your health? You gave us all quite a scare that night when you collapsed! (Most of us anyhow... some were sure you were faking... Chelsia even said as much as soon as you dropped - that "guaranteed, she's faking." Most of the BB loving world turned on Chelsia completely that night... they'd already started with the noose comments, but that was the final straw... for about a week.)
Amanda: Good- She should have never said that.... I am so much better. I have to keep checking my blood sugar daily, but I eat good, so I don't ever worry. SLOP IS NASTY!

Carolyn: You have quite a lot of fans.
Amanda: That is awesome to hear that I have a lot of fans.... That makes my day!

Carolyn: How can they stay in touch with you?
Amanda: I will be setting up a myspace shortly. I have a fan forum, (Amanda Hansen Fan Forum) and everyone can keep in touch via that site...

Carolyn: Any chats coming up soon?
Amanda: I am doing a chat this evening! Spread the word, doll.
Carolyn: Spreading ;) Here's the link: Amanda Chat Info.

Carolyn: Of the remaining 8 houseguests, who would you most like to see as the ultimate winner?
Amanda: I hope Adam wins... He is a really nice guy, kind of crazy, but really really nice... I would love to see him win... I would not mind if Nat won either.

Carolyn: Given the chance, knowing what you know, would you do it all again?
Amanda: I would do it all over again and play the game so much differently.


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Morning Report

Shortly after 8am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia.

Good Morning, Houseguests!

8:17am BBT - Feeds are back.
Adam's outside smoking. Sheila's in the kitchen...

8:20am BBT
Adam goes in to chat and joke around with Ryan and Natalie.
Everyone's grousing about BB waking them so early.

8:22am BBT
Sheila and Adam
Adam confirms that Chelsia's going on the block. Sheila tells him he has to do what's right for him, but she recommends James & Chelsia's ouster.
Sheila hops in the shower, asks Adam how he's doing. He says he went to bed around 5am...

8:26am BBT - Trivia, briefly.

8:28am BBT
Sheila Showers.
Adam: (into mic) Wake these people up!
Adam studies the memory wall for a few minutes...

8:30am BBT
Sheila's out of the shower. Coffee's ready. She and Adam talk a little about the midnight activity last night.
Sheila: That was so fun last night.
Adam: I'm pissed I lost. I wanna see the movie. They should let me watch anyway.
Sheila: What they really should do id let you guys watch in the house, and let us go to the frikkin' premiere.

8:31am BBT
Adam goes back up to HoH, buries himself under the covers.
Sheila drinks her coffee and ponders the meaning of life... ;)
Everyone else is still in bed, sleeping.

8:40am BBT
BB: Good morning, house guests. It's time to get up for the day.

8:53am BBT
Feeds are back.
Sheila and Josh
Josh: Where is he?
Sheila: he went back upstairs. He couldn't sleep all night.
Josh: He just can't sleep up there?
Sheila: Honestly, I think it's more about not wanting to put people up. I feel the same way.
Josh: It's gonna be me.
Sheila: Are you serious?

She says no... she doesn't think so.

Meanwhile, Adam's walking around up in HoH, sings a line of the wakeup song: "Set me free, why don't you babe..."

Josh: Everyone thinks I'm going up for sure.
Sheila: And they think I'm going up next to you? That would suck. Wow, well that's not what I was expecting.

Adam comes down.

Adam: Good morning, gay Josh.
Josh: Good morning, straight Adam.
Adam: Good morning, house guests.
Josh: Role reversal. America has spoken, and the siren says Joshuah vs Sheila.
Adam: Everyone's still asleep.
Josh: Yeah...

Josh and Adam head into the storage room to whisper...
Then outside to the backyard.

Josh: Here's the problem. James is not gonna take it very well. Everyone, like I said, thinks it's gonna be me and Sheila. So if you wouldn't put me up, I'd be very appreciative.
Adam: If you can help me out next week, I'd really appreciate it.
Josh: I'll help you out for the next couple weeks. I'll be your bitch. Just don't backdoor me, please Adam.
Adam: What happens if he pulls himself off during the PoV? Who's gonna help me out in the end?
Josh: I can help you out in the end.


Adam: Ya know, I gotta do it.
Josh: Natalie's thirsty for revenge. She wants his head on a block. It's your best bet for your game play. It's easy to say you're breaking up the couples.
Adam: It sucks, but..
Josh: It sucks, but I'm happy to help you out.

