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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Morning Report

This post will be updated throughout the morning.

9am BBT

The live feeds just cut to flames a moment ago. As it's 9am on live show day, I'll go out on a limb and say the HGs are being woken up. ;) They've got primping & tidying to do. Perhaps even a little last minute gaming. Please.

9:10am BBT

BB: Good morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.

Lights are still out everywhere. Whimpering can be heard all over the quad...

9:13am BBT
Joshuah & Amanda are showering and talking. Allison enters and they stop. Sheila comes in... Alex too. Then Matt...

The house is waking up.
Amanda: G'morning Allison.
Allison: Morning.
Sheila: (laughs under her breath)

There's a line for the showers... Alex and Amanda are listening intently whenever anyone makes a sound outside the bathroom...

9:30am BBT Idle chatter...

9:33am BBT

Joshuah and James

Joshuah: Should I give em a sympathy vote, or do you think it'll make me to big a target?
James: It'll definitely make you a bigger target.
Joshuah: I do to... go 3-0?
James: Yeah. Did you talk to Matty this morning?
Joshuah: I did. Me and Allison aren't talking. She hates me. She's definitely putting me up if they win. I mean, she's already confirmed that. I've gotta win HoH, or I'm just f'd. No pressure.

9:40am - 10am BBT
Amanda's still making an effort with Allison, but Allison said she's not talking game today with anyone if Ryan's not present.

The ladies are all primping. Amanda leaves, and 2 seconds later, they all launch into game talk. Allison tells Sheila to tell Amanda she'd love to vote for her, but Allison said not to.

They talk turns to Joshuah and how much Allison wants him gone.

She's not actually wearing a crown, but that's only a formality.

10:15am BBT
Matt, Allison, Sheila
(Amanda's in and out)
Quick little convo about putting Joshuah up on the block because of his pimping for Amanda and Alex, and how Amanda's bugging out.

10:20am BBT
Ryan and Joshuah
Joshuah lets Ryan know that he and Sharon will be voting to evict Amanda and Alex, making the vote 3-0.

Dining Table
Josh, Adam, James
They're on interior lockdown and taking notice of the lack of banging outside, thinking it'll be a mental HoH.

10:28am BBT
Matt & Alex

Matt tells Alex the word on the street... That it's gonna be 3-0.

Matt: Allison likes your girl more than mine.
Alex: Doesn't seem to matter... That's what's costing me the game. People at home will see that.

10:33am BBT
Momentary FLAMES

Back to idle chatter...

    Incidentally, for those of you keeping track of the ratings. They're getting better:
      BIG BROTHER TUESDAY posted its best adult 18-49 on any night according to preliminary Nielsen live plus same day ratings for Tuesday, Feb. 26.

      BIG BROTHER TUESDAY (4.4/07, 6.74m) averaged a 3.1/07 in adults 25-54, 2.6/06 in adults 18-49 and 1.9/06 in adults 18-34. This is BIG BROTHER's best delivery in both households and adults 18-49 on any night and matches its best delivery in adults 25-54.

      Compared to last week, BIG BROTHER TUESDAY was up +22% in households (from 3.6/05), +35% in adults 25-54 (from 2.3/05), +37% in adults 18-49 (from 1.9/04), +27% in adults 18-34 (from 1.5/04) and added +1.35m viewers (from 5.39m, +25%).

James & Joshuah (briefly Natalie)
James: We're all gonna be stuck together in HoH for like 3 hours... so we can kill each other.

James and Joshuah are privately discussing the details of the house...
James: Locked away in HoH for 3 hours, there probably gonna remove stuff, or they're gonna make it look like a disaster area in her, because of the virus.
Joshuah: I wonder how they're gonna have us cast our votes and everything. We can't leave... I guess we'll have to leave to go to the DR and cast our votes there.
James: Uhmmm.. didn't sound like it dude.
Joshuah: Interesting.
James: They were pretty adamant about a couple hours up in HoH.

10:55am BBT
Alex, Allison, James, Chelsia.. Matt joins, then Nati.
Alex: 3rd cups a charm. Really gets ya goin in the morning...

Alex tells James to really rock the shirt he gave him. Idle chatter... Allison tells Amanda how beautiful she looks... Natalie's happy the mermaid cup is back. Everyone's dressed and ready for the live show run through.

