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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Morning in the Big Brother 9 House

9:45am BBT
BB: Good morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.
Music and a bit of groaning is heard, then flames...

Still flames at 10:05am BBT

10:10am BBT - Feeds are back. Everyone's up. Sharon's in the shower. Adam's in the bathroom. Natalie's checking herself out in the mirror, talking about how bad her hair looks and her nose is bleeding.

Ryan's claiming the shower next to Sharon, and Natalie says she's next after them... Natalie heads into the bathroom, and while she's in there, Sharon and Ryan whisper about her - too low for me, though.

10:16am BBT
Sheila's having a shower up in HoH, while everyone else is downstairs.

10:19am BBT
Sheila and Sharon are both done showering. Ryan's shaving. Natalie's getting ready to shower.

10:22am BBT
Ryan, Natalie & Sharon
Natalie's showering. Sharon's putting makeup on. Ryan's chatting with them.
The talk is about PoV Ceremony speeches, and how Sharon's is always the same...

Adam joins the group.

Sheila's still up in HoH, enjoying her privacy.

10:28am BBT
Sharon goes up to HoH to borrow something from Sheila and check in with her. Sheila lets her know that she spoke with Ryan last night again, and the boys are 100% on board. Sharon heads back down to the common bathroom.

Sharon tells Natalie the good thing about today is she (Natalie) wont have to make a speech. Natalie says she's planning a big one for Wednesday though, "to top Joshuah, since America said I would give a more inspirational speech than him."

10:38am BBT
Adam, Ryan, Sharon & Natalie
Adam had nightmares again last night. He was at his mom's house, he had to go somewhere and he overslept and missed the flight... and his days were all messed up.

10:43am BBT - Feeds are down for the moment.. You are not alone.

11am BBT - Feeds are back, but a little sketchy. Everyone's getting ready for the Veto Ceremony.

11:05am BBT
Adam, Ryan & Natalie

Adam: She said the Veto Ceremony's in a half hour. I don't know if I should use it on myself. (kidding)

Natalie tells him he should, and she trusts them. She leaves.

Adam: I hope you're ready for this, bro. I'm ready... Today's a big day.
Ryan: You puttin' a button up on for the meeting, dude?
Adam: Yeah. This is big... I told them I was gonna get all shaved and dressed for the meeting...
BB: Houseguests, you are not allowed to discuss your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests.

Sheila comes down.

11:08am BBT
Sheila: It's you, isn't it, Adam? That they're talking about. Where's Natalie?
Adam: She's convinced. She's like (laughs) don't use the veto, Baller.
Ryan: No, she's not. She said...
Sheila: Oh my God.
Ryan: Then she's like, i trust you boys.
Adam: She's like, 'It's ok Baller. We'll get this handled."

Here's a clip:


Sheila notices all the dirty towels everywhere and says she's gonna hide some, so people stop using so many.

11:12am BBT
Sharon goes to feed and greet the guineas.

11:13am BBT
Adam, Sharon & Sheila
Chatting about the wake up music - Billy Idol - and other random stuff. Adam says he went in the hot tub late last night while they were all sleeping... Sheila says she wishes she would've done that. Her back still hurts from the comp. Adam used the jacuzzi, then did some laps... Sheila says she should use the facilities more. Sharon says she's always in bed when the fun stuff happens. Sheila teases her about it a little.

11:17am BBT
Adam takes the opportunity to tease Sheila a bit about whether or not he'll be using the PoV. Sheila asks how it works again. Sharon tells her they'll all have an exterior lockdown, so BB can film Adam alone studying the wall.. then they'll come in. Also that Adam runs the Ceremony, not Sheila.

Nat joins the group and talk turns to belly chains.

Ryan comes in, and now all HGs are present and accounted for in the Kitchen and at the Dining Room table.

***I can't believe there's only 2 weeks left, but seeing the dwindled numbers sure helps.

11:20am BBT
BB: Natalie, please come to the DR.

She goes.

Sharon: That was so funny last night when you were calling her out about false witnesses. I was trying so hard not to laugh.
Ryan: Huh?
Sharon: The 9th commandment is to not bear false witness against your neighbor. Adam called her out on it.

The HGs continue talking about Natalie's hypocrisy.

Sharon: I think you called her a false prophet or something, and I just had to look away. I didn't want to laugh in her face.

Talk turns to education and the importance of it.

11:24am BBT
Natalie comes out of the DR. Sheila gets called in. Natalie asks Sharon for help doing her hair today.

