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Friday, April 25, 2008

Checking In, News & Thanking YOU

Hello BB Lovers. :) It's just past noon on Friday, and the boys are still sleeping. Lettem rest. They, as all BB finalists before them, had a rough night following the Jury Q-n-A.

FYI, The Feeds went to Flames at 12:53pm BBT. BB is very likely waking the boys... Just a heads up. ;) Then again, maybe not. The feeds came back to sleeping Adam and Ryan in less than a minute. Definitely not enough time for wake up music.

I'll be here checking in periodically over the next couple days, but mostly, I'm going to be working on getting the new BBDish site for ready and into shape for next season...

I want to make sure everyone knows I will definitely be here doing a Live Show Spoiler for the Finale on Sunday Night... and hanging out with everyone afterwards... and announcing a few contest winners. :)

Thanks so much for being a part of the dish this season... This was far and away our best and most successful yet, and I have each and every one of you to thank for it.

One more quick clip from last night... Adam puts the official stamp on the Cuban coffee I've been raving about all season... although he spells and pronounces his brand of choice incorrectly. It's Pilon, and it's pronounced pee-lohn, not pile-on. My fave, as you know, is Bustelo Supremo, just so we're clear on that. ;) Pilon actually bought Bustelo a couple years ago, so it's all the same, but taste wise, ya gotta go Bustelo.

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Overnight Part 2 - Feeds Are Back - After the Jury QnA

Good Morning! Happy Friday, Big Brother Lovers! The boys were very busy late last night... They had a midnight Jury Q-n-A Session... Everything below this point covers it... as well as their preparations for it, in the post below this one.

1:22 - 1:30am BBT -
Feeds are Back from the Jury QnA!

Adam and Ryan are talking about all the HGs. James was the coolest, and both of the guys are giving him high praise now... Hoops came OUT for the QnA.

Adam: James Zinkand's a good f'in dude, man. I'm sorry. F, Sheila, dude. They get to go sit by themselves for 2 days now and sulk over this decision. DR, are we done now?? I'm ruthless, dude... You were close to snappin'.

Ryan: Just on Sheila... I mean, with Sharon, I was like, ultimately it was his decision.
Adam: That was cool with me... No matter what, I had your back the whole game.
Ryan: What was I supposed to say to her, I've been loyal to Adam and Sheila was easier to beat in final 3?!
Adam laughs.
Adam: Yeah.. but throwin' comps is a part...

1:30am BBT
AUDIO LEAK OF SHEILA - "I know this is a game, but put your money where your mouth is, Adam..." The control room cuts in and out a couple times, thinking they've cut off the audio leak - but they haven't...

BB9 Adam & Ryan After Jury Questions
With DR Audio Jury Leak

1:35am BBT
Adam and Ryan are figuring out the stipend money... and acknowledging that although 2nd place doesn't receive the stipend, 2nd place still gets more than all the jury members... Then they move on to some Sheila bashing...

Adam: She really expected to be carried to the end of the game. I saved us (repeatedly)... The first 3 or 4 evictions, our keys were pulled out first.. because of me!
Ryan: The only time you were ever in danger was when she won HoH and put your ass up.
Adam: She helped more people in the house than me?!
Ryan: What she did was campaign to get people out of the house.. that's what she did, dude.
Adam: Fu--em dude. I rocked Matty's question (and a couple others). After Joshy's question, I went down hill. Boohoohoo, Hoops! Rock Sequester. They're all f'in' weak. James was the only competition we had!
Ryan: Sharon was the worst, dude. She thinks she threw that sh*t on purpose. That's her excuse. She didn't wanna take it.
Adam: Who cares. It's out of our hands now.

1:35am BBT
Ryan & Adam After Jury Q&A Pt 2

1:41am BBT
Ryan & Adam

BB: Adam, Ryan...
Adam: WHAT?! What could we possibly be doing wrong right now?!
BB: Ryan, please exchange your microphone.

Adam: Josh... I hope he gets old and nasty and dies...
Ryan: He is a nasty f'in dude, huh?
Adam: He wont say one word to my face.. Look at Adam, Look at Adam.. Did ya see his face? (noises) They're probably gettin' all souped up... Yeah, Matty, I'm givin a hundred thousand to charity.. I'm blowin' it all, dude. Whatta you want me to tell ya?
Ryan: It's how Big Brother makes us answer all these dumb questions about sh*t we f'in did, and we shouldn't have to explain ourselves... and we gotta sit here and get our balls busted??
    ***Yes, Ryan, that's how the show works.
Adam: It's over with, dude. Thank God my family's coming to this, cause I don't wanna hang out with any of these people. Do you?
Ryan: No.
Adam: MattyMick definitely... Chatty a little, and James. That's about it. They must show them a LOT of tape.. But hey.. the morons f'in won dude.. We still here, ni--as.. Why're they such haters, dude? They're just jealous.

Ryan & Adam After Jury Q&A Pt 3

1:47am BBT
Frilly Room
Blowing off Steam

Adam: And Sheila's like mad you didn't pick her.
Ryan: I told her the straight up truth the night before.
Adam: She's f'd up, that b*tch. "ya both suck!"
Ryan: And we gotta sit there and hold our tongues, dude.
Adam: It's the year of the bromance, dude. We did it. We shanked em.
Ryan: Yeah, we did.

Talk turns briefly to working out tomorrow... Then Adam asks if Ryan's tired, and he is, kinda, but he's also worked up. Still, he asks Adam to cut the light out...

Ryan & Adam - After the Jury, Part 4

2:10am BBT
Frilly Room
Lights out.

Ryan asks Adam what the Jury sees. Adam gets the rule book out..

Adam: They will, however, be shown all the nomination ceremonies, veto ceremonies, evictions, as well as other events. They will not be shown private conversations or any Diary Rooms.
Ryan: Alright..
Adam: They might show em the QnA... That's the problem with talkin' about sh*t in this house... Sheila was doggin' me the sh*t out, bro, f'in hard.
Ryan: Josh and Sheila.
Adam: You'll probably get Sheila.
Ryan: I doubt it.. cuz you're f'in throwin' money to the f'in autistic children's fund.. I shoulda made sh*t up like that from the beginning...
Adam: This is crazy bro. They all hate me. Like Sheila seriously thought I would take her to the end.
Ryan: Sheila's the most f'd up.
Adam: She's been f'in you over since the beginning.. like with Allison.. We shoulda ripped them back, dude.. Both of us..
Ryan: Right.. Like Chelsia - You go ahead and be a flight attendant, ya f;in fat b*tch.
Adam: I think I got her back pretty good though. F that b*tch.,,

Ryan slams Chelsia for having sex with James after knowing him 6 weeks...

Adam: She was beat, dude. Joshuah, what an a-hole. I hate that dude now. Did you hear him rippin' me in the background?
Ryan: Yeah, he's a funny f'in guy. he wont say any of that sh*t to your face.
Adam: Never. Guarantee that.
Ryan: I gotta piss.
Adam: Party?
Ryan: No way, dude.. I'm goin' ta bed.

Ryan gets up to use the bathroom. Adam lays in bed laughing out loud to himself. When Ryan gets back, they're jokey...

Adam: Dude, did I say at the end of my speech "...and smoke cigarettes?" Ohh. What a night. That was their last power trip.
Ryan: Hell of a roast, dude.
Adam: (Josh) He hates me, huh? They're real tough in the jury house... think we have to suck their dicks cuz they're voting. Sheila was the worst.. Poor Jorge. I'd go back to alcohol if I was with that woman too... It's all over in a few days.. At least we're not in the jury house.. Good night, dude.
Ryan: (yawns) Goodnight.

They continue talking a few minutes later...

Ryan: They're f'd up people, dude. Everyone but James and Matty.. When i go to the red carpet event, I'm gonna be so rude to Sharon, like you're the most boring person in the world... We're f'in winkin'.. i didn't wink at you one time.
Adam: They can suck it. And Chelsia's talking about being professional.. She's white trash.
Ryan: She is white trash.
Adam: She's dive bars. And F Sharon..
Ryan: B*tch. F'in Hoops came out. That's all you got? F'in hate her dude. She ain't got sh*t on me.
Adam: Matty Mc's the man, dude. Alls he cares about's the money.. "How you gonna take care of me," he says...
Ryan: He's lookin' to see who's gonna hook him up.
Adam: N'How come everybody was askin' me questions first? Josh said I was mad rude to him.. F them peeps. Like you know, I coulda ripped them people hard, bro. That was crazy.
Ryan: I didn't even see this comin'.