11:05am BBT
FLAMES, briefly

11:07am BBT
We return from flames and all the HGs are heading up to HoH for lockdown.

They're discussing how they weren't locked up last week. Lots of small talk...

I'm kinda hating BB right now for this lockdown. Not as if there's a whole lot of hope, but this lockdown kills it completely. Unless of course, Alex takes the opportunity to bust Matty in front of the whole room about hummergate, but that's about as likely as the sky suddenly turning purple.

And we have awkward silence.

James: Let's talk about how everyone hates each other. (laughing) Isn't it wonderful? So much love in this room.
Natalie: Sooooo.. this one time in band camp...

Talk moves to sex, the dental dams, and has anyone gotten any in the house. Someone pipes in "Ryan and Jen!" Alex stays silent and misses the golden opportunity to expose Matt and Natalie.

Natalie starts ribbing Amanda for her clothing choices, and Amanda says they told her not to wear a bra under that shirt (referring to when they all enetered the house).

Noon BBT
Still on lockdown up in HoH. They're beginning to wonder if the vote tonight might actually be live instead of pre-taped. Mostly they're just talking about football and turtles and random bs.

12:15pm BBT
Still HOH Lockdown small-talk yammering.
    ***I'm going to take this opportunity to run out and get some snacks for tonight, just in case there's an endurance comp. My cupboards are dangerously bare. Back in a little bit to publish comments...

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Anonymous Angie said...

If Alex and Amanda go I will be so sad, I might even pull a Wamber :)
I've been giving Allison dirty looks on the feeds all morning and sending her negative thoughts--- but I don't think it's working LOL

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In regards to the poll on the right, can anyone explain hummergate and Matty? I have no clue what she's talking about on this one...

9:23 AM  
Blogger dawnie said...

haha sheila laughed .. its gonna be a weird day in the house for sure..

9:33 AM  
Blogger dawnie said...

i dont know understand why alex didnt try from day 1 when he was put up.. just thinking about it right now is making me mad..lol

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Natty serviced Matty one night when they first moved into the house. Matty joked about it with Alex

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if alex and amanda go home I am calling tonight and cancelling my feeds. I just got them last night but I soooo dont want to see them go.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

That made me laugh Angie!!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so someone tell me how alex and amanda go along last night after they went to bed...it got late and I had to get some shut eye. I mean like what was said after lights out between the two.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Ry said...

I haven't ranted here in a few days...oh well. Rant #2!! (lol)

I know this house is built upon it, but I just can't handle the fakeness anymore! I love how Allison told Sheila last night that she flat out told Alex and Amanda "You're going home, don't even try to talk to me" & then she had a 45 minute long convo with Amanda and that she was SO "nice" to the poor girl. FAKE! Why can't Sheila go back to actually hating Allison, Gahd knows after this week is over and Josh/Sharon win HoH (I hope) that Allison will go back to throwing Sheila's ass under the bus to save her own butt! At least with Joshuah, if he hates your ass, you're gonna find out about it from him! Again, not condoning what Josh did before, but jeez at least he has the cajones to work the game the way he does. I sooooo want it to get back to Josh what homophobic things have been said about him by Adam and Ryan, just so he can tear them both a new a-hole.

I'm sorry, I know we should hate the game and not the player, but if the final six is Matty/Natty, Adam/Sheila, Ryan/Allison, then I'm gonna hate the players!! I hate the fact that Adam/Sheila are gonna be brought to the end because of the fact that they are gonna be so easy to beat at the end. Crazy Eyes /Psycho Lady are my Native American names for Adam/Sheila, whaddaya think? Ryan, I respect, and Allison...well read the above paragraph again, lol. And as much as it pains me to say, because I really want Alex/Amanda to stay, Matty/Natty will prob win this game if they are not evicted SOON! They are the smartest in this game and they will go far since Matt's got half the house eating out the palm of his hands. To hear Ryan talk to him and Allison after the HoH room chat last night made it seem like there was going to be a revolution against an oppressive dictatorship! Jeez!!

All I can say is I will be hoping that Josh/Sharon win HoH tonight. At least then, we will be able to cut the fat from this house. Not to mention the fact that the live feeds and After Dark will be very interesting!!

Whew...I've needed to get that off my chest for a while now! Thanx for everything you do Carolyn!

~ Ryan ~

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so mad that amanda and alex are leaving. I can't stand Allison. Why didn't they try to get sheila and adam to change their vote?

