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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Overnight Report

Boy oh boy, a lot went down on the live feeds last night! I wish you all a wonderful Saturday. I'm off to go and enjoy mine too. I'll check back in with you this evening.

The Overnight Report is Now Complete.

Ryan's Grandfather Passed Away

6:53pm BBT
Backyard - Couch
Ryan & Sheila
Ryan asks Sheila if he can speak to her privately. He was called in to the DR earlier today, and they told him his grandfather passed away. :( They also gave him a letter from home... He doesn't want to play the sympathy card with anyone in the house, but he's got to talk to someone, so he selects Sheila, because she's a mom, and he feels she is a compassionate person.

This clip, captured by Quirkydude, shows Ryan reading the beautiful letter he received from his mom to Sheila, and the ensuing conversation... Ryan's family has encouraged him to stay in the game.

Ryan: I'm gonna stay in here and fight for my grandpa.

Rest in Peace, Ryan's grandpa. Ryan, may you feel the love and comfort from home reaching you across the miles...


At the end of the conversation about Ryan's grandpa, the two of them moved back into more familiar territory: The Allison-Swinger rumor and Nat & Matt's hummers. Sheila asked Ryan about the rumor that Matt and Natalie actually had hooked up considerably more than Nat's admitting. Ryan, in as gentlemanly a fashion as possible, confirms it's true.

7:57pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
Ryan: Sheila's goin' off, saying Sharon's not going on the block.
Adam: She's nuts. She's just being paranoid.
Ryan: Maybe she thinks you're putting Josh up.
Adam: It's just wishful thinking on her part.

The talk continues, and they refer to Sheila as the burnt offering, the sacrificial lamb. Then they move on to Natalie not being good at mental HoH comps, and both agree that it all comes down to Ryan this week. He must win HoH. Further, Ryan suggests they maintain a little distance from each other, so they don't become the next target... They should still be cool with each other, but not make it seem they are so tight. Talk turns to Mat & Natalie, and how Matt didn't really like her, but since his departure, Nat has practically canonized him and inflated their relationship.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

7:59pm BBT
Dining Table
Natalie, Sheila, Sharon
Chelsia's words about going to sequester and having her way with Matt have just begun to penetrate into Natalie's brain...
Natalie: Chelsia said Matt hates me, but I know he loves me. I even have confirmation from his best friends in the house... He said leaving me was gonna be the hardest part about being evicted... Matty would never risk losing his ex-girlfriend for anyone but me. He would never risk that for Chelsia! She's just jealous.

Natalie spills some more bile on Chelsia, blasting her to the others for asking her to pray with her for a comp. She calls Nat out on it, a little..

Sheila: Chelsia wanted to pray with you, and you said no.
Natalie: I wouldn't pray with her.
Sheila: But I thought that's what Christianity is all about.
Natalie: Chelsia wanted me to pray for a comp. I would pray with her if it was for the right reasons, but not to ask God to win something!

8:20pm BBT
Natalie & Adam
Adam: (teasing her) James offered me 3 weeks safety if I put you up on the block this week.
Natalie: James is an idiot if he thinks you would trust him and put me up!
Adam: He knows. He was just kidding.
Natalie: It's because I'm so strong. I can beat him in comps. The only reason I didn't play in PoV this week is because God wants me to win HoH next week and get James out myself!

Nat and Adam talk about how important it is that their side win HoH this week, and Natalie says she's going to pray for the win, and asks Adam to pray she wins too.
    ***Kinda funny since she was chastising Chelsia (to Sheila and Sharon) less than 30 minutes ago about asking her to pray for something game related.

8:30-9:15pm BBT - BB Gave the HGs alcohol - Beer and Wine.
Everyone partakes. Natalie grabs some wine and heads back up to HoH with it. Adam goes outside to work out with Ryan a bit. Chelsia hides the rest of the beer & wine from Natalie. Everyone but Adam laughs about it. Sheila says that its awful, but it must be done...

9:17pm BBT
HOH Room
Natalie & Adam, then Ryan
Natalie's thinking may be clouded by the alcohol... and the threat of Chelsia near Matt in sequester.
Natalie: We have to get rid of Joshuah this week. We have to backdoor him and keep Chelsia. If we get rid of Josh, Sharon will have to come over to our side. Sharon does whatever Josh wants. We have to break them up. If not, Josh and James will be deadly together in the house because James is so good at physical comps and Josh is good at mental comps.

After several repetitions of the above, Adam says he'll think about putting Josh up, but they have to keep it a secret just between the 2 of them.

Ryan joins them up in HoH a couple minutes later, and Natalie blows the secret as soon as he walks in the door.

Ryan agrees to appease, but he tells Nat and Ryan that he still thinks Chelsia needs to go first. Natalie will not be derailed, insisting Sharon is Josh's mole, and to get her on their side, Josh needs to go... Ryan assures Natalie that Josh will dump James after Chelsia is gone.

After about 20 more minutes on the subject, Natalie sees Joshuah's face appear on the spy screen and says it's a sign from God that he must go.

By 10:15pm BBT, Adam and Ryan seem to be coming over to Natalie's side...

Adam & Joshuah
Adam tells Josh that Natalie wants him up on the block, because she thinks he and James are together. Adam tells Josh he's got his back.

Meanwhile, Chelsia and James are alone in the red room, and she's in tears about leaving. James tells her not to let the others see her cry.

Adam and Josh are joined by Ryan, and Josh tells them he's very nervous about going up on the block... Ryan says they need to stick with the gameplan, put Sharon up, and get Chelsia out. Thirty minutes into the conversation, Adam says he loves Chelsia, has no problem with her at all. Josh says Chelsia would love him back this week if he'd backdoor Natalie. Josh continues pushing the Nat up theory, saying everyone would give Adam 2 weeks safety if he did it.

Chelsia continues to break down...

11:26pm BBT
Adam, Josh
Josh: I can't watch Chelsia ball her eyes out. It sucks. I want to go off on Natalie.
Adam: No... Nat isn't pushing hard (to get you out). There's no need to worry.
Josh: I have your back.
Adam: I have yours. There's no need to explode.
Josh: Chelsia's hysterical. I couldn't look at her.
Adam: I can't either.

Adam continues to lie to Adam, saying Nat's not gunning for him...

11:38pm BBT
Chelsia vs Natalie
Red Room
Chelsia, Sheila, Natalie, Ryan, Sharon..
Chelsia: Guess what world, the real Chelsia is comin' out!

Chelsia calls Nat out for her hypocrisy. It gets quite nasty. Natalie goes up to HoH to hide. At the end of the clip, Josh convinces Chelsia to squirt ketchup on Nat to symbolize Natalie's abortions.

Watch the clips!

Part One

Chelsia continues going off on Natalie for quite a while. The above clip was only the beginning. If anyone's wondering, yes, Chelsia did call Natalie out about the oral sex, and Natalie denied it. Chelsia further goaded Natalie by telling her that she and Matt hooked up rather extensively in the storage room...

To see the rest, please check out Quirkydude's clips. He got everything.

After a very short time, Adam booted Natalie out of the HoH Room, telling her it was not ok for her to hide up there. Natalie's none too pleased.

Privately, Chelsia spoke about Natalie to others, saying she's a good girl, and she wishes the best for her outside of the game, and she knows that Natalie is going to be very hurt when she sees all the things Matt said about her.

