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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Overnight Report

Good Morning (again) Big Brother Lovers! The HGs were very busy last night, what with all the plotting and scheming and positioning themselves with Adam as the new HoH, followed by the Casino Night and the aftermath... and all of this while youtube was down for maintenance.

Thankfully, ReporterX was on the job for bb9dish, and captured the key moments. Here are the links to the clips from before 10pm BBT:
7:15pm BBT - Adam Seeks James' Advice
7:19pm BBT - Adam Seeks Josh's Advice
7:37pm BBT - House Post Adam HoH Win
7:43pm BBT - Chelsia Tells Natalie She Voted Matt Out
7:59pm BBT - Natalie Crying, Ryan Comforting
8:35pm BBT - Natalie Goin' Coo Coo
Adam in HoH with Natalie & Ryan Discussing Noms

In a nutshell, it's looking like Adam will be nominating and targeting James and Chelsia this week. To hear Natalie tell it, the target is 100% James and all about taking vengeance for Matt. Adam took meetings with several of the HGs last night, and a whole lot of guidance from Ryan and Natalie, who both seem to be 100% safe.

Here's the abbreviated rundown: In very similar fashion to his private dealings with Ryan, Joshuah cut a private deal with Adam, and it looks like he's safe from both nomination and the dreaded back door, at this point.

10:42pm BBT
Josh, Sheila, Natalie, Ryan
Josh and Sheila make peace, joke around...

Sheila: You like it crazy too. You're a diva, and you like drama.
Josh: I love it crazy.
Sheila: Well, ok, so don't fault me cause I like it crazy too. OK? I think you're a little jealous, cause I get a little crazy..
Josh: Know what I think I'm jealous of? I think I'm jealous that you get a lot more attention from the men...
Sheila: (cracks up) Oh my God. That's it!
Josh: That's it, because all the men come to you, and they don't come to me.
Sheila: Aw, sweetie.
Josh: I think that's what it is, ladies.
Sheila: Oh, come on.
Josh: Think about it. Maybe that's why I'm mad at the house. All the women are getting attention from men, and I get no attention.
Natalie: No you don't.
Josh: Maybe that's it. Maybe you figured out why I'm so crazy. I am starved for penis.
Natalie: (oh natalie) I'm starved for penis with ya.
Sheila: But the guys are jealous of you, cause all the women wanna hang out with you! You have the best allies in this house, and it's the frikkin' women. (get ready for it) Trust me on that.
Josh: So I guess it's 5 women to 3 men now in the house...
Sheila: Yep!
Josh: Girlfriends. Hellooo.. Well, it's 4 and 4 but... but I'm counting half.. I'm probably more woman than I am man...
Sheila: So that's what you're upset about. You just want some attention from the men...
Josh: I think that you're getting all the attention from the men, and I'm not, and maybe I'm trying to steal some away from you.
Sheila: I'm sorry. I'll let ya have some of my like, whatever. I'll give ya a little spotlight, babe.

Ryan enters.

Ryan, show him a little love. Show Joshuah some love!

Ryan goes in for a joking dip kiss, covering Josh's mouth... Josh backs away from it, misunderstanding the hand over the mouth to mean Ryan's trying to muzzle him.

Very funny clip, worth watching...

Natalie: I get crazy tooooo..
Josh: Yeah, but you don't get to Sheila and I's level.. where you want producers involved and security. We want lawsuits. We want civil suits...
Sheila: It's just so funny...

10:42pm BBT

10:51pm BBT
Josh & Natalie
Game Talk

Josh: ...I swear.
Nat: I'm pretty sure James and Chelsia are goin' up on the block.
Josh: Well, everyone thinks it's me.
Nat: You're not. You're not. I can guarantee you that right now. OK? You're not going up. You're not getting backdoored.

Josh hugs Nat.

Josh: I'm so indebted to you.
Nat: We all want James out. He's goin'... for vengeance for Matty and Ryan. That's what's goin' down. I'm tellin' ya Joshy. Didn't I tell you I've got your back? I've always trusted you.

Natalie goes on about Josh being a straight shooter, and how much she appreciates that. She and Ryan discussed it, and they agree.
    ***Neither know that Josh has secret deals with Both of them, and now Adam as well.

Nat: You're not goin' anywhere. Sharon's not going anywhere. You wont even be involved.

The only concern is if James wins Veto, in which case Josh will probably go up, but Natalie says she will vote Chelsia out, because she's more of a physical threat at this point.