They discuss the scenarios for next week.

Adam: It'll be good.
Josh: It'll be fun.

They head inside to the kitchen.

Josh: Sheila, what'll you do if Adam puts us up?

Sheila freaks out at the mere mention of it... then she catches on that it's a joke... kinda.

9:05am BBT
Josh leaves. Sheila whispers with Adam. She's legitimately concerned now. Adam says his office doesn't open till noon, then proceeds to mess with her...

Sheila: You do what you wanna do.
Adam: The house has spoken.
Sheila: Know this: if I stay here, and I do win HoH, your ass is mine. Know that (repeat). Do what you gotta do, babe. I'm not gonna kiss your butt.
Adam: I just wanna be honest with everybody.
Sheila: So you're being honest that you wanna put me up? Wow. Whatever. I'm not gonna get myself upset again. I just wanna not think about things.

Josh leaves to go tell others that Sheila's losing it on Adam. He comes back.

In the meantime, Sheila has told Adam to do what he wants, and reminds him that she controls Natalie's vote.

They talk about trading the movie pass she won for safety... The conversation becomes light-hearted again.. and then escalates.. the whole house is listening from their beds. James and Chelsia are both getting a bit of hope from it... Sharon too.

9:20am BBT
Adam comes into the Red Room, talks briefly to James, Chelsia, Sharon. Makes fun of Sheila some more.

9:22am BBT
Adam moves back out to the kitchen to torment Sheila some more... just for effect, and she knows it.

James and the others are now saying it's all acting on Sheila's part...

9:35am BBT
Dining Table
Sheila and Adam

Sheila: I begged you to protect me from Joshuah, and the truth is, I'm the only one who can protect myself. I took the high road with Joshuah... It's not right, though, to destroy people like that...

Sheila talks to Adam about loyalty. She believes a couple will win this game, because they stay true to each other, 'till death do they part.' She interjects that she will do anything for her kid, anything, sell her soul to the devil, anything.

9:41am BBT
Adam heads out back for a smoke.
James joins him, asks him not to rile Sheila up first thing in the morning.
Light chatter, mixed in with Sheila bashing.

9:50am BBT
Sharon's out of bed, greeting the guinea pigs... chatting a bit with Sheila. James comes in, prepares himself some breakfast. Adam joins...

10:44am BBT


All the HGs are in the backyard.

Random chatter.

Sheila's telling everyone how she'll go out alone. Doesn't have a problem with it at all.

Adam wonders what's going on inside.

They start talking about their photos, and how cool the photographer was that took them.

TRIVIA @ 10:47am BBT

10:50am BBT
The women have moved on to talking about how fun the luxury comp was, and how they wish they'd have more of those.

Adam, James and Ryan are having a separate conversation - about drug testing and which drugs can be found in your system the longest... and allergies.

11:00am BB
Exterior LD Still in Effect, but the HGs have broken off into groups.
Sheila and Natalie are in the hammock whispering. Sheila's pushing her agenda to get Josh nominated, and keep herself off the block... with Natalie... Sheila moves on to trashing James.

The rest of the HGs are scattered about the yard, relaxing, playing with the ball...
Just random chatter, since they're all together. I'm gonna get the interview together... If they say anything important, I'll let ya know.

11:20am BBT
Still on lockdown.
Sheila and Natalie are still in the hammock talking game. Sheila confessed to Natalie that most of the arguing between her and Adam is a big act. Natalie's got Sheila off the Josh track and onto James. Sheila's cool with it now, particularly relishing what a nice birthday present it'll be for Matty to see James walk into sequester the week after him.

11:27am BBT
The conversation turns a little raunchy when Adam calls over to Sheila and Natalie offering them both access to his goods.

TRIVIA @ 11:28am.

Feeds are back by 11:30am. We return to Natalie telling Sheila she really can't say anything more about the cheerleading - the NFL wont let her.

Meanwhile on the chaise, James, Ryan, Chelsia and Adam are talking politics.
Adam: Bush is the man.

James says he's set for life... with all of his deals with Halliburton.
Ryan says he put the country into turmoil.
Chelsia brings up the Cheney hunting accident.

Joshuah and Sharon are not visible on the feeds.

11:40am BBT
Natalie tells Sheila that Joshuah will not be permitted into the kingdom of heaven, because he's gay. She read it in the bible. Sheila says how dare he come in here and tear people down, when he must know what that feels like... Sheila says that ultimately Natalie will get her revenge and her closure.