They talk about the fact they're getting paid, while the jury is getting only $7500 (their stipend), and Adam mentions that Ryan made more that all of them just on one of his prizes.

2:30am BBT
Adam goes to the kitchen to fix himself a snack.
Ryan's in bed, lying on his stomach, eyes closed.

2:40am BBT
Adam comes back into the room. Ryan asks him how many hot dogs he had, and Adam says he had 2, but he's so depressed he wanted to have 4. Ryan goes to use the restroom.

Adam: That's Bullsh*t what happened tonight.
Ryan: I don't care.
Adam: Sheila and Josh especially.. (bash bash) Ya both suck. At least we get (minimum) 50gs for this, dude. F'd up, man.

2:53am BBT...
Several minutes of silence now... Both are in bed. Lights are out... But Ryan's not snoring, and Adam's moving around restless, so I don't think they're sleeping yet. Down, but not out.

3:05am BBT
Still silence... I think this may be it for the night... Sleep well, boys...

3:15am BBT
Nope, not yet. Ryan can't sleep. He keeps thinking about the jury QnA... He gets up to use the bathroom. Adam stays in bed, laughing. When Ryan returns to the Frilly Room and gets in bed, they chat some more.

Adam: I'm a f'in idiot... I'm nic patched up like crazy here. I'm gonna get sick n pass out.
Ryan: Whatever works dude. G'nite.
Adam: Goodnight.

*** Maybe this time they mean it... Incidentally, it's now 6:23am my time... I'll be sleeping in.

3:23am BBT
Adam: I hate Sheila, dude. Dogged both of us out hard as hell. She's a man hater, bro. Like she told Chatty I hate her morning routine... "Oh guess what, Natalie, that morning routine. He hates it." If you spit in someones face, ya still get your check? I'll have my brother spit in her face.. No. My roommate, Ben. He's ruthless. He'll do it. F'in c-nt, f'in b*tch. They got it all figured out, lemme tell ya.
Ryan: mmhmm.

3:35am BBT
Adam can't sleep.. He gets up to use the restroom. Ryan laughs softly.

3:42am BBT
FLUSH.. Adam comes out of the restroom and goes and stares at the memory wall a bit. He wipes his hands all over Sharon's pic... Gives silent applause to someone else's... Flips off another... Still standing there silently after 4 minutes...

3:46am BBT
He backs up to take them all in at once... then comes back in very close, his focus trained on the middle pic in the middle row...

3:47am BBT
Adam takes a seat at the small table and continues to stare at the memory wall.

** I can't help but wonder if he's regretting his choice to throw so many comps to Ryan now... regretting the choice to bring Ryan, instead of Sheila, to the final 2. I'll ask him after he's had a little time to recuperate.

3:52am BBT
Adam gets up and walks into another room, camera left of the memory wall, but the camera does not follow him for a moment...

3:53am BBT
Adam's in the Jacuzzi... trying to relax enough that he'll be able to fall asleep.

***Come on, buddy. You've seen the show before. Talk to us. Tell us what's running through your head.

3:57am BBT
Adam's still in the jacuzzi, silent.
Ryan's still in bed, but he can't sleep either. He's got a Jen replacement pillow hug going on, and he keeps trying to find the right position for it.

4:01am BBT
Adam steps out of the jacuzzi and heads back inside the house. He goes straight to the shower...

4:07am BBT
Adam finishes showering, dries off, qtips his ears, puts something all over his face and neck, then his legs as well... dries off his tush, takes off his towel, hangs it up and puts a pair of shorts on.

4:10am BBT
Adam goes from the bathroom straight to the storage room and puts another nicotine patch on. Adam returns to the bathroom, towels off his hair a bit more, and heads back over to the memory wall to stare some more.

4:15am BBT
Adam gives up the staring, has a drink of something from the fridge, and heads into the Red Room to sleep on one of the couches. Or, at least, to try sleeping.

4:21am BBT
Adam's still lying on the couch in the red room and quite fidgety...
Ryan is snoring now... He's out.

***Me too... I'll be back to publish comments when I wake up.

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Jury QnA Underway

As of 1:22am BBT, The Feeds are back!!

12 Midnight BBT

Here's a clip of Ryan and Adam, starting minutes before the male DR Voice came over the speakers...

Ryan & Adam at Midnight

At 12:05am BBT, at the end of the above clip, a male DR Voice came over the speakers saying "Hi guys, we're about to get started. We're at the jury house." Then straight to Trivia... There was no glimpse of the jury members...

In the meantime, please check out these clips of the boys preparing for the big event:

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Midnight Jury Q-n-A Session

It's tonight, kids! Ryan and Adam are stressing out about it as we speak.

Shortly before 8pm, the feeds went to trivia, and when they came back on the boys were saying. "Midnight huh? We have to answer 7 questions each... and give a speech..." Apart from this, neither of them seem to have a clue how the Jury QnA works... hehe.

Midnight BBT... We'll be here & waiting for the feeds to come back! Hopefully even seeing some of the jury before they cut away... Hope to see you!

Here's a clip of the boys, captured by Romie1218:

How Does this Work?

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Dick & Janelle are Chatting Exclusively on the Feeds

Don't Forget!!

Dick and Janelle are participating in a live chat tonight on the feeds at 6pm BBT!

Tune in to Feed #4! And feel free to blog your little hearts out here while it's on. :) I'm here, ready, willing and able. ;)

In addition, the RePlay of BB9 is already active on the feeds, too!

The chat is only available to Superpass subscribers.

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The Real Deal's Final BB9 Video

Nothing and no one compares to TheRealDeal2010. Here's his final BB9 Video of the season. Enjoy... and subscribe.


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Afternoon in the BB9 House

12noon BBT

Ryan and Adam just woke up a couple minutes ago. Ryan's wanting to get some sun... Adam's laying in bed, but talking to Ryan in the kitchen... The chatter centers around prime sun hours and tacos.

12:05pm BBT

Adam's requesting some Biggie Smalls to get out of bed. BB isn't complying.

12:17pm BBT

Adam's still in bed. Ryan's just come out of the restroom and into the frilly room...
Ryan: Hey Baller, I gotta turn this light on, dude.
Adam: At least you asked. Big She was ruthless.
Ryan: She was ready to go home. You gonna lay in bed all day?
Adam: I'll come lay out. You goin outside now?
Ryan: Uhh, soon.

Ryan turns the light back off, and out he goes, back to the kitchen.

12:21pm BBT
Ryan: What do you guys want today?

Ryan digs around in the fridge.

Ryan: I know, I know f'ers. Booboo... You guys know it's feeding time, huh?

12:23pm BBT

Ryan chops up some fruit for the guinea pigs and goes to feed them.

Ryan: Here, buddies.

All the while, Adam's still in bed, in the dark.

When he's done with the guineas, Ryan heads back to the kitchen to pour himself some coffee.

12:30pm BBT

Ryan heads outside to the backyard to catch some rays.

It's good to be king. ;)

Ryan: Well, this is good.

FLAMES @ 12:32pm BBT

Perhaps Adam will get his Hip Hop music. Nope. But it seems they did tell him to get his butt out of bed.

Feeds are back at 12:34pm BBT

Adam goes to the Storage Room to change his batteries then comes outside.

Adam: I think they're gettin' busy up in HoH.
Ryan: They're done with us. It's about that time.

Adam requests music again...

Adam: C'mon. Hook a playa up.

12:36pm BBT
Adam heads back inside to the frilly room for a moment, requests music again, and starts singing: "The Summer wind... Came blowin' in... From Cross the Sea.." and we get flames, briefly. Feeds return with Adam again requesting music from BB. Adam sings something else..

BB: Adam.
Adam: I'm sorry.
BB: Please stop singing.

12:40pm BBT

Adam goes to the kitchen and nukes something... then begins preparing something to eat.

12:43pm BBT
Ryan sticks his head inside to chat with Adam for a moment... then returns to the backyard, and steps into the pool.

Ryan returns to the chaise lounge...

Adam continues the food prep in the kitchen.

12:48pm BBT
Adam & Ryan

Adam had very weird dreams last night. Ryan blames it on the 14MG (nic patch) he put on last night. He tells Adam to request the number 7s or to tell them to just get them some smokes.. It would be so much easier (and cheaper).

They start talking about their planned workout for the day...

Adam: I think I had a dream about every person on my list.
Ryan: You went to bed all pumped last night.
Adam: One girl was tryin to F me, and I was like, you're tryin' to f me, cause of my bank...

