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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thoughts on Julie Chen's Parting Words on the Wednesday Live Show

Julie's closing statement has been seriously disturbing my feeble, sleep deprived brain for the past 2 hours now. I think I have it figured out. Here's what Julie said:

    "Welcome back ...

    Who will Ryan nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8.

    Then, I'll be back Tuesday at 9 to find out who makes it to the final 3.

    And on Wednesday at 8, the final HOH is crowned live. He or she will single-handedly cast the sole vote in the last eviction of the season, thereby choosing who will sit next to them in the final 2.

    From outside the BB house, I'm Julie Chen ..."

OK... Why am I so troubled by all this? Well, it means we're could be in for some serious speeding up over the next couple of days. If the Final HoH is a 3 parter, as it has been in previous seasons - Endurance, Physical, Mental - the first two parts have to be filmed and edited in time for Wednesday night's show.

The most logical plan of attack, and the one that most keeps true to past seasons would have the first part (Endurance) shot Monday, the 2nd part (physical) on Tuesday and the 3rd part (mental) on the live Show Wednesday. This gives AGP plenty of time to edit. It also gives the HGs a day between comps, per usual.

Our friend Lessa from BigBrotherCraze has more brain cells left than I do, and here's what she came up with, in terms of the likely breakdown for the live feed viewers:

    So - this weeks Schedule - there will have to be an eviction before Tuesday, and perhaps a ‘fake live show’ on Tuesday. Julie hosting, but pre-taped everything else. If that’s the case, it could break down fast on the feeds…
      4/17 Thursday: Nominations
      4/18 Friday: POV
      4/19 Saturday: POV Meeting
      4/20 Sunday: Eviction (3 people left)
      4/21 Monday: Final 3 comp 1
      4/22 Tuesday: Final 3 comp 2 (2 losers from comp 1)
      4/23 Wednesday: Final 3 comp 3 (winner from comp 1 vs winner from comp 2) - Final HOH winner then picks who to evict (2 people left)

      Then, the Network shows:
      4/20 - Sunday: Nominations/PoV
      4/22 - Tuesday: Eviction, first part of HOH starts (pre-taped)
      4/23 - Wednesday: Final HOH parts 2 and 3 shown, final eviction.

      4/27 - Sunday: Final show

That's if people are sane and humane to their crews.

Then again...

If Julie is revealing the final 3 on Tuesday, it could make sense that the Endurance Comp would start at the end of the Tuesday Show and continue on the Live Feeds Tuesday night, but that leaves very little time to edit the endurance comp, and even less time to edit part 2, the physical comp, filmed presumably Wednesday during the day, and then straight into the final, mental comp Wednesday night?

The only other issue with this is, Julie made no mention of the Tuesday Show being live, so presumably, it wont be.

I'm having difficulty with the notion of the final 3 HoH taking place over a 24 hour period instead of the usual 72 hours...

Any thoughts?

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Anonymous kevintucky said...

Carolyn, I posted what I believe makes sense, but I posted it in the HOH reveal section. I did not see this section published yet. I will repeat.

Sunday 20th-Normal Sunday show with the nominations from the prior Friday just like always.

Tuesday 22nd-POV comp from Friday 18th and the POV Ceremony from Sunday 20th just like always. But Julie will tape this show Sunday 20th at the time of the POV ceremony. That is when the POV winner will evict one amd Julie will then interview him/her. Then Julie will start Part 1 HOH Endurance which will play out on the live feeds.

Wednesday 23rd-Live show will show how part 1 played out and will show part 2 which took place Monday 21st or Tuesday 22nd. Then Julie will moderate Part 3 and the winner will evict the final houseguest for interview and the Final 2 remain.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Beorn said...

My only thought is that people who have watched the final episodes of BB in past seasons probably have a much better feel for what might happen than I ever would. But after they've termed two Guinea pigs chucked into a cage together a "prior relationship" in the house, I don't necessarily expect that what they'll do will be rational.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wonder if the last couple in the house was a setup for the "golden power of veto" and whoever guesses it may get to evict someone Sunday! Maybe they plan on giving them some clues over the next couple of days.

Maybe the reason they didn't mention anything about it is in case nobody gets the answer.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thought is that i'm still pissed that AGP took that HOH away from Sharon. Anyone want to share their thoughts with CBS.

8:59 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

I'm not sure of the schedule. I'm as confused as Carolyn. But Julie did say she "will be back on Tuesday" and I don't think she normally says that at the end of a live show. Of course Julie has flubbed lines before. Did she mean live or did she not say live intentionally?

