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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Morning in the BB9 House

This post is being updated throughout the BB9 morning...

BB woke the HGs at 9:33am with "Set me free, why don't you babe? Get out my life, why don't you babe?" Josh gave us a little dance...

The HGs are all quite chipper this morning, getting ready for the day and in excellent humor.

9:40am BBT
Josh & Ryan
Josh tells Ryan he thinks James is taking him off the block, and replacing him with Adam, and that no matter what happens today, he truly believes Ryan is safe.

9:50am BBT
Josh Alone, Giving himself a pep-talk
Josh: Today I will be a victor, and not a victim. I can do this.

BB is still working on the HGs who refuse to rise up: Matt and Adam.
BB: I said... It's time to get up for the day!

10:05am BBT
Chelsia joins James, Sharon, Josh, Ryan, Natalie
Chelsia: You guys... I'm standing there in the bathroom, and I hear Sheila telling BB, "Guys, my mike just dropped in the toilet. My mike just dropped in the toilet.

They all crack up.

Sheila comes to join the kitchen crew and tells of her bad dream...

Sheila's dream: Matt and Natalie were hit by a car. Both survived, but were very bloody - Nat moreso than Matt. And for some reason, Natalie was very angry with Adam.

James: Maybe it foretells the day.

Josh reacts to this with huge eyes, and he coughs to cover the big laugh that must be inside him. Natalie has no reaction - either she's letting it slide to report back to Matt, or she simply didn't notice.

10:12am BBT
James: I wonder what time the PoV Ceremony is.
Sharon: Normally around 12 or 1.
Natalie: I can't believe it's 10am. It seems so early.

Sheila reiterates how weird this day is gonna be. She feels it will be her end.
Sharon tells about her dream - BB made her take all the animals home with her.

10:15am BBT
Adam joins the living.

10:17am BBT
Josh and Sheila break away to the living room for a bit of a whisper fest. He tells her he thinks she's gonna be fine, and just to step up her game a notch.

10:18am BBT
Sheila tells Adam about her dream, lets him know he survived, and warns him he shouldn't go to Vegas... In her dream, Adam tried to hug Natalie, and she was very mean to him, saying don't touch me! Josh pipes in telling Adam it's still safe foe him to go to Vegas, just not with Matt and Natalie. Ryan passes through, and Sheila lets him know that nothing bad happened to him in the dream, so he's good to go.

Matt joins the living.

Matt: Morning everybody. Hear I got hit by a car.
Sheila: Yeah, but you survived.
Matt: That's good news then. Good story.
Sheila: You survived, Matty. You were just kinda a little out of it...
Matt: Well, that's not bad then.
BB: Sheila, please exchange your microphone.
Sheila: I knew it!

    ***Um, yeah, Sheila, mikes aren't toilet proof.

Storage Room
Sheila and Josh
10:23am BBT
Sheila: I'm not gonna lie to you, Josh. I was scared of you. I was gunning for you... But you know what... Now that I've seen what they've done...
Josh: They've been more horrible to you than I ever was, and they're supposed to be your alliance.
Sheila: Oh! I know! I agree. She (Nat) said, it's time for her to go?!? She's selfish. Look at what she does when alcohol comes into this house. Listen, sweetie, you can't take it with you. I understand you came from poverty, but that should make you more giving. Not the opposite.

10:26am BBT - FLAMES -

10:28am BBT
Storage Rm Cont'd
Josh: I'm just putting all my faith in you, hoping you'll win... and I wanna tell you, if you do stay on the block today, you have my vote to stay. I would not be surprised if Natalie or Matt went on the block today. He hasn't said anything, but I wouldn't be surprised... and I will laugh!

Josh breaks down the sides, and says with Sheila no longer with them, the Bro-lliance is really no threat. "Their numbers are dwindling, and we're gonna pick em off one by one."

Josh promises Sheila and says if he ever gets HoH, he will never put her up. Sheila leaves the Storage Room.