12:52pm BBT
Adam: Right now I would die for a cigarette.
Ryan: I know. I hear ya.
Adam: That's some hot joe.
Ryan: Hmm?
Adam: The joe's hot, right?

12:54pm BBT
Ryan: I say, in 20 minutes, we work out.
Adam: 20 minutes. Ok.
Ryan: It doesn't have to be that heavy.

12:56pm BBT
Adam moves the double wide chaise across the yard so it'll be next to Ryan's lounge chair.... In the process he hurts himself...

Adam: Ooooowwww!!

Couple minutes later...

Adam: This sh*t's turning purple dude. It's my benchin' hand, bro.

They both go inside.

Adam: What's the matter with BooBoo? Is he deaad?
Ryan: He's depressed dude. He's taking Sharon's eviction hard.

Adam to the guineas...
Adam: What's da matter BooBoo? Furr-einds... furr-einds....

Adam goes into the Frilly Room.
Ryan goes back outside.

1pm BBT
Adam & Ryan
Ryan comes back out and inquires about Adam's hand. Adam calls himself an idiot for getting hurt... The boys return to the subject of food...

1:05pm BBT
Time to work out.

Here's a compilation of some of the awake time with the final 2....

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Thursday Morning

11:51am BBT
The Boys are up! The made the morning, with 9 minutes to spare. Ryan's in the kitchen preparing the coffee, and Adam's in the restroom. Let the day begin.

11:53am BBT
Ryan & Adam
Adam says he got sick, passed out and had crazy dreams last night... then Adam heads back to bed. BB hasn't made him turn the lights on.

Ryan remains in the kitchen.


The boys seem determined to sleep the day away... So I'd like to call your attention to bb9dish-caps again. Dishchicks DivaDawn and Kimbaliscious have been hard at work getting gorgeous screencaps of the Big Brother 9 Live Feeds for us all season long, and today is no exception. Go check em out, and leave the ladies some love! Here's the link: bb9dish-caps.

While the boys are still sleeping, a game of sorts... Brought to us by Jane, who unlike me, still retains functioning brain cells this late in the season.

Question: What do you think the various jury members will ask, and what do you think the responses will be?

As of 11:34am BBT Thursday morning, our final 2 are still snug in the beds, while visions of really big checks and... oh heaven only knows... dance through their heads.

Sleep well, boys.

The inquisition is tomorrow.

I wonder how the jury will treat them... who will be nice, who nasty, who the most bitter...

Meanwhile, on the BB9 Replay...

Sheila's tanning in the backyard, while James and Chelsia, Parker & Jen, and Joshuah & Sharon all dream the bizarre dreams of the BB house.

All hopeful...

None destined to be in the final 2.

Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of them tomorrow on the live feeds just before they do the question an answer session with Adam and Ryan.

Could've just been a special one time thing way back during all-stars, but I remain ever hopeful. :)

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Happy Thursday, Big Brother Lovers!

FYI - As of 9:48am BBT, the boys are still sleeping.

Hard to believe, but we're almost there. It's all in the hands of the jury now, and Adam and Ryan will most likely be seeing them (and getting grilled) on Friday. It'll be interesting to see if the bromance survives the jury inquisition... Either way, the votes from the 7 evicted HGs that make up the jury will decide who gets the $500,000 and who gets $50,000... Live, Sunday night.

In the meantime, we have 2 options on the live feeds: we can watch the bro's and we can watch the re-feeds, which have already begun.

If you've already subscribed to the live feeds, these are the links you need to launch the ReFeeds:

Don't forget, there's also the live chat with Dick and Janelle tonight at 6pm BBT/9pm Eastern, exclusively for Superpass subscribers. It's never too late to try it out with the 2 week free trial, and see what you've been missing all season.

Last night in the BB house, Adam and Ryan had a whole lot of bro time on their hands. Quirkydude got a lot of clips, if you'd like to go check them out...

Unfortunately, what no one got a clip of was Adam's DR leak, which started off sounding like he was just flirting with the Sexy Voice DR Lady, Shawn, but very quickly transitioned to sounding very much like he was talking to friends and family at home...

When Adam came out of the DR, he told Ryan not to get into the shower yet, because they were going to call him in, and it would be a very good session... Later, Adam mentioned the names of several people, and the DR shushed him immediately. It made me wonder if one of the perks of being final 2 is a quick, monitored phone call from the loved ones...

Here's an example from just after 9pm BBT. The boys agree this final 2 has been in the works since April Fool's Day. They go on to talk quite a bit about Sheila, both suggesting they could have gotten with her sexually had they wanted to...

9:08pm BBT - Ryan & Adam

In another DR Leak, captured by DreamersVids, we hear Ryan pleading for smokes...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feeds Are Back with the Final 2

6:03pm BBT
The feeds are back and the boys are hanging in the kitchen, talking.

Here's a clip from when the feeds first came back:

BB: Ryan, please go to the diary room.

Ryan goes.

6:18pm BBT
Ryan's out of the DR. The boys exchange some friendly, self congratulatory words. Adam's off to the DR. Ryan tries to get into the Storage Room. BB wont let him in yet.

6:22pm BBT
Ryan heads to the frilly room, changes into something a little more comfortable.

6:30pm BBT
Adam comes out of the DR. He and Ryan are ranting about Sheila, saying she was fake crying and over-playing the single mom card. They transition into more bro-mantic praise for eachother... Then begin discussing the sequester house, and where it might be.

6:32pm - The BroMance Continues

6:37pm - It's a Wrap

6:44pm BBT
BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door (so the P.A.s can scurry in and set up a nice Final 2 feast for you).

6:52pm BBT
Isn't It Bromantic

The boys have been hanging outside for the past 45 minutes...

7:24pm BBT
Feeds have cut to Trivia... just for a couple minutes.

Final 2 Champagne time! :)

Final 2 Champagne Toast!

7:30pm BBT - More Trivia with a quick break to show us they got nice food...

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Live Show Spoiler

The Live Show has just begun... The recap is underway. First up, the endurance comp... Along with a bit of Sharon's eviction recapping right in the middle of it. Then Adam's DR version of the events on Sharon's eviction day.

Now they show the sequence we were waiting for last night - the deal Adam and Ryan made 15 minutes before Sharon's eviction... And Sheila's tearful reaction to still being in the house.... And, finally, back to the Endurance Comp.

Sheila made the choice to fall, so she wouldn't get sick and would be able to play in the next comp. Then Adam dropped, fulfilling his end of the deal with Ryan to get Sharon out, and regaining Ryan's trust.

ADAM DR: Sheila thinks I'm with her. Ryan thinks I'm with him. I really don't care as long as one of them takes me to the final 2.

Julie.. next up: Final HoH Part 2.

Back from COMMERCIAL... Round 2. The Human Guinea Pig Wheel... Adam gets it done in about 14 minutes 55 seconds. Sheila 33 minutes and 26 seconds. Adam moves on to the 3rd and final round to face Ryan.

Campaigning from Sheila to Adam... from last night... Adam telling Sheila he'll do his best. Sheila responding that she trusts him, and reminding him they are the last couple standing in the game.

Next, Ryan and Adam celebrating together, minus Sheila...
Adam: I can't even fathom the fact that I'm winning 500,000 right now.
Ryan DR: When he said he was gonna win 500,000, I thought I might be better off taking Sheila.
Adam DR: )More of they don't know what i'm doing...)

Julie Questions to HGs in the Living Room...
On a scale of 1-10, Ryan says his confidence that the jury would vote for him is about a 3.
Sheila says she's at a 4...
Adam says he's more comfortable, but he'll lowball it with a 5.

Julie: Ryan, Adam: In just a few moments, the 2 of you will face off in the final leg of the HoH competition. (Commercial Break)

Back from Commercial... Jury House Segment!! :) Matty is as expected with Natalie -avoiding her, according to Natalie....Cute segment, though. Chelsia catches the eye contact between Adam and Ryan, calls them out to everyone and rewinds the dvd... to make sure no one misses it. Nice.

COMMERCIAL - Back from Commercial...

3rd Part of Final HoH
Ryan and Adam, It's time to see how well you know the jury members...

Question 1 - Matt said, the hg i wish I was nicer to was Natalie or James? Natalie - both correct.
Question 2- Chelsia... Both Wrong.
Question 3 - Joshuah - Most deserving to win the game - - Myself - Ryan Point.
Question 4 - James - B - Both Correct
Question 5 - Natalie - Best Showmance this season - James & Chelsia - No points.
Question 6 - Sharon - Biggest Lie in the House - Back Caused me to Fall - Ryan

Ryan wins the Comp.
He is the Final Head of Household.

