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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Adam: What if I Don't Put Him Up?

7:29pm BBT
Adam, Natalie and Sheila

Adam: They were tellin' me you were a liar.
Natalie: Who said that?
Adam indicates outside.
Sheila enters.
Adam: Sheila, we gotta talk later.
Sheila: Of course. We'll go up to HoH later... Oh, he's not gonna go outta here without a fight.
Adam: That's why I oughta put you up against him.
Sheila: No frikkin way. We don't need her down. What's wrong with you? Are you serious? Don't even talk like that.
Natalie: It doesn't matter. He'd still go home.
Sheila: I don't wanna be up against him. We do not need her off that block giving him even one vote.
Adam: James thinks she'll sacrifice herself for him.
Sheila: Ryan said he's gonna take me down... You do what's best for you...
Adam: My hands are tied... All I can do is not put him up... What if I don't put him up?

Here is the clip:

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Nat Talks Smack & Gets Busted

ReporterX here..Carolyn will be back soon..

This is my favorite clip so far this season..

6.55pm BBT
Natalie gets caught talking smack about Sheila..
Here is the clip:

7.04pm BBT
James Sharon and Sheila talking right after Natalie leaves the kitchen..
Here is the clip:

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James & Sharon Jacuzzi Talk

4:48pm BBT
James & Sharon - Game Talk
Sharon: Who do you think's the biggest threat: Adam or Natalie?
James: Adam.
Sharon: Really? I think everyone's so upset about what he did with you, he and Sheila are next out.
James: I wanna go up to Adam...
Sharon: Don't say I said anything... This about it. They're the last couple.
James: And they would keep Sheila over Adam.
Sharon: I would not be very shocked... I think everybody was so scared by the whole 'holy sh*t he's saving James,".. that's why Ryan went off... Adam wants to make it so he's ok with the house and you at the same time... They're very threatened.
James: I just don't wanna deal with these f'in idiots anymore.
Sharon: The only thing I can see happening is if he puts up Natalie.
James: Would Ryan vote Natalie out?
Sharon: Hell yeah. He's scared of her.
James: And if I got to the end, I'd say, don't vote for me, vote for Adam...
Sharon: I think that's why Adam played so hard in the PoV... to make sure he was safe with them.
James: You know what he said that he'd do if I'd won and took you off? he said he'd have nominated himself, which you can't do... I'm trying to play to win, but also trying to do the most damage possible...

This continues on the clip below...

4:48pm BBT- James & Sharon Game Talk

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More Denials from Natalie
Sheila & James Do the Topic Cards

3:50pm BBT
Frilly Room

It's not even worthy of reporting at this point, but the boys are still lightly ribbing Natalie and telling her they heard everything, and Natalie's denying till she's blue.

At the moment, she's telling them that God was angry with Matt for lying, and that's why he's gone now.

In the words of her BB predecessor, I just can't with her anymore.

Natalie: He just feels butt hurt because I rejected his ass...

Uh huh. Enough.

Ryan and Adam ask her to swear on the bible. She says you're not supposed to - it says so in the bible. Ryan tells her to find him the quote, and points out that everyone has to make an oath on the bible in court.

The more she lies, the deeper it gets, the faster she talks.

4pm BBT
Sunburst Table
Sheila and James are chatting nicely over the topic cards...
Much more enjoyable conversation than BJ central above...
Just communicating as people instead of competitors.

The topic card have questions like:
Sheila: Would you go to war if you were drafted?
James: Yes.
Sheila: You would?
James: Yeah. I actually tried to sign up for the army right before the show.
Sheila: What happened?
James: I just finished riding across the country, and I was like, I have a chance to fight for this...
Sheila: I respect that so much. I don't believe in war, and I think it's tragic that there are any kids out there, but I respect them for being there.

Sheila: If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be?
James: No one.
Sheila: I'd trade places with Oprah or Diane Sawyer...

Here's a clip:

Topic Cards with Sheila & James

If you had a yacht, what would you name it?
    James said "Good Times," Ryan (earlier) said "Pocket Change"
What was your most spiritual experience to date?
    James said climbing Mount Fuji and watching the sunrise there. Sheila said being at the Grand Canyon and realizing how small we all really are.
The whole purpose behind the topic cards are they lead to real and deeper conversations... they're working. This is ongoing, and it's worth watching.

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The HGs got their Toys!

2:53pm BBT

Following a half hour outdoor lockdown, the HGs were let back inside to find their new toys from Big Brother all over the dining table. They got Topic Cards, Big Golf Clubs and a Remote Control Truck, which Adam broke faster than a kid on Christmas morning.

Here's the clip:

2:54pm BBT

3:05pm BBT
Sheila, Sharon & Natalie are preparing food and chatting... Sheila says Amanda had the best butt in the house. Natalie disagrees. Both are able to agree that Jen was beautiful all around.

Ryan, Adam & James are playing with their new Golf Clubs...

3:10pm BBT
Sheila and the women watch the boys play from the window. Sheila notices James is excelling at the golf.

FLAMES, briefly.

3:11pm BBT
Food preparation and chatter continues inside. Toys outside.

3:13pm BBT
James comes in to chat with the women.
Ryan and Adam are still playing outside.

3:22pm BBT
Sheila joins the Adam & Ryan outside with the golfing...
    ***Ok, this has nothing to do with Big Brother, but my friend Lily just sent it to me, it's hysterical, and I wanna share: Ken Lee

3:26pm BBT
Ryan's pitching the balls to Adam.
Adam's swinging the golf club like an old time baseball wind up...

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Sheila Asks Adam for Final 2

2:27pm BBT
Sheila & Adam
Sheila Asks Adam for Final 2

Sheila: I wanna know you've got my back, as the last woman standing in this house.
Adam: Yes, Sheila.

Adam explains that it gets down to final 3, then the winner of that 3 part HoH chooses the other person.

Sheila: I'm gonna take you to the end, no matter what. They don't need to know. no one does. We'll see what happens. If you and Ryan win, I'd be happy. If you and Natalie win, I'd be happy. Seriously.
Adam: You're gonna be fine.

2:27pm BBT
Sheila Asks Adam for Final 2

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Afternoon Conversation's

12:40pm BBT
Adam is wearing Sheila's robe..
BB announces.."House guests please clean your house".
Here is the clip:

12:55pm BBT
Natalie and Sharon talking..Natalie says Matt is a liar..
Here is the clip:

1:06pm BBT
Natalie, Adam, Ryan
The "Cup Of Joe" discussion...
Here is the clip:

1:35pm BBT
Natalie, Sharon, Sheila, Ryan & Adam...The Man/Woman discussion..
Here is the clip:

*Carolyn will be back later to publish comments

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The Overnight Report
Plus - Explanations: Backdooring, PoV & Double Eviction

Good morning, Big Brother lovers! Happy Saturday!

Before I get going with the overnight report, a brief lesson in Big Brother terminology and policies for the folks who are unclear about PoV, "backdooring," and the Double Eviction Week in Big Brother.

