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Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Overnight Report
Plus - Explanations: Backdooring, PoV & Double Eviction

Good morning, Big Brother lovers! Happy Saturday!

Before I get going with the overnight report, a brief lesson in Big Brother terminology and policies for the folks who are unclear about PoV, "backdooring," and the Double Eviction Week in Big Brother.

  • Backdooring - At this stage of the game, with only 6 HGs left in the house, everyone plays for PoV, so there is no more backdooring. The term itself implies that the person had no chance to save him/herself by playing for the Power of Veto. Since all of the HGs played in this week's PoV, none can be backdoored.
  • Incidentally, Matty was not backdoored either, as he had every chance to save himself in the PoV the week he was sent home.
  • To dig a little deeper, backdooring also implies intent. To truly backdoor someone on Big Brother means that one or both of the original nominees are pawns, and the non-veto playing replacement nom was the HoH's original target for eviction for the week.
  • Next up, the Power behind the Golden Power of Veto: If the Power of Veto is won by someone who is not on the block, such as Ryan this week, the Power of holding that Veto includes being able to use it to Veto one of the nominations & take someone off the block while still remaining safe. When the PoV is won by someone not on the block, it becomes like holding an immunity idol built for 2... if the person holding it decides to use it on one of the nominees.
  • Whether the Veto is used or not, Ryan cannot be put up on the block.
  • If the PoV had instead been won by the either of the nominees, Sheila or Sharon, its power would have been more limited. Since they are on the block, whoever won it would have likely used the power to veto their own nomination, and the power would save them and end there.
  • Lastly, Double Eviction Week aka Fast Forward - Contrary to popular misconception, a double eviction week does not mean both nominees currently on the block go home.
  • So... How has a double eviction (fast forward week) worked in the past?
  • Using this coming Wednesday as an example, one of Adam's nominees will be evicted, leaving the HG count at 5.
  • Julie will then announce to the houseguests that they are about to do a weeks worth of BB in one night.
  • They will have the HoH Comp, and the winner of that HoH will make his or her nominations immediately. They may or may not have a PoV Comp.
  • The 2 HGs eligible to vote will vote to evict someone. If it's a tie, the HoH breaks it. Either way, someone else gets evicted immediately.
  • Later that night, or the following day, another HoH comp will be held to see who will be the HoH of the final 4.

Ok.. now, I can assemble the overnight report. :)

The Overnight Report:

Most of Friday night was spent in very amicable, light hearted conversation between all of the house guests. With James' PoV loss, everyone is feeling very comfortable that the week is a wrap, and they spent most of the night just enjoying each other... or so it would seem.

I must've blinked at some point over the past thousand or so hours, because last night at 9:06pm BBT, Sharon and Ryan launched into a conversation that makes it seem they've been in a secret alliance forever...

Sharon tells Ryan to pull Sheila off the block with his, because she (Sharon) can handle the hot seat much better, and go ahead with getting James out this week. They then move on to talking about the upcoming week. Sharon firmly believes this Wednesday will be a Fast Forward/Double eviction week, and she wants to get their plans straight now, because once it goes down, there will be no time to think, and whoever they choose to keep could well be around for the final 3.

Quirkydude got it all on video. Here are the clips:

9:06pm BBT - Ryan & Sharon:
ReNoms & Double Eviction

Ryan and Sharon agree that if either of them win HoH, they will put Natalie and Adam up on the block... then they discuss upon which one should go home. Ryan lists all the positives and negatives for both of his presumed alliance members... Adam for his mental strengths, or Natalie for her physical strengths.

It's a tough call, but Ryan seems to land more on the side of getting Natalie out next, because in addition to her physical, she's great on house trivia and details.

In part 2, Sharon outs the women's alliance to Ryan. They discuss how easy it will be to turn the women on Adam, because of his nominations this week... however...

Ryan: I think right now, I'd rather see Natalie go. I'm thinking that she's more of a threat than he is. She's strong babe. She really is.

Sharon also tells Ryan how Natalie's been approaching James every week for an alliance. Ryan says Natalie says he's been approaching her.

Part 2 - 9:14pm BBT

Following this clip, the HGs all enjoy dinner together, and talk turns to sex. The cameras do several closeups of the 2 glasses of wine in front of Natalie... The boys again call Natalie out on the BJs with Matt, even citing Matt's telling them about looking directly into camera after and giving the big thumbs up.

Natalie denies everything and seizes the opportunity to try and deflect negative attention from herself by calling Allison a dirty girl for her activities with Chelsia and James.

After a while, Ryan and Adam go outside for a smoke...

10:14pm BBT
Ryan & Adam

Adam: I hate her. She sucks, huh? She really does.
Ryan: Who?
Adam: Big She.
Ryan: Oh yeah...
Adam: Jimmy's doin' good. I told you I made a deal with him. I wont put you up. You don't win, you take it like a man.
Ryan: He still.. It gave him hope though..
Adam: It was a risk, but it worked out..
Ryan: He just wasn't in it.
Adam: It pumped you, me n Natalie up. This one needed to be done to get him out of this place. I did what I did for the best of us. It gave me that edge I needed... I wasn't gonna let you guys down. Now it comes down to pullin' Sheila off.. Who do I put up, Natalie or James? Done deal. He's goin' home. No shadiness... The game came down to a point - you didn't win when you needed to win.
Ryan: I'm sure he'll make a last minute effort.
Adam: He cam up to me after, shook my hand, said everything was cool... he lost.
Ryan: Sorry, dude. Been a great competitor... It's time. It's best for all of us. You don't wanna compete against him in the final...
Adam: It gave you that extra little thing you needed... All of us... It worked, dude. He was scared, dude. So we're all miserable for one night, and now it's all set.
Ryan: Dude man, the last 3, Bam Chelsia, Bam Joshuah, Bam James... No matter what he says to you, he's goin' home...
Adam: He's gone dude.
Ryan: It's all good. It worked out fine. We're lookin' good.
Adam: I told him straight to his face.
Ryan: He's handling it really well. He's like, I had a fair chance...