TRIVIA @ 11:45am, just for a moment.

11:46am BBT
The Chaise loungers are talking about casinos...
Vengeance and Hellfire continues on the Hammock.

11:52am BBT
Ryan, James and Chelsia have moved on to talking about Sheila.
Ryan says 1/2 the house has ADD... infers that's the issue with her son.

Not 30 seconds later, Sheila comes and joins them on the chaise. Natalie asks Adam to play a game with her... James mentions that BB took away the croquet mallets. All they have left now are the balls.

Natalie and Ryan shoot some pool. Natalie takes the opportunity to whisper to Ryan...

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning (again) Big Brother Lovers! The HGs were very busy last night, what with all the plotting and scheming and positioning themselves with Adam as the new HoH, followed by the Casino Night and the aftermath... and all of this while youtube was down for maintenance.

Thankfully, ReporterX was on the job for bb9dish, and captured the key moments. Here are the links to the clips from before 10pm BBT:
7:15pm BBT - Adam Seeks James' Advice
7:19pm BBT - Adam Seeks Josh's Advice
7:37pm BBT - House Post Adam HoH Win
7:43pm BBT - Chelsia Tells Natalie She Voted Matt Out
7:59pm BBT - Natalie Crying, Ryan Comforting
8:35pm BBT - Natalie Goin' Coo Coo
Adam in HoH with Natalie & Ryan Discussing Noms

In a nutshell, it's looking like Adam will be nominating and targeting James and Chelsia this week. To hear Natalie tell it, the target is 100% James and all about taking vengeance for Matt. Adam took meetings with several of the HGs last night, and a whole lot of guidance from Ryan and Natalie, who both seem to be 100% safe.

Here's the abbreviated rundown: In very similar fashion to his private dealings with Ryan, Joshuah cut a private deal with Adam, and it looks like he's safe from both nomination and the dreaded back door, at this point.

10:42pm BBT
Josh, Sheila, Natalie, Ryan
Josh and Sheila make peace, joke around...

Sheila: You like it crazy too. You're a diva, and you like drama.
Josh: I love it crazy.
Sheila: Well, ok, so don't fault me cause I like it crazy too. OK? I think you're a little jealous, cause I get a little crazy..
Josh: Know what I think I'm jealous of? I think I'm jealous that you get a lot more attention from the men...
Sheila: (cracks up) Oh my God. That's it!
Josh: That's it, because all the men come to you, and they don't come to me.
Sheila: Aw, sweetie.
Josh: I think that's what it is, ladies.
Sheila: Oh, come on.
Josh: Think about it. Maybe that's why I'm mad at the house. All the women are getting attention from men, and I get no attention.
Natalie: No you don't.
Josh: Maybe that's it. Maybe you figured out why I'm so crazy. I am starved for penis.
Natalie: (oh natalie) I'm starved for penis with ya.
Sheila: But the guys are jealous of you, cause all the women wanna hang out with you! You have the best allies in this house, and it's the frikkin' women. (get ready for it) Trust me on that.
Josh: So I guess it's 5 women to 3 men now in the house...
Sheila: Yep!
Josh: Girlfriends. Hellooo.. Well, it's 4 and 4 but... but I'm counting half.. I'm probably more woman than I am man...
Sheila: So that's what you're upset about. You just want some attention from the men...
Josh: I think that you're getting all the attention from the men, and I'm not, and maybe I'm trying to steal some away from you.
Sheila: I'm sorry. I'll let ya have some of my like, whatever. I'll give ya a little spotlight, babe.

Ryan enters.

Ryan, show him a little love. Show Joshuah some love!

Ryan goes in for a joking dip kiss, covering Josh's mouth... Josh backs away from it, misunderstanding the hand over the mouth to mean Ryan's trying to muzzle him.

Very funny clip, worth watching...

Natalie: I get crazy tooooo..
Josh: Yeah, but you don't get to Sheila and I's level.. where you want producers involved and security. We want lawsuits. We want civil suits...
Sheila: It's just so funny...

10:42pm BBT

10:51pm BBT
Josh & Natalie
Game Talk

Josh: ...I swear.
Nat: I'm pretty sure James and Chelsia are goin' up on the block.
Josh: Well, everyone thinks it's me.
Nat: You're not. You're not. I can guarantee you that right now. OK? You're not going up. You're not getting backdoored.

Josh hugs Nat.

