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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ryan & Adam: Flipped Again

8:15pm BBT
Ryan & Adam

They've flipped. They now plan on voting Joshuah out of the house.

Stated Goal: Weaken James

Good luck with that, boys. You'll need it.


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Late Afternoon - More Pranks!

5pm BBT
Lockdown is over.
All the HGs re-enter the house, scope it out, and notice no immediate changes. All are very much on guard...

5:01pm BBT
Josh, Sharon
(then joined by Adam & James)
Joshuah heads back out to the Jacuzzi to talk with Sharon. They're talking about jury votes. Adam comes out, and the game talk stops. Josh starts talking about the pranks... he's worried for more, so they're bound to come to him.

Adam: We're at the mercy of the walls and the P.A. system.
Joshuah: Yeah.

Adam's worried about more pranks tonight too. James believes BB will be messing with their sleep tonight. Sharon thinks it's something America chose for them to do. They get buzzed by a helicopter and Natalie comes out for a second to see what they're yelling about.

Sharon heads inside.

5:10pm BBT
Sharon & Natalie
Natalie's telling her that Ryan's almost on the page with keeping her... He just needs a little more convincing that he's safe if Sharon wins HoH... Natalie's going to get Ryan and Adam up to HoH, and talk more with them.

Sheila joins the conversation. She offers to go up as the pawn again. Natalie flat out refuses her.

Sharon: James is just scared, because if Josh leaves, he has no one. Here's what I don't get: if they are so scared about me sticking with James, why aren't they 10x more scared of James with Joshuah?!

5:10pm BBT
ReporterX for BB9Dish

Ryan enters. Sharon and Natalie descend upon him immediately, both talking at the same time.

Ryan goes away. Adam enters.

5:18pm BBT
Natalie & Adam

Natalie: Sharon's on board 100%. She's gonna put Sheila up if she wins HoH. If we keep James and Josh together, we are NUTS. But we have to let them think Josh is staying, so James will be completely flustered for the HoH comp. Sharon says she will throw HoH if James gets out, otherwise she'll fight to win it and put him up.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the hallway, Sharon is trying to firm up Ryan's support.

My head is spinning..

5:36pm BBT
Sheila's Pranked Again!
The Other HGs blame Big Brother

5:46pm BBT
Josh Pranked Again!
Josh: I'm really over the f'in jokes!

BB Got Josh Again
This Time, It's a Rat!

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The Pranks Continue - BB Got Josh BAD

4:09pm BBT
BB just scared the bajeezus out of Josh with a ghostly reflection in the mirror. They tried the same with Natalie earlier, but she blew them off and told them she'd seen too many seasons of BB for them to scare her with that one.

Here's the clip:

ReporterX for BB9Dish

The only way BB could have gotten him worse would have been a ghostly hologram of Allison. hehe.

And again...

And again.. Josh scares easy. He's going to be too much of a target for BB to resist.

ReporterX for BB9Dish

4:33pm BBT
BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside, and close the sliding glass door...

All the Houseguests are worrying about what BB might have in store for them next... They think there may be people in the house when they let them back in.

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Meeting in the Ladies Room
Be there real soon...
12:41pm BBT
Sharon, Sheila and Natalie
Game talk..
Sharon tells the women about her conversation with Adam and Ryan. They discuss the men's tactics in the game... all save Saint Matty are completely horrible - especially James.

12:41pm BBT

BB's Playing April Fools Jokes on the HGs
Early enough to have edited in time for it.
1pm BBT
Sheila & Natalie

BB cuts off the water in the showers while Sheila and Natalie are fully soaped up. ***hehe.

1:00pm BBT

Sheila & Natalie
2:12pm BBT
Natalie's faltering on the women's alliance...
Sheila's trying to revive it.
Natalie: I will do my best, but I can't guarantee...
Sheila: I know. I just don't want Joshuah having James to..
Natalie: But listen to this, even if Joshuah does stay, he's not very good at competitions.
Sheila: She can always go later, Natalie.
Natalie: I know. it's not up to me. I'm not voting.
Sheila: I know.
Natalie: Ya know why they're not gonna come after us. We're the last 2 women. They're gonna go after the other men.
Sheila: Well don't be mad at me, but I'm gonna vote for Sharon to stay.
Natalie: Oh, of course not.
Sheila: Do you understand how upset she'll be if she gets HoH?
Natalie: I'm gonna have a meeting with the boys.

Here's a clip:
2:13pm BBT

2:25pm BBT
The Gender Gap
There's a line in the sand, or below the belt, and the pranks continue.

Here's the clip:
2:25pm BBT
James Dumps Powder on Sheila

Sheila is not pleased at all. She's asked the DR to call her several times, so she can discuss the flour with someone - it's not allowed, apparently.

Since the DR's not calling her, Sheila's taking another tack, and using it as a way to try to rally the women again. "He's gotta go. I'm not putting up with this."

All the while, inside, the boys are pulling another prank. Adam and James just stole Sheila's mattress and replaced it with Adam's mattress, which is smaller.

3:29pm BBT
Adam, James, Ryan and Josh
Adam: April Fools, man. (laughs)
Ryan: What else? We gotta come up with more.

3:47pm BBT
Natalie & Josh - Game talk

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10:09am BBT
The Feeds just went to flames... Wakey Wakey, houseguests! ;)

While we wait, a word... There have been quite a few comments lately comparing this season's HGs unfavorably to The Real World... I'd like to take the opportunity to point out that without The Real World and Exec Producer Mary Ellis Bunim, may she rest in peace, there would be no Big Brother, no Survivor, no nothin'! Real World started it all... Give props where they are due. The Real World gave birth to the genre.

    ***Stepping off soap box.

10:35am BBT
Feeds are back.
Josh is in the Backyard.
Sheila and Sharon are whispering in the bathroom... Sheila's filling Adam in on her conversation with the boys last night.
Sharon: Why is he (Adam) not thinking that Joshuah and James are gonna come after them.
Sheila: I think all these guys are spineless.
Sharon: I'll talk to Adam.
Sheila: Adam wants you here.
Sharon: I thought you just said...

BB: Adam, James, Ryan, Natalie. I said, It's time to get up for the day.

Josh comes inside.
Sheila and Sharon resume whispering.

Sheila: Worst case scenario...

Sheila lists all the boys names as being next out.

Sharon: I'll talk to Adam, and I'll say hey, this is the deal... They can talk all they want, but...
Sheila: Ryan's a frikkin traitor and a flip flopper... I've been trying to tell Natalie that all along. You're not going home. Not if I can help it.

Adam yells for Sheila...

Sheila and Sharon move out to the kitchen...

Sheila: You found my present? Yeah.. someone put a tampon in the coffee machine this morning, and squirted ketchup on it or something.
Adam: Scouts honor. It wasn't me.

