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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Overnight Report

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy Friday and Happy Power of Veto Comp Day... on the Live Feeds. Not that we'll see the PoV comp, but that it'll be happening, and we'll know the results as soon as the feeds come back on and the HGs let us know what's up.

Last night at 11:35pm BBT, after Sheila intentionally goaded James for quite a while (check last night's posts, if you want proof), James exploded all over Sheila... Please have a look at this clip, which sets up the rest of the overnight report:

The rest of the night is aftermath and fallout from this fight...

The Aftermath
11:42pm BBT
James, Sharon, Josh
Natalie & Ryan join...
Red Room

James tells Natalie he blew Sheila out, because she's been so two-faced with him, and asks her not to let Sheila sleep in HoH, because he's planning on making her life hell this week.

Ryan comes in, and the situation escalates. He calls James out for past campaigning efforts and hearsay.

Basically, it's the whole house against James, and in this clip, they're having some success upsetting him - and driving him nuts... and hoarse from yelling so much.

11:42pm BBT
James is an Island

Adam's Turn
11:51pm BBT
This clip begins with the end of Natalie & James, then as it's losing steam, Adam drops in to shake James up some more...
Adam: Don't put me in a f'in corner here, bro! You wanna gun for me?! You wanna gun for ME?
    It's rather intense and DeNiro-esque.

The clip ends with Ryan telling James "Good luck in the PoV tomorrow." James responds, "Yeah. Thanks guys."

11:51pm BBT
Adam's Turn

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
11:55pm BBT
HOH Room
Sheila & Natalie
Sheila goes up to HoH to tell Natalie to win Veto and put her up as the replacement... Natalie says, absolutely not & that Sheila can stay up there with her all week.

Sheila tells Natalie what went down, and that James was "foaming at the mouth." Natalie tells Sheila just to fight for PoV, and that she's sending James home, so not to worry about it. Natalie then tells Sheila how she told James off. They mock James for a bit... then lock themselves in HoH, lest he break the door down.

Sheila Tells James & Josh She's Offered to be the Pawn
& Josh Tells James this is James' Game to Win

12:39am BBT
Sheila, Josh & James

Sheila comes out of HoH to go get her laundry at the same time James goes to get some water... Josh talks to James. Both are concerned that BB hasn't closed down the backyard, and wondering what it means in terms of the PoV comp.

James: It's the first time I've ever been this f'in pissed in my life. It's stupid.
Josh: I think the problem is that we just have no one else to talk to...
James: Yeah, totally man.
Josh: And now we can't even eat what we wanna eat... Can they compact the situation even more? it just gets worse and worse.

Sheila comes back in.

James: You alright, Sheila?
Sheila: Yeah. I told her to put me up if you win or if Joshuah wins, to go ahead and put me up...
James: What's the point?
Sheila: If one of you gets pulled down, I told her to put me up.
James: Why?
Sheila: Well, because, y'know, it's just the way to do it, so Sharon doesn't have to go up again.
James: You sleeping up there?
Sheila: Yeah, I'd like to get some sleep.

Sheila leaves. James and Josh continue...

Josh: So basically she just offered herself up as the pawn to ensure one of us goes home.
James: Yeah...
Josh: Does that make any more sense than Sharon going up? You may think this sounds crazy, but I think you're the only one who can win this... between me n you. I can't. You can do this. I love you.
James: This sucks man.
Josh: I know. But you can do this. This is your game more than mine.
James: This just sucks man, because I came here out of doing something that just felt so good to do (the cycling).

Here's the clip:
12:39am BBT

12:47am BBT
James & Josh
Heart to Heart
Dining Table

The 2 of them feel like being in this game is like they're in a zoo, and they are the animals being looked at, poked and prodded... It's a gentle interaction. Outside the house, James is accustomed to constant positivity, and the game is really getting to him.

Thanks to the sound bleed, you can hear Sheila ranting up in HoH during this conversation. Makes for an interesting juxtaposition...

Part 1
12:47am BBT

In part 2, James expresses his frustration some more at how people are unwilling to be known in this game... He tells Josh he loves him and Chelsia, but even Sharon wont really have a real conversation with him.

James: It just sucks, dude. I don't want to lose you. It's a lose, lose situation. It just takes the wind out of you...
Josh: And you're right, there's no campaigning to do, they will make the decision... so you just have to hope that maybe it's not your number this week.
James: Day one on slop, and I'm already falling apart.

