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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Brother 9 Nominations
Today on the Live Feeds

They just flashed the pic below on the Live Feeds. Nominations will be today.

Please click the pic to check out all the great caps on bb9dishcaps. :) Bookmark it too. We're going to have terrific caps for you there all season long.

In terms of getting caught up on the time frame inside the house, according to Amanda,

    1. The HGs all moved in on Thursday night.
    2. Sharon and Jacob were evicted late Saturday night.
Otherwise, whole lotta chatting going on. It's a welcome respite from last night! Just getting to know the new HGs and their personalities.

12:50pm BBT
Parker and Matt are discussing Ryan and Jen and the possibilities of who's going to be put up on the block. Parker lets Matt know that he and Jen are cool now - it was just a misunderstanding. Apparently there are some alliances already brewing, but it's so soon, and Jen has such a problem keeping a secret, who knows how long those will actually endure.

Parker's really chill now. He's growing on me.

I'll let you know as soon as anything important happens.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping they decide to save ryan & allison. I think that they would help them in the long wrong. Can't wait see who goes on the block & to find out why Sharon & Jacob were evicted first. The last 2 seasons my first fave always leave! Boo. Can't wait until they get down to evicting singles & see what they do.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

As long as they keep my boys I'm OK.

I'm reserving judgement on King Parker House Roll.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous ginger said...

I'm super excited for the show tonight AND some more information! I've got so many questions and would really love getting at least SOME answers!!

I'm dying for details on how evictions & noms are going to go down...

The guests have been talking about penalty noms for breaking the "couples rules", like sleeping together, and voting the same. Will breaking the rules get them a penalty nom and if so, How will this penalty nom work?

What is the competition and event schedule for the house?

Will Jameka be delivering the magic ping pong balls?

Taking into account the couple factor, how are they going to make the season last 3 months, if that is even the plan? Will they eventually compete as individuals?

Matt did say the contract he signed stated if he won the money he COULD NOT share it with his partner, so it must turn into individuals at some point. But When???

What role will the fans play? Will we, America & Canada, get to decide who to put back in the house?

I can't help but think some couples are not soulmates, but complete opposites (Adam/Sheila & Chelsea/James), and with this in mind, will we get to see some couple swaps in the future?

Why were Sharon & Jacob evicted? Will we begin to see them in the outside world, or will they be sequestered for something special? Is there something more to having 16 HGs? Why put 2 people in the game for such a short period. There has got to be some kind of motivation behind it. Is this part of a twist?

Are the ladies just too lazy to put on their swimsuits? Or is it part of their strategy?

Why are they forming alliances so early? Many of the guests have even talked about the early alliances of BB8 that failed and led to BB suicide....And yet they still choose to follow that path?

Will Jen and Ryan survive? I hope so, I like them, and I LOVE the drama that comes along with having them in the house. Hopefully their critical error of exposing themselves won't end my entertainment prematurely. But I have a good feeling that with these14, the house will never be calm!

WOW! BB Sensory Overload!! What a start to a hopefully fun, entertaining and amazing season. Has anyone figured out how to stop your head from spinning, I need some help over here! 17 more spins and my head may pop off and explode.

And to think less than 24 hours have passed since first meeting the hamsters.

I really hope that at least some of my questions are answered tonight during the show and in the next few days on the feeds. Bring it on!! I want more, more more!!

2:56 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Swapping, eh?

That would be a whole new kind of key party! And with giant keys, even!

3:08 PM  

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