Chelsia definitely got to Nat. Speaking privately with Sheila, Nat talks about throwing in the towel: "I'd rather just go be with Matty in sequester." Sheila tells her to sleep on it. She says she will, and she either wants Chelsia gone or herself, but she'll tell Adam in the morning.

1:30am BBT
James and Chelsia have a bit more under the covers action than usual.

2:30am BBT
Chelsia wanders the house a bit, then goes out to the backyard and cries some more silent tears. She goes back to bed 30 minutes later.

8:20am BBT
All HGs are still sleeping.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay strong Ryan!
My prayers are with Ryan and his family.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous khowell82 said...

We love you Ryan. Now what pisses me off about that clip is the fact that Shelia kept turing the whole thing back to her and her grandma. Could she not just be supportive and listen to Ryan??

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

This is so sad, I was on the feeds yesterday when this happened. RIP Ryan's grandfather.

6:04 AM  
Blogger mike~del said...


I hope this guy wins. I don't wanna use this comment to start anything, so I'll try not to. But it makes sad that we live in a country where someone like Chelsia can have people rooting for her and laughing at the comments she makes about people. Josh for that matter too. That group of 3 really makes me wonder what's wrong with people. And this is coming from someone who was a Dick fan last season. But for some reason when Dick was doing it, it didn't seem as nasty as this.

Now I'm not about "the good people" in fact I think it was silly last year and it's silly this year too. But I don't put Ryan in any group of "good people" I think he's a good guy who's just trying to play a game and be nice to everyone. Should he's had a moment or two behind someone's back saying something, but sometimes it happens. Maybe it's just me, but I can't help rooting for this guy, and rooting against Josh, Chelsia and James.

Feel free to post this in whatever comment section you feel Carolyn.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

How sad! I lost my own grandfather yesterday as well, so I can somewhat relate to how Ryan is feeling! I can't imagine having to deal with the grief being in "that house" though! My prayers are with him and his family!

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning carolyn and the other bloggers, anonymous or otherwise. You got up to witness a great sunrise on the keys this morning, could be worse things in life.

Real life always puts the game in perspective, and im sure itll be tough for ryan as it would anyone else, to have to deal with this loss in this type of environment, all the best to him and his family.

I was kinda surprised to read that you slept, i think of you as some kinda superchick with other worldy powers, but im glad you are well rested, cause the sh*t is hitting the fan. There will be nothing Holy about this weekeend in bb land.

Hurricane chelsia made natlie fall around 230 am on bbad and ill be damn the dhow ended at 3. Hurricane chelsia is a slow moving powerfuil cat 4 with a huge storm surge, should be around all weekend. cant wait to see more video of its destructive force and aftermath.


6:05 AM  
Anonymous Alex said...

Wow, that's tough for Ryan. I hope he can do it for his grandfather.

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Sheila even managed to make Ryan's Grandpa dying about herself. That is nothing short of impressive.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Lissy said...

That must be very hard to pull yourself together and grieve in that house with all the fighting and feuding going on with Chelsia and Nat.

Stay strong RYAN!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok For ONCE Natalie was RIGHT last night she wants to backdoor Josh! HELLO! YES! Sharon would totally flip and that would leave James with Chelsia and everyone hates her!! I cant believe that Ryan and Adam think josh has their backs! Last night in the storage room James said next week lets put up Adam and Natalie... UGHHH so dumb this side is going to lose cuz they cant stick together! They will be picked off one by one and Josh and James will be the final 2. I just wish I could let them know somehow that Josh is playing them! LOL Carolyn you must of needed that rest waiting up all night for Dick!! :) Hope you have a great easter weekend!! :) Thanks for the site!!

6:50 AM  
Blogger Corey said...

I feel bad for Ryan, ok enough sympathy and back to the game. Nat didn't want to pray with Chelsia because it was for a competition....but wasn't Nat in her prayer booth the night before praying that her or one of the "good people" would win HoH? Hello pot, have you met kettle?

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

our prayers are with you ryan. I agree with mike about ryan winning this. he is a good guy and the others are not very nice to say it kindly. I truely believe though that sharon has the most chance of winning if she makes it to the final 2. she has played the smartest. she has not pissed anyone off and she keeps a very low profile. she always just sits back and listens/

7:20 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

I really like them, but keeping both Chelsia & James around together is almost like keeping Dick & Daniele together. You need to split up a couple that strong if you want to win the game... Not that I want to see either of them go, but the HG's are not very bright if they keep them both after this week...

(Also, losing a grandparent has been one of the saddest experiences in my life. I feel for Ryan, and for his family, and not having him around...)

7:26 AM  
Anonymous patti said...

anon 6:50

I SO AGREE with your post! Natalie IS right, and Josh NEEDS to go this week! Wine or not, what she said made sense and Ryan is being so dumb thinking Josh really does have his back, and Adam believes that as well? Hello? Do Ryan and Adam ever compare notes? And why is Chelsia not doing all she can to stay? Adam seems unable to see the big picture, all his cares about is who will be upset with him with whomever he puts up tomorrow. IMO, Adam and Ryan's game plan sucks. They need to talk to each other about Josh. Hopefully that happens today.

7:34 AM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

Many blessings to Ryan and his family, it's a difficult time. I give him many kudos for not playing the sympathy card... at least not yet.

As for Nat... many blessings to her too. She's so delusional it's unreal!


7:40 AM  
Blogger dbltrbl said...

Natalie has consistantly prayed for herself or someone on her side to win a comp, she just doesn't want to pray for one of the "evil" ones to win.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help! What is America coming to? How can you people be supporting a group of young people who color their hair all sorts of wild hues, think for themselves, creative, competitive. I mean seriously what kind of example is this to our children.

Our young people should be looking at the people who seek visions of jesus in their grilled cheese sandwhiches, seek obscure signs to validate every position they take, because critical thinking would just confuse the issue and ultimatley challenge them. Lead a life of doing whatever you think and judging and telling others how to behave. Thats the way forward for the next generation.


7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go, Chelsia! Keep it Klassy!

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

Chelsia is disgusting, omggggg all those awful things she said. Nat only asked if she was mocking her and Chelsia went off her rocker, Chelsia had this planned with dissing her behind her back all day. Wonder what her folks think of her now, I am so glad the DR told her to stop being imature and said to her how old are you anyway.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chelsia needs to calm down with her talk of abortion and who should/shouldn't have one, and limiting the amount that people can/can't have. That is NOT what women fought for and have been fighting for - to have an ignorant, foul-mouthed little girl scream at them.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Natalie should have NEVER brought the topic of her abortions into the house...
HOWEVER Chelsia had NO right to use that against her. I HATE Chelsia. Oh my gosh, I really despise that girl. There are no words. And her LAUGHING!? It truly disgusts me.

8:27 AM  
Blogger nat said...

so sad for ryan!

Now i love chels and i must say she did go a bit far. And Josh was giving her ideas because well Josh is Josh. But after she talked to James she did calm down. Nat needed to be called out of certain things and she denied all of it..

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Crazy Mama said...

Much Luv& Respect to Ryan & his familiy.