  • Backdooring - At this stage of the game, with only 6 HGs left in the house, everyone plays for PoV, so there is no more backdooring. The term itself implies that the person had no chance to save him/herself by playing for the Power of Veto. Since all of the HGs played in this week's PoV, none can be backdoored.
  • Incidentally, Matty was not backdoored either, as he had every chance to save himself in the PoV the week he was sent home.
  • To dig a little deeper, backdooring also implies intent. To truly backdoor someone on Big Brother means that one or both of the original nominees are pawns, and the non-veto playing replacement nom was the HoH's original target for eviction for the week.
  • Next up, the Power behind the Golden Power of Veto: If the Power of Veto is won by someone who is not on the block, such as Ryan this week, the Power of holding that Veto includes being able to use it to Veto one of the nominations & take someone off the block while still remaining safe. When the PoV is won by someone not on the block, it becomes like holding an immunity idol built for 2... if the person holding it decides to use it on one of the nominees.
  • Whether the Veto is used or not, Ryan cannot be put up on the block.
  • If the PoV had instead been won by the either of the nominees, Sheila or Sharon, its power would have been more limited. Since they are on the block, whoever won it would have likely used the power to veto their own nomination, and the power would save them and end there.
  • Lastly, Double Eviction Week aka Fast Forward - Contrary to popular misconception, a double eviction week does not mean both nominees currently on the block go home.
  • So... How has a double eviction (fast forward week) worked in the past?
  • Using this coming Wednesday as an example, one of Adam's nominees will be evicted, leaving the HG count at 5.
  • Julie will then announce to the houseguests that they are about to do a weeks worth of BB in one night.
  • They will have the HoH Comp, and the winner of that HoH will make his or her nominations immediately. They may or may not have a PoV Comp.
  • The 2 HGs eligible to vote will vote to evict someone. If it's a tie, the HoH breaks it. Either way, someone else gets evicted immediately.
  • Later that night, or the following day, another HoH comp will be held to see who will be the HoH of the final 4.

Ok.. now, I can assemble the overnight report. :)

The Overnight Report:

Most of Friday night was spent in very amicable, light hearted conversation between all of the house guests. With James' PoV loss, everyone is feeling very comfortable that the week is a wrap, and they spent most of the night just enjoying each other... or so it would seem.

I must've blinked at some point over the past thousand or so hours, because last night at 9:06pm BBT, Sharon and Ryan launched into a conversation that makes it seem they've been in a secret alliance forever...

Sharon tells Ryan to pull Sheila off the block with his, because she (Sharon) can handle the hot seat much better, and go ahead with getting James out this week. They then move on to talking about the upcoming week. Sharon firmly believes this Wednesday will be a Fast Forward/Double eviction week, and she wants to get their plans straight now, because once it goes down, there will be no time to think, and whoever they choose to keep could well be around for the final 3.

Quirkydude got it all on video. Here are the clips:

9:06pm BBT - Ryan & Sharon:
ReNoms & Double Eviction

Ryan and Sharon agree that if either of them win HoH, they will put Natalie and Adam up on the block... then they discuss upon which one should go home. Ryan lists all the positives and negatives for both of his presumed alliance members... Adam for his mental strengths, or Natalie for her physical strengths.

It's a tough call, but Ryan seems to land more on the side of getting Natalie out next, because in addition to her physical, she's great on house trivia and details.

In part 2, Sharon outs the women's alliance to Ryan. They discuss how easy it will be to turn the women on Adam, because of his nominations this week... however...

Ryan: I think right now, I'd rather see Natalie go. I'm thinking that she's more of a threat than he is. She's strong babe. She really is.

Sharon also tells Ryan how Natalie's been approaching James every week for an alliance. Ryan says Natalie says he's been approaching her.

Part 2 - 9:14pm BBT

Following this clip, the HGs all enjoy dinner together, and talk turns to sex. The cameras do several closeups of the 2 glasses of wine in front of Natalie... The boys again call Natalie out on the BJs with Matt, even citing Matt's telling them about looking directly into camera after and giving the big thumbs up.

Natalie denies everything and seizes the opportunity to try and deflect negative attention from herself by calling Allison a dirty girl for her activities with Chelsia and James.

After a while, Ryan and Adam go outside for a smoke...

10:14pm BBT
Ryan & Adam

Adam: I hate her. She sucks, huh? She really does.
Ryan: Who?
Adam: Big She.
Ryan: Oh yeah...
Adam: Jimmy's doin' good. I told you I made a deal with him. I wont put you up. You don't win, you take it like a man.
Ryan: He still.. It gave him hope though..
Adam: It was a risk, but it worked out..
Ryan: He just wasn't in it.
Adam: It pumped you, me n Natalie up. This one needed to be done to get him out of this place. I did what I did for the best of us. It gave me that edge I needed... I wasn't gonna let you guys down. Now it comes down to pullin' Sheila off.. Who do I put up, Natalie or James? Done deal. He's goin' home. No shadiness... The game came down to a point - you didn't win when you needed to win.
Ryan: I'm sure he'll make a last minute effort.
Adam: He cam up to me after, shook my hand, said everything was cool... he lost.
Ryan: Sorry, dude. Been a great competitor... It's time. It's best for all of us. You don't wanna compete against him in the final...
Adam: It gave you that extra little thing you needed... All of us... It worked, dude. He was scared, dude. So we're all miserable for one night, and now it's all set.
Ryan: Dude man, the last 3, Bam Chelsia, Bam Joshuah, Bam James... No matter what he says to you, he's goin' home...
Adam: He's gone dude.
Ryan: It's all good. It worked out fine. We're lookin' good.
Adam: I told him straight to his face.
Ryan: He's handling it really well. He's like, I had a fair chance...

Ryan and Adam both think Sharon threw this one too... Now all they have to do is make sure she doesn't win HoH.

Here's the clip:


10:48pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
Then Sheila Joins, then Natalie

Sheila warns the boys that James will make a last ditch effort to try and save himself... She also jokes that if she were using Natalie's tactics under the covers, none of the men would ever get rid of her.

Natalie comes out and says she can't wait to confront Matt about all the lies he told about her in the house...

Here's the clip:


That concludes the overnight report... Have a wonderful Saturday!! :) I'm off to go and enjoy mine too.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Sharon & the Splitskies Story

6pm BBT
The HGs are chillin... telling stories... Watch the clip.

Adult Content

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James & Adam Speak Privately
Then Adam & Ryan Speak Privately

4:39pm BBT
James & Adam Talking, Part 1

4:50pm BBT
Adam and James, Part 2
James: No way I'm stayin'... Like, I know, I'm just askin' you to reaffirm it.
Adam: (laughs)
James: Big She, no way. Natalie - been sayin she wants to work with me, but that's been bs since day one. She's been throwing me under the bus with every single person besides me... then takes me aside and says she wants to work with me, and still throws me under the bus..
Adam: Just tell her..
James: I'm not gonna say anything... I'll let them come to me. If they wanna do anything...
Adam: There's days left.
James: I know... long time.
Adam: Long time.
James: But what's the benefit of him using the veto on Sheila? She's gonna stay anyways... Sheila's gonna stay anyways..
Adam: Don't tell him that... (unintelligible)
James: You're gonna get yelled at anyway...
Adam: What a f'in show...
James: Just tell her, yo, this was already planned out to get you off the block... I had a good run.. I'm not bummed.
Adam: You did incredible, dude.

