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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Casting for Big Brother 9 is Complete

Robyn Kass of Kassting, Inc has recently announced that casting for Big Brother 9 is now closed. If you haven't already been contacted for BB9, it's not gonna happen this time. While I don't think the houseguests have actually been chosen yet, I believe they've been narrowed down to finalists, and the finalists all know who they are.

From Robyn Kass' blog.

    BB9 finalists....

    Thanks, once again, to everyone who auditioned for BB9! We had a fantastic turn out and the decisions were tough.

    This is to inform you that all BB9 finalists have been contacted already. If you did not receive a call remember.... just because you're not right for the mix this season doesn't mean you won't be right for the next season. Don't give up! Thanks for your support of the show!


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Friday, December 28, 2007

BB9 Kickoff Event

Kail dropped me a line yesterday to give us a heads up about a party she and James are hosting on February 12th at her property in Oregon. Many of the BB faves from years gone by are gonna be there, and you're all invited!! Me? I'll be here bloggin'. ;) Click on the pic if you'd like to see it larger.

By the way... if you do go, make sure to send us pics of you in a Kaysar/Nick sandwich. :) Mercy.

One last thing... we're aware of the grammatical error typo on the actual invite... We didn't generate it - just posting it for 'em.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Just wanted to pop in to wish everyone who celebrates Christmas a very merry one! :)

Our elves have been hard at work delivering these little gifts to as many of you as possible... ;)

The big guy's ready for a break now though, so he's gonna give us one too today!

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