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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds

You hear me mention the live feeds all the time, and some of you probably wonder what I'm going on about, so I decided to put together a small collection of some of the comments we've gotten from Live Feed viewers. Don't take my word for it, take theirs. ;)

"This is our first year with the live feeds. Watching the feeds has changed the way we view the Big Brother show on CBS. Clearly, there are two different shows - the live feeds (reality) and the CBS version. I cannot imagine any true fan of the show not having the live feeds."

Marie Hughbanks
Jessica from BB8's Mom

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"I heard Jessica say on the feeds that the producers tried to get her to say mean things about Carol in her goodbye, in case Carol got evicted. Jessica said that there was no reason for that. But they didn't wanna show the nice side of Jessica, instead they chose to edit the clips in such a way that made Jessica look like the villain. .... I'm not sure why the producers made it look like Carol was innocent, when the truth was all over the feeds."
Josh, close friend of Jessica from BB8

"So much DRAMA!!! As soon as it come on I thought of you... I hope that Neil's family is ok and he left for a juicy no-no and it is going to bring even more drama to the house!!! So far this is Great!!! TV only people need to get the feeds ASAP!!!"

"I dont know what i did without the feeds for 6 weeks... even YouTube isn't as good as actually having the feeds!!!"

"I finally have a weekday out of the the office to watch the feeds...but you better believe I'll still be on BB8 dish all day!"
Doc Rocket

"I never got the feeds right from the beginning last time and BB8 was the first time trying the feeds for me. This time I am in early and won't miss a day!"
by David B.

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"Thank you very much for the advice. I have actually decided to say whatever and go for the live feeds! I am going to do the 14 days here for the first two weeks and make the decision to carry on from there or not. I will make sure to read up here and on the blogs, since I can't be in front of the monitor 24/7, heheh. Only 46 more hours till BB9!"

"OK, i did something I thought i'd never do---i signed up for the live feeds! .... oh yeah! Of course the live feeds aren't on yet, but there's TONS of other stuff on here that I never realized were part of this deal. *happy*"

Baker: Still no BBAD!! Anyone with the live feeds know whats going on?
Carolyn: Why yes :P we do. hehehe.

"The tv-only are so behind. I mean they could fill the hour with all of the ED and Dani explosions of late. Not to mention the comps, the Diary Room sessions, and the pre-nominations campaigning from Zach etc. So much!"

"This has got to be the best live feed so far... Jess painting AmErica's Player into a pink latex bikini top."

"I have to agree - my favorite time on the live feeds was my fellow chatters ! Most of us have continued to talk/email over the last year and are getting together again this year! My favorite live feed time was the Rock n Roll show by Janelle, Will, and the twerp. That was so funny, I woke up my husband laughing!!"

"When I think of live feeds I always remember Nakomis's breakdown...
but my favorite was always having a camera on Kaysar..."

"I've been watching BB since season 1 and I never wanted any houseguest to win as much as I did Janelle, so I would say my favorite memories of the live feeds were when the feeds would come back on and Janelle had won POV."

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"Big Brother 9 YEAR OF THE PORN STARS! LOL ! How's that 4 ratings!"

"This season is HOT! You know I got the live feeds, I'm too much of a voyeur not to, and I'm loving every second of it."
Feb 15, 2008

"Got to watch the live feeds last night and WOW! Some crazy stuff, I must say."
Feb. 2008


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