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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Impersonations & Trannies

Natalie & Josh
9:23pm BBT

Nat does her best Sheila impersonation. Not bad.

Tranny talk.
9:35pm BBT
The HGs are sure Amanda was a tranny... as sure as a bunch of paranoid, loony from being trapped in the BB house people can be...

After several minutes of Tranny talk, the house goes on lockdown. Da da daaaa! BB is just having way to much fun messing with the HGs tonight.

I know it's hard to believe, but even more paranoia ensues... especially from Matt, who I'm finding oddly adorable in his quirky, insecure state.

They've now moved over to the memory wall, and included Alex into the transgendered theorizing... A-MAN-duh! and Alexis... He was a woman and she was a man...


Part 1

Part 2

: I think we need to do a line up tonight. Whip em all out.
Nat: Why don't we all just go streaking tonight?
    Echo... Echoooo...

Josh: I've heard rumors Matty has a big penis too.
Matt: Where'd ya hear that?
Josh: I dunno.. I've just heard. maybe I'll start the rumor.

Matt bails... goes to the boys. Talks more about Amanda being a man... Natalie follows shortly thereafter. Funny clip:

9:58pm BBT

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Matt's Paranoia Knows No Bounds

This post has been updated. Please scroll down for more.

8:13pm BBT
Living Room
Matt & James

Matt: So... ya puttin' me up?
James: No.
Matt: Honestly?
James: Nope.
Matt: I hate you. I'd rather know... just so I can sleep tonight.
James: I would like to have known which way you voted when you f'd with me.
Matt: Alright.
James: Right?
Matt: Guess so.
James: You understand where I'm coming from though, right?
Matt: I do. I just don't understand why you just made that move with the queen.
James: Oh f.
Matt: I'll let you take it back though. You weren't thinking.

    ***I wonder if I'm giving Matty too much credit when I believe this last line has nothing really to do with the chess match and everything to do with the game of Big Brother.

Here's the clip:

8:50pm BBT
Matt, Ryan
Matt passes through, sings undertone to Ryan, "I'm joinin' you on the blo-ock." Ryan laughs it off, tells Matt he's paranoid.

8:53pm BBT
Matt, Adam
Matt is sure he's going up... talking with Adam about it now...
Matt: Has he said anything to you?
Adam: Nothin'
Matt presses a little more. Adam stays firm, saying "No, he didn't tell me anything."

Ryan comes out.

Ryan: Why you so paranoid, dude?
Matt: I'm a paranoid mother-f'er. Sheila just walked by, gave me a weird ass look. Know what's weird? She hasn't once asked for my vote.
Ryan: Don't mean sh*t dude. No one starts campaigning till tomorrow.. after the PoV ceremony.
Matt: I think I'm right.
Adam: He wont tell you?
Matt: He wont tell me anything. I asked him to tell me just so I'd get a good night sleep. He said, Did I get a good night sleep?

Ryan: Are you really paranoid?
Matt: Yeah. I'm always paranoid. They had a big scheme against me last week. Why would it change this week.

Here's the clip:

9:10pm BBT
Matt goes to see Natalie in the sauna. He asks her if she's heard anything. She says no, and that she doesn't think James'll put him up. Matt asks her to ask James directly, then he heads back out to the boys in the yard...


In the meantime, Gramma and Gramps - aka Sharon and Josh - are cuddled up in bed, and they've just convinced Sheila they're going to throw her the HoH this coming week.

They promised the same to Natalie just a little while ago.

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Matt's Getting Paranoid

The DR's been doing a number on all the house guests today, to the point where some sites are accusing the producers of gunning for Matt's nomination and eviction. It's a crock.

Truth be told, the DR messes with everyone's head... all the time... regarding every situation. It's what they do: they intentionally create paranoia within the house guests. It's how the HGs, who are all completely paranoid at this point anyway, perceive the questions they are asked, that lead others to believe there is foul play.

Those of us outside the walls of the Big Brother house do not need to fall into the same paranoia.

Speaking of paranoia, here's Matt asking James flat out if he's putting him up.

7:09pm BBT

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James' New Target: Matt

It's Saturday Night on the live feeds in the BB9 House. Must be time to change the target every 60 minutes!

If James goes ahead with this plan and does put Matt up as the ReNom, the house and the live feeds will explode tomorrow, immediately following the Veto Ceremony. Tonight, if there's truly an alliance among the bro's and any one of them starts talking.

Is it underhanded? Absolutely. Is it the smartest move? Without question. Is lying a part of Big Brother? Always has been, always will be.

4:55pm BBT
HoH Bathroom
James & Chelsia
James: I'm gonna get rid of Matt... It's gonna take so much balls... It's really gonna shake up the house.

He talks more with Chelsia about it, plays around with the idea, and decides he really wants to take Sheila down and put Matt up in her place.

James asks Chelsia to get Sharon up to HoH for him, so he can run it by her and see where she really stands. Chelsia gives Sharon a vote of confidence and goes off to get her for James.

5:11pm BBT
HoH Room
Sharon & James
Sharon is telling James that Matt's definitely the one who voted for the mystery guest.

Sharon: I guarantee you. I know Sheila. We've been bonding. And now that they're turning on her, because she's on the block, she's ours... Now that they've all turned on her, she's done with them.
James: I hope she would stick with it though.
Sharon: I told her, if it comes down to a split, they are not going to save you.

Sharon asks for James' confidentiality. James asks her to understand that when he was campaigning it was to save himself. They say they're 100% cool.

James: I have a big decision to make. I need to talk to Adam.
Sharon: I honestly would love to see Matt leave. He has his own partner drooling over him, and he treats her like crap. He's the glue holding that whole group together, and if he goes, they're done.
James: We need to stay a unified front.
Sharon: I always have been. It's us in the final 4.
James: I got a 2nd chance to do something I didn't do last week, and that's to take out Matt. Let's do it. Let's f'in shake this house up.
Sharon: Then I wont care about winning HoH. I'll do it and put Natalie right up.
James: I gotta get Adam up here and talk to him.

Sharon: Trust me, I'm best friends with everyone in this house... They tell me everything.
James: Well, then we gotta get rid of Matt. Let's do it. Let's shake this house up! The house is gonna go nuts tomorrow!

5:24pm BBT
Sharon Leaves.. Goes straight to Josh and asks if he has a minute to talk...

5:28pm BBT
James & Adam
James calls Adam up to HoH...

He gets confirmation from Adam that he definitely voted him back in, and gives Adam the heads up that everyone thinks he's going on the block tomorrow, and that's not gonna happen. James wants to know that Adam has his back. Adam says he does.

James: I just wanna tell you, cause people might tell you something different, but you're not going up.

Adam figures out by process of elimination that James is planning to ReNom Matt now (as of this 5 minute span).

The plan seems to have switched again, though.. maybe... or maybe James is just telling everyone a different story to see which one comes back to him.

James: Ryan thinks he's top sh*t right now, because he thinks I'm taking him off the block.

James tells Adam it'll be Matt v Ryan.

Adam: One of the two have to go. I don't care either way.

They move the conversation outside so they can smoke...