Ryan and Adam both think Sharon threw this one too... Now all they have to do is make sure she doesn't win HoH.

Here's the clip:


10:48pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
Then Sheila Joins, then Natalie

Sheila warns the boys that James will make a last ditch effort to try and save himself... She also jokes that if she were using Natalie's tactics under the covers, none of the men would ever get rid of her.

Natalie comes out and says she can't wait to confront Matt about all the lies he told about her in the house...

Here's the clip:


That concludes the overnight report... Have a wonderful Saturday!! :) I'm off to go and enjoy mine too.

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Blogger Kassandra said...

thanks for clearing up. Again thanks for all you do to keep us up to date about what going on in the house. I know things change on a dime in that house.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

Ryan: We'll just put some bitches up

WHAAAAAAT??? Rye-bread is going to be like that, huh?!?!
well, I really don't like Shebot and Chatty Natty, but I really don't like a snake-in-the-grass chauvinist either! And although, I was really really liking Adam for the win (as long as James is leaving), but after THAT statement the old boys club just lost my "vote". I am a chick, after all and if they are going to go all kindergarten and make this about boy vs. girl--I will have to jup to the chick side of things from here on out (uless by some miracle James finds a way to stay).

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Lorelei Spirit said...

I have been accusing people of using the term backdooring incorrectly for several seasons now - even the houseguests themselves don't seem to grasp the true meaning and intent.

Thanks for your explanation - I may link to it in the future.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous MissYarya said...

Are the fans of BB really pulling for the guy that called autistic children "retards"?? Has everyone forgot his first week statement because of his wild personality that has come out? Hmmm interesting kinda explains this whole cast if thats the viewers outlook.

Thanks Carolyn these updates save me time and headache. Love the site and hope to continue this season with you.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that almost doesnt seem fair...if you ask me.. the veto is suppose to save...ONE oh well what can you do

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info' and keep up the great work on these posts!

Hope James will keep pushing the Ryan/Natalie team threat to Baller and Big She' Should give them something to think about before tomorrow!

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Megan J said...

I wanted to post this in the comments section of your poll, "Which Houseguests would you prefer be in the final 6?" But I just realized there is no comments section on that one.

I was soo confused by the numbers I decided to make a chart of my own. If theres a mistake I'm sorry. But I thought I'd share my results with you, so you don't have to take the time to figure it out. I think America is a little bias, leaning towards the guys, but I don't blame them!! I do blame them for picking Natalie to stay, at least pick someone who doesn't play the blonde, big breasted card. I mean she totally gives in to the pressure of society, why not be individual? Her and Sheila are equally annoying in my eyes, any other girl or guy if you like, would have been a much better improvement.

As of 11AM eastern April 5, 2008:

1. Alex 3420
2. James 3391
3. Ryan 3063
4. Natalie 2893
5. Joshua 2746
6. Adam 2618

7. Chelsia 2593
8. Sharon 2358
9. Matt 2054
10. Parker 1777
11. Amanda 1526
12. Jen 1091
13. Sheila 865
14. Allison 708
15. Neil 546
16. Jacob 306

The Standings:

Sheila = Alex
Sharon = Joshua
Adam - Adam
Natalie - Natalie
Ryan - Ryan
James - James

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Angie @ 7:03

Let me start out by stating I am not defending Ryan. I have felt for a long time now that he is a "behind the scenes" manipulator and has been coming off as a much nicer guy than I really consider him to be.

However, in this ONE case (and this one case, only), there is the possibility he is using the term "bitches" in not quite as derogatory a manner as it might seem. (I grant you the possibility is a "small" one.)**

Remember, Natalie (oh, Lord, great example there??!?!!!?) has used it; Chelsia has used it (there I go again with the great examples); even yesterday, Sharon has used it (much better, Ron).

In each instance it was as a "when I leave here, I'll be okay -- I'll say good-bye to all ya all bitches and I'll be cool."

As I said, I'm not defending Ryan, merely trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. (Not many opportunities to do this, so have to take every advantage, no matter how "small")**

That being said, knowing the way he and Adam, both, think and talk about the girls in the house, it wouldn't surprise me one little bit to find out he meant it exactly the way in which you interpreted it.

This particular attitude of Ryan's toward women is one of the reasons I don't understand a lot of the posters' views that he is such a "nice guy." I won't even begin to go into his "obsession" with large penises and his desire to "f" with one just once.

**("Small" man syndrome?)

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Genie said...

Good morning Carolyn you super blogger you!

Good morning fellow blog guests!

Ryan/SHaron alliance is thinking outside the box. Will they pull it off? Will it stick? Who knows?

