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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's About to Hit The Fan - Again
aka Alex's Last Stand Has No Legs

I go to take a shower and all hell breaks loose... again.

8:48pm BBT

At the moment, Amanda and Alex are up in HoH with Sharon and James. They are trying to convince Amanda and/or Alex to go off on Allison and tell her that Matt is playing her. That he's trying to get sex from her and talking all kinds of smack about her, and it's not right for her to give her vote to him.

They all agree that it really has to be Alex to do it. They all claim they will back Amanda and Alex up, confirming that Matt is talking serious smack about Allison.

This is ongoing... up in HoH now. Here's the clip:

8:50pm BBT
Amanda: Matty!! Matty!!
Matt: One sec babe. I'm talkin'

She borrows a pair of pants from him...

Matt: I'll pay someone a week stipend if they help me pack...
Natalie: Let's do something fun. We gotta get to know eachother...
Matt: I wanna go swimming. It could be my last night.
Joshuah: Part of our deal, you also have to train me once a day...

Privately, Josh and Sharon whisper, and decide to go to the jacuzzi to watch the show unfold.
    I think the plan is for Amanda to tell Sheila and ask her advice and then let it spread from there...

Alex & Allison
Alex tells her Matty's been completely working her, talking bad about her, etc...

Allison: I don't know what you mean by that.. he says he wants to have sex with me?
Alex: I didn't want to talk about it or campaign about it... I gave my word to someone, and he's not keeping his word...
Allison: Amanda made my life a living hell... (blah blah blah) I'm just saying.. the way you treat people will effect your future. I'm definitely gonna ask Matty if that's the truth... The bottom line is, when you and Amanda were playing the the 1st 2 weeks, you weren't thinking about how the tables could turn.
    Alex is completely blowing it.

Allison: I tried to get close to you on several occasions, and it just never happened. Everyone in this house has watched this game before... No one is trustworthy... I find it very interesting that no one ever wants to talk to me and Ryan at the same time...
Alex: So going on in this game, you feel Matty is a better asset to you...
Allison: I'm not going to go into why I feel that, but you guys were nothing but catty and awful to me... but if you're saying that Matty's being fake to me and Lying to me, of course that puts a doubt in my mind...

James and Chelsia are also present.

Allison: This is the f'ing game... At the last minute, people make deals. People break deals. It's the f'in game.

James gives them the HoH to have the room...
    ***This is not going nearly as well as I'd hoped.

Allison: There's so much sh*t talking going on right now, it's pathetic.
Alex: I'm not sh*t talking.
Allison: For example, Josh is in the jacuzzi telling me he wont get Amanda's final vote because of their initial blow up...
    ***This plan is Josh's idea. Clearly, he needs to be in it to make it work.

Ryan enters.

Alex: Matty has tried to get whatever he could out of her...
Ryan: To be America's Player.
Alex: You could see he was doing that while Jen was here... I'm telling you this, because it seems she really trusts him, but you should know he was doing this.

They go into the whole Parker/Jen scenario...

Alex: I'm just throwing this out to you now, because he gave me his word, and he's not backing it up, so how can you trust him giving you his word?
Allison: So basically what you're saying is Matty has talked Sh*t about me in the diary room, even though I've never even kissed him...
Allison: Even if he did go in that Diary room and say x, y and z, I don't give a sh*t... What I do care about is that I was living in a torture chamber for 2 weeks.
Alex: What I'm trying to tell you is... if you're going to trust...
Allison: You're still not willing to say...
Alex: What do you want me to say, with all 4 of you here... ok, I'll say it, I wont put any of youse up if I win HoH.
Allison: Honestly Alex, I really do believe you...

9:21pm BBT
Ongoing... on the live feeds... now.

Switching to Amanda's role... She's downstairs with Sheila about to make her move.

Back to Allison and Alex. She's curious enough to ask what exactly Matty has been saying...

Now they're going to call Matty up and see what he has to say for himself. If he denies it, they'll call Alex back in.

Ryan is coming around... He says, Jen also said something about Matty trying to play you.

Matty enters. Here's the clip:

Alex: I gave you my word I would not be campaigning against you, and you gave me the same word. I've learned in the last couple of hours that you have been doing a lot of campaigning. I came to her (Allison), because obviously
Matt: This is what I thought campaigning was... tlaking down about your competition to make deals...
Alex: So here's the deal. I've been hearing all this stuff, so I come to Allison...

