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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Morning Report

This post will be updated throughout the BB morning.

9:40am BBT

They're up!

The first words of the day:

Joshuah: Allison's got to leave.. this week.

Sharon: It's gonna be, like, soon. If there's gonna be a twist, I don't think it'll be near the end of the game.

Josh is flipping through the channels of HoH Cam.

They continue talking about how poorly they slept, even in HoH. Josh was stressing because he thought he was "gonna get a penalty nomination." Sharon instructs him to go to the DR and just let them know when he's getting stressed out, and say that he may go off, but he wont ever physically touch her. Sharon then launches into how "gay guys are not aggressive," "gay people fling there arms." Joshuah doesn't correct her vast generalizations.

Sharon: She's just trying to get you in trouble. She can't play the game the right way, so she's just trying to do this so she can cheat and win.
Joshuah: I'm taking her out. No matter what.

A few of the HGs have woken up and are beginning their day in the bathroom downstairs.


10:15am BBT
Sheila & Natalie
Sheila's complaining about Adam's snoring. Natalie's compaining about Matt's treatment of her. Both move into talking about the madness of last night.

Others join them in the kitchen...

10:40am BBT
The talk is all about last night.

11:15am BBT
Apologies, but something's come up and I have to run out for about an hour. Updating and comment moderation will resume upon my return.

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Anonymous bianca said...

hey guys, im on my way to work...im almost afraid to go, i know ill miss something. but ofcourse i can count on you guys to catch me up :-)

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

Allison wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes last year with Dick--let Josh dump a glass of iced tea on her head or the whole cigarette burn scene and let's see how "threatened" she feels then!

10:10 AM  
Blogger noladon said...

Your so right Angie. I would love to see Allison up against Evil Dick. OMG, that would be so funny.

10:15 AM  
Blogger MoNYC said...

Speaking of penalty nomination, how come Adam didn't get one for that bagel he ate while on slop?

10:16 AM  
Blogger MsPilatesLovr said...

Hi everyone. Just wanted to stop by and say hi to all the fellow fans. Love reading all of your comments.

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it would be great if they had another All-Star cast and put Evel and Allison and Dustin and Josh in the same house!!! Stuff would hit the fan!

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what was this restraining order that was mentioned,being posted on Myspace bulletin all about? Never heard or seen this mentioned anywhere? Can someone please let me in on this? Thanks

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

There was some confusion about when the slop pass ended. Some said at midnight, other's said when they went to bed it was over. Must have been when they went to bed because nothing ever came of Adam's midnight snack.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

monyc - BB, in light of Amanda's incident, allowed the people who were on slop to eat whatever they wanted. Originally, it was believed to be until midnight, but some say it was actually "until you go to bed".

Hope that clears things up.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Ry said...

Hey, does anyone know what exactly happened between Matt and Natalie last night that caused her to whine about wanting to go home? If there is vid of it that anyone can guide me to, that's be great!

~ Ryan ~

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my first post ever, and I just found this site this season... I LOVE IT ! ... anyways I want to know what Josh is so worried about and what was said in the DR

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

monyc - apparently Adam wasn't on slop when he ate the bagel, they could eat until they went to bed.

If Josh is worried about a penalty nom he must have said some serious sh*t. BTW - Dick didn't burn Jen intentionally, she was grabbing for his cig and burned herself. That's the difference. And a glass of water over the head is not the same as saying "I'm going to slit your throat," no matter how hollow the threat.

Sorry folks, Josh went too far - from mean to threatening. Those are the BB rules!


10:57 AM  
Anonymous im said...