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Tella said...

As mentioned in a comment further down... I know A/A are toast today... but they will probably get a chanse to have their last laugh since I now believe due to "Game Sweepstakes are due 4/1" there will be a longer season.

I think we may get to vote people back. Would be so sweet! ;-)... because Allison is a good player but mean.

Anon. 9.23 AM

Nat serviced Matt early in the game on at least two occasions and he bragged about it to Alex and Parker "And I did not even have to kiss her". Alex unlike Matt has not spilled any secrets about his 'friend'.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes thank you angie for the laugh, i needed it, thinking about slimy Matt staying in the house, my only consolation is the fact that Allison aint gonna see it coming! cuz it's coming, only a matter of time til he turns on her

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont like allison she acts like she is hot sh*t. I think most want bucky beaver allison gone next week. ugh

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Ainokami said...

Yeah... I have a feeling I'll stop watching next week. Without Alex and Joshuah, there's no reason to watch this season. I HATE Allison, and I depise Matt, Sheila and Adam. Matt is such a skeezy skank! Sheila is crazy and mean. Adam is crazy and annoying. Allison is the biggest bitch ever.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

I want Josh & Sharon to win hoh so they can put up Allison & Ryan. If they don't win then there is no reason to watch bb9 anymore. I will not and can't not watch beaver teeth Allison anymore.


10:06 AM  
Blogger gennie said...

why can't these people see how much Allison is PLAYING ALL of them!!! I know...hate the game... not the player. But she annoys the CRAP out of me and I just want to see her knocked down a few notches on her high horse! I do hope someone totally blindsides her. She is one I wouldn't mind seeing "thrown under a bus" or "back doored". I would laugh my a$$ off like there was no tomorrow. THEN I would LOVE the game!

10:11 AM  
Blogger nat said...

I really hope S/J win HOH this week and get A/R or M/N out....But there could always be a last minuet change and A/A stay right? {grasping at straws }

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont want alex and amanda to leave. Hopefully, they'll go bak for the twist. I hate Ali, she thinks she's all that ... Not!


10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cannot wait until allison gets evicted..i am not watching anymore after alex and amanda leave.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think Allison is telling Alex and Amanda that they are going home then at the last minute she will change everybodys mind to vote out Matt/Nat. That way she can continue to say that she is queen and that A/A owes her big time?

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Ry said...

anon @ 10:15

Unless she decides to clue in Joshuah or Sharon (whom she despises at this point) the votes will be 2-1 since Josh/Sharon are voting to evict Alex/Amanda since they don't want to be the pity vote that people come after. Believe me, I pray it happens but we just haveta wait and see. And Nat, I see those straws n I'm grasping for them too!

~ Ryan ~

10:24 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

Allison's comment to Shelia was to much. Shelia of all people should see whats going on!! But I guess Crazy and Crazy go together!!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that alex and amanda are the most interesting ones in the house, its sucks that they are leaving, and allison thinks shes the smartest person in the house yet we all know everyone is gunning for het. shelia is just using her to get by. i hope there will be a twist tonight and matt/nat leave!

10:28 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Allison is just a bitch plain and simple. Why does she want to put salt in the wounds. Alex and Amanda are going home. She got what she wanted so why continue to be a bitch and have Shelia say that to Amanda. I hope Josh & Sharon win tonight and put her ugly ass up with her puppet Ryan.


10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well that's that folks. game over alex and amanda.

10:34 AM  
Blogger gennie said...

OMG would it be exciting if all of a sudden Matt and Natalie got the boot and Alex and Amanda stayed! That would be adream come true and the first IN YOUR FACE ALLISON to hit her! She really needs to go because she is playing a hell of a good game. I still am totally annoyed by her... everything about her is annoying to me!

10:35 AM  
Anonymous i4git said...

Just three words...Allison MUST GO!!!

And now I am going to set up my dartboard with her picture on it and play "strategically"...ARGH

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just don't understand. do these people really like each other..? How does someone say such cruel/caniving things behind someones back and acts like the best of friends a split second later.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

I miss the days of Sean Kennif's theory of no alliances and alphabetical order voting.

