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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Morning in the Big Brother 9 House

9:31am BBT
Amidst a house full of sleeping HGs, the feeds just went to flames. Wakey, wakey, darlings!! It's time to entertain us.

9:47am BBT
They're up! Sheila and Natalie are chatting for a moment... Sharon's laying in bed, Sheila comes in, and they talk about the songs BB played - one for each of them minus Sheila... Sharon has been renamed Sharona for BB's song purposes. Sharon would really like to hear some reggae.

Adam: Wassup, Sharona?
Sharon: (laughs)
Sheila: Morning, Ry-bread
Ryan: Morning, Sheila

They do the Janie/Howie laugh thing Nat & Adam have been ripping off all season...

Adam asks Sharon what time it is, and she tells him she's still in bed, but then hollers asking Ryan the time and reports back to Adam.

Sheila dreamed there was a huge flood... "Not good, not good, and there were a bunch of us there."

9:52pm BBT
Ryan, Sheila and Natalie are in the Dining area chatting about her dream. Natalie wonders if it might be a comp.
Ryan: Because of a dream, you think we're gonna have a comp like that?
Sheila: Well, because they never did anything more about the Hudson River Virus.
Natalie: They could be just messing with us.
Sheila: it just seemed so real... I just wish I knew who else it was hooked up with.
Natalie: Dr. Will?
Sheila: yeah, he was like, 'Come with me, I'll save you.' And we were on this bus...

Ryan's not pleased with the song BB had for him. Sheila & Ryan think they may have hired a jingle writer to come up with it. No one had ever heard it before.

9:55am BBT
Adam's still in bed, though awake.
Sharon just got out of bed.
Ryan's in the bathroom
Natalie yells in that she's getting the shower next to him, and he replies that he's not getting in yet.

9:58am BBT
Natalie's getting undressed in front of Ryan and hopping into the shower. Ryan's being the good devoted guy he always is, and averting his eyes as he stands at the mirror shaving.

Sharon's taking care of the guineas.

Adam's got the covers over his head.

10:08am BBT
Ryan's done shaving. He can't get the song My Sharona out of his head.
Nat's still showering.
Sharon's making her bed.

10:13am BBT
Sharon & Natalie
Sharon: The best part about today is we go last and it's real quick.
Natalie: Yeah. That is nice.
Sharon: That's the nice part about today.
Natalie: We get our suitcases in the storage room.
Sharon: Yes, every Tuesday morning. I opened up the door and I was like, Hellooo, we meet again.
Natalie: I was like, noooo, I don't wanna see it.
Sharon: My suitcase gets excited every Tuesday. It's part of the routine... every Tuesday.

Natalie & Ryan
10:17am BBT

Whispering... Natalie's in her towel, standing as close to possible to Ryan, and looking up with big eyes... Ryan initiates the conversation.... talking about working Baller over to her side...

10:22am BBT
Sheila's upstairs in HoH doing her makeup.
Ryan's gone outside with his coffee.
Natalie's doing her makeup in the downstairs bathroom.
Sharon's showering.

10:25am BBT
Ryan comes in and tells the girls it's a pretty day outside.
BB: Ryan, please come to the diary room.
Ryan: Here we go. I really wanted to wash my hair first.
Natalie: Awww. Give me a good one.
BB: Houseguests (Adam), It's time to get up for the day.

Ryan hangs out in the bathroom, trying to get presentable...

BB: Ryan.
Ryan: My frikkin hair, dude. I was gonna wash it.. Now I'm F'd.
Natalie: I like it.

He gives it a little more effort and opts for a hat.

10:32am BBT
Sharon & Natalie

Natalie sets Sharon up for the fall, telling her she gets a very bad feeling from the boys. Then she starts bucking for Sharon's jury vote, saying she never meant to say Joshy was going to hell, etc...

10:34am BBT - Sharon & Natalie

Today on the live feeds is going to be non-stop, folks. This one may well go down to the wire.

