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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Final Days Theory

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I've got it. I believe I've figured out how the next few days are going to play out on the live feeds and the tv show.

    ***It should be noted that this is one of those 2:30am, ideas racing through my head, bolt out of bed and come type, theories. On further reflection, and after reading comments, the theory falls apart a bit, as it doesn't include the Luxury Comp anywhere... Also, I should have included what's been at the top of the right sidebar since Friday, but I didn't think it was necessary... Here it is:
      Allison Grodner Re the Finale:
      "We are thinking it's Sunday, April 27th. It may get pushed to Tuesday, April 29th, pending a presidential debate."

      Additionally, according to the Thursday night Showtime crawler, the PoV Comp will air on the Sunday Show on CBS.
Sunday night on CBS: Nominations, PoV Comp, PoV Ceremony, Eviction and the beginning of the first part of the final 3 HoH: the Endurance Comp. The Endurance Comp then plays out on the feeds...

Monday, late afternoon, they shoot Part 2 of the Final HoH.

Tuesday, on CBS, they show the Endurance Comp, along with various game segments and some sequester house stuff...

Wednesday on CBS, live part 3 final hoh comp... Crowning of final HoH... Buh bye someone to sequester... Down to Final 2.

Sound plausible? I'm curious to know your thoughts.

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They're Alive! Saturday Night!

9:14pm BBT
The HGs are all up and ready for action on the live feeds, and I'm home from my Seder and ready to rock n roll! But first... a million thank yous to ReporterX for minding the creatures today!

Ryan and Adam just regained consciousness a few minutes ago, and both have said they're screwed as far as sleeping goes tonight... seems they took quite the early evening nap.

The boys are chatting in the kitchen, wondering if there's beer for them in the storage room. They ask Sheila to go look for them...

Sheila's cleaning. She goes off to do the boys' bidding and search for beer.

Sharon's solo on the couch in the bathroom.. She looks deep in thought.

9:20pm BBT
The boys head outside. They may work out. For the moment, they're quite content hocking loogies in the back yard.

Sharon's come into the kitchen. Sheila's joining her to chat while she continues cleaning. They're both looking at all the figurines Josh and others made way earlier in the season, and having a nice giggle..

The boys have begun talking game outside... mostly about the women.

Adam: She's askin', where's Ryan at? Where's RYan at?
Ryan: She's askin where I was in the house?
Adam: I said sleepin'! I dunno! They're skitzin', dude, telling me, don't do me wrong...
Ryan: Both of em?
Adam: Yeah. They're telling me all kinds of sh*t... I'm all yeah, whatever, yeah, whatever.. Sharon's motto is, ya gotta give some information to get some information, and I'm like, this b*tch ain't gettin no information...
Ryan: It's whatever, It's whatever...
Adam: Look at Sheila..
Ryan: Robot overload. Must clean.

Sharon comes out for a second.. goes back in.

Adam: She wants to call a meeting with you, dog.

9:31pm BBT
Ryan: Where was Sheila when you were getting drilled earlier?
Adam: Sleepin.
Ryan: Was the mole.. was she positioned so she could see everything?
Adam: (laughs) Oh yeah.

9:35pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
Then Sheila and Sharon

Adam notices the full moon, and calls the Sharon and Sheila out to have a look at it. The ladies appreciate then go back inside.

The boys are debating working out and eating...

Adam tells Ryan Sharon is trying hard to get in his ear...

9:44pm BBT
Sheila & Sharon
Reality Bites
The women are talking about how Ryan doesn't feel he owes either of them anything... Same goes for Adam...
Sharon: I think they're at the point where they don't care, caus eif they're gonna go together to the end, it doesn't matter to them who goes in what order.
Sheila: Yeah, that's kinda the gist of what I'm getting. Ryan wont talk to me at all at this point. I don't see him putting Adam up.
Sharon: He would've already done it.
Sheila: Yeah, you're right.

Adam comes out. Talk turns to chatter about napping during the day. Ryan's up in HoH getting changed to work out.

9:51pm BBT
Sheila and Sharon are chatting at the jacuzzi...
Ryan has just come down from HoH, and he and Adam are about to work out.

9:55pm BBT
Sharon and Sheila are chilly, so they move the chatter to the fire pit.

Adam and Ryan head back inside. Adam continues bashing Sharon... Ryan's appears to be swallowing it... Unbeknownst to Adam, Ryan spoke privately with Sharon earlier today and guaranteed her her safety. They just want to lay low.

Adam: She (Sharon)don't stop with scenarios.
Ryan: They annoy me dude. It's all bs. Yeah, these are perfect scenarios for you. She hung out with that group too long, and she carries the tradition of being wrong.
Adam: She thinks she's goin' home, and really Sheila's goin' home.
Ryan: Yeah. Y'know.
Adam: I like gave her hope by tellin her I don't know what you're doin'. So she wants to make a last big ditch effort before tomorrow... She's the best to go to the end with..
Ryan: Yeah, since she's got 3 guaranteed votes? She's the best to go to the end with?
Adam: Yeah.

9:56pm BBT - Ryan & Adam

It's 10pm BBT, and the boys are drinking fresh coffee... Gonna be a long night on the live feeds.

10:05pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
Still going on about Sharon and her scenarios...

10:10pm BBT
The boys have moved on to talking about the final 3 HoH, and how Sharon will need to win 2 in a row, and that's not very likely against them. Ryan suggests they make her feel comfortable, as though they'll both take her to final 2, so she'll drop during the endurance comp.

Make Her Think We're Both Taking Her

10:19pm BBT
Adam & Ryan are working out.
Adam: I had a dream that one of the competitions was about what's missing out of the house...

10:45pm BBT
The boys are nearing completion on another no-core, no cardio, no legs workout.

That's it, they're done and self congratulatory.

11pm BBT
Sheila and Sharon are talking out by the jacuzzi.
Adam's making his bed - fresh sheets.
Ryan comes in, and they both head to the bathroom for some more bashing of the women. Ryan's thinking about jogging.

Sheila and Sharon are talking about everything that's happened in the house since the beginning...

11:02pm BBT
Adam & Ryan
Adam asks Ryan for some reassurance that they can beat Sharon in endurance, and Ryan says he'll just psych her out. Adam says the final 3 hoh will be difficult, "a test of mind, body and strength." Ryan offers that Sharon's endurance performances have been terrible, and that he'll stay up there for days.

Adam: As long as she falls, we're walkin out of this house together.
Ryan: She's done, dude.
Adam: It's simple.

The boys decide to stop talking game and start talking food, but first, Ryan's gonna go run. He acknowledges the silliness of it - running then chowing - but that's the plan.

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Saturday Afternoon into Evening

Hey Everyone - Carolyn here. I'm heading out for Passover, and I'll be back around 8-9pm BBT to publish comments and check in with the HGs. In the meantime, ReporterX will be covering the blog. Everything you see within this post below this point comes from ReporterX.

12:48pm BBT
Ryan & Adam are weight lifting..
Adam says he can't wait to boot Sheila out..
Ryan: I can't wait dude..I don't feel bad for her at all. She wants everyone to feel bad for her..
Adam: That's her game play dude..I'm done with her.

Here is the clip:

1:17pm BBT
Sharon is in the hot tub. Ryan comes out to talk to her.
Ryan: You've got nothing to worry about. If you are stressing.
Sharon: I'm not stressing..but I don't..I don't know..This place man.
Ryan: We're probably gonna keep it the same. He's gonna get rid of Sheila.
Sharon: You don't know that though..
Ryan: Yeah I do..I do..I don't want you to say anything to anyone. He doesn't want me to tell anyone. He doesn't want it to get back to Sheila.