James: I hope you do the same for me next week, that's all.
Adam: Absolutely.
James: They just had me doubting everything.
Adam: I've been here for you from the get go...
James: I won the veto for a reason. It's my week.
Adam: How're they gonna lie and say they voted you back in the house.
James: Cuz she (Nat) cut that deal for Matt. Honestly, I don't wanna see Ryan go. He's a solid dude.
Adam: He is.
James: I told Ryan when he gets off the block, it's over, but I'm gonna let him sit up there for a while... and they're all freakin' out, cause they don't know what the f I'm doin'.
Adam: Throwin' me under the f'in bus...
James: Still play your game.
Adam: I don't know what I'm doin'.
James: Just say you're trying to keep it all together...

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Matt & Nat Showering

3:09pm BBT
Matt & Natalie Showering Side by Side...

Just watching to see if there was any noticeable change in either of their behavior. Happily, Natalie is not being overly chatty or needy. Matt is being human and polite. There is a change. ;)

It's not quite bells and whistles, but I'll take it. It's definitely an improvement over the last time they got together.

4:50pm BBT

Natalie Grooms her Men

Natalie just finished doing Ryan's eyebrows.. Next up, Matt.

Again, I'm stricken by his new attitude towards Natalie...

Matt has spent 4 weeks driving her as far away as possible, making sure not to have any physical contact, and talking to

her only as much as absolutely required.

There's also the Ryan/Adam factor to consider: how much both Ryan and Adam genuinely like Natalie... They're always telling Matt what a great girl she is. And both of them now know the real history between these two, so if Matt's a jerk, Ryan (at least) would very likely call him on it.

Perhaps he's just done being an a-hole to her.

Who knows. Maybe last night was for the best after all...

Time will tell.

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James is Taking Ryan Off The Block & Replacing him with Adam

Just when you think it's safe to go out an enjoy the sunshine...

11:54am BBT
Backyard - Pool Table
James & Ryan

James tells Ryan he's taking him off the block, not to tell anyone, and that he hopes Ryan will have his back later on down the line.

Ryan is as relieved and appreciative as a man who's just been taken off death row.

Ryan: What's the catch?
James: Nothing. Just watch my back.
Ryan: Wow... Dude... You just made my day. Wow...
James: It's not going to be an easy week. Someone else is going up.

James then tells Ryan how Adam has broken his trust, and did not back him last week when he promised he would. And that consequently, Adam will be going up as his replacement nominee.

Ryan: Wow... You tell me when, where...
James: You just cover my back. We'll save it for later.
Ryan agrees.
James: Also last week, Adam said he couldn't vote without Sheila...Now he can campaign without her.
Ryan: That is weird, Ummm, he was telling her last week...He said he wanted to put her up and vote her out...He can't stand the woman.

James: Just so you know, that is what I'm doing, dude.
Ryan: My lips are sealed. Man, the house is gonna be shocked.
James: Nah, everyone is pretty much in line.. except Mat & Natalie.

12:15pm BBT
Josh & Ryan
Josh already knows... He and Ryan hug in the kitchen over the good news of James taking Ryan off the block.

This conversation breaks up after a few minutes. Josh goes out & trains on the elliptical. Ryan swims around the pool like a happy 8 year old.

12:45pm BBT
James & Chelsia
James: What did you want to tell me about Sheila?
Chelsia: Sheila's gonna come up to you later to ask you to take her off the block. She wants you to put up Adam in her place, just to freak him, Matt and Natalie out.

Chelsia tells James that Sheila said Matt is the one who didn't vote him back in. Adam did. She further says that Shelia thinks this will break up the Bro-lliance better, if what James really wants is to get Ryan out.

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning and Happy Saturday, Big Brother Lovers. It was another wild night on the BB9 Live Feeds.

Before I get started on the overnight report, which, by the way, is all about hummertime (click if you're wondering what that means) part 3, I just want to give you a heads up on what's going on in the BB world at large.

  1. Dick lovers: Heads up. Your man Evel Dick has a live interview today at noon BBT on LiveAtTheStudio.tv. That's 12 noon pacific/3pm eastern. Follow the link to get to the interview.
  2. The formerly sequestered BB9 houseguests have been released from sequester and returned home. This means there is NO chance for any of them to get back on BB9 now, because they have access to too much information.

    It also means they're online and blogging. Here's a link to Alex's I'm Home blog. Thus far, Alex is the only one to have posted. Blogs and news about the other evicted HGs will be featured as they become available.
  3. Yes, I will be doing my best to get interviews with the evicted HGs, but I really want to give them some time and space to recuperate from the whole ordeal first.
  4. Yesterday afternoon, the HGs received a note from Allison Grodner strongly requesting they curtail their free use of all expletives. Conventional wisdom suggests either CBS Network President (and Julie's hubby) Les Moonves and/or Standards & Practices came down HARD on AGP for the F bomb James dropped on the Live broadcast Wednesday night.

The overnight report will go up in bit and pieces within this post, right below here. :) Please start checking back around 8:00am BBT.

10:09pm BBT
Living Room
The Bros & Natalie
Hummertime, Part 3
How it all began...

Natalie: I don't see what the problem is. It's no big deal to me. Just want to have some fun...

"I'm one hell of a good blow job giver"

12:45am BBT
Backyard - Pool Table
Ryan, Adam, James
James, Adam and Ryan in BY playing Pool.

The boys are telling James all about Sheila's explosions all over the house.

They move into the kitchen and are joined by Matt. Adam and Ryan start ribbing Matt about not taking Natalie up on her offer. Matt starts off saying he doesn't know why, but he just doesn't want that. This is beyond the realm of comprehension for the bros.

They encourage Matt to take Nat up on her offer, sweeten the deal by telling him how hot she looks on camera, tease him that he must really be with Joshua, and soften up again saying they say they are just trying to get him hooked up.

Not 30 seconds after Ryan teases Matty about being Joshuah's secret partner, Matt tells all of them that he and Natalie first hooked up on Day 2, and she's already gone down on him twice, and that she was good. Prior to this, Matt had only shared the info with Alex and Parker, and Amanda, albeit inadvertently (she overheard it from the HoH landing while listening in on their conversation). Matt says he's concerned that if he goes any further, she'll threaten to move in with him outside the house.

Here's a clip, captured by xx2000xx:

Boys will be Boys
Not Safe for Work!

The bros are still on the same subject.
    ***Go figure. ;)
They're still trying to convince Matt to go for it, and now they're asking for details on the first 2.
Ryan: Did she swallow?
Matt: Yes.
Adam: Nice! No cleanup, dude.

The talk continues on in the vein. Ryan, however, does take the opportunity to reiterate Sheila's role in his backdooring last week.

Things start wrapping up around 1:30am, and the boys jokingly ask BB to play the song Sexual Healing in the morning for Matt.

After a bit of game talk between James and Ryan, wherein James again says he will not be changing the nominations, Ryan heads to bed.

Frilly Bedroom
Lights off
Ryan, Matt, Adam, Natalie.

Ryan and Adam again urge Matt to take Natalie up on her offer. Natalie joins in too. It's all very lighthearted and matter of fact. Ryan and Adam are floored by Matt's refusals - they tell him he's crazy.

Natalie: See the reason Matty's scared is he knows you guys are gonna masturbate while it's happening... I need some protein!

This is Foreplay?