11:29-11:34am BBT
Natalie leaves the kitchen as Ryan's coming in. Ryan and Sharon talk quietly.

Ryan: You have no worries. We're good to go.

Here's a clip:


Sheila comes in to the kitchen and asks Ryan where everyone is.

Ryan: Adam's outside being pool boy. Natalie's in the bathroom doing her makeup.

*** Not too many "everybody" left to account for at this point.

Talk turns to James. Sheila says you gotta love him... love to hate him. Ryan says he was a slippery little bastard... Sheila points out it would have been a lot harder to get Alex out, because people thought he was so nice, no one would've wanted to evict him.

Sheila: Alex, I'm not gonna let America forget you.

She says she's gonna bring the Alex doll down to the common area when her HoH is over. Ryan says he'll get destroyed.

Talk turns to women's cycles and how they collide when they're all together.

11:35am BBT
BB: Adam, please go to the Diary Room.
Ryan: This is it. Here we go.
BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the hook-up between ED and Sheila that she wasn't talking about last night?

10:23 AM  
Anonymous ChrissyF said...

Gnat's nose is probably bleeding because it's growing like Pinocchio's from all her lies and is bleeding out from the growth surge!! LOL

10:23 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

Seriously. Who were the people that voted gNat as a more inspirational speaker than Josh? Crazy ...

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Crisi said...

Carolyn, I just wanted to let you know what a great job you do! As I am reading the morning report I notice you are only about 8 minutes behind. Awesome. I could not even thing about doing it better.

Thanks again

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Blapps said...

Having second thoughts. Wanted Nat gone this week, but...now thinking better for Sheila to make a deal with Nat: Ryan goes up today IF Nat promises to vote him out. That leaves only one of the Bros for next week, stopping them from taking each other to the end.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Kassandra said...

I was going to ask the same thing becasue mine just went out

10:49 AM  
Blogger crazysandy35 said...

i have a question about my super pass my real player is not working now it was but now its not can anybody tell me why if not have a number so i can get if fixs...thank-you

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good thing the feeds arent down just for me i thought i was losing it or something.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn thought you might want to know that was lotion not cake on Nats face how you could even fathom that Ryan would leave cake uneaten in the house is beyond me has anybody seen my Toblerone oh never mind Ryan just finished eating another one.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is if tc gets rid of Nat then I hope sharon picks em off one by one, starting with Sheila, she's rediculous now! given the HOH and turns into a raving bitch! WTF is up with her?

Sheila's at 14:59 and counting

Hopefully Ryan and Adam will get pissed at Sheila and turn thetables on her now and keep Natalie.


10:54 AM  
Blogger Kassandra said...

Feed are back now. back to the wait for pov meeting

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blapps--I don't think Sheila trusts her enough to try to make that deal. I wouldn't either. There's no way Adam would vote for Sharon to stay over Ryan. So it would all fall on Nat, and she is so dead set on her alliance putting the other one in the jury house (for Matty!) that she wouldn't hold up her end. I also think Sheila is pretty loyal to Ryan at this point.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Blapps said...

you are probably right, Anon 10:57. But, if the Bros are both there next week, they will be F2. This could be Sheila's only chance.

11:20 AM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

As much as I'm not liking the Ry-Bread ... I still want Sheila to re-nom Nat and send her packing.

chrissyf ROFLMAO
Too funny and so true!

Ms. C - Hope you got some R&R this weekend.


12:01 PM  
Anonymous Lila ~*~ said...

Good afternoon, Carolyn.I hope you enjoyed some well earned leisurely moments this week-end :-)


Not me.Maybe it was a matter of interpretation.

I don't remember exactly how the question was worded,but I can see how many would think that Nat (being preachier)would be more likely to GIVE a speech that SHE considered inspirational.

That's the only way it makes sense to me.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Genie said...

Shamrock : I think a lot of people voted for Natalie over Joshua because they might have misunderstood the question to say -Who is more constipational...


Hello everyone!

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Genie said......
Shamrock : I think a lot of people voted for Natalie over Joshua because they might have misunderstood the question to say -Who is more constipational...

LOL Genie!

I just pee'd my pants and I can't stop laughing!!!!

1:28 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Anon @ 10:52 AM
Glad you cleared that up for me...

Lotion? I didn't think of that. Of course a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste and I thought it was 'spillage.' Didn't know if she got some in the DR or if she saved som.....

No, I'm going to stop there. I think everyone knows where I was about to go with that. :D

3:15 PM  

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