Here is the clip:

1:37pm BBT
Adam and Ryan are talking about Sheila again and how they feel she has to go.
Ryan: The lady is not stable dude. Sorry but she's not. Ya know?
Adam: She's a whack job..dude..

Here is the clip:

1:49pm BBT
House guests this is a lock down please go inside..
1:55pm BBT
Ryan, Adam and Sharon are in kitchen.. guys are making food Sharon is watching..Sheila is in the bathroom drying her hair and putting on make-up then joins them.

Fiesta Pasta

2:40pm BBT
Lock down is over..Ryan, Adam and Sharon head outside..Sheila cleans the dishes then joins everyone outside.
3:00pm BBT
Adam, Sharon , Sheila are sunbathing..Ryan is in the pool.

3:06pm BBT
Ryan & Adam try to make a slip n slide out of trash bags to slide into the pool. They get trash bags then try to make the plan work. They give up and decide to try again tomorrow.

Here is the clip:

3:43pm BBT
Ryan & Sharon go in to take showers. Sheila talks to Adam.
Sheila: I hope to God he doesn't use it..I hope you're convincing him of that..Tell me you are?
Adam : I don't know what he's doing..
Sheila: You tell him anything he wants to hear right now. He's been talking a lot to her..He wants to keep her. She wants to get off that block and put you up.

Here is clip:

Sharon tried going to HOH to talk to Ryan but he is showering and does not hear her.

4:13pm BBT
HOH Bedroom
Sharon finally gets Ryan's attention and he lets her in..They talk game.
Sharon does not trust Adam. Ryan tells Sharon she should talk to Adam to get a feel for it herself. He warns her not to mention anything they have talked about. He says he trusts Adam. He also says he knows Adam is going to vote out Sheila.
Sharon: They are out there tanning and talking game..I'll tell you what..I know they are hooked up together..I guarantee it..
Ryan: I guarantee she is pleading her case to him and he's not hearing it.

Here is the clip:

4:40pm BBT
Ryan & Adam asking each other what the women are saying.
Adam promises to tell Ryan word for word what Sheila is talking about.
Ryan does not tell Adam all he talked about with Sharon. He does tell him Sharon is not throwing him under the bus..

Here is the clip:

5:15pm BBT
Adam is showering. Sheila is doing her nails in the spa room..Ryan is reading Sharon's bible in the red room..Sharon joins Sheila for a brief talk..then Sharon goes to feed guinea pigs..

5:30pm BBT Adam & Ryan are grilling..Sheila & Sharon are in sauna room talking about female issues then move the talk to the boat room..

5:47pm BBT
Everyone is in kitchen to eat. They have decided not to use the "mini" table.They begin eating..Adam is talking with his mouth full. They stop to pray..then resume eating..

6:00pm BBT
Ryan has gone to the HOH bedroom..Adam is on the couch in the red room reading the bible..(both are soon to nap) Sheila and Sharon are cleaning the kitchen.

6:06pm BBT
Sharon joins Adam in the red room. They talk about what Ryan may do with the POV. Sharon assures Adam that Ryan is keeping the nominations the same.
Adam : He didn't tell me what he's doing.
Sharon: Oh he's keeping it the same. Are you kidding me? Well.. if I go I go..yeah..I don't know what he's going to do.

Here is the clip:

6:24pm BBT
Red Room
Adam tells Sharon that Ryan will influence his decision if nominations stay the same that it would only be fair. They discuss how the end game could go. The votes. Etc.
Sharon: Yeah, I don't know what he would want to do..He'd probably weigh the pros and cons..

Here is the clip:

6:35pm BBT
Sheila is called to the diary room. Adam & Sharon are napping..Ryan is in the HOH bedroom..

7:22pm BBT
Ryan, Adam, & Sharon are napping. Sheila is in the boat room looking at her mug with family photos on it and reading her letters from home.

8:10pm BBT
Ryan, Adam & Sharon still napping...Sheila is up talking to herself about how bored she is...

Here is a clip:

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10:34am BBT
Ryan's up. He sticks his head outside the HoH Room, and realizes everyone else is still asleep, goes back into the HoH, then heads back downstairs, outside to the backyard, then straight back in...

10:37am BBT
Ryan's goes to the Storage Room to change his batteries, the he goes in to the Frilly Room to wake up Baller and lay down in the other bed... his bed. Ryan says he's bored and lonely up in HoH. Baller responds immediately... They're chatting away happily about nothing and everything and their plans for the day.

10:43am BBT
Frilly Room
Adam & Ryan
Both were too pumped up to sleep last night. They had so many things running through their minds...

Talk turns to the shopping spree Ryan won, and speculation about how much it will include. Adam's recommending Ryan treat himself to a red Cartier wallet. Ryan's leaning more towards a 49 dollar suit, dog tags and some diamonds for his ears.

Adam wonders why they're letting everyone sleep in. Ryan thinks BB wont play any music til 11am.

10:50am BBT
Boys Cont'd.
Adam's plans for the day include Horse, Workout, maybe some laundry (Ryan wants in, if Adam does it)... Ryan's chest is pretty sore from the workout yesterday, but he's feeling tighter, fitter. Adam makes some crude comments about Jen "getting juicy" watching him get pumped up.

Talk turns to memories of the beginning of the season... waiting in line in the bathroom to pee... Parker's antics, Amanda's booty shorts...

Ryan: All the different heads and personalities in this place was a f'in circus.

Adam wonders what happened to Neil. He really enjoyed him, has nothing but good to say about him, and his workout was intense... Ryan said he never really connected with him.

10:56am BBT
Talk turns back to Parker... "First male voted out of the house. We're Big Brother. You don't f with us. We f with you."

Then back to the relationships... Ryan and Adam agree that no one is gonna fess up.

11:00am BBT
Ryan and Adam are now talking about work after BB... Ryan's asking Adam if he'll be going straight back to his job, and Adam's not sure... (Good thing, since they very publicly fired him in his absence, due to his 'retard' comment very early on in the season that stirred up an outrage in the Autism community)...

Chatting about "fresh tang" now.. Really just bouncing all over the place. Pillow Talk, Bro style.

11:04am BBT
Adam gets up to check on the weather and use the toilet. Ryan stays in bed in the frilly room. Adam comes back, tells Ryan the weather's changed for the better, and Ryan gets up to go back up to HoH and brush his teeth. Adam says to come get him when he's ready to play.

After another quick stop in the backyard, where he realizes he left the pool table uncovered last night and sets to correcting that, Ryan heads back up to the HoH Room.

11:23am BBT
Ryan's done up in HoH and heads back downstairs. Oddly enough, BB still hasn't made the wake up call...

Ryan goes into the frilly room.

Ryan: It's pancake time, bro.

Ryan greets the guineas.

Ryan: Is your mommy sleepin' in? Holy F, dude. (says into mike) Yo, we got an ant infestation on the guineas. (Ryan goes in to Sharon, wakes her) Sharon, we got an emergency with the guineas. Total ant infestation.
Sharon: You're kidding me.
Ryan: Totally serious.
Adam: They're all itchy, Sharon. You're not gonna be able to feed them this morning.
Ryan: God, they're everywhere, dude. F'd up!