Josh and James bond some more on being the outsiders in the game, as in life. Then the clip ends with sincerely delivered:

James: The Best of luck to you tomorrow.
Josh: The best of luck to you too.

Part 2
12:57am BBT

1:45am BBT
James gets in the Jacuzzi, and Sheila comes out to get her laundry. The clip is mostly silent tension, but Sheila tells James, "Good luck tomorrow, ok? I mean it," on her way back in.

This concludes the overnight report.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh God I was staring to have a heart attack... I thought there wasn't going to be an overnight report. Work just slowed down and I need my daily dose of the Overnight Report.

Thanks Carolyn... You make my day... lol


7:33 AM  
Blogger dbltrbl said...

I'm wondering how they acted afterwards. Will this incedent between James and Sheila through either one of them off their game today for POV? Or will this make James even more determined to win POV. Then again, he looked very disterbed by the fact that the entire house wants him gone. Knowing this fact may depress him enough to just give up.

Expect the Unexpected,
or Don't know what to expect.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Carolyn, thanks for keeping us all up to date on what's happening!

And even though James blew up last night, I am still rooting for him, GO PINKY!

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your hard work Carolyn! :)

Are they really showing the POV on the feeds? Any idea what time it will be?

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those clips just aggravate me!! Whatever happened to playing the game until the end?! Josh and James are both giving up just like Matty did, and just like Chelsia. Whatever happened to those turn around votes like in past seasons of BB. I mean, don't these people remember last season with Dustin and ED? Seems to me, this season is full of quitters and whiners. PLAY THE GAME UNTIL YOU WALK OUT THE DOOR!!!

7:38 AM  
Blogger dbltrbl said...

I was looking at the times that everything happened. I just missed it. I was watching while they were in the hot tub and thought everything was just boring and I figured the POV would be a bit early so I decided to go on to bed and get some sleep for today and just missed the explosion by 1/2 an hour.

Carolyn, please keep up the good work. I have several things going on today and will be away from my computer for most of the day. So I will be having withdrawal pains all day. I'll be thinking about you and the HG though. But I will make sure to not ride my horse hard and put her away wet. And I will be teaching my three girls how to take care of their horses also. I'll blame my husband for scheduling this today. He doesn't watch BB. He doesn't have a clue.

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Carolyn is amazing!!! I am so excited and stressed for POV I need James to win otherwise it will be such a boring show after he leaved. Gggrrr Sheila is such a lier about everything! Anyways thank you so much Carolyn for all the work you do on this page. I greatly apprecaite it!!

Weig Family

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Carolyn!

cant wait to see what happens....

Has Anyone thought of if Sharon wins and removes Josh that Nat will have to put one of here own up??????? If it is Shelia she just might go BYE-BYE

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

wow did my comment not work???? lol I left it 3 hours ago

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read that James "exploded" all over Sheila I expected the video to resemble that infamous video of him pre-BB. But nope, just another fight. :p

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anexa said...

Oh My Damn! I was thinking back. I have never seen James lose his temper, not once. She worked him, and worked him, and worked him. I was ready and willing to post bail if he hit her. She deserves to be gone, not him. I know this is a game, but a person can take only so much. He showed great restaint in not hitting her. I'm proud that he told her off. Maybe she'll start to realize that playing the game the way she is might get her a little more than evicted.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

It appears that last night the old nag was rode hard and put away wet.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Let go James!!! He has to win the POV.....JAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't I get the video

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheila needs to buck up.....She can do what ever she wants, but as soon as some one gets in her face, she runs to the DR and tells...What a baby.....

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was this captured on BBAD by chance? I didn't watch last night as I had an early meeting at work today and decided to sleep but I have it TiVo'd. Anyone know?

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

James only had Chelsea . . . gee, I wonder why? Could it be because he's a freakin' sociopath?

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...I cannot stand Sheila!! I get so mad when she said...please don't say that because my sons watching....or I didn't sign up for this. WHATEVER!!!! YOU signed up for the game...whatever happens happens...if you were so concerned for your son's sake maybe you should have thought about HIM before you signed up for this. STUPID OLD HAG!!! **I am rooting for James whole heartedly.....he is the only one who is TRUE in the house...like Chelsea said before she left...everyone else is just breast feeding off one another!! Carolyn you are doing a FABULOUS JOB!!! Thank you so so so so much for all the time and effort and sleepless hours you put into this!!