I'm just a little bit puzzled by Adam. He made a very "ballsy" decision not to put up James, making no friends in Team Crisco. Why on earth would he not follwo through? Get Ryan on board and take Natalie out.

James and Natalie have been equally fierce competitors. The difference is in the attitude.

Why does not anyone see that she is basically counting on the win over all of them? Why do they not see her sense of entitlement? Why do they not see James' humility and sportmanship?
Why ask why, I guess.

Oh well, I will go back to my mantra, James is a winner money or no money.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Oh, I forgot -- at the beginning of last night's BBAD, Sharon was in the ht talking with Adam.

Ryan came out, Adam talked to him for a few seconds, then went into the kitchen.

Ryan sat down by the ht and he and Sharon started talking -- well, Sharon started talking (miles a minute); Ryan got in the occasional "I know," "I know."

(For such a usually quiet girl, she sure can talk once she gets started. She sounds like speed-talking Natalie when she gets on a roll -- except with a higher voice.)

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It sounds as though Ryan and Sharon have been having something going (game strategy-wise) for some time now. I couldn't tell everything that was being said (she was talking so fast), but it sure sounded to me like they are just now beginning to prepare for their "final plays."

Did I hear wrong?

(Wonder if Ryan is doing this to make up for Jacob's/Sharon's being evicted at the very beginning? It was, after all, Jacob's refusal to "rat on" Ryan and for Ryan's refusal to man up as being the one who called Parker a snake. Parker's calling out Jacob, Jacob refusing to call out Ryan, Ryan's refusal to "man up," and Parker's resulting labeling Jacob a "sh$t stirrer" is the only reason Jacob/Sharon were evicted.)

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope nat is put up, he HAS to break up ryan and nat. Jeeez, first time watching bb and I'm going insane!

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FINALLY!! Thank you for putting the BACKDOOR info out there - Now could someone explain it to the HG?


8:24 AM  
Blogger dbltrbl said...

Sometimes I wonder how much interviewing they give these people. We all have complained about Adam's eating noises. Several of them talk with their mouths full. Sharon gets me also. She talks so fast and also gets halfway through a sentance and switches to another sentance but never finishes the first sentance. I counted it one time and she said 7 half sentance (not a single sentance completed) within 45 seconds. She went off into so many side thoughts that I forgot what the original conversation was about.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope that nat picks up on ryan and sharon alliance and form james adam and nat alliance and convinces sheila that sharon needs to go...next week get rid of ryan then sheila then final three pray pray pray

8:36 AM  
Blogger dbltrbl said...

If BB sticks to the same schedule they have followed in every other season, this is the week for a double eviction. Carolyn, how does that work? Do they have this eviction, an HOH comp, evict immediatly then either that same HOH puts up two more for the next week or a new HOH comp for the next week?

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Thanx, Carolyn. Sorry to be so impatient. You hadn't started the overnight report before I asked my question about Ryan/Sharon.

With the way the convo began, it had to have started at some earlier point. Maybe sometime between the time you went to bed early last night and the beginning of BBAD?

Maybe if Natalie prays really hard for it, somebody who is as dedicated as you are to watching the live feeds will be able to update everybody on just when this conversation first started.

Sure does throw a new possibility into the outcome. (Especially with Ryan's and Adam's talk outside a little later.)

Anon @ 8:36 has a plan/wish that would give James a real chance at winning. Coooooool.

Must admit, though, sure is beginning to look like Sharon has been playing this game much more (and with a greater degree of intelligence) than anyone thought up to this point.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ryan never called parker a snake, jacob concocted that little story himself

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the overnight update. After watching showtime for a while last night it seems like delusional Natalie was out and about. First of all watching her eat the spaghetti was the sickest thing I have seen in a while, that girl has no table manners whatsoever. Then watching her talk about how the camera people watch her while she is in the shower as she is fondling her own chest saying this. Then her talking about her sex life and how ofter she has to have it...what happened to the good Christian she pretends to be??? I really can't stand to watch her anymore. I wish somehow, someway, James could convince Adam to put her up and get her voted out. I guess the only saving grace for me (since James will probably be gone) will to see the nerd herd turn on each other. Have a good day!

9:08 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thanks for the reminder! :)

I just added this to the post, but I'll add it here too :)

# Double Eviction Week aka Fast Forward - Contrary to popular misconception, a double eviction week does not mean both nominees currently on the block go home.

# So... How has a double eviction (fast forward week) worked in the past?

# Using this coming Wednesday as an example, one of Adam's nominees will be evicted, leaving the HG count at 5.

# Julie will then announce to the houseguests that they are about to do a weeks worth of BB in one night.

# They will have the HoH Comp, and the winner of that HoH will make his or her nominations immediately. They may or may not have a PoV Comp.

# The 2 HGs eligible to vote will vote to evict someone. If it's a tie, the HoH breaks it. Either way, someone else gets evicted immediately.

# Later that night, or the following day, another HoH comp will be held to see who will be the HoH of the final 4.

9:12 AM  
Blogger cindytexas said...

