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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

NataLIEs Busted

9:15pm BBT
Sheila, James & Adam

Sheila tells the boys that Natalie made up the cheerleader story... They trade Natalie lies...

This will be the last post of the night. I need to get some rest in preparation for the expected endurance comp Wednesday night on the live feeds.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo chick, tell me who hasn't lied in this game. THANKS

10:06 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How could she not be on the show? Wasn't Jessica from BB8 a cheerleader or dance team member something like that. That said, I don't think she is, just calling Sheila out on her crazy thought process!

10:10 PM  
Blogger Redheadsmom said...

why do some people insist on being so nasty to you Carolyn? You are just reporting to us what is going on...I think you are great!

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I imagine we will see a few of these, here is the first...


thanks again for the killer blog


10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn. I have a question for you. I thought by now on the shows they would show the evicted house guest going to sequester. Do you know when they start showing it?? I thought they were already showing the sequester house by this time last year. Thanks..

10:13 PM  
Blogger Redheadsmom said...

By the way, I am in Florida too and I can't imagine staying up glued to the live feeds this late almost every single night just to give us all the wonderful information you do!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Scary Bunnies said...

"NataLIES" is brilliant. Great job, Carolyn.

I'm watching the feeds tonight just for hope of James staying... not going to happen, unfortunately.

I'm also sad he decided NOT to go off on NataLIES, but I'm guessing he'll pull something out tomorrow to rattle her for the HOH.

I watched the CBS show tonight and was really disappointed. Not sure if Ryan telling Adam his answer is really cheating. In my world, it would be--Adam was clearly smart enough to switch his answer so it wouldn't be the same as Ryan's. In BB world--probably not. Any collusion between contestants during a competition should be considered an automatic forfeit in my world.

Danielle said on her 4/7 (I think) house calls that she counted the time left out and there wouldn't have to be a double eviction. Has CBS completely abandoned this show? At least that would provide a bit of excitement to viewers.

OR... OR... I say, "OR!" (delusionally)... maybe there's no double eviction tomorrow night because they're going to call out the cheating on the POV comp. Think about it: why else would they edit it so that we could clearly see what was going on?

But, then Chenbot would be promoting SOMETHING other than just a regular show.

I think CBS has abandoned BB9, to be honest.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Beorn said...

G'night, Carolyn and everyone else--a shower and my bed await here in Baton Rouge. I wish all of you sweet dreams of a private paradise island, with nary a gossiping, scheming house guest in sight--we'll leave them for the cares of the day! :-)

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Scary Bunnies said...

I wonder if Ryan is that vain outside of the house? He looked kind of schlubby when he came in. Maybe all that "TV Time" is getting to his head.

What was up with the "bling" earrings today? That was the best.

I read something on Jokers news today where a BB casting producer was encouraging over-40 y.o. applicants. I can't help but think that that's the group I'd really like to see casted for BB10. Enough of these idiots. I think Grodner's "I'm going to turn off the air conditioning so the hgs show more skin" for this season officially flopped when NataLIES put her head under the covers on Day 2.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

redheadsmom - have no idea. that was pretty tame, given all the names i've been called lately

in the past week: fascist, c-nt, racist, nazi, etc., etc...

i'm about to pass out.

scarybunnies - thanks :)

beorn thanks for the reminder of my surroundings... it's easy to forget here in the bat cave.

ColoradoBBFan - Can you please email me that link? DishChicks@yahoo.com

Nite nite everyone...

10:22 PM  
Blogger Groove said...

Well, seeing the house appear to be turning against Natalie is certainly making my millennium, but I'm going to predict that their feelings towards her will change back in her favor before the end of the night. Let's face it, they're all a bunch of nimrods and have proven time and time again that they can't be trusted to please us. Ever.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Carolyn: I just want to say thank you for your site, if it weren't for you, us BB9 addicts wouldn't be able to keep up with all the happenings. I love your NataLies too, That's awesome. I was really disappointed tonight when Adam got really two faced. I was hoping he would go to James/Sharon's side. I hope that James keeps NataLie up all night tonight the best he can, he's getting awefully tired now tho! Oh and do you think James put his clipped pube hair in Nat's bag> Sure looked like it to me! Thanks again for your updates! Kim in Texarkana

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Ron in CO said...