10:38am BBT
BB: Adam, it's time to get up for the day.
Sharon: (giggle) THey're all on his ass. That'd be interesting if they (Adam & Sheila) got to the end together. Who people would choose.
Natalie: Mmm Hmm.
Sharon: I'm just happy I made it this far.
Natalie: Final 5 is huge. Who woulda thought, comin' here... I didn't. That's for sure.

10:40am BBT
Adam has arisen. He's out back smoking...

10:50am BBT
Sharon & Natalie are primping.
Adam's hanging on the couch, grumpy.

BB: Adam, please go to the Diary Room.

Adam takes a minute, then gets up to go to the DR. The ladies bid him farewell.

10:57am BBT
Sheila & Sharon

Sheila & Sharon talk about last night, Natalie, etc...

Sheila & Sharon

11:07am BBT
Sheila & Sharon

Sheila: I'm worried about Ryan now. He doesn't like me. I'm probably gone next week, but whatever!

11:16am BBT

BB: Natalie, please go to the Diary Room.

Everyone but Sharon has now been to the DR.

Natalie: Okie dokie. Mine is gonna be simple and easy.

Natalie goes. Sheila and Sharon resume whispering...

11:20am BBT
We hear the DR door closing..
BB: Sharon, please come to the Diary Room.

Sharon goes, and Natalie comes to the table to whisper with Sheila...

11:21am BBT
Frilly Room
Ryan and Adam talking about the whole scenario... Ryan is firm in the idea to keep Natalie now. Adam tells Ryan he's torn... Ryan keeps pushing to keep Natalie. Adam keeps weighing both sides...

11:46am BBT
Natalie, Sheila & Adam

Adam: So did you two make up?
Sheila: Yeah.

Ryan comes in and starts talking about nicotine withdrawal. Ryan retires to the Frilly Room.

Natalie and Sheila continue talking to Adam. Sheila says she needs to talk to Adam, but first she wants a bubble bath. Adam asks if he can join her. She says sure, with a bathing suit. She will not have a bath naked with all the cameras. Natalie mentions every time she tried, she'd get naked and the DR would call her.

Sheila: Alright. So bring your bathing suit, Baller. We'll have a little pow wow.
Adam: Right now.
Sheila: No!
Adam: Why does it always have to be on your schedule?
Natalie: Cause he has a headache...
Sheila: That's why it's gotta be tonight.
Adam: But I'm trying to exercise.. (sound glitch)...
Sheila: We'll have a little pow wow. Bring your bathing suit.
Adam: Around 6?
Sheila: Yeah. And no touching. Don't even touch my toes.

11:53am BBT - Flames, briefly.

11:53am BBT
Ryan's in the frilly room with a pillow over his head.
Nat, Adam and Sheila are in the kitchen talking about music and marijuana use. Natalie's a big advocate.

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Blogger Maggoo32 said...

Time to wake up our little hamster pets. Wakey, wakey, eggs, and bacon.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to wakey wakey with paul708! Where is that cutey????



9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Natalie will hang, draw and quarter herself for sure. If she gets into it with Sharon her lies will be exposed and anyway, Adam is not going against Sheila. If she thinks flashing herself to Ryan is going to keep her in the house she is nuts (she has seen his girlfriend hasn't she?????)LMAO!

10:13 AM  
Blogger David B. said...

I sure hope Nat is still on the way out.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Don't be an IDIOT!!

Nat is playing you DUDE!

First the Tears, then the Tits.

I called this once Nat was put on the block!!!

10:22 AM  
Blogger My_2_Girls said...

In my best Sharon voice "gooood Loooord" is Natalie seriously thinking that striping in front of and cozying up to Ryan in her towel will make points? What a head case!

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK GOD Ryan finally woke up and saw the light. Psycho Sheila just wants to evict Natalie to save herself. There is NO good in that for Adam or Ryan. They BOTH have a MUCH better chance of winning with Natalie at the end. Team Pink would never vote for her. I feel bad for Nat. She's dumb as a box of rocks but she means well. She's been treated like crap and is still standing. Sheila is the biggest hypocrite of them all. PLEASE KEEP NATTY AND GET RID OF SHARON!!