Sharon gets back in bed, wondering aloud where the music is...
Sheila gets up. Ryan tells her the time. It's 11:30. (not quite yet)

Ryan heads back up to HoH for a minute, while Baller sets to making the pancakes. Sheila asks about coffee. They boys made it already.

11:29am BBT
Ryan comes back down to the kitchen. The pancake preparation continues...
Sheila and Sharon are both back in bed.

11:47am BBT
I'm out for Passover. ReporterX is taking over...

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Happy Saturday!

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend thus far. For those of you celebrating the holiday, Happy Passover!!

As of 10:15am BBT, the HGs are still sleeping soundly, and BB is letting them.

Last night on the live feeds, Ryan won the PoV comp, leaving him with all of the power in the house... Although Sharon did well blocking any private conversations between Adam and Ryan for a little while, ultimately she gave up on the prospect, and allowed the boys plenty of time together, and the bros have re-emerged full force. The meat of their conversations have already been covered in the Friday Evening post.

It appears Ryan intends to keep Adam off the block, with Adam's solemn promise to vote Sheila out of the house. Adam actually swore on his mother that he would vote to evict Sheila.

Do you believe Adam, or do you think he'll say anything to keep himself from the block (much like Ryan pre-Veto Ceremony with Sheila last week)? Further, do you believe Ryan, or is he just keeping the peace and intending to take both of the women to the Final 3, in hopes of actually securing himself a win?

A final 2 comprised of Adam and Ryan does not bode well for Ryan's bank account. Does Ryan realize this? While repeating several times that "neither of these broads deserve to be in the final 2," Ryan also held firm in his desire and demand to have Sharon and not Sheila there... Ryan believes that both Sharon & Adam would take him to the final 2, and he's probably quite right on that.

Big Brother 9 has shaken down into a final 4 none of us would have expected, and at this point, it still feels like an anything goes situation. How will it play out over the next 24 hours? The next (and last) several days? There's only one place to find out - the live feeds.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Evening in the BB House

The plotting, whispering and scheming has officially begun. Spark em up, kids. One man has all the power in the house, and his name is Ryan... How it plays out can only be seen in one place, the Big Brother Live Feeds, but you all know that. ;)

7:52pm BBT
Sharon went up to HoH to get in Ryan's ear, telling him saw Adam wink at Sheila and tell her she'd be fine.

7:54pm BBT
Adam & Sharon

Sharon comes back downstairs, and Adam asks her where Ryan is. She responds that he's up in HoH listening to music...

Expecting Adam to head up there soon... perhaps after he finishes preparing his food.

8:45pm BBT
Red Room
Sharon, Adam & Ryan
Sharon's chatterboxing the boys with Jacob stories... Simply stories, or a way to keep Adam from having Ryan's ear all to himself?

Sheila's off doing nervous cleaning.

8:51pm BBT
Adam & Ryan

Adam and Ryan have 2 minutes outside alone, while I sit poised to type game talk, then Sharon comes out to the Jacuzzi, double c-blocking.. Sorry, Adam. Better luck next time. Jacob and related stories resume.

9:09pm BBT
Ryan & Adam

Ryan goes inside for just a moment. The opportunity is not missed.

Adam: It's down to you n me and 2 dumb broads.
Ryan: (laughs) Yeah.
Adam: Done deal, bro.
Ryan: (on his way back out the door) Yeah. We gotta talk later.

9:12pm BBT
Both guys go back in. This time, they actually get a few words in... Ryan is quite gruff.

Adam: What's up dude? Whatta we gotta talk about? What's the options?
Ryan: I need to know I can trust you.
Adam: I know, I know I know bro. I would not do that to you, dude.
Ryan: I just come to think, the thing, back in the day, against Matty,... You said you were gonna vote for me against Matty, first of all, and you didn't.
Adam: With James, that's about it.
Ryan: Then with James. You put me in jeopardy that time, too. And then the thing with Natalie. I think you said it to her. I'm gonna go ahead and believe you, but I think you said that sh*t. That's 3 times...
Adam: Ya know. I hear ya.
Ryan: I need to know right now, for sure, that I can trust you.
Adam: I know.
Ryan: Come on, dude, it can be us 2, for sure. Ya know.
Adam: That's about it.

Sheila comes in. Talk stops. She asks why they can't talk in front of her. Adam says. "because there's nothin' to talk about."

And dinner is served.

9:38pm BBT
Adam & Ryan
Bro's with Trust Issues

Ryan tells Adam he has some serious trust issues with him.

Ryan: You're my boy and all, but there are times... I'm planning on leaving the sh*t the same, but I just need to know I can trust you... Like 3 different times...

Adam promises to vote out whoever Ryan wants him to vote out. Ryan says as long as it's the 2 of them in final 2, he's happy, because "those 2 broads don't deserve it," but Ryan has already begun pushing for Sheila out, "just because of the way she's treated you. I'd think that would be enough." Ryan continues the push for Sharon, saying how she's not a strong player at all, etc., etc...

Ryan & Adam: Trust Issues

Ryan & Adam, Part 2

9:51pm BBT
Adam & Ryan, cont'd.
Sharon comes out and the boys conversation comes to a grinding halt. Suddenly, all they're interested in is 9-ball.

10pm BBT
The boys go inside.
Ryan: Them broads are freaking out, man.
Adam: And the DR ain't helpin', either. They're good at reminders. I'm like, what are you guys tellin' him? They're all, don't worry about that.

10:02pm BBT
Adam: They're gonna be bothering the sh*t outta you. Then me too. Dude, we're close as hell to this sh*t, dude.

Meanwhile, Sheila's outside with Sharon. Talking... or preventing her from blocking Adam?

The boys continue talking game inside. Ryan's going on about Sheila being an actress, and therefor not trustworthy...

Da Boys - 10:05pm BBT

Adam: The b*tch's (Sheila) been lying to me the whole time. She deserves to go home.
Ryan: She has serious rage issues.

The boys continue talking, and it becomes calmer, more done deal... They move on to talking about the final 3 HoH. They figure as long as they can outlast Sharon in the endurance comp, (which i can't wait for!) "it's gravy train all the way home."

10:19pm BBT
The boys have now clued in to the fact that the end is coming sooner than they thought, but they've accelerated it a bit more than reality allows.

They're both feeling very comfortable and confident with each other again.

They've yet to feel the wrath of the Sheila... she of the house flipping sect.

10:25pm BBT
All HGs
Ryan & Adam are working out.
Sheila & Sharon are chatting in the jacuzzi.

Ryan's been holding his neck and doing little stretch moves between each set. If he's not careful, he will quickly re-injure himself. It's too soon for him to be lifting... Way too soon.

11:00pm BBT
The women are outside talking, bucking for each other's jury votes.

Inside, Ryan & Adam are talking game over the chess board.

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PoV Spoiler

6:46pm BBT
Feeds are Back
Ryan Won!
Holy moly, that was fast!

The HGs are talking about the comp.. We've got a clip for you just below. Spark up the feeds, folks. They're in it to win it.

6:46pm - Final 4 PoV Spoiler

While we were waiting...

5:15pm BBT
We have flames, and I've never been happier. Now give us some trivia and get the PoV Show on the Road, BB!

5:21pm BBT - Still flames... C'mon BB, you can do it.

5:28pm BBT We have TRIVIA!!!! Hot damn, Hallelujah!

Have you bookmarked the new site for Big Brother 10 yet? It's http://BBDish.blogspot.com. No more switching locations every season... gonna stay put over there from now on.