At 2am, courtesy of xx2000xx, Natalie goes in for the kill, and by 2:06am, Ryan and Adam are laughing at the whole situation, Natalie's all done, and they all resume chatting for about another 40 minutes till they fall asleep.

So... the question is, will this time be any different than last time?

As of 9:43am BBT, the HGs are sleeping, and I'm off to go enjoy some of my Saturday at a local art festival. I'll be back in a while to check in. In the meantime, have fun doing whatever you're doing & enjoy the feeds!

Watch Big Brother 9 Replay 24/7 on SuperPass

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Sheila May Just Annoy Herself Out of the Game

9pm BBT

For someone who's been told she isn't the target at all, Sheila's playing a very curious game right now, and driving everyone nuts.

Her current target is Ryan. SHe's yelling at him in the bathroom, with such intensity that Sharon has avoided going in there, and she's really gotta go!

Sheila's already been through Natalie and a couple others...

At the moment, Chelsia and Natalie are discussing taking Sheila out. Apart from annoying the heck out of them, they feel she is actually the more dangerous player.

Frankly, I think they're right. If Sheila isn't eliminated this week, she stands an excellent chance of sliding in to the final 3, and who wouldn't want to take her to the final 2??? They'd be guaranteed $500,000.

The fight between Sheila and Ryan actually started around 8:45pm. It has escalated considerably since... Here's the clip of the beginning:

9:04pm BBT
Ryan, Matt, Natalie
Natalie: Chelsia's the one to work. She's already saying she can't stand Sheila...
Matt: You already have us.
Ryan: I told James, just to please give me the same respect I gave you. I mean, I did backdoor you, but I didn't push anyone's votes... Sheila's f'in crazy. She puts words in your mouth...
Matt: She's talkin about saving me and Natalie.
Ryan: She's sayin' I never said they owed me. She's crazy dude. She's sayin, people need to keep me, because I've built relationships with them. I'm like, I've built relationships... She's pulling on the "womanly bond."
Matt: I'm not gonna lie, if you leave, Im gonna be very upset. You, me n him (Adam), you're all I got. One of you leaves, I'm gonna be comtemplating drowning myself in that pool.

The boys take it out on the weights. Matt says they should set up a baseball type game with the croquet mallets and balls.

9:12pm BBT
Natalie just came out from the Storage Room giddy. BB has given this volatile household alcohol. Get ready for some more fireworks on the live feeds!

Have mercy!

9:16pm BBT
Ryan & Joshuah

Ryan is trying to make sure he and Josh are still solid. Ryan tells Josh he definitely has 3 votes, but Josh doesn't think he actually does...

Ryan: She tried to get you out last week. Her whole plan wasn't to backdoor James, it was you. If I can get your vote, I can stay. If I win HoH, I'm gonna surprise everybody. I don't want this house to be sides v sides...

Joshuah is completely non-committal, though he does offer Ryan some advice. Here's a clip:

9:23pm BBT
Josh heads straight to Sharon. He tells her what Ryan said, but he doesn't sound like he believes it. Sharon implores him not to keep Ryan, and Josh says, I'm not.

Sharon: Are you kidding me? If Ryan stays, we're screwed. You don't owe him sh*t. Do not. James will freak. Trust me.

Here's a clip:

Spark em up, kids. The HGs are back at it. The live feeds are on fire.

9:40pm BBT
Big Fight... Big... Sheila v Ryan, then Adam hops in... Here's a little bit of it:

Sheila's on a tear.

It calms down, because Ryan walks away, and then everyone else comes in to get away from Sheila...

If you're gonna be up late, Natalie just alluded to - hell, she flat out offered - more hummertime for Matt - in front of everyone. Not something we can youtube for ya without losing the account. ;)

Spark up the feeds.

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Giant Croquet is Back

6:17pm BBT

Giant Croquet has returned to the Big Brother House. Chelsia and Natalie just came into the backyard, surprising the boys with the new toys.

Everyone's speculating it might be for a Luxury Comp, since Croquet is considered an upper class sport.

They remember the HGs having them last year, but they can't remember exactly which comp is was...

    ***If memory serves, it was a Veto comp, and Dick won at the last possible moment.
James and Ryan are playing a croquet version of catch... mallet to mallet, ball to ball, back and forth with quite a bit of force. James just mentioned, "we could definitely take out a window."
    ***or a tooth, or 10.

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James & Sheila

4pm BBT
James and Sheila

Sheila approaches James for a conversation, and he lays it on the line immediately.

Sheila: Congratulations on winning the veto.
James: I'm not changing my nominations.

It could've ended there, but it went on another 27 minutes. The only other part that is truly important is this:

James: To be honest, Sheila, you are not the person I am after. If it goes to a split, I am voting Ryan out.

Video captured by xx2000xx:

About 15 minutes into their conversation, Matt came out in the backyard and sat on the big couch, giving them privacy on the chaise, but still being a presence.

4:30pm BBT
Adam, James & Matt shoot some pool. Sheila watches from the big couch. Ryan is there as well, on the couch, under a red blanket, bemoaning his position on the block again. Ryan's very tired today... for some reason.

4:39pm BBT
Lockdown. All HGs go outside. All sleepy, cranky HGs, wake up and get out.

4:54pm BBT
Lockdown's over. Sheila's holding court outside talking about the cast of Friends, and who's the nicest...

5:10pm BBT
The Pool game has broken up. Josh is now in the jacuzzi chatting with James.
Sheila is in the couch bedroom trying to work Natalie, Sharon and Matt, for whatever it's worth. After a little while, Matt moves out to the Jacuzzi to join the boys. Matt confesses to being Mr. Paranoia. James puts him at ease, and says, "I'm keeping the noms the same. Promise."

Matt asks James if he has a particular way he'd like things to go, and James says, no, that people are free to vote as they choose.

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James' Reaction to Winning PoV

2:22pm BBT

James talks privately with Chelsia about his historic eviction, HoH win, PoV win... and he plans to keep noms the same.

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Power of Veto Spoiler


JAMES Won the PoV Comp.

BOTTOM ROW - Second photo from the left has veto hanging...

Ryan does not look happy... Sheila either...

Nat & Matt talking in the frilly room said James is keeping the noms the same, and James wants Ryan out.

At 10:52am BBT, the live feeds went to Trivia, likely signifying the beginning of the Power of Veto competition. We'll be here with the PoV Spoiler as soon as the feeds come back and it's 100% clear who won it!

Until then, check back for time updates and whatever else I come up with. ;)

Still Trivia on the live feeds - As of 1:30 pm BBT

Hey everyone - Please give the blog an old fashioned refresh - I goofed when I loaded the new banner, but if you refresh using the the swirly thing on your computer, it'll be back to normal.

Go check out all the new screenshots on bb9dish-caps. Dawn just uploaded some gorgeous shots of Sheila & Ryan, and ReporterX caught Chelsia's Bathing suit falling off.

Me, I'm hoping for a just how bad do you want it PoV... the kind where someone's head gets shaved, half of em are died blue, someone gives up a bunch of prize money, another one is on slop forever and everyone ends up mystified by just how much the winner gave all.

And you?

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Veto Players Chosen

In addition to James, Ryan and Sheila, the additional Veto players are Joshuah, Chelsia and Matt.