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheila is the biggest liar in the house. If anyone deserves to leave it should be her! I'm sick of her saying she's flipping the house and all of this other crap. She tells Josh one thing and tells James the same thing. That way whichever one stays... she thinks shes protected with them. I still dont see why she thinks people are jealous of her. She posed for penthouse. She calls that classy? I dont care WHAT position you pose in it's all trashy. I'm just sick of her dishing it out but can't take it back. It's sickening.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny I gave up on this season of BB after bratty natty won HOH....but I can't seem to tear myself away from this blog.....its all the goos stuff minus the squeaky voices and bad hair. Keep up the excellent blogging

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE that she'll nodding her head like "uh huh, yep" when Natalie's talking and THEN GOES "Yep, backdoored Matty."

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:38--

I think that was the point James was trying to make last night...they won't work with him..no one is even open to the possibility, which is frustrating for him. I don't think he's given up, he just knows that the POV is do or die

On another note, I'm disappointed in Sheila and Natalie for the way they are personally treating James, gameplay aside. James has never claimed to be a Christian--so why expect him to act like one? They, on the other hand, profess to be Christians, but act no different than James.

8:58 AM  
Blogger **Lauren** said...

I've been home the last few days with the flu and my sleep schedule is all messed up. I couldn't sleep last night so I turned on BBAD.

I don't know if I am just trying to understand him more than most people but those in the house did not seem to get what he was saying. He didn't blow up on her because she is a woman. She sat him down in the sauna room yesterday and told him he wasn't done and offered F2 deal. It was her loud mouth that he heard when he was laying in bed last night. When he started confronting them about what they were all saying while he was laying in bed Sheila started to back peddle.

She went on to say "no one has a spine" and "I tell people like it is to their face". But, no, Sheila you didn't. You were talking behind his back and he heard you.

I guess I feel for him because I've always felt like an outsider. I still don't believe that the initial move to get him out of the house (by Ryan) was anything other than getting out the "weird dude". When they backdoored him he had only won one HOH (with Chelsia). He wasn't a threat.

Sure, he was a bit over the top. I don't think he was crying like a baby like some are suggesting. I don't think his blow up last night had anything to do with losing the game. I think it had more to do with the pressure of an entire group of people on your ass.

Also, he called her out for the lies. He did not attack her family.

9:02 AM  
Blogger nat said...

I loved last night!!!!!!!!! GO james win POV. James just told shelia what no one else in that house would. And she really needs to get over wht chelsia told her i mean come on act 45 shelia!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning
I dont want to give up on this season. But, its just that i dont see any big move between alliances or anything.

By this time, Eric and jessica had turn on their alliance, the same thing with Chill town on All stars. Besides there is not one true secret alliance like Jason and Danielle, or Allison and Jun. We need something more exciting lol


9:10 AM  
Anonymous JenyJunebug said...

Ok I have to admit that in the beginning I was kind of a James fan then really started disliking him and Chelsia for all the crap they were pulling with the other HG's and the attitude they had about it but I have to admit after seeing the clips from last night I just might be back on the James bandwagon.....He actually appeared to be a real person with feelings and not just some cocky, over confident manipulator....I have to admit I kind of feel for the guy now and I can understand and even applaud why he went off on Shelia because I am also tired of her constantly being two-faced then going around saying she is the only person that is playing honestly and that she is the only person that has any power in the game....not looking much like that now that she has finally been called on it!!!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

That clip with James and Josh having a heart to heart, and Shelia and Nat in the background ranting and blaming - well it really does speak for itself.

It certainly puts the concept of "good people" at the forefront. Ironic.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all of you Sheila haters out there. Everyone in the house are liars. When Sheila lies everyone thinks she needs to go. She is playing the game just like everyone else. I actually believe she is the best player. She knows how to get under everyones skin, she knows how to tell them what they want to hear and she could win this game. I see everyone keeping her around and taking her to the final 2 because they know they could get the votes over her. But could they. If she makes it to the final 2, she has accomplished what she has set out to do...Go Sheila,,,some of us love the way you are playing.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

Wow what a night!!!!!
Can't wait for POV today..