Adam goes out for a smoke.
James is in bed. Josh is back in bed.

Sheila: (whispers) I'm disgusted by all of them.

Adam goes to the bathroom. Sheila pranks him, and scares him when he comes out.

Back to the kitchen... and talking about the pranks last night. Every time a man leaves the room, Sheila whispers more to Sharon. Meanwhile in the Red Room, the men are talking about Sheila, and how she better keep cleaning to earn her keep. It's either that or start winning some comps.

10:48am BBT
Adam: So did you marinate at all last night?
Ryan: No way. I just went to bed. Something has to come to me.
Adam: It's a crucial decision. I wanna help our numbers...
Ryan: I think it's better for our numbers to get Sharon out...

Meanwhile, on the couch in the bathroom, Sheila and Sharon have resumed the scheming on their end...

It's gonna be nuts today. Spark up the feeds, folks.

Ryan: I just wish i wasn't such a p-ssy yesterday. Things would be easier on us.
Adam: Big time.

11am BBT
Ryan & Adam cont'd
Ryan continues to push for evicting Sharon. Adam continues to counter... Adam believes Josh has a better chance at winning HoH. Ryan says if it's physical, Sharon has a better chance.
Ryan: Whatever happens, we need HoH.
Adam: Again.
Ryan: Again.
Ryan returns to pushing for Sharon out. Adam returns to countering...
Adam: Think me n Sheila'll getta prize for being the last couple in the house?
Ryan: You're gettin' nothin', kid.
Adam: How're we gonna do this, dude? This is a critical point in our lives... Joshuah or Sharon? I'm gonna tell him, yeah you're gonna promise me this, but do I believe you, is my question.
Ryan: What's Natalie leaning towards?
Adam: Joshuah.
Ryan: To go?
Adam: Yeah.
Ryan: Well, of course. She's gonna lean towards the girl...
BB: Natalie, the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

Adam starts coughing, Ryan chides him a little, then Adam apologizes to his mom and says how she's watching the live feeds all the time... Ryan asks if he's embarrassed to know she's watching him 24/7. Adam says, "no, she knows me."

Here's a compilation clip of Adam & Ryan's conversation:

11:19am BBT
Ryan & Adam, cont'd.
Ryan: Whadda we do? Whadda we do? We've got 4 days. I know. Let's convince James not to use the Veto on himself.
Adam laughs. Ryan goes inside to brush his teeth. Adam heads inside too.

11:20am BBT
Around the house...
Red Room - Josh and James are sleeping, or trying to.
Bathroom - Sheila and Sharon haven't moved off the couch. Ryan's in there now too.
Kitchen - Adam's fixing himself some breakfast.
Natalie's not on the feeds... assumed to be up in HoH sleeping.

11:38am BBT
Sharon, Ryan & Adam
Sistah's are Doin' it for Themselves!

Sharon's setting Adam straight about her intentions in the game, and dispelling the lies that have been told about her having a forever alliance with James.
    ***It's going to be a fight to the end on this one... I love it! This is Big Brother!

Here's a clip:
11:40am BBT

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy Saturday. :)

Friday evening, just before 6pm BBT, a new alliance was born between Ryan, Josh, Natalie and James. The plan was to keep Joshuah, with Ryan and James' votes, and Natalie's tie breaking vote. Adam and Sheila were to be left out of the mix completely.

At this point, Sheila was too occupied consoling the crying Sharon to be suspicious of anything going on. Sharon, of course, was not crying for herself. She was crying at the notion of losing Joshuah, which was the forgone conclusion.

Joshuah played his role to perfection - I'm leaving, nothing I can do about it, gonna go out with class, etc...

Shortly before 8:30pm, Adam told Joshuah he'd be willing to keep him. Joshuah went to Natalie with the information (doh!), letting her know it was turning out perfectly, and she might not even have to get her hands dirty with a tie breaker vote.

At 8:34pm, Natalie confirmed with Adam and Ryan, while still not letting Adam in on the original scheme, and Ryan further reinforced the clean hands for Natalie concept: James, Ryan and Adam make 3 votes to evict Sharon - no tie breaker necessary.

Everything neat and tidy and wrapped in a pretty little bow.

But wait... This is Big Brother. Lest you forget. Expect the unexpected... and all that.

The alliance, or agreement, or deal that was struck just before 6pm existed slightly over 4 hours. Natalie blew it to smithereens at 10:14pm BBT.

Natalie Flips & Tells Sharon Everything
10:14pm BBT
HoH Room
Natalie & Sharon

Natalie tells Sharon that Josh came to her and said that she and James were hooked up and would work together till the end.

    ***I don't believe that actually happened. I believe Josh's point to Natalie was that Sharon was a much bigger physical threat, and Natalie made it up to cause friction.
Sharon replies telling Natalie that is a load of hooey, James barely even speaks to her, the whole time in the house it was always James, Josh & Chelsia, and she'd always walk in on the 3 of them whispering together, leaving her out, and it's that James and Josh are the real alliance that needs breaking up since "Josh makes James stronger." The two of them decide that the womens alliance must go forth, and Josh must go home. Here's the first clip:

10:14pm BBT

This conversation continues at 10:22pm BBT on this clip.

Natalie and Sharon decide to bring Sheila into the mix and very quietly call her up to HoH to share the news at 10:31pm BBT.

Women United:
Nat & Sharon Tell Sheila Everything

10:31pm BBT
Sheila, Natalie, Sharon

Natalie and Sharon fill Sheila in on everything and demand her silence. She must continue acting as if Sharon is on the way out. She cannot tell Adam... She cannot tell anyone! Sheila is 100% on board and disgusted with the men. Sharon also fills them both in on Ryan and Joshuah's agreement - or part of it, anyhow. Joshuah had confessed it earlier to Natalie, anyhow, and she let it slide, but she also filed it away for further investigation.

10:31pm BBT

The conversation between the women continues at 10:41pm. They know they don't have the numbers to make it happen on their own, and they decide they need, or rather Natalie needs, to bring Adam over to the side of evicting Joshuah, without informing him of what's going on. Ryan, James and Joshuah are to be kept in the dark.

10:41pm BBT

10:55pm BBT
Pool Table
Ryan, Josh & Adam
Ryan & Josh work Adam to keep Josh in.
Adam is the swing

Josh: Ya know... Plus, if you wanna throw my ass up on the block next week, do it.
Adam: You don't care. Pawn you up.
Josh: I'm just trying to stay one more week. Why get rid of me now? I'm a huge target in the house. I'm good to have in the house because people hate me. Everyone loves Sharon. She could coast to the end. And of it goes guys vs girls, lord help you... and you know Sheila's working on that... They're all upstairs now. I just think I can help you more towards the end than some people can... Sharon will not put James up...
Adam: You wont put him up either, but.. you wont put me up...
Josh: Exactly, and that's your only concern. I just think it's going guys vs girls upstairs.
Adam: That's what they're talkin about.
Ryan: And where do you fall?
Josh: Believe it or not, I do have a penis, so that would make me a guy. If Sharon wins, she will not put up one of the girls... With me gone, that's all she has... She has no problems with anyone in the house... It's risk management...