Ok, class.. lol.. For our 1st waiting activity, you'll need to put on your thinking caps, as much as the sleep deprivation of the last 2 1/2 months will allow, and describe for everyone your perfect scenario for the outcome of BB9. Please feel free to be as creative as you like. Haiku is encouraged... 5-7-5, if it's slipped your mind. If you're writing a novel, kindly insert paragraph breaks, so your delicate moderator doesn't go blind.

Here's an example of what someone came up with this morning. In fact, this commenter inspired the idea:
    Best possible scenario would be another writers strike, supported by the camera operators and support staff. The BB house is abandoned, with the 4 remaining HGs left to fend for themselves, and with only the remaining food stocked in the pantry. Eventually, the power and water are turned off, and the public forgets all about the the unfinished season of BB9.

    Ten years or so down the road, CBS comes across a derelict studio on their back lot and decided to demolish it. When the bulldozers break down the walls only one ragged HG is left having survived on rain water, generations of guinea pigs, and other less savory morsels. Julie Chen comes out of retirement in Boca for the final interview..."Well Baller, it's been quite a journey hasn't it?"
    "Hi Julie! Waz up?"


Your turn.

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4:55pm BBT

Shhh... they're resting... but not sleeping... There is pillow talk...Adam and Sheila are still tethered together, and everyone's waiting on the PoV. Us included.

The PoV Comp has yet to begin.

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Mid Afternoon Clips

3:06pm BBT - Sheila & Adam Tug of War

3:10pm BBT - Sheila & Adam
The Ties That Bind

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12:02pm BBT
Sharon has just finished showering.
Adam and Sheila are buried under the covers in the frilly room, still catching up on the sleep they didn't get last night.

12:18pm BBT
The Chained Odd Couple Awakens
Sheila and Adam are stirring. He's asking for just a couple more minutes to sleep. She's asking BB to please call him in to the DR. Adam groans a bit more, then Sheila mentions figuring out how they're going to shower and he says, "Yesss! Yess!"

She curbs that excitement by talking about hormone replacement therapy... then she tells him she can't wait to meet his mother.

12:23pm BBT
Out of the blue.
Adam: Is there Olympics this year?
Sheila: I don't know. I don't follow it. Where's it gonna be?
Adam: in China.
Sheila: How do you know it's in China?
Adam: I know these things.

Sheila says it's amazing he knows the Olympics will be in China, but he wont fess up to knowing anything about the game.

Sheila: My life's on the line today. My game.
Adam: Mine too.
Sheila: Oh Bull. (laughs) Well, maybe it is. Especially if I win. You better get some sleep. Gonna be takin naps all day.

12:26pm BBT
Adam & Sheila
Frilly Room
Sheila: Now my coffee's cold. I'll have to make some more. I never got any.. because of you.
Adam: (grumbles) You can make some more.
Sheila: Maybe I can get Ry Bread to make some... A fresh pot... I only got a couple sips.

Meanwhile, in the Red Room, Sharon is laying in bed, read her bible.

Sheila: You guys, please call Adam into the Diary Room, so i can break free for a few minutes.
Adam: I'm up. (he's not)
Sheila laughs.
Sheila: What're you doin'?
Adam: Getting up. Gotta put a patch on.
Sheila: OK, let's go to the Storage Room.

Adam and Sheila get up, pass through Sharon's room and greet her. Adam calls out to Ryan, and Sharon tells him he's probably listening to music, so he can't hear you.

Adam and Sheila head into the Storage Room. Adam puts a patch on. He only has 6 cigarettes left.

Sheila: We've got 2 weeks left. Are you gonna be able to do that?
Adam: Yeah. I only smoked one yesterday. 1/2 of one.

Adam goes into the Storage Room and grabs Ryan's clothes to bring them to him. Sheila asks if he can do the bro thing later. She really wants her coffee. Sheila wins.

12:34pm BBT
Sheila and Adam are being very cute and funny together.
Her plan is to go do her nails in the spa and he can sleep some more in there while she's at it.
Sheila believes they'll be unshackled around 3pm...

*** Incidentally, that fits in quite nicely with Sharon's earlier prediction for the PoV start time.

12:37pm BBT
Sheila & Adam

Sheila: Are you nervous?
Adam: A little bit. You?
Sheila: yeah.
Adam: But you're good either way.
Sheila: I don't know about that.

Sheila starts talking about being sleep deprived and how she's use dot it as a mom.

12:55pm BBT
Adam & Sheila
Spa Room
What Makes a Woman "The One"

Adam: Cooks, cleans... wants to have my babies.
Sheila: What about someone like Natalie?
Adam: I dunno.
Sheila: Were you attracted to Natalie?
Adam: Not really.
Sheila: What's your type?
Adam: Horny as hell.
Sheila: That's interesting...
Adam: I don't really have a type. I've set said on many a foreign soil.
Sheila: Does she have to have a great body?
Adam: Decent.

Sheila mentions Parker having called her a 6, and Adam says she's way more than a 6. Adam wants kids. 2, like his parents had...

***By the way, Sheila's still in the Red Room, in position, reading her Bible.

12:58pm BBT
Spa Room
Sheila and Adam, then Ryan joins.

Adam hears someone moving about, and calls out.

Adam: Who goes hither.
Sheila: It's your bro.

Sheila: You're hard to figure out, buddy. Hard to figure out. Oh brother. I have to do one more coat.
Ryan: What're you guys doin'?
Sheila: Spa time... Girl talk.
Adam: If Sharon wins, I'm probably goin home.
Ryan: one of you.
Sheila: We've only had about 4 hours sleep combined.
Ryan: So you guys are feeling the pressure today, huh?
Sheila: Pretty much.
Ryan: When Mike O comes on, you guys are gonna be amped. You drinking your Joe today?

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1:05pm BBT
Spa Room
Ryan, Adam & Sheila

They're chatting about Jen, the Olympics, basketball, baseball, you name it..

1:50pm BBT
Checking in... Ryan's gone back up to HoH. Sharon's still reading her bible in the red room. And the Odd Couple in Bondage Chats on...

1:58pm BBT
Ryan goes in to the Red Room and he and Sharon whisper about Adam abd Sharon for a moment... Then Ryan heads into the boat room where Sheila and Adam are.

Ryan: What're you guys talking about?
Sheila: Addiction.
Ryan: Baller's addicted to vagina.
Sheila: Problem is he' snot addicted to commitment.

Baller unhooks himself from Sheila.

Sheila rats him out to BB, and we get flames, briefly. When the feeds come back on, Adam's reattaching himself to Sheila.

Sheila: How many more hours?
Ryan: You only got like 3 more hours.

Ryan's having a giggle fit.

Ryan: What can you do about it?
Sheila: Nothing. Please put him up and get him out of here.
Adam: Am I getting you moist?
Sheila: Stop it! He's only doing this for you... He was kissing my ass last night in bed.
Adam: I was not... What're you doin for lunch, Ry?
Ryan: I dunno, man. I don't wanna have a full stomach then go have to play PoV. I gotta full pack of beef jerky upstairs.

2:05pm BBT

Talk turns to the movie Ryan and Sharon saw last night... No great chemistry between Cameron and Ashton.

Ryan: They don't have the chemistry you guys have.
Sheila: We have chemistry?!
Ryan: Uh, yeah, ya do.

2:10pm BBT
Ryan, Adam & Sharon
Talk has turned to the "Sexy Six," and Ryan says he can't wait to rip on Jen for that one.