James & Adam, Part 2

5:11pm BBT
Spa Room
Adam & Ryan
Discussing the next couple weeks...

Ryan: We'll put some bitches up...

5:11pm BBT
Ryan & Adam

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Veto Comp Spoiler & Follow-Up Clips

2:25pm BBT
The Feeds Are back!!

Natalie and Sheila are crying happy tears...

Ryan Won the PoV

Here's a clip from right after the feeds came back on:

2:29pm BBT- -James Congratulates/Hugs Natalie

3:16pm BBT
Charlie's Angels

3:42pm BBT
Natalie & Adam.. Ryan Joins

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Friday Afternoon PoV Waiting Activities

12:15pm BBT - Trivia...
Dare we hope the PoV Comp is beginning??? Or at the very least that the HGs are getting some instructions from the DR... I'll keep an eye on the clock, and let you know what's going on...

2:25pm BBT - Still Trivia
over 2 hours in...

bb9dish passed 4 million hits!!!
hit number 4,000,001
came from Omaha, Nebraska!

2 Hours Gone By... New PoV Waiting Activity...
Hmmm... Actually, someone started something in the comments that could be very cool... Please list what you think each HG would do if he or she won the PoV this week. For example:
  • 1. Adam - Keep Noms the Same.
  • 2. James - Take Sharon Down, Remain Safe as Veto Holder, Tell Adam to do what's best for him.
  • 3. Sheila - Take self off the block, push for James ReNom.
  • 4. Ryan - Take Sheila off the block, Push for James ReNom.
  • 5. Sharon - Take Self off the block, The ReNom is Pre-Determined anyway...
  • 6. Natalie - Take Sheila off the block, Push for James ReNom

1 Hour Gone By... New Mini Activity...

Go check out Josh's stuff on ebay. I spoke with Josh's best friend, Todd. He is running the auctions, and they are legit. Here's the link: Joshuah on eBay

Kumbaya PoV Waiting Activity ;)
OK kids... A challenge... Find 1 or more nice things to say about your least favorite remaining BB9 HG. Game or personal...

I'll Start... and I'll take em all on, in no particular order.

Adam: Heart of Gold... even while stuck in the asylum.
Sheila: She's a fierce Momma Bear playing this game to the best of her abilities, which are not physical, and she has a smokin' hot body for 45! Hell, for 25.
Sharon: A truly gentle, kind soul... and she's a thinker.
Ryan: He's learned to play Big Brother while in the house... Talk about baptism by fire.
James: Taught me to not judge a book by it's cover... again. I enjoy his spirit.
Natalie: We have much in common - She paints mermaids - I collect mermaids... I will be bidding. :) Also, the coffee thing. I'd say more, but I'd implicate myself too much.

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Friday Morning in The Big Brother 9 House

9:30am BBT The Feeds went to flames. Wakey, Wakey Houseguests!

10:00am BBT
Sharon & Sheila are up... Ryan and Nat are hiding under the covers in the frilly room. No sign of James or Adam at the moment...

Sheila's eating breakfast and chatting with Sharon. Both are agreeing that today is going to be huge! Sharon's really happy they played "Girl Fight" as the wakeup music today... It's her song.

10:06am BBT
BB starts calling sleeping people to the Diary Room. Sheila says they're just trying to get everyone up.

Sheila: I'm so worried about today... How it's gonna come out.

10:12am BBT
Sheila: It's the most interesting one out of all of em... I think everyone's got their eyes on this one.
Sharon: Oh yeah, we've definitely given them some good tv.
Sheila: (whispering) I told you Adam didn't have my back, been telling you that for weeks, but in the end, he just put a huge target on his back with everyone in the house... cuz whatever goes down today, that's gonna effect him in the long run.. I have to be nice to him, cuz he is in power... but I'm not gonna sit here and pretend... I've been nice to him. Have to be.. till this is over with and I see what the outcome is gonna be. If you win, that's it, James it goin' home.

10:17am BBT
Sharon: I'm not gonna start freakin out till...

10:18am BBT
Sheila: Let's get energetic people! Let's get pumped. This is the biggest PoV ever.
BB: Natalie please come to the Diary Room.

10:26am BBT
James, Sheila, Sharon
James and Sheila are showering.
Sharon's hanging out on the couch.
Ryan just left after brushing his teeth..

Natalie shouts in, asking if there's coffee. Sheila tells her she made a real strong pot.

FLAMES @ 10:28am, back @ 10:29am

Natalie has joined the bathroom crew. Sheila mentions there's rain in the forecast this week. Natalie has decided not to shower till after the comp today. Sharon too.

Natalie: I think everybody needs to drink 3-4 cups of coffee.

Natalie is predicting it's going to be very physical, and you're gonna have to move fast, and get rained on...

10:35am BBT
Ryan & James
Talking about when they think BB will end.

10:38am BBT
Adam comes down from HoH and greets everyone.
BB: James, please come to the Diary Room.
Adam and James have a brief "how you doin'? Better. You? yeah. Good." conversation on James' way in to the DR.

10:41am BBT
Sharon & Sheila

Adam yells from outside, "Today's a big day!"

Sheila: Ya Think?! I'll try to remember that...
Sharon giggles.

10:47am BBT
Natalie, Sharon & Sheila
Natalie dreamed she won the PoV last night... It was so vivid, she woke up thinking it was all done with already.

Sheila's gut feeling is that Sharon will win PoV, take herself off, and James goes up. She sees herself sitting next to James on the block...

Natalie disagrees. Her dream was quite contrary to Sheila's vision...

10:58am BBT
Natalie & Sheila bash James a bit, Sharon gets called to the DR, then Sheila and Nat bash Sharon. Natalie believes Sharon will sacrifice herself for James the way she did for Joshuah... or she'll throw it and let James win... and James is gonna use it if he wins..

11:04am BBT
Sharon: Everyone's gone in but you...
Sheila: So what should I wear? Should I put on something athletic? What's the dealio?

TRIVIA @ 11:05am BBT.. psych. Feeds are back after a minute...

11:07am BBT
James is at the dining table alone.
Natalie & Sheila are in the bathroom.

Sheila wishes she hadn't worn her nice tennis shoes during the messy comp yesterday...

Everyone goes quiet for a couple minutes. Nat's doing her makeup. Sheila's thinking on the couch.

11:11am BBT
Ryan enters the bathroom and conversation perks up again. Talking about the food comp yesterday...

James has crawled back into bed, eyes open, pondering his fingertips.

Sharon comes back into the bathroom. More food comp talk.