Natalie is a freakin idiot, I can't stand her. Why does everyone make her out to be lil miss sweet & innocent? Hiding behind her minimal knowledge of the bible is a disgrace, she says god is behind her WTF?? God is behind everybody. I vote to get rid of Natalie but then poor Matty would have to put up with her obsession of him for a whole week *yikes* Poor Matt, the only reason he is gone is because of Natalie, he never did get to get his game on with Chatty Natty stuck to him like velcro. It's a game people ma the best Player win! GO TEAM PINK!!!

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I think I would rather have Allison back than to hear Chelsia being so disgusting and ignorant.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I know it was wrong of Chelsia to say what she said ... but this is why you do not tell people her personal stories like that. They will def. use it against you! Who just comes out and talks about their numerous abortions ... that might not have sat well with a lot of people you know? She told a little to much about herself ... and this game is rough .. they will throw it back into her face.

Another thing that bothers me she talks about the bible and being a good christian but she sins just like everyone else ... and then said that Josh won't go to heaven because he is gay .. but she did say that god forgives her for her abortions .. she has obviously had pre-marital sex (oral & Intercourse) wouldn't he forgive everyone? (At least that is what my religious friends preach to me all the time). I just don't like when people swear they are the perfect Christians ... but sin just as bad as people who aren't religious. She should know people would throw that on to her ....

Whew .... I really had to get that out .. I rarely post on here but ... I mean I was even having this conversation with my dad .. lol trying to explain to him about big brother 9 ... he of course was like I have no idea what you are talking about ... so I had to bring it here hahah :) ...


8:39 AM  
Anonymous Taylor said...

mike~del: Hey dude, I respect your opinion, they take stuff far, too far most of the time. The thing is, they are like radical satirists. They see the ridiculousness that come out of the mouths of those that are "close to god" and they make a public joke out of it. They are admittedly jerks, and they make sure everyone knows that the others are too. It's like Adam last week, making sure it was known that he voted James back in. If he hadn't said anything, then the others would of said something and he'd be gone. Nat is easily broken, but if she is left alone, she becomes a silent cancer, lying and backstabbing. The only way to stop it is to push her hard until she breaks. Chelsia and Josh know this. They might be ruthless but they are smart. Dick didn't have to push it this far, but I seem to remember him willing to do so, and I bet he would of. Money is money, and anyone willing to go on a show like this pretty much has to be inhumane to a disgusting degree. Otherwise how do you win?

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Natalie is seriously delusional!!! Serously... she sounds like Amber... or as i've read before "Waaaaaamber" lol. And Chelsia is right, Natalie is a hypocrit and a lier. Chelsia knows she's going home, so she's trying to psych Natalie out, and obvioulsy doing a good job.
And if Adam does put Josh up, I don't think he'd go home any way. Sharon would vote him to stay. And James has already said he has to vote Chelsia out b/c he's linked to him, and people want to split them up. Ryan won't vote him out because of their secret allience. So that leaves Natalie and Sheila.
But you never know, James could change hs mind.
And if Josh did go out, I seriously doubt Sharon would flip... because she knows that Natalie is the target.

On a different note, I'm sorry Ryan's grandfather past away and he has to be there. =(


8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen Charlie!

The comments about Chelsia make me want to curse like a fuc*ing sailor. There are words, my friends, WORDS. And burps and farts are digestive functions - if you ain't burping and farting, you're probably dead.

I feel for Natalie, but her judgmental hypocrisy, and in the name of God, is what is revolting to me.

I am not an ignorant, foul mouthed, little girl, and still, largely I think what Chelsia says is correct. I am wholly pro choice - but not pro use of abortion as a form of birth control (it's dangerous, unhealthy, and puts our rights at risk). Ironically, Chelsia, as a Catholic, said she is pro choice but would never have an abortion. She is loud and indelicate, but she is consistent. Natalie brought this on herself. And I would have compassion for her, except she is so hateful, deluded, and uses faith in a self indulgent and offensive manner – that she has no compassion (isn’t that ironic).

Give me a good long swear and a fart any day, over praying to Jesus to give me gifts and harm my opponents.


8:47 AM  
Anonymous Crazy Mama said...

ALSO why does everyone make natal;ie how to be lil miss sweet 7 innocent, this woman has NO remorse for her abortions and has stripped, madeout and given blowjobs in the BB house, if she REALLY a bible thumping christian? I don't think so. chelsia is mad and she should tone it down but Natalie is not a victim she is just a used up trashy clingy needy idiot who never hesitates to play the victim card beotch. But hey thats just my opinion. For the 1st time ever I think I like Sheila more than Natty.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Gnat-n-Flea wouldn't pray with Chelsia because Chelsia wanted to pray for the wrong thing - she wanted to pray for a win. Gnat-n-Flea has stated "I have done as you commanded, Lord." I guess that means the Lord has commanded, "No one should pray to me for personal gain. Oh, let me make myself clear - that's 'no one' with the exception of my beloved Natalie."

Gnat-n-Flea in one moment is telling Adam that James is afraid of her because she can beat him in competitions. Within 45 minutes (and who knows how much alcohol) she is telling Adam that James is strong on physical comps and Josh is strong on mental, together they're strong, so Josh has to go.

SheCaw-Caw in one moment is being so nicey-nice to Adam (or Josh) and the next she is railing and ranting at one or the other.

SheCaw-Caw keeps saying she doesn't use the "single-mother" card or the "45-year-old" card; yet it seems 5 minutes can't go by without one of those phrases coming out of her mouth. Think about it.

I give up on Gnat-n-Flea. I give up on SheCaw-Caw. I believe Gnat-n-Flea and SheCaw-Caw each are Sybil reincarnated. Can't find any other answer to each one's drastically different personalities, and at the blink of an eye, too.

BTW: Mike @ 6:04 - Ryan's had more "moment(s) or two" than you seem willing to admit to. Or maybe you just haven't seen them, but there have been more than a couple. As SheCaw-Caw says, "Believe that."

Why does Ryan making comments behind someone's back make him a "good guy", but others making the same type of comments out in the open and willing to answer for their comments make them people with something "wrong" with them?

I like Ryan, too, but his way of making comments seems cowardly - not being willing to make those comments in front of the people he's talking about.

Sorry, but your gracious forgiving of Ryan as "a good guy" while considering all the others as having something "wrong with" them smacks of a prejudice you're not willing to admit to. Yet, you claim to not be about "the good people" and don't put Ryan in "any group of good people." ????

You like Ryan and want him to win - Cool. You don't like any of the others and don't want them to win - also Cool. But why the need to judge people as being "good guys" or having something "wrong" with them? Why the need to justify your support of Ryan by bringing "good" or "wrong" into it?

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Rain said...

Im totally loving crazy Chelsia. Not the best look for her but it's pretty damn entertaining

8:52 AM  
Blogger G said...

My condolences to Ryan. It's unfortunate that he won't be going to his grandfather's funeral.

About the game-I don't understand why people are so angry at Chelsia/James/Josh, but they love Dick. All 4 of them displayed the same type of "gameplay". All 4 of them have said horrible things. I can't believe anyone thinks Dick was nicer than Chelsia/James/Josh. Doesn't anyone remember his comments about Jen and Amber? All of this while his daughter (around Jen's age) was also in the house.

I hope Sharon and Ryan make the final 2. They are nice, but they are also playing the game.

Natalie is a hypocrite, and she reminds me of Jameka and Amber with "the good people" crap.