Natalie continues to lie and deny hummergate. Wait till they all see the tapes...heck, wait till SHE sees the tapes. I wonder if she will still deny it, saying she was just kissing his stomach -- that was a good one. I guess she thinks everybody is as dumb as she is. She's the joke of the house and, of course, doesn't even realize it.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

To follow up on ron’s thoughts:

First, Ryan - I know he is loved by dudes and chicks. I can't stand the guy. Though I give him a lot of credit for one thing, he knows what he is not good at, and works around it very well. That's an excellent trait to have in life in general. But I don't think he's a nice guy at all. I think he's a bully with the men - watch him with Adam when he doesn't like what Adam does. He gets right to the line of being confrontational. James noticed it - said "I think this guy likes to fight, use his size. But we can't do that here, so he doesn't bother me." As for his attitude toward women, I'll just stand with ron, he's said plenty. There is something so off about Ryan to me, that while I don't objectively find him unattractive, he has become very ugly to me. That whole inner thing coming out thing. And it's not anything in particular he's done, it's just instinct. That said, if he pulls this off I think he deserves major kudos, there is no reason he should win this game, so if he does he really played the corners well.

Now Sharon - she is becoming far more interesting. But you really have to be patient and not forget to watch. She has this ability to make people feel warm to her in an instant. Over and over she is miraculously trusted and intimate with people she barely spoke to. Interestingly the only one who doesn't get fooled is Natalie - I think because they are opposite heads of the same coins. You can't con a con. They are both highly skilled manipulators and do it in opposite ways (over the top and under the radar). She and Ryan have not had an alliance all along, in fact they have barely spoken, but as with James the day before she earned their trust in literally minutes. I have theories as to how she does it. Simply put, she's non threatening in every way. She's smart, beautiful, hot, blond, funny, charismatic - but tones it all down so she is accessible. I imagine it comes from years of being all those things and her upbringing of being disciplined - that woman is seriously in control. With Ryan it's easy a pie, be blond and STAND in the Jacuzzi in a bikini with that belly button ring glimmering hot sex with the good girl, make him think he's smart and a little sexy and desirable to work with. He'd kill for her. She got James by knowing he needed a friend, never stood up for him, he wasn’t looking for sexual reassurance. She showed him he was desirable as a person to spend time with. She's good. If she wins, she deserves it big time.


9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can the the Power behind the Golden Power of Veto be used in final 4?

Where the person not on the block wins veto and takes someone off the block. Would this mean that HOH is then on the block?

9:18 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

Question for you all about Natalie:

Does anyone have any theories as to why Natalie is still denying the BJ's? It seems so odd. She is so open, it's not like she doesn't talk about her sexual exploits in great detail. It's not a prude thing, or a religious thing (considering everything else). So what the hell is it? The only thing I can come up with at all is that she denied it at first and doesn't want to admit she lied. But, with the boys knowing as much as they do, this only makes her look like more of a liar and she knows that.

So why? It's almost as if she believes her own lie – but I don’t quite buy that.

9:27 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good Morning Fellow Addicts. That includes you too Carolyn, "Our Fearless Leader."

Thank you Carolyn for your concise explanations of how the PoVs work, and you are right, no more backdooring.

I would go a step further in saying there in no longer a sure fire way to backdoor anyone in this game due to the random choice of pulling names from a bag to chose the other 3 PoV players. Back in the season of the 4 Whoresmen, or the 3 Horsemen and the Ottoman, Nakomis and her "6 Finger Plan" was the end of true backdooring. If I recall correctly, (and I rarely do,) the randon draws started after that season, rendering the backdoor policy up until then a not so possible posibility. Any thoughts on that?

I had a great day yesterday. Bummed when I checked in briefly and saw Ryan had won the PoV, but quickly got back to my personal celebration and mostly forgot about the game.

Now, after reading and watching the clips of the Overnight, I think I have found a new respect for Ryan. Adam already had it for his sense of fairness to truly let James have a fair chance, no matter how much Gnat prays to God to forgive Adam for making the bad decision. I only wish he would think it through more and carry on with the same direction, but if he did, I think the votes would go against Sharon.

Back to newfound respect for Ryan. That only holds contingent upon if he was being honest or just blowing smoke at Sharon. His eyes are more open that I reailized if he was speaking the truth.

I would love to see a Ryan-Adam-Sharon F3. Adam for having the cajones for his independence this week, and Ryan and Sharon for their non-sanctamonious reading of their Bibles. They do so quietly and do not look for quotes of scripture to justify themselves and their feelings and are not so sure God is only looking out for the "Good People" yada yada yada.

I truly hope Ryan was being honest with Sharon, but until I see him NOT run to Gnat with the story I am not convinced, leaving my ultimate F2 now that James is all but gone, to Adam for giving James a chance, and Sharon because while she has her issues with the beebeeies, etc, she seems to be the most genuine and consistent person in the house.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Anon @ 9:07 - Sorry, you're wrong.

There is tape (from BBAD) of Ryan admitting to being the one telling Jacob he thought Parker was a snake, and admitting he said it because he didn't like Parker's attitude and he was jealous that Parker was sleeping in the same bed as Jen. Just because you didn't see it (which, I'm assuming, is why you are denying it) doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there in "tv land" who heard this conversation, too.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

Oh - on Natalie eating. Chelsia talked about it a lot (she was quite observant). She does eat like she was starved and had to fight for food as a child. Which may well be the case. I didn't hear all her conversation with Sheila, but she was talking about living in shack without indoor plumbing - something like that. Would love to see the clip. It was fascinating and painful to watch her eat. Yes, it was disgusting, but it was like watching an animal in the wild. If her past is what it seems to be, and she has managed to pull herself up, through religion, or delusion, or whatever - the girl deserves props, and maybe even 500k.