10:24 AM  
Blogger My_2_Girls said...

Anon 10:22AM

I totally agree with everything that you said, she is playing him HARD and if you can't win with your mind, then you resort to what has gotten you through life the easiest, in Gnat's case it's her T&A! Her family must be so proud of her!

10:28 AM  
Blogger Bethy (& Eric) said...

This is stressing me out!!! I take it I'm not the only one??

I guess that it would be smart vote-wise for the boys to keep Natalie around because I doubt she'll get many, if any, jury votes... but then one of them won't make it to the Final 2!

And, what about Ryan's "secret alliance" with Sharon???

10:33 AM  
Blogger Monica said...

Wow...Natalie has reached an all time low in my book.

Good for RYAN! I love that guy!! I'd love to see him and Adam in final two-but I don't think he'll win that way.

Adam and Ryan are set up pretty good. I think they basically just have the women going after each other. I can't really say who I think should go...

Being in that house really clouds their judgment on how the jury will vote. While Sharon has been in the house I think Ryan has played a better game. Maybe that will work to his favor if she goes to the jury house. Who knows...

This is killing me! I guess it also depends on who gets the best edits on the shows that the jury gets to see!

Back to work...I can't engineer BB right now, I have to be productive today!!

10:34 AM  
Blogger Maggoo32 said...

DID I MISS SOMETHING? What did it mean by "Natalie sets Sharon up for the fall, telling her she gets a very bad feeling..."

Is Natalie calling out Sharon, per Ryan or Adam's reqeust??

10:45 AM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

Oh No!

Please tell me they're not flipping again. If they send Sharon to sequester I'll be seriously po'd.

If Nat stays, then they might as well sign over the 500k to her now ... why waste time.

Sick sick sick I am of all this, especially Nat!

I'm still hoping that Shar-Dawg comes out and tells it all like it is... that would be so entertaining since we haven't seen her do much of anything really.

C'mon Sharon! Go for it girl ... show them what military brats are made of!!!


10:46 AM  
Blogger Seffie said...

I don't understand why there was no report on the conversation Adam and Sheila had in HOH last night before Adam went down and talked to Ryan. I think it makes ALL the difference in the world! After listening to Adam and Sheila, I am finally convinced that Adam is, indeed, loyal to Sheila. Adam is playing everyone else - like he always has, BTW. I think whatever Adam says to anyone else has everything to do with setting himself up to look good for the jury votes. Didn't anyone else see Adam and Sheila's conversation up in the HOH last night? Those two are working together! Period! There is no down-to-the-wire! They are bucking for final two together! Adam is just trying to pacify Natalie and Ryan to get through to tomorrow night with as little confrontation as possible...

10:47 AM  
Anonymous mike said...

Yeah, that was Nat's intent before going into the shower....I'll get Ryan's vote by showing my T's. People please. Quit being Nat haters. Im sure living in a house that long with all of these people you don't care after awile. Everyone knows that Ryan is not going to do something bad against Jen. I do hope that Ryan dumps her after she was going around telling everyone he was a racist to benefit herself and throw him under the bus.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Adam sees through Ryan's epiphany. Ryan just realizes that if he doesn't stick with Nat he's screwed. And if Adam follows him he is the one screwed.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

who is paul708???

10:55 AM  
Anonymous susann99 said...

After BBAD last night my head is hurting. What is wrong with those people? What is wrong with me for subjecting myself to this? I know only 12 days are left but I'm going to have to go on a triple dose of Valium to handle Nutalie. Even worse, in 12 days I'm going to have to go to rehab to detox from BB. Even worse than that, I will have to start doing my job again! But hey, July will be here soon enough!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Seffie said...