Natalie encouages Josh to continue letting James and Chelsia think he's really worried about being nominated. Natalie tells Josh how she's been talking smack to James, telling him he might want to be nice to her, since he's going up.

James comes in. Natalie leaves. Josh lies to James, saying he's still concerned about going up... James replies that he's gonna go talk to Adam about letting Natalie run his HoH, and that he will win Veto.

Here's the clip:

10:51pm BBT
Josh & Natalie Talk Game


11:47pm BBT
Sheila & Josh
More Bonding...
Sheila and Josh talk about the game and their relationship in it.
Here's the Clip

11:52pm BBT
(josh) Sheila and Adam

Sheila and Adam discuss the Power... Sheila denies she's trying to run anything. Sheila promises to do whatever he wants if she wins PoV.

Still Lots more to come... But the HGs have been woken up, so it's gonna have to wait. If you must know, right this minute, go check out jokers for the rundown on what happened after the Casino Night. There's not a whole lot of info... We'll find out more as they discuss it today.

The most important exchange of the evening, beyond the discussion of noms, was between James and Chelsia... It's in the comment section of this post.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone I talk to says that if Chelsia or James goes home next week they will completely stop watching the show! I agree. As soon as it's announced that either both of them or going up on the block which means one of them are going home I know for a fact that there is a huge amount of people are going to shut the show off right away.

That is a stupid move on Adam's part take out Shelia, and Sharon if you absolutely have to but seriously I know the ratings will go down if James or Chelsia leave...

7:15 AM  
Anonymous That Guy said...

If Adam wants a chance to win this game he'll put up Sheila and Natalie (w/ Ryan in the wings in case POV is used) and make a deal with J/S/J/C for safety until final 5.

Here's why. The "good side" is crazy weak (well, and they're mostly just crazy). The "evil side" has won the most comps this season and they've never even considered targeting Adam (at least to his knowledge).

Why would he now make himself a target for the "evils" when he can't play HOH next week and has to rely on Sheila/Nat/Ryan for a win?

That's suicide.

Instead, he needs to go "evil", evict a "good", and make it a 5-2 game. If he doesn't, the power struggle will continue and by making himself a target, he might get picked off way before final 5.

Besides, no one is going to hate him for ridding the house of Sheila. He walks away from this week without a scratch.

James and Josh should be jamming this plan/idea/option into Adam's ear immediately.

And James really needs to cut out that "just put me up.. put Chelsia up.. put Josh up.." self-defeating bullshit. How does that help your cause? Idiot. The more you say it, and the more Nat and Sheila buzz around him saying it, the more likely it will happen.

Just when I think the guy has a bit of gameplay in him, he goes and does this stupid crap. Why is he being so sacrificial of his own side before trying any other option first??

F-ing DUMB.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought that Adam was a little snake in the grass and not playing up to his par. He had the whole house fooled.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

I dont like this plan. :(

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know anyone (other than people on this blog) who like Chelsia and James (or Josh for that matter) and I know for a fact that many people on the east coast despise the evil side.

Maybe it's an east coast/west coast thing. Now I understand why the rappers fight.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is for the first poster, when james came back, a lot of people said they may not watch again too, but they're still watching. i'm sorry to say, i hope one of them goes this week, i kinda hope adam or ryan win and i dont see the "evil" group helping with that, the way i see it, both are on the outskirts of that alliance and would do better to break it up.
James and Chelsia are huge threats in comps, so i think the wise thing for adam is to break that up. although you do have a point about depending on sheila, ryan and natalie to win hoh. but natalie may have an hoh in her yet, so its a gamble either way.
tough decision

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Ken said...

So what happened with Josh in the DR? Did they read him the riot act and now he's all calmed down? I know it was game play between him and Sheila, but, that was something we could depend on for drama.

I for one will most probably stop watching if James and Chelsia both go on the block. That would be a very stupid move on Adam's part. I know he has an alliance with Sheila but at least put up Natalie or Sharon. James can be more of a help than a hindrance.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so hoping that it will be James and Chelsia on that block this week! If Adam puts Shiela or Nat up he will more stupid than I thought! He needs to stick with them or the nerdherd will prevail; and I'm so ready for James to go AGAIN!

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care if the ratings will plummet if James or Chelsia go, because i can't stand either of them. I want James to be kicked out of the house,since America didn't vote him back in. If either of them goes I will still be watching and their ratings aren't doing that well anyway American Idol is Killing them. And CBS is not the most watched Network anymore.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Alex said...

