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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Late Afternoon


5pm BBT
James, Josh & Adam
The boys are on a tear about Sheila... have been for quite a while now.
Sharon joined them a while ago, but she isn't participating in the bash.
Josh and Sharon tell Adam they don't care how he votes...
James and Josh are still exchanging ideas about how to best torture and offend Sheila. Adam tells them that telling her to shut up generally does the trick. James plans to take it further, with a "STFU, you stupid c--t" at just the right moment.

Meanwhile, in the Spa, Sheila & Natalie are bashing Joshuah. Chelsia's there with them, but not bashing.. at 5:15pm BBT, It's turned into a man-bash moreso than a Josh bash, but it always circles back to Joshuah... Natalie is getting progressively cattier...

5:30pm BBT
The boys are now shooting pool and talking about ways to torture Sheila. Chelsia escaped the spa room for a few minutes to do her laundry. Sharon's gone inside...

The confrontations on the live feeds are in a lull period for the moment, but I seriously doubt that will last very long. Hopefully just long enough for the east coast to watch the Tuesday show. ;)

5:37pm BBT
Pool Table
Josh, Adam, James
Discussing Sheila, the next HoH, possible game...

Joshuah: In 24 hours, we will have a new HoH.
Adam: Wow, I hadn't thought of that. In 24 hours, we'll see who the new target is.
James: Are you just gonna wait till it's absolutely necessary to win an HoH?
Adam: You want me to win one, Jimmy? I'll win one tomorrow. I'll summon my powers tomorrow and I will do my best to win one for the boys.
Joshuah: Please.
Adam: I will summon the power of 12 warriors for Joshuah. I wanna win something! Now, I think I'll be better off if I win. lol. Should I put Big Sheila up? I'm the lion tamer. I can tame the She-Beast. Tomorrow, I promise you, I'll do my very best.
James: Yeah, yeah. I just don't wanna hear this God stuff anymore...
Adam: I know. Listen, like I said, Jimmy. I'd rather lose to a winner than get beat by a loser. Maybe it'll be, ya have to hit the ball on the head of the person...
James: Whoever you want to see not win the PoV.
Josh: They've done that before.. knock people out.
Adam: That could be possible, right?
Josh: Yup.
Adam: Ya just can't hit the wrong head out.
Josh: I have a few people I'd aim for...

Meanwhile in the Frilly Room
5:45pm BBT
Matt & Ryan
Chatting about when Matt's dad died, being on the block, religion - random chatter - game and non-game. Sharon comes in, and they're honest with her.
Matt: We're just chillin. Enjoying our last day together. Where's everybody else?
Sharon: Nat and Sheila are doing their nails. Chelsia's doing laundry. The boys are outside shooting pool.

Sharon leaves.

Matt: What would you rather? Your girl blew your best friend or slept with some random dude?
Ryan: Blew my best friend.
Matt: I think I'd rather the random dude.

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Anonymous Scary Bunnies said...

I've been watching the Sheila/Nat/Chelsia conversation and I must say that Chel is doing very well.

On other note, I'm beginning to feel like Sheila is not just repetitive and boring, but is kind of an ugly person inside--or, at least, that's what the game is bringing out of her. I hate saying it because of the interview with her son on this site, but the venom and delusion is hard to take. I think the game is really getting to her and bringing out the worse.

Of course, it seems to bring the worse out of most people unless you can keep it in check. Curiously, ED last year was mean. But he never seemed to lose focus or himself during the game.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think with Sheila...it's just the stress getting to her. James is just playing a game, and doing very well. Joshua is down right mean and nasty...It's like he gets off on being like that and I just don't like people who act that way. I mean, there's game play and strategy, and then there's being cruel just because. I can't stand Josh and I hope the J/C J/S alliance is broken next week and he gets the boot.
I'm hoping for double eviction NEXT week.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Angie said...

ROFLMAO @ Matt Just busted himself out on tv....and if that's not bad enough, tells what excuse he will give if his "girl" sees him going to hummertown with Natalie! He's SO busted! hahahaha so much for bein a playa there Matt---Der!

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it miraculous that anyone can decifer anything Baller says. HAHAHA!

6:15 PM  

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