Anonymous @ 10:10

She's not. They have her on tape (on BBAD) laughing to herself about how much fun it is to have the HGs thinking she's a SeaHawk Cheerleader, and telling God she knows it is wrong to keep up the pretense but it is too much fun to stop.

Josh had just praised her for being a cheerleader and had just walked away when she had this little conversation with God. BTW, this conversation with God, unlike the one when she was a child, did not take place in her head, but was oral on Natalie's side of the conversation. ;p

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What will James do with the flour he placed in the plastic bag? Any guesses?

10:37 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

beorn @ 10:17 PM...

You also have a GaYToR waiting for you any time, just 70 miles down the road. :p~ My bed sleeps 6. 18 if I stack 'em right. (OOPS was that TMI Carolyn?.. giggle...)

I have to say this has been the most confusing season I recall, not that I recall much past the close of any season, but the 'alliances' turn much faster this year I think. Well Team Lard stuck together til now but out of pure luck. Now they are turning on each other and I love it. I LOVE it, but I don't believe a single one of them 3 minutes after a conversation ends, because the next one is same song, different verse but with a new chorus of singers.

Anon @ 10:10 PM ...

As for previous seasons and a cheerleader. It was Jen(S6), partner of Busto/April, that was a former cheerleader for the Dallas Desperados, an Arena Football League team.

I wish Adam could get inside Ryan's head and convince him to keep James. I think Shegorilla would vote to keep him if she knew she wouldn't be odd woman out. ... Odd woman... I just made green tea come out of my nose again.

Sweet Dreams Carolyn. I guess your feelings about another endurance is coming true. An all day lockdown and not letting the hamsters out all day tomorrow makes it a pretty sure bet.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

My guess is that the flour ended up in someone's laundry. At least that is what I would do. Kinda sneaky and a little present for someone after I left. HAHA.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn and all,From NJ (NONI NJ) I am a new poster but have been following the feeds and dish since week 2. Love the sight and all the work you do.

A former James fan, after the last week I am SO looking forward to seeing James leave, he's waaaay over the top, and now just a nasty little bully and a poor loser to boot. I truly hope there is noooo way he will stay. He has sunk his own boat, He started out cool, one who danced to a different tune but now is just pathetic. Really can't stand the mean spiritedness or the hiding in bed.
Sharon on her own is a cute girl, aand definiely better character than most of the other hgs, but has a sneaky quality that is not endearing and a desperate need to be attached to one player(guy). First Josh, then James,next Ryan.She is also quite BORING, and if she were to go F4 with R/A/S watching woulds wqork better than Ambien and a lullaby.

Sheila deserves credit for trying to hold her own against the youngsters, but face it she is the most repetitve, annoying, can't win anything, teenage wannabee. Is she 12yrs old hiding out in a 45yr olds body.She should go after James. I can tolerate Sharon but Sheilas twang and backstabbing has got to go. She has no gameplay except talking everyone to death. BE GONE She bot!!

Being from NJ I should say not all NJ ers have Adams hygiene problems or talk in undecipherable mumbles. Although we do talk fast. Adam is endearing and shows his tender side.He's so funny, often in a piggy sort of way, but definitely needs to grow a set. He needs a good Jersey girl to straighten him out. I don't care for his passing the buck on taking a stand and folding in POVS and HOHS. Kind of wussy, man up, you have shown you can do it when you stood up to James a week ago. He definitely6 should stay till F3.