Josh leaves to eat... Ryan and Adam continue solo... Adam leans toward keeping Josh and getting Sheila out next. Both bemoan James' winning veto.

Here's the clip:

10:55pm BBT

Natalie (lies &) Confirms the "Nat & the Boys" Alliance

Josh & James Plan to NOT Honor the Agreement with Natalie.

11:08pm BBT
Red Room
James, Josh & Natalie
(Natalie leaves)

Josh: Her and Sheila already told me goodbye.
Natalie: I know! They are confident you're leaving. 110%.
Josh: They want it to go girls vs guys.
Natalie: But yeah, Sharon was crying her eyes out...

Adam enters. Natalie grabs him to go do the dishes, since they're the only ones who ate... Adam and Nat leave.

James: I feel that Adam, Natalie and Ryan are still in something... They wanna keep Adam out of it, or pretend he's out of it, so they always have the numbers...
Joshuah: Exactly...
James: That means that Adam will always stay with Sheila...
Joshuah: But it keeps me here another week... I can help you if I'm here...The deal's only for one week..
James: It saves you. It's fine. Y'know what I'm saying? It protects Natalie, but it doesn't protect me. I offered her a deal which she didn't take...
Josh: I know, but, I mean, if you don't win HoH, you're off the hook... as far as protecting Natalie...
James: It doesn't make sense... Do you understand what I'm sayin'?
Josh: Let me win HoH, and I'll put f'in Natalie up. You didn't give her your word. You're off the hook.
James: I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut. Whatever happens happens...

Josh: I mean, I think they want me to stay...
James: But she told Adam.
Josh: She doesn't wanna break the tie...

Here's the clip:
11:07pm BBT

11:35pm BBT
Ryan, Adam, Sheila

The boys broach the subject of keeping Josh to Sheila. She's dead set against, but she makes no mention of the conversation upstairs. The boys play it off that they're just kidding with her. Then they tease her about her offering herself up as the pawn last night. Sheila makes it abundantly clear that since she can't have James out, she really wants Josh out, and cites the abuse as the reason. Here are the clips: Clip 1, Clip 2.

11:58pm BBT
Pool Table
Ryan & Adam, then Natalie
Natalie's playing both sides

Ryan: She's freakin out already. Of course she wants Sharon to stay.
Adam: She'll put Jimmy up. Don't you think?
Ryan: Of course she's gonna say she would.
Adam: Natalie says it's better for us to get rid of Josh too...

Natalie comes out.

Natalie: This is what we gotta do... Remember how flustered James got for HoH when we sent Chelsia out? Imagine how flustered James would get if this whole time, he thought his best friend was staying, and we got rid of him... We'll make James feel confident all week that Josh is staying... Then Boom! 3-1 Josh is out. That will fluster James so much. He will feel so isolated... Why on earth are we gonna reward James by keeping his best friend in the game?!

Joshuah comes out to soak in the jacuzzi.

Here's the clip:
11:58pm BBT

12:23am BBT
Ryan & Adam, then Nat, Josh & James
Bathroom &

Ryan: We just have to talk to her. We have the power. You n me, wherever we go, that sh-t stays.
Adam: We can tell her, we feel if we keep Josh, we wont go up on the block next week... Wanna talk to her about it now?
Ryan: Nah, wait till tomorrow... I wanna let some things marinate in my head.

Both blame Sheila's performance in the Veto Comp for their current woes...

Adam: What about Josh? He's a weak link. He'll eventually break.
Ryan: He'll have nobody.

Adam: How are we so screwed, dude? We have to do it all over again. Win the HoH, put him on the block, win the PoV... and now we're due to lose HoH. We already won 2 in a row.
Ryan: Well that kid won 3 PoVs in a row.

Cut to Josh, James & Natalie talking about the votes. Natalie tells them she's still the tie breaker... James re-starts the push to eliminate Sheila - She was supposed to go this week. Natalie states her concern that if she keeps Joshuah, how does she know they wont come after her?

Here's the clip:
12:23am BBT

At last count, Adam isn't really keen on keeping Joshuah. Natalie's playing all sides. Ryan is pushing Adam to keep Joshuah. Sheila is pushing to evict Joshuah and keep Sharon. James is a sure vote to keep Joshuah. Sheila's name has been brought up several times, with varying levels of sincerity, by everyone but Sharon & Sheila as a replacement nom.

Game play comes to a halt when all the HGs decide to play pranks on Sheila... involving a tampon... xx2000xx has 8 clips for your entertainment. Here's his link: xx2000xx.

And that concludes the Overnight Report!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Evening - A New Alliance

5:56pm BBT
A New Alliance is Born?
Natalie, James, Ryan

Sheila's out. Baller's questionable. James, Josh, Natalie, Ryan.

After James leaves, Natalie and Ryan agree to leave Adam and Sheila out of the mix.

More clips are coming, but seriously, there's so much going on, you really ought to spark up the feeds, and if you don't have em, gettem! Here's the 2 week free trial link:
Watch Big Brother 9 on SuperPass 24/7!

6:09pm BBT
Natalie, Ryan and Joshuah
2 week deal from Joshuah for Natalie's tie breaker vote... Natalie only asked for 1.
Joshuah tells Natalie that he and Ryan have been cool for a while. He outs there alliance. Either Natalie doesn't get it, or she doesn't let on. They agree they cannot tell Sheila...

6:10pm BBT

Sheila & Sharon
Sharon's in tears... has been for a while now.

6:27pm BBT
Josh & James (then Sharon joins)
Am I the only one getting a vibe here?

Josh & Sharon
She's still in tears over the possibility of losing Joshuah. She is completely in the dark that they've engineered her demise.

6:42pm BBT
Sharon & James talk while he's in the shower. She's still in tears...

6:57pm BBT
Bathroom Couch
Josh & Sharon
Sharon: I have 5 days till the next HoH. I'm gonna win for you, and I'm gonna send her packing for you.

7:03pm BBT
Kitchen Counter
Sheila and Josh (Ryan passes through)

Josh is feeding her a line about leaving with dignity, and making her promise she'll take care of Sharon for him.

8:24pm BBT
Checking in...

So far so good for the new alliance. Ryan has said he's not going to lie to Adam, he's just not going to tell bring him into the loop. He'll be obtuse when asked who he's voting for.

Sheila and Sharon have been talking about next week, gearing up for HoH, which Sharon plans to win...