I would like Sheila more if she didn't play the "victim" card all the time.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Charlie @ 7:59 - RFLMAO. So brilliant. So succinct. So heretical. Careful, we're in the era of Homeland Security; those kinds of thoughts will NOT be tolerated.

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Charlie @ 7:59 -

P.S. It was nice reading your posts while we could. You will be in our memories after your disappearance.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

How can anyone find what happened last night entertaining???? my goodness she was off her rocker and had no idea what the heck she was talking about and look how she referred to her rosary and on Good Friday to. I hope her and her herders go out soon, she thinks she is fat, stuffed her face all last night and lets not forget she admitted in the HOH a few weeks back that she puts her finger down her throat and throws up, she did it in the HOH washroom mmmmmmmmm seems she has a little secret of her own bulemic maybe????

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and this is why i hate chelsia

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Jane @ 8:47 - Good morning. You do have a way of making valid points in a level-headed, non-judgmental way. Way to go. BTW, the occasional biting sense of humor is also enjoyed. :)

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Jane, it's your right to feel that way.

Let me preface by saying that I am not a big Natalie fan, either. In fact I think she's clueless and needs a LOT of help in the self-esteem area.
BUT, I still think that Chelsia went over the line with her comments about abortion.

I don't know the circumstances behind Natalie's abortions. I agree that she shouldn't have spoken about them in the house. But she has, and you can't unring a bell. I'm sure every member of the house has something in their past that they are very carefully guarding because they wouldn't want others to use it as ammo. Natalie was dumb enough to let hers slip.

As someone who has had more than one abortion in the past, and NOT as a "form of birth control" (1st time, pregnant through rape at age 12. 2nd time, because the baby wouldn't have survived outside my body, and I very possibly wouldn't have survived the pregnancy), all I have to say is that when you start making judgments on how many abortions a person can have before being called a murderer, you are walking a very fine line. If you start saying "Well, YOU can have an abortion, because of this or that circumstance... but YOU can't, because your circumstances are different..." we will soon be headed back to the days of wire coathangers.

- Cora

9:18 AM  
Blogger MissE said...

Jane 8:47am

I totally agree!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chelsia is a disgusting and vile human being. i am not defending natalie here, but chelsia has sunk to her or even far below that level at this point. i don't think this is game. you can play this game without being a cruel, vindictive bitch. manipulation, lying, all part of the game, yes. down right cruelty, no. this kind of cruelty does not have to be part of anyone's 'game,' i'm sorry. maybe nat shouldn't have brought it up in the first place, but hello...chelsia harping on it hits far below the belt and at this point just shows how morally base the girl is herself. i am sickened that there are women, scratch that, human beings like her wasting the airwaves.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how did Chelsia even get on the show??? she reminds me of a 12 year old only child.....

9:30 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Be Strong Ryan!

I still don't understand why the majority of the house considers themselves actors...They lie theres not much acting in lying, just my opinion...

Chelsia is going home because of Nat's revenge...If anyone one of you were a house guest with Nat would you believe her...."I counted 27 letters in the alphabet" ...x,y,n,z....

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chelsia is a disgusting poor excuse for a lady. I bet her folks are SO proud! Unbelievable, the foul garbage that came out of her mouth last night. Yes, Natalie asked for alot of it by opening up to these "Strangers" But NO one deserves to be treated like that.
And Josh is no better! do they not see what a pile he is? I have lost any desire to watch this show and it makes me sad. Ive watched it since BB1.

My heart & prayers go out to Ryan and his family.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh. Chelsia makes me gag. I actually like James a bit (well, as much as I can anyone in this lack luster cast). She needs to go. I predict Ryan, Josh, and James in final three. They seem to be playing the game the most out of any of them.

9:46 AM  
Blogger cindytexas said...

I've really liked Chelsia in this game, but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in the way she acted. Why not plot and scheme and at least TRY to stay in the house? They haven't even had re-noms yet. She should be trying to get someone else on the block and out instead of ensuring that they all want her gone.

I don't think it would take much to get Josh on the block. I hate to admit it, but Chelsia has no "game."

Why do you think Josh was egging her on all night? Because it takes the focus off him and keeps it all on her. She's doing his dirty work for him.

It's just sad to see Chelsia give up so easily. I really thought she could go far in this game.

~RIP Ryan's Grandpa~

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chelsia is being a big bully and a lot childish. I don't like it when Josh behaves this way, I like it less spewing out of her mouth.

I'm glad the cooler heads tried to prevail, James and Ryan.

My prayers are with Ryan and his family and I hope Natalie gets it together. She doesn't deserve this.


10:02 AM  
Blogger Tella said...

I also watched it on the feeds... when Ryan talked to Sheila about Grandpa. First I was thinking, "OH man, why is he telling that blabber mouth... it will all come out", but then I realized that Sheila propably is one of the most compassionate people in there... life experience and all. I hope the info doesn't come out.

As for the rest of the House... Such s dirty Game...

BUT, PLEASE... can we send that bible freak hypocrite Natalie to sequester to 'her' dear Matty now? Why is it every year there are some loons in there. Now I simply want anybody but Nat to win. I don't care. I just can't stand her and her superiority anymore.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Cares said...

I never really cared too much for Chelsia because she has always been pretty rude to people in the house, but this just makes my blood boil. She is everything that she is calling Natalie. Now I know how Nat can get a little annoying after a while, but she grew on me & I really hope she whips all their a$$es in the house! Natalie took the higher road by avoiding Chelsia . Chelsia for being a Catholic or whatever shouldn't JUDGE someone else based on what they have done. She is just a foul mouthed nasty girl who is an embarressment to her family, religion, and this country. I hope she goes this week...that's all I can say.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Mike~Del you said it all for me. Great post! Chelsia is vile and disgusting. Josh needs to go too. I wish one man would take Josh on. Matty was the only one that did so. Adam is a waste of an HOH. Grow a pair Adam. He is truly pathetic to through his own group under the bus like he did with Natalie last night. If Adam is dumb enough to believe Josh has his back he deserves to go next week. I have respect for Ryan. He seems like the only guy left that has any class. I never saw such immature hgs in the history of BB. The casting was a joke this season. My prayers go out to Ryan and his family.


PS. Stacey You and your family have my prayers for the lose of your Grandfather.

Anon 6:50 I agree. Adam is breaking up his group.

Patti I also agree with you. Adam & Ryan are fools to believe a liar like Josh has their backs. I was rooting for Ryan to win. If his standing by Josh cost him the game he deserves it for being stupid enough to believe Josh of all people.
Jeannie I also agree with your post. If I were Chelsia parents I would hide from embarassment!

Anon 8:01 Chelsia and classy in the same sentence is an oxy moron. Class is something Chelsia will never have! She is pure trash. She was from day one in the house.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Tella said...

Jane and Ron in Co

Great arguments... they are based on facts and not emotions because let's face it... we all can get very emotional watching these people and the very human sides they portray. I am sure all of us have had less than glorious moments when we said something stupid in anger.

There is nobody in this house that has not said something offensive to the nth degree.

This is why it's a tough game. This is also why people don't like these religious people using their book of choice to inflate themselves as the chosen ones... the good people.