Carolyn, you rock as always =)

9:23 AM  
Blogger **Lauren** said...

JN - The majority of this was on BBAD. BBAD ended shortly after Sheila went up to the HOH room.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

OK..Team James here. I was ready for him to go and was going to deal with it, But I think he has a good chance at winning the veto and staying around another week. He has to, with Nat, Shelia, Adam and Ryan left in the game and if they are the final 4....This will go down as the worst final 4 EVER!!

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like james had been crying in dr. probably the emotions of missing chelsia and that it seems no one wants you around. i hope hope hope he wins pov. even though i don't want josh to go either. i don't want to see shelia and natalie dancing around after the eviction. but sooner or later shelia, nat, ryan, adam are going have to turn on each other. there can only be two left standing.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he has a great chance to win the POV. I have been saying it over and over since BBAD last night "COME ON JAMES YOU HAVE TO WIN". I am glad Sheila got blown up on. She is so two faced. And it is sickning. I cant stand the way she acts, like she is more deserving than anyone in that house because of her age and she has a child. Ijust dont see that as a reason why you deserve anything more then anyone else. She calls him names and says he plays dirty and he is slimey. But what is she doing by going behind everyones back and talking about them. She talked about Ryan and him taking the money from her. But then says "I never said anythign about that Ryan. You deserve the money". She says James is selfish because he is playing for the money", UMMMMM arnt they all playing for the money including her self? Everytime someone gets HOH, she runs to them to make buddy buddy with them. No matter what side it is on. And it gets old and I am glad James told her how it was.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheila to James in kitchen- I don't care (what Chel said).It doesn't bother me.

Sheila to Adam + Ryan in Backyard- I'm not going to pretend it (what Chel said)doesn't bother me. I'm not going to forget it!

Sheila to James in kitchen- "You're scary."

Sheila to Adam + Ryan in backyard- "He doesn't scare me. I'm not scared of a 21 year old."

then- "I'm going to take my personal feelings and put them aside" (LOL)

then- "I don't care.I'm done"

another 5 minutes of tirade

"I'm done"

another 5 minutes of tirade

" He (James) just goes on and on..."

then Sheila concurrs with Adam and Ryan that "He's a walking contradiction" and runs to hide in Nat's room.

My favorite quote of the night-
Sheila to Nat- " You handle it with a lot of class. that's not me."

Lila ~*~

9:42 AM  
Blogger Kauluwehi339 said...

I've been reading this blog faithfully for that past few weeks -- Carolyn, I don't know what I would do without you!! I TIVO the episodes, but I usually just fast forward thru a bunch of it because I prefer your blog. Thank you!

Anyways... I wanted to say that I don't want James to win altogether, but I do want him to stay longer than Natalie and DEFINITELY Sheila. These 2 girls just annoy me to all hell!! And since James is the only one that is really gunning for them 2, I'd rather him stay in the house and take them out. I was kinda hoping that Chelsia would have said something like, "Hey Natalie, I'll give Matt a good birthday, better than your BJ!" Not that I liked her either, but a lot better than Natalie! Oh well. I'm crossing my fingers that he wins POV and maybe Sharon goes home?... Cuz Josh is too funny in the house!!

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, this may sound crazy. I have gone through the season irritated by Nat 9but liking her) and irritated by James (but liking him). I think that would be the best final 2 out of this bunch. Maybe Natalie will team up with James (they used to like each other in the beginning when they were always massaging each other) and they will knock the rest of them out!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Amber said...

wow. ok i was totally disliking James after he sent Matt packing, but after seeing those clips, im having a bit of a change of heart. I hope Sheila ends up getting the boot this week!!

Oh and, Adam cracks me up!! He is hilarious, even when he's being dead serious!!

Thanks for all the good work, Carolyn, and for spending YOUR time to keep US updated!!

9:47 AM  
Blogger Corey said...

Oh geez I can't believe I'm about to take up for Sheila but here it goes. Ok, if James has such a problem with Sheila then he shouldn't have taken her off the block! He is the reason she is still in the house! He has no one to blame but himself. His frustration is severely misguided. Oh and good morning Carolyn, I hope you have a great weekend!