Jane... have you seen a video of Josh saying that to Allison? Because no one I know has, and no one in the house heard it.. yet Allison claims he yelled it in his face WHILE the show was still live on TV.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh! Has anyone else seen the latest BB9 commercial on CBS? Talking about how "One house member's real life girlfriend has been voted out, but now there is another woman who wants him" bla bla blahhhhhh (gagggggg)
I had to laugh, it actually shows Ryan in the DR saying "Well Allison is my type" ya okay, sure Ryan...if you love the psyco, 2faced, spoiled flippen brat type then You Go For it! (uooooo, gag again)

11:33 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

I don't want to pick a side, BUT, Allison does have a problem with telling the truth. So, Unless Josh says he said it or we see it on tape I'm going to go with Allison and her growing nose telling a lie.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

I think you might want to watch the video's of last season again if you think Dick had no part in Jen getting burned. She was found at the greater fault because she was acting as the aggressor, but he clearly held the cigarrette with the lit end towards her and was "poking" the air towards her while she was reaching for it. Also, it was tea--not water, but those are minor details and I digress. My point is that Josh, no matter how violent or emotionally wounding his words are, they are just that--WORDS (BTW, no one heard him say he was going to slit her throat). They are just loud, obnoxious words.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is really going on here with allison she is so mad because she didn't win hoh and i really want to know what really happened with her and josh and did anyone see him tell her that because i have been looking for that and thier is nothing i don't like her she is a snake this site is great love you guys for all the great information keep this site going but let's get allison out of this house she has to go.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane~ question for you...

So when dick told Jen he wanted to "rape" her, and that is putting it nicely, that was not a threat?

Let me guess, what he said was ok, b/c he's just "calling it like it is" and playing the game???

I realize it was not a threat on her life, but still, it was a threat on her well-being.

11:53 AM  
Blogger mikeinbama said...

Is it just me or is Josh falling into the Dustin trap? These people just don't get it. They go on such a power trip when they get HOH, but they don't realize that everyone watches what they do while they're HOH. Josh is writing his ticket to leave in two weeks. Obnoxious HOH's do nothing but draw a bigger target on their chest.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Imsaid till we hear Josh threatening Allison it is heresay.
We found out what a liar Allison is so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if she made this up to get pity.
Angie you are so right Allison wouldn't last 5 minutes with Dick in the house. He would of cut her down to size the first hour they met.


11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised not much has been written on what Josh did with Allisons HouseKey in the wee hours of this morning???
Did everyone miss that ???

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no video apparently. The show may very well still have been on, but they were cut to something else and the feeds weren't on so no one could get a clip.

I don't know for a fact he said that. What I do know is Josh has the 5 feet rule, which never happened before. When Josh came out of the DR the first time he said "the good news is I'm still on the show, the bad news is I have to stay 5 feet away." (I did see that). And Josh said is he concerned he is going to get a penalty nomination (saw that too). Why would he have said those things and why the 5 feet if he is innocent? We may not have seen it all but the producers have.

This is called circumstantial evidence. It may or may not be enough to convince a jury. But it has convinced me.

Make your own judgements.


12:05 PM  
Blogger mikeinbama said...

Another thing, I hate it when house guest threaten to leave and don't. Don't make the threat to leave and not follow through with it. Allison is going to threaten to leave for the next week and gather simpathy from the simple minded houseguest like Shelia, Natalie and Chelesia. By Sunday everyone will be backing Allison again just wait and see.

If Josh and Sharon were smart, they shouldn't tell anyone who they are putting up on the block. You can't make deals until after veto.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gay guys aren't violent? Tell that to Joe Orton. (Google it.) -AnonMT

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im said,

The CBS show definitely bleeped out something last night that Josh said as they started celebrating HOH. Have no idea if it was a "slit your throat" comment or whether Allison is being a drama queen.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allison is lying. As much as I disliked Josh I believe him over Allison. I was so mad at her the night before when she was on her high horse.How dare she ask Alex what he would do with the money if he won like she was in charge. She thought she had everybody in check and was the smartest player, now that she lost she wants to cry and lie and say she feels threatned...not buying it. Had she won hoh she would have really been too much to handle

12:39 PM  
Blogger nat said...

ok i swear last night at the end of the HOH I saw Josh make the motion (slit your throat) but he didnt say anything.. am i the only one who saw it?