- Xerces Zendersmith

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know about the rest of you but if I had to hear about how good a person allison is... I wanted to scream!!!!! She is on top of my people to leave the house list... Jan, texas

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allison only went rogue when she realized that Ryan was already in a relationship. Before then she was nice city and flirty with Ryan...I REALLY don't like her. I want Josh (as much as i dont like him) to get HOH and get Allison the H out!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First....I LOVE BIG BROTHER!!! But dang, what are they thinking with this season? If they don't break the couples up and let them play as individuals soon I may have to stop watching. I'm liking Ryan, but hate Allison. Josh is okay, but not Sharon. I feel sorry for Matt, Natalie HAS TO GO. ALex is okay, but I'm waring out my mute button with Amanda. James and Chelsia are both crazy...but it works for them. Don't get me started on Adam and Sheila, I just want to give them both sticks and let them fight it out.

I miss Evil Dick!!!

11:03 AM  
Blogger MoNYC said...

Dang Debinny (@10:33a) a little too much, no?

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn and anyone else - I don't follow why you think hummergate would influence anyone? They all know Matt is a pig and Nat has a thing for him. I don't think it would suprise anyone if there was a "reason" Nat had those feelings. To me, if anything it would show that Matt and Nat can really keep a secret and the drama is relatively light, considering.

I just don't think anyone would be shocked or care.


11:38 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Not at all Monyc. I could of said alot worse. I was being nice :)


11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have been in such a bad mood since the tides have turned...
i can't stand allison. she is so fake and absolutly pathetic. i can't believe she's still not over jen! who cares about jen? she's old news! she's done. get over it!
she keeps telling everyone how jen made fun of her clothes and her body and the more i hear it the more i believe her to be absolutly insecure and immature. she wants ryan so bad it makes me laugh.
but i have to give it to her... she's playing them big time. everyone believes allison and when they find out the truth it is too late. i was amazed the way she talked ryan into believing he was making the decision. that's a manipulator for you.
on the other hand... as much as i hate to say it, and as much as i adore alex and want him to stay... alex did this to himself. he's too much of a nice guy and that's not the way to play this game. your word means nothing in that house. not one of those people is really your friend.
gosh, why do i ALWAYS like the nice guys?! boohoo.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you monyc. Let's keep a little perspective debinny. It's a TV game show, no one is water boarding prisoner's of war.


11:43 AM  
Blogger mikeinbama said...

I'm somewhat happy that Alex and Amanda are getting voted out. They have played the worse game of all the HG's. Alex's was finished the minute he knew Amanda wasn't his soulmate. I think he has played the worse game so far. That passive crap doesn't work and Amanda didn't ruin his game, he ruined his game by being jealous of Parker from the outset.

The name of this game is keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous LisaLu said...

I just don't understand people when the game is not going the way they want it to, they threaten to "stop watching" the show... it's a game people & you are not in there living with these people & having to make decisions based on only the things you see. We get to see all sides of the story, not like the BB players in the house. I have my favorites & those I hate, just like every other season... but when they are gone, (cause really the one most see as most deserving to win does not win,) I'll find the next best & root for them... just like most everone else here. It is for entertainment & everyone is entitled to their opinion but I just hate it when people say they are gonna quit watching becuase so & so is getting the shaft... it's life & if it went exactly the way you wanted it... it wouldn't be half the show it is, it would actually be pretty boring if it were all roses.

12:01 PM  
Blogger MoNYC said...

Mikeinbama, you're like a BB sage--you're so wise!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

woweeeeeeeeeee!!!! Adam has been fired from his job according to the company's website that he works for due to the comments he made a few weeks ago

12:14 PM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

I didn't like Allison from day one. It has nothing to do with the game. I just don't care for her as a person. I usually don't like people who think they are better then anyone else. That's my opinion and I am entitled to it. If you read any of my comments you would of known I didn't like her from day one. Enough said.


12:19 PM  
Blogger stephl said...

They all already know about "Hummergate"...I think that the only reason that it is not a bigger deal in the house is that everyone either really likes Natty, or they feel sorry for her.

I know that I would have a hard time throwing that stone...unless I was ALEX OR AMANDA!!!!!

Maybe Allison was right, Alex is a nice guy, and Nice guys sometimes finish last.

12:21 PM  
Blogger mikeinbama said...

Thanks monyc :)

I wonder who everyone is going to gang up on this upcoming week with Amanda out of the house. I think Josh will be the target for everyone to dump on.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has it been revealed what Allisoin had the allergic reaction to yet? I'm wondering given her pharmacuetical background if she brought it on herself on purpose ... bear with me here,
A food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (occurs when a person eats a specific food and exercises within three to four hours after eating). Hinky?