Sharon goes back to the red room, gets back in bed and begins to read her bible. James asks her if Nat's talking about Veto...

11:16am BBT

Sheila and Natalie are in the bathroom talking about past comps from past seasons. Natalie was mad about the outcome of Season 8 - didn't even wanna watch the finale, but she did anyway.

Sheila says she didn't like Evel Dick last year either, but now she gets it. Natalie doesn't.

11:17-11:24am BBT
Red Room
James & Sharon
James: This is a huge competition and it is Big Brother history.
Sharon: Yeah. I know. I'm not stressing.
James: No one in 9 years has done it 4 times in a row, and I'm gonna blow it out of the water.
Sharon: She's just scared she's going home next week.
James: Be kinda goofy if she did.
Sharon: That's why I'm gonn asit here. i don't know anything about anything.
James: All I know is I gotta win. The story of the underdog... Every f'in week.

Sharon: It's not about how fast you are, it's about how diligent you are.
James: Just because you can hang on to a f'in disco ball for 5 hours doesn't man sh*t.
Sharon: It means everything to everyone in this house though. It's gonna be very interesting today.
James: This one sets the pace for the rest of the game.
Sharon: This time means more, because they would have to touch their own side... Trust me, they're worried. Nobody woulda gotten mad last night if it wasn't a scare.

Here's a clip:

11:19am BBT

11:39am BBT...
Purdy quiet in the red room. James gets out of bed for a stretch...
In the bathroom, Sheila's singing Adam's praises to Natalie...
Nat goes to talk to the guineas for a minute, then decides she needs to get dressed.
Ryan's lying in bed reading the bible.

11:50am BBT
No talking.
Nat's getting dressed. Ryan's reading. Sharon's reading. James is biting his fingernails...

11:55am BBT
Natalie & Adam
Natalie goes in to get strawberries for the guineas. She wakes Adam and tells him he better drink one of her protein shakes, cuz it's gonna be a major endurance comp today, and it may be wet.. She also tells him that in her dream she won. She leaves, squealing "Beebees!"

12:12pm BBT
Ok, so technically it's not morning anymore... allow me.

Sharon and James try to get into Storage, but they're not opening up. James hears people in there. Sharon speculated they maybe getting costumes for the PoV...

Sharon chats briefly about this with Ryan...

12:15pm BBT - TRIVIA

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy PoV Comp Day! What a night in the BB9 house! Holy moly. The Overnight Report is now complete and ready for your perusal. ;) Also, there are a couple of new quickie polls for ya...

And now... the overnight report...

8:56pm BBT
Sharon & James
Adam had a plan...

Sharon: When I was on the block against Joshuah, he told me I know at some point we're gonna have to start turning on eachother, and I don't want you to think it's gonna go bam bam bam. He said, 'Sharon, I know that I cannot keep Natalie in the end...' I'm just telling you, he said that to me.
James: In confidence, like privately?
Sharon: Yeah. I was sitting out here... Monday afternoon, we were out here by ourselves.

8:56pm BBT Sharon tells James: Adam had a plan...
Adam told her things had to change

9:13pm BBT
Frilly Room
Natalie, Ryan
Natalie wants a 'good person' to win.

Natalie: If I'da been able to talk to Adam one more time, Adam woulda done the sensible thing.. But they wanted more drama.. they wanted reactions from every houseguest. Now this game better be favored towards me. That's all I can tell ya. This game better be favored towards me. I wanna set a record.. a good person wins... Matty is not gonna be a happy camper watching this nomination ceremony..

All the while, Ryan is grunting and mm hmm'ing his responses, while tapping a beat on the bed frame.

9:13pm BBT Natalie wants Big Brother to favor her
..and she wants a "good person" to win

9:32pm BBT
Spa Room
Natalie, Sheila & Adam
Natalie Prays the Evil Doers do not win...

Adam: God's gonna be mad at me now, huh?
Natalie: God is not very happy. You need to pray, big time. He's like, don't work with the evil doer.
Adam: Say it for me right now. I wanna hear it.
Natalie: I will. Please dear God, we need you now to help protect the good people in the house... We need to prevail, we need you on our side, and we need you to forgive Adam for the huge mistake he made... Please God, the devil came back with 7 of his friends, and Adam didn't know what he was doing.. Please God. He needs to be redeemed. And in order to prevail, we need to win the Veto Comp tomorrow... God, be the wind on our back, and help us get the last evil doer out...
Sheila: Amen.
Adam: The light just flickered... I swear to you.
Natalie: Ahhh.. that's great. God is present when 2 or more people pray together... God is with me in the sauna. Did it really?
Adam: It did. I swear.
Natalie: Don't swear.

9:32pm BBT Natalie prays the 'evil doers' do not win.
Adam messes with Natalie

9:39pm BBT
Sharon & James
Karma, Christianity and Natalie

Sharon tells James about all of Natalie's lies and how it sickens her that Natalie plays the good Christian card while talking out of both sides of her mouth, plotting with James and against him...

Sharon: I don't believe her. She wants to win that PoV and get you on the block and send your ass home. She was freaking out hoping Adam wouldn't do it.. She was panicking... If you're gonna speak the word, the gospel of Jesus, then it needs to be full circle... Uch.. I can't take her. I will never vote for her. If she gets to the end, I will vote (for) someone walking in the door tomorrow over her.

9:39pm BBT Karma, Christianity & Natalie

10:36pm BBT
Living Room - Guineas
Sharon, Natalie, Adam, Ryan

Animal Instinct

Guineas Come to Sharon - Run from Natalie

10:54pm BBT
Sharon, Sheila, Natalie, Adam
Sharon explains her game

Natalie: (about Adam) He said if Jimmy uses the Power of Veto on her (Sharon), he's just gonna sock him dead in his eyeball and spit in his face, and he's just gonna exit...
Sheila: That doesn't scare you? That he might not use the PoV on you and send you home?
Sharon: No. That's his prerogative. He owes me nothing. Now if that was Joshuah, it's a different story...
Sheila: We just have to see how it plays out tomorrow, cause tomorrow's gonna be huge...
Natalie: It's gonna be epic.
Sharon: We just have to see how it goes.
Sheila: I know. You take it a whole lot better than me.
Sharon: Well, what can you do? Lets play the scenarios. I'm gonna freak out and bitch you out. What would that do for me?
Sheila: Nothin'.. that would make people wanna send you home faster.
Sharon: OK.. So cryin'.. What's that gonna do? Nothin'... So a,b, or c - nothing. Everyone's saying, will I be pissed if he sends me home? No. it's a game. I know I came in this game and did what i said I was gonna do. If I walk out those doors, I know that I did not disgrace my family, my friends or all of America watching.
Natalie: That's why I never talked bad about Chelsia...
Sharon: If I'm out, I'll hug all y'all and say see ya in 3 weeks. I'd rather leave on good terms than bad terms. Everything happens for a reason...