You can't tell what somebody is like outside of this House. Do they have friends and associates that are racists and bigots? Do they live a life against their own preachings? Who knows?... only those who really know them outside.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Boomer said...

Yeah, kwowell -- that ticked me off, too! At one point I thought Ryan was going to yank the letter out of her hands and say to her "You know what, She, never mind. I'm really sorry I confided in you," and I was really wishing he would have!

He would have done better to go to Sharon or even Chelsia...they both have real hearts! (I know Chelsia can be waaaaay over the top with her antics, but she really does have genuine feelings for others and can be sensitive to the needs of others when called upon to do so -- unlike She Bot, who I think tries, but who, sadly, just doesn't have it in her).

Last night when Ryan was in the kitchen (cooking a pizza I think?) he started cussing because it spilled or something. I thought at the time that was a bit out of character and wondered what the heck was going on with him -- now I know. Bless you, Ryan, and stay in the game! While I am enjoying James' gameplay and am really happy he is staying this week, I'm still on the "Ryan" express. Go Ryan!

10:23 AM  
Anonymous JOE'S ANGEL said...

RIP Ryan's Grandpa..xoxo

Chelsia and Nat are both hypocrites. What Chelsia said was completely vile and unchristian. Real Christians couldn't be on BB, because the bible is against lying, slander and hateful speech. So they are both very fake as far as I am concerned. Chelsia didn't need to take it to that level. She is taking out being upset/pissed about most likely being booted this week and as annoying,nutty and deluded as Nat is she didn't deserve that. Can't wait to see Chelsia go home.
Her and Atheist James can say bye bye.You can believe whatever you want but I can't stand arrogant, ignorant people like James who bash Christianity, what's wrong with having faith? Well, best wishes to Ryan and family.

***Thanks Carolyn for keeping us informed...you must be enhausted...xoxoxo

10:28 AM  
Anonymous GaYToR said...

FINALLY! I hear the music and see the trivia. About time to wake them up BB. Let's get some action going in that house.

A few observations from last night:

Someone caught that Josh and James were talking about putting up Adam and Gnat if they get HoH. Well WHEN they get HoH next week. Funny how everyone is so sure they are getting it every week, but only one person gets the key. Anyway an Adam/Gnat block would most assuredly send Gnat packing and she can be with her precious St. Matt. Of course after he has had a week with Chelsia, Matt may not remember Gnat's first name.

I don't understand why BB is being so strict this year with not allowing confrontations or hiding other's posessions. That was fine last year. Dick did it all the time. Is this another sign of BB showing partiality?

I think from what I am hearing, the men (sans James) are going to stick together. It's almost a BB fact that the women eat their own with their cadiness, and underlying hate for other women as they vie to be the queen of the house.

I'd love to see a Ryan/Adam/Josh F3. Since none of them are self-admittingly bad at the endurance comps, that would be a great and SHORT night for the first round of that final HoH.

I know many here think Josh is a worm and would never keep to his promises to Ryan and Adam, but I say he would, to the END. Josh is NOT the stereotypical gay man despite what others have said many times. Josh stuck with the women so far because he wasn't accepted by the Broliance until now. Maybe he's still not fully accepted, but given a chance I truly think he would prove his loyalty.

James can't last winning HoH's and PoV's. His time has run it's course and he will be an easy out. I'm not a fan or a not-fan of James, but I do like the secret alliances of Josh/Ryan and Josh/Adam and Adam/Ryan.

Go Team JAR!

My sympathy goes out to Ryan and his family. Too bad he felt compeled to go go to "Make It About Me" Sheila to seek comfort.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Boomer said...

ROTFLMAO @ charlie (7:59 post)

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mike @6:04

just wanted to agree with you. ryan seems to take the "higher" road.

j/c/j are plain gross. what was it that chelsia called nat? trailer park trash? i think she described herself quite well. chelsia has some nerve calling nat out on anything! she's done far worse things in the house.

she and james will probably get offers to do a porn movie together. we all know she loves to run around without her bottoms on.

her family must be so very proud of the "young lady" they've raised! NOT

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you like chelsia....she is absolute trash.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Ry said...

ron in co ~ "Gnat-n-Flea" and "SheCaw-Caw" HILARIOUS!

People who had the feeds last night may have been lucky. For us Showtime watchers, it seemed like every time Natalie opened that pleasure hole of her's (i.e. - mouth), producers had to put cameras on her IMMEDIATELY! I think she forgot who she was trying to insult or insinuate was a bad guy last night (wine was gettin to her). She would bad mouth Chelsia, then Joshuah, then Sharon, then try to be badmouthing Joshuah when she was really badmouthing Sharon, I mean come on!

She must go next week! Please for the love of God!

~ Ryan ~

10:40 AM  
Blogger Boomer said...

Jane @ 8:47

Amen! ;P

You said what I have been trying to find the words for...thank you for saying it so eloquently (and with humor, to boot!) You rock!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I know Nat can be very annoying, I would take her, and her talking and her bible talking over Chelsia and James holier that thou attitude any day. James especially has walked around with a chip on his shoulder about honesty the whole show yet has crawled like a snake in the grass with the rest of them. He throws out threats and tries to use intimidation. James and Chelsia need to be split up, then let the rest of the chips fall where they may....

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Ry said...

Hey Carolyn, jus so u know, QuirkyDude did not have the argument that occured between Nat n Cherlsia on his/her page. TRD2010 did on the other hand. So the second part of the argument is on TRD2010's page and not QuirkyDude's page. Just lettin ya know!

~ Ryan ~

11:06 AM  
Blogger Boomer said...

Hmmmm, okay, I like Ryan, but for some reason, now that I've had time to digest this information, I'm starting to have a couple doubts about the authenticity of this letter from home...images of Johnny Fairplay from Survivor "my grandma died" ploy of years gone by keeps coming to mind....maybe this is something he and Jen cooked up before getting in the house? I would NOT put it past them. Remember of all the people in the house they are the only ones who KNEW they would have a partner IN the house. They had time to put together such strategies...I hope it's not true...but, hey, it's a game! If Ryan's gp really had passed, then my thoughts and prayers are with him, and if it's just gameplay, then GO RYAN! You sucked us all in and that's okay with me, too!

See, here's what got me to really start doubting...why did he go to Sheila? Because she can't keep her mouth shut about anything. The only other person with looser lips is Natalie and I'm sure he didn't want to get sucked into praying with her!

So, we'll see what we will see...

Go Ryan!

(But I am enjoying Team Pink, too! Just gotta say that.)

11:11 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

I just watched the Chelsia clip and if that was my daughter, sister or friend - believe me I would be embarrased - she is making a fool out of herself, and displaying as she says the 'real" Chelsia . . which is clearly a very vulgar, white trash fool . .Nat may be naive and foolish, but she hasn't behaved anywhere near as badly as Chelsia has . . this is a game, not a class in bad behaviour. And I can't wait till she finds out her lover James has done Gay porn . .she does not deserve to be there and I think the DR should call her in and tame her down like they did Josh. These people think becasue it's a game they can break all rules of decency . . shame on her and Josh. She has no integrity or decency, and karma will come back and bite her !

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

square pants chelsia has no right even if Natalie told the story. Chelsia was calling Natalie "white trash" ummmm chelsia does and look like she comes from a tralior as well, come on Iowa??? All they have is colleges ,corn and trailor parks.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Tella said...