Sharon's talking about it even now, with Josh... "It's my duty to win HoH, and win this whole thing, and come to Dallas, TX for your birthday." Josh asks if she's gonna buy him something nice. SHe says his birthday will be very extravagant.

Natalie comes down from HoH - she was napping.

By the way, Josh is planning a half time show for tomorrow's live feed audience, complete with red unitard. "I want to leave with class and fun.."

Natalie's playing along.

8:34pm BBT
Josh & Natalie
Josh: Adam came up to me and told me, if you can get Ryan, I know you have James, I'll give you my vote, and we can hang Sheila.
Natalie: No way!
Josh: So you may not even have to do the tie breaker vote. You come out looking great. So every way you're covered... there's no way you're going on the block next week. The only person who might put you up is Sheila, and she wont win HoH.
Natalie: You don't think Jsmes would put me up?
Josh: He's cool with you... for keeping me. I'm his only friend in the house.

Adam comes in... asks Natalie what she'd like to do for dinner.

8:37pm BBT
Ryan, Natalie, Adam
Natalie: What're you thinking?
Adam: I'm thinking, what is Sharon gonna do if she wins HoH?

Natalie: We can't say anything to Sheila.

Both agree.

Natalie: Are you good with that?
Adam: Keeping Josh?
Natalie: I find Sharon a huge threat... physical and mental. If you guys vote to evict her, my hands are clean this week. I'm sticking with you guys and that's it. I'm gonna be the last surviving girl in this house.
Ryan: You're our girl.

Natalie tells Adam how Sheila came up ranting and raving last night about him. Further, Josh wants to go after Sheila for the following week...

Here's the clip, captured by Quirkydude:

Josh & Sharon
8:47pm BBT
Sharon tells Joshuah that Sheila is worried she's going up... He wonders if it's legitimate or acting.

8:48pm BBT
Ryan, Sheila, Adam, Nat
Sheila's bugging out and bugging Adam about him having told someone she plays all sides..

Natalie pulls Adam away to the storage room to search for food...

Meanwhile, outside by the jacuzzi, Sheila and Adam have joined Sharon... talk is about Joshuah's halftime show tomorrow... then talk turns to game...

9:56pm BBT
Sharon & Sheila
The ladies are chatting about next week... Sharon's planning on winning, or handing it to James, and she's telling Sheila all of this.

Meanwhile, they've been getting buzzed by what sounds like an LAPD copter for the past 5-7 minutes, and it's flying so close, I really wish BB would call an interior lockdown till it and the bad guys go away! (Call it a South Central -USC- flashback)

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BB9 PoV Comp Spoiler & Follow-up Videos

Feeds are back @ 5:03pm BBT

Natalie: Sorry Joshuah.. I tried...

In the storage room... Natalie tells Sharon she's gonna have to put her up as the replacement...

James has won the PoV...

5:05pm BBT
Josh is debating eating now... since there's no point... James tells him to wait till Sunday...

In the Storage Room, Natalie tells Sharon she's sorry, but she's gonna have to put her up as the pawn again...

Here's a clip from the first 3 minutes after the feeds came back on... following James...
5:03pm BBT

5:18pm BBT
Post Veto Chatter with the House Guests

5:31pm BBT
James' Victory Dance

5:35pm BBT
Josh is up in HoH with Natalie telling her to put up Sharon: she's a much bigger physical threat... Natalie gets to break the tie... Natalie says, I just gotta know if you stay, you'll.. Josh says he'll make a deal with her. Natalie says if he can get 2 votes, she will break the tie and he'll stay.

Spark up the feeds, folks... It's gonna be quite a night.

Josh & Natalie
5:35pm BBT

5:41pm BBT
Frilly Room
Ryan and Josh
Josh: Ok, I just talked to Natalie, and she said she'll put up Sharon, and if I can get 2 votes, she'll keep me.
Ryan: Done, dude. I want you to stay.

5:43pm BBT
Ryan and Adam
Ryan gently broaches the subject. Adam is non-committal... Ryan is cool about it.. "We have til Sunday."

5:45pm BBT
Ryan and Natalie
Natalie tells Ryan she's putting Sharon up as the replacement, but she thinks it's best they get rid of Joshuah, because Josh and James will stick together, but Josh isn't a physical threat... Natalie seeks Ryan's guidance. Ryan tries to brings her to the other side, keeping Joshuah.

Here's the clip:
Ryan & Nat
5:45pm BBT

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We have Trivia!!!!!!!!!
PoV Fun 'n Games

Check PoV Spoiler

After the 23 minute psych out...
Back to Trivia@ 3:01pm BBT
Still Trivia @ 5:00pm BBT

FYI - 2 Hours Isn't Long for a PoV Comp

Check Below for PoV Waiting
Fun and Games

2:37pm BBT
After 2 seconds of Flames, feeds went to Trivia. Hopefully, and likely, we also have a Veto Comp. I'll letcha know if the trivia stays on for more than 15-20 minutes... Then We call it officially! ;)

Feeds are Back @ 3:00pm BBT

3:00pm BBT - Psych!
Ryan, James, Natalie, Sharon and Joshuah are gathered in the living room talking about what they think the PoV will be.
VOICE: Hey Natalie & Sharon, I need you to change out of your white shirts...
Natalie: I'm white? This is beige. OK...

Back to Trivia@ 3:01pm BBT

OK... Now I'm calling it. ;)
We have a Veto Comp!

Nowthen... lol.. to amuse ourselves in the meantime, how about a lovely go around of "Marry, Shag, Throw from a Cliff" using only the remaining players... If this game is new to you, here's how it goes: From the remaining HGs, please select the one (for each category) that you would
  1. Marry, but never have sex with.
  2. Shag once, and only once.
  3. Throw from a Cliff
Need more entertainment? Go check out Alex's Listings on eBay - That's the link to the post. He had to re-list several of the auctions, so it's back to the beginning with the bidding on the date and the phone calls... All the links have been corrected accordingly...

OK... Next Version of Marry, Shag, Throw - Your choice of the Full Casts of Seasons 6, 7, 8 & 9.

By the way, does anyone else's heart stop every time the feeds buffer and cut out for a second?

More little entertainments to come. ;)

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12 Noon BBT

Sheila's got Sharon in tears... The conversation began forever ago. Sharon began crying shortly after noon.

Sheila: I bawled when I heard Josh read the letter he got from home. For the first time, I saw Josh as a little boy, how fragile he really is.

Sharon starts crying.