10:54pm BBT Sharon Explains her Game

11:22pm BBT
Dining Table
James, Adam & Natalie
Game Talk

Natalie: But until it happens, it's like, I'll believe it when i see it.
James: And how do I know you guys wont use it to put me up?
Adam: Exactly.
James: I gave him (Adam) my word I wouldn't use it. I didn't give you my word on anything, and I don't want to be in a position where I have to promise you anything.. but because I don't wanna promise you anything, that puts me in a position where you take Sheila down and put me back up...
Natalie: Not necessarily... If I win, we can talk. You know I have an open door. I tell them what they wanna hear.. Adam knows...
James: I just don't wanna be in a situation where I have to trust you... I want you to have to trust me.
Natalie: I'm gonna be honest with you from here on out. I'm done with that...

Natalie says she's not playing for Matt. She just has trust issues because of all of her exes...

11:22pm BBT James, Adam & Natalie Talk Game

11:29pm BBT
Kitchen Counter
Natalie, James & Adam
Natalie makes a deal with James

Natalie: You have my word, if you win PoV and don't use it, and I win HoH next week, you will not go on the block. You have my word, and my word means something.

11:29pm BBT - Natalie makes a deal with James

12:19am BBT
Memory Wall
Natalie Talking to Matty & God

Natalie: I have to win the PoV tomorrow. Oh God, please. I've made it through 8, I have to make it through 4 more evictions. Matty, I'm so sorry.. I miss you so much... You were so much fun. That was a short-lived fun adventure for me n you. Thank you God... I can win this game. I can win this thing.. I know I can. Nite, nite Matty.

12:19am BBT Natalie Talks to Matt's picture & God

12:20am BBT
Adam & Sheila
Sheila Tells Adam He Did the Right Thing

Sheila: Where is everybody?
Adam: In bed, I think.
Sheila: I'm gonna look at this as a blessing in disguise... I'm not going to say this in front of all of them, though.
Adam: Will you scratch my back?
Sheila: Nooo! My ex used to always make me do that all the time.
Adam: Please?

Sheila acquiesces.

Sheila: Adam, you did the right thing. I know everyone is on your ass right now... Everyone in this house freaking hates you, except for James.

Sheila talks about her ex, and how Adam reminds her of him, as she continues rubbing his back and talking...

12:20am BBT Sheila Talks About her Ex

1:15am BBT
All of the HGs are in their beds.
Adam is up in HoH, lying in bed reading the bible and asking God to help him through this time...

That concludes the overnight report.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

James & Adam - It's All Good

8:34pm BBT
Adam, James & Sharon

Adam and James have a positive conversation about the events of the day... This is the condensed version. The video follows...

James: Hopefully I can assure you you didn't do the wrong thing...
Adam: Thank you, man...
James: And if one of them do win, I've already told you, I'm ok with going up.
Adam: Depending how they treat me the next couple days, one of them just may go up.
Adam: It's all good...
James: If they want me gone, they can win HoH and handle it accordingly...

8:34pm BBT - bb9dish-youtube

As you can imagine, the feeds are still extremely active, but I'm fading fast... See in you the morning for the Overnight Report. :) Have fun on the live feeds!

8:55pm BBT
Natalie: If he wins PoV tomorrow, I will exit this place. I will leave. Hear that Big Brother? Time for BB to start supporting the good people in this house. This is the season of love, not hate.

Watch Big Brother 9 Replay 24/7 on SuperPass

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Adam's Scapegoating the DR

Rather than burying himself completely with his former alliance, Adam is blaming the DR left and right... saying they wouldn't let him out to talk to them, etc...

I'm not buying it.

Yes, the DR called Natalie away and gave James a fair chance to state his case to Adam uninterrupted for a few minutes. They saw the situation was about to erupt into some incredible tv moments, and they nudged it along so it could.

Adam's a big boy. He made his own decision of his own free will. What he's doing now is trying to save face, and cover his tush, just in case.

This story is reserved exclusively for the people that Adam feels need to hear it... Ryan, Sheila, Natalie...

Talking with Sharon right now, at 7:35pm BBT, it's not coming up at all, because there's no need for it to. Instead, he's asking her if she feels he made the right decision, and he's letting her know that he still has her back...

He is having some remorse, but the DR scapegoating is just that.

Here's a couple of examples... First was with Sheila at 6:46pm. Here's the link: DRs Fault.

Here are more...

Adam Blames DR with Ryan- 7:16pm BBT

Adam & Sharon - No Mention of DR
Adam Takes Ownership of his Actions
7:32pm BBT- Quirkydude

Adam Continues to Blame the DR to Nat
7:44pm BBT

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For Jameka Fans - Live Interview Tonight - Call in & Talk!

PSA ;)

Our friends, Shree & Baby are doing a live interview tonight with Jameka from BB8. She'll be taking calls and giving her opinions about BB9... Tune in to hear what she has been up to and what she thinks about the current season!!!

The show comes on LIVE from 8pm to 10pm PST, and if you want to call in and talk to Jameka, the number is: 347-326-9149

Check out www.schreeandbaby.com and click the link below to go right to the show.

Talk to Jameka!

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Nomination Spoiler & Follow-Up
Tons of Clips

FEEDS are BACK @ 6:05pm BBT

Sheila & Sharon
are Nominated

The feeds just came back...
Blue Room
Sheila: I do not understand why he would do this... why he would even risk this.

Adam: You mad at me, bro?
Ryan: Well, if he wins PoV...
Adam: If he don't win PoV, he's goin' up...
James: You obviously don't think highly of me...
Adam: He aint gonna use it. That insures your safety, her safety... Sharon and Sheila migh tbe in a little jeopardy, but you're good...
Ryan extends his rash of sh*t on James...
James: Then why'd you shake my hand yesterday, if you didn't think highly of anything...

Meanwhile in the blue room...
Natalie: Don't worry, I'm winning the PoV

Ryan comes into the blue room.
Sheila: If I knew that, I would have been up in HoH sucking his ass.
Ryan: We've had his back the whole f'in time, and he takes James' word that he's not gonna use it? He knows James is gonna use it on Sharon, and he's gonna have to put up one of us, then James and Sharon have the votes to send one of us out.
Sheila: Wow. It's a mind blower. i can't even believe it's happened...
Natalie goes in...
Natalie: You're gonna be safe. If he wins PoV, me or Ryan is going home.

Adam: Why should it fall all on me?
James: Right. If I leave this week, it's all on me... and I feel a little better about the way I go up, if I do.. that's what it comes down to...
Adam: It's a game.. not like f you, f me.. I think this was best..
James: Thank you. You've got my word.
Adam: That's what I'm sayin..

Sheila: I so don't get it.
Ryan: Adam's made 3 enemies.

Adam: Sheila'd be pissed at me either way... This way, it's all on PoV.

Ryan: Horsesh*t. He just threw us under the f'in bus.
Sheila: I never woulda done this to him.
Ryan: If he thinks we're gonna be cool after this...
Natalie: (whispers too low)

This is ongoing... Spark up the feeds, folks. It's gonna be a heck of a week!