Ryan will evict either Adam or Sheila after the break...

Here it comes... Sheila's barely holding it together.
Adam pleads his case, briefly... Sheila's turn, very tearful...

Ryan Evicts:

Sheila is broken. Julie is calming... The boys are elated.
Julie's interview is really terrific tonight. It's like she's talking Sheila down from a ledge... Just gentle and warm...

Adam's Goodbye message for Sheila was perfect... If Sheila gets to go to the Sequester house, she'll be a campaign machine.

Julie goes back to the guys, and calls them the ultimate bro-mance. Hm. They say they'll be best friends for life... Uh huh.

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Final 3 Interview with Adam's Buddy Darin

15 minutes til the Live Show... Just time enough for a little insight into Adam from his friend, Darin, who was kind enough to grant us another interview.... Enjoy!!

Here's the url, if you'd like to share the link:

BB9Dish-Carolyn: Well, your boy did it... He's made it to Final 3, and pending the outcome of tonight's part 3 competition, he seems a shoe-in for Final 2 and the $$. Party in Jersey tonight?

Adam's Buddy Darin: There's a party every night in Jersey sweetie, but the real party starts when Adam gets back with that half a mil. Any way this goes from here on out he's got it locked down. Oh and for the record, in case anybody else tries to claim it, Adam, I want that Spring Break is for Lovers shirt. It's in writing now.

BB9Dish-Carolyn: You know Adam... The rest of us, Diary Room folks included, have no flipping clue who he's being honest with. Care to enlighten us?

Adam's Buddy Darin: I think it's bro-connection all the way now. He knows he has the votes against Ryan and won't risk the "single mother" card that Sheila conveniently throws around every chance she gets. By the way shout out to Mick. What's up playa? You know it's all in fun. Make your mom make A Ball take you out one night (should make up for all the bad stuff he's said about her)

BB9Dish-Carolyn: Do you think he'll throw the comp to Ryan tonight?

Adam's Buddy Darin: No doubt. He knows Ryan will take him and there's no need to get his hands dirty.

BB9Dish-CarolynIf he plays it to win, who are you hoping he'll bring with him to final 2.. to give himself the best shot at the 500k?

Adam's Buddy Darin: I think he has to take Ryan. Who has Ryan got? Possibly Josh, possibly Chelsia, probably Sharon? Too many maybes not to bank on a win. Adam's already thinking about how to spend the money, guaranteed. DUNNN. (note the triple n) My only worry is that Billy Big Wheels over there remembers us little guys when he gets out and doesn't go all "important" on us.

BB9Dish-Carolyn: In your opinion, does Adam deserve to win Big Brother 9?

Adam's Buddy Darin: Good question. I would say yes. He really came through on some important HoH comps. and won. He only won the ones that were strategically best for him (I know when Adam throws a comp.- like when he gets all loud and pysched up about a comp. I know he's throwing it, when he's quiet, he's got it locked). He's played a really good game. He's stayed silent like Sharon for the most part, but it was his stories that really won everybody over. Crazy stuff happens to Adam and all our friends, and to most people it's unbelievable, but most of the stories he told were true. I'm just glad all the embarrassment we've suffered over the years paid off for someone.

Plus, Adam is the greatest human being ever (I figure kissing Adam's ass in print couldn't hurt)


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Mid Afternoon

3:13pm BBT - Feeds are back!

Chatter Between the Final 3

3:28pm BBT
Adam and Sheila have showered. Ryan's Shaved. And at the moment, Sheila's in the blue Room packing.

3:37pm BBT
Still packing. Oh the excitement!

***FYI - Blogger will be down for 15 minutes of maintenance from 4-4:15pm BBT.

3:40pm BBT
Sheila's in jeans and a black strappy shirt, doing her makeup.

3:46pm BBT
Sheila & Ryan
Sheila: One more hour?
Ryan: Yeah.
Sheila: It's crazy.
Ryan: Tell me about it.

***Scintillating, I know.

Ryan gets into the shower. Sheila's still working on her makeup.

3:54pm BBT
Sheila, Ryan & Adam
Adam just entered. Sheila's blowdrying her hair. Chatter about sunspots and creams. Adam says he lives in South Florida. "It's humid down there. There's no dry skin."

***That's the truth!

3:58pm BBT
Sheila's alone in the bathroom, styling her hair.

4:19pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
Ryan: I think she knows, dude. Whatever.

Ryan and Adam start talking about seeing their families soon, at the finale...


4:21pm BBT
Spa Room

Sheila is alone. Deep sigh. Eyes closed.

BB control's got an excellent isolation shot...

A picture's worth a thousand words.

Or $50,000. Or more.

4:30pm BBT
Spa Room
Sheila, Alone

Sheila: Ryan's so far up Adam's ass I can't talk to him. I wish you guys would call him to the DR. I need to talk to him before this competition begins. Where ever Adam goes, he goes.

***She keeps repeating this.

4:35pm BBT
Sheila gets up and goes to the restroom. She's quick. Washes her hands, checks herself out in the mirror and heads off to check on Adam's location. He's still in the backyard, under heavy surveillance (Ryan). Sheila doesn't bother, but says hello to the guineas instead. She then heads into the storage room for something to munch on.

4:39pm BBT
Sheila heads back to the Spa Room...

Female DR Voice: You guys, I just want you to make sure all your stuff's in the Storage Room by 5...

Sheila says her stuff's already in there.

4:42pm BBT
Adam's getting ready in the bathroom now... light chatter between the HGs.

4:47pm BBT
DR VOICE (Male): ALright, just gonna bring you guys in to the DR real Quick. Ryan.

Off Ryan goes.

Sheila finally gets Adam alone to make her pitch. She tells Adam Ryan had promised her to take her to the end... She tells him Ryan does not have his back. He owes Ryan nothing. For him to say he wouldn't vote for you shows who he is...

DR Calls Adam in... he goes. Ryan comes out.

Sheila: I already knows you guys are gonna take each other. I'm prepared for that.
Ryan: We'll see.
Sheila: No. He told me. I'm ok. I'm not gonna have any sour grapes.

4:50pm BBT
Adam comes out of the DR.
Sheila: Let's do this. Not gonna call me in? Don't need to?
VOICE: Sheila, ya wanna come to the Diary Room?

Off she goes.

Adam and Ryan talk.
Ryan: She says she's not going out with sour grapes. She seems cool about it.
Adam: I'm sure she wants to stay, y'know what I mean?
Ryan: Sure. She's like, I'm here because you guys brought me this far...

Adam and Ryan agree they have a way better shot at the 500k with each other than with her.

Ryan: This is crazy bro. Final HoH.
Adam: Let's rockem.

Sheila comes back out.

Sheila: I had to say goodbye. Again.
Ryan: You look very nice tonight, Sheila.
Sheila: Thank you, Ry.

DR VOICE: You guys can all enter the living room for me. Seating going from left to right: Ryan, Adam, Sheila.

Sheila: Crazy stuff. Who would have thought? The 3 laying on the floor in sleeping bags...

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Wednesday Afternoon

12:12pm BBT
The Feeds just came back on. Adam's in the living room, looking into camera and giving his belly a squeeze.

Adam steps to the kitchen, and he and Ryan chat briefly about the time, then Ryan heads back outside. Adam soon follows.

12:14pm BBT
Adam & Ryan

Ryan: You nervous, dude.
Adam: Not really. You?
Ryan: A little.

Ryan: What's the split screen for?
Adam: Julie's on top and videos are on bottom, I think.

Sheila comes out and resumes her position on the chaise.

Ryan: I'm sure they're gonna lock us out again. it's only 12:15.
Sheila: Feels later.
Ryan: I know.

Ryan's working out.

12:22pm BBT
Sheila's still sunning.
Ryan's doing short sets followed by a lot of heavy breathing, pacing and down time.
Adam is unseen.

12:49pm BBT
Sheila's on all 4 feeds, tanning quietly in the backyard...
The only noises we hear are ambient... birds, airplanes, etc...

1pm BBT
Sheila gets up and goes inside, yells out to Adam.
Sheila: Adam, is the water supposed to be running in the pool?
Ryan: He's asleep.
Sheila: Really? I thought I just heard him. I'd do it, I just don't know how.

Ryan comes outside to tend to the water. Sheila tends to the laundry.

