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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Overnight Report

Good Morning again, BB Lovers. Can you believe we're at Final 4 already?! 10 days left 'til the still unconfirmed BB9 Finale on Sunday, April 27th. At this point, they can not confirm all they want. All anyone has to do is check the tv schedule for the rest of that week and notice there is no more Big Brother after the 27th...

Today in the BB house, among other things, Ryan will make his nominations. Slim pickins!

Last night on the live feeds, the HGs remained all riled up about the 3rd possible relationship in the house. That question did exactly what it was meant to do, which was to create more paranoia and dissent is a house already brimming with it.

10:47pm BBT
HoH Room
Sharon & Ryan

Ryan tells Sharon he voted for her to stay. Sharon tells Ryan that Adam threw this HoH.

10:47pm BBT - Sharon & Ryan in HoH

11:34pm BBT
Common Area
All HGs

Taking a break from paranoia and accusations of relationships, the houseguests discuss the guineas, and how there was nothing going on with them...

Ryan: They put that in there just to mess with us.

Nothing with the Guineas

11:42pm BBT
Dining Table
Sheila, Sharon & Adam

Still hooked on the Relationship Question from the HoH Comp, Sheila thinks she may be related to someone in the house... Sharon says, maybe it's Alex, freaking Sheila out just a little more by adding heebie jeebies into the mix.

Sheila Thinks She's Related to an HG

12:29am BBT
Adam & Ryan

Ryan and Sharon share a couple completely unintelligible whispers, then Ryan and Adam go out for a smoke and some game talk about the relationships and votes.

Adam: I don't care. F it, dude.
Ryan: Think about how many smokes you can buy with 500gs.
Adam: Sharon's hooked up somewhere.
Ryan: What do you mean? With somebody? I think it's Sheila, dude.
Adam: It doesn't really matter though, does it.
Ryan: But it means a vote somewhere... if someone was hooked up...
Adam: Down the line for somebody.
Ryan: You think you've got someone's vote in sequester, and you don't. Whoever's got the relationship.. here or in sequester...
Adam: Got that. And are swinging for them... Cuz if they're hooked up, they'll want everybody to get the money for them. It ain't me, bro. Ain't you..
Ryan: You think Sharon's only got 3 votes?
Adam: She's got Chatty now. Cuz we both f'd her over. And she's got Sheila now.
Ryan: We're f'd dude. Who do you wanna see go this week, if you had your chance to kick someone out right now?
Adam: Probably Sharon... Cuz she's definitely got 3 f'in votes... I don't care, dude, you;'re the HoH.. I'll go where ever you wanna go... Sharon's good on mental. But Sheila's gonna bomb that sh*t...
Ryan: This is nuts, dude. Do people vote in sequester on who's a better game player?
Adam: Or who deserves the money more?
Ryan: Exactly. People play this game all f'd up.
Adam: You're good bro. You ain't doin' no bit in sequester. I'm still at risk.
Ryan: I could get booted an not make final 2.
Adam: Who's gonna boot ya? Sharon and Sheila (snicker)?
Ryan: Ya never know, dude. Ya never know.

12:29am BBT - Ryan & Adam Talk Game

12:40am BBT
Ryan & Sharon

Alliance Talk, Part 1 of 3

Sharon: Ok, here's the deal. I think he (Adam) was scared of HoH. I don't know whether he threw it or not..
Ryan: You really think he might have thrown it?
Sharon: I don't know... because when the 3 of you guys were up here, he was downstairs with us two, and he was like, "I'm really nervous. You know you're gonna stay here...

Sharon brings up how Adam was in tears the other night about the whole situation with her and Jacob, and wanting to protect her because of a bond with him.

Ryan: Whatever... I put him on the same level as James as far as manipulation goes...
Sharon: But see, I don't know. He was shedding tears over Jacob, so I thought, this kid actually has my back.. ANd then I was talking with Sheila and she told me that all 3 of you made a deal, you, Natalie and Sheila, that you would put me up.
Ryan: You know better than that.
Sharon: Right. That's how you get further in this game, by giving people what they want to hear. All I'm sayin is that after that bs, I don't trust him.
Ryan: I don't trust him either.
Sharon: What I'm telling you is he wanted the blood to be on my hands (for this HoH). He's trying to keep the blood off his hands this whole game.
Ryan: I know.. So as far as tomorrow..
Sharon: What're you gonna do?