Ryan is one of my picks for F2. Yes, he has said some things that have been viewed racist or crude. I don't see this as his true self. He has often exibited kinder manners to the girls and put up with a lot of crap. Unlike the other hgs he only got mad once(when Adam didn't put up James)I think he tries to hard to appear cool playing his bro' role. But I think when he's not around the guys is patient and generous. He has played well too, easpecially after the handicap of becoming a target so early because of Jen. GO RY BREAD!!! If he makes F@ he's a cinch for the money against NATTY.

I have no prob with the POV comp. IT was down to Adam and Ryan anyway and Adam was still in not giving info after being eliminated. BFD its not the Olympics, its BB, more power to them!!!

I hope CHatty makes it to the F2. IT would be so boring without her!! I can't stand the God talk, admire her for hanging in there despite the abuse she has put up with from Josh, Chelsia, James. BUT THE GIRL"S GOT GAME!!! She hasd by far been the smartest dumb player this season. AS dumb as she appears ther is a lot going on behind that glassy stare. I find as annoyed as I get at her I am rooting full out for her. You don't catch her hiding in bed and remains chipper inspite of it all. She can't help what must have been a very difficult upbringing and the obviuous deficits in her education. Overcoming that gives her credibility in my book. IT really pisses me off that Sheila has been so nasty about her, I think she's jealous., and knows Nat will be loyal to the guys. All gals would be really boring F3, and I am one. While I can't believe she could ever win it all with all the Evildoers controlling the vote at least she would come in second.

DON"T THOSE DOPES KNOW TO PUT COLD MILK ON RYANS NECK TO SOOTH IT. Any good salon uses it after waxing and depilitories, really works!!Make a compress and soak it in the cold milk and apply repeatedly. great after eyebrow or upperlip waxing.

THanks Carolyn for letting me air my opinion.Hopes this makes it in I know its way late maybew it will make it in morning post don't know how to save it or copy it. Could you tell me how. Not real savy on that stuff. Guess I shoul have registered my name first but wasafraid I'd lose all I wrote.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Pyke said...

Anon at 10:37... i wouldn't be surprised if that flour in the bag was put in Nat's makeup crap, or substituted for makeup.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you but please stop hating on Natalie. She's to me as Alex was to you! No need to bring the poor girl down so much.

11:52 PM  
Blogger OUCourt said...

I agree with "scary bunnies"...Ryan has gotten really vain and needs to be put back in his place. I think Jen probably dominates his life outside of the house and this freedom is getting him all messed up.

12:06 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

I'm loving it. James just called out Ryan and all Ryan can do is stutter and huff and puff. Now he's running to NataLIE and SheGORilLa asking who is making up what. James has Ryan so confused he doesn't know wether to scrach his watch or wind his butt.

Now if James would just think and get everyone in the house together and have a big who said what 'come to Jesus' meeting... he might be able to save his ass. But not gonna happen, unless.... unless!! Think James might do it during the HoH lockdowns tomorrow? I'm not holding my breath, but I can dream.

If only they could see that everything revolves around the eviction of St. Matt.

This is getting good. SheGORiLla is just now realizing she could have gone home that week if James hadn't taken her down and put Matt up. TFF! SheGORilLa is livid to find out that she was ever in jeopardy of going home.

I'm waiting to hear that she is a 46 year old single mother and doesn't deserve to ever be evicted. Know This. She WILL say it. :p~

Now we have Gnat talking to Ryan ahd the gorilla. Not sure how much longer I can last.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Pyke said...

Natalie's busted... and now RYAN'S busted! Hahaha, I love James. he just single handedly turned Shiela/Sharon FULLY against Natalie AND NOW Ryan. It's now the Ryan/Nat island vs Adam/Shiela/Sharon!

Go Sharon, Shiela, Adam, the floaters for this game!

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog Carolyn. I never post but I do read it everyday, refreshing repeatedly on those important days ;) Thanks for posting all the happenings we 'tv only' viewers would never see or hear about. James leaving tomorrow is gonna be sad...all I can hope for now is Sharon to win HOH and get Nat out. I didn't mind her until she started sprouting the 'evil doer' crap.


4:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who Would Jesus Lie To?

10:20 AM  

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