12:42 PM  
Blogger ReporterX said...

I just went and re-watched the end of last nights episode....you can to on cbs.com I did not see Joshuah anywhere near Allison...there was a few silenced spots when he and Sharon are jumping around celebrating..but again he is nowhere near Allison.

I truly believe whatever Josh said happened in the time period when the live tv show went off the air and before live feeds turned back on. So there is NO video footage on the internet for us to see..

I am not taking a side...I like Allison & Josh...I really do not have a "favorite" this season.

I can say nice things about all the house guests...

As far as a restraining order? Don't think that happened either..What did happen is BB asked/told Josh to stay 5ft away from Allison since she feels threatened by him.

True threats and acts of violence towards anyone should not be ignored or tolerated. I am sure that BB knows the law and is concerned with the safety of all their house guests. (Since they would be the only ones to know what truly happened between Allison & Joshuah I trust they will handle it..)

I will not call any house guest "crazy" these people are throughly tested in many ways before being allowed in the house...To be on the show they all passed those tests...So no one is "crazy"..

Hope today this issue is resolved and we can all move on..

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They ALL lie ALL the time! What, Allison invented lying in the BB house?

And those of you who argued that Dick's behavior was worse than what I said made my case for me. If Dick was so horrible and got no punnishment - it begs the question - what would Josh have to do to get the 5 foot rule and worry about getting kicked out/and and a penalty nom?


12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane: Josh also said while smiling "I cant talk about it, but everything is okay!"
Maybe, just maybe, BB told Josh to just stay 5 ft. away from her to shut the cry baby up!
After all, how many freaking times can one "threaten with a lawsuit"?
And just like the situation with Allison telling everyone Sharon called me a bI*tc*H when IN FACT what Sharon had said was "Is Allison P*ss'd"...She blew that way up just like she did with Josh!
ALLISON is the one who went outside where JOSH was and started yet ANOTHER fight with him AFTER tpb placed the 5ft. rule...so I think one can safely ASSUME that Allison is LYING.....YET AGAIN!

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Allison is lying, I believe Josh did say something bad enough to have been given the 5 foot rule, however, Allison really needs to put on her big girl panties again and start playing the game rather than playing the victim. Because victims become such easy targets! I don't like her, want her out, but would rather she go out with a little bit of gameplay. I will never like her character on this show, but I was beginning to respect her gameplay, until all this last night -- she has turned into yet another disappointment for this season.

And was anyone else laughing their *sses off when Sheila was saying she wished Dick was in the house because she thought he'd LOVE her?! LOLOLOL Yeah, you go right on believing that Sheila! Even more hilarious that she thought he'd be attracted to her! She really is delusional!

1:11 PM  
Blogger MoNYC said...

anon@12:55: Josh was also stressed about receiving a penalty nom all night and nervous when he was called into the DR at 2am. A guilt-free, innocent person would be able to sleep with a clean conscience, don't know you think? And if they were just pacifying Allison and reassured him of that in the DR then why all the worry even today?

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon has called Allison all kinds of names, and since when is either Sharon or Nat a reliable source?

Josh got the 5 feet rule yesterday and he wasn't smiling when he came out of the DR then. It was hours later (or maybe it was today, can't remember?) when he went in and came out smiling. Who knows why? Maybe he found out he dogged a bullet and gets to stay. Maybe someone told joke. Maybe he was faking a smile. Maybe he was just proud of himself for pulling off being such a prig. Maybe he had ants in his pants. Who knows?

Allison didn't start threatening lawsuits until this afternoon. I may not have heard the first threat, but what I heard was actually Josh bringing up the subject first, and Allison just running with it.

I assume they are all lying, because I have seen every last one of them lie. Every person who has ever played this game lied. It's such a red herring to use that accusation. Someone lied on BB, and that's news?!

I happen to think Josh is despicable and I believe he threatened Allison. But that’s my opinion based on what we know now. Only time will tell. Everyone else is entitled to their opinions too.


1:30 PM  
Blogger ReporterX said...