Sheila: Are you sleepin to?
Ryan: Nah, I was just readin the bible. I got too much nerves I think to sleep today.
Sheila: Yeah. I could see that.

Ryan lies down on the gondola chaise.

Sheila: Wonder if they're gonna make us pack.. like, pack pack.
Ryan: Probably.

Sheila walks inside.

A minute later, Ryan says "It's too hot," and heads inside as well.

1:04pm BBT
Blue Room

Sheila looks like she's going to do some more packing, but then lies down on the bed and closes her eyes. That lasts all of a minute before she gets her sunglasses back on and walks through the house to the bathroom, talking into her mic, asking if it might be possible to get some alka seltzer for her upset stomach.

1:08pm BBT
Sheila emerges from the WC and says "It doesn't have to be alka seltzer.. anything for an upset stomach."

***Come on, Sheila.. Don't start treating the DR like your personal assistant again. They've been really nice about flattering closeups lately.

Sheila: OK, I know you guys are listening, so I'm gonna sum it up for you. Ryan the producer, are you listening to me right now?


1:13pm BBT
A Soliloquy
Sheila: (her tone is calm) So here it is, I get it now. OK. If Ryan doesn't win against Adam, he feels like Adam should take him to the end of this game and not take me, cause if Adam takes me, Ryan's not gonna vote for him. So what does that mean? That means that Ryan doesn't have his back, and has sour grapes, and is a big frikkin bully. Talk about threatening people... So if Adam wins going up against you, he doesn't deserve the money? And I told Adam all along, I'll vote for him... Why doesn't Ryan wanna pick Adam to win the money? Cause he can't beat him? So that's what Julie meant. I get it. Now.. How do I explain that to Adam before the competition? I don't know. Cuz Ry Bread is guarding him like a frikkin pit bull. Ryan Producer, I get what you were sayin last night. But I don't know how to make Adam get it, unless Ryan goes in to the DR for a half an hour. Ryan doesn't feel like Adam deserves the money if Adam beats him and takes me. What a poor sport. If anyone deserves to win that money, it's Adam.. or me. Ryan hasn't been a stand up guy. He's been a bully this whole game. He wont let me get anywhere near Adam. I just need to tell him the truth. Sorry I didn't get it last night, Ryan Producer. I'm getting it now. Your bro doesn't have your back, Adam. Come on. Talk about a threat. Uch. I hate this game. These people suck. Adam, even if you don't pick me, I'm gonna still give you the money.

BB: Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your DRs with other houseguests.

Sheila: I'm not talking to anyone. I'm talking to myself here, so it must be Ryan and Adam. Life hangs in the balance. My life. My game.

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Here's the clip:
Sheila Talking to Herself

1:32pm BBT
Sheila's outside on the chaise.
Silence has resumed.. for the moment.

1:40pm BBT
Sheila heads inside and does the dishes. Just a couple, so she heads right back out to the backyard in short order.

Shhhh.. she's tanning.

2:12pm BBT

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A Little Final 3 Interview with Sheila's Son Mick

Flames began at 10:52am BBT, and Trivia kicked in a couple minutes later. As soon as the feeds come back, I'll open an afternoon post.

I figured we'd have more than our fair share of Flames and Trivia today, what with it being a live show day, and I thought you might enjoy hearing from the friends and family of the final 3. First up: Sheila's son Mick. Mick was kind enough to do this interview very, very early this morning...

Here's the Direct url if you'd like to link to it:

BB9Dish-Carolyn: You must be so excited and proud of your mom! Did you ever think she'd make it this far in the game?

Mick: Honestly, I didn't, and yeah, I'm very proud of her.

BB9Dish-Carolyn: Tonight's a big night... Do you think Adam will bring her to Final 2 if he wins the 3rd part of the HoH comp? Do you think Ryan will, if he does?

Mick: I think Adam might. Ryan? I'm not sure about him.

Carolyn: Can you tell us why, in your words, your mom deserves to win Big Brother 9?

Mick: Cuz shes been a struggling single parent for 16 years having to deal with me..lol.. But yeah, she really deserves it and needs it.

Carolyn: If she does win, is there something special you'd like? Some gift you've been dreaming of?

Mick: I know she'll get a house... As for me, as many shoes as she'll buy me. : )

Carolyn: How strange has this whole experience been for you?

Mick: Very bizarre, but it's almost over, and I cant wait to have her home.

Carolyn: One last question, if your mom does make it to final 2, how do you think the jury votes will shake out?

Mick: My predictions...

    Matt:Ryan or Adam
    Josh: Ryan or Adam
    Chelsia: Ryan or Adam
    James: Mom, maybe.
    Natalie: Adam or Ryan
    Sharon: Mom
    Ryan or Adam: ???

Carolyn: Thanks for making the time for us again, Mick. :)
Mick: Oh, definitely.


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Wednesday Morning in the BB9 House

The feeds cut to flames just a moment ago at 8:24am BBT. Wakey, Wakey Houseguests! It's time to entertain the live feed viewers! Man. BB is not playing around today. I thought for sure they'd give the HGs a nice lie in, since it's not like they have to fight for showers or mirror time, but such is not the case.

8:38am BBT
Frilly Room
Adam & Ryan

Feeds are back. Adam is not happy to be awake. Not at all.
Adam: I'm sorry I'm not Josh. I'm not gonna do a f'in dance routine for you people.
Ryan laughs.
Ryan: That boy had way too much energy in the morning. It was like that was his job - wake up, entertain, and go back to bed with a pillow over his head.
Adam: He had a fan club.
Ryan: That kid and his dance routines... Gay mafia.

Adam: Time to go back to bed for a little while.
Ryan: Feels so good under the covers.
Adam: So good?
Ryan: (mimics Allison) Sooo Gooood.
Adam laughs.
Ryan: That girl was an evl schemer, dude. SHe was just devious. Josh was scared to death of her.
Adam: I have a feeling Josh hasn't seen the last of her. If anybody's nervous about the wrap party, it's that dude.
Ryan: Allison's had 2 months to stew.
Adam: He cost her the game.. she's serious, that broad. I woulda loved her to come back.
Ryan: That woulda been great. Just Josh's face when she popped outta the box.
Adam: She woulda won that HoH too.
Ryan: She didn't even get the top 2 votes though...

Adam: I wonder how many hours of sleep Sheila got last night. 2?
Ryan: Maybe 2 and a half. She didn't get her PMs, dude.
Adam: Eh, she'll get plenty of sleep when she gets outta here.


Adam: One more day at the office... then it's the ultimate vacay... Wonder what's crackin in sequest' right now.
Ryan: They're talkin about how pissed they are.

Flames @ 8:48am BBT, briefly...

Feeds return to Adam and Ryan.

Ryan: So we've got about an hour and 15 minutes, dude.
Adam: Then the party starts out back.
Ryan: Better than being stuck up in HoH dude.

***Ah, yes, they have to build the set in the living room...

Adam and Ryan start talking about all the messed up dreams they've had in the house. They say the house messes with you. Adam says the black boxes over their heads are dream machines (lol). Ryan says he hasn't seen Jen in one single dream.. he's always searching for her.

8:58am BBT
Ryan and Adam start talking about Shannon, Miss Sexy Voice in the DR, and we get flames, briefly. Feeds return in under a minute, and the boys are silent, under their covers and trying for a little more sleep... at least for the moment.

9:20am BBT
Whole lotta silence...

9:24am BBT

9:27am BBT
Feeds are back, and I can hear someone moving about, but the cameras are all on the boys (under their covers) at the moment.

9:34am BBT
Feeds have been in and out of flames. Seems BB wants the boys to get up. It's working. They're still in bed, but they're chatting a bit again... Adam wants "Mo Cheeks" status.

BB's had enough.

BB: Ryan, please go to the Diary Room.

Up and out he goes.

A few minutes later, Adam gets called in.

9:39am BBT
Sheila's in her blue 2 piece, tanning.

She gets called in to the DR, which means Adam's now out... Adam comes back to the frilly room.

9:58am BBT
Frilly Room
Adam & Ryan
Ryan: Did they try to tell you you owed her something?
Adam: They can say whatever the F they want. I'm not listening to em.

10am BBT
Adam tells Ryan not to get so worried...
Flames, briefly.
When the feeds return, Adam says he's putting on his bathing suit to take a dip.
Then Adam goes to the Storage Room. From there, he heads into the kitchen, grabs a mug and pours himself some coffee.

10:09am BBT
Ryan & Sheila
Sheila's just come out of the DR. She and Ryan exchange morning pleasantries.