Ryan: The ugly four has prevailed.
Adam: They were doggin' us hard.
Sheila: They were doggin us every day. They were like the mean girls.
Ryan: Smart move, Jen. When Parker wants to evict someone outside the sexy 6, I'm his number one target.

Ryan's positive Jen came up with the whole thing.

Talk turns to James and his miracle return into the house...

2:18pm BBT
Sharon has now finished the entire bible. All the HGs congratulate her.

Sheila and Adam are getting dressed for the upcoming PoV. Ryan says he is too. There hasn't been an announcement... the HGs are just feeling it.

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Friday Morning in the BB9 House

10:27am BBT - Flames on all feeds.

The wakeup was timed incredibly well with BB EP Allison Grodner's appearance on housecalls today. Coincidence? I think not.

Still flames at 10:37am BBT.

10:45am BBT
Feeds are back.
Sharon's still in bed.
Sheila, Adam and Ryan are in the storage room chatting and goofing around.
Ryan's having a good giggle over how much Adam was tortured by Sheila's inability to sleep last night.

10:49am BBT

Sharon's out of bed.

We learn from Sheila that they will start doing DRs in 30 minutes.

Baller waits patiently(?) outside the toilet, still chained to Sheila... then they brush their teeth, side by side. Too funny.

10:53am BBT

Sharon's in the bathroom.

Ryan, Adam and Sheila are chatting in the kitchen. Ryan's amused.

Sheila's trying to make breakfast, while chained to Adam, who is sitting at the sunburst table, sprawled out, with his head down on the table.

Sheila and Adam are acting very much like a married couple. They are hysterical.

10:59am BBT
BB: Ryan, please come to the Diary Room.

Sharon comes out and joins them. They joke around some more about their predicament. Sheila finally gives in that Adam is a good guy. Then she has to coax Adam into moving over so she can sit and eat her breakfast.

11:07am BBT
Sunburst table
Sheila, Sharon & Adam
Back to the relationships talk...

11:11am BBT
Sheila gets called in to the DR.

Ryan & Sharon talk about Sheila. Ryan says she's crazy. Sharon says her talking kept her up all night. They agree today's a big day, and Sharon points out that Sheila and Adam are exhausted. Ryan and Sharon agree, that's a good thing.

11:16am BBT - Flames....
Still flames at 11:21am BBT

11:24am BBT
Feeds are back.
Ryan's draped over the circular staircase. Sharon's standing below, talking up to him.
Ryan and Sharon are discussing the "pre-existing relationship." Sharon wonders if she and Chelsia might be distant relatives, based on their common German heritage. Ryan wonders about Josh and Neil, and Sharon says she doesn't believe that at all. Ryan goes back to thinking it's Sheila...

11:28am BBT
They discuss the possibility of Sheila and Matty. Sharon tells Ryan how Josh said Sheila was bawling over Matty... They think perhaps there's a connection, but also entertain the possibility that Matt and Mick have a similar ailment.

Ryan says he always suspected Matty, and that he thinks Sheila has something to do with it. Sharon finds Sheila's claim that she found out about the show on Craig's List fishy.

11:33am BBT
Sharon and Ryan are still pondering relationships..

11:35am BBT
Ryan goes back up to HoH. It's good to be king.
Sharon's sitting alone at the sunburst table.

All 4 feeds switch to HoH.

11:37am BBT
Sharon comes up to HoH.
Sharon: I know how we can find this out!
Ryan: How?
Sharon: Say I come off the block, they're gonna have to campaign against each other. They've never had to do that before. It's gonna come out.
Ryan: I know it's not me.
Sharon: It's not me! They called both of us out during the question... That it was a different relationship than you and Jen and me and Jacob. I know all my family. Trust me.
Ryan: I believe you.
Sharon: It has to come out! They have to save their own asses. They've never had to fight against each other. I was like, my God, if I win PoV and take myself off, they'll have to campaign against each other. It will come out!
Ryan: I don't think it's Adam. He's just a goof. I really think it's Sheila.

They discuss it a tiny bit more, then Sharon leaves.

Here's a clip:

11:41am BBT
Sharon Studies the Memory Wall. Then she runs back up to HoH.

Sharon: One last thing.

Ryan laughs.

Sharon: Josh was like, I'm not allowed to talk about anything.

She refers back to Josh's conversation with Sheila about Matt... then moves on to the whole lesbian thing...

***Oh the tangled webs we weave, Miss Grodner.

Sharon thinks maybe Sheila's getting paid based upon how long she can go without revealing her secret.

11:46am BBT
BB: Sharon, please go to the Diary Room (so we can befuddle your brain a little more, dear).
BB: Ryan, please exchange your microphone with one in the storage room.

11:48am BBT
Sheila and Adam are back to sleep in the frilly room.
Ryan wanders in, takes a peak, sees they're asleep and goes.

11:50am BBT
Sharon's out of the DR. That was quick. She's talking to the guineas.
She and Ryan talk for a moment. They mention that Adam and Sheila are still sleeping, and Sharon thinks the PoV wont start until 3:30 or 4pm.

11:56am BBT
Sharon's Showering.
Adam & Sheila are Sleeping.
Ryan in unseen for the moment.

Opening an Afternoon post now...

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Housecalls is on!

Housecalls just began a couple minutes ago.

Allison Grodner is the guest today. Here's the link: HouseCalls Live

Let us know if you call in!

The last words out of Miss Grodner's mouth were in regards to the finale:

"We are thinking it's Sunday, April 27th. It may get pushed to Tuesday, April 29th, pending a presidential debate."

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The Real Deal Weekly ReCap

Big Brother has a truly amazing and talented fan base, and TheRealDeal2010 is at the very top of the pack... right alongside C=Venus, in my humble opinion. While we wait for BB to wake the HGs, check out TRD's weekly recap for week 9 of the show. For me, it's his best yet, and that's saying a lot.

TRD2010 - Weekly BB9 ReCap

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The Overnight Report

Good morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy Friday! Today in the BB9 house, the HGs will be having the PoV Comp. Last night on Showtime, it was revealed (in writing at the bottom of the screen) that the PoV comp would air on the Sunday Show on CBS, so there's another hint as to the scheduling for the rest of the week... a little one, anyhow.

Today, they play, and we'll be here to fill you in, as we do every day.

Now, while visions of PoV dance in their heads, we overnight. :) The first section is ready for your perusal. Please check back for more around 7:30am BBT.

While you're waiting for more, why not go try your luck on the double date auction package with Dick & Janie for the BB9 Finale? The proceeds are going to Rock Against Diabetes, and the package is incredible. Definitely worth checking out. The auction has been moved off EBay.

Here's the new link: Dinner & The Finale with Evel Dick & Janelle

10:56pm BBT
Frilly Room
Adam & Sheila
Shackled & Getting ready for bed

Adam: So this is it? We're going to bed right now?
Sheila: Yes. It's eleven o'clock.
Adam: And you thought you were done sleepin' with me woman! We'll hang out. We'll talk. Just talk to me about things and I'll fall asleep.
Sheila: Great. I'm like Tylenol PM to you.
Adam: I wanna test out the angles here.
Sheila: This is a nightmare. Talk to you. Oh God. You are such a big friggin baby.
Adam: The biggest.
Sheila: This is the worst thing that's happened to me since walking into the BB house.
Adam: This is the worst thing that's happened to me in 3 years.
Sheila: This is the worst thing that's happened to me in 20 years.
Adam: This is bad news.
Sheila: That's what I mean..
Adam: Just when you thought it was all over..