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you anon 9:22. This is the game. Everyone in the house is doing the same thing, they just don't want to be called out on it. I think she is doing pretty good. Look back on alot of the seasons, and you will see that they keep that person thinking that no one will vote for them at the end and BAM they are the one that wins because they PLAYED the game. Go Sheila your doing a good job of stirring things up. Hopefully she has riled James to the point of dispair and he will be going home soon.

Don't forget everyone, This is just a game.


9:54 AM  
Blogger **Lauren** said...

Anon @ 9:22: I don't like Sheila. I won't mince words here. Yes, everyone in the house lies. Yes, I think she has put herself in a great position in the game.

What I find most interesting about the last few days with Sheila is that I have heard her tell James time and time again about how much he reminds her of her son. She talks about how her son is "different" and is not treated right and how it breaks her heart. She has no problem however, being a ringleader in all of this.

James has not played a good game. I thought he was playing a good game for awhile but whenever you are pegged (or peg yourself) as an outsider, it is hard to go back.

Sheila can talk so much crap about people BEHIND THEIR BACK and when confronted with it she holds her ground... for about 10 minutes. Then she hides and talks about talking to the producer about getting that person kicked out. As she likes to tell people, get a freakin' spine, ya know what I'm saayyyin'??

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see why they had James paired up with Chelsia they're both nuts, but it's kinda mean the way he is isolated but he did it to himself. If the tables were turned he was putting up Adam and Nat so now he wants to cry a river because Shelia is playing the game like any smart person would because at any given time anyone of those ppl would throw her under the bus. If Nat didn't win HoH this week I was done I already stop watching BBAD but I might have to start back. James has to go but in a way I want him to win POV and let Josh leave because Sharon would be shaking to her core.

9:58 AM  
Blogger mike~del said...

James needs to grow up. But before I get to james, I'm sick of Sheila big time. They both need to go. But back to James. He talks like he's played an honest game. He lied to Matt early in the game when he promised not to put him and natty up, then did, then tried getting them out. Then turned his back on his word to natty and put matt up and sent him home. He has lied and played the game just like everyone else. The best part about that whole video is him getting mad about the 4 taking those 3 out in a row and planning their final 4 together......If I recall him/chelsia/josh/sharon had the same exact plan. You need to look at how people lose in life, and how they handle it, and that's how you judge them, and James and Chelsia have shown time and time again that they still need to grow up.

But I think there's more to James. He seems to have had a tough growing up, and you can tell he is truely broken and defeated....but why? It's a game, where people have done to him, what he did to others. Some people are just not meant to play this game, and James might be one of them.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

Lila -- that was a great summary! LOL

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Ken said...

I just wonder, does James kiss his mother with that mouth? Man, I am guessing his Mother is embarrassed with the way he is treating people... let alone women!

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm gobsmacked by all of this reaction about last night: James & Sheila.

The two of them PLANNED this outburst in the sauna just days ago, for gawds sake!!

James & Chelsia Pre-PLANNED Chelsias leaving...AND James told Chelsia what to do when she was evicted!

Sheila & James are working TOGETHER!

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok...I have to admit that Natalie is growing on me now that she isn't spending every minute whining about Matt. But I still hope that James wins POV and I still really, really, really can't stand She-devil and NEVER will!

11:06 AM  
Blogger rnaif said...

James is such a friggin' whiner...boo hoo..."Iam an island"..."You took my partner and now I have no one to talk to". It's always about him, he did the same thing to Nat. He blew up and called Sheila some horrible, horrible names over what...being lied to in a game where lying is necessary. He chose who to align with in this game and now that they're gone the house is supposed to feel sorry for him? Maybe if he had interacted with the house more instead of playing stuck up boyfriend and girlfriend with Chelsia, spending so much time alone in bed, the house would like him more. And who is he to call people out for lying!!!? The first couple weeks of the game, when he won his first POV he told Matt straight up that he would be safe and then turned and threw him up on the block...his response when Matt questioned his honesty, "this is Big Brother". Lying is only ok when he does it and he can use whatever weak justification he wants to give himself for it. It's time for this little baby to pull up his kickstand and ride on out of this house.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

The thing that sucks is that there are two sides here and James has no chance at changing any of the other side of the votes. What I don't get is why, this season, everyone is affraid to make there own vote instead of going with the house. If this seasons cast has a little bigger balls there would be more chance for James. Don't these people realize that they are eventually going to have to go after one of their own..... Gos James I am routing for you to win the POV...