10:10am BBT
Sheila & Adam
Adam's complaining that they woke him up and turned the lights on while he was sleeping.
Adam: (whispers) I don't know what I'm gonna do, Sheila.
Ryan comes out.
Sheila: They gonna shut us out? I wanna put those towels inside before they do.
Sheila heads in. Adam too.
Sheila: I'm gonna say this real quick, cause I don't know if I'll have another chance. Basically, isn't it interesting that he's a lot like Natalie, saying that if he loses to you...
Adam: Yeah. Spiteful prick.

Ryan comes within earshot.
Sheila changes the subject back to towels.

Sheila: Think they're about to lock us out... At least it's nice out. We can lay out.

Sheila heads back out and starts talking into her mic, saying she really needs to talk to Adam, and they really need to call her in to the DR again sometime soon.

Talk returns to the laundering of the towels.

Sheila: (into Mic) I need to talk to Adam, people. You need to call Ryan in to the Diary Room, so I can tell him what I learned last night. This is ridiculous. He's so far up Adam's ass.

BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass doors.

10:17am BBT
Adam and Ryan are on the double chaise.
Sheila's by the washing machine.

Ryan's saying how nice it it to have the live show day lockdown outside. Sheila comes over from the laundry and agrees with Ryan.

Adam thinks they're probably remodeling the HoH already, getting ready for the BB10 crew.

10:27am BBT
Game talk intensifies. Sheila's bringing up what Julie said yesterday, about "who do you want to sit next to? Someone you can beat or someone who deserves it?" She says that now she gets it...

10:38am BBT
Sheila's still goin'. I'm not sure thought how effective she's being in telling them that no matter what, she'll go into the jury house, and vote for the best player of the game, without bitterness.

Her purpose it to call out Ryan for saying he wont vote for Adam if he doesn't pick him... saying he shouldn't have the sour grapes attitude. Just not sure how well it's going for her.

10:46am BBT
Sheila keeps it positive throughout, and ends by telling them she loves them both and wishes them both the best of luck, because they're both very good players.

10:47am BBT
Talk turns to chatter. Sheila says she lives 20 minutes away.. at least she wont have to get on a plane. The boys say that would be harder for them. Ryan says he'd jump the fence if he knew everyone he knew was right around the corner.

Flames @ 10:49am BBT

Flames become TRIVIA @ 10:53am BBT...

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy Wednesday! Today's a big day in the BB9 house. Time to go from final 3 to final 2... Huge. Who's playing who?

Sheila spent a lot of time campaigning for herself last night. If you'd like to get straight to the videos, Quirkydude got a ton. I'll be transcribing a few of them here in the overnight.

The overnight report is now complete... back n forth, back n forth... Which way will Adam go?

11:13pm BBT
Ryan & Adam
Various Locations
Ryan's Had Enough of Sheila

Ryan: "OK, guys, don't discuss it anymore, cause I'm going to bed."
Adam: "Take time out. Time off."
Ryan: "Ryan, don't campaign him while I go to bed, since he's undecided." Yeah, whatever... S'alright, Sheila, I already know what he's gonna do. This has been in the works for weeks. Sorry, babe.
Adam: I coulda bs'd her and told her I got ya I got ya, but I don't want it to hit her like a ton of bricks. That would hurt even more if it was me.
Ryan: If you don't won tomorrow, just say you don't know.. Give her hope..

BB asks Ryan to exchange his mic.

Adam: Nice campaign job, there, Sheila. Made it worse for her.
Ryan: That's all ya got?

There's a pause in the conversation...

Ryan: She's gonna come out of the DR and be like, Adam, can I talk to you privately in my room? That's my prediction.
Adam: I mean, she was straight threatening me, dude.
Ryan: I know. I know. You know she's gonna play the sorry card now, too.
Adam: And she doesn't like to get laughed at.
Ryan: She hates it, dude.
Adam: Can you believe she was threatening me?
Ryan: She's gonna go back to the single mom card for sure now, too.
Adam: She's probably gonna try to hit you up to.. hard as hell.
Ryan: She started to, and I told her what was up.
Adam: And she backpeddled real quick.
Ryan: Just let me win tomorrow. It'll be a lot easier.
Adam: A lot easier.
Ryan: Big day tomorrow...
Adam: Big day..

They both want beer.. lots of it... and they want the DR to give them smokes.

Ryan: Everything's over. It's party time. We f'in won. Hook us up. Give us some smokes. I got cash...

We hear the door of the DR open and close, indicating Sheila's out of her DR session. Adam calls out to Sheila, asking if she's ok. Ryan gets called in to the DR.

Adam: What's up, Sheil? Ryan's in the DR. We can talk privately now.
Sheila: Come in my room, can you please?

***Nice predicting, Ryan.

Ryan & Adam - 11:13pm BBT

11:24pm BBT
Blue Room
Adam & Sheila
Please Keep Me

Sheila: It's just that I can't talk, and I don't want Ryan to think that you have any desire to keep me. OK?
Adam: Right.
Sheila: I just feel like, I don't wanna have to kiss your ass.
Adam: You never have. You don't need to.
Sheila: He's always said he's gonna take you. He's not gonna take me.

BB wants them to turn the lights on... Adam goofs around, lies down on her bed and gives her a hug.
Adam: No one knows what I'm gonna do! He don't know and you don't know, and that's final. Don't be threatening me, alright Sheila?
Sheila: I'm not threatening you. Listen, I want you to do whatever you wanna do, but let me tell you something, you cannot second guess what the jury's gonna do. You know what? You might have all the votes. Can I tell you why? Look what you did for James. (Adam nods) You gave James what he wanted. He appreciates that, and he respects that.

Adam nods. Says Mm Hmm.

Sheila: Natalie's gonna vote for you. Natalie's gonna get Matty to vote for you. You have one more, that's all you need. It'll probably be Chelsia... or Joshuah.. Do you understand?
Adam: Mm Hmm.
Sheila: Because none of them liked me. They hated the way I played the game. Joshuah used to tell me all the time, he thought I sucked. Ok? So. you gotta think about this.

Adam: Sheil... look, I told you I'm gonna take you. i was just trying to tell you what my thoughts are, cause you were comin at me like I don't owe Ryan anything, and I was just lettin you know...

Sheila: I wasn't threatening you though. I was trying to scare him.
Adam: I was just letting you know that I do feel bad..
Sheila: Yeah.
Adam: About taking you over Ryan. That's all I was tellin ya. Ya know what I mean?
Sheila: Yeah.
Adam: In my thoughts.. y'know, and that's it.
Sheila: You have the right to do that, but y'know what? I'm not gonna cry, and I'm not gonna bug you. I'm just, when you do pick me, I'm really hoping...
Adam: Ya know, in my gut, we're f'in rich right now.. That's why I picked you over Sharon.
Sheila: I know. And you did keep me here, and he didn't want me here, and I knew that. How do you think that makes me feel though, now? Knowing that you're going up against him tomorrow and he's gonna take you, and he's not gonna take me? Do you understand how that makes me feel? You're my only hope.
Adam: I know that...
Sheila: In this game.. to stay alive.. or I walk out that door tomorrow. Do you know how heartbreaking it is that I played such a strong game, and I'm here now, and... I feel like..

Adam: And that's the game, Sheila. I feel bad for you too. (garbled) I feel bad that you've done so much in here and you're going home with nothin'.
Sheila: Yeah, and this guy's already won 10 grand, and (lists off all of Ryan's other prizes.) And I'm not jealous. He won it fair n square. He needs that money.
Adam: If he wins tomorrow, he wins tomorrow. a know what I mean? It's just like...
Sheila: He's not going to. You are.

Adam: I'm gonna do the best I can to win tomorrow.
Sheila: You are gonna win though. That's why I only wanted to talk to you and not him, but I did that... so that he would.. ya know what I mean,, so he wouldn't think that it was just you I was talkin to. There's no changing him. He's set. You are going with him. He told me that. he told me that in the back room, so any way you look at it, you're in a win win situation. If he wins, you win. If you win, he wins. Where is Sheila in all that? I've been your partner.
Adam: But you know what, Sheila.. I'm not making a point for him again, but... from day one, Who was supporting me when you were doggin me out and I was ready to cry and shoot myself in the head? Him. Who was hear from day one..
Sheila: Yeah, but how many times did I apologize to you?
Adam: When you say we were partners? That dude was my partner just as much as you were from the jump.
Sheila: I understand you. I understand. That's cause he didn't have anyone else either... His partner got pulled away from him.
Adam: Over Jen, Over Allison, Over everyone. That dude was there for me from the get go... when you were doggin me out.
Sheila: I understand that.
Adam: When I wanted to jump. I wanted to walk out the door myself.
Sheila: I wanted to too.
Adam: He was there for me. Him. it would be like you choosin between me and Allison right now.
Sheila: I understand that. I wanted to leave too...
Adam: Picture if it was me n Allison and you had to choose. I'm not saying I'm pickin him, and I'm not sayin I'm picking you..
Sheila: Even if he does go, he probably wont go to the jury house to talk to them..