Thanks to Adam, we can again Expect the Unexpected. ;)

Clip from Immediately After the Feeds Came Back
6:05pm BBT

Ryan's Anger Builds
6:08pm BBT

Adam & James in Kitchen
8:24pm BBT

James & Sharon Outside
8:36pm BBT

6:44pm BBT
James & Ryan Outside

6:46pm BBT
Adam & Sheila
Sheila: I know you just wanna backdoor him

The feeds are going absolutely bonkers... Here's that 2 week trial link again...

Watch Big Brother 9 Replay 24/7 on SuperPass

Before the feeds came back...
Still Trivia @ 6:03pm BBT

Well, they didn't say nomination lockdown, but it's time...

4:55pm BBT
BB: Houseguests. This is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass doors.
Nat comes out, then heads back in to grab a sweater...
James: Yo Ryan, if he doesn't put me up, it's a chance for me to gain trust with you guys...
Ryan: I understand.. I hear ya. It's also a chance fr me to go up and go home. I'm just lookin out for myself...
BB: Sharon...

Trivia at 5pm BBT

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James Speaks to Adam
Then Ryan, Nat & Sheila Triple Team Adam

2:00pm BBT
Kitchen Counter
Adam & James
James is campaigning hardcore for his life in the game...

James: Obviously you don't trust me... You guys put me up 3 times.
Adam: That's the position I was put in.
James: it's not necessarily the position you wanted to be put in though...

Natalie comes into the kitchen. Conversation halts till she leaves...

James continues... he lets Adam know he has not f'd him over once, he never came after him, he could've kicked Ryan out, and he didn't, and these are the people who all want him gone now...

James: After the whole Matt situation, I understand the position you've been put in, but... I'd just rather not be put in a situation where I'm gonna be f'd.

James is pulling out all the stops...

Adam's not buying it.

Sheila comes in, and the conversation grinds to a halt... She hangs out longer than the boys are willing to wait to continue the conversation. Adam heads up to the HoH room, grabs his bible and lays down to read.

Here's the clip:

1:59pm BBT

2:26pm BBT
Nat & Ryan

2:30pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
HoH Room
Ryan's up there trying to convince Adam to put James up, but it seems James may have had an effect... Adams wavering...
Ryan: He's not gonna win PoV dude. You can't puss out. What'd he say to you?
Adam: He said, "I never did you wrong, dude. Matty lied about you, and I put him up and got him out." I'd rather backdoor him.
Ryan: He's on the other side, dude. He's not gonna win f'in PoV dude. He's not gonna do it again.

Ryan keeps pushing. Adam keeps resisting.

Here's a clip:
2:29pm BBT

Ryan: He's sneaky that kid. He's slick with the tongue. he's kissing your ass, but he'd wipe us out, you and me first... That's why he conspired with Natalie last week, trying to get you n me out. I'll get her up here. She'll tell you.
Adam: Get her up here.
Ryan: Hey Natalie. Get up here. He's conspiring with everyone... (Natalie comes in) He's thinking of not putting him up...
Natalie: Y'know why he wants you to put up Sharon and Sheila? So he can take Sharon down and you have to put up one of us... And then you're done. You'll be going up the next week.
Ryan: Dude, think about this...
Adam: But if he wins...
Natalie: He's not gonna win.. It's too chancy.. You gotta read your bible!
Ryan: Dude, think about this.. which one of us do you wanna send home this week?
Natalie: Or do you wanna listen to him, then he wins HoH next wek, and you go up. Of it's physical, I've got it.
Ryan: He's going home this week.
Natalie: You've gotta do what's best for you, and not putting him up is not it. 9 lives. 9 weeks. He's f'in done. His word doesn't mean anything. He's a con artist... he's a bum..

Adam: I don't know.
Nat: Whaddya mean you don't know.
Ryan: You act like you've been workin with him.
Nat: He's the evil doer..

They're pushing really hard... This is ongoing.

2:45pm BBT - Sharon comes up to ask if they want some hotdogs... They say yes, and the moment she leaves, Natalie says she's trying to spy...

Here's a clip:

2:36pm BBT

The onslaught continues... Sheila comes in...

Sheila: What's goin' on?
Adam: You're goin up, Sheila.
Sheila: Well, he doesn't want you in the end anyway... Matty's your boy...
Adam: Matty threw me under the bus, big time.. tellin James I voted to keep him out.
Nat: Well, Matty's gone.

The triple teaming of Adam continues for a while longer...

Here's a clip:
2:46pm BBT

Then Ryan and Sheila leave it to Natalie...

Ryan goes downstairs to whisper some with Sharon:

She persists until nearly 3pm... then leaves it with a "do whatcha gotta do, read your bible, get some signs..."

3pm BBT

Natalie comes downstairs, and has a whisper session with James...

My head is spinning. Spark up the feeds, folks.

3:06pm BBT
James & Adam
James is reconfirming his lack of f'ing Adam over... He may be making headway... Only the nomination ceremony will tell.

Either way, nominated or not, James still has to win PoV.

James tells Adam next week will be a physical endurance, and he will win, and he will guarantee Adam's safety.

James is making progress... Here's a clip:

3:06pm BBT

10 minutes later, it seems Adam is convinced...

3:16pm BBT

3:22pm BBT
Natalie comes up to HoH to throw a wrench in the works.. She succeeds is driving James crazy...

3:29pm BBT

Ryan joins the group 15 minutes later... Too much testosterone in the room. It starts getting ugly quick.

Trivia, merciful trivia at 3:40pm BBT

Feeds are back at 3:44pm
Back in HoH with Adam, James and Natalie. Ryan has gone away...

Natalie will not allow James to speak a full sentence, and it's driven James to a breaking point.

Spark up the feeds.

3:46pm BBT
James Breaks Down Crying

BB calls Natalie to the DR.

3:54pm BBT
James & Adam
Adam breaks into tears as well... telling James how he's been fighting with these people for him... Adam tells James he threw the PoV for him last week, and he's not putting him up this week.
James: (very softly) I just want people to trust me... that's all. I'm just trying to look out for myself.. and I'm trying to look out for you...

They ask one another if they can forgive each other for past issues... Both say yes.

Adam: If they wanna get you out, let them play and put you out.
James: Then tell em that.
Adam: I'm gonna tell em. F the whole house, dude. F em. They wanna piece of big Baller... They're gonna get a piece. If they wanna get you outta the house, let them c-cksuckers win HoH and put you up. I may be blowin 500Gs right now, but F it dude.
James: You're not blowing it. I'll look out for you the whole game.
Adam: I'm putting up Sharon and Big She..
James: And when I win PoV and don't use it, then maybe they can trust me too..

James and Adam are both still in tears...

Adam: They're gonna be pissed.
James: I'll look out for you 110%... and I'll battle it out for you. I'd rather battle it out for you than against you.

4pm BBT
Adam: James you are safe

4:10pm BBT - TRIVIA...

4:17pm BBT - Feeds are back...
Natalie and Ryan are whispering downstairs...