Sharon has commented that both she and Adam will be sitting on the sidelines...

  1. James
  2. Ryan
  3. Sheila
  4. Joshuah
  5. Chelsia (chosen by Sheila)
  6. Matt
Natalie is Hosting the PoV comp.

At 10:20am BBT, the HGs have all returned to bed. After spending a few seconds looking at the cage, Sheila gets into bed too.

10:30am BBT
Sheila is awake in bed and looking worried.
Josh (or Adam or Matt?) can be heard snoring.
James is alone up in HoH, walking around naked, about to have a shower.

10:32am BBT
James is showering.
Sheila's laying in bed crying quietly.

10:39am BBT

10:41am BBT - Feeds come back.
More naked James.
Sheila still looking worried.

10:43am BBT
Everyone's getting up. BB must have told them something while the flames were on. Josh heads up to HoH with a blanket, lies on the floor. Sheila goes up there too.

Matt and Natalie are hanging in the frilly room for a moment. She's giving him info about all the details she's sussed out, and he wishes her good luck hosting. There, we have confirmation.

There must've been an HoH lockdown called. All the HGs are either there now, or on their way.

10:45am BBT
Adam bonks his head on something up in HoH. Everyone has a mixture of "poor Adam" reactions and laughter. He's fine.

10:49am BBT - FLAMES

10:52am BBT TRIVIA!!!!!

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Wake Up HGs

8:02am BBT
BB: Good Morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.

The feeds just went to flames. Wakey, wakey house guests! You've got a PoV Comp today! Let's hope it's early too! 9:23? 9:32? Could the numbers in the guinea pig cage have been a clue?

8:23am BBT - Still Flames.

8:25am BBT

They're up. Feeds are back.
Sharon: I think I'm more sore when I wake up.
Chelsia: Nat. What time is it?

Back to flames... briefly.

Adam: Yeah dogggyyyy.

The men are complaining it's too early. Nat and Sharon are cooing at the guinea pigs. Sheila's in the shower.

8:30am BBT
Ryan is studying the guinea pig cage.
BB: Ryan, please come to the Diary Room.

The women are discussing the wake up song. Sharon thinks they played it for the boys, but she's the only one who was singing along. It was Jay-Z. Both Sheila and Nat say they're out of the loop.
Sharon: The only part of that song I don't like and I wont sing along to is when he says, "Middle finger to the lord, n---." I can't sing that.

    ***The lyric is actually, "middle finger to the law," not the lord. Beyonce wouldn't stand for that. ;)

Sheila: It's disgusting. He's not one of my favorites.

Sheila likes Kanye, P Diddy...

More complaints about aches and pains from the endurance comp from all the women...

8:32am BBT
BB: James, please go to the Diary Room.

Sheila sings.. "I need a miracle"

8:36am BBT
Ryan and Sheila
Ryan: Are you ready?
Sheila: Yeah. This could all turn around.
BB: Sheila, Please go to the Diary Room.

8:38am BBT
Sharon advises Ryan to pray right before the PoV. Ryan is sure it'll be something like the guinea pig cage. They mention you can hear them still building it outside.

8:40am BBT
Ryan returns to studying the cage.


8:42am BBT
Kitchen/Living Room/Cage

Sharon: I can't believe she's (Sheila) not even trying to study it.
Ryan: mmm.
Sharon: The house changes minute by minute. There's no way I wouldn't be trying to figure it all out.

Ryan is intent upon the cage... waiting for divine inspiration... He looks for a couple more minutes, then goes back to rest in his sleeping bag, between the beds in the frilly room.

Ryan covers his eyes with a pillow.

Natalie comes into the room.

FLAMES @ 8:47am, briefly.

8:49am BBT
Feeds are back and Nat and Sheila are saying "the pre-recorded guy sounds nice." Nat is changing in the frilly room.

8:52am BBT
BB: Adam, Matt. Please change your batteries.

Josh: I hope it's a siren, and they make us do something totally psychotic.
Sheila: Don't do it Joshuah.

8:54am BBT
BB: (mean voice) Adam, James, Matt. I said, it's time to get up for the day!
The women laugh.

8:57am BBT
Adam is in rare form this morning. Very chipper and funny. "I had a dream allll about what the PoV comp is, but I'm not telling any of you."

9am BBT - Matt joins the living... barely.

Everyone's getting dressed and ready for the PoV. Adam is more energetic than I've ever seen him. Sheila's getting a bit annoyed with him, till he makes it clear that he's just trying to pump her up with his positivity...

9:10am BBT
Matt is back to hiding under his pink covers, occasionally chatting to Ryan who still has the pillow covering his head on the floor.
    ***Anyone else tickled by the site of the Bros in the frilly room?
Adam's in the room making hella noise... The guys are laughing now, telling him he's outta control. Ryan wants to know where all his energy comes from.

9:12am BBT
Chelsia's turn to ponder the cage.
She is joined by Adam, but only for a moment.
Adam's mood is infectious. He's spreading love throughout the house.

9:15am BBT
Natalie tells Sheila she's sure the PoV has something to do with the cage...
Josh is back in bed.

9:25am BBT
Natalie and Adam study the cage.
Natalie: I think I'm gonna go lay back down.
Adam: I think I'll join you.

Natalie announces a few more times that she's gonna lay back down... that there's nothing going on... they got us up for nothing...
    ***BB... I believe that's your cue to gettem all riled up again.

Lots of close ups on the guinea pigs today, whether or not the HGs are looking at them.

9:31am BBT -

Sheila's the only one still up and about on the quad. She's in the kitchen tidying. Matt passes through. They agree it's going to be a huge PoV today, "biggest one ever." He heads back to bed.

9:33am BBT
Frilly Room
Ryan, Adam, Matt, Natalie
Matt crawls back into bed with Natalie, tells her to share the covers. Matt and Adam tell Natalie they should be helping Sheila. "Be nice to your friends, Natalie."
Natalie: My brain's not big enough. I can't do any more thinking on that cage.

Natalie passes Matt his pillow back and apologizes for taking it.

9:36am BBT
The Feeds cut to flames for a moment, then right back.
Sheila's sipping coffee at the kitchen counter.
James is asleep alone up in HoH.
HGs passed out all over the house.

9:42am BBT
Sheila's now futzing around with something in the bathroom...
Basically doing anything but studying the cage.

9:44am BBT
BB: Sharon, please go to the diary room.

Momentary flames at 9:45am BBT, then right back.

9:50am BBT
Sheila's on all 4 feeds, opening and closing her drawers, and making a bunch of noise.

9:51am BBT
Sharon's out of Diary, talking about how they asked her about the guinea pigs.

BB: James, please come to the Diary Room.

Now she wants to make names for them. Sharon hears James walking towards Diary and says, "Go gettem, babe."

9:53am BBT - FLAMES

10:00am BBT - Still Flames on all Feeds. As James was the last one called to the Diary, and it was his 2nd trip there this morning, we may well have a Veto Choosing Ceremony underway... I'm running out for 20 minutes for more coffee... Back in a flash with whatever's going on.

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The Overnight Report

Good morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy PoV Day! Last night in the Big Brother 9 house was light on scheming and heavy on fun. Enjoy the overnight report. :)

9:13pm BBT
The HGs come back in from an exterior lockdown to discover "they" have added blocks inside the guinea pig cage, and the new blocks spell POV. Speculation ensues...