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the Allison&Ryan talk with Chelsia video and I was wondering if those words actually came out of Chelsia's mouth and when and is there footage? Did she actually tell Allison final two Che/Jam/Josh/Sharon?

1:04 PM  
Anonymous DaniD78 said...

I just don't understand people when the game is not going the way they want it to, they threaten to "stop watching" the show

We are threatening to stop watching the show because we simply DO NOT like the other couples in the house as much as A&A. And because we have found A&A very entertaining. I'm I wrong?

I think it would be interesting to do a survey on why everyone hates Allison so much. Do we hate her because she will get A&A out of the house or because she's so conniving? I think everyone is a combination of the two.

Good Job, Carolyn. You're awesome.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Evil also. LOL Opps.....wrong season. This whole BB9 is way out there. Entertaining but no class in my opinion. Oh well..........

1:17 PM  
Blogger MoNYC said...

Josh is a good guess. I think Sheila and/or Allison are going to get some group gang-up too.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous DaniD78 said...

anonymous, I find your comment very interesting.
A food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (occurs when a person eats a specific food and exercises within three to four hours after eating)

Allison has repeatedly said that she would have died if this had happened outside of the house! Hmmmm

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why you keep pushing Alex to talk about hummergate. You're crazy if you think it can change Allison's mind, nothing can, and there is no point in him leaving on a bad note with no reward. I am just praying for a Josh/Sharon HOH with Allison leaving next week and Alex and Amanda voted back in. Let's make it happen people!!!!

1:22 PM  
Blogger nat said...

so is tonights show going to be a live vote or just a live resuts and HOH? I wont stop watching if A/A leave...they may come back.lol

1:22 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...


Even though I would like to see Alex stay, I have to agree with the rest of your post and say AMEN! You are right. Alex has played poorly and payment for that is coming tonight.

Now then. A few words to those who are hollering they will stop watching if A/A leave tonight.


You did not tune in to watch so-and-so or so-and-so. You tuned in to watch Big Brother! Good grief! I feel like I'm reading posts from a bunch of kindergarteners! "If you don't do it MY way, I QUIT!" Get over it! I don't want Alex to leave, either, but I am watching BIG BROTHER, not the Alex Show! And why any of you would stop watching when there is a chance that we could see him back later in the season is beyond me!
Are you watching the SHOW Big Brother or not? What? Are you not going to watch Big Brother ever again if you don't get what you want tonight?
And while I'm at it, I stopped going to my chat room because people would attack HG's physical appearance rather than game play. That's pathetic! A few people on this blog is getting dangerously close to being just as bad. Call people OUT, but don't call them NAMES! How many times have we heard that HG's are much different in the REAL world? But in the house, they do what they have to do to try to win the game. Give benefit of the doubt, for Petes' sake! Watching the feeds, we are bugs on the walls of the Big Brother house, but the walls in their real world homes. We don't really know the REAL people in the house. We just know the GAME people.
I'm done...

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon@12:58 PM

I have had the same suspicions about it, especially after seeing how it went down on the tv show last night...she ran, then without showing any concern or distress she just starts going to the DR...walking with the kind of purpose of someone who knows exactly what they're doing and what is happening and without a hint of suprise or shock. Then she sits in the DR and tells them EXACTLY what she needs. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure most people who had never had a severe allergic reaction would know to start asking for an 'epi-pen'...not saying it isn't possible, given her profession, or even if she has friends/family with allergies, but still....it is just something else that makes me go, "hmmmmm"....

2:05 PM  
Blogger mikeinbama said...

The appeal of BB is the power struggle. There has never been a group of people that has remained in power throughout the game. The HG's are only interesting if the power struggle interesting.

Allison was able to grab power because everyone else was worried about personalities. There are only a few HG's that get that to win the game you constantly have to be on the side of the power. And by being on the side of power you can manipulate others to carry out your objective. Allison has gotten Jenn/Parker and Alex/Amanda out of the house and she hasn't been HOH. Next week if Josh and Sharon don't win HOH, she's going to get them or James and Chelesa out, and still be in a power position with Matt, Natt, Shelia, Ryan and Adam.