9:32 AM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

I'm not sure where this was originally posted, but I haven't forgotten. Here's to you Carolyn, something nice about the remaining HG's:

Adam - Heart of gold.
Sharon - Strong and sweet.
Sheila - One hot mama.
Ryan - Hunk of burning love.
Natalie - Artistically talented.
James - Intelligent for his age.

As for the this weekend... How cool would it be if Ryan removed Sharon and Adam puts up Nat?

That would be too cool!

Hope everybody enjoys their weekend.


9:34 AM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Jane @ 9:27 - IMO, she is so busy constantly telling everybody that she "can't" and "doesn't" lie (which is a lie in itself) that she doesn't want to give them an opening for calling her out about lieing.

She knows it is strictly her word against anybody else's until they see the tapes, at which time she won't even be around any of them, so she'll be safe.

I've actually wondered how Adam and Ryan can believe all the crap she spews about the other HGs, when they know how adamant she is in her lies about hummergate. Maybe they don't believe her and just go along with her to make her think they believe her. Don't know.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon bugs it's time for her to go.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Scary Bunnies said...

Jane: I wholeheartedly concur about Ryan. I've felt that way about him for a while.

I don't for a second think he and Sharon have a long time, strong alliance. Ryan has a "secret" alliance with every house guest, with the exception of James. I think the reason he's been so anti-James is that he can't bully or threaten him, or be a "big teddy bear" figure to him.

Why is everyone so shocked that Ryan used the word "bitches"? Have you been listening to his conversations with Adam? Or remember what the "bro-alliance" with Matt used to talk about? They all regularly engage in graphic, misogynistic talk about "bitches." It's disgusting and appalling.

Good catch on the Ryan/Sharon conversation last night. I tried to watch a bit of BBAD, but it was impossible. I was mildly amused in a "is the car going to hit the puppy" kind of way while watching Sheila and Gnat try to talk over each other for a few seconds, then had to turn it off.

I'm guessing Gnat isn't admitting to the BJ's because it's hard for her to reconcile what is actually reality at this point in the game. Plus, Sheila has been so disapproving about it. The guys have been so "gotcha" about it. She probably doesn't want to admit that she's so gullible and morally loose that she'd actually perform those actions in front of the cameras.

I know this got put out the door the moment it came up, but seriously--what is up with the Sheila and Matt connection? She so visibly gets rattled whenever anything critical comes up about him and regularly tears up. The camera's *always* focus in on her face. I know he's not her son, but I'm still not convinced that they're not related. If they're not related, then Sheila is just as crazy as we all know Gnat is. Surprise, surprise, right?

As far as BB not telling us about the twist--this hasn't really been the most carefully planned season. I'm guessing the cast/theme, etc. was put together during an all-nighter at the last minute to get something on the schedule because of the writer's strike.

There's probably no connection. She's probably just as delusional and crazy as I've always thought she was.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

How long is Natalie going to deny what happened on the camera? I really wish they would push for her outing this week instead of james, at this point she seems like the larger threat. Are the boys not taking into consideration she could win HOH next week and one of them will be gone?

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting...

It appears Sharon has a secret alliance with Ryan and she has a seperate secret alliance with Adam as well as the third alliance with the "Women of the House".

Besides Sharon, Ryan also has a secret alliance with Adam and a seperate secret alliance with Natalie.

Adam also has the same secret alliances that Ryan has BUT he also has his seperate Sheila and seperate James alliances.

Natalie has all the above secret alliances PLUS her seperate alliance with Sheila.

James only hope at this time is Adam.

Now, Sheila is just sitting back because she is a 45 year old single mom who doesn't have to take any abuse because she didn't ask for it, and she is the only one who really needs the money, KNOW THAT!!

My head is spinning...

The only one's with any brains in the house are James, Adam and apparently Sharon.

Now if someone could just out all these secret alliances in a major rumble before the renom and vote, I think Ryan, Natalie and Sheila would totally freak (like they did when Adam didn't automatically put up James). Then Ryan could renom Natalie (you heard him say he fears her) or just keep Sheila up. Then Sheila could FINALLY go, with Natalie as the second evicted in the double eviction, because I think everyone is getting pretty tired of the Matty stories, the favoritism she get's from "God" and her sense of entitlement to the money over everyone else.

Then on to a final three of Adam, James and Sharon with James in the final two with either because both think they would win the $500k over James (versus Ryan being the third wheel).

Now that would be some excitement in the house!!

Now if I only put this much thought into my work...

9:55 AM  
Blogger bbwatcher said...

N2Reality....wow you really do have something there....if Adam really wanted to shake up this game he would leave Sheila on, take Sharon off and put up Natalie...forcing Ryan,Sharon and James to evict one of the alliance.This would make watching the rest of the game so much more interesting......and would they all be shocked............