They define the term campaigning...

Alex launches into the America's Pimp, America's Player...

Allison: SO what did you say about me?
Matt: I never said one bad thing about you... I was saying how I was gonna flirt with you in here..
Ryan: It brings up the trust issue.
Allison: Did you say something along the lines of "I went into bed with Allison last night..."
Matt: I said I'm gonna flirt with every girl and be how I am in real life... but I've never once claimed to have hooked up with you, never once in my life...

Matt: If anybody in the house says I have a deal with them, they're lying.

Allison: I'm gonna call a spade a spade... Nobody's gonna do sh*t for Sh*t.. You 2 are saying we're such good friends, we're never gonna campaign against each other... (to Alex) You're a nice guy, and sometime's nice guys finish last.

10:25pm BBT
Too much, too fast... Too little, too late. As much as I hate to say it, I believe Alex and Amanda are toast. Amanda's still plugging away, but it's almost pitiful to watch... Allison will not be budged.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

God I hope this works!

I just REALLY want Alex and Amanda to stay.


9:01 PM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

OOOOH let the games begin lol, I so hope Amanda stays.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok got my showtime on......

I cannot stand Allison...........

She is full of herself........

a hypocrite.........

And I can't stand how her forehead gets all wrinkly whenever she talks, especially when its strategy.....

She says Matty never lies to her, but he wants to play her, idiot!!

I think I'm starting to like Amanda, just b/c Alli doesn't......

I want her out!!!

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG. I have to go to bed people! C'mon Alex. Throw on that charm. Work some magic. I just don't understand how people can't see how Matt is. It's not like he's hiding it - everyone knows. I don't understand girls that still want to be around that. It's like they all think that they can tame the beast or something. Nope...but he will make you look like a fool on camera.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

allison is such a hypocrate. frig. one minute it's about making a deal the next minute it's what amanda has said about her the next minute it's about not trusting them, then it has nothing to do with alex. i really dislike her.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Biskit said...

O.k., this has pretty much set it for me. Allison and Matt HAVE...JUST HAVE to have known each other outside of the house. I would not be surprised in the LEAST if they were the next twist. What makes her believe Matt over Alex?!?! Because Alex's PARTNER treated her like crap?!?! Just NOT adding up...

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I really hope this works. I dont think its enough to sway Allison though because it seems as though she has already made up her mind. The only hope in this situation is Ryan.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Biskit said...


9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt is the biggest liar and pig ever in life. what a disgrace to all men. These people are all pathetic except Alex and Sharon. I won't be watching if Alex is voted out. The rest of them are low class and gross.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Ainokami said...

Alex is such a horrible player... He can't even hold up something everyone else instructed him to do. He's nice and cute... But unfortunately, that won't help him.

In all honesty, they should work Sheila and Adam more. With their vote, they can win. And then get rid off Allison. She needs to go ASAP!

9:53 PM  
Anonymous DaniD78 said...

Everyone seems to like Alex and/or Amanda, so where does that leave the show if they are evicted? And as for Allison, I think she will be one of the next ones out. If Ryan wants to stay he better get her under control. I think if they weren't paired up it would be the scumbags against the good guys. And there are some real scumbags in this house!!!

10:02 PM  
Blogger ReporterX said...

LOL biskit that's exactly what I was saying..

they should not of let Alex do that alone..he needed an army..

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Matt/Ryan and Allison were in the bathroom very quietly talking about the HOH pow-wow. Sounds like everything is still smooth with them, BOO. They were laughing about Matt being the America's Player and Allison said, "I know you, I see you in the bar everynight." I seem to agree with others that they are fishy. Allison goes out of her way to stress the fact that they don't know eachother from Boston.

Ughhhhh, Whatever happens I just hope Alli is gone next week. Yea, she may have a little game, but she contradicts herself way too much. While she says out of the house she would trust Alex more, in the game she trusts Matt more. I think its a bunch of BS and the main reason she wants to keep Matt is b/c of personal Amanda issues on top of the fact she knows Matt. I smell a fish....Is there one from the food comp stuck in Allison's Hair?

I just cannot stand that it could be A/S, M/N, R/A as final 3. I know a lot could happen before then, like twists and alliance shuffles. But boy I would hate that final 3.

I do think that Josh uses his attacks and blow ups as strategy. My personal opinion.