BB: Houseguests, the lockdown is over.

Adam: (laughing) Do you wanna go party?
Sheila: I really don't want to, but do you wanna go outside?
Adam: We should have an early night.

Sharon stick her head in to report on the laundry...

Adam: We'll call it an early night.
Sheila: Well, that's if your bro doesn't come in and want you to hang with him. I so don't wanna do that.

10:56pm BBT - Bedtime Fun with Sheila & Adam

11:25pm BBT
Ryan & Sharon
The 3rd Pre-Existing Relationship Paranoia Continues...

Sharon: She had the covers (down) like this, and when I went in, she covered up herself.
Ryan: When she was with Adam??
Sharon: Laying in bed with Adam! Just weird sh*t like that! Like she had a bra on, and she covered herself. I'm not kidding you.
Ryan: What??
Sharon: I'm telling you, something's fishy, and it makes me nervous. Seriously, watching them fight, makes me think of me an Jacob. Jacob and I have 12 years of history! I'm just saying, be careful what you say and what you do...
Ryan: I know she's an actress. Adam's so convincing. He's probably an actor too. They're probably both actors..
Sharon: I'm telling you. You don't talk to someone like that if you just met! I'm just.. I dunno.. I'm getting really weird vibes from them. It makes sense.. how they bring each other to final 4.
Ryan: Think maybe they're exes that hate each other? He lives in Florida. She lives in L.A.
Sharon: She used to live in Florida.. She has a brother who lives there. I'm just sayin', keep your eyes and ears open, cuz tomorrow is a huge deal. Tomorrow is humongous.

The Couple Paranoia Continues
Ryan & Sharon Think Adam & Sheila are a Couple

Sharon & Ryan continued talking along this vein for quite a while... ever increasing the suspicion and doubt about Adam and Sheila's pre-existing relationship as well as their commitment to each other in the game, whether they knew each other before or not. Sharon's firm in her belief that if Adam wins the PoV, he will keep Sheila in the game, no matter what he says now. Quirkydude got it all on video, for those who would like to check it out. Here are the links to the clips: Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

12:30am BBT
Frilly Room
Sheila & Adam, aka The Odd Couple

Sheila: What ever's right.
Adam: Sheila, I can recall a number of conversations. At least 50 or 60.
Sheila: You know what? You wanna sit here and start debating with me? Then I'll tell you 50 or 60 things that you've told me about people in this house. You wanna start that?
Adam: (laughing) Let's start.
Sheila: You wanna open up that can of worms with me? Cuz it'll get ugly. Let's do it. Seriously. You know that was Natalie's battle.. cuz after what James did to frikkin Natalie.. She felt like, Oooh, You put Matty up...You know how many times I heard this story? 20 million times Natalie came to me and said, "Uh, You know what, you know what I told James? I told James and Chelsia that the biggest mistake they made was getting rid of Matty, and you know how they were gonna pay?" I said, "No, Natalie, how?" She goes, "it was gonna cost them their game. And look around.. it cost them their game. Chelsia went out first, and James went out next." She goes, "I tried to tell both of them it was gonna cost them their game." ..and you know she said that. How could I make that sh*t up? It's too good.. She got every body else on board for that one. I'm so pissed at you. How nice you were to her. It's a joke.
Adam: I'm sorry, Sheila. I'm a nice man. I'm sorry I'm not a vicious, brutal, cold, spineless man. I am a caring individual.
Sheila: Uh.. Who're you trying to impress?
Adam: I still care for you, Sheila, even though you hate my guts.

Sheila: Wait a minute. Woah. Who're you trying to frikking impress right now?
Adam: And you hurt my feelings in the process, Sheila. I'm tired of it.
Sheila: Stop yelling. Just go to sleep. Shhh... You're extremely loud.
Adam: Really? I don't know I'm loud.

Sheila: You're extremely loud. Don't get me started on Natalie, cuz I could really ream you a butt hole right now. Bigger than you already have... You were so far up that girls ass.
Adam: Not by choice, Sheila.
Sheila: Seriously, she was always on you.

Sheila & Adam - Pillow Talk

Sheila and Adam were talking in bed until just after 4:30am. This may not bode well for them in the PoV Comp... Sheila couldn't sleep (she blames 46 year old hormones), so they talked and talked and talked. Here's a funny clip, captured by TheRealDeal:

Sheila & Adam - More Pillow Talk

This concludes the Overnight Report. Only 9 more days of BB9... Thanks for hanging with the dish throughout the season. :)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

After the Movie

10:00pm BBT
Ryan and Sharon just came back in from the movie, and with their return we learn why Adam and Sheila were untethered for the evening... Here's a clip:

10:37pm BBT
Adam and Sheila have been re-chained...

10:37pm BBT - Re-Shackled Soulmates

10:50pm BBT - Fun with Sheila & Adam
Potty Time in Chains

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8:28pm BBT
Feeds are back from Trivia. I thought they'd allowed Adam and Sheila to view the movie, but they're busy fighting in the bathroom right now, so I guess that's a big no.

Adam's assuring Sheila that she's safe no matter what this week. Sounds kinda familiar.

Ahhh... let the BB Odd Couple Evening resume.

Hm! They're not chained together anymore. Sheila just got up off the couch and walked away... no rebound.

Here's a clip:

8:29pm BBT - Sheila & Adam Unchained

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Amanda Interview Live Tonight

Shree and Baby will be interviewing BB9 Amanda tonight at 8pm BBT/11pm eastern. You can call in and talk to Amanda live, if you're so inclined.

Pretty darn perfect timing, actually, considering the feeds are on flames for the movie watching right now... Seems the DR may have acquiesced and allowed Sheila and Adam to watch too... Ryan and Sharon were hoping they'd allow it. (clip)

Here's all the info:

Hey everyone Amanda from BB9 will be on the show tonight taking calls and answering any questions you might have for her! Come and kick it with us and tell us and find out what really went on in the BB9 house!

Please check out our archives at:

www.blogtalkradio. com/schreeandbaby
& Come listen to Amanda Live!

We come on LIVE from 8pm to 10pm PST and if you want to call us and chat with Amanda the number is: 347-326-9149

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Nomination Ceremony Spoiler & Follow-Up

5:19pm BBT Feeds are back... Scroll down...

4:35pm BBT
The feeds all went to Trivia just a moment ago, and what ought to be the shortest, least dramatic nomination ceremony of the season is underway. The Nomination Spoiler will go here in this post as soon as the feeds come back.

Let's remember though, it just doesn't matter. This week's all about the PoV. Who ever wins the PoV votes someone out. End of story.

By the way, bb9dish is going to pass 5 million hits within the next hour. I'm completely blown away, and I really want to thank each and every one of you for your incredible support all season long... Each time we pass another million mark it feels pretty incredible... This one somehow feels even moreso.

So.. In celebration and thanks, I invite everyone reading this to email me at dishchicks@yahoo.com, so I can randomly pick a winner for another bb9dish mug... of your choosing... just to say thanks for being here. :) 5 million strong. Holy cow!

Feeds are back as of 5:20pm BBT.

5:20pm BBT
Feeds came back to Ryan and Adam talking...
Ryan: When are you guys gonna get this chain?
Adam: She hates me, bro.

Adam promises Ryan he will vote to evict Sheila. Both agree taking Sharon to the final 3 is a better idea than taking Natalie, since they feel she's much easier to beat...

Ryan goes to the women and says you'll be alright...

Sheila and Sharon
have been nominated.