I have to say that even if Sharon is a boring player... I really like her for how she is. She is a mature and level headed gal and the tenderness with the guinea pigs sure is part of my reason liking her... I LOVE ANIMALS. I think she is the one in the house who has said the least nasty stuff as well. As a person... I'd give her the 500K... but not as a player - at this point. Maybe things will change.

But watching boring people and a boring house without drama is not what makes BB. That would be like watching paint dry.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess i am rooting for adam?

11:28 AM  
Blogger Tessie said...

Chelsia is still playing the game. The whole purpose to her ripping on Natalie is to manipulate her thinking. Because Nat will and is jelouse that maybe Chels n Matt did makeout and all Chelsias comments are so Nat will not want her alone with Matt in sequester for fear they would have sex. So Nat would want her to stay in the house! And bring on more drama!! i love every second of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I love crazy Chelsia. Her attack on Natalie was crass, perhaps a bit immature and over the top, but right on the money. She who is without sin shall cast the first stone. Nat has been casting stones in God's name the entire season, and someone had to attack her on that issue and not her family background.

I realize at this point it is not going to happen, but crazy Chelsia aginst crazy Sheila/Kimberly would create BB gold.

Is it me or did Chelsia's blowout ensure her eviction? Natalie was onto Josh's scent and it looked like she had a decent chance of grinding Adam down before renoms.

A question would you rather have a "bad guy" like Josh be conniving and abusive in private and out in the open or a "good guy" like Ryan who reseveds his comments exclusively behind everyone's back?

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Vee said...

First off I'm a huge Natalie fan

Okay so I watched everything unfold last night and I must say these people are so idiotic it's not even funny.

Chelsia has no right to talk about someones abortions especially on national tv even if Natalie talked about it. I'm a Catholic not a hardcore one but I too am Pro-Choice. Unlike Chelsia's beliefs women have fought for abortion rights regardless of why someone chooses to abort.

And Josh wtf is his problem? He wants to get involved in a fight regardless if it includes him or not. He sooo wants to be ED but his sorry arse is no where near as cool and truthful as ED. I think Josh is another Sheila because everything has to be about him.


11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is kinda random, but why is Adam's nickname A-Baller, and when did he get it?

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay.I've got to get this out of my system.

If Natalie appears to have been born "yesterday", perhaps that's because she may have been.

I'm not saying that all "born again" Christians are people so lacking in core values that they need a rule book to make moral decisions, but many are.I've met them.

They are the ones who after making consistantly bad decisions find relief in being told that it's not their fault- that no one can do it alone- that if they follow the Bible literally, without question, without reason, that they can buy their way into Heaven.

These are people who have turned to God to meet their personal needs, but really don't understand the concept of Godliness.

Years ago I saw a talk show that featured 3 clergymen; a priest, a fundamental pastor and a rabbi.

The question posed to them was "Do you believe that Jews and Christians will be in Heaven together?"

The priest said "It's debatable"

The pastor said "According to the Bible, no"

The rabbi said " same party, different seating arrangements".

As a Christian, I applauded the rabbi.


12:02 PM  
Blogger Boomer said...

Okay, I just saw the obit for Ryan's g-pa online. I don't think they'd take it that far.

So guess my theory is crap -- LOL not the first time, won't be the last.

Still, of all the people in the house, why DID he pick Sheila to confide in? I kind of think "Mama Sharon" would have made more sense as a confident for emotional support.

Poor Ryan -- he really is in that house all by himself.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gameplay or not, everything that comes out of Chelsia's mouth is trash. There are ways of playing this game without compromising personal integrity (which Chelsia and others have done). I truly feel that these HGs saw the way ED played/won last season and many of them are using the same tactic, just with a lot less tact.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

OMG. I've just finished watching all the videos of Chelsia/Gnat-n-Flea and SheCaw-Caw/Gnat-n-Flea.

Gnat-n-Flea is more than a Sybil (as I called her in an earlier post). The girl is a pathological liar and I don't believe she would know the truth if it were to fly right into her face (she'd probably accuse one of the HGs of throwing something at her).

And she uses her supposed "faith" like a battering ram against anybody who would dare disagree with her or try to call her out for anything.

She is probably one of the most unbalanced people to ever have appeared on BB (any season).

She has a "relatively" clean mouth (as many have pointed out Chelsia or Josh do not), but she has one of the least-Christian minds I've ever had the misfortune to encounter; but she has deluded herself into believing she is the MOST Christian person in the house.

I am (only slightly) ashamed of myself, but she is like watching a train wreck. I can't take my eyes off her, for fear I'll miss the next time she makes a complete and total a$$ of herself.

Of course, SheCaw-Caw is laying on her bed and encouraging Gnat-n-Flea's delusions, by sympathizing with Gnat-n-Flea for being kicked out of the HoH by Adam (who told her she couldn't use the HoH to hide in).

SheCaw-Caw is accusing every male in the house of being spineless and a wimp for not "protecting" the women in the house. ("I'm not going to say anything to him now because he's HoH, but just wait until he gets down here. He's shown his true colors. He should have protected you." -- Big, brave talking SheCaw-Caw won't say anything while Adams in HoH because she's probably afraid he'd put her whiney a$$ up on the block.)

SheCaw-Caw seems to think BB and the men in the house are there for the protection of the women, not to play a psychological game. In these thoughts, I find SheCaw-Caw to be as deluded as is Gnat-n-Flea.

She actually told Gnat-n-Flea that she was shocked that BB and the guys did nothing when a guy attacked a woman or a woman attacked a woman. (Notice, she didn't say anything about when a woman attacks a man. Maybe because that might remind people nobody protected Adam or Josh when she attached them?)

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Crazy James because he's an original person and he's got major game but I respect Ryan because he really is a nice person. If I had to choose to give half a mill. to anyone in this house, it would be Ryan.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christianity in a nutshell by BB9 Natalie, just in time for Easter. BTW, I'm thinking of converting! I really want a new car and my boss royally pisses me off.

"God will seek vengeance, he's slow to anger, but he won't let the mean people go unpunished. Just gotta have faith that he'll do it this week - come on God, do it this week! I have faith. Then I won't let anyone into the HOH room!, evil doers must stay out.

They pick on me because they are jealous, I have God in me, because I love, they see I'm always happy and they feel miserable about themselves.

Please dear God let me win the HOH competition. You're watching them persecute me every day, help me seek vengeance for our side the house, which is the good side. Help me win. In Jesus' name, I pray amen."



12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chelsia is disgusting, Natalie is trashy, James is a FREAK, Josh is a devil, Sheila is self-absorbed and they are All Liars. I mean come on....this is why we watch the show......you can only hide your true self for so long....now we are really seeing their true colors. Ryan is the only one whose mother doesn't have any reason to be ashamed of him.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Natalie's portfolio of "modeling" photos. I'll leave the comments to the peanut gallery. Note - R rated (though not X).



1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to think that this blog was unbiased, but now I can see what players you favor Carolyn. Which is cool, I guess, you can skew things however you want, it IS your blog.

My favorite part of the night was when Chelsia hopped back into bed with James after her "performance" ...thinking she had made her man proud having chewed out Natalie the way she did only to have James ask her....