Oh, Shiela * alli in storage room....annoying celebration, please please please not those final 3....Please tell me they will do something to f that up....bring back couples, twist, remix something.......ughhhhhhhh

go josh/sharon chelsia/james

Alex and amanda need a miracle please god,

godd bless you god

ok its late and I am delirous, if you can't tell from this post.

I just hope I don't have nightmares about Alli and her voice and overused comments and words...............

Nite, I hope I wake up to great news!

10:28 PM  
Anonymous DaniD78 said...

I think the house is going to explode very soon. There doesn't seem to be any true alliances.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

I do NOT want Alex to go home :( I find him so adorable. I am so so sad.

10:38 PM  
Blogger nat said...

omg. Everyone is all over the place! i cant stand allison! I want A/A to stay~ As much as I like Ryan I want Alli out.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, so I can't watch anymore cause Allison's voice is making me want to drill a hole in the side of my head, but after Alex finished his thing I thought for sure they were done for, but after listening to Amanda and Allison, I'm not so sure... we'll see what tomorrow brings but here's hoping for a miracle that saves them, I'm not sure i'll wanna watch if they're gone... g'night all

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Tella said...

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11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish Amanda and Matt could leave. I can't stand either one.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Tella said...

Not sure I had this included... ;-)Win a trip to BB9 finale -- tent. scheduled for April 29th

11:03 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

Well, at 11pm BB time, it is looking like Allison might just go with A/A. Talks are sounding good. Unless Allison is playing Amanda big time. But it looks good at this point...

11:05 PM  
Anonymous That Guy said...

A/A are going home.

But one good thing to come out of this is that Allison is being exposed for her constant overplay. She's making moves just to make moves, talking shit about everyone in the house, and making deals with all of them at the same time.

I'll give her credit, she's kinda smart. But she's trying to flaunt it way too much and it's going to bite her in the ass. She should've realized that the other houseguests aren't exactly the savviest bunch of players to hit the BB lot and pulled back on her non-stop gameplay. Instead she just keeps hitting it way too hard and putting the target square on her back. Good riddance. Sorry Ryan.

BTW, Where was this 2 week "torture chamber" that I missed??

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Tella said...

that guy...

Did you miss the beginning when Alli was sent off to Gitmo for two weeks. I am amazed she survived.

I hope the season is longer-ish and that we will all see those departed have the last laugh and return. BUENO!

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OKay, I have a little hope -- from the talk on BBAD, towards the end, whe went outside and whispered to Alex "So what are you willing to do to stay in the house?" The slightly crazed look in her eyes said 'gambling addiction has kicked in'! She has the gambling 'high' and let's just hope it is her downfall! AND let's hope Alex can ante up and get her vote....and then he can take her down next week!

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

once again, another DR interference. After allison came out of DR, she told Alex she might be keeping them and that they should talk later.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous emmy said...

carolyn, i don't know if you've seen this or not, but its pretty amusing...alex was in a music video before, its worth a look for a laugh if nothing else!


2:52 AM  
Blogger MoNYC said...

This is what they get for evicting their boy Pahkah. Kahmah, baby Kahmah,...

3:20 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

mo -
it takes a lot to make me laugh at 6:20am (eastern) on less than 2 sips of coffee.

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really shocked at the support for Chelsea, James and Josh. Do you people watch the feeds? I don't mean that sarcastically at all, I'm really inquisitive if you do.

Those three have said horrendous stuff (making fun of Amanda's dad's death more than five times, goofing on hiding food from Amanda so that she passes out again, etc.) but it still seems they have support.

They are completely hypocritcal too-- especially Josh -- saying that they cant trust Sheila or Allison because they lie... when that's exactly what they've been doing for how long?

I have the fortunate opportunity to watch the live feeds at work, TiVo Showtime AD, and thanks to Carolyn, read every update that I happen to miss in the wee wee hours.

To me, the lines between good and evil seem to be drawn between Matt/Natty and Alex/Amanda on one side, Chelsia/James Sharon/Josh on the side of evil.

Allison definitely is annoying, bitchy, self absorbed and condescending, but I really feel like this turn put her on the good guys team. Josh/James/Chelsia are flipping out at this possible alliance between Ally and the rest of the house, but isn't that what they themselves had? So it's ok for them to lie, say horrific stuff, backstab, gossip, talk sh*t, and form alliances, but when the rest of the house does it they flip out?