The J/C/J/S alliance wouldn't take Adam past top 5. They'd look out for each other before him. He HAS to take one out.

I was so psyched when Adam won. He's so funny- definitely one of my favorites. Not sure if he really wanted to win it though- now he has to make enemies.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if Adam puts up James and Chelsia; they are going to come after him anyway. Like Nat said, "everyone is a target"! Adam has a better chance with Nat, Ryan, and Sheila!

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found this interesting....

at 2:50am BBT -

James and Chelsia in the Bathroom. Chels asking James if he owns Bar 107 and he says no and she asks about something else and he says he has something she will not find out. she wants to know if it is bad or good. She is now sitting in the big chair and he is standing in front of her. he said it wont affect people in the house and she asks if she would look at him differently and he says yes, 100%. she is worried that it is bad. he says good night and she says come back here, what does that mean, he says he was joking with her and she said she doesnt beleive him - he heads to bed and she says give me a kiss tho. he kisses her and they still stay chatting in WC. he is holding his microphone. says something about having sex with guys and it would connect pieces of the block for a lot of people but he cant say anything, he says I could but...

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

I for one CANNOT wait for Chelsia or James to go home! WOOHOO!!!!!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree "that guy". He's better off going after Sheila right now. Nat's the only one going to be upset with that. Ryan and he both have deals with Josh and the Fab 4 are going to have to turn on each other sooner or later. Let it come!

I say put up Sheila/Josh (I know he said he wouldn't) and let Sheila leave. James/Chels/Sharon/Ryan vote to keep Josh.

If he puts up James/Chelsia one of them is winning POV and coming down. If Chelsia's gone next week look for another James HOH and then his deal with Adam is out the door.

Chels will be even more on fire if James is gone and she'll be on a rampage.


8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does everyone threaten to stop watching if things don't (or may not) go their way. It's a game and that's what makes it great to watch. Someone has to go home every week, sometimes it's people we like and sometimes it's people we are happy to see go. The people in the house don't give up so easily so why should we as their fans!

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there are lots of James fans - I for one am and was ready to call it quits for this show until he was voted back in. I think he is the strongest player and yeah they would be smart to take him out but I of course don't want that to happen. Chelsia on the other hand can go!!

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Kellie said...

I would be DELIGHTED to see James and Chelsia on the block and have one of them walk out the door!!! ESPECIALLY James! Can't stand him one bit!


8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is everyone acting lik James and Chelsia are the most interesting people on the show. Sure, they're cute. Precious moments. But I'm honestly tired on watching James fart on her face, or slap her ass. Whatever, it's old and boring.

Ratings are not going down when one of them leaves, in fact, they'll be up because the POWER STRUGGLE is still going on. The struggle for power keeps things interesting, otherwise it would be one sided and we can all stop watching because it'll be obvious who's winning.

I loved watching the Boring Misfits squirm last night, and for once, I feel great for Nat. She's still delusional as all hell talking about a relationship with Matt, but she's handled it much better than I thought she would.

I'll be honest. I was expecting her to grab him by the legs as he walked out.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous ginger said...

Anon @ 7:15~

So you are telling me that Adam should take out Sheila or Sharon, so that he can help CBS with ratings. Hello, he doesn't care about that. He wants to win a half a million.

Believe me, I want Sheila out. She is annoying as hell and I would be happy to see anyone win, just NOT her. And the only benefit to nominating Sheila, would be that he wouldn't cause waves and make enemies, besides the She herself, b/c most of them want her gone anyways. But in doing that, he loses the numbers. And he removes someone who is a target, increasing the likelyhood that he may be put up next week.

Can you explain further why you feel it is a stupid move to take out James or Chelsia? They are strong players, they are a team. Yea, I like them and would be sad to see them go, but I am sure that Adam will not take my feelings on the matter into consideration.

And no matter what happens, I will continue to watch!! Even if that means I have to come to the dreadful moment of Sheila making it to the final 2.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Scary Bunnies said...

How can you not love Josh after watching all of the post HOH videos? The exchanges with Sheila are hilarious, and the kid has got game.

I think this will be a good week to watch. Adam is not putting up Natalie. No way, he's getting massages and bubble baths from her all week.

Putting up James/Chel is probably his best strategic move (although I like them). Can't wait until James wins POV, takes himself off and sacrifices Chel. And then James goes ballistic next week.