"Dude, how old are you?" and asking her if she had snything else other than the same old caps, about Natalie's abortion. Then gave her a sermon on that she's a better person than that..etc. CHELSIA WAS PISSED! hahahaha.

ONLY THEN did she get up and unhide Natalie's make up and go on about how it was "immature" haha, as if she had come to that conclusion on her own. Lame Chelsia, lame.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Ray said...

I LOVE Chelsia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She had me laughing my butt off watching that.

If you dont want people to use it against you, dont say it. Has she never seen season before? i could never go that far to use it against someone in real life, but If I knew it was a game and $500, 000 was on the line, I think I might go a bit overboard also.
Anyway...I still love her.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chelsia is a disgusting and vile human being. i am not defending natalie here, but chelsia has sunk to her or even far below that level at this point. i don't think this is game. you can play this game without being a cruel, vindictive bitch. manipulation, lying, all part of the game, yes. down right cruelty, no. this kind of cruelty does not have to be part of anyone's 'game,' i'm sorry. maybe nat shouldn't have brought it up in the first place, but hello...chelsia harping on it hits far below the belt and at this point just shows how morally base the girl is herself. i am sickened that there are women, scratch that, human beings like her wasting the airwaves.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I completely agree with Jane about Chelsia. C makes valid points, albeit in an outrageous fashion. I actually like her more after last night's blow up than through out this whole game. But, she's going home and I'm glad.

Natalie really go to me last night, her selective use of morals and values is completely DISGUSTING, and a negative representation of faith and reverence. God has half the world population, who are living on less than $2 a day to worry about. It's sad that she's too dumb to realize this.

Anyway, last night was fun to watch while it lasted.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Gorgeous said...

I think Chelsia is a sore loser. I can not wait until they boot her out! She has stated she is going out with a bang, stupid skank

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are the House Guests going to learn that if there is a God, he would NOT be paying any attention to Big Brother 9. Why have these past 2 years turned into this? Do you think it's some kind of CBS agenda?

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mike~del, thank god for what you said! I totally agree and you took the words right out of my fingers.

Ron in CO, I've had too much of your lingo and nicknames for the people you don't like. I notice how you use the correct names for the peoples side you're on. BTW, the meaning of your post gets lost in the ridicule and nicknames...it's too confusing.

Before todays posts, I was starting to lose faith in the blog and the posts for the simple fact that everything is so biased. Thank goodness for some other points of view that regained my faith today. I guess I can thank Chelsia for that, as since she showed her true colors, other people are seeing that the JJCS group might not be as wonderful as everyone thought. I've always said that James and Josh are POISONous and Chelsia is nasty. Sharon, as proven in the first few days with Jacob is a dirty, conniving player.

Carolyn I totally love the site!!!


3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i getting really tired of no f*cking up dates.. come the hell on.. bloggin 24/7 my f*ckin ass!!!!

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Scary Bunnies said...

Natalie is making me feel embarrassed that I watch BB, and starting to offend me with her religious rhetoric.

Sheila just kills my brain cells, but I'm finding it increasingly hard to watch the feeds.

I'm very disappointed in Joshua for the whole ketchup/eggs idea. So awful--really bad. I think he burst my fan bubble for him.

The poor girl needs counseling.

I dunno, it's depressing.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Tella said...


7:59 AM


6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me preface by saying that I am not a big Natalie fan, either. In fact I think she's clueless and needs a LOT of help in the self-esteem area.
BUT, I still think that Chelsia went over the line with her comments about abortion.

I don't know the circumstances behind Natalie's abortions. I agree that she shouldn't have spoken about them in the house. But she has, and you can't unring a bell. I'm sure every member of the house has something in their past that they are very carefully guarding because they wouldn't want others to use it as ammo. Natalie was dumb enough to let hers slip.

As someone who has had more than one abortion in the past, and NOT as a "form of birth control" (1st time, pregnant through rape at age 12. 2nd time, because the baby wouldn't have survived outside my body, and I very possibly wouldn't have survived the pregnancy), all I have to say is that when you start making judgments on how many abortions a person can have before being called a murderer, you are walking a very fine line. If you start saying "Well, YOU can have an abortion, because of this or that circumstance... but YOU can't, because your circumstances are different..." we will soon be headed back to the days of wire coathangers.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Tella said...

Anonymous said...
i getting really tired of no f*cking up dates.. come the hell on.. bloggin 24/7 my f*ckin ass!!!!

4:29 PM

WHY DON'T YOU TAKE YOUR ANONYMOUS self somewhere else then? Maybe you missed it... but Carolyn may have a life too and personal stuff to deal with. As far as I know I doubt you have contributed to the tip jar to make this a job rather than a passion. GRRRRLLLLL.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Love you Tella!

6:15 PM  
Blogger Tella said...


You are more than welcome. I hope all is OK?! <3

Purring affections!

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cora - I make no judgment on Natalie's abortions whatsoever. I will fight (nearly to the death) to protect that right. I do make a judgment on Natalie's hypocrisy. I think that Natalie could have told that story and received tremendous empathy from Chelsia - except for her use of religion as a weapon. Obviously I can't speak for her, I can only surmise her intent, but my interpretation is it's not Natalie's abortions Chelsia has a problem with - it's her contractions and self righteousness. Maybe she went too far, maybe not. Although I expect I would have said it more gracefully than Chelsia (not being 21 and over emotional), it would have been a more delicate and clever way to say just about the same thing.


6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you all who compliment me, and thank you all who don't - I appreciate you reading what I say even if you don't agree.


6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cora - BTW, my opposition to using (repetitive) abortion as birth control has nothing to do with morality. It's a health issue (it's surgery which has dangers and can cause scaring and infertility, plus there are emotional consequences) and considering so many people do see it as a moral issues, sometimes we have to hedge our bets politically. That said, I am not a Christian and do not believe abortion is "murder." I support abortion 100% rather than the birth of unwanted humans. That however is my opinion and has nothing to do with Chelsia, Natalie, or BB - and clearly many in our culture disagree with me on this.

Just wanted to add that for my own peace of mind.


7:06 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Boomer @ 11:11 = I felt the same thing when he went to Sheila. My first thought, "why Sheila?" Next thought, "because he knows it will get out without him having to do it and look like he is trying to get sympathy, and when it does get out he will be off the radar for a little while."

I know it sounds jaded, but after Johnny's play in Survivor, this is just too coincidental (grandparent and not a parent!!) - especially since, as you said, he and Jen had a chance to set it up. Truth be known, Jen probably sent the letter rather than trying to involve Ryan's grandparents in the scam.

Like you, I too wish Ryan the best if it is true. However, those who think like you and I do can't be accused of undue cruelty when he is the one who signed for a psychological game.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Carin @ 12:02 - good on ya for defending Nastalie. However, she stated last night, before the fight really got going, that she had been "saved a long time ago," not just recently.

Even if it was just recently, does that justify her continually praying for the "evil" people (and letting them know she is doing so) and committing all sorts of religious sins but calling everybody else out and denying it when she is called out?

As you, I agree with the Rabbi, but he said nothing about two-faced hypocritical Christians, only that the seating is different.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

anon dropping f-bombs that will not be published at me and tella - go away.... i take maybe 6 consecutive hours off, one day a week.

deal with it.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Jane @ 12:53 - Nastalie has "God in her"? Please, Mattie is NOT God. Nastalie must feel she is the Lord's favorite since it is okay for her to pray for a win, but it is the wrong thing to pray for if you are Chelsia. You did get her in a nutshell. Brilliant.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C - anyone who gives you a hard time doesn't even deserve a response.