Sheila is bemoaning her fate in the house... Sharon says "we're goin' crazy!"

Ryan and Adam are Sheila bashing. Ryan says she's just over the top rude about Adam and his habits.. "Who cares? You're a great guy. So you scratch. So what?"

Sharon and Sheila are talking about Natalie...
Sheila cried during the nomination ceremony. The combination of being nominated and chained to Adam for 24 hour was too much for her to bear.

Sharon & Sheila After Nominations

Spark up the feeds, folks. The plotting and sheming is in high gear.

5:32pm BBT
Adam and Ryan are hard on the evict Sheila bandwagon... and they both feel extremely secure in her inability to win PoV.
Adam flat out asks Ryan if he'd change noms if he wins PoV. Ryan says no.

BB: Adam, Sheila, please come to the Diary Room.
Adam: Here we go babe.
Ryan: There gonna make it a late night PoV tomorrow, just so you can be hooked up for 24 hours.

Adam & Sheila leave, and Ryan goes into hyper whisper mode with Sharon.

Ryan: Would you be willing to do that? You, me and Adam, final 3? Or would you rather you, em and Sheila? It's up to you. Whatever you want. Cuz he's telling me.. he's pissed off at her for being so mean to him, and he wants her gone.

Sharon says she wants Adam gone. Had it been lef tto him last week, she'd have been gone.

Ryan: You're right. I'm just saying, you're 100% safe this week.

Sharon whispers so low...

Ryan: You think he threw yesterday? ... But I beat him in that...
Sharon: He told Natalie he gave it to you. I think it'd be easier to beat Sheila in final 3..
Ryan: Oh, I know that. I just want you to know you're safe... Man, it's gonna be interesting them 2 tied together...

Sharon pushes for Adam out. Ryan says "that's fine, if you want him out."

Ryan & Sharon After Noms

5:39pm BBT
Sheila and Adam come out, chained together... Pretty funny.
Sharon: The real question is, do you guys have to take showers together?
Sheila: I'm not gonna shower. I'll stink.
Adam: This is torture man.
Sheila: I just wanna take a nap.
Adam: I wanna see the movie set up...

*** This is going to be hysterical.

Sheila & Adam Chained Together

Sheila: It's like an S&M set up, and Adam knew exactly how to put this on. Kinda frightening.
Adam: I've been around the block.
Sheila: It's like a dog collar.
Ryan: Big dog.

They start moving together...

Adam: We can give massages together... you can massage me...

The test out the bathroom.

Adam: Lets just go to bed early...
Ryan: We're partying tonight.
Adam: Chest tonight, Ryan?
Ryan: Definitely Chest.
Adam: Late night. Then cookies and pizza...
Ryan: Late night.

Sheila's not a happy camper.

Adam: It's ok, Sheila. It'll bring us closer together as people.

***hehehehehe... this is going to be very funny.

5:52pm BBT
Adam and Sheila are cracking me up downstairs.
Sharon's quietly amused by the two of them.
Ryan's up in HoH in his boxers...

5:57pm BBT
Ryan comes back downstairs. He and Sharon get to watch a movie in the backyard tonight as part of their reward for winning the comp today...

Sheila and Adam should provide plenty of entertainment. Adam says he's going to take the high road with her.

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Late Afternoon

4:20pm BBT
Adam, Sheila and Sharon

The HGs, minus Ryan, are on backyard lockdown in advance of the nomination ceremony, and it's official, they have lost their minds. They're chasing a slug, and they've named him "Camo."

4:25pm BBT
BB: Sharon, please come to the Diary Room.
Ryan comes outside and says it's time for the nomination ceremony, but in the least animated voice I've ever heard, and it doesn't seem to be the case. He joins the other HGs outside on the couch.

Adam is wondering if he and Sheila will have to be chained together for the PoV ceremony, and Sheila says there's no way, they can't be expected to play PoV together.

4:30pm BBT
Adam gives Sheila hell for losing the comp. She returns the favor.
Adam: This is going to be hell.
Sheila: Absolute hell. The worst booby prize ever.
Adam: Would you rather wear the uni or this?
Sheila: The uni, hands down.

Ryan has stepped away.

4:32pm BBT
Sheila beings discussing Sharon with Adam, saying she has Ryan's ear now... but not for long, as Sharon returns from the DR.

Sheila: You deserve it (the prize) so much.
Ryan: You're gonna have the best time... being chained up together...

He teases them a bit.

Sheila complains it's going to be awful because of Adam's habits and staying up all night. Ryan says "We're gonna party tonight, babe."

4:35pm BBT
BB: Ryan, please go to the Diary Room.
Sheila: Thank God. Let's just get this over with, so we can get chained up and free.
Sharon: I don't see what the big deal is...
Sheila: Sharon, you don't understand.

TRIVIA on all feeds at 4:36pm BBT
Nomination Ceremony time :)

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Back from the Comp

2:15pm BBT
The Feeds just came back, and what's the first thing we see? Adam's naughty bits. All four feeds are on him in the shower at the moment. Oh, yummy... a farmer blow into the basin of the shower.


2:19pm BBT
Sharon & Ryan

Sharon: Oh my God!! We are on a roll!

Whatever the comp was, they won it. We'll have a clip for you shortly.

: I'm scared we won this is a bad thing. What if he wins PoV and takes Sheila off cause she's had a bad week??

2:22pm BBT
Downstairs Bathroom
Sheila & Sharon

Sheila is not a happy camper. She and Adam lost the comp..
Sheila: Going up on the block and stuck with Adam. Could life get any worse? Oh, whatever. It's a game. I have to suck it up and deal with it.

As a result of the comp, Adam and Sheila must sleep together again. They're both overjoyed at the prospect. ;)

2:27pm BBT
Frilly Room
Adam & Sheila
Sheila: We'll just deal with it. Think about it. This was meant to be.
Adam: Hopefully for PoV, we can break free.
Sheila: Well, how can we play for PoV if we're glued together? I need the frikkin Beverly Hills Shopping Spree! We're here in thrift clothes. This is so stupid. This just sucks. I knew going into it we didn't have a chance in hell. who wants to see those 2 chained together. We're a nightmare when we're not chained together... We'll take it as a blessing in disguise.

*** OK, so it seems Adam and Sheila will be chained together, which will necessitate them sleeping together. On the other hand, Ryan and Sharon will get to meet Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, and they'll get a Beverly Hills Shopping Spree. It's a cruel, cruel world. ;)

Adam: Ohhh God...
Sheila: BB, I know I'm delusional right now.
Adam: Tylenol PM and bed early.
Sheila: Definitely. Cause I know I'm not gonna be able to deal with you, and I'm no prize either...

2:30pm BBT
BB: Sheila, please go to the Diary Room.
Sharon finishes showering.

2:34pm BBT
Adam & Sharon Talking about the prizes won in the Comp

2:52pm BBT
Downstairs Bathroom
Sharon & Ryan
Whispering about nominations and not making their alliance too obvious... Ryan suggests perhaps just letting Sharon win PoV...

Sharon & Ryan Game Talk

2:58pm BBT
Frilly Room
Ryan & Adam
Ryan: You're goin' up! Nah, I'm just teasin', dude...
Adam says to get Sheila the f outta here before Sharon...
Adam: We just gotta knock one of these f'in girls out.

The boys begin talking about Ryan's prize to come on May 1st...

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Waiting on Some Comp

At 12:48pm BBT, the feeds went to flames. 5 minutes later, we got trivia, so something's up. The HGs have been waiting on a comp for hours, though they don't know what kind...