I was sort of in a snit about Adam winning last night, but as long as Josh is safe--I'm cool with James or Chel going home.

[but when oh when will someone finally send Sheila packing???]

On another note, I spent the last hour watching some of the video mashups from TheRealDeal2010 (found through this site). The "Adam's Strategic Move of the Day" series is hilarious and I love the "Natalie: Eyes of Horror." Great job!

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait until James wins POV, takes himself off and sacrifices Chel. And then James goes ballistic next week.-scary bunnies 8:20

That's exactly the reason he needs to be careful. James/Chelsia and to a lesser extent Josh/Sharon have proven to be powerhouses in comps. You put James up, 90% he wins POV and Chelsia is scarificed. Fine and good, one strong player down. However, now you've put a target on your back where one wasn't. At least not this soon.

You then have James who will be on a tear in the next HOH. He was getting tired of the alliance thing anyway but you can bet Adam's on the radar at that point.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, what was casino night? Was it a luxury comp, food comp, no comp at all? Do you know anything about it?

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I love this site....Bear with me, I am new to Big Brother this year =) I will have to say I am a James fan, and Nat/Sheila drive me nuts, but I am interested to see what happens this week. I don't want James to go home, but I certainly understand that strategy. I also see that if Adam sends Nat/Sheila home, he will have a better chance of being safe next week, as J/S/C/J will have a better chance of beating R/S/N at HOH.

Tough Choice. But, I am also all for stirring the pot. Another week of this "us" vs. "them" power struggle will get boring and predictable, right? Shake it up.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

90% that James will win PoV? Wow, those are some great odds. What makes us 90% sure that he'll win? that's giving him waaay too much cred, IMO.

Also, after the Casino night, I'm guessing half the house is getting a movie night, or something?

8:37 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Anon@8:36am - try again... without insulting people.

8:37 AM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

I'm exhausted and it's my own fault... curiosity got hold of me and I stayed up till 4am CST to catch what was going on.

Can't believe the HG's are up so early this morning. Usually I'm waiting for them to get up and going. Not today.

Kiddo's at school and I'm going back to bed for a seriously needed nap.

I know where to go if I miss anything good... right here!

PS - I still can't get over that Adam won HOH... who knew??? And I think it's hilarious that they gave him a bible and baby food. :P

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to me how Sharon is a powerhouse. Please start my day off right and make me laugh. Her and Josh jointly won an HoH, and that's it. They've benefited from the Chels/James & Mattalie rivalry, Josh is a master wheeler and dealer...Sharon cowers behind his influence in the house.

But please, explain how Sharon, the most boring chick in America, is a powerhouse.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Another week of this "us" vs. "them" power struggle will get boring and predictable, right? Shake it up"

So, one side picking the other off one by one is more exciting? There doesn't seem to be potential for any kind of meshing of the 2 sides. Ryan with Josh, perhaps...but otherwise the lines have been drawn, mostly due to last week's drama.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't really give a flying f**k who wins BB (unless they give the money to ME). I do care that the only ones left in the house will be Sheila, Nat, Adam, and Ryan - and all we will have to watch is Adam and Ryan reading the bible and Sheila and Nat screeching like baby hawks.

I might stop watching then - not out of spite, but because I'm in a boredom induced coma. Geez Louise, this isn’t about who we like, it’s about who makes interesting television. Entertainment is supposed to be entertaining. I’m really sad to see Matt go, all of a sudden.


8:44 AM  
Anonymous Scary Bunnies said...

James/Chelsia and to a lesser extent Josh/Sharon have proven to be powerhouses in comps.

You know, I don't think Josh is as good at comps as he seems to think he is. He won HOH once, and Sharon had a lot to do with that. I can't remember him winning a POV, but maybe so.

He seems to just give up on the physical like he can't be bothered (this, too, could be a ruse. He looks like he's in okay shape) and he psychs himself out on the mental.

If it's endurance again, Nat is winning, hands down. She'll do it just to prove a point.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Dina said...

If Adam thinks that Nat will choose him over Ryan he is gravely mistaken. Matt already told her to stay close to Ryan and she will probably want to take Ryan of all people to the finals because she may think people will not vote for him because giving him a vote will also be giving Jen a vote and a share of the money. So I hope he weighs all his options out. Sure James is a strong player but so is Natalie.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

LMAO!!! anon 7:51

I love it.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you were alluding to in the final part of the overnight report was that James revealed his gay porn past to Chelsia?