Sheila: Josh walks around like a frikkin shell. No emotion. Just a shell. Why are you crying?
Sharon: Because I know what you're saying about him is true. I can't take him to the end... I just can't, and that makes me sad... I really care about him.
Sheila: I get it. I'm a mother. I understand about caring deeply for people in this game. And that's ok, to care deeply...
Sharon: What's hard for me is when I'm stuck in a situation of having to take care of a person.. I take that responsibility seriously. I care about them deeply. The thing is, I live by a certain code. I'm very faithful. I'm just stressed, because I feel like this PoV is riding on me to save Josh.I feel like it's my job to save Josh.

Sharon starts crying more...

Sharon: Why do i feel so responsible?
Sheila: I've told Josh that you're the only one who has his back. James doesn't have his back... just you.

Here's the clip:

12:02pm BBT

12:28pm BBT
Sheila & Sharon

Sheila: He can't win PoV today. He just can't.

12:53pm BBT
HOH Room
Sheila, Sharon, Natalie, Josh
The natives are getting restless for the Veto Comp to begin.

Spa Room
James is sketching something out with nail polish...

12:57pm BBT
Josh goes to James in the Spa Room... Tells him how Sheila's giving herself a pep talk about how she's played the game. Josh indicates that his inner pterodactyl is dying to come out. James asks if Sheila's been talking about him. Josh says no.

12:58pm BBT
HOH Room
Natalie: I voted James back in, and I'm getting him back out.
Sheila: Once this eviction happens, there'll be 3 boys and 3 girls. Think about it.
Natalie: They're all strong.
Sharon: Not all. Joshy's very weak.
Natalie: Ryan will be very physically strong.
Sharon: As long as we break up one of em. I just don't see Josh as a (physical) threat.
Sheila: I even told him to his face, I wanted you out, but I'm putting my personal feelings aside...
Sharon: It's gonna be fine. I'm not stressing about it.
Natalie: My only threat is James.
Sharon: It'll be fine.
Natalie: James can't blame anyone but himself. He made his own decisions..

Sheila: This PoV has got to start.
    ***Agreed. C'mon Grodner. Give your crew friday night off.

Sharon: Guys, no matter what, Josh is after the guys.. not the girls... so we've got the numbers...

1:20pm BBT
HoH Room
Natalie, Sharon, Sheila
After a bit of Chelsia's gone gloating, they move on to men..
Sheila: I don't need any of these men to protect me.
Sharon: Nooo!
Sheila: I really mean that. I've stood up to bigger men than James.
Natalie: I knowwww!! That's why, when James tried to come up to me and offer me final 2, I was like, ok, I'll think about it, but you know what, I don't neeed anybody to protect me. I can protect myself.

1:27pm BBT
Joshuah has joined...
Sheila's out momentarily.
Natalie goes back to the Matty's birthday present refrain.
Sharon: His odds are so sh*tty. I mean, this is the best odds we cuold have. 5 to 1.
Natalie: I've got it. I can feel it. I mean, I don't have any idea what it could be, but it doesn't matter, I'm gonna do it.
Sharon: As long as you, Josh or I win it...
Josh: Or Ryan or Sheila..
Natalie: Exactly...

Josh leaves. Natalie and Sharon talk about working out. Then Natalie apologizes to Sharon for putting Josh up. Sharon tells her, he had to go up sometime.

Sheila returns at 1:30pm.

Sheila: James just attacked me again.
Sharon: No!
Natalie: No!
Sharon: What'd he say?
Sheila: He goes, "what's up Sheila? Ya know I can F'in hear ya from all the way upstairs?! I Frikkin heard everything you said."

Sheila: I don't care. He's gonna come after me again. After this is all said and done. And even if you keep the nominations the same, and you win the PoV, he's still gonna come and attack me, so, it's not gonna be you, it'll be me.

2:10pm BBT
Around the house...

Sharon is reading her bible. Josh is sleeping, possibly.
James is sitting silently in the green chair.

Sheila's listening to Natalie's CD.

HOH Landing
Ryan and Natalie are talking about the PoV Comp. Ryan says he just wants to take it easy and calm and stay focused. Natalie agrees, and tells him how confident she is. They also talk about how Sharon will come to their side once James is gone.

Natalie tells Ryan how Sheila has been trying to form a womens alliance, and how she, Natalie, is planning to stick with the boys... and she doesn't give a crap about anyone else in this house.

2:25pm BBT
FLAMES... then... Immediately... TRIVIA!!!!!!!!

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9:20am BBT
The Feeds cut to Trivia. Wake up time in the Big Brother house?

9:38am BBT
Feeds are back. HGs are up and about, doing their morning routines.
That was long for a wake up!

Sharon's Showering, Sheila's making coffee, Josh and Ryan are in the bathroom...

Ryan: It must not be anything too elaborate out there.

Sheila comes in to the bathroom, and Ryan asks her how she's doing. She says "no more nice Sheila, I don't give a sh*t anymore. Gonna play this game and try to stay alive. It's all I've ever tried to do is be nice to people, and say nice things, and it didn't work for me."

Still in the bathroom... Sheila & Sharon are showering.
Ryan: Know what it is, Sheil, it's time for Kimberly to start playing this game. Bring her on out.
Sheila: You're absolutely right.
Sharon encourages her as well.
Sheila: Being nice did not work for me at all. I'm 45, been around the block... They can play their own game, I'll play mine.
Sharon: Sounds like a plan to me, girl.
Sheila: I know after this eviction, people are gonna come after me, and y'know what, i told Natalie to put me up as the replacement. Save everyone the pain. Done.
Sharon: You wanna go home?
Sheila: No! I'm just tired of it. All I've done is try to be honest with people... and on top of it, I am almost like road kill over here.
Sharon: Oh, stop it. You're fine.
Sheila: It doesn't pay to be nice in this game. It really doesn't. I try to find the good in everyone. That's all I've ever done. When people see the show, they'll see. I have no reason to talk sh*t about people. I really don't. I want everybody to win. That's the problem. There's only gonna be 2 winners in this game.

9:52am BBT
Sharon: What happened last night?
Sheila: James got up in my face, called me a f'in c word...
Sharon: Oh my God.
Sheila: I had a dream that my ex saw and that he was gonna kick James' frikkin' ass. Everyone says that I talk smack.. I don't. I just tell people the truth... I'm done. I told Natalie to put me up if one of the boys comes down. I begged her. I'm done kissing people's asses... I'm not an ass kisser, never have been, will not start today. I'm just being honest. That's all... I heard all the sh*t talked about me in the back room.
Sharon: Who was talking sh*t?
Sheila: Everybody.
Sharon: Just know I never talked sh*t on you.
Sheila: Oh, I know..

    ***Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Sharon: He said something about final 2 with you...
Sheila blows it off... returns to James ranting on her, everyone seeing it, no one helping her, "I know I'm alone in this game... All I've ever done is be honest..."

10:10am BBT
Sheila and Sharon's conversation has never stopped. It just moved to the kitchen. Just before flames, Sharon asks her a question, and Sheila says, "I'm not doing that anymore. It just gets me into trouble."