The girl is good.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Yeah, Allison is bad news, especially for the way she murdered "Superstar" by the Carpenters last night!

The only thing that confused me was I thought she had to be in a bikini all week. What was with the suit jacket?

2:19 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

I agree. Love her or hate her, she's good! And have you notice? she constantly downplays her ability to win this game. And all the HG's are falling for it! She could very likely get to the finals - especially considering that she has a partner that creates no waves! Time will tell...

2:24 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

I believe the bikinis was for only three days...

2:30 PM  
Blogger mikeinbama said...


I have noticed that no one thinks she can win a competition. I think she is better off by not winning and causing doubt about her abilities.

One thing I have noticed lately is that she is letting me know that she is a thinker and is coming across as smug.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

Cliff- Glad to see the suit. It woulda been a little too wannabe "Baywatch" if she went trolloping around the back yard in her swimmy ;)

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Quit hating on the best player in the house! Allison let everyone dig their own holes for 2 weeks and is now capitalizing on the mistakes of the others. She has so taken over the game. Don't hate the playa... Personally, I find her annoying, but she is the BEST player in the house.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally think Allison was faking. Allison has been at it from the beginning, didn't you hear that she did something to Neil to make him sick and that's why he left?! They are still investigating, that's why we don't know the details.

They have no direct connection to her and Amanda but there is already talk that was involved. Why do you think they happened at the exact same time and she just happened to be in the DR so Amanda couldn't get immediate help??

They can't do anything to her until they have proof, so it's all hush hush until then.


3:18 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Miz Carolyn:

1, Thanks for the ratings info. That skews towards a full season, which, luckiy for you, should restult in Alex coming back (hopefully without the pipsqueak). Though i cannot imagine how singles and couples concurrently competing would work.

2. I fail to see how Hummergate would sway votes. Lots of the guys already know and I doubt Queen Allison would be shocked or awed, given her opinions of Mat n Nat. It would just humiliate poor, stupid Natalie. Feel free to elaborate on how that might help Alex.

3. I am kind of hoping to see Alex go, as I am kind of getting way to into his eyes and lips and am starting to creep myself out. I pause the Tivo to admire them. And, much like Timothy Hutton in "Beautiful Girls", I am finding myself getting inappropriately jealous of the third party. He was jealous of a thirteen yo boy on a bike and i feel Amanda is not worthy of Alex and hate her gossiping and squeaking evem more. Alex goes and I am put out of my misery with the hopes he comes back solo. Ironically, when I was his age, I never would have dated him because of that horranus Staen Island accent. Too low on the food chain. I may come out of this season enjoying men from the Outer Borouhs now that I live in Manhattan.

4. I don't think Allison's choice is purely personal. I think she legitimately doesn't trust Amanda, and feels that A/A has physical plus mental, where as M/N is lacking in the mental. I think it is good strategy and Matty may not keep a promisse but he is probably goig to be closer to Alli than others,. I see Alli's niceness and jacking up of Amanda as partly a jury vote thing.

5. When did Matty ever tawk sh-t about Alli othe than calling her a "five" when tawking to Alex about trying to, er, hit that? Alex then calledd her a horse, so they are even steven. Poor Alli- way more attractive than Amanda and taking this.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Sheila would be SO APPALLED by Matt's treatment of Nat that she would change her vote... and Adam's. She claims to care how women are potrayed and has said that Nat already has said too much.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

I'm SHOCKED! I have heard NOTHING of Neil/Allison. Where in the world did you hear this information? That's kinda scary!

Allison does, indeed, come across as smug. She continually denies it. I don't know if she realizes she comes across that way or not...

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Updater said...

"She's not actually wearing a crown, but that's only a formality."

LOL Nice, Exactly! Josh/Sharon 4 HoH!!!! Whooo!!!

Man at one time I liked Alison, she's gone off the deep end and needs to go DOWNNNNNN

4:50 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

And she managed to not wag her head this time when Simon talked to her, so there's that.

Just don't know how they got that whole audience into the house, though.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Updater said...

Hey MikeinBama -

Good insight. You said "There are only a few HG's that get that to win the game you constantly have to be on the side of the power."

Do you mean you need to be on the side that has power, or besides (ie not in the direct path of) power? Alison seems to have done both.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Updater said...

WOW Josh & Sharon, I was hoping but WOW

A-D-I-O-S Alison, their aim is true....

5:53 PM  

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