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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Early Evening - Veto Players Being Chosen Now

6pm BBT
James & Natalie
Natalie sneaks off for a quick meeting with James... Turn it way up. They're whispering.
Natalie: They would take Joshuah down, so I wanted to give you a chance to save yourself.
James: If I don't win, I go home.

Here's the clip, captured by QuirkyDude:

6:19pm BBT
Sheila and James
Here's a clip, captured by Quirkydude
Sheila half woos him, half lays into him about Chelsia...

6:30pm BBT
Red Room
Joshuah & Natalie
Natalie reassures him again and again that it's gonna be 5 vs 1 tomorrow in the PoV Comp, and he's going to be fine... They both agree that James is going to try to work Sheila the hardest... Natalie says she's gonna have an early night, get plenty of rest, get her mind right, and go out there and win it.

Here's a clip, captured by Quirkydude:

6:39pm BBT
Natalie & Joshuah
Natalie: Don't worry, Josh. Just stay focused. I have a feeling this PoV is gonna be tailored to me.

Sheila joins them...

Natalie asks her what she was talking to James about. Sheila says it was all about Chelsia's behavior.

6:43pm BBT
James & Sharon
James: Adam and Ryan really want me out of here.
Sharon: They're really scared of you. They know they can't win if you're here. How do you know that? I mean, why are you saying that now? hat did she say?
James: No, I mean, I was just trying to play it where you guys would be nominated and I could figure something out with the Veto... and what they said to Natalie was that if they won, they would take Josh of with the veto..
Sharon: And put me up?
James: So they could backdoor me.
Sharon: Was that actually on the table?
James: Yeah... It just seems like, I will always be on the block, unless I win Veto.

Sheila comes out...

Sheila: It is definitely gonna get crazy up in here, and it already has, and tomorrow is gonna be the tale of tales.
Sharon: Yup.
Sheila: I'm sorry, James, but I had to vent...
James: I know. I'm on the block, and tomorrow I have to win PoV, and then I have to win HoH, or I'm gonna keep on going up on the block... I've already seen Julie once... You just have to keep a clear head going into competitions..
Sheila: You always seem to pull it off..

7:15pm BBT
After a brief few moments of flames, suddenly everyone who was outside in the jacuzzi is in the house and getting dressed. Looks like an interior lockdown...

James gets quickly dressed and mentions something about having to stand up in front of everyone...

In the red room, Sharon is asking Joshuah to pick her to play if he gets houseguests choice.

Hmm.. Picking Veto players tonight?

Adam drops trou in the bathroom, moons the feeds and steps into the shower.

7:20pm BBT - Flames for a minute.

7:21pm BBT
Adam & Josh
Adam: We're gonna be on tv tonight, I might as well shower, right?!

Red Room
Sharon & James
Speculating about the Veto Comp...
Josh comes in. The speculation continues.

BB: Natalie, please go to the Diary Room.

7:25pm BBT
Red Room
Sharon & James
James: I hope it is mental, so he doesn't get completely psyched out. You know how he gets when it's physical.
Sharon: Natalie wants it, so...

7:27pm BBT
Dining Table
Josh & Ryan
Josh mentions something about a harness having to be callibrated...

Natalie: Alright everybody, it's time to pick players for the Veto Competition! Everyone please come to the livingroom...

Everyone starts filing in, and Natalie yells for Adam to get some clothes on...

7:29pm BBT

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Blogger Shamrock said...

Sheila brings up her "private parts" again. Damn. It's all about her.

Of course, in less than an hour, SheDevil will be in HoH telling Natty what a vile person James is, followed by a DR session saying she never talks bad about anyone.

"I'm 45 years old ...."

7:10 PM  
Blogger danserchic said...


7:15 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

Geez will Sheila stop already? She is the most untrustworthy person in the house! I'll will die laughing if James wins the PoV again, not that I want him to win, I will just think it is funny.

7:16 PM  
Blogger Pyke said...

I turn on the feeds to hear Nat say it's time to pick players for the veto competition, i was excited cause feeds didn't cut to flames, now they are. Back to turning off feeds!

Hope Sharon plays!

7:30 PM  
Anonymous loir b said...

james must win no matter what. he is the only one that has been honest throughout this entire game people. he only completed what EVERYONE else would have given the same situation......he was evicted, brought back in and given justice. no other HG can say they would have done something differently.......

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the POV will happen tonight and it will be the thing with the faces morphed together cause thats always at night...but then again i dont know.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous That Guy said...

Where did all these Natalie fans come from (re: the polls)?

7:49 PM  
Blogger Pyke said...

Anon at 7:34:

The morphomatic POV competition is always final 6, where everyone plays. Also, likely when final 6 person is voted out, that will be the Wed night of FAST FORWARD. I hope so!

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn, is it just me or are things moving real fast this week. Is it common for an HOH Wednesday, food comp, nominations and picking POV on Thursday and then POV comp and Friday? It just seems so quick!

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

I am so happy Frick and Frack are on the block as they should be.
haha James hasn't been totally honest throughout this game and I so hope he doesn't win POV, he needs to join Chelsia. Yes he may have been given justice but it's Nat's turn for justice.

8:28 PM  

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