People, this isn't a public service, it's Carolyn's personal blog. Don't like it, don't read it.


7:22 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Krista @ 3:47 - If you truly followed my posts you would know that I don't really care who wins - I only care about Christianity (phony at that) being used as a battering ram, and it bothers me that a woman will talk continuosly about her son and then scream like bloody murder if someone else mentions him (and then tells another HG that she isn't worried at all because she has an adult watching her son and he really isn't going to see anything bad). A mother using her son as a shield bothers me as much as a phony Christian bashing people over the head with her Christianity. BTW, I have also made negative comments about the other HGs when they do something obnoxious or stupid.

Happy, NO nicknames?

7:28 PM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

anon @ 4:29 blathered ....

"blah, blah, blah ..."

Carolyn - Don't pay attention to those types. We really appreciate all you do here, and hope you had a good day out and about !!!

Jane - Thanks for the "odd and stupid" Nat pic link. From a male perspective, it's always fun to look at a hot gal, but after you see the same thing flaunted in the same fashion continuously, it becomes less alluring and a LOT less desirable. Natalie will find that she'll get a lot further in her relationships with men if she dresses less trashy.

I see a lot of people trashing Chelsia for the abortion lines, but what about Nat calling Chels fat and telling her that she has small boobs? It showed just how superficial Nat's logic is.

Anyway, back to my Bible. I'm gonna see how the Egyptian Christians get persecuted by God in Detrimony. :)

7:30 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Chelsia... Chelsia... Chelsia... I dont even know what to say.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Carolyn @ 7:15 - How DARE you take ANY time off. If I was your boss, I would say, "You're Fired," even if "the Donald" is trying to trademark that much-used expression.

Hope you enjoyed your FEW hours off. I, too, was getting antsy for updated posts, but I truly do understand that some people need to take a few hours to themselves. NOT me, of course, but some people.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Tella, Jane, Charlie, Ron...

Thanks guys - Don't worry. Comments like those actually make me laugh. I don't take them to heart at all.

You should see some of the garbage that comes through... lol.. it's really pathetic...

the other morning, the 1st comment i saw was "F you, Carolyn, you fat, fascist c*nt."

Oh, happy joy joy.. ;) That was the anon I replied to by wishing him a "happy holy week."

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Shamrock @ 7:30 - How DID the Egyptians fare with God in Detrimony??? BTW, Nastalie would want me to let you know that it isn't Egyptian Christians; Egyptians is just another word for Christians. Get it right. :)

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know if you are a facist c*nt, but we can all see from your picture you aren't fat.

We adore you .........


7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane, I see where you're coming from and agree with most of what you're saying.

I am just saying that Chelsia really needs to re-think her views on abortion, or at least the way she worded things.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cora - I don't agree with Chelsia on abortion (or at least what she appears to believe), I just get where she is coming from with Natalie.

Maybe when she gets out we can give her a good talking to.

Bottom line, I think Chelsia is the kind of person who would listen and rethink (and will do so as she grows up), while Natalie is, perhaps well intentioned, driven by a warped sense of morality driven by a warped sense of religion. Which is why I personally am a Chelsia fan.


8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow there is just sooo much goin on! 2 great games in the ncaas and all these open posts and I see all the good stuff is in here. of coarse its the last place i look.

i was gonna tell anon to either get a life or grab a bible, but then i thought heck C is a big girl and takes great care of herself, i had no worries you let the charmings get to you. MUAH


8:25 PM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

Ron -

Thanks. I'm always getting stuff mixed up.

I dub thine Big Brother House, The Church of the Magic Ping Pong Ball.

God Bless you, God.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im not discounting the mean spirited truly nasty remarks, but it would be a boring show and blog if everyone shared the same opinion. im kinda shocked that i agree with a number of posters im sooooo used to being the most liberal in the room and noone and i mean no one i can agree with


8:27 PM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Carolyn ignore that person (trying to be nice here) for cursing you out. Let it watch the feeds 24-7. You are no ones robot and you do have a life. Too bad it that person doesn't like it. Deal with it puke or get lost!


PS Maybe it is related to Chelsia lol. They sure do sound alike!

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron- Still trying to figure out how you interpreted my post as defending Natalie.

Also trying to figure out how the girl got to be 28 years old without knowing that magi is pronounced "madge-eye, not "Maggie" ;-)


8:42 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Carin.. All I have to say to that is... Detrimony! ;)

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carin - Maggie? Wow, that's rich. I suppose it's hard not to have some pity for that woman. It can't be easy to be that, well, dumb. I hate myself for calling her that, but at the moment I'm willing to live with that hate.


8:49 PM  
Blogger Tella said...


" I don't agree with Chelsia on abortion (or at least what she appears to believe), I just get where she is coming from with Natalie." I am not really understanding what I have missed here?

I heard Chelsia say that she is 100% pro-choice, but doesn't like the hypocrisy and that people use abortion as birth control. Isn't that what you also are saying... except that she doesn't have your gift of expressing it kindly. ;-)

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tella - What I remember Chelsia saying is she's pro choice, but she wouldn't do it because she would feel she is murdering a baby. She's Catholic, so I assume that has a lot to do with it.

Mind you, Chelsia and I have never had a sit down about this over International Coffee. But she has some religon thing going on here that I don't.

When she gets out of the house, no doubt she'll be in touch with me for my wise guidance.


9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Detrimony. Sounds like the definition of a bad marriage.

Jane- Yes, apparently Nat thinks it was Maggie who brought the murr to the baby shower ;-)


9:33 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Carolyn... I had no idea people said stuff like that to you... and after all the hard work you do for us... how could they say something like that? They are probably people from other BB sites that are jealous of how amazing yours is!

10:01 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hey Stephen :) Thanks.. who knows. I just think it's funny. But yeah, there are definitely a fair share of "You suck! (insert random clickable link) is so much better!!

whatever dude.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Carin @ 8:42 - Sorry. Your statement that Nastalie "might have been born yesterday" sounded to me (obviously wrong) as kind of a rationalization for Nastalie's behavior. I was just pointing out that she told Chelsia she had been "saved" a long time ago and so was not a "newly reborn" Christian. I apologize if I was putting words in your mouth. I wonder as well: Magi is Maggie; Deuteronomy is Detrimony; Egyptian is another word for Christian. I also doubt she knows all 10 Commandments (or she wouldn't do what she is doing). When Chelsia asked her what #6 was, Nastalie replied that she didn't know them in order. :)

11:18 PM  
Blogger Tella said...


Thanks... I guess I missed the comment about 'murdering' when she talked about herself I did hear her say she wouldn't have one. No wonder the girl is confused. One of my closest friends who went to a catholic girl school informed me that girls that went to schools such as hers are the best in giving a certain 'party favor' to guys while still being virgins. OK... wahtever... ;-)

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Chelsia is the nastiest person I have ever seen. She gets off on other people's miseries. No better than Josh. Yet, she will stand on her "soap-box" and spew about how great SHE is and how damned and dishonest the rest of the house is. She is one lonely individual.

7:30 AM  

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