I can't se an earlier eviction than Tuesday since the live-feeders would know who is missing and it would be all over the net.

I can't see a 3 p0art PoV taking place in one hour either.

Maybe it has been predetermined, that last couple standing, the guineas, are going to F2.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Bethy (& Eric) said...

I don't know what I think... I just don't want to miss any endurance comps on the feeds! I'm sure it'll all work out... (Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself?!)

(And, I'd like to mention another Kudos to Stacee Nichole for another clever headline!)

9:05 PM  
Blogger Tella said...

Eaxactly what I have posted in the past couple of days.

Happy Feeds y'all. Don't get too sleep deprived. The eviction and beginning of next HoH will all have to be edited for Tues. show.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Lessa said...

Here's what I posted, because it was seriously bugging me too, my blogging sista! Behold, my feeble attempt to understand AGP:

So - this weeks Schedule - there will have to be an eviction before Tuesday, and perhaps a ‘fake live show’ on Tuesday. Julie hosting, but pre-taped everything else. If that’s the case, it could break down fast on the feeds…

4/17 Thursday: Nominations
4/18 Friday: POV
4/19 Saturday: POV Meeting
4/20 Sunday: Eviction (3 people left)
4/21 Monday: Final 3 comp 1
4/22 Tuesday: Final 3 comp 2 (2 losers from comp 1)
4/23 Wednesday: Final 3 comp 3(winner from comp 1 vs winner from comp 2) - Final HOH winner then picks who to evict (2 people left)

Then, the Network shows:
4/20 - Sunday: Nominations/PoV
4/22 - Tuesday: Eviction, first part of HOH starts (pre-taped)
4/23 - Wednesday: Final HOH parts 2 and 3 shown, final eviction.

4/27 - Sunday: Final show

Maybe? This is the only way I really think it can work. it would have to be a pre-taped show on Tuesday with Julie hosting, otherwise there’s just simply not enough time. Unless they decide not to do the best of 3 HOH and I don’t think that’ll happen at all.

The real question is just when are they gonna tell the houseguests that the guinea pigs are the pre-existing relationship? It has to be soon. *L* It’s gonna drive them nuts until they do!

9:06 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

kenintucky - I like the idea of launching the endurance comp at the end of the tuesday show, but i find it a little problematic for 2 reasons:

1. leaves no time for editing.
2. part 2 & 3 would both have to happen on wednesday... again leaving no time to edit part 2, and no down time for the HGs between the 3 comps.


9:07 PM  
Blogger Tella said...

I rewatched the HoH and the main quote from Julie was 'questions about the HGs and the House'. Obvioussly the GP are part of the House and if they paid attention to that part the HGs would figure it out.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if the guinea pigs were bought separately before moving into the BB9 house therefore not knowing each other prior to the show???? How would we ever know?


9:12 PM  
Blogger Tella said...


My opinion is that Weds show will have the final HoH comps part 1 and 2 (edited) and then Live for part 3. There is no way they could have a physical comp like the one last year within a show. Not enough time. They also need to leave timeto edit in the HGs while talking and strategizing with each other about what the best scenario for each would be after Pat 3.

It's probably starting sooner than later. I don't see Julie working over the weekend.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole Guinea pigs prior relationship question annoyed the hell out of me. I wonder how Sharon will react when she finds out? The BB producers have proven yet again that they are lame.

9:18 PM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

No offense Carolyn, you know I adore you and all that you do, but I could care less how it all goes down as long as it ends and soon.

This season had so many twists and turns my head hurts trying to keep up with it all.

My goodness, the HG's still bring up the Hudson River Virus scenario on occasion. Now the paranoia among the HG's about the pre-existing couple has topped the cake.

Hopefully when Julie does return she'll give them all a good laugh and fill them in.

Regardless, I'll be a very happy BB camper when BB9 ends and BB10 starts.


9:21 PM  
Anonymous kevintucky said...

Carolyn, the Tuesday show is not live, it is recorded on Sunday 20th. The POV ceremony usually takes place in the afternoon and for this last POV the winner always votes to evict at that time. Since the show is taped on Sunday, it allows Part 1 of the final HOH to start and play out Sunday/Monday.

Part 2 takes place on Monday or Tuesday for the WEDNESDAY live show so they would have plenty of time to edit that.

With all you have to watch, read and type, you probably missed that in my original post. Perhaps I was not clear too.