Josh: What does this mean. Oh my God.
Ryan: Oh my God, I'm nervous now.
Sheila: What'd they do? They did something with the blocks?
Josh: They did do something. They spelled out P-O-V with blocks in the cage.
Sheila: Oh my God. P O V. Tomorrow right? Or is it tonight?
Ryan: Tomorrow.
Sheila: Natalie, you were right. Do you think this means something?
Chelsia: Remember what's going on.

Matt sees the new numbers inside the cage and begins multiplying them all together...

Here's the clip:


9:51pm BBT
Sheila's Room

Sheila is alone, crying. She's having a rough night, and the stress of the house, being on the block and missing her son is getting to her.

Sheila: I miss you, Mick. I miss you.


12:03am BBT
All the houseguests decide to play a practical joke on Sheila, waking her and telling her the PoV is right now! She gets up from a sound sleep, puts the unitard on, and heads out, saying "I don't believe this... Are you guys serious?" James tells her, "They just told us to come out here and wait for further..." The HGs crack up and blow their ruse in very short order, and Sheila is an amazingly good sport about the whole thing.


Just for giggles, here's another clip of the entire set-up, joke, and follow-up, captured by xx2000xx:

12:10am BBT
While Sheila is in the DR, the HGs all agree is was a great bonding experience. Some have a little remorse, wondering if she's in the DR crying about it. Josh wishes the PoV was tonight.

12:34am BBT
Sheila's reaction to the fake out. She was called to the DR immediately following, and the following clip is her chatting with the HGs after the fact. Sheila no longer has to wear the unitard! Her mood is excellent, and she hugs the kids...

Sheila: He goes, 'we wouldn't do that to you, but it is coming up.' Damn, I'm gullible for 45!!
Natalie: Oh that was so funny, Sheila.
Sheila: I was like, What else?! I've been to the Diary Room 5 frikkin times tonight!
Natalie: We were laughing so hard, I almost peed.
Sheila: It was Joshuah. If Joshuah hadn't come in here and done that, I wouldn't have believed any of you! He does that face.
Natalie: We were crying. That was the best laugh.
Sheila: You guys are good! Big Brother thinks they have something on you... I mean, wow. Expect the unexpected.


12:43am BBT
Sheila wants to know who came up with the prank. The HGs tell her it was all of them. She says the DR asked her what she thought of it, and she said, "Oh, they're all kids. You only play tricks on who you like."

12:58am BBT
BB: Adam, Chelsia, Joshuah. Please put on your microphone.

They talk about more pranks they can play... like Operation Sub-Zero, where they pour ice water on someone.

Josh gets into bed.

Everyone settles down for the night to get some rest for the PoV.

1:30am BBT
Everyone else is in bed already, but James can't sleep, so he goes outside to shoot some pool. He's shockingly good.. much better than he's let on in front of other HGs. Adam comes outside and joins James for a few minutes.

At 2am BBT, James covers the pool table, waves goodnight and heads up to the HoH room to go to sleep.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nomination Spoiler

As expected, Sheila and Ryan have been nominated for eviction.

5:55pm BBT As the feeds come back on, Matt and Natalie are talking in the storage room. They both plan to vote for Ryan to stay in the house.

6:07pm BBT A few minutes later, Sheila and Ryan speak privately:

6:45pm BBT
I'm still recovering from last night... Can't quite get it together today. I promise I'll be back with a vengeance in the morning. ;) And all throughout the day... Veto Comp's tomorrow! Until then, enjoy the feeds!

One last giggle - Matt and Adam are reading the bible, and Natalie just came in asking if they were reading, I kid you not, Detrimony. For the rest of us, that would be Deuteronomy. Nite nite.

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Nominations are Underway

4:50pm BBT
The feeds have gone to trivia, and I have arisen... Nominations are underway.

To check out the action from this afternoon, please click on quirkydude's youtubes. He's been on the job, and caught a couple of important HoH meetings...

This site (and all blogger sites) will be down for maintenance from 5pm BBT - 5:15pm BBT. The nomination spoiler ought not be effected.

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Noon BBT

The HGs are all sunning themselves and taking it easy outside. Sheila, however, is hard at work on Natalie, talking about how she has "kept certain people in the game, because she wants to be in the end with the strongest players..."

2pm BBT
James, Adam and Matt are competing for the Darwin Award - discussing various ways to bilk the government...

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Morning Report

9:50am BBT
The feeds just came back from flames to reveal Joshuah wandering in the backyard. The rest of the house is waking up, slowly but surely. Sheila's already making coffee.

Joshuah comes inside and tells Sharon and Chelsia, "There's no food comp. I was just in the backyard, and there's nothing set up. No lockdown."

Sharon and Chelsia are awake and groggy, still lying in bed, and talking about how much pain they're in from the comp. Ryan's in there too, on the floor in his sleeping bag. Josh hops back into bed with Sharon.

10am BBT
Sheila and Ryan
Sheila had a dream last night, and she realized she's been piggy backing off people her whole life. She's telling Ryan about it, and how much Natalie deserves the win... and how she needs to talk to her and tell her.

For much of Sheila and Ryan's conversation, Josh is hiding behind a couch listening in... Here's the clip:

10:28am BBT
James & Josh
Josh is filling James in on everything he heard, and saying how Sheila's trying to set herself up again as an island with no support. James' response? F her. With regard to Ryan, James says, at least I'm giving him the chance to win PoV. If he wants to stay in the house, he will. Josh tells him Ryan is behaving in a very defeated manner. They agree that the other 5 are all in cohoots, even though they say they're not. James says what he really wants is for one of their strong players to leave this week, so Sheila would be a waste.

Here's the clip:

When Josh finishes up with James, he has a pointed little chat with Sheila. Here's the clip:

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The Overnight Report

The Overnight Report will be going up in sections this morning. I'm making every effort to have it completed by 9:30am BBT.

In light of all the petition & write in hate mail comments I've been getting, I think it's important we all take a step back and review the tapes...

Dreamer, from Jokers, is 100% on the ball as always, and posted the video of Julie's exact words from last week when we were all told about voting someone back in. If you listen closely, you'll hear very clearly that the twist was always there.

She says, "America, it's time for you to get involved in the Big Brother game... Evicted HGs have not returned to their regular lives... With your help, one of them... will get the chance to shake things up by returning to the game. Go to cbs.com and vote for the HG you'd like to see return. Then next week, see if your choice makes it back into the house."

Sigh. We hear what we want to hear. We've never had greater proof of it than right now.

Much more to come. Please check back for the continuation of the overnight report beginning around 8:30am BBT. In the meantime, please have another look at the Endurance Comp post from last night. Videos were added to the end of it.

As soon as the hoopla from the comp died down last night, Sheila went into panic mode. She and Ryan know deep down that they're going up on the block today. There just aren't too many other options, what with the deal between Natalie and James - for Nat & Matt's safety... Plus, both of them admitted to James that they voted for the mystery HG to return, and Adam voted James back in.