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Post Food Comp

1:45pm BBT
The Feeds are back... The women are in the bathroom, showering...

Sheila: The old lady did ok, huh?
Natalie: You did great, Sheila.
Ryan: Do we have any bandaids?
Natalie: I can't believe how slippery it got!

Sheila: You did great.. We didn't need the fruits and veggies. Are you kidding? People don't eat fruit and veggies in this house.

No beer either...

They got the protein and the pasta... The men are happy.. but pretty beat up.
Ryan's looking for neosporin for Adam...
Ryan comes out...
Sheila: ah.. he'll live. he's tough as nails..

Ryan's wondering what outdoor toys refers to...

They got breads and pastas, meat and fish, the outdoor grill, snacks and desserts...

Everyone's pretty happy to not be on slop this week.

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Food Comp On the Live Feeds!

1pm BBT - The Comp's on the feeds!!

Sheila's being an amazing cheerleader. Encouraging everyone. The comp has everyone practically bathing in mashed potatoes. They're all covered! Frankly, I'm not clear on the objective here, but in addition to the mashed potatoes, there are containers marked with the names of foods, others with luxury items, like Feast, Outdoor Toys, BBQ Grill, etc...

Here's some pics I grabbed... To see much prettier pics, go checkout BB9Dish-Caps!

Here's a clip of the first leak to the live feeds:

1:01pm BBT

At 1:06pm, Adam cut his finger, and BB cut to trivia again.. 5 minutes later, the comp's back on the feeds...
It's a messy one!

Here's the 2nd clip:
1:12pm BBT

The feeds returned to Trivia at 1:17pm BBT....


Noon BBT
Flames began a moment ago. The comp should be starting soon. We'll be here to let you know either way... Here's hoping we get to see some of it on the live feeds!

we have a comp!

Videos are being added to the morning post... Scroll down. ;)

Since this is now officially comp time, I'm gonna go through all the emails and find the winner of the picture contest from last week.

When the feeds come back up, I'll letcha know.

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Thursday Morning in the BB9 House

9am BBT
The HGs are up. Have been for a few minutes now. Sheila's talking about making a big breakfast for everyone...

A few minutes ago, when the feeds first came on, there was an interesting interaction, or lack thereof, between Sheila and Adam in the storage room.. She asked him if he wasn't talking to her, and he said nothing, changed his batteries and left. Sheila didn't make a fuss, and she hasn't talked about it to the others... yet.

9:07am BBT
Sheila and Ryan are in the kitchen. Sheila's talking about Chelsia smashing the eggs on Easter...

9:07am BBT
Sheila: Maybe that's why Adam isn't talking to me...
Ryan: You have nothing to worry about.
Sheila: He just likes to mess with me. I think him and Natalie should hook up. They're soul mates. Maybe they're the last couple in the house. They fooled us all...

Natalie joins them in the kitchen... They greet her warmly.

Sheila: You didn't feel Adam cuddling up to you last night?
Nat: What?!?
Sheila: Yeah.. I saw him coming out of the room...

***Adam slept in HoH.

Sharon passes through on her way to the bathroom... says good morning...

Natalie: It's only 9 o clock... Why???
Sharon: I know.
Sheila: Well they said in 90 minutes... less now...


Feeds come back to more breakfast prep...

Natalie: Maybe we're gonna be diving for lobsters...
Sheila: Oooh... that would be great!
Ryan: That would be luxury.
Sheila: I'd dive in slop for lobsters.. if it meant I was eating that...

Sharon and Natalie are squeaking at the guineas...
Ryan and Sheila are preparing breakfast...
Adam's hiding under the covers up in HoH.
James is not seen on any feed.

10:19am BBT
I'm back - sorry - just checked Jokers and it seems all I missed was a whole lotta chatter, a little speculation about the food comp, James bashing, and Adam & Ryan teasing Natalie about still trying to keep up the charade re the hummers...

10:23am BBT
Natalie shares her protein drink with James.

10:27am BBT
James, Sheila, Ryan, Sharon...

The house is still on lockdown (inside). James and Ryan wonder what the comp will be. Sheila comes out in a track suit. Ryan tells her she looks all pumped up. James takes a dig at Sheila about a comp she lost... Sheila says it's because she's an old lady, then "that is what we're going with, right? "

Sharon enters. The speculation continues. She thinks James may be on to something with his lard theory... that the food comp will involve the whole backyard being covered in it. Then again, maybe rubber balls...

10:40am BBT
Whole lotta random chatter...

10:50am BBT
Dining Table
Game talk with James & Sharon
James: Athletically, I think I have everyone in the house beat.
Sharon: That's a fact. That's not a thought, it's a fact.

They continue talking about upcoming comps. James is hoping for some crazy physical stuff, but he doesn't think BB will do it until the end.

Sheila and Natalie are talking about family members who've passed on.

James thinks there's a reason he didn't win HoH last night...

***I'm having a really hard time hearing them today... I have the volume at max, and it's still very low. Gonna try rebooting and see if that helps.

11:20am BBT
Adam & Ryan
Ryan's miffed that BB lied to them again about the time frame for the comp. They talk about working out tonight... Adam's pics... Adam's making fun of his hair as a kid... and complimenting his early style - Z Cavaricci's...

FLAMES @ 11:22am BBT

Back at 11:24am BBT
Sheila and Natalie are talking about selling stuff on ebay...
Natalie says her customers at Hooters would often say they wanted to buy her shirt, and that it would cost her 12.95 to replace it, so she'd sell it for 30.
Sheila says people tell her she should sell her panties.
Natalie says she would never do that.

11:33am BBT
HoH - Adam & Ryan talking about getting women and drugs in Amsterdam... on all 4 feeds. Random chatter...

11:39am BBT
FLAMES, briefly, then back with James resting on the couch...

Cut to:
11:42am BBT
Natalie, Sharon & Sheila
Natalie is saying it takes a lot to make her mad. Sheila agrees. Natalie says that Chelsia made her very mad, and if she wasn't in the BB house, she would've socked her.

Sharon leaves to go make nice with the guineas.

Ryan & Adam come down from HoH...

Sharon goes in to James in the Red Rm to tell him what Sheila and Nat were saying about Chelsia... then talks about how she will never unleash within this house... "Hoops" will never come out, cause that's what got Josh evicted... She feels her family and friends must be watching her thinking, "that is not even Sharon." She whispers a bit with James saying how Nat is crazy confident...

Random chatter with James & Sharon...

11:54am BBT
Adam tells Sheila she's a man hater... Here's a clip:

11:59am BBT - Music through the speakers to the house... Then flames.

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The Overnight Report

Happy Thursday, BB lovers! :) After all the drama and intensity of the past week, the BB9 HGs had a pretty low key and reflective night last night. Well, some of them were reflective...

11:05pm - Midnight BBT
Red Room
James & Sharon
Heart to Heart...
Sharon: This is so weird. I don't like it. Are they all upstairs in the HoH?
James: Yeah.
Sharon: They're picking us off one by one.
James: Wait...hold your horses.
Sharon: I'm holding them.