Ryan says best case scenario is taking Sheila with them to the final 3.

This continues on the clip...

Sharon & Ryan Alliance - Part 1 of 3

12:53am BBT
Ryan & Sharon
Alliance talk continues...

Sharon makes her case that she has no votes because she's been on the block against everyone and they're all pissed at her for campaigning against them... and now they can add Natalie to the list.

Ryan says "of course I want to keep you, I just don't want to make it obvious... He says Adam's paranoid, not trustworthy and spineless... He's gonna be pissed if I put him up, but I don't care. He's put my game at risk too many times."

They work together on figuring it all out.

Sharon & Ryan Alliance Talk, Part 2 of 3

1:01am BBT
Ryan & Sharon

Sharon: I just think he's shady.
Ryan: He is shady... I don't wanna put you up. I wanna stay loyal and faithful to you. I just don't wanna be obvious about it... Trust me.. I know we're boys and all, but this is a game, and the kid has been playing spineless as sh*t. Trust me, I'm not intimidated at all by that kid.

They talk about how Adam has money and has traveled extensively... Then they reconfirm their mutual trust...

Ryan & Sharon Alliance Talk, Part 3

This was the last conversation of the evening. 30 minutes later, all HGs were in bed for the night, with the exception of Adam who got up a few times to use the restroom and eat...

This concludes the overnight report. See ya on the feeds!

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Anonymous hank said...

Sharon has to win POV this week, or she will go to sequester. Her lying "secret alliance partner" Ryan "I voted for you to stay" wants her out, Adam wants her out and Sheila wants her out because she hasn't pissed anyone off in sequester.

I'm not sure that Matt or Natalie would vote for her though. For some reason, I feel like they might stick with "their alliance" even though Natalie was screwed over yesterday.

On the other hand, Ryan should know by now that Sheila and Adam are kind of working together. Sheila is the one (before DR) who put a little doubt in Adam's mind about getting rid of Sharon instead of Natalie, and Adam listened to her.

I really think Sheila and Adam still want to take each other to the end, or at least Sheila still does.

Either way, I think it would be absolutely hysterical if Ryan doesn't make final 2. At this point, I don't care who the final 2 are, as long as Ryan isn't one of them.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

Of course Sheila thinks she is one who has a relationship.
If it turns out to be nothing, I bet she will feel silly.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Carolyn!! Thank you so much for all you do!!
I was so nervous watching last night not knowing who was voting for who and then when Ryan said to evict Gnat...my heart sunk!!! Then I perked up again (just a bit) when Adam said Snoron...but I knew because of what she said about staying loyal to the boys that Shehag would send her packing! I really thought Gnat had it...I thought the boys would realize that if they kept her–it was 3 on 1(them against Shehag, and then 2 on 1 when it would be The boys against Gnat), but if they kept Snoron it would be 2 on 2...IDIOTS!!!
I am SOOO convinced that the last question was not rigged, but set up for the producers to manipulate! The way Chenbot stumbled over her words... she rehearses too much for that. Her choreographed moves prove that.
Here’s my guess...CBS is already worried about the ratings, if Snoron wins HoH–there’s no drama...the boys would know they’d be the ones going up so the only excitement in the house would be them lounging around waiting for PoV-yeah, that would be fun to watch...this way with one of the boys (especially with it being Ry-bread) the two tools are going to be strutting around the house with their mouths WWWWIDE open talking smack to both Shehag and Snoron!!! At this point–I don’t give a furry pigs patuty which one wins...so here’s what I “just the viewer” would like to see...Ry-bread makes his noms of Shehag and Snoron–one of them wins PoV takes themselves off the block, Ry-bread has no choice but to nom A-Dumb leaving whoever got off the block to be the solo vote...Ry-bread has to watch A-Dumb get evicted because the two of them were too STUPID to keep Gnat.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Beauinwa said...

"Adam threw this HoH." I thought that Adam was more intelligent than the answers he gave for those questions.

8:54 AM  
Blogger dbltrbl said...