9:21 PM  
Blogger Ilissa said...

Question - does the winner of this week's POV get to evict one of the noms on the block?

9:21 PM  
Anonymous mark said...

the way i took it was, on wednesdays show, one person will leave like normal at the beginning, then the final 3 will go outside an do HOH cometition and whoever wins will then go inside an pick who he or she wants to take to the final 2 with them..

it just sounds sort of boring, because they wont be having a big endurance competition if it goes down like that, because there has to be a final 2 by the end of wednesdays live show because sunday is the finale.

anyone agree?

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look at tonight's show, everything that happened last night was part of the segment at the beginning, which I personally wasn't sure would even make it to tape. These people work 24/7, I don't understand why editing would be an issue.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I want to see is Sheila booted out and her arrival at sequester. Just see her telling Josh she kept his secret and asking him how Neil and their son are. ROTFLMAO! That would really be priceless!!!! Remember James and Chelsia both know about it too.
I am seriously lovin how nuts the perevious relationship question is driving these dummies nuts. I hope BB10 has a higher IQ than this bunch. The total of this last 5 has to be lower than one of the guineas. And they're level of common sense ever lower. OMG Sharon is SQUEALING at a bug by the hot tub that is her furend. Squash it! Actually its some gross slimy thing. That girl needs help!ITS A SLUG!!!!yUCK! She's really desperate!

9:25 PM  
Blogger SmartestCo0kie said...

last year, i thought endurance was first? if julie chen will be back on tuesday, that DOES mean there will be a live show tuesday right?

we see how they put last nights events into tonights show, so i guess the editing can happen pretty fast.

i dont know, this show is spinning my head. i was a team pink fan, and am all for sharon/ryan alliance now hoping it works out, but that question tonight about the guinea pigs just left me dumbfounded, i do believe it was completely setup.

and OMG big brother auditions are coming to myrtle beach sc, which where i am from, and me being only 20, guess what i am screewwwed =(

lol, just had to get that all out

9:25 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Don't assume they will do things the same.

9:26 PM  
Blogger corijane said...

One would think CBS would so something exciting between now and finale... all I hear about is bad ratings for BB9.


9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with kevintucky - the HOH comp will probably start on Sunday and the live feed viewers will know the winners of the first 2 parts of HOH before the Tuesday and Wednesday show.

The Wednesday show will AIR the first 2 portions of HOH and play out the 3rd part live.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does kevintucky mean that the endurance will start on Sunday after julie tapes what he is talking about on sunday?

9:30 PM  
Blogger spyke6666 said...

Unless they change the format of the final 3 HOH comp, I think they will have to run the first 2 comps live on the feeds and showtime, and give us an edited version on tuesday, and then run the final part of the 3 part comp live on Wednesday, cause like you said Carolyn, they need down time to rest during these hour long endurance comps.

9:31 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Lessa - mind if I quote you?

9:34 PM  
Blogger Tweetyfern said...

Good evening all! What a crazy night! Although I missed the show, you've kept me well informed.

I don't write much on here, but recently I've begun to notice you Beorn and love your takes on all of this! Keep it up!

Carolyn, I wanted to let you know that ED and Janelle's dates were taken off ebay because of the charity thing. I emailed you a link to ED's new date page, however I don't see that Janelle's has been reposted yet.

Have a great night everyone!

Michelle ô¿ô

9:34 PM  
Blogger spyke6666 said...

Ilissa, yes whoever wins POV is who will be casting the vote to evict this week, unless Ryan wins it, then he'll have to make a deal with whoever he wants to use it on for them to vote out who he wants

9:36 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Michelle - where'd you send the email? I just checked and found nothing at dishchicks@yahoo.com or myspace.com/bb7dish

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Lessa said...

Quote away, Carolyn!

9:43 PM  
Blogger Tweetyfern said...

Carolyn, I sent it through ebay. Maybe it takes longer than I thgouht to send. I tried again, hopefully that one will work....

Michelle ô¿ô

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have they ever had an eviction that wasn't live? Doesn't seem right that all of us would know who was evicted before the TV viewers. I don't think they'd go there. Julie specifically states that we find out final 3 on Tuesday, so if they evict on Sunday, they'd be going against everything BB. But expect the unexpected, I guess...

On another note, Julie stated at the beginning of the show that there were 2 more weeks. So is it over on a Sunday or a Wednesday??

9:45 PM  
Anonymous kevintucky said...