Sheila brings up the jury votes again, and how many he has.

Sheila: I can't say the same for me. If you win tomorrow, you already have those. I know you think people wont give him the money because he's already won so much, but I don't think you can count on that.
Adam: But think of my position though...
Sheila: I got nothin. I can't promise you anything.
Adam: I know, and it sucks to be in your shoes.
Sheila: I'm not gonna cry to you and I'm not gonna beg you. I'm just gonna ask you to go with your heart and your gut.
Adam: That's all I ever do. My whole life.

It may not read that way, but Adam's being really sweet with her...

: You wanna win, I understand that, but you can't put the burden on my shoulders.

Adam gets called to the DR. They say goodnight to each other, and Adam turns Sheila's light out for her.

Adam: What's up?
DR VOICE: It never ends in the Big Brother house.

11:24pm BBT - Adam & Sheila

12:05am BBT
Adam & Ryan
We Gave Her a Shot

Ryan: She's prepared.. y'know what I mean?
Adam: I understand why she's upset.
Ryan: It's tough bein' where she's at. What're ya gonna do?
Adam: Bein' so close and not...
Ryan: Y'know... yeah. She just feels helpless, 'cause she didn't win.
Adam: Yeah.
Ryan: Like babe, we gave ya a chance.
Adam: We gave ya a shot.
Ryan: I'm his boy. We look out for each other. It's not like we don't like each other.
Adam: I told her that since the get go...

Talk turns to food. Ryan's eating sushi...

Adam: She's prepared for it now.
Ryan: She's ready.

Adam: I mean, the broad tried so hard, but ya know what, you'r edone.
Ryan: I know.. and ya gotta listen to her...
Adam: So close but so far away... She sittin' here countin' em out (the jury). Well, you don't know yet...

Pause for food and drink.

Adam: Best if you win.
Ryan: I remember a few weeks ago, James was sayin', If she makes final 2, I'm votin for her.
Adam: Joshuah too.
Ryan: Sharon probably. And then me, cuz you kicked me out.
Adam: She's tellin me I have James, Matt, Natalie and probably Chelsia, cause she hates her...

The boys speculate on their jury votes.

Ryan: It might be 6-1.. I don't know.
Adam: I think if I boot her out now, she'll still vote for me.
Ryan: I'm ok with that. She's not voting for me...
Adam: That's why I kinda feel bad about it... She's got 4 days to think about what happened.
Ryan: I know dude. We worked a lot harder for this. She floated.

Ryan says if the others had been in power, she would have floated to them.

Ryan: Sharon was their pawn. Sheila would've been our pawn.

12:05pm BBT - Adam & Ryan

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Tuesday Show

The Tuesday Live-ish Show (that was filmed yesterday) has just begun on the east, so I'm opening a new post for everyone to comment in while it's on... "Who will make it to the Final 3? Find out tonight on Big Brother."

Nomination Ceremony leads into DRs for Sheila and Sharon... Then all kinds of game talk between Sharon & Ryan, Sheila & Adam. All parties guaranteeing safety.

Then the Sheila & Adam Locked together segment. They edited together some funny stuff, and they kept the segment light...

Next up, the PoV Comp. It looked like everyone was making a fair effort, Adam included. As we know, Ryan won. As comps go, this one had the look of a pin the tail on the donkey budget...

Next up, the lead in to the PoV Ceremony. I'm curious to see if they include Baller's last minute successful drive to get Sharon out.

Uch.. what they do show is Adam trying to make a deal with Sharon. Next cut? Sharon going up to Ryan. I call foul.. As everyone who watched the live feeds knows, Adam went up first and lied to Ryan, telling him Sharon approached him for a deal... then Sharon went up.. then Adam made a second trip up.

Then to the living room with Julie... QnA, then commercial, with a promise of Veto Ceremony & Eviction to follow. Since the HGs are already in the living room, it doesn't look like Adam's 15 minutes before the show QB sneak - being the last man in Ryan's ear & convincing Ryan to let him evict Sharon- is going to make the edit.

Back from commercial, straight into the PoV Meeting. Hmph.

OK, Sharon is evicted, and has the classiest exit ever. In her interview with Julie, we learn she's willing to give it another go with Jacob. Good luck to the both of them.

Next up... the beginning of Endurance Comp we were robbed of last night on the feeds. Then again, they have 13 minutes.. surely they can squeeze it all in. :P No, they chose not to... Just a little HG torture for good measure.

And no Sequester House!

Watch Big Brother 9 Replay 24/7 on SuperPass

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Adam's Playing Both Sides

Who he's being honest with is anyone's guess. When Ryan went into the DR, Adam and Sheila had a conversation about final 2. Adam promised Sheila he wouldn't throw it, and would bring her to final 2 with him.

The moment Ryan came out of the DR and Sheila went in, Adam had a final 2 conversation with Ryan. This time, Adam promised he would throw Ryan the final HoH... They discussed it a bit, and Ryan agreed, and welcomed the opportunity to get Sheila's blood on his hands. Fair trade for Adam having Sharon's blood on his...

Quirkydude got it all on video. Here's his link: Quirkydude. Enjoy.

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Final 3 HoH, Part 2 Spoiler

Feeds Came back at 3:55pm BBT, and Adam won Part 2 of the final HoH.

Adam has said that the comp was made for him. He knew it was his as soon as he saw it. Here's the clip:

Sheila: Good luck, guys. This is the big one.

BB calls Adam to the DR, and Ryan & Sheila ask him to ask if they can go outside soon.

3:59pm BBT
Kitchen Area
Ryan & Sheila

Sheila and Ryan are talking while Adam's in the DR. Sheila's saying she was hot, dehydrated, shouldn't have worn black. "I thought I did good, but I knew I didn't do better than Adam. That was so him. It was just hard. The wheel was heavy... "

She realized her time was about 30 minutes and she was thinking, "Oh, I suck, I'm pathetic. Allison, you're right."

4:07pm BBT

Sheila: No matter what happens at this point, I'm happy. I made it really far. Final 3. it's a huge accomplishment.

Ryan agrees, and says that coming out of this house, he's changed for the better. Sheila agrees, and says she's learned so much from all the kids in the house.

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Final HoH Part 2 Waiting Post

Feeds are Back
3:55pm BBT

Following a "Here we go!" from Mike O., the feeds went to Flames at 1:03pm BBT... As of 1:19pm BBT, the feeds haven't changed over to trivia yet, but they soon should. There we go.. Trivia at 1:25pm BBT. Part 2 of the 3 part final HoH is under way.

For those who've been wondering, here's how Final HoH works:

The first part is always endurance. The second, physical. The third, mental. The winner of part one sits out of part 2, while the 2 losers of part one battle it out. The winners of part 1 and part 2 compete in Part 3. Whoever wins part 3 chooses who they would like to accompany them to the final 2. Whichever HG the winner of part 3 doesn't choose is evicted, and then we're left with our final 2.

@ 3:55pm BBT
OK.. there's only 2 people playing.
What's up, BB??

So.. it's waiting activity time! It's final 3! If you've been here a while, you know what that means: Shag, Marry, Throw from a Cliff! ;) If you're new to the blog, I'll explain: Of the Final 3 BB9 HGs, who would you Shag once and only once, Marry, but never shag, or simply throw from a cliff.

We need another activity! Here's #2, from starstone:
If you were BB, what competition would you design to ensure Sheila would win? What competition would you design if you wanted Adam to win?

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Tuesday Afternoon

Noon BBT
Adam & Sheila

Adam whispers to Sheila that it's the 2 of them for Final 2, and lets her know he's blowing smoke up Ryan's butt to make it happen... Anything he has to say, he will.

After a little whispering, they bring it up to full voice, and Adam explains to Sheila how the next 24 hours is going to work.

12:15pm BBT
Everyone's talking about the comp today. Sheila says she's gonna try her very best, but she's really hoping it's not physical.