I have never liked Ryan's cocky self and now I am really beginning to dislike Adam. I think it would be great if BB interfered and designed a comp that was geared to Sharon and Sheila. Sheila has the runners legs, so an endurance involving legs would be right up her alley. The mental, I am sorry to say is not her, but the physical could also be geared to a smaller slimmer figure. So if Sharon or Sheila win POV and vote out Adam, Ryan will be the next to go. I am just so sick of watching these two faced egomaniacs. It's o.k. for them to flip their choices, or to hank out together constantly. But if anyone else does it, that person is scheming and BSing. They got angry when the girls were always together but we never see Ryan without Adam or visa versa for more than 2 minutes.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hope Ryan doesn't stick to his alliance with Sharon and sticks with Adam instead. Who the heck wants to take sharon with them to the final 2 when they KNOW she will hands down win the 500k. It actually might be a toss between Adam and Ryan now.

9:01 AM  
Blogger nWjoe said...

Hank-- What are you talking about? Ryan DID vote for Sharon to stay. And calling him a liar is kind of moot at this point of the game, since they all have lied (especially last week). And if the lies turn you off, then you must be new to Big Brother because this is just business as usual.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Monica said...

I can't believe I spent an extended amount of time really pondering this...but I LOVE Ryan and I want him to make the final two...

I think he has to put up Adam and Sheila...

He has his secret thing with Sharon and makes her promise to vote out Sheila.

So if Sheila wins POV she will definitely vote Sharon out-I don't think there's anyway that she would vote Adam out anyway.

If Adam wins...he votes out Sharon.

Sheila might have feel betrayed by Natalie...but I think that was her only chance of getting past the boys...hmmmmmmmmm

9:04 AM  
Anonymous amber said...

There goes Sharon with her talk about Adam and his money..That is what started the whole convo between nat,sheila,and sharon...Oh wait sharon didn't do nothing but run scenarios so this must be deja vue...puuleease and if you really think about how nat responded on the network it was totally non commital on the we need to keep the girls together...when nat talks true strategic she talks fast..anyway how can can nat a liar on that situation when here goes sharon again...sorry nat..i wish that you would have defended yourself better and talked about your conversations and how they started better

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Blapps said...

What's Ryan going to do if he pisses Adam off? Do you think Adam will still share his cigs with him??

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

talk about being a hypocrite... they got so angry at Natalie for playing both sides...Ryan has played both sides as well...didnt he have a secret alliance with Josh? and now he has one with Sharon? .... all i have to say is people who live in glass houses............ this will come back to bite him in the ass...Karma is a bitch

9:23 AM  
Anonymous hank said...

nwjoe, yes Ryan did, but it's not like he was 100% going to do it out of his loyalty to Sharon. Until Sheila got in Adam's head and then DR intervened, Ryan was going to completely turn his back on Sharon and evict her.

I have no problem with lying in the game, but he's pulling a Natalie.

I don't even like Natalie, but after he and Adam called her out for lying and all that, it's suddenly OK for him to do that. Again, this is the game, but he gets angry when others lie, yet he thinks he can do it without any consequences.

I would love to see someone (maybe Adam?) call HIM out for all his crap.

His arrogant/cocky/bully approach just annoys me. He's one of the least likeable houseguests IMO.

9:30 AM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

Oh wow, this is gonna get totally boring. Either way it goes I would love to see Sharon and Ryan as the final two ... simply because I believe Sharon would get the 500k. She's working it and working it good. I really like her game play of not doing much of nothing, it's gotten her far. She listens, repeats what's necessary then goes from there. Talk about CYOA ... she's done fabulously.


9:31 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

Is it bad that I dont like Ryan because I don't like his girlfriend Jen?

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Julia said...

Ryan should nominate Adam and Sharon (either initially) or after the POV. Whatever, he just has to make it so Sharon and Adam are on the block when it comes time to vote. Why does this work? Well, it FORCES Sheila to choose between the two. And we know she will be a mess. She hates making decisions and ultimately she will have the blood on her hands once again (and this time she won’t have a good excuse like she did with Natalie, cause she has been telling both of them final 2 since forever). She will loose one more jury vote, either way! This decision would be so hard for her. Does she keep Sharon, who she has been attached at the hip with the last few weeks and “helped” her win HOH last week and take Nat out? Or does she get rid of Adam who she has been paired with the entire game and says she is most loyal to? In the end, she gets called out for being in two alliances to the final two and they realize SHE is playing all sides. Also, it guarantees her in final 3! And we all know anyone who is left (either Ryan and Sharon or Ryan and Adam) can smoke her in any of the comps. Honestly, at this point, I don’t know who she would choose, but it would be great to watch. Especially if the HGs all find out she is part of both alliances earlier in the week. Because you know Adam will go off on her and I think it is likely that it could turn into a huge blow out between Sheila and Sharon as well. Can you imagine the campaigning that would go on??? I would LOVE to see everything get thrown onto the table.Everyone would be under the bus!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the "Third couple" is the guinie pigs.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous KissMe said...