It really is simple and easy. Lemme try again. Actions will take place on date indicated, but televised as indicated in ():

Thursday 17: Nominations (Sun)
Friday 18: POV competition (Tues)
Sunday 20: POV ceremony (Tues)
Sunday 20: POV Winner Evicts (Tues)
Sunday 20: Julie interviews Evictee (Tues)
Sunday 20: Julie starts Part 1 of final HOH (Tue)
Monday 21: Part 2 of final HOH (Wed)
Wednesday 23: Part 3 of final HOH and Eviction (Wed)

This scenario allows for most of the actions to take place on their normal days. The Sunday show is simply nominations and filler. The Tuesday show is not live and recorded on happenings from Sunday in the house. The Wednesday show is live and included portions taped from the prior few days.

I would bet my life on it!
DUN! :)

9:47 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Since the guineas are part of the house, and a couple, then they deserve to play in the final HoH. We know they won't evict each other so Guineas to F2. YES!

My vote would be for the one who bites to get the $500K. It has the best game play because it tricks everyone into sticking their fingers in the hole so he can take a bite. The only houseguest to get away with physical abuse.

Go Guineas!!!

9:55 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Kev - thanks :) the tv part makes sense.. but it's the live feeds i'm interested in.

Lessa - thanks :)

9:57 PM  
Anonymous brittni said...

has anyone else, YOU KNOW, noticed, YOU KNOW, how Ryan, YOU KNOW, says EVERYTHING, YOU KNOW... I SWEAR my mom and I were cracking up SOOOOOOOO much as he kept sayin YOU KNOW over 30 times this episode omg, YOUKNOW

9:57 PM  
Blogger MN45 said...

Okay here are my thoughts. I think Adam and Shelia know each other. I got this feeling from the way Shelia overracted to having Adam as a partner from the very beginning. I mean seriously she way overracted. And then there have been several instances where Sharon thought she heard them kiss. Plus I just think they are over acting around each other all the time. I think Natalie being booted tonight was a plan Shelia and Adam put together. I could be wrong and I think tonights last question was to give everyone a hint and the guinea pigs was to cover it up. They don't want to tell everyone just yet, planes that fly over, etc... But I just think these two are dating or married. Like I said, I could be way off base but for some reason I just keeping thinking it....
What are your thoughts?

10:03 PM  
Blogger Beorn said...

Well, I'm done the the chana masala I've prepared for tomorrow's lunch and supper. I'd invite all of you over for a meal, but it's getting rather late, I'm afraid. :-)

10:04 PM  
Blogger Tweetyfern said...

Carolyn I swear the link worked when I sent it to you, now it's saying the new listing has been cancelled as well. Urgh! Sorry about that!

Michelle ô¿ô

10:05 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

tweety - thanks very much...i appreciate it all the same.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Beorn said...

GaYToR @ 9:55--

LOL! That is so very perfect, and you're so right--since they're a couple in the house, it's only fair to allow them to play.

The Guinea that bites--all the way!!!

10:07 PM  
Blogger Pyke said...

Carolyn, yo don't have to post this message if you don't want to... but...

My posts, and many others, who CAUGHT this audio leak of them changing the answer during the live show are being DELETED on the cbs website. We need to raise awareness of this issue! Please help me, other blogs are going along.


and the topic that I have had my posts deleted that I started!


10:09 PM  
Anonymous Lessa said...

I dunno about having more brain cells - I am blond under all the hair color and it took me like 2 hours to come up with that scenario - but we'll know soon enough, I suppose!

10:12 PM  
Blogger MN45 said...

Okay this is my third time typing this as I had to sign up... so here we go again! :)

I have this idea that Adam and Shelia know each other outside the house. I got this from the first time I saw Shelia react to having Adam as her soul mate. I mean it was so over the top and I thought she was trying too hard to make it known that she was not having Adam as her soul mate.

Plus there have been some comments, I think it was Sharon who said she swore she heard them kissing???

And just the way they act around each other. It all seems like an act. So I think they are a couple or married and that is the next big twist.

Big Brother gave us all a hint tonight with that last question but they covered it up with using the guinea pigs. I don't think they want us to know yet to keep news out of the house. Planes fly over etc. But they got everyone talking!

So that is my thought and I wanted to see what you all thought of this idea? Do you think I am just over thinking it all? I don't know but I just can't seem to get the possibility out of my head...
What do you guys think?

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know but its prob an error, cuz of... the begining of the live show JCHEN says w/2 wks left.....