9:56 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Carolyn, thank you for the terrific clarification on backdooring and POV, the way this year's houseguests talk about POV had me totally confused, lol!
You made it make sense, yay! :-)

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am asking if anyone has any insight to the way Adam's mind is working. This may be the last chance he has of being in a position to decide his own fate. Regardless of who gets evicted this week, next week someone from TC will have to go on the block. He can't play in HOH. That means that anyone who wins has a reason for putting up Adam. Sharon and Sheila can both use the excuse that Adam put them on the block. Natalie and Ryan were obviously mad at him for not nominating James even if they are claiming to understand why he did it. He probably doesn't know about the Ryan/Nat promise of final 2 or the secret Ryan/Sharon alliance but the possible girls alliance is a well known fact. Even if he trully believes Ryan won't put him on the block, Ryan only has a 1 in 4 shot of winning HOH. There will almost definitely be a physical comp coming up and James is the only one who stands a chance against Natalie. Doesn't it make the most logical sense to put up Natalie as a replacement. Ryan knows that Nat is a compulsive liar, he also made a deal with Sharon and has to consider sending her to the jury house where she has 3 weeks to turn votes against him. Even if Sharon gets evicted, Adam will have one person who will definitely have his back next week (James) instead of one person who will possibly have his back (Ryan-who will not stand a chance against Nat if it's endurance. Worst case scenario, James does not win HOH and Adam goes on the block with James-they may be mad at Adam, but they hate James. If James goes home this week and Adam goes on the block against any other houseguest he is screwed. Against Nat-Sheila and possibly Ryan would keep Nat, maybe even Sharon because she knows a lot of people in the jury house are now against Nat winning. Against Ryan-Sharon and Nat have both promised Ryan final 2 and Sheila wants Ryan in the end because he already won something. Against Sharon-Ryan has an alliance, Sheila has a bond and Nat thinks the jury would pick her over Sharon. Against Sheila-everyone wants her in final 3 because that insures whoever is with her of final 2. I know this is long but I have tried to consider every scenario/combination. Adam needs to keep James. It's his best shot at winning.

10:06 AM  
Blogger SmartestCo0kie said...

just a question, i thought fast forward meant, HOH, VETO, eviction, while double eviction didn't have a veto comp? does this ring a bell with anyone? its so confusing, lol. why both names, well never understand!

10:10 AM  
Blogger spookybell said...

I just have to put in my 2 cents....

I am really sad that James is most likley to go. I love James and I wanted him to win.

Ryan makes me want to vomit. I don't know why. He's just a dud. Boring and blah.

Adam has grown on me. I hated him but now I like him. He's a good guy, but does not need the money.

Sharon... what has she done? I say take her to the end becuse she does not deserve to win and the oposing final player should.

Natalie... I don't care what anyone says. She has luck and God on her side but she is dumb as a stump and if I had to guess... she has done her fair share of drugs in the past.

Shiela is a toss up. I'm not sure she has played the game well but she is fair and could use the cash. I don't love her but I don't hate her. Her nievity makes her a little special.

BB9blogspot is the best blog in the world and when I can, I'd like them to have my $ instead of the feeds. You rock bb9blogspot and you keep me informed and not on the feeds wasting all my time away. You are the very bestest of the best!

10:14 AM  
Blogger lauraisaqt said...

Yeah Ryan Shooked Me With His Comments,when he was talking to Sharon,I had no idea they were togetter in the game?


10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anon@ 9:07
Yes Ryan did call Parker a snake. Jacob did not rat him out and he got the blame. Ryan said it while they were by the pool table in the first episode.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that convo Ry had with Sharon was total game play, I think he's covering his tracks just IN CASE Sharon wins HOH. If she doesn't win and he won I don't think he would do that to Natalie, just based on the relationship they have together(A/R/N). Sharon's next to go if she doesnt win HOH/ pov next week.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous kevintucky said...

Scheduling note:
BB is ending quite soon. 'Shark' moves into BB's Tuesday slot on April 29 and 'Price is Right' moves into its Wednesday slot the next night.

Anon 9:17,

When the house is down to the final four, the HOH is of little power really for deciding who gets evicted (why do people phrase that as "going home?")

The HOH picks two nominees and the four later play the POV. Whomever wins that POV ultimately decides who leaves. The HOH is safe, but the POV winner determines who leaves because that is the ONLY vote that week.

Sharon probably threw this last HOH because she realized that she could not play in the next HOH and would be voted out then. Thus, she plays this Wednesday and if she wins HOH she cannot play the following week. BUT, it is the F4 scenario described above and she can win POV allowing her to stay. Smart girl.

Funny if the F2 are Ryan, whom no one wants to win because of the Jen factor and Sharon, whom everyone believes did nothing. She said last night her first trip in the house she was her regular talky self and when she returned she kept it completely opposite.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Beorn said...

Hmmm...I've been put in an odd position, given that even an explanation is apparently not allowed. I'll choose to cut my losses here, since it's the only feasible choice I'm being given.

I wish all of you the best!

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday, Carolyn! I hope you get to enjoy some well deserved leisurely moments.

Jane- Possible theories on why Nat continues to deny the bjs-

1) She has stated many times that she would never do anything on the show to embarrass her family.

Of all the behavior she has exibited in the house, that may be the one the thing she feels would be unaccebtible (?)

2)Matty may have told her not to.

3)She misinterpreted another Bible passage.

4)The perpetually childlike Natty believes (as some 2 year olds do) that if you place your hands over your own eyes or ears, you can't be seen or heard(thus, nobody could possibly know it happened).

I do appreciate your caring,considered analyses,Jane.

As naive as she is, I do like the 'dreamer' in her.

Last night she said she wanted to marry a 'sweet, sensitive football player', and have 3-5 kids...a girl named Nirvana, a boy named Job, and another girl named Araya Sunshine.