Ryan better not keep Sharon to final 3. Why can't he see that Sharon will win, everyone liked her. But she also kind of floated through the game too... so who knows. I think she shoulda left a long time ago. I can't believe Sharon and Sheila are there still. Those two were used as pawns throughout the game and they make it to final 4. *sighs* It's just like last season with Dick all over again. Everyone wanted him out and every time they had the chance he ended up staying and winning! lol

10:51 AM  
Blogger FzeroXx said...

Okay, lets think about this:

Ryan v Adam:

James: Adam
Chelsia: ?
Josh: ? - Probably Ryan
Matt: Ryan
Natalie: Ryan
Sharon: Ryan
Shiela: Adam

Ryan wins.

Ryan v Shiela

James: Shiela
Chelsia: Shiela
Josh: Ryan
Matt: Ryan
Natalie: Ryan
Sharon: Ryan
Adam: ?? Probably Ryan, I think.

Ryan wins.

Ryan v Sharon

James: Sharon
Chelsia: Sharon
Josh: Sharon
Matt: Ryan
Natalie: Ryan
Shiela: Sharon
Adam: Ryan

Sharon wins.

Adam v Shiela

James: Shiela
Chelsia: ? Probably Adam
Josh: ? Adam
Matt: Adam
Natalie: Adam
Ryan: Adam
Sharon: Shiela

Adam wins.

Adam v Sharon

James: Sharon
Chelsia: Sharon
Josh: Sharon
Matt: Adam
Natalie: Adam
Shiela: Sharon
Ryan: ?? Probably Adam

Sharon wins.

... and last Sharon v Shiela

James: Shiela
Chelsia: ?? Sharon
Josh: Sharon
Matt: Shiela
Natalie: ?? lol.. uhh.. Sharon
Adam: Shiela
Ryan: Sharon

Sharon wins.

6 outcomes:

Sharon wins (50%)
Ryan wins (33%)
Adam wins (16%)
Shiela wins (0%)

Now, Ryan is guaranteed final 3. So one of these possibilities is eliminated.

This will result in either:
Ryan wins (66%)
Adam wins (33%)
Shiela wins (0%)

* This means 2v1 in the final HOH as Shiela will take Adam and Adam will most likely take Shiela.. However if Ryan makes final 2 here he wins.


Ryan wins (33%)
Adam wins (0%)
Sharon wins (66%)

*This likely means Ryan and Adam team up to eliminate Sharon, as neither of them can beat her. She will win the money if she wins the final HOH here. In which case Ryan wins.


Ryan wins (33%)
Shiela wins (0%)
Sharon wins (66%)

* Uh oh. Sharon wins against either opponent like the other scenarios, except this time she has Shiela fighting for her as well. Sharon is almost guaranteed the money in this scenario AND Sharon is making this happen on the feeds as I write this.

So, in all likelihood the only remaining winners are Ryan and Sharon. Sharon would beat anyone in the final 2, but everyone will be trying to get her out in the final 3 except the last scenario where Shiela would try to get rid of Ryan.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan is such a player - he's been working both sides longer than any of the other remaining HGs, which is why Natty was given the boot. I'm so tired of listening to him run his mouth as he picks his nose and looks for more food. He's definitely the worst of the worst. He of all people will have the most to account for when he leaves the house.


11:05 AM  
Blogger André said...

FzeroXx, I have to disagree with almost all your voting senarios. I don't think Ryan has a chance against anyone remaining. He will be 2nd place against anyone.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please understand that the reason people think Natalie is a hypocrite is NOT because she lied and was sneaky--it's because she used the religion card and called other people evil-doers, when she herself was doing the same thing. If she had never brought that into it--that God would reward the good people--then no one would care that she lied.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not real sure why everyone is hating on Ryan so much. He has played the best game by far. There is a difference between him playing both sides and almost everyone else playing both sides....he keeps it quiet and doesn't let them get twisted. He has played Sharon's game of "laying low" while also winning some challenges where he does have power to make moves and create alliances (plural). That is exactly how to win this game, and people in the jury house will recognize that. Also, the "boys" can walk around with arrogance because they are running the house and have been the last 5 weeks.

11:02 PM  

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