Flames at 10:13am BBT.
Feeds are back at 10:22am BBT.
Frilly Room - Ryan and Adam are discussing Sheila's period and her bleeding in the shower... James joins in from the red room... all are laughing and grossed out.

10:30am BBT
Natalie comes downstairs to the kitchen, extremely chipper, hugs everyone present, including James.. then makes herself some breakfast.

10:37am BBT
James: So what's the plan? I hear she wants to go on the block.
Natalie: She definitely wants to go on th block. She begged me.
James: And are you going to put her there?
Natalie: I haven't decided yet... I definitely have a plan, but I'm still putting it together inside my head...

10:39am BBT
Sharon & Sheila
Sheila: I'm not going in there right now... I wanna stay away from all the heat.
Sharon says she's pissed that they're dragging them down with her.
Sheila: They're not coming after you. They're gonna go after each other. You need to stay and keep doing what you're doing. They've said it all along, (about Sharon) 'She's silent but deadly. She will be the one...'

FLAMES, briefly

Sheila: You better win that PoV and keep it the friggin same. Let them battle their friggin battles.
Sharon: Oh, I will.

Sharon moves on to talk to Sheila about the upcoming HoH comp, saying she will win it, because it's gonna be physical, and Natalie can't play, and James will be gone.

10:44am BBT
Josh comes in.

Josh: I wanna know why you wanna go on the block.
Sheila: Cause I'm tired of her being used as a pawn, and I want to protect you, and I want him gone.
Josh: You don't need to go up. If you win, just keep it the same.
Sheila: He was foaming at the mouth.
Josh: I thought he was gonna hit you.
Sheila: I did too. I had a dream last night that my ex...

Josh: It's not about me. this is a fight between James and Natalie. Now what's this about you?
Sharon: They're all gunning for me.
Josh: Well, we all know the order. It's James, then me, then you...

Sheila: I could be your strongest ally in this game. Even when you and I got into it... I was totally honest with you... It's not me playing sides anymore... They're all gonna come after me.. I know that.

11am BBT
Still with Sheila and Sharon -
Sheila is telling Sharon she's got to look out for herself and play her own game, and keep noms the same if she wins Veto.

11:07am BBT FLAMES, just for a moment.

11:08am BBT - Feeds are back...
Dining Table
Josh & Natalie
Natalie is extremely confident about winning the veto comp today...

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy Friday and Happy Power of Veto Comp Day... on the Live Feeds. Not that we'll see the PoV comp, but that it'll be happening, and we'll know the results as soon as the feeds come back on and the HGs let us know what's up.

Last night at 11:35pm BBT, after Sheila intentionally goaded James for quite a while (check last night's posts, if you want proof), James exploded all over Sheila... Please have a look at this clip, which sets up the rest of the overnight report:

The rest of the night is aftermath and fallout from this fight...

The Aftermath
11:42pm BBT
James, Sharon, Josh
Natalie & Ryan join...
Red Room

James tells Natalie he blew Sheila out, because she's been so two-faced with him, and asks her not to let Sheila sleep in HoH, because he's planning on making her life hell this week.

Ryan comes in, and the situation escalates. He calls James out for past campaigning efforts and hearsay.

Basically, it's the whole house against James, and in this clip, they're having some success upsetting him - and driving him nuts... and hoarse from yelling so much.

11:42pm BBT
James is an Island

Adam's Turn
11:51pm BBT
This clip begins with the end of Natalie & James, then as it's losing steam, Adam drops in to shake James up some more...
Adam: Don't put me in a f'in corner here, bro! You wanna gun for me?! You wanna gun for ME?
    It's rather intense and DeNiro-esque.

The clip ends with Ryan telling James "Good luck in the PoV tomorrow." James responds, "Yeah. Thanks guys."

11:51pm BBT
Adam's Turn

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
11:55pm BBT
HOH Room
Sheila & Natalie
Sheila goes up to HoH to tell Natalie to win Veto and put her up as the replacement... Natalie says, absolutely not & that Sheila can stay up there with her all week.

Sheila tells Natalie what went down, and that James was "foaming at the mouth." Natalie tells Sheila just to fight for PoV, and that she's sending James home, so not to worry about it. Natalie then tells Sheila how she told James off. They mock James for a bit... then lock themselves in HoH, lest he break the door down.

Sheila Tells James & Josh She's Offered to be the Pawn
& Josh Tells James this is James' Game to Win

12:39am BBT
Sheila, Josh & James

Sheila comes out of HoH to go get her laundry at the same time James goes to get some water... Josh talks to James. Both are concerned that BB hasn't closed down the backyard, and wondering what it means in terms of the PoV comp.

James: It's the first time I've ever been this f'in pissed in my life. It's stupid.
Josh: I think the problem is that we just have no one else to talk to...
James: Yeah, totally man.
Josh: And now we can't even eat what we wanna eat... Can they compact the situation even more? it just gets worse and worse.

Sheila comes back in.

James: You alright, Sheila?
Sheila: Yeah. I told her to put me up if you win or if Joshuah wins, to go ahead and put me up...
James: What's the point?
Sheila: If one of you gets pulled down, I told her to put me up.
James: Why?
Sheila: Well, because, y'know, it's just the way to do it, so Sharon doesn't have to go up again.
James: You sleeping up there?
Sheila: Yeah, I'd like to get some sleep.

Sheila leaves. James and Josh continue...

Josh: So basically she just offered herself up as the pawn to ensure one of us goes home.
James: Yeah...
Josh: Does that make any more sense than Sharon going up? You may think this sounds crazy, but I think you're the only one who can win this... between me n you. I can't. You can do this. I love you.
James: This sucks man.
Josh: I know. But you can do this. This is your game more than mine.
James: This just sucks man, because I came here out of doing something that just felt so good to do (the cycling).

Here's the clip:
12:39am BBT

12:47am BBT
James & Josh
Heart to Heart
Dining Table

The 2 of them feel like being in this game is like they're in a zoo, and they are the animals being looked at, poked and prodded... It's a gentle interaction. Outside the house, James is accustomed to constant positivity, and the game is really getting to him.

Thanks to the sound bleed, you can hear Sheila ranting up in HoH during this conversation. Makes for an interesting juxtaposition...

Part 1
12:47am BBT

In part 2, James expresses his frustration some more at how people are unwilling to be known in this game... He tells Josh he loves him and Chelsia, but even Sharon wont really have a real conversation with him.

James: It just sucks, dude. I don't want to lose you. It's a lose, lose situation. It just takes the wind out of you...
Josh: And you're right, there's no campaigning to do, they will make the decision... so you just have to hope that maybe it's not your number this week.
James: Day one on slop, and I'm already falling apart.