Other than Adam's general comment towards autistic people (which again, was not targeted at a specific person, but a general group. Still wrong, but not as potent as mimicking the tragic death of someone's father)there has been no hurtful comments.

At no point in time did Allison say she'd hide Alex's cross. That was Chelsia, who's morbid sense of humor would be more tolerated if not done purposefully to emotionally scar someone. Yes, I know Amanda shouldnt have told people her weak spot, but Chelsia has made FIVE comments about it now, including one yesterday.

And I also think James is beyond creepy. His interactions with Chelsia at some poitns in the bedroom were so creepy that she was called to the DR in the middle of their sessions. Coincidence? I think not, BB was definitely interviening. Both times she was drunk; their make out sessions were broken up by calls to the DR, one that left Chelsia crying afterwards.

Gay porn-deception aside, James has also been a complete ass to people in the house as well. He's been on a power trip this week, and has made comments to several people in the house (specifically sheila and matty) trying to act like a hard ass with the power. But note how quickly that changed around during the HoH pow-wow last night. When he seen the tides were turning, he mentioned NOTHING of matty's comment. Even after telling Alex he would back him up.

I just don't get the support for C/J and J/S... they really seem like they're terrible human beings, and continue to prove that every day on the live feeds.

6:01 AM  
Blogger isellmineralmakeup said...

I WANT Alex and Amanda to stay!

Allison is just too hard-headed and needs to open her eyes! I think she would be safer with Alex and Amanda still around.

**Amanda fan here! :)

7:46 AM  
Blogger MoNYC said...

Well gooood. I'm glad I can cause you a chuckle.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Allison is the biggest hypocrite in the house.
I also want Alex and Amanda to stay in the house. Allison thinks she owns the house now that will come back to bite her. She will never get the jury votes anyway.
Who wants a gambler to win the money she will gamble it away.
I heard we america get to vote this year who gets to win. Allison will never get my vote.
As for her saying she was never called ugly I find that hard to believe.
Matt is using all the women in the house and I think it's disgusting.
These women better smarten up and fast. Don't know about you but I dont think Matt is attractive at all. Last thing how many times does Amanda have to she is sorry to Allison who the hell made her God. Get a mirror Allison you are ugly with those beaver teeth.


7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! Bye-Bye Alex + Amanda!!!

Matt FTW!

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allison is the only one in the house that knows how this game is supposed to be played. She has very good insight, something that most of these HGs seem to lack. Amanda fans may not like her, but you must admit she is no fool.

Remember why Alex was placed on the block in the first place. It doesn't look good when your own partner is campaigning against you and making enemies with everyone in the house (including the ones in your "alliance") after only being in the ouse for just 1 week. I would like Alex to stay, but I think that he would be more dedicated to the game if he had a different partner. This can not be blamed on Alex, his game was doomed from the start.

I do no think that A/A are going home. If they are, then expect a twist.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Tella said...

Anon @ 6/01.

Why the support for J/C and J/S? First, it's most likely one sided... that the support is VERY this week temporary to save a favorite like Alex... and Amanda that has shown that even if she has a big blabber mouth is not a mean spirited person.

What James outside preferences or activities have to do with anything I have no clue... but this week he has not mingled much... or he has done stupid moves. Chelsia and Nat are both on my not liking so much list, even if Nat is not for the mean reasons... but I think it would do her good not to be in the house anymore. We already know TOO MUCH.

I like Sharon... but not Josh.

As for Allison... she fits with Sheila being a victim and POOR HER!!! She'll have a surprise when she realizes she is not that popular, nor thought of as pretty as she thinks.

IT'S CLEAR... A/A are toast.

I do have hope that we can vote people back in like we did with Kaysar and Amy in earlier seasons. That will be sweet revenge. ;-)

9:39 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Biskit I have been saying that for some time now. The hgs know Alex is more honest so why does she trust Matt more and why is she fighting so hard to keep him. I know why because they came into the house together. That will be one of the twist this year. Jen should come back and blow Allison's mind. Allison will never get the jury votes in the end. Too many hgs don't like her.
I didn't like her from day one and said so. Now I just can't stomach her.


10:20 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Reporterx I agree with you. James, Chelsia, Josh & Sharon should of stood behind Alex.


10:23 AM  

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