Anon 10:49,
You are exactly right. And Adam knows it!
I'm telling you, people, Adam is going to stick with Sheila!
And think about this. There have been numerous times when everyone has mentioned that the couples had to be separated, but never considered Sheila and Adam as a couple. Brilliant maneuvering on Adam and Sheila's part! And they cleverly hook up for talks here and there to catch each other up to speed and nobody thinks a thing of it. They are season 2's Danielle and Jason - only BETTER! I'm telling you, they are gunning for final two together!

11:00 AM  
Blogger Pyke said...

I'm surprised you didn't talk about Shiela's catching onto Ryan in the overnight report. Shiela told Adam everything she suspected about Ryan... saying he was setting up Adam, wants to keep Natalie and take her to final 2. THEN ryan started trying to get Adam to keep Natalie.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Ry said...

Seffie ~ I feel like I am the only one alongside of you who saw that convo! I know what you are saying and I believe Adam will stay true to Sheila and Sharon and keep Sharon. People, remember, Adam is pretty pissed at Ryan cause Ryan threw Adam and Sheila's asses under the bus with his "heroic" bs story to saving Natalie last night. While I am scared since Adam loves to put the image in everyone's headsmthat he is someone who you don't know which way he'll vote, I am sort of confident that he is voting Natalie out of this house. Wait until Wednesday to freak out people!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Pyke said...

I saw that coversation to Ry! I saw it too... thing is Shiela/Adam compared notes and caught into Ryan's doubleplay! They even went as far as to agree they wanted HIM gone next! They caught on... if Adam then believes believes Ryan... it will be his own undoing.

The game drastically changed last night. Adam cause guarantee himself final 3/2... by keeping Sharon. He needs to tell Sharon everything about Ryan so she targets Ryan next week.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Pyke I saw and heard that last night on BBAD, about 2:40 am. And most definately Adam and Sheila are together as a couple and to the end together. Shelia was telling Adam all about Ryan last night, telling Adam that she doesnt trust Ryan anymore and that he is trying to throw them both under the bus. Adam told Shelia to trust him that it is Adam and Shelia to the end, and that Natalie is going home Wednesday. Adam votes out Natalie. SHelia breaks the tie.....I want to see Adam and Shelia if not Adam and Sharon to the end. Noooooooo Natalie....Natalie, You have been evicted from the BB house.....I hope I hope......Vicki

11:23 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Seffie and Ry, I am right here beside you. I hope Adam is agreeing with R-YAWN just to appease him, but I still worry. Last night was an effin' roller coaster ride and I'm the one in the front of the ride that got sick. Sorry to all the people sitting behind me for spewing the green stuff. I just couldn't hold it in.

More to come from me. I have so much to say but I need time to wake up and gather all the thoughts I had last night. I should have done it last night as it was happening... "Late Night with GaYToR" but I wanted to wait for the "Overnight" from Carolyn. It's her blog and she deserves first shot at reporting the drama. Besides, she does her blog in the most unbiased way possible. I can't be that fair. I have to throw in my opinions.

Coming soon to a comment section near you. My take on last night... in depth.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous hank said...

Hopefully Adam and Sheila will stick to getting Natalie evicted.

At this point, as long as Natalie and Ryan aren't the final 2, I'll be happy. I've disliked the piggish eater and the phony hypocrite from the beginning of the season.

I would love to see Natalie go this week, then Ryan next week.

If Sharon goes this week, the chances of Natalie/Ryan final 2 increases a lot...

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay, ryan and adam need to get off this power trip before their heads explode...

11:29 AM  
Blogger Good Times said...

Yep, Seffie i agree with you.Sheila wants Nat out so Adam will vote her out. If it is a tie Sheila will vote her out and guess who looks good to the jury, give ya all a hint. It ain't Ryan lol

11:33 AM  
Blogger Pyke said...

I'm watching Ryan talk about others right now (Shiela) and he is PISSING ME OFF... he is sooo wrong with how he is making fun of Shiela and being so rude. I hate him

11:35 AM  
Blogger Ry said...

Gaytor ~ Is that what the green stuff was? I thought Beorn finally chopped his Natalie doll up and threw in the back for us kids to play with. I am anticipating your comment. I usually read yours and then the thoughts I was having last night pop up and then I do a little blogging.