Good luck to everyone trying out for BB10 this week! I hope you make it, and I hope you can stay sane inside that house! FYI - Allison Grodner will be on House Calls tomorrow...

2:16pm BBT Feeds Are Back!

A couple of questions while we wait...

Question #1: What twists would you like to see in BB10?
Question #2: In your opinion, what is the most overused phrase in Big Brother? The one you could happily go the rest of your lifetime without hearing again...

While we've got a little time on our hands, please take a moment to bookmark the site for next season. It's gonna be http://bbdish.blogspot.com. No More Hunting around every season. ;) The Top of the blog will always say whatever season it is, but the url will remain bbdish.blogspot.com.

The youtube addy's gonna change too... It'll be http://www.youtube.com/user/dishchicks - again, so it doesn't have to change every year. ;) You can go ahead and subscribe now, if you like..

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Afternoon in the BB9 House

Good afternoon, Big Brother lovers!

As of 12:20pm BBT, the HGs are still waiting on whatever comp they're going to be having today. BB gave them a heads up about a comp a couple hours ago, saying it would take place in an hour, but not giving them any info on what it would be.. Since then, they've been in hurry up and wait mode. Welcome to production, houseguests.

Me, personally, I'm just hoping they show some of it on the live feeds!

Sharon, Sheila and Adam are lounging in the red room...

Sheila: C'mon Mike O. We're ready for ya.
Sharon: Food. Luxury. Whatever.
Sheila: A kick in the ass... (joking) It'd be better than just laying here waiting to see what's gonna happen.
Adam: Talk to us, speaker.

12:23pm BBT
Talk turns to female problems... I'll spare my gentle readership the details, but here's a hint...
Sheila: I think you missed your calling, Adam. You were supposed to be a gynecologist. (good naturedly) I'm getting old people. I'm 46. It sucks getting old.

12:30pm BBT
Adam leaves the red room, and Sheila tells Sharon she spoke with Ryan and he told her he'd be putting her up. She says she's cool with it. She says she told him, it's his HoH, he's gotta do what he's gotta do. It's all about who wins PoV anyhow.

Sheila: I said I know you have to do this. He said, I don't know who I'm putting up next to you yet... Anyhow... anyone can win the PoV... and.. there's only one vote this week too... It sucks. What do you think?
Sharon: I think it's either gonna be a really good week, or a really bad week.
Sheila: Right.
Sharon: One of the two.

12:34pm BBT
Adam returns for a moment, says he's tired of waiting.. then goes over to the frilly room. When Sheila and Sharon are alone again, Sheila confides that she's scared.

Sheila and Sharon whisper a bit more, but too low to hear. Then Sharon beelines up to HoH to talk to Ryan.

Ryan: Wassssup?
Sharon: She's alright with going up on the block, but she says she's afraid to go up on the block with me.. I just don't know.. I don't know what to do. I'm trying to comfort her, but I'm with you...
Ryan: This is hard for me. I'm trying to do what's best for me...I was thinking..
Sharon: I'm not scared of the block.
Ryan: Oh, baby. i know.
Sharon: I'm just worried that he's gonna win PoV.

Ryan and Sharon continue discussing the possibilities and the dangers of Sheila and Adam together in the final 3, believing they would in fact stay loyal to each other. As well as all the possible scenarios.

Meanwhile, Adam and Sheila are whispering up a storm downstairs in the frilly room.

Ryan: I don't mind seeing that frikkin kid go at all...

They believe their alliance is completely under the radar, and they'd be wise to keep it that way.

Sharon: He would rather take her to the end than anyone else.
Ryan: You think so?
Sharon: yesssss...

Ryan: I don't know. The kid plays all frikkin sides..

Downstairs, at 12:45pm BBT, Sheila and Adam get into a tiff, and she leaves the room. Upstairs, Ryan and Sharon are still going. Here's a clip:

Ry & Sharon

12:48pm BBT FLAMES

***We want a comp! We want a comp! And we want it on the feeds!

TRIVIA @ 12:53pm BBT...

***Come on, AGP, give us diligent BB lovers a treat.

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Thursday Morning in the BB9 House

9:08am BBT - Flames!

Wakey, Wakey Houseguests! It's time to entertain us on the live feeds!

9:18am BBT
Feeds are back.
Ryan's up and about in HoH.
Sheila's still in bed, back in the boat room.
No sign of Sharon or Adam just yet.
BB: Good morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.

Sheila wakes up, looks lovingly at the cup with all her family pictures on it, talks to it a little, and gives it a kiss. Sheila continues gazing at her family... her raison d'etre at this point in the game.

9:22am BBT
Sheila gets up and makes her bed.
Ryan's up in HoH brushing his teeth.
BB: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.


9:26am BBT
Feeds are back.
Ryan comes down from HoH to the kitchen.
Sheila's in the Storage Room folding something.
She comes out and they chat...

Ryan: You catchin' on to the themes of all these songs, Sheila? Summertime, Summery.. Doin' something summery...
Sheila: I don't know.

Sharon passes through.

Ryan: Morning, Share-Bear. What're we doing today? Did you catch the themes? I think it's gonna be like a summer themed comp.

9:30am BBT
Ryan's eating cereal. Adam's hiding under the covers.
Ryan finishes up and walks into the bathroom, where Sheila is.
They chat a bit.
BB: Good morning, houseguests, it's time to get up for the day.
Sheila requests some more music...
Flames, briefly.

9:34am BBT
Sharon, Sheila and Ryan are up and occasionally chatting. Everyone's chipper.
Adam's still in bed.

9:37am BBT
BB calls Sheila in to the DR.
The HGs are on interior lockdown this morning, evidenced by the blackened screen door...

9:40am BBT
Sharon's prepping morning munchies for the guineas.

9:47am BBT
Sheila and Sharon are chatting about the potential for a food or luxury comp today. Adam's alive and mobile. The conversation has turned to fitness modeling and how demanding it is..
Ryan's up in HoH, enjoying some privacy and quiet.
Adam: It's just the four of us. This is crazy.
Sharon: We made it.
Talk turns to the viability of the food in the fridge and freezer...

10:05am BBT
Sunburst Table
Sharon & Sheila are talking about Natalie... How she didn't work well under pressure and wasn't loyal to either of them... Sharon thinks that not knowing was ultimately better for Natalie, because she didn't have the opportunity to prepare a Chelsia style, self-destructive speech that she might later regret.

10:10am BBT
Talk turns to how the votes went down... and Natalie knows.
Then to low whispers about the nominations for today...
Sheila starts talking about Adam being sneaky and horrible...

10:16am BBT
Sheila and Sharon have now moved back to Natalie and her comments about Joshuah going to hell because he's gay. They agree she actually turns people off to God, and who is she to judge, etc...

10:25am BBT
Sharon tells Sheila she bets Matty's happy Natalie's out because she ruined his game. Sheila asks if he said that, and Sharon says no, but subtly..

10:29am BBT
Talk turns to Ryan. Sheila asks how could he be ok with Natalie when she tried to evict him 3 times? Sharon points out that ultimately, he did vote her out.

10:48am BBT
Sheila and Sharon move on to talking about how they believe Natalie will be portrayed by CBS... They briefly discuss Amber from BB8 too.

11am BBT
Everyone's wondering what the comp might be...

By 11:15am, they've all moved on to teasing Sharon about Jacob...

11:30-11:40am BBT
All 4 HGs are chatting about celebrities...

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