10:13 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

They edited the fight between adam and sheila that was less than 24hrs ago.I would think they could edited things for future shows.This is crazy,whats gonna happen!!

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get over it...BB did not take the HOH away from Sharon. She did not listen carefully to the question about the glass house time. The GP relationship was genious. You have to think in this game, in a short amount of time.

Sharon can't win crap. She has floated all this way, just like Sheila. Neither of them can process the mental questions. How many more times does this have to be proved to Sharon lover's?

She is missing a thought process or two. Perhaps the screechy voice blew a fuse in her head. Don't you just love how Sheila is calling Ryan "Baby" and kissing up to him..LOL. Give it up She Bot....look at what he has waiting for him in the end.

Go Ryan.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn, do we know for sure if the final HOH will even be in 3 parts this year? Maybe its only one competition?

Love ya and thanks :)

Brandi in TX

10:33 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

As I said elsewhere or earlier. Julie has flubbed lines before. If I thought about it long enough I could think of at least once every season. She misread the cue cards. That's what she does. Did she screw up the two weeks? Did she screw up and not say LIVE on Tuesday (instead of I'll be back on Tuesday)?

Did BB do it intentionally to give us all fits figuring this out?

They screwed us over once with the Alex Vote In. (not that I minded the twist, but I was all for Alex coming back and feel he really was let down on that one.)

WOW. Listening to BB AD right now. Sheila talking about her book and who has to be paid first and her promotional tours, etc. And if OPRAH might have her on her show which would make her book famous, even more so than if it would make it to the NYT Best Seller's List (and how many books of the thousands published each year make THAT list?).

Poor Sheila, I have grown to love her but she is truly delusional.

Oh and she isn't even writing her book. She's gone through two writers. *SIGH*

10:35 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hey Brandi :)

All we know for certain is that the Finale is on Sunday the 27th...

And the Final HoH has always been a 3 part thing...

10:35 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

My thoughts?....
It means that we could be in for a lot of blocked feeds until next Wednesday! I HATE that!!!

10:40 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

GayTor -

nite nite... my brain is toast.
for the record, i don't buy conspiracy theories... agp doesn't give a crap who wins.. and sharon blew this one all by herself.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Beorn said...

So I'm guessing that the concept and title of "'Til Death Do You Part" was nothing more than an initial gimmick, though it seems very strange to name the whole season that when the majority has been played as individuals. The "parting" obviously took lace quite a bit earlier than the subtitle implied, and I'm sort of left wondering if they didn't just make some changes that they weren't expecting to make midstream.

Ultimately, I realize that it's no use second-guessing AGP, and I've never been much for conspiracy theories. I'm just trying to make sense of what seems a very shoddily put-together season for an experienced production house, even if they did have to ramp things up pretty quickly because of the writers' strike.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Beorn said...

G'night Carolyn!

Sleep well, everyone!

10:43 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good night Carolyn. FINE! Leave me here to play with myself. :o

I can see why your brain is toast. You have worked overtime tonight trying to get the schedule down. Sleep well.

I'm with you on the conspiracy theories though. They don't do things intentionally, well to a degree. I do think AGP has a preference on who wins and that is why the DR does ifluence HGs decisions, however subtle or not so subtle they do it might be in question.

But AGP knows we are intensely involved in the game and even we have to expect the unexpected. If we all agreed and saw a clear cut winner from the beginning there would be no room for discussion. What would we do with that 3 months of our lives each season that we will never get back.

Now my prediction for F2, since I know the Guineas can't play even though they deserve the money because they have had to watch and listen to even more than we have.

F2 - Adam and Sharon.

When I get back to Jane's game, I'll give my winning prediction.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"... and we understand many of our fans found the guinea pig question to be somehwat unbelievable. The truth of the matter is that there was, in fact, a prior relationship in the house but we used the guinea pigs at the last moment to protect one of the house guests (or two, depending on your interpretation): Our producers decided it could be personally damaging to exploit the prior relationship between Sheila's multiple personalities. We feared Psycho Psheila might damage the other residents of her brain."


10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the final four HouseGuests figure out the relationship is between the guinea pigs? And whom will the new Head of Household nominate for eviction? Watch BIG BROTHER Sunday at 8pm et/pt on CBS. http://boards.cbs.com/bb9/123942

11:00 PM  
Blogger Tella said...

anon 9.45

Yes, at least a couple of times... BB6 and BB7.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Tella said...