Josh and James bond some more on being the outsiders in the game, as in life. Then the clip ends with sincerely delivered:

James: The Best of luck to you tomorrow.
Josh: The best of luck to you too.

Part 2
12:57am BBT

1:45am BBT
James gets in the Jacuzzi, and Sheila comes out to get her laundry. The clip is mostly silent tension, but Sheila tells James, "Good luck tomorrow, ok? I mean it," on her way back in.

This concludes the overnight report.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

James Is An Island

Sheila does her best to get to James.. They argue..

10.30pm BBT

Adam & Ryan console James.. Perhaps for a jury vote from him..

10.37pm BBT

James apologizes to Josh..James feels the house goes after people close to him when they can't get him out..

10:45pm BBT

James EXPLODES on Sheila..

11:35pm BBT

* Carolyn will return to publish comments in the morning...

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Hot Tub Talk

Adam, Josh, Sharon, and Natalie in the hot tub trying to guess what the next POV competition will be.

8.45pm BBT

Sheila has joined everyone at the tub..She is planning her speech if she should win POV

9:00pm BBT

* Carolyn will return to publish comments in the morning...

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Denial Aint Just a River in Egypt

Natalie Denies It Again...
In front of the guys who were in the room while she was doing it the last few times.

8:06pm BBT

Here's a link to the original from February 15th:NSFW - She Never Did That?!

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And the PoV Players Are...

The Players:

  1. Natalie
  2. Josh
  3. James
  4. Sharon
  5. Sheila
  6. Ryan
Adam's the odd man out this week.

7:30pm BBT
The feeds cut to trivia 2 minutes ago, following Natalie's announcement calling everyone to the living room to pick the Veto Players.

Feeds are back by 7:35pm BBT
Natalie: Well, we'll see. I wonder if they're gonna lock us down tonight.
Joshuah passes through with a look that makes Sheila laugh...

Red Room
Josh & Sharon
Josh: No, everyone's gonna leave it the same, except me or James. She's not gonna throw one of her own up there.
Sharon: He's gonna start pitching some crazy sh*t.
Josh: He's trying to psych me out... At least you're playing. I feel better with that. Of course I pulled SHeila.
Sharon: It might be her time. You never know.
Josh: What are the chances of him winning PoV 3 times in a row?
Sharon: Not very good.
    ***Check with Janelle and Dani on that one...

7:46pm BBT

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Early Evening - Veto Players Being Chosen Now

6pm BBT
James & Natalie
Natalie sneaks off for a quick meeting with James... Turn it way up. They're whispering.
Natalie: They would take Joshuah down, so I wanted to give you a chance to save yourself.
James: If I don't win, I go home.

Here's the clip, captured by QuirkyDude:

6:19pm BBT
Sheila and James
Here's a clip, captured by Quirkydude
Sheila half woos him, half lays into him about Chelsia...

6:30pm BBT
Red Room
Joshuah & Natalie
Natalie reassures him again and again that it's gonna be 5 vs 1 tomorrow in the PoV Comp, and he's going to be fine... They both agree that James is going to try to work Sheila the hardest... Natalie says she's gonna have an early night, get plenty of rest, get her mind right, and go out there and win it.

Here's a clip, captured by Quirkydude:

6:39pm BBT
Natalie & Joshuah
Natalie: Don't worry, Josh. Just stay focused. I have a feeling this PoV is gonna be tailored to me.

Sheila joins them...

Natalie asks her what she was talking to James about. Sheila says it was all about Chelsia's behavior.

6:43pm BBT
James & Sharon
James: Adam and Ryan really want me out of here.
Sharon: They're really scared of you. They know they can't win if you're here. How do you know that? I mean, why are you saying that now? hat did she say?
James: No, I mean, I was just trying to play it where you guys would be nominated and I could figure something out with the Veto... and what they said to Natalie was that if they won, they would take Josh of with the veto..
Sharon: And put me up?
James: So they could backdoor me.
Sharon: Was that actually on the table?
James: Yeah... It just seems like, I will always be on the block, unless I win Veto.

Sheila comes out...

Sheila: It is definitely gonna get crazy up in here, and it already has, and tomorrow is gonna be the tale of tales.
Sharon: Yup.
Sheila: I'm sorry, James, but I had to vent...
James: I know. I'm on the block, and tomorrow I have to win PoV, and then I have to win HoH, or I'm gonna keep on going up on the block... I've already seen Julie once... You just have to keep a clear head going into competitions..
Sheila: You always seem to pull it off..

7:15pm BBT
After a brief few moments of flames, suddenly everyone who was outside in the jacuzzi is in the house and getting dressed. Looks like an interior lockdown...

James gets quickly dressed and mentions something about having to stand up in front of everyone...

In the red room, Sharon is asking Joshuah to pick her to play if he gets houseguests choice.

Hmm.. Picking Veto players tonight?

Adam drops trou in the bathroom, moons the feeds and steps into the shower.

7:20pm BBT - Flames for a minute.

7:21pm BBT
Adam & Josh
Adam: We're gonna be on tv tonight, I might as well shower, right?!

Red Room
Sharon & James
Speculating about the Veto Comp...
Josh comes in. The speculation continues.

BB: Natalie, please go to the Diary Room.

7:25pm BBT
Red Room
Sharon & James
James: I hope it is mental, so he doesn't get completely psyched out. You know how he gets when it's physical.
Sharon: Natalie wants it, so...

7:27pm BBT
Dining Table
Josh & Ryan
Josh mentions something about a harness having to be callibrated...

Natalie: Alright everybody, it's time to pick players for the Veto Competition! Everyone please come to the livingroom...

Everyone starts filing in, and Natalie yells for Adam to get some clothes on...

7:29pm BBT

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BB9 Nomination Ceremony Spoiler


James & Josh
Have Been Nominated

All 4 feeds are on the kitchen... Sheila and Natalie are talking about how Natalie can't be mean to anyone... Adam's key was first. Natalie set it up boy girl, boy girl... so it must be James and Josh, since the 2nd girl would be Sharon...

Sheila and Natalie talk about the PoV Comp, and that Sharon can't get it....

Here's a clip, captured by Quirkydude:

Part 1

5:35pm BBT
Natalie and Josh
Josh: The BATTLE is tomorrow!!
Natalie: You HAVE to win it! Or I do... It's do or die
Josh: I told James, I'd be more worried about Natalie than me, cause she wants the clean sweep.

Here's a clip, captured by Quirkydude:
Part 2

Sharon comes into the bathroom...

Sharon: In a way it's kinda good it went so fast... Gave him less time to try and work on her... Cuz now, Nominations are set. The only way you can change anything is PoV.

Meanwhile, in the Red Room, James is in bed, eyes wide open.