After my laughter stopped , I found myself hoping she would (although naming her son Job might be asking for trouble).

I hope she does well in life, and sells lots of mermaid art on ebay ;-)

Lila ~*~

Oh, Happy Anniversay,Gaytor!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Bklyn said...

Natalie; just when I think you can't shock me; you do it again. Last night, sitting there with 2 FULL glasses of wine (red&white-WHO DOES THAT??) (as per usual)-Adam says he has no wine; Natalie in turns tells Adam "drink the rest of the bottle" (fyi-the bottle is 99% empty-I say 3 drops left). Adam picks up the bottle; 3 droplets in his mouth.

Go team Ryan & Sharon!

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Ryan is just trying to save himself in this game and get further. He is smart to align himself with Sharon, because if she wins HOH he would be deemed safe, and if Nat or even Sheila wins, he would be safe also. He is just waying out all possible scenarios with different groups of people. However, if Nat wins HOH (it might be a physical or endurance next week), then Ryan would be so quick to throw Sharon under the bus.

What do you guys think?

11:43 AM  
Blogger Divr said...

Being a fan from the beginning of BB, I have always viewed and read about the "Backdooring" or blindsiding as holding off on putting someone on the block during the initial noms. And then blindsiding them by putting them on as a renom. No idea they are going to be hit with it, therefore backdooring them. With the definition as given, the only advantage of not putting them up initially is to avoid given them the sure shot at participating in comp or one of their allies from removing them from the block. Going after them in a renom only cuts the chances of their name being drawn and being able to compete in the comp, or the abiity of an ally to remove. And in the example given of Matt not being backdoored, supports our understanding of Backdooring. Matt had no idea he was being considered and may not have even given an effort in winning POV. There are many times a HG will not actively participate in a comp, even tho they are involved. Look at Adam for the early part of the season.

Also, to respond to someone's comment about Natalie and her comments. There is a difference between "quoting" the bible and what was being inferred. I believe that Natalie will be discovered to be a different person than so many are perceiving. She may be playing dumb and doing a good job of it. But is she as dumb as many perceive? She let slip once that she has 3 years of college behind her. And yes she is a Bikini drive up gal, but WTH James is employed as a bike rider going around the USA? There are a number of gals who are paying their way through college working as dancers, etc. Neither is really showing that they are educated beyond High School. And even so that doesnt make them a bad person.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Megan J said...

RE: Jane : your question about Natalie and her denials of Hummergate.
Perhaps she doesnt want people to know that, being a respectable religious figure, she has given into sexual acts to a person she hardly knows. (And we all know, that she hardly knows Matt.)
Or perhaps, she decided that since she is playing this game soo religiously as we all know, she doesn't want to contradict herself by showing them that she disobeyed the bible and God. Making her "unworthy" to be aligned with.

11:56 AM  
Blogger GlendaM said...

Thanks for all the updates. I just tuned into the feeds and am jealous! I just finished shoveling a foot of snow that fell this morning and they are preparing to lie out and tan! :)

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan WAKE up buddy! If you take Sharon with you to the finals YOU LOSE!! (sorry for the caps) He would only get 50K because of the votes!! Sharon would have James,Josh,Chelsia, and ( Adam,Sheila,Natalie) Mad at him for turning on them. Maybe Matt would vote for him.. But he REALLY needs to think about votes before he burns all bridges..Do you really want to give the money to a girl that spent the whole time against you and in bed??? She said she has had it hard!?!? WTF?? she was on the block only as a pawn and she offered herself up a few times!!!! ugh.... Ryan think !!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

Good afternoon Carolyn..I'm still on cloud 9 that James is going back up on the block lol. I was not to pleased hearing Ryan saying the B word either but not surprised, he's put down interacial relationships also and Canada as a whole which really put me off him. But he is saving my Sheila tomorrow so I have to grin and bare it for now lol . Have a great day everyone.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't had a favorite HG all season until I realized how boring and simply naseuating it is going to be watching Natalie, Ryan, Adam, and Shelia with James gone! I tried watching BBAD last night and threw up a little in my mouth watching them sit in the kitchen and eat. I don't get bothered by bad manners too much but these people are over the top! Natalie went at the ice cream like she had a shovel in her hand and was being timed! Then the lip smacking and talking with mouthfuls of food! It felt like I was watching a pie eating contest! The conversations are so LAME and have absolutely ZERO substance! I can't handle it anymore, I am going to have to stop watching......I feel like I am loosing brain cells! Oh' Big Brother, could you Pleeeeeeeeease choose a better cast next season and change the rules a bit, it's getting OLD! I love this game sooooo much and it hurts me to say I am D U tripple N , DUNNN (Natalie's Mantra).

If James goes home I hope Sharon wins;( I'll check here every so often but I am done wasting my time watching these idiots!

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the GREAT job as always and the explanations for those who get confused over the BB rules & lingo about Veto, Double Evict, etc.

I have to bring this up, it's killing me!

"Team Christ?" I mean really! Where was this so called "Team" less than 2 months ago when head ring leader Natalie was peforming nightly strip tease acts (a FIRST I might add in BB history, at least televised on Showtime AD) and grinding her crotch in nearly every BB9 face, making out with girls & guys and doing a duet striptease with her arch nemesis Chelsia (while making out with her as well)?

Aside from at least 5 current videos on YouTube of the aforementioned acts, there are also YouTube videos of Natalie giving Matty his nightly oral grativation; which she continues to deny.