Josh: I'm so indebted to you.
Nat: We all want James out. He's goin'... for vengeance for Matty and Ryan. That's what's goin' down. I'm tellin' ya Joshy. Didn't I tell you I've got your back? I've always trusted you.

Natalie goes on about Josh being a straight shooter, and how much she appreciates that. She and Ryan discussed it, and they agree.
    ***Neither know that Josh has secret deals with Both of them, and now Adam as well.

Nat: You're not goin' anywhere. Sharon's not going anywhere. You wont even be involved.

The only concern is if James wins Veto, in which case Josh will probably go up, but Natalie says she will vote Chelsia out, because she's more of a physical threat at this point.

Natalie encouages Josh to continue letting James and Chelsia think he's really worried about being nominated. Natalie tells Josh how she's been talking smack to James, telling him he might want to be nice to her, since he's going up.

James comes in. Natalie leaves. Josh lies to James, saying he's still concerned about going up... James replies that he's gonna go talk to Adam about letting Natalie run his HoH, and that he will win Veto.

Here's the clip:

10:51pm BBT
Josh & Natalie Talk Game


11:47pm BBT
Sheila & Josh
More Bonding...
Sheila and Josh talk about the game and their relationship in it.
Here's the Clip

11:52pm BBT
(josh) Sheila and Adam

Sheila and Adam discuss the Power... Sheila denies she's trying to run anything. Sheila promises to do whatever he wants if she wins PoV.

Still Lots more to come... But the HGs have been woken up, so it's gonna have to wait. If you must know, right this minute, go check out jokers for the rundown on what happened after the Casino Night. There's not a whole lot of info... We'll find out more as they discuss it today.

The most important exchange of the evening, beyond the discussion of noms, was between James and Chelsia... It's in the comment section of this post.

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C=Venus Strikes Again

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers. Happy Thursday. It's nominations day in the bb9 house. Last night we lost Matt, and C=Venus made a goodbye chop for him.

While I get the Overnight Report together, please take a moment to enjoy C=Venus' gentle artistry.


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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Food Comp Tonight?!
Something's Going Down at Midnight

10:10pm BBT
The HGs are all getting dressed up for the comp... or something...

Natalie: This is awesome. I can't wait to find out what it is.
Ryan: I hope you got a strong stomach.
Natalie: Oh, I do. I gotta really strong stomach.

Natalie and Sheila are in black dresses.

Sheila: I think it's really gonna be something good. He said dress nice, so why would they say dress nice fo rsomething bad. And they've already stocked the storage room.
Ryan: (unintelligible) food comp.
Sheila: Food Comp? Why would they want us dressed up for a food comp?

Sheila mentions when Sheryl Crowe came one season... Natalie says it would be great if it was a comedian... then she starts wondering about Matty.

Ryan: We're gonna open up the door at midnight, and it's gonna be Matty out there.
Sheila: Exactly.
Josh: You wearing black? Good. I'm wearing black too. I'm just preparing for my funeral.
Sheila: I'm kinda hungry...

Natalie's sure it's a food comp, and it's gonna be something nasty, like cow eyeballs or chicken liver.

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Adam's Taking Meetings

9:50pm BBT
HoH Room
Adam, Natalie, Ryan

Natalie has pretty well commandeered the HoH Room since Adam took reign. She's up there now planning his week right down to who she'd like him to choose for hosting the Veto: Sheila.

Adam has told everyone that he'll be taking meetings up in HoH, and that everyone will get 15 minutes to tell him why they shouldn't be nominated.

9:51pm BBT
James enters HoH
Adam: What's the word downstairs.
James: Listen dude, if you're gonna put me up, just put me straight up.
Adam: I promise I wont backdoor you.
James: I mean, I know Natalie's hurt, but I had to do it... You wanna break up a realtionship you think's in the house, throw up Chelsia. You wanna throw Josh up, do it.
Adam: If I put big She up, she's goin' home..
James: You put me up against anyone, I'm goin' home.
Adam: You're right. You got no shot. Part of the game though.
James: You figure it out, man. I just came up here to do my 15 minutes... I don't wanna be up there. If you put me up, I'm getting off. I have 3 people I know where they're going...
Adam: That's the thing. You're so tight.

Sheila's name gets thrown into the mix...

James: If you put me up against Josh, people are gonna go, Oooh, James is stronger. If I stay off, I can also mediate people and cool them down...

James leaves.

Ryan mentions something about being backdoored.