5:25pm BBT
Still Trivia

The feeds cut to trivia at 4:40pm BBT, following a very brief exterior lockdown. The nomination ceremony is now underway.

Once the feeds come back, and the nominations are definite, the spoiler will be posted here.

From all the talk today, James and Josh are the HGs with the greatest likelihood of being nominated. A Josh/Sharon nomination with the hopes of a James ReNom is a lesser possibility.

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Late Afternoon - Pre-Nominations

4:35pm BBT
BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door.

Joshuah is dressed up and ready to be nominated.
Adam, Sharon, Ryan, James, Joshuah... are all outside.

BB: Sheila... Sheila....
Sheila comes out.
Ryan: This is it?
Adam: This is it?
Sheila: Yeah.

Natalie's absent from the lockdown. The nomination ceremony will begin shortly.

Sheila (to Sharon): We want Joshuah to stay. We can't have...

TRIVIA at 4:38pm BBT

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Afternoon in the BB9 House

1:51pm BBT
Nominations are Today just flashed on the TV Screen in the living room.

The HGs are all talking slop, pickles, protein shakes and carb counts at the moment. Josh and Sheila would now like to be called Sebastian and Kimberly after 9pm in the evening. The HGs continue bemoaning their coming week of slop...

James: I'm gonna laugh my ass off if the PoV is how much would you give up to win it.

Josh notices the nomination screen and announces it to everyone.

2pm BBT
Josh & Natalie
Josh is worried that James is right, and the Veto Comp will be how much will you give up. Natalie says she will win, no matter what.

Natalie: I will win. You will stay.
Josh hugs Natalie.

2:06pm BBT
Adam & Josh
Josh works Adam for his vote, and Adam promises to keep Josh, no matter what, even if he's up against Sharon. They discuss the 5 step process:

  1. Get Rid of Chelsia
  2. Win HoH
  3. Put James up on the Block
  4. Win PoV
  5. Send James Packing.
2:10pm BBT
Frilly Room
Ryan & Adam
Ryan is seriously bummed about being on slop. He's hoping to have an allergic reaction to it, so he can eat normal food.
Ryan: I hope my throat swells.

2:18pm BBT
Josh & Sheila
Talking about slop... Sounds like Adam's only on slop for a day... till PoV...
***Really not clear about it.
They move on to Veto Comp talk. Josh says he's gonna be calm & dignified, no matter what happens... Sheila says Natalie will want the noms to stay the same, to guarantee James leaving.

Sheila: (Talking about James potentially winning PoV) That is the ultimate fear for everyone, because he will be another Chelsia... and he will be nastier.

2:30pm BBT
Sheila and Natalie
Sheila and Natalie talk about the Nominations. James is definitely going up. They agree that no matter what happens, Sharon is safe this week, since they want her for the women's alliance, but not enough to trust her with any information.

Adam comes up... More noms talk... Ryan comes up too... Hail, Hail - the gang's all there.

Talk turns to PoV. All realize the importance of it. Natalie is very confident that she will win and send James home. She's also confident that Joshuah will do his best to win.

Natalie: It's gonna be 5 against 1 in the Veto Comp.

Adam and Natalie talk about how Josh is begging them... then move on to James...

Natalie: James had his chance. I warned him. He messed with the wrong girl. He's a con artist. He's homeless. They're all con artists. Does he really think for one second I'm gonna take a deal from him?!

2:45pm BBT
HoH Room
Sheila & Natalie
Natalie: Somebody good needs to win this game this year!
Sheila: Oh, I totally agree. That's why we need to protect Sharon.
    ***Ahh... the good people.
    I'm going for a bike ride.
    The ocean will cure this feeling.
    Back in an hour or so...

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BB9 Alex on Ebay

Hey everyone. BB9 Alex Coladonato has joined the eBay fray, and proceeds from his sales will be going to his father's 9-11 foundation.

Here's what Alex had to say in his blog:

    Hey Everybody. You all have been asking for different things, so I am putting up clothes, phone calls, and Dinner dates for all my fans. Part of the proceeds will be going to my fathers foundation: The Anthony Coladonato September 11th, Scholarship Fund. Thanks Everyone for your support.

Here are the links to the items up for auction:

Why do the Auctions keep disappearing?!?!!?

Hey Everyone. Sorry for all the inconvenience on ebay, but every time I post one of my articles of clothing, webchats, phone calls, as well as the dinner date, ebay flags it down and cancels all the bids. I am very sorry for that.

Ebay does this because they look to protect people from not getting scammed from buying something where money is being donated to a particular foundation and then it never going to that foundation. I understand ebay's reasoning and am just disappointed for the people who have been bidding.

SOOOOOOO, here is what I am going to do.

Ebay has there own company that they deal with when people put up items that partial payment will be going to a specific fund. On Monday I am going to sit down with my chief of staff and make my fathers foundation one of the non for profit organizations that ebay agrees to and allows for me to post my items for sale.

I truly apologize to all my fans, because it means the world to me that you would like to have these items, and i am so looking forward to speaking to the person that wins the chat, seeing and chatting with the person who wins the webcam auction, and going out to dinner wherever it may be and having a great dinner and conversation about anything you'd like to talk about.

I will be taking down the other blog, because it is a waste to read. I will be posting a new blog with all auctions as soon as ebay allows me to post without waking up in the morning and having emails stating that items have been canceled.

Thank you for being patient. I will continue to talk to you everyday that I can.

Love you all and thanks for your support always on and off the show.

Alex BB9

Keepin it Real

I'll keep you posted on the progress...

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Food Comp

Ryan's on Slop, Sheila's on slop. James is on slop...

Apparently everyone but Adam is on slop... Well, Adam and Natalie, being HoH. Sharon's opting not to use her pass - in solidarity with the others...

Adam: It's not like I caused the whole house to go on slop...

Sheila: This is my 3rd time on slop.
Adam: You've been on slop every time there was slop. hehehe.
James: I'm just gonna do real basic sh*t... choke it down.
Joshuah: It's not that bad. I can live on coffee and protein shakes...

Natalie: What is wrong with you people? i still don't understand.

They're discussing how they over-thought the comp and blew it.

The boys are now taking their frustrations out on defenseless watermelons... with giant croquet mallets...

Ryan, Adam and James anyhow.

Josh abstains, not wanting to get dirty.

Here's a clip of right after the comp:

1:29pm BBT

Here's the clip of the watermelon smash:


11:29am BBT
The live feeds went to Trivia 11 minutes ago at 11:18am BBT. The food comp is very likely getting underway... I'll be here to let you know, just in case they some of this one on the feeds, as they did another food comp a couple weeks ago.

If not, the results will go within this post as they become available.

BBT - Still Waiting!! Still Trivia! Come on already...

Bored? Check out the new post, and stop refreshing this one for a sec. ;) BB9 Alex on Ebay

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