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Sunday, November 18, 2007

BB9 Casting Opportunities

Nov. 17 -- Los Angeles -- Exclusive Casting Studios, 7700 Sunset Blvd., (12 Noon-3 PM)

Nov. 17 -- Columbia, S.C. -- WLTX-TV, 6027 Garners Ferry Road, (10 AM-2 PM)

Nov. 18 -- New York -- NY Castings, 243 West 30th Street, 3rd. Floor, (12 Noon-8 PM)

Nov. 23 -- Houston -- Meridien, 1503 Chartres St., (7PM-10PM)

Dec. 1 -- Houston -- Moes Grill & Bar, 5000 Katy Mills Circle, (2PM-5PM)

Dec. 1 -- Schaumburg, IL- Woodfield Mall, "Cool Waves" Nordstrom lower level, (12PM-3PM)

Dec. 1 -- Atlanta --America's Mart, 240 Peachtree Street 1st Fl. Rm. A, (12 PM-3 PM)

Dec. 1 -- Brooklyn, NY -- Duff's Brooklyn, N. 3rd Street & Kent Avenue, (7 PM-10 PM)

Dec. 1 -- Charlotte, N.C. -- Cans, 500 West 5th Street, (12 PM-3 PM)

Dec. 1 -- Chicago -- Ontourage, 157 W. Ontario Street, (10 PM-12:00 AM)

Dec. 1 -- Hillsboro, Ore. -- The Streets of Tanasbourne, 19350 NW Emma Way, (12 PM-3 PM)

Dec. 1 -- Kansas City, MO -- Screenlands Crossroads Theater, 1656 Washington St., (1 PM-4 PM)

Dec. 7 Columbus, Ohio -- Spice Bar, 491 N. Park Street, (10 PM-12:00 AM)

Dec. 7 Scottsdale, Ariz. - Suede Lounge, 7333 E. Indian Plaza, (12 PM-3 PM)

Dec. 8 -- Boston -- Felt, 533 Washington Street 3rd & 4th Floor, (12:00 Noon -3 PM)

Dec. 8 -- Broomfield, Colo. -- FlatIron Crossing, 1 West FlatIron Crossing Drive In the Dillard's Court, (10 AM-1 PM)

Dec. 8 -- Columbus, Ohio -- Park Street Patio, 533 Park Street, (2 PM -- 5 PM)

Dec. 8 -- Tampa, Fla. -- The Dubliner Irish Pub, 2307 W. Azeele Street, (12 PM- 3PM)


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BB9 Casting NOW

The BB9 Dish just keeps comin'. It's not 100% that it's happening early, but all signs are certainly pointing that way - including a casting in NYC today, Sunday, November 18th, 2007. Check this out:

For 'Big Brother,' the winter of new content


Friday, November 16th 2007, 10:14 PM
'Big Brother' host Julie Chen

'Big Brother' host Julie Chen

The writers' strike has CBS ramping up for a new season of "Big Brother."

Indeed, the network will be casting for new players here Sunday in anticipation of getting a winter edition of the summer show rolling early next year, should the strike continue.

"We have been told by CBS to get ready for anything, so there's nothing that is certain at this point," "Big Brother" executive producer Allison Grodner told the Daily News yesterday. "It is a wait-and-see. We are preparing for anything."

New York auditions are taking place Sunday at 243 W. 30th St., third floor, from noon to 8 p.m., and on Dec. 1 at Duff's Brooklyn, at N. Third St. and Kent Ave., from 7 to 10 p.m.

"Big Brother" has always been a summer staple, but the opportunity for a prime midseason premiere means producers will be pulling out all the stops.

"We really want it to stand out," said Grodner. "We want it to be special, because we've never done something like this before. I promise you it will be different from any other 'Big Brother' you've ever seen."

So don't expect another "America's Player," the stunt incorporated last summer that gave viewers a say in the outcome.

"That's really hard to do twice," Grodner said. "Anyone coming to be a part of 'Big Brother' this year would know about it and we'd hate to have people act differently because they think that the viewers are in control. ... That doesn't mean that it couldn't return in some other way, but doing exactly what we did again, no."

Longtime "Big Brother" host Julie Chen will also be returning to the program, regardless of whether it comes back midseason or next summer.


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