Ryan: It's hard for me, cause he did save me today, but he is a big threat, and his word can't be trusted. He proved it all this week. If there is a chance to get him out, ya know...
Adam: (says something about PoV)

Ryan continues to push the James backdoor agenda. Adam asks Ryan to shake his hand that they have each others backs now... Adam confesses he's been throwing HoH's the whole season. Ryan says now's the time to take control.

Ryan: Me, you and Natty... we knock out one of their strong people...
Adam: All 4 are strong.

Ryan tells Adam he can get Josh to make a deal with him... maybe Sharon too.

10:00pm BBT

Adam's coming down to finish packing.

Ryan meets up with James in the bathroom, tells him they're totally cool.

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Feeds Are Back

7:10pm BBT
The feeds just came back on. Adam's holding court in the kitchen. Natalie, Sheila and Chelsia are sticking close by. Sharon's at the dining table. Ryan is there, chilling. James is in bed.

The HGs are still amazed the mystery guest was Alex, and even moreso the Parker was 2nd.

Natalie figures Amanda was last on the list...

Adam leaves to go talk to James, seeking guidance. Sharon walks in, interrupts. James reassures Adam that he'll be fine. Adam is not looking pleased at the prospect of having to nominate people... of having to fly above the radar...

7:20pm BBT
Adam goes to the frilly room. Josh talks to him there. Also reassures him he;ll be fine. Tells Adam there will be a food comp tomorrow, then he'll have to do noms around 5 or so.
Josh: Just enjoy tonight, and worry about noms tomorrow.

Ryan comes in and gives him the same advice... also tells him everyone will be coming up to him, just chill... etc. Ryan tells him no hard feelings about the vote, etc...

Ryan goes. Adam continues packing his stuff.

7:25pm BBT
Natalie's being consoled. She says she's used to getting close to people and losing them. :(

Spa Room
James and Chelsia trying to figure it out.

7:30 Frilly Room
Natalie gives Adam a big hug... Conspires as if they're an alliance... Lies to him about her physical involvement with Matt.

7:35 Couch Bdrm
Sharon and Josh whispering...

There's too much going on! No one knows which end is up.

Spark up the feeds! If you don't have em, gettem!

I'm taking a little break... and a shower.

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BB9 Live Show Spoiler

Votes to Evict:
Josh: Matt
Adam: Ryan
Natalie: Ryan
Chelsia: Matt
Sharon: Matt
Sheila: Ryan

We have a tie.
And a commercial.

James: Matt

By a vote of
4 to 3

has been evicted from the
Big Brother House.

Nat's in tears. Ryan goes to comfort her. Chelsia hugs Nat and says, he could be walking right back in.
Matt to Julie. "James convicted the wrong man of the crime."

HoH is next. HGs are shown outside in a brick looking bunker of sorts...
No sound. So much for Cue Josh.

Commercial. Back!!!

The Comp is Called On Guard - Things evicted guests have said in the Diary Room.

HoH Comp:
Josh v Chelsia - Josh is out.
Natalie vs Sheila - Sheila is out.
Chelsia vs Sharon - Sharon is out.
Adam & Natalie - Natalie is out.
Ryan vs Chelsia - Ryan is out.

Adam v Chelsia - Chelsia is out.

The New HoH:


Woah... Talk about a wild card. Spark up the feeds, folks, this is going to be a very interesting week ahead. I have no idea what to expect. None whatsoever... The only person I'd even venture to guess is safe would be Ryan...

The Live Show Has Begun!
Below is everything Pre-Votes...

Recapping the week in the opening segment...

Julie: Good evening. It's day 42, and it's been a week of what goes around comes around... Matt is now at the mercy of the house.

End of Veto Ceremony. Natalie's DR: I'm so angry. He is a hypocrite.
James DR: Matt is on the block because he lied to my face about being the 3rd vote.
Matt DR: This is their chance to get me out back door style, and it sucks.
Natalie DR: (Tears) It's really really hard...

Matt/James Conversation from right after the Veto Ceremony... Tears from Matt.
James DR: BooHoo Matt.
More tears from Matt - this time it's again from immediately after the Veto Ceremony, before he spoke with James.
Matt DR: Damn, I said I wasn't gonna cry on tv. I look like a little bitch right now.