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Bklyn said...

Bklyn said...

Can't believe I'm saying this. THANK YOU SHEILA-You go Girl!!! Finally she did something right in the game.
RECAP of James (since everyone seems to love him). He NEVER played a good game; only good at winning competitions (basically the same and Danielle-BB8).

1)you lied to Nat & Matt not putting them up (why lie-its the beginning of the game and totally not necessary) -- and then still try to control the votes to make everyone vote for them instead of Alex & Amanda. Umm..isn't HOH good enough -you're safe Dummy;
2) - Singles Play no more couple-keep sleeping in the same bed as Chelsia & only hanging with her.
3) Ryan is HOH-you are not going up on the block-YOU'RE SAFE; Sharon & Chelsea on the block-still not good enough for you; then you go and try to bully Ryan-telling him who to nominate and then threatening him if he doesnt put up your nomination.
4) Pickle juice on Natalie-WTF!!
5) Accusing that you're being "backdoored"-why because Ryan figured it out.and hello..this is a game
6)Super duper lucky that you got back in the house-still not good enough for you; change your game; nothing; instead..you're out for vengeance; and then even more stupidly..let everyone know you're out for vengeance (Matt). (Chelsia-I think James maybe the one that needs an education)
7) You broke and lied about your deal with Natalie-you put Matt up..There is no excuse for this (your lame excuse "Matt lied to me about not voting me back in the house) - Vengeance vs. anyone who didn't vote you back..Umm.James..your tattoo on your butt may say you're god..but you are NOT.far from it..PUNK
8) You're up on the block with Chelsia-you save yourself..still not good enough; campaign for Chelsea..nice game play Pinky
9) Vengeance to Adam for Chelsia..another great game play-letting everyone know.
10)Now, its you and Josh on the block..
Now,crying like a baby "if I dont win POV-I'll go home"..DUH!!!!!!!!!
11) Telling Natalie not to let Shiela sleep in HOH so you can make her week hell..once again..great sportsmenship; great game play.

So its okay for you to lie; you to keep your vote a secret and not for anyone else.

James: Normally people just dont want to go on the block; and when they arent on the block; they keep quiet and please the HOH..instead of trying to threaten and run the HOH. Great game play!
GAME OVER JAMES (regardless if you win POV this week or not)

James--you put yourself in the position you're in..no one else is to blame.

Sidenote to "game" - hmmm.is Chelsia still going to be there for you when she finds out you done gay porn?

2nd sidenote--are you scare to go into sequester - because Matt can pound your face in sequester..wish there were livefeeds in sequester.

A little boy trying to be a man; and then not being able to handle anything..a 5 year old has more class and sportsmenship than you do.

So everyone..James did NOT play the game right; even after a second chance..which is the same example as Dani & Dick..Dani won comps and that is about it..no game play-Dick played the game.

You and Chelsia are perfect for each other!! (Chelsea..who is the crybaby now?)

I LOVE IT!!! Finally

11:51 AM

12:12 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Bklyn - I was out for a few minutes. No need to keep re-sending... It's published now.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Bklyn said...

Sorry Carolyn; having issues with my computer (didnt mean to resend)

PS..YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thanks for all you do!!

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Julissa said...

Oh my God will James EVER get over himself? He set himself up for this and then he acts all surprised! What an idiot. And to act like he never lied or played sides or anything? He did that to Matt, twice. I am not a huge Natalie fan but I am so impressed with how she handled James' ranting and yelling. Yay Natalie!!!!

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how Sheila kept a straight face when he was up in her face like that...hahahahha, it was so hilarious. At least she didn't back down.

My favorite part was when James thought he had SHeila "shook" and Adam was like "ehhh, she said she's glad she told you what she felt" hahaah

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If James is an island...it's by his own design. Think about it, he grew further away from the boys, and the other houseguests as Chelsia and He grew closer. HE distanced himself. He, himself said that as he left the first time that he realized that he obviously didn't play the social game or make an connection with the people in the house. I really wish James would stop playing the role of martyr.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, is it just me or does Natalie look like Cheri Oteri (SNL "cheerleader") and Josh is Will Ferrel?

1:07 PM  

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