Sheila and Ryan had a lengthy conversation about just how dumb it was for the other HGs to vote James back in, and Ryan suspects all his work last week was for naught. Pre-twist, he'd actually had a very successful HoH, managing to end the week with only one person in the house, Chelsia, truly out to get him.

Here's a clip, captured by xx2000xx of Sheila and Ryan's conversation:

12:19am BBT

A few minutes later, James gets his HoH Room, Victory and Redemption all in one night. He's all smiles.

12:38am BBT

12:50am BBT
James and Chelsia are alone in the HoH room. Chelsia says there's a reason he's here. James tells her she needs to figure out who she wants to connect with outside of Josh and Sharon. They toss around the idea of Natalie. James confirms he's putting up Ryan and Sheila, and he will fight for PoV too.
James: I'm not gonna backdoor him, I'm giving him the speech that I'm putting you stright up on the block for what you did to me.... And Sheila put me in situations that burned me.. She knows what's up.

12:50am BBT

1:02am BBT
Matt finally got it last night. He said to Ryan, shortly after the comp, "She really loves me. That was amazing." A little while later, at 1am, Natalie finally got her massage... and game talk. She confirms to Matt that 100% Ryan and Sheila will be nominated. Their plan is to win veto and save Ryan.

bb9dish1:02am BBT

Here the massage continues (with a little overlap, but from a different angle) at 1:04am BBT. Ryan joins Matt and Nat in the spa room...


1:11am BBT
The massage and game talk with Ryan continues. He knows he's completely screwed. Matt and Nat promise to fight for him in veto, if they get to play, and promise him their votes to stay. The three of them are pretty much done with Adam... calling him a fair-weather friend. And they all still think it was Jen that almost got voted back in the house... because James said that when he heard the people voting, he heard people say her name.


2:50am BBT
Massive Diary Room Audio Leak - Massive. Dreamer from Jokers caught it all on video. Here's the first clip:

It goes on. Here are the links for DR Leak, Part 2 and DR leak, Part 3.

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C=Venus Strikes Again

Oh Boy! Talk about "Expect the Unexpected"! That term generally applies to the house guests, but last night we, the audience, got a taste of what that really means. Shocking? Definitely. Disappointing? To some, absolutely. Big Brother at it's finest? You betcha.

The only difference between last night and any day in the house for the HGs was, this time, we were on the short end of the gotcha stick. There's never been a lack of excitement in the BB9 house, and last night was off the charts.

C=Venus was so pumped by the events of the day, she stayed up to create a brand new chop after everything was said and done. Please enjoy it while I get coherent and put the overnight report together.

Click the pic to visit C=Venus' site, and check out her amazing Big Brother chops.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Endurance Comp!

The feeds'll be back on shortly, and the entirety of the endurance comp will be covered within this post. If you still need to get the feeds, here's the link for the two week free trial.

Typically, in seasons past, the feeds have come back on after about 15 minutes...

Feeds are back. Josh and Adam are already out.
Sheila, Natalie, Chelsia, Matt, James and Sharon are in...

The HGs are saying keeping James was the safest bet for them, because they didn't know if the evicted HG was privy to any more information about them...

Sheila's arms are tired. Natalie tells her to hang in there.

Natalie, James, Chelsia and Sheila are all quite happily chatty.
Matt is silent and not looking like he'll last terribly long.
Sharon is chill.

Matt: My ankles can only take so much. It was all ankle strength.

Matt's out.

Sharon, Natalie, Sheila, James & Chelsia are still in.

Sheila confesses to James - "I wanted Alex to have a fair shake of playing without Amanda, so I voted for the mystery HG."

The guys call over to James, "Join us!" James responds, "The guys who just voted me out? I want HoH."

6:34pm BBT
Sharon is hanging tough. Sheila's faltering. Chelsia's on cloud 9 with James back. Natalie's completely unperturbed by the challenge. James has lowered to a crouch...

6:38pm BBT
James: I'm guessing if I were to fall, I would be put up...
Nat: Not necessarily.
James: There's only one way to insure my stay..
Nat: You do the Hannibal Lecter really well.

Sheila's alternating between standing and crouching... James too...
Sharon, Natalie and Chelsia are hanging tough.

Lots of chatter...
James: All you guys feeling pretty good?
Sheila: My arms are hurting me. I feel a little sick cuz I have no food in my stomach.

They jokingly argue about who is most top heavy...

6:42pm BBT
Sheila's sounding like she's gonna quit very soon. She keeps talking about how she feels like she's going to vomit.

Chelsia and Natalie are both encouraging her to keep going.

6:44pm BBT
Sheila's down for the count. Out of the comp.

6:53pm BBT
Sharon, James, Chelsia and Natalie are still in it and in no pain.

6:58pm BBT
Natalie: I'm tellin you right now, James, I was the final vote. I owed you one. I didn't owe the person in the box... the mystery box. I liked the foam better than the water, people. Come on!
James: How you doin', Sharon?
Sharon: Good. :)
Chelsia: Oh Sh*t. (she's still on)
Nat: Ok.. the foam is getting outta hand now! I've never been in so many torture devices in such a short period of time in my life.

7:05pm BBT
We're just over an hour in, and James, Chelsia , Sharon and Natalie are hanging tough. The remaining women seem rather unchallenged. James less so.

7:09pm BBT
Natalie is making requests of the men to save her some cookies.
Chelsia and Sharon are saying, "We are the weaklings," jokingly.
Natalie: Crazy day of events, huh Crazy James.
James: It'll be complete if I win HoH.

7:13pm BBT
James think he heard "for Jen."
James: Did you vote to keep me?
Ryan: I voted to get my girl back.
James: You didn't know that.
Ryan: Hey, you're resurrected just like me, so...

Nat: I like it when we go a little fast, we get some wind resistance here... some wind blowin... it's a little hot.

7:17pm BBT

Natalie: Save some cookies for me! That's all I want. And a couple starbursts.
James: I feel like I'm sittin' on a chair.
Natalie: Please don't hate me, crazy James.
James: I don't.
Natalie: Love me?
James: I don't love anybody.
Natalie: I was the deciding vote.
James: I'm back.

Natalie: Hey! I just noticed something. I match the stars out here. I match. Crazy James' hair matches.
    ***Is she going to talk them all down off their balls? Just so they don't have to listen anymore?

The women talk about the microphones (soaked) and the little baby cameras on the angels...

7:24pm BBT
To reiterate - Matt, Adam, Josh and Sheila have been out for quite some time.

James, Chelsia, Natalie and Sharon are all still hanging in there and showing no signs of weakness, although Chelsia almost had an oops a moment ago.

Matt: If she wins this, she might get a massage and a half.
    ***User, Prick.

Natalie: Why ya gotta be like that, Matty. Don't you wanna feel up on my sexy body?

7:27pm BBT
Natalie: I have a feeling we're gonna get a lot more than just foam.
Chelsia: Could you hear us in the box?
James: I could hear the talking, "I hope it's not that b*tch!"

Someone, sounds like James, is singing to themselves...

Natalie: 2 hour mark, we're getting the wind or something, that's for sure. We're almost to the 2 hour mark now..
    ***closer to 90 minutes.
    I'm beginning to wonder if Natalie drops, will the others deal quickly and end it?

James: How you doin', Natalie?
Natalie: (perky) I'm doin' good!