James tells Sharon he has great faith that either he or Sharon will win PoV, and Sheila will go up as a replacement... and that Ryan will pay James back for having saved him...

James: I have a good feeling, I just can't be down. I gotta get motivated, I feel like I'm fighting for all the people that have been shoved under the rug. I wanna put my sister through school... I see this as a calling to go 150%... I just miss my friends... I don't think I'm being portrayed well... I know I have a mohawk and tattoos, but I'm not an evil person. I have all this pent up energy, and once that's taken out of the picture, I just focus on the game and me and stuff... I hate this good vs. evil stuff.

Sharon: I know... it's just hard.

James: But if we make it to that point where we can see the light, we've earned it.

Talk turns to Chelsia and Jacob and God... both are weepy.

James: I didn't think I would fall for a girl on television... You still got a whole lot of fightin' left. My heart's racing. I'm trying not to pump myself up, but my body's already going to that state. I'm like, f*ck! Not good. It's times like these you turn to the Lord and ask for help.

Sharon: Yup, I do everyday.

James: I do it quietly... You can only be a bad-ass for so long until you realize you need help. That's what I've realized in this game.

Sharon: I pray for you and everyone, every night.

Sharon and James talk about the things they miss most. James misses being hugged... Sharon misses everything...

Sharon: I even miss Jacob's dumb ass, which is stupid...
James: It's alright.

Sharon: Did you ever believe in God?
James: I did.. I fall in and out of faith...
Sharon: What makes you fall out?
James: Thinking I can do it all myself... depend on myself...

Talk turns back to game...

James: I'd rather be playing in a PoV than be an HoH sending someone home.
Sharon: I agree. I feel the same way. Sometimes power's not a good thing.
James: I'm really going to need your support this week.

Sharon echoes. Talk turns to what tomorrow will bring, then back to their BB loved ones... Sharon & James wonder if it'll be a luxury comp. James thinks it could be the clothing comp, since there are an even number of men and women in the house now, but if it's a food comp, and James is on Natalie's team, he's thinking about throwing it, just so Nat goes on slop.

Sharon: What do you miss about Chelsia?
James: Her smile. Her lip curl.
Sharon: I miss when Joshy laughs and smiles at the same time.

11:58pm BBT
Ryan & Adam

The boys are also wondering if Thursday will bring a food comp or a luxury comp...

Ryan: Luxury would be nice.

Adam agrees. Talk turns to Sheila and Natalie...

Ryan: Nat and Sheila are confused broads up in HoH... thinking it's still their room.

    ***Natalie and Sheila are camped out up in HoH. Sheila's talking about how the men never come to her defense when someone's going off on her.
Talk turns to James... Both Adam and Ryan agree James knows his luck has run out.

They cover the pool table...

Adam: Good night, America. Done. Off-duty. Clock out.
    ***Well, not quite yet.

The boys head inside to the kitchen. Time for a midnight snack.

HoH Room
Sheila & Natalie
12:09am BBT
Talking about Joshuah's eviction... the men..
Natalie: Your family must be happy.
Sheila: Amanda's family must be happy.. Yours too. It must be hard for them watching people blow up on us. (paraphrasing) I asked the guys why they don't step in, and they said I bring it on myself...
Natalie: When James leaves, I'm gonna have a party.

12:15m BBT
Boat Room
Nat & Sheila come down from the HoH room to join Ryan & Adam who are in the kitchen, scratching and eating.

Natalie told Sheila that the boys switched out her mattress, and after Sheila confronts the boys, who laugh it off, she and Natalie go to switch out the mattress from the cursed bed on to hers.

Adam and Ryan soon follow into the boat room. Sheila tells them she's getting the mattress from the cursed bed and Ryan teases her about it.

Ryan: You'll be going home next week.
Sheila: I'll chance it.

12:38am BBT
Boat Room
Natalie & Sheila, then Ryan joins...

Natalie: James needs to start being nice and start enjoying the rest of his time here. You never know when your time is up, so you need to enjoy every minute of it. Regardless of all the negative stuff around you, realize you're in the BB house and getting to experience something other people will never get to experience.
Sheila: Yeah.

Ryan enters. Chatter ensues... They're all annoyed that Sharon and James never fold up their beds anymore so people can hang out on the couches in there... Then Ryan seizes the opportunity to create a little more hate in Sheila for James... and blow some smoke up her bum.

Ryan: James always rags on your age.

Sheila responds by saying that she looks much better than James' mom, and there's only 2 years between them.

Ryan: If I was single in this house, I would totally hook up with you.
Sheila: (flattered) I like being my age.

Red Room
James' eyes are wide open, and it appears he can hear every word, as his expressions change with each new comment. He looks amused by it all.

Boat Rm.
12:48am BBT
Sheila: 40 is the new 30.
Ryan: You're prime, baby.
Natalie: I feel like I'm prime, but I'm not getting anything out of it.

They bring up Jameka from season 8, and how she made it very far without winning anything...

Ryan tells the ladies goodnight... Nat goes too.

1:00-2am BBT
Ryan, Adam & Nat
Chatter about working out. Ryan wants to start working on his abs... Natalie's giving helpful advice. Adam's not interested... He wants triple cheeseburgers for breakfast. Further, he's done talking about noms for the rest of the night.

Adam: Sheila lives in a fantasy world, doesn't she?
Ryan and Natalie laugh. They all wonder if a BB alum will be hosting the Veto Comp this week. Talk turns to James.. They believe BB favors him in the comps.

Natalie: All James does is bitch and complain.
Adam: I think tonight's comp was set up for James to win.

This has been a recurrent theme tonight... Here's a clip from earlier in the evening on the same topic, captured by Dreamer:

Continuing the earlier conversation...

Looking at the memory wall...

Natalie: I'll do anything to win PoV. We've got to win it. It's crazy they're all gone...
Ryan: Yep.
Natalie: That's what happens when you get a force to be reckoned with.

Natalie's got it all worked out...

Natalie: After we get rid of James and Sharon, then we go after Sheila, and we battle it out between the three of us.

They move on to talk about the Final 3 HoH comp... Adam reigns them in, saying let's not get too far ahead of ourselves... and brings the talk back to the impending food or luxury comp.

Natalie: (looking at Matt's pic) Oh poor Matty. I miss you, Matty. I hope you're having fun in sequester.

Ryan and Adam go outside for a smoke, and Natalie talks to the pictures on the wall...

Natalie: Sorry, Chelsia. You just weren't very nice. Adam, you're the man. Allison, you just could not be trusted. Sheila, you better win something. Crazy James, you're a psychotic evil doer that can't be trusted. Parker. (nothing) Alex, you're a nice guy. Amanda, I wonder if you're still watching. Poor Matty, you did not deserve to go.

The boys come back in from their smoke...

Ryan: The 3 of us have a 50% chance of winning 500Gs.
Natalie: We need to pray. When 2 or more people pray together, God is present.

The End!

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