I find it extremely irritating that she tries to point a moral finger at anyone & call them names or preach out of the Bible after & continuing to BREAK every commandment.

I feel like she'll come out of the house screaming words like Jim Baker or Jimmy Swaggart.

After watching this show night after night the only person I haven't seen offensive or lude and is playing level headed is Sharon. At this point, if she can pull it off, she deserves to win it!

I think if Ryan didn't have a girl out of the house he would have turned nasty by now, there is just something about him that is just not right but I can't put my finger on it....And of course Adam, he blew it from the get go by using the term retard in the beginning and continues to slip. He's shady too.

That house, those people, that game! Oy vey!

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the extra details. But where are the morning and afternoon posts? I'm having withdrawls!

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

n2- Thanks for reminding me ;-)

Natalie- Upbeat.Boundless energy.Crusade-like determination.Childlike creativity (Um...art is subjective).

Sheila- Loves her kee-id. Does dishes.

Ryan- Nice smile.Phat kicks

Sharon- Centered.Patient.Loves critters.

Adam- Soft hearted.Keeps 'em laughing.

James- Reactive but reflective. Seeker.Evolving.

Lila ~*~

Carolyn- Beautiful day here in N.Y.-I took a glorious bike ride.Hope you did the same . xox

Oh,Jane,my parents are from Maine.Been up and back to see family all my life. It's a special place and very much a part of me.

Don't know where you are, but I think James would love Portland !

1:05 PM  
Blogger theZanyOne said...

I think future HGs need to given an etiquette lesson. BB needs to send them to one class, just one little class, maybe an hour long, so they can learn how to eat. I was physically sickened last night watching Nat. Fork, knife, spoon. Smack smack smack smack.

It was like that last season, too. Perhaps I'm getting old, I don't know. Was it as big of an issue in previous seasons? With the feeds and especially BBAD, it's almost unbearable now.

I swear, if I were on the show, my nomination speech would be something like this:

"I've nominated the two of you simply because of table manners. The weeks I am not on slop, I would like to actually enjoy the food I'm allowed to eat. With you around, it's not possible. If you are lucky enough not to be on the block, keep that in mind."

LOL Can anyone guess my pet peeve???

I think Sheila has managed to stick around because of cooking and cleaning.

1:06 PM  
Blogger OUCourt said...

Why does everyone think if Adam put Natalie up, Ryan would vote to keep her over Sharon? Ryan was just talking to Sharon about how much they need to evict Natalie! I think they are beginning to see that Natalie will win the game if she is left in the house!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Tracey said...

Anon @ 9:08 AM

Dear lord, I was having to watch her eat through my fingers. It was so completely disgusting. It was also like she didn't know to mix the sauce with her pasta either. Very Odd.(or maybe it's just me)

Jane* it was like watching an animal in the wild.. I even said that to my husband who was laughing at me because I let it bother me so much! lol
Hasn't she said there were only 3 of them? Her and two older sisters?
I could understand her behavior if their were like 12 siblings but 3? Come on now.
Another thing about her that bugs the bejesus out of me is how she is always double fisted with the wine. She just can't stand the thought of leaving it in the bottle until the other glass is gone. It's like she is in fear that someone might take it from her. I don't think she even really likes it but doesn't want anyone else to have it either.
You think she'll put those pink culottes on Ebay? I might buy them just so I can burn them to ensure no one ever wears them again! Boom Done! Those things are horrid and surely not meant to creep into every lower crevice! Yuck oh!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does anyone know what the rules are? Where can we read the rules?

2:48 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Natalie, Natalie, Natalie.

Hum, I've read your theories on why she is lying about the bj's and they don't seem to work any better than mine. Then there is the other odd behavior - the way she eats, how she doesn't know simple words or ideas ... I'm wondering, and I'm not joking, if she doesn't have some kind of complex mental health problem - psychosis and actual delusions with memory loss/black outs. At times it's like not every part of Natalie has met the other parts. Perhaps she really doesn't remember the bj's - if she has some kind of disassociation or goes into fugue state she might genuinely not remember it happened (she does "bad girl" things and blacks them out). It sounds like she has had severe emotional trauma as a child and we know about her mom. I don't have the clinical experience to diagnose someone like her, but I do have enough background and training to recognize that something is wrong.

If there are people with the background, share your ideas.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Lila - I'm in Portland. It a great and up and coming little city (OK big town).

3:54 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

What happened to beorn?

4:10 PM  
Anonymous descripting said...

"He wants to go home, but he wants to go home smooth" -- Yeah, always knew by boy James was into Yacht Rock what with those pale v-necks and tight pants :)

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Ron in CO: you posted a comment this morning that included the following:
referrring to Ryan:

I won't even begin to go into his "obsession" with large penises and his desire to "f" with one just once.

**("Small" man syndrome?)

Did the rest of us miss this "confession, ccming out" on the feeds, or do you know him personally?

6:51 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

jane - i'm really not sure what happened to beorn :(

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James has been an excellent competitor even though his behavior is quite intresting to say the least.

Now I guess Sharon is the only person who deserves to win, but then again most of the time the people who are most deserving are not done justice ...

Thanks for keeping fans updated with all of the posts!

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your clips have unbearable static. Nowhere else do I encounter this. So I doubt it's my computer.

6:17 PM  

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