Let us all (well most of us) hope that Adam is just appealing to that dumb oaf named Ryan. Uh-oh, my name is Ryan too...CRAP!! OK dumb oaf named Ryan INSIDE THE BB HOUSE. Much better! :)

~ Ryan ~

11:39 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Gnat in baby voice mode. I have a sick feeling this isn't going to stop until tomorrow night. Thank GOD for flames most of the day tomorrow.

I have to go puke.

11:40 AM  
Blogger InspectorK said...

Oh No! Ryan and Adam have been thinking about this too long. Now they gonna have a collective Brain Fart!

11:43 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

are the boys that dumb. That need to get rid of Nat

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Ryan probably wants Adam to vote for Natalie because he wants to vote for Sharon and let Sheila brake the tie. When confronted Adam would be the one that had voted for Natalie stay putting the target on him next week's eviction.

He had a deal with Sharon which he is probably going through with till the end. If he is smart and knows how to play the game then this will be his game plan. If not then he needs to go next week.

That will be so fun to watch.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why should adam believe that sheila wants to go to final two when she never even told him about the girls alliance until she knew that natalie was sticking with the boys

11:57 AM  
Blogger Ry said...

As much as I love these HouseGuests, I need to go take an hour break and watch Ellen make funnies. Be bak soon!

~ Ryan ~

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is how natalie is she is not ashamed of her body and she has been like that through the whole game..she is getting in the shower how is that trying to flash Ryan?

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Krista from MO said...

I think this is where the bro's alliance starts to break. It would be in Ryan's best interest to keep Nat because she has a pretty strong bond with him and now he realizes how loyal to him she really is. Keeping her will almost guarantee that he goes to final 3 if she gets HOH and then they will vote out Adam to be F2. However, it is in Adam's best interest to keep Sharon (especially if Ryan voted her out)... because he has that same bond with Sheila, so then they all 3 want Ryan out next and are guaranteed final 3. The next week will be a pretty even ground to fight for HOH... not so if Nat is still there and they have to realize that!
Just my thoughts! It will be interesting to see how the boys react to each other if they both vote differently tomorrow. Fun Times!


12:02 PM  
Anonymous hank said...

Wait, Natalie does pot? Isn't that against her faith? This girl is too much...

Anyway, it just seems a little strange that Ryan would go against his secret alliance with Sharon now. Sharon told him she would be loyal to him, and she doesn't lie about stuff like that. If Ryan turns on her, he deserves to get evicted next week. He could have had Sharon on his side working to break up the last couple in the house.

Hopefully, Adam will turn on Ryan and stick with Sheila.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unreal - These two actually think if the keep Nataliar that they can beat her at anything physical!And you know she will get HOH this week! My only hope is that they do get their wish about confrontation between Nat and Sharon!Please don't make us listen to another week of the GNAT

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheila has said that she wants final 2 with Adam in DR. I'm wondering if Adam feels the same way. The HGs say so many different things to each other, it's hard to know who to believe. The DR is the only place you see the HGs true feelings.


12:09 PM  
Blogger ~*~melissa~*~ said...

Anon @ 9:51~

Let's get something straight:

...Moving around frequently, having to adjust to new schools, environments and friends, having your father be deployed and/or away for extended periods of time, helping raise your brothers and sister b/c of that, having to deal with the fact that the military always comes first, not your spouse or children...

You implied that she has had everything handed to her b/c she is a military brat. I completely disagree with you. The military lifestyle is not easy, it does not make you rich by any means and military families have to make a lot of sacrifices. Far from living a "silver platter" lifestyle if you ask me.

I am a proud Army wife and your comment hit a nerve.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penny says ~ It's for the boys benefit pull off a final 2 w/Natty...nobody there wants Natty to win, and at least she knows it (told Ryan last night), he knows he can win w/her and stay loyal. Sharon or Sheila go to final 2 w/either of the boys and Sharon would definately get the votes and I'm betting Sheila would too.