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think adam would be better off making some kind of deal with James and Chelsia! No one likes those two, if you take of of them to the final 2 no one will vote for them. they are not liked by most of the house guest.
Get rid of Sheila I cant stand the noise that comes from her mouth!

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding "Anom" at 8:05 AM

James is talkin about the fact that he was in a gay porn with some drag queen and two other young guys. I saw a clip of it on youtube like 2 weeks ago. Its just the promo so they dont show anything XXX but you can plainly see its him from the tattoos and his hair.

If anyone recalls, I think it was Josh that said to James, that porn should be his thing because hes so well endowed! LOL and James kind of shrugged it off. But then in another convo with J/S/C James admits to trying anal sex and being with guys for like a period of 6 months in his life.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous shamrockgirl said...

I think it is a very smart move on Adam's part to put up James/Chelsia because 1) they are stong players and he is there to win 2)they would put him up in a heartbeat (and have already talked about it) 3)can't trust them as far as he could throw them and at least he has some safety in ryan/nat/sheila. Sheila and Adam are much more alligned than they let on. He has no intention of putting Sheila up (and why would he). Personally, I don't care for James especially after giving his word to Nat. Nat/Matt had each others backs even though Matt may have said otherwise. James would throw Chelsia or anyone else under the bus if he suited him. Also the revenge excuse is just stupid. Why would Matt ever vote for James to return? Would James vote for Matt? Can't fault Matt for that...

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Scary Bunnies said...

I do care that the only ones left in the house will be Sheila, Nat, Adam, and Ryan - and all we will have to watch is Adam and Ryan reading the bible and Sheila and Nat screeching like baby hawks.--Jane at 8:44

You're a mind reader!

Can you imagine?

The second worse scenario is throwing Sharon in there somewhere.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!! i am thrilled to hear James or Chlesia might go home, preferably James please. i don't get the sickos that like James... ugh, i can not stand him. it is apparent James is a strong player, so anyone that doesn't want to get him out is crazy, if they intend to play the game that is.


9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

scary bunnies - I thought about adding Sharon to the mix, but my mind exploded and I was too busy cleaning up the mess.


9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As if any of you are really going to stop watching. At some point, they all end up on the block. It's kinda the point of the game.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Pokey said...

I really think Adam is choosing the "weaker" side. I think J/C/J/S are a stronger team. But Adam is an idiot so oh well.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous That Guy said...

Adam's only strategy to this point, has been to play all sides and not become a target. It's worked for him.

The way to continue this strategy is to evict Sheila. Nobody will avenge her eviction and blame Adam for it. Actually, nobody will even give a shit.

If he goes after anyone from the "evil" side of the house, he instantly becomes the next target.

If he cuts a deal with evil, he gets to final 5. At that point, it doesn't matter if J/S/J/C take Adam past 5, because at that stage of the game it becomes much less about large alliances and more about individual play/saving yourself.

He has a better chance of making it to a point to play for himself if he chooses "evil". He's got very little protection with "good".

10:04 AM  
Blogger **Mel6418** said...

I still want James in the game!!

If Adam puts J/C up and James gets voted out I hope Sheila/Sharon/Adam/Ryan go final 4 and they all start carring little blankies and bibles around the house.

I see it this way: Feeds will go off and I could still come here to see if anything is going on. I can get to bed before the sun comes up. The down side is I would have to start cleaning my house again lol.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say take out the strong people James and Chelsia are strong players in veto and comps. Why stop watching the show just because they leave. It's a freaking game people. If you are viewed as a strong player then you need to go. I think Adam should put them on the block and not back door anyone. If James or Chelsia are strong players then they will fight for the veto that much harder. Plus putting them on the block definitely insures some drama there and campaigning.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

I have to say that if James goes home i will stop watching..him and chelsia are the only ones i like..i say get rid of natty..then they wont have to worry about who's watching her go down on him haha..