Josh telling Ryan he should be fine. Sheila telling Ryan she's keeping him.
Matt and Adam outside. Adam promises Matt his vote and gives him advice.
Matt DR: Gonna play to the girls and maybe get a pity vote.
Matt & Chelsia - Please don't make me spend my birthday alone.
Chelsia DR: He's pathetic.
Matt & Sharon - Bday...
Sharon DR: Whatever. Get outta here with that crap.
Matt & Sheila - Bday...
Matt DR: I don't understand why Sheila, Sharon and Chelsia are not promising me a vote. I want a straight answer. I want a vote.
Matt& Chelsia - Argument in front of Sharon and Sheila... Matt: I've never done anything to you... Ryan has crossed all of you. He yelled at you. He took money from you. He put you up and he put you up as well.
Sheila DR: Matt made some good points. Ryan has done some bad things to everyone here. Matty has Adam, Natalie and me. So we're talking about a split vote. James has to break the tie.
Sheila & James - Her pitch to keep Matt since he is blameless in the house.

ZERO mention of the ruse... zero! Boy they like to keep the tv only's in the dark!

DR: Josh, Adam & Natalie

Checking in with the HGs...
Julie calls out James for going back on his word to Matt.
Asks Natalie how she feels - she calls James a hypocrite.
Matt, Adam, Ryan - Or as we like to call you, the bible buddies - How many cubits tall would you say Ryan is?
Julie reveals Alex was the Mystery HG to the HGs... they're stunned.
Julie: If you knew it was Alex in the box, how many would have voted him back in? 4 admit to it.

Dick & Daniele Segment...
Julie tells everyone Dick'll be on next week, and teases it with more info to come...

COMMERCIAL - Back! Moments away from Live Vote and Eviction...
Talk with Nominees... Plead your case...

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New BB9 Dish Gear

While there's Trivia on the Live Feeds, go and have a look at the nifty new BB9Dish gear C=Venus designed just for us! :)

A couple of designs are featured below, but there are more to be seen if you click here and select Big Brother 9.


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The Rant is On

2:22pm BBT
Sheila, James, Matt
Josh comes to the kitchen: Round 1.
Josh: Vote time, tickin' away guys. Will people keep their promise, or will they break it? Will they get caught in lies? Will they get taken down? We will find out today in 2.5 hours. Will their family get totally ripped apart on tv? Yes they will, on national tv tonight. Don't you worry.
Sheila: I'm goin in and talk to the DR. That is not gonna happen.
Josh: Will a teenager regret their mother ever went on the show?
Sheila: You're a coward. Allison is gonna have a talk with you. Why don't you get in a man's face... like a man.
Josh: Out of work, craig's list searchin' nobody.
Sheila: Come and slap me, put me out of my misery.

Sheila yells at him.

Sheila: I need to go to the diary room. I've given this kid so much respect... No I'm not gonna cry..
James: If you didn't want anyone to attack your kid, you shouldn't have given him so much material.

2:30pm BBT
Josh is ranting to the others. Matt is trying to convince him not to bring the son into it... It's not the kid's fault. Josh agrees that's true, but it's game, and she shouldn't have brought him into it. He says if he had a family weakness, he would never mention it within the walls of the house.

Josh: Anyone she's wronged. I'm gonna take it out on her.
James: No violence.
Josh: No, of course not.
James: But you can't let her bait you into it either. Just take 5 seconds off, regroup...
Josh: What's she gonna do, get Allison Grodner to talk to me?

lol.. TRIVIA - instantly at the mention of her name...

2:30pm BBT

2:38pm BBT - Feeds are back.
Matt, Ryan, James.
Josh is like a caged animal, pacing the house.
James follows him into the bathroom, they exchange a brief word.
Josh returns to the kitchen to tell Ryan and Matt how much it makes him ill to be voting one of them out instead of her, and rails on a bit.
Matt: You do make valid points.
Josh: Yeah. She f'd both of you. F'in c*nt.

Josh leaves. Ryan and Matt discuss the promises Sheila has made them both.

2:45pm BBT
Sheila comes out of Diary, tells Joshuah they want to see him.
Sheila: You're a coward, You're a friggin' coward. Go talk to a man that way.

BB: Joshuah, please come to the Diary Room.

Josh leaves.

Sheila: I have a minor. It's against the law. He's crossed legal limits already a few times this game. It's disgusting.

Matt tells her he stuck up for her in her absence.

Sheila: It doesn't matter. You're not gonna cross a line that's a legal issue. No amount of...

TRIVIA @ 2:45pm BBT

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