So, Ryan will push to keep Natty for final 4, and seems Adam will agree, but only if Ryan agrees that the boys take Sheila to final 3, w/Natty going next week, and of course, that's for Adam's benefit, and Ryan's just going to pacify him and agree, hoping Natty will give Sheila the boot.

If that plays out, I see Ryan and Natty making the final 2, and Ryan winning. I'm tired of Adam, and I really dislike the powertip our Royal HOHness had this week.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Melissa that Anon 9:51's comment was thoughtless and mean spirited and not worthy of this fine blog. Considering all the hard work Carolyn puts in, such comments have no place here.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well after the comment with Adam and Sheila last night, those 2 are sticking together! Who would have thought, these two were supposed to be evicted the first week because of their negativity, except all that other stuff happened and they were not evicted. Ryan is such a WUSS!! He has been riding (or breastfeeding) on NataLIE throughout the entire game! He hasn't done nothing in this game for himself!! He is soooo whipped by her. He will never win the money. Adam will most likely win the votes and the money because he is the ONLY ONE in this house that has NEVER lied to anyone!! He never made promises to anyone, and if he did, he kept them! He is the only decent person in this house! I really hope that Adam makes Nat call out Sharon if she wants his vote because then they will really see what a liar natalie is! Natalie is the one that alled for all the girls to win and take out the boys, not Sharon. Everything that Natalie is saying that Sharon said, IS ALL OF WHAT NATALIE HERSELF SAID and no one else. As a christian it really makes me sick to see what Natalie is doing using the bible and God to back her up with all of her lies. she is really sickening. I have never in my life seen a person whom I truly depise. (I know, as a christian, I will pray for her, when she is OUT OF THE GAME!)What Ryan is doing doesn't suprise me at all, this is what he has done throughout this entire game!! Flip-flopping!! Alls that it takes is someone's word weather true or not to make Ryan flip. I have never seen a man with less b*lls then him. Adam has really been the most honest and truest player in this game and I really hope he is in the final 2 with Shelia. Natalie has done nothing good in this game except being a MASTER MANIPULATER!! She thinks that she has done so much, but she only won HOH once! Everytime something good happens in the game play, Natalie ALWAYS says its because of her! She needs a good dose of REALITY!! She wants to win for her family sooo bad because she finally wants to do something that they can be PROUD of her for, not like all the other things she has done in her life, but the way she lies and manipulates just shows you what kind of person she really is and what kind of life that she has led. She is sooo PATHETIC!

12:35 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

I was a navy wife during the first 10ish years of my marriage. Talk about feeling like a single parent!! I'm with you 100 percent!!

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was actually becoming a Sheila fan until last night. She was dead serious (no game) when she came down on Natalie. I would have been fine with it if her reasoning had anything to do with the game. But it didn't.

Sheila's main arguments to Nat about getting her out were that she laughed at her over the flour (it was kinda funny) and that Nat didn't come to her when she was feeling down. Give me a break.

She totally turned me off with all of that. It was all about Sheila and how everyone should have been catering to her the entire game. She said she never felt part of the alliance and then turned around and talked about how they had an alliance until the final 4 but Nat was looking too far ahead.

Last night totally changed my opinion again ... GO NAT & RYAN!

12:40 PM  
Anonymous jeannieincanada said...

Dumbfounded Ryan and Nasty Nat need to go.

12:54 PM  
Blogger seVen said...

Adam isn't dumb and knows Sharon would love to pick him off. With his conversations with Ryan he makes it clear over and over again that Sharon would be gone, then they can go after Nat or Sheila. He plans on doing his best to make sure it's Nat going home after Sharon.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Terra said...

I don't get it - if Ryan and Adam (or Sheila and Adam) stay together, one gets 50K and one gets 500K. So basically, they're willing to kick their partner to the curb in order to MAYBE get 500K, and willing to give Natalie, who lies constantly and lives in hypocrisy, 50K??

2:06 PM  

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