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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Morning Report

This post will be updated as necessary, until the Veto Ceremony is upon us. Everything before 10:15am is covered just below this post.

10:15am BBT
Chelsia & James

James: I was talking to Ryan, and he said he overheard Matt and Adam talking in the bathroom last night, saying "either you or me has to win HoH next week."
Chelsia: Who said it?
James: Adam said to Matty.
Chelsia: Huh.
James: (funny voice, mimicking her) Huh?!
Chelsia: So they will be fighting... That'd be funny if they got it.
James: I really don't think Matty's gonna be here.

10:25pm BBT
Frilly Bedroom
Joshuah and Amanda

Josh is smelling his laundry to see what needs washing and what's still wearable. Amanda comes in and they have a little whisper...
Josh: ...we're gonna do it in 45 minutes...
Amanda: The Veto?
Josh: Yeah.. 45 minutes. They're gonna stay the same. That way it looks like everything's fine...
Amanda: But, do you think Allison will vote to keep us even if we're still on the block?
Josh: Mm hmm.

Josh confesses to Amanda that she and Alex were the original targets, but that James and Chelsia (and the rest of them) have changed their minds.

Amanda: Alex will be so happy. So you think we're safe?
Josh: I'll let you know if I hear anything.
Amanda: Thank you.

10:30am BBT
Sheila's running scared. She just had a conversation with Matt saying her outburst is gonna bite her in the butt. Then to Joshuah... Joshuah told her that her paranoia will eat her soul.

11am BBT
The women are all ready for "Bikini Day," but really, what day isn't bikini day on the live feeds?

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