Sharon: The padding in the sweater helps cuz I'm trying to to put pressure on one arm all the time...
James: I'm doin' my little stretch...
Nat: Me too!

7:33pm BBT -
Still going strong:

Natalie: HoH's aren't all mental, are they... Woohoooo! yeah Buddy!

7:38pm BBT
James asks how everyone's doing again. Natalie pipes in that she's doing great. Sharon and Chelsia remain silent.
Natalie: Well this is a ball, isn't it?? Oh lordy. Why everything gotta be about balls around here? All we talk about are balls and nut sacks, and what are we hanging on? A big giant ball! James, has it hit you yet that you're actually here?

7:41pm BBT
Sharon: I wonder if you sit down... if it's actually better for your arms. I'm thinking about it.
Chelsia: My feet hurt though.
Sharon: It's not so bad on your arms though, babe. Relax your arms.

7:45pm BBT
James: What would it take for you to drop?
Natalie: I'm not droppin'! I haven't experienced it yet! I wanna see my dog and my pictures.
James: She's the only hope for 3 guys down there.
Nat: The only reason I didn't vote to keep you, is I went with the whole house.
James: I'm on what got me out, not what got me back in.
Nat: I did vote you back in, so I kept part of my word.. kind of.

7:47pm BBT
Nat: I wouldn't feel safe for myself if I dropped.
James: I just got back in this house. It's gonna take an act of God to get me off this thing now.
Nat: I don't blame you James. You've got that extra fight in you now.

7:51pm BBT
Natalie: Don't mind me if I'm talking to myself over here. I tend to do that a lot.

On the sidelines, Matt and Ryan are talking about who James would put up... Matt believes it'll be himself and Adam.

Nat: If these chains had bigger holes, you could stick your fingers through em.
Chelsia: yeah, I tried that too.

8pm BBT
2 hours and change into the Endurance Comp.
And one our after the planned blogger outage that thankfully (pray!) didn't happen!
I just checked and it has been re-scheduled to tomorrow night at 7pm... PHEW!

Chelsia's hanging in there. James, the atheist, has said it would take an act of God to get him down. Sharon's hanging tough. Natalie is strong.

: This is Epic. Epic battle.
James: They just wanna win HoH. I wanna win my dignity back.
Matt: You do?

8:05pm BBT
Josh checks in with Sharon... She's showing some fatigue.
Josh: Are you tired. If you wanna drop, drop.
Sharon: I'll tell you later.
Josh: Is it good or bad?

Josh is being the attentive, supportive partner again... or so it would seem.

Chelsia's in a crouch again. Natalie has quieted down, so perhaps she's tiring as well.

8:07pm BBT

James: I think this is the consensus. It hurts on the bottom of your heels.
Chelsia: Natalie's on her toes.
Natalie: Mine, my toes are asleep.
James: Oh, that feels a whole lot better.

Ryan: You guys are doing great. Awesome. Really.
Adam chimes in too.
Ryan and Josh talk about Dick and Zach's final endurance comp last season..
    ***Now that was epic.

8:12pm BBT

Chelsia looks like she is really tiring.
Sharon's saying she probably wont be able to get dressed tomorrow - her arms will be too sore.

The guys talking about the HGs that were outside... Ryan's all about Jen.

Ryan: (softly) James is struggling the most out of all of them.

8:16pm BBT

with an "alright, I'm done. I can't feel my legs"

Chelsia tells her good job... so do the guys already out.

Here's the clip:

Natalie: Just for the record, you guys are not my target this week... and I think you know who my target is: Joshuah! He mentally, verbally attacked me.

Josh and Sharon head inside. He tells her he would never screw her over, although everyone wanted him to.

Josh: Sharon, I would never turn on you.

He turns on the damage control, hard core.

James is asking Natalie if she'll play straight with him the rest of the game. Then he notices it smells like weed.
    Art department or PA's - You're busted!

Matt: (to the boys) I've been driving this girl.. she better stay up there.

Sharon tells Josh she doesn't want to be wasted for the food comp and she's not at all worried that James or Chelsia would put either of them up.

Meanwhile, back outside...

8:27pm BBT

The Comp is between Natalie (representing the Bros) and James and Chelsia. Chelsia is not a happy camper. Natalie is "feelin' good! positive!" James is determined.

Matt comments, "this thing is made for a girl. No offense to you, I'm just saying."
    ***Most endurance comps are, Matt.

8:37pm BBT
Matt's assessment to Sharon: Natalie looks the most comfortable, but that means nothing. So did you, and you dropped.

Sharon keeps going on about not wanting to screw her food comp team.
    ***Quite possibly the worst reason ever to give up an HoH comp... and has there ever been a food comp following an Endurance HoH?

Still Chelsia, James and Natalie.

Natalie is complaining of dehydration, hunger and she can't feel her feet. She tells Matt she may need a foot massage too. Matt responds, "If you win, I might..."

Natalie is complaining that the up, down, back and forth is getting boring. She'd like a bit more action from whoever's running the apparatus.

8:45pm BBT
Matt: Will they cut a deal, or will they hang forever? Tonight on Big Brother 9! Who came up with this stunt? Pretty bad-ass, I gotta say. Will you guys admit I'm not the strongest person in the house now? CanI stop being a target? For 10 minutes?
Ryan: Me n Baller woulda been neck in neck. 1-2-3 drop!

8:53pm BBT
Ryan's getting directions from the control booth - Micah - to give to the remaining HGs in the Endurance comp - James, Chelsia and Natalie.
Ryan: From this point on, no more squatting. From this point on, you may only stand.

8:55pm BBT
3 hours in. It's still between James, Chelsia and Natalie...
On the sidelines, Matt is cheering Natlie on.


Here's the clip:

Matt: Stay up Nat! Stay up Nat!
Chelsia: Come on guys. You guys are doing awesome.
Ryan: Hang in there, James.

James: Alright Natalie. I really want to, but I know I can't.

James would appear to be the last hope for Chelsia, Josh and Sharon.

Natalie: I'm gonna drink a gallon of water when I get down.
Josh: C'mon James. You can do it.
Natalie: I'm just dehydrated. (she squeaks) My bra strap! Great. My bra's about to fall off.
Chelsia: It's so hard, you guys. It's so hard.
Sharon: I hear you. I was up there.
Ryan: That thing's slowing down... It's more tired than you guys are.
Natalie: yeah.
James: This is for the Ha.
Chelsia: For the what?

9:08pm BBT
Chelsia: What was your favorite part of the goodbye message.
James: I don't know.

: I'm not going anywhere guys. Don't worry.
Chelsia: You guys are f'in kickin' ass. Seriously. My feet are just, like, numb.
Sharon: It takes em like 15 minutes to get back to normal.
Chelsia: Hold on!

9:16pm BBT
James and Nat are still going... Chelsia just tried making small talk with James and he said, I don't really care right now... stress and fatigue are showing.

Sharon: Natalie, I don't know how you do this girl. You're doing awesome.
Nat: Thank you.
Sharon: Just think a hot nice bath when you're hoh...
Nat: Trust me. It's very tough. It's not easy.
Sheila: How you feelin girl?
Nat: Good!
Ryan: James, when you fall, or if you fall, you're gonna fall into a big (loogie noise)

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, Josh is debating exploding on Sheila. Matt is trying to talk him out of doing it during the comp. Josh says he wont do it now, but he's forewarning that it's brewing.