srsly though..james has to get his game together this week..if he goes up i hope he wins veto..i would like to see sheila and natty gone..natty cuz i think her and matt deserve each other..he had her wrapped around his lil finger..sheila just because i cant stand her..GO JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe some of these posts saying Adam should work with the alliance of four!! Why?? They're power hungry and they think the game should go their way and if it doesn't they verbally assault people and their personal lives and throw pickle juice and water on them (another thing they failed to show on tv), also can't forget the Chelsia's crotch rot drama when C pulled her pants down put one leg up on the couch and told Natalie to smell it to see if it's rank (would have loved to see that make the tv show)or how about the fact that Adam's group is getting PICKED OFF one by one if that group maintains power. Is it that hard to figure out, if Chelsia won POV it would be Shelia and Nat up, the week after that if they mantained power it would be Adam and whoever survived the week before. Get the live feeds people to see how everyone really is, not just when they ae playing the game but to see how they are in life! The group of four has repeatedly set out the order for eviction because they think they own the house. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would want C/J/J/S win 500g. This season is already a waste from the start with pairing people, the way they edit the show and the America's vote that never mattered. OH WELL, hope summer BB is much better than this and they back off with all the bs "twists" and just make people PLAY THE GAME. Anyway, this site is awesome, you guys are doing great.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course James or Chelsia has to go because they're the most obvious and strongest alliance.

BTW, I loved watching Josh grovel after the power shift last night, kissing Sheila's behind. Did anyone notice that crazy smile he got on his face during the HOH comp, and then when he pursed his lips and put his head on James' shoulder? It looks like the pressure is getting to him. I know he's made all these "secret" alliances, but I think every one of his confidants are prepared to throw him under the bus at the earliest convenience. Secret alliances never seem to go very far on this show.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are some of you so big on a plyayer (James) who swears not to put someone up in front of the whole house (Matt), then breaks that promise? Now he's made a mortal enemy of Natalie and no one on else on the "other side" (Ryan, Sheila, and Adam) can believe anything he says. What a dumb move!

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SO glad Baller won HOH! Payback's a bitch, eh, James?

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Amanda De said...

Of COURSE he should be taking out James or Chelsia. I dont think Adam cares who the viewers want to see go home, as a play in the game he should def. stick with ryan and natalie, and keep the deal with Josh. James and Chelsia are playing together, they arent bad at comps, they have two other people in the house on their side and they're trashy. SO LONG ACE! Adam would be dumb to evict sheila at this point. shes bad at competitions and she'll never win in the end. James and Chel are much bigger competition. james needs a taste of his own medicine. I thought him begging not to be put on the block was pathetic. In one week, he came back pissed saying how "your word is all you have" going after those that lied to him. that same week, he lies, goes against his own word to natalie, and back doors matt for no more of a reason that he got back doored himself for the week before. Because they are good competitors. James should go this week. for real this time.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chelisa doesn't know about James porn past.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n7TqB_Vch0

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really do not think Chelsea is a bad person at all. I feel she made a bad choice in falling for James and not just working with him. Nat did the same thing. Chelsea just hides it better.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I have to agree with the first post. The ratings will definitely drop. I for one will not want to watch anymore. If Sheila and Natty end up in the final 4 I am DONE watching. Adam I believe won because of Julie. The last HOH question was the only gender specific one asked. If Adam would have had to think about more than 3 people he would not have won HOH. Every year CBS has to do something to prove that this game is fixed just by suggestion alone. I think this may be the one that really could cost them some viewers.
I hope that somehow Adam can see that his side is weak but unless someone shows him he won't figure it out himself.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree ratings will go down if James is taken out. He's the only reason I watch now. Nat and Sheila
ruin the feeds with their voices and they repeat the same story over and over and over.I switch everytime they start talking , can't take it.I do not like Ryan.
Josh,Sharon ok. Josh makes me lol sometimes.I can't stand Nat.Too much of Sheila constantly--single
mother, my son,my son..blah,blah..
..I will stop watching feeds or TV
because it would suck for any of those people to win.If Nat,Sheila or Ryan or Baller win I do not want to see it!

3:09 PM  
Anonymous this one is a said...

******* The most important exchange of the evening, beyond the discussion of noms, was between James and Chelsia... It's in the comment section of this post.
posted by Carolyn at 6:41 AM on Mar 20, 2008 *******

am i missing it? or was it left out?

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of people stop watching Big Brother just because their favorite BB house guest gets evicted? I mean to me that sounds totally ridiculous. It's like saying I am taking my ball and going home if you don't let me win lol.

If Adam plays the stupid card by not putting up James I swear to god I m canceling my subscription to Super Real player pass. Ok I won't actually do that I just wanted to see how that felt being the ridiculous one on here lol.

I like James have nothing really against him of course seeing him naked did help lol. But he is a strong player and dangerous. If you want to get to the end you really do need to take out the stronger players and think more strategic then personal game play. I personally don't care who goes up against James just as long as it is not a weak player.

3:23 PM  

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