12:16pm BBT
Ryan: Hey guys I got my suitcase!
Adam: What?
Sheila: No way! Tonight eviction??

Adam says quietly to Ryan, "I might as well just light her up and be done with it."

Adrenalin is flowing...

Sheila and Adam have their whispers...

12:30pm BBT
The talk for the last several minutes has been about special needs children, and what both Adam and Sheila plan to do with the money. They're getting Ryan on board to a degree... since Jen is a Special Ed teacher. We'll have a clip up for you shortly.

Adam is extremely passionate about helping these kids. Sheila is as well.

Here's a clip:

12:37pm BBT

Following the big, heartfelt, impassioned speech, Adam re-ups his bro card. He and Ryan walk down the hall together laughing... at Sheila.

Sheila goes to the Blue Room to Pack.

12:46pm BBT
Adam & Ryan
Ryan: Handle your business, bro.
Adam: Wouldn't you much rather be goin up against her?
Ryan: Yeah, but don't get over confident. I'd rather you take it.

12:55pm BBT
Adam & Ryan
A bit of Jedi Training...

Ryan's leading Adam through some house details in case he needs it for the comp today. Adam says his memory is super.

1:03pm BBT
The HGs hear something, and they all know it's about to happen... They call out to Mike O asking, and he comes on over the speakers...

Mike O.: Here we go!

Here's a quick clip:
Here we Go!

FLAMES @ 1:03pm BBT...
Still flames @ 1:18pm BBT...

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10:20am BBT
After about 20 minutes of flames, the HGs are up and ready to take on the day. Well, they're getting there... Adam and Ryan are still in bed in the Frilly Room.

BB: Adam, Ryan, I said...

BB wants them up! Sheila's up and at the sunburst table, drinking coffee.

Adam: Big face off today.
Ryan: Yup.
Adam: Done... I'm gonna summon the power of Jay-Hovah!

10:23am BBT
Adam and Ryan get out of bed.
BB: Adam, Ryan
Adam: Whaddya want?!!!!
BB: Please put on your microphone.

10:25am BBT
The boys are getting dressed and having a giggle about Adam's old style basketball shorts - aka the Mo' Cheeks.
Sheila heads in to the bathroom, tidies up a bit, then readies the shower.

Ryan comes into the bathroom. Chatter...

10:29am BBT
The HGs are on inside lockdown, presumably while the BB crew builds the part 2 comp.
Sheila's wondering if she'll get a chance to do laundry.

10:32am BBT
Ryan: Hear em building outside?
Adam: Sheila, it's you n me today, babe.
Sheila: I know. Take it easy on me.

More about Mo'Cheeks... general chatter...

10:47am BBT
Adam & Ryan

Adam's been preparing breakfast, and Ryan just came out of the DR and told him they're doing goodbyes.
Adam: You're kidding me, right? You had to say goodbye to me?
Ryan: And Big Sheil. You're gonna have to say goodbye to me too.
Adam: She's freakin' already.

Chatter, then...

Adam: You said goodbye just now? I don't believe you.
Ryan: I swear. I ain't lyin' to ya. Why do you think that is?


10:51am BBT
Still kitchen
Adam & Ryan
Adam: You didn't say goodbye.
Ryan: Final goodbyes dude. Today. I don't have to say no more goodbyes. From here on out, I'm done.

Chatter about pancakes and waffles... Adam prepared breakfast. He's laughing that he's giving Sheila the one that doesn't look good.

10:54am BBT
Sheila finishes up in the shower. The boys are in the kitchen. They're talking between locations.

Adam: Ryan just said his final goodbyes, Sheila.
Sheila: I can't hear you.
Ryan: Adam just said his final goodbyes.
Sheila: To me? That's nice.
Ryan: You'll be saying yours soon too. Tomorrow's the final eviction.

Ryan wonders where the beebees will be living once the show's over. Sheila asks if either of the boys fed them. Adam did.

11:05 - 11:15am BBT
Sheila's thanking the boys for keeping her... then wondering what they're going to have to do.
Adam: Expect the unexpected. They're gonna have Allison in the backyard hosting. Big Al.
Ryan: Big Al.
Sheila: That would be nice.

Adam gets crude..

Sheila: Well, I am human.
Ryan: Sheila, not only are you human. I think your a nympho on the inside.

Adam: They're partyin' out there. It's me n you, Sheila. Big Showdown.
Sheila: I'm surprised they haven't come on and said what;s goin on. Ya know.
Ryan: Mm hmm.
Sheila: I'm surprised they haven;'t come on and said something.
Ryan: (to mic) Wanna let us know what's goin on today?
Sheila: I know. They're gonna have to... I had only like 3 hours of sleep. So much anxiety. I couldn't believe i was still here.
Ryan: You thought you were going?
Sheila: Definitely.
Ryan: I think Sharon was more surprised than you.

Adam: You might say your goodbyes first, because you're guaranteed to be there for the final comp...

Sheila: She was just convinced, I guess, that she was staying. I could tell, by the way she was acting.
Ryan: She acted like that all the time.
Adam: She was dancin'. That girl was ready to rock n roll outside.
Sheila: She was convinced Ryan was gonna keep her.. or take her down...
Adam: She was gonna vote you out too..
Sheila: Oh, yeah, we talked about it. There was a possibility we'd have to turn on each other.

Ryan leaves the room, and Sheila and Adam have a team whisper moment... She thanks him again, and he says it was easy for him to boot Sharon... and it would've been hard to boot her.

11:15am BBT
BB: Adam, please come to the Diary Room.
Adam: Byeee.
Sheila: Bye. Gimme lots of love.

11:20am BBT
Sheila's alone and bored in the kitchen area, wondering what to do... She mentioned a few minutes ago that she'd like to make some more jewelry.

11:29am BBT
Ryan's lying on the couch in the Red Room.

Silence throughout the house.

11:31am BBT
Ryan gets up, has a sip of his drink, then lies down on the floor, and begins doing some ab work.

11:33-11:45am BBT
Adam comes out of the Diary Room, pretending that he's bawling...
No more silence.
Sheila: He's just waiting to kick me to the curb.
Adam: Why would you say that?

Ryan: What'd she say?
Adam repeats what Sheila said.

BB: Sheila, please come to the Diary Room.

Adam: You're gonna shed a tear when you hear my warm hearted goodbye to you.

Sheila goes into the DR.

Adam comes into the Red Room. Ryan continues doing abs throughout the following conversation.

Adam: What'd you say to her, dude?
Ryan: I didn't say nothin'. I didn't even talk to her.
Adam: She knows, dude.

They decide they need a secret handshake...

Adam: She's like serious now. She knows.
Ryan: She knows we're boys. She's not that stupid. She probably heard us talkin' last night.
Adam: We're boys, dude.
Ryan: Sorry, Sheila.
Adam: We gotter here... We coulda kicked her the f out a long time ago. Maybe she's realized she can't count on me to take her to the end. Think she heard me say I threw the comp yesterday?
Ryan: I don't know. Don't even bring that up, dude. She doesn't know...
Adam: Let her find out on her own.
Ryan: Let her review the tape.
Adam: It's a scumbag move, but what are ya gonna do? It's only fair, dog.
Ryan: Whatever...
Adam: We're set up, bro. We're sitting beautifully right now.
Ryan: We are.

Talk turns to chatter... tattoos and rappers and Boca Raton...

Ryan: She probably heard us talkin last night.
Adam: Or this morning.
Ryan: Yeah, probably.
Adam: It sucks, but f it. Keep telling her I got her to the end, so she doesn't (make our life hell).
Ryan: That'd be some crazy sh*t if she pulled off some wins.

Adam: She's like seriously bipolar, schizo...
Ryan: Yeah, I don't know where that came from.. She was all happy, then... What was she sayin back there?
Adam: "I know what you 2 bros are up to." She's f'in with Big Baller, dude, mental. Ya can't do that. I'm sick of it.

Adam: Think She Knows I Threw It?

11:46am BBT
Adam & Ryan
Red Room

They continue talking about Sheila. Adam says she was freakin'. Ryan disagrees.

Adam: She's gettin nervous for the comp. It's her last shot. No more fall back. No more dudes ther to help ya.

They talk more about their special handshake... then back to Sheila bashing.

11:53am BBT
Sheila comes out of the DR. Adam asks her if she gave him a nice goodbye. She says she did, and he says he did to.. very heartfelt.

Adam says "tomorrow's the eviction. It's like a runaway train now."


Opening an afternoon post.

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