Ebay is being a pain in the rear... this is from Dick's site:

"Due to Ebay not wanting the date with Dick, or Janelle's date to support autism on their site, I have relisted this auction on MY site, in an open auction format, exactly the same as Ebay. I will also auction off the other 300 items I have for this years auction (some some at www.rockagainstdiabetes.org/auctions.htm ) as Ebay has drawn a line in the sand, about their support of initiatives that they are not like minded about.



11:31 PM  
Anonymous izzy said...

cripes...got back late tonight and have been skimming through the posts. The only thing I can offer up (sorry if someone else posted it earlier) is that I'm guessing Sharon will get that it's the Guineas while she's doing one of her daily rituals with them. Whether it's just a comment or a major OMG moment...I'm guessing she'll get it. The schedule over the next few days - I'm lost. The trivia will give us a clue! Oh gawd...she's talking to them now on BBAD!

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe , Just maybe the final show isnt on the 27th or some new twists are comin our way

12:07 AM  
Blogger maureen said...

Because CBS hasn't put out a double eviction week this season like they have in seasons past, I wonder if the final HOH could just be one simple mental round and a physical to elimate one player outright.

Maybe I make no sense but I've watched all but two of the seasons and every one of them is a bit different. BB9 is obviously an add on with the advantage being the writers strike still being in place early on in the season. The whole thing really feels like an afterthought to me. Perhaps a better description is a 3 month advertisement for BB10.

Love this blog people!!

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone else think ryan getting rid of sheila is the best option?

think about it. sheila will bring adam to final 2. not ryan. the chances of her winning the final hoh are small anyway but there is still a chance.

adam would take ryan no question.

if ryan made a deal with sharon to keep her if she promised to take him to the final 2. he would be set.

so if sharon won final hoh ryan would make final 2.

and if adam won ryan would make final 2.

no way would sheila take him. shes gotta go. it would put him in the best position possible.

i just hope ryan is this smart.

2:30 AM  
Blogger David B. said...

I guess there was the writers strike but going up against Amerivan Idol couldn't have been easy on the ratings.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

Suggestion for a post topic (targeted to the real hard-core BB fans):
Considering Sharon has been on the block 5 times now, with very low number of total votes ....
does she have the lowest average number of votes per time on the block for the history of BB?

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all let me say thanks to Carolyn. You do a great job keeping everyone updated. I watch live the feeds but sometimes I miss stuff and know I can always count on you to fill me in where I left off. Second, I think the Guinea pig question was given for a reason. It is stupid and I can't believe they had to stoop so low to get something started in the house. My only problem with it is now the target is going to be on Sheila and Adam. I don't think that is fair. BB has now set this game up to have the final 2 be Ryan and Sharon. No matter what happens in the next few days..I am betting on this scenario. Third, I have chosen the wrong time to go on vacation. I will be on a cruise ship next week and will not be able to get the feeds. I am going to try and access BB9Dish to get updates, so Carolyn please keep up the good work. I don't know how I am going to survive without by BB fix. My last comments are the most important, "GO SHEILA"...

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have the houseguests questioned why Ryan said 'Fact'on the relationship question? Has Ryan explained who he thinks the 3rd couple is and why he said 'Fact'? It seems like people would think that he was involved in the 3rd relationship since he was the only one that said 'Fact'.


6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I understood, there may not be a 3 part competition in the end this year.

Julie said that Ryan will nominate 2 people for eviction, there will be a POV Comp, then Wednesday a regular eviction and HOH Comp. Then the new HOH will nominate 2 people for eviction, then the HOH will cast their single vote for eviction leaving the final 2.

There's nothing said about a 3 part comp, so that's why I don't think that there will necessarily be one, but I could be wrong.


6:40 AM  
Blogger DragBoatAlley said...

Are we sure Julie didnt accidentally mis-speak? She's been ALOT better than most seasons this year with screwups, so in sense she was overdue to mess something up. and how irnonic would it be that she goes nearly a whole season with hardly any whoopsies and production feeds here the wrong dang lines cuz nobody checked the copy? just a thought.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever think BB would allow an autistic person on BB??? They would win all of the mental comps.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Aimee said...

Since Ryan is HOH this week, does that mean that he is guaranteed to be one of the final three?

7:28 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

aimee... yes as F4 HoH Ryan is guaranteed F3. He can't nominate himself for eviction, nor will he vote for an eviction. There will be one vote by the person who isn't on the block from the other 3. Ryan is safe.


12:29 PM  

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