Allison threatened law suits on the feeds all last night..every time she said it we got flames...
(House guests repeatedly said Allison signed a contract stating she cant sue for what people say to her in the house etc.)

Personal opinion on the 5ft rule..in comparison to last season and Dick (which for the life of me can't understand why anyone is comparing)..I believe due to Dick and events last year the rules changed a bit this year. Hence the 5ft rule. (It does not mean guilt...it is not a restraining order..it is for Allison's personal comfort.. or a better example in kindergarten the teacher separates two children having a conflict)

But since Allison has no problem getting right up close to Josh and breaking that 5ft distance herself (and basically sticking out her tongue when she does it) I would say she is not afraid of him...nor does she fear for her life. (My conclusion its all BS with her)

Really want to know what I think?? ....(here it is anyway)

Allison is so pissed off that she did not hit the button faster than Sharon during the HOH comp. and so pissed off that the two people she messed with all last week won..she concocted this idea in the spur of the moment to try and save her own ass from nominations this week...

I really do believe Josh said something...again I did not hear it nor did any of us... I do not believe Josh is a physical threat to anyone... Could he be a threat as a competitor...HELL YES! and that is what I believe has Allison shaking in her boots.

She started this knowing Josh crossed a line with Amanda...and he did.. it was disgusting what he said to Amanda..(noose comment) but not against the law or enough to get him kicked off...just really bad taste...but would make people believe her when she cried he threatened me....whether he did or did not I cant say..but he is still there and that screams volumes!

2:00 PM  
Blogger melissa said...

Nice post ReporterX!

I agree with you that we should all move on....at least until the next "scandal" or hot topic arises. And ya know it will. *LOL*

I feel the need to say a few things for my piece of mind, and then I will put it to rest...

I too am staying on the fence on this specific issue and am not taking sides. It seems there is NO way to find out what REALLY happened, at least not now, and probably not ever, since only the producers heard and saw what happened. Which I think is the case. Just like ReporterX, I am pretty convinced it occurred after the live show, but before the live feeds came back on.

We have to take what BOTH Josh & Alli say regarding the situation with a grain of salt. And I don't think it is fair to assume either is guilty when we do not know the facts. We shouldn't assume Alli is guilty of lying about this situation just b/c she has lied in the past, or b/c she is trying to get Josh kicked out. She could be telling the truth, she could be "stretching" the truth. We don't know.

And on the other hand we shouldn't assume Josh is guilty just b/c he was told to stay 5 ft away or b/c he spoke of a penalty nom. Both of these statements could have occurred for many different reasons and do not automatically make him guilty of "serious" threats and violence. He could have been violent and threatened her life. He could have just said very nasty things that made her feel threatened. We don't know.

Like ReporterX, I do believe that BB would take serious action if they needed too.

The fact is that a lot of assumptions are being made. And it is not fair to make accusations under that pretense, especially when it is such a serious subject.

Ok, sorry this was long, but I feel so much better now and am gonna start truckin' along. Next stop: self improvement...

I have decided to TRY to write a positive statement for every negative one from now on. Through all of this recent hooplah and craziness of bb9, I think I have voiced more negis than posis when it comes to the HGs and I want to change that. Wish me Luck :))

I love BB and I love bb9dish!
Keep rockin' it girl and know you are greatly appreciated!

2:27 PM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

Josh did wipe Allison's key on his butt. I am glad he was made to wash it.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Surprise Allison did lie about the threats. Josh told her in the HOH room that the DR showed him the tapes and they said no threats were made from Josh. Allison for once was speachless lmao. Seems Allison got caught in yet another lie. All she wanted was pity. Oh Allison also said she never said she wanted to sue Josh. Allison is one sick demented biatch. How anyone could like her is beyond me.
Get Allison some mental help ASAP!


6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing like a key that smells like butt juice. Maybe Josh can sell butt-flavored items on ebay when he gets out of the house.

I know I got a sick sense of humor.

6:22 PM  

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