9:24pm BBT
Matt: C'mon Natty.
James: Is your arm comfortable there like that? I think my shoulder's a little too big.
Nat: Yeah, you're a big boy.
Matt: 009!

9:27pm BBT
Josh: I know what it is. I know why I don't get in fights with guys, cuz guys don't gossip.
James: Whatever you're doin... I just need quiet. It's not the time or the place.
Matt: How you doin', Natty, good?
Nat: Good.
Chelsia: James, pull your feet in tight.
James: Don't worry, I'm in my zone. If I fall, I wanna know you actually earned it.
    James hocks another loogie below

Natalie reiterates how important winning this is to her, and that she might not get another chance. Sharon points out that James came back, you never know. Natalie responds that she just hasn't had the chance yet.

9:31pm BBT
James: So you wanna go to 7, and then we'll start dealing?
Nat: OK, yeah. I can go to 7.

Josh: (to Sharon only) She's a f'in stripper. She works on a pole.
Sharon: Trust me, he can last...

Josh is getting bitter toward Sharon out of guilt.

Back to the Comp - 9:35pm BBT
Nat: I just don't want you to go through the torture of it..
James: That's ok. I got evicted today...

The apparatus is going faster now. The boys encourage Natalie.

Natalie: Ya like my moves? This is a good move, huh?

9:38pm BBT
Natalie: I'm just gonna let you know, I'll protect you and Chelsia. I promise.

9:45pm BBT
Ryan: Stay strong babe. He's squirmin' a lot more than you are.
James: I'll just wait. I feel like I need to do it myself.
Matt: How you doin, Nat, good?
Nat: Just dehydrated.
Matt: Good? Chillin'?
Nat: Mm hmm.

Chelsia: Good job, guys!
Ryan: Lookin' good, babe.
Matt: We got this.

The encouragement continues, and so does the comp.

9:50pm BBT
We are now 4 hours in. The contest remains: James vs Natalie.

10pm BBT

James: I have a bitter taste in my mouth, that's all.
Nat: We both do. I didn't deserve it all.
James: Think I deserved to leave?

Something from the peanut gallery...

James: Oh, I'm not fallin'.
Chelsia: Good job, guys! Hold on...

James: The power of 5 gazelles... and a zebra... I was really stoked. I'm goin' to sequest... get drunk... now i'm hanging from a disco ball.

10:08pm BBT
Natalie: Sure you don't want that deal yet?
James: I don't know. That only ensures he goes home.
Natalie: I just wanna give you the chance before you... you know..
James: I know.

Nat: James, promise me safety?
James: Yes.
Nat: You wont put up Matty?
James: You have to trust me. I swear.

Chelsia: Natalie, you;re safe with me, I swear!
Natalie: I know. I just didn't like my mom being put into it. I feel like i'm gonna vomit.

James: Well, then she can just drop.

James promised not to put up her or Matt... Natalie pukes... Everyone calls for a bucket... Matt tells her it's ok to drop..


Everyone rushes to attend to her and
tell her what a great job she did.

James has won the HOH Comp!

Here's the clip of the final moments:

Joshuah: What's the deal you made?
James: Not to put Matt up. Joshuah you're fine. I'm not gonna hold it against you. It's just game.(to Natalie) You're alright, kid, You did a great job!

Matt brings a drink of water to James...

James: I understand why you guys voted me out of here.
Matt: This. This stunt.
James: (to Natalie) C'mere kid. Gimme a hug.
Natalie is crying and hugging him.
James: I love you, and I'm not gonna break my word.

Here's the clip:

Control Room Voice -Micah?: Hey Guys Great Job. Fantastic job. Just the two of you guys...


One more clip for this post... James and Chelsia alone after the comp. I'm not sure whose heart I hear beating, but it's intense.

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BB9 Live Show Spoiler

As soon as the live show begins, I'll be doing the spoiler right here. Any big announcements will be covered, as well as the votes, the eviction, the return of the evicted HG and the HoH comp. Pretty darn likely, each segment will be covered too. ;)

It's starting!!! Recapping yesterday's show...

Julie: It's day 35 and it's been a week of emerging power players in the BB house. Matt & Josh... then a 3rd power player emerged from left field: Sheila. Tonight, either James or Sharon will be evicted. What the HGs don't know is there's a surprise in store for them. For the past week, you've been voting for an evicted houseguest to get a chance to get back in. Tonight, one of them will get that chance.

***Anyone else troubled by the word "Chance?"

Segment: Post veto... drama we know about... Chelsia in Ryan's face, Matt being cocky, Josh & Ryan's alliance. No pickle juice yet... Sharon shushing Josh, Josh talking about how much that irked him in his DR session, Sharon confessing she kissed Matt to Sheila, Sheila telling Natalie about it... (wow! they skipped a lot!) Straight into Natalie's scorned woman thing and her wanting to vote to keep James (*** not enough time to show all the flip flopping, and this way makes it more dramatic for the tv only folks)... Then the fight between Matt and Natalie - an extremely condensed version.

Julie: Either Sharon or James will be evicted tonight. The houseguests have already cast their votes. Lets see what Chelsia, Adam and Matt had to say... (not votes, just talk)

COMMERCIAL... & we're back

Julie: Welcome back to BB. It's time to check in with the houseguests.

Then checking in with all the evicted HGs... they've been sequestered together as partners but in all separate houses...

Julie: It's time to reveal who America wanted back in the Big Brother House... this is how it's going to work. For the last week, America has been voting. In a few seconds, I'm going to tell you who they chose. Whoever wins, don't get too excited, because then the HGs will vote to either bring you back, or to keep the evicted HG from tonight... the HGs will not know which of you has been selected.

Parker - you came in 2nd.

Alex, America picked you...
now let's see if the HGs do.

By a vote of 5 to 1


has been evicted from the
Big Brother House...
for the moment, anyhow

All HGs Report back to the Living Room. THE HGS are Freaking out, speculating. The houseguests are about to be given the choice... after this commercial...

Welcome Back.. Julie's about to tell everyone that a former HG is moving back in tonight. "I have another very important announcement for all of you. In this box is someone from your past (lists evicted HG names). THi spast week, America voted to give one of your former HGs another chance. Their choice is in the mystery box. You have a choice.. Bring back the mystery guest, or bring back James... Josh is already pushing for James. Think carefully about who America would bring back in the house...
RYAN - Mystery HG
MATT - Mystery HG
SHEILA - Mystery HG
ADAM - James
SHARON - James

***Anyone else feeling a wee bit used??

Reveal to HGs... James in a box.

It's now time for the HoH comp... ( Make me happy, Julie. )

The HGs must remain standing on a disco ball... HoH is called Big Brother Disco. Hold on tight. We're taking this up a notch. If at any point you fall off, you will be eliminated. The last one remaining on their disco ball will be the new HoH. The comp starts now...


The houseguests are all still in it. Julie reveals to James that 5 voted him back in, and 3 did not. The HGs are being squirted with champagne. James just dropped an F bomb on live tv... sounded like it was directed at Matt... "You f me like that again..."

Winner: x

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