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Thursday, November 29, 2007

BB9 Rumor Mill in Full Swing - In November!

While there's still no 100% official word, it's looking VERY good for a late January/early February season of Big Brother 9. Basically, the longer the writers strike lasts, the more sure you can be of it happening.

Another excellent indication is the fact that I've spent the last 3 days working on getting this site and a couple of adjunct sites together. BBLiveShowSpoilers for our friends on the west coast and beyond... DishFAQs for everyone... Lots more to do, but at least they're feeling presentable now.

Here's the deal: the networks are simply going to run out of new programming... and very soon at that. Not only will we very likely get an early installment of BB, reality lovers are very likely in for a lethal overdose this winter and spring.

The rumor mill is going wild already. Rumors being what they are - definitely take these with a grain of salt. The last 2 in my inbox reported the following:

    The season will be called, "HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES". It will be 6 celebrities (paid a handsome fee for their appearance) and 6 non-celebrities. The celebrities would live in plush surroundings at one end of the house and the non-celebrities would live in the other end in "basic" surroundings, complete with mechanical rats and roaches. They unwittingly vote each other to move back and forth between the areas until they are merged. Alice Cooper is one of the celebrities under consideration-so is George Michael. 3 nights a week starting Sunday Jan. 13, right after AMAZING RACE finale.

That rumor came 2nd hand via a friend on myspace who had gotten it from another friend, and he didn't know the original source... Apologies to the originator. To me, it sounds like b.s. - first off, I can't imagine any SAG actors participating in a season that's taking place because of the writers strike...

February 7th is also being tossed around by quite a few sites as a possible start date.

CBS has confirmed NOTHING, but they are casting up awfully early. ;)

What do you think will happen? Take this little quickie poll, and let us know! :)

If you get a chance, please swing by and check out the new FAQs page I've been working on, and let me know what you think, and what you think it's missing. Here's the link for that: DishFAQs

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