James comes in.

10:35am BBT
James & Josh
Josh: OMG, I just set up everything.
    ***Josh recounts his conversation with Sheila to James.
    He may have said, "I just set up Natalie."
    It was too fast to tell for sure.
James: Oh wow. That's awesome.
Josh: She's like, definitely if James takes me off, I'm totally indebted to your side. Just make me feel like I'm included, so I really have to keep talking to her and asking her stupid questions.
James: Done. Cool.

10:40am BBT
Josh, Natalie, Sharon

Joshuah works the Nat angle.

Josh: Hey, Sheila's Pissed.
Nat: Cuz I wont tell her for sure who I'm voting for?
Josh: She's definitely keyed up. That's fo sho. She is not one to take sitting on the block well.

Nat talks about mentally breaking Sheila...
    ***So while James' game is to keep everyone completely off balance and wondering, Josh's game is to play all sides as though he's their best friend... No matter what happens at the PoV Ceremony, someone's going to be shocked and extremely p.o.'d.

10:54am BBT
Dining Table
Josh, James, Ryan, Chelsia
They're all talking about how Allison Grodner came over the speakers a couple nights ago and told them that was it, no more people would be coming back, and the people currently in the house were it for the duration of the season. They now all have a 1 in 9 chance of winning $500,000. Josh pipes in about how that relieved his mind about HG Allison who was "so conniving." Even Ryan agrees.

10:57am BBT - Flames, briefly.

10:59am BBT
Chelsia whispers to Josh... couldn't hear.
Josh: Oh, honey. I'm just gonna go sit outside and bask in this.

Josh goes to the living room, speaks to Ryan about Sheila and Natalie. He lets Ryan know how angry Sheila is with Natalie, and that she's bound to go off on her very soon. Josh also tells Ryan he thinks he'll be coming down today, bu no matter what, he's safe.

The women are all primping in the bathroom.

11:02am BBT FLAMES

11:04am BBT
HoH Landing
Josh & Chelsia - whispering too low.
Ryan comes up.
James too.
It seems there may be an HoH lockdown about to happen... Adam, Natalie and Sharon come up to HoH too.

Matt's finishing up a shower downstairs.

11:06am BBT - FLAMES, briefly.

11:07am BBT
Matt's getting dressed in the frilly room. Everyone else is in HoH... random chatter. A minute later, Matt runs up to HoH.

Josh: Lockdown complete.
Sheila: Everyone's here.
Adam: Everyone's accounted for.

Random chatter resumes.
    ***Just thinking... While Matt is a huge threat, physically and mentally, and putting him on the block is beyond tempting... taking him out may not actually be the smartest move for James or Josh.

    By removing Matt, they effectively place the largest targets on themselves... in terms of game ability and physical prowess.

11:11am BBT FLAMES

11:22am BBT - Still Flames....

11:29am BBT
Feeds are back. HoH Lockdown is still on. Odd.
Random chatter about what their friends are up to this weekend for St. Patricks Day. James has a buddy with a costume that shoots lucky charms out of it's weiner.

11:33am BBT - Flames... as I silently will BB to get the show on the road, so i can go pick up the paintings I bought at the art festival... and not miss anything!

11:34am BBT
HoH Lockdown is Over.
Seems an Exterior Lockdown may have been called.
All HGs are heading outside... hopefully not James though...

TRIVIA!!! @ 11:35am BBT

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

is sheila being a fortune teller now?

i'm getting so sick of her.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Pyke said...

Shiela is coming back on my good side. She is playing the game, and she doesn't even REALIZE it.

10:36 AM  
Blogger **Lauren** said...

As a James fan I am not happy with his plan to replace Sheila with Matt. Strategically it is probably his best move. But with all of his talk of playing the game straight up and then turning around doing this - he is probably screwing himself for next week.

To be technical about it, I don't think he is backdooring Matt. Matt played in the POV and didn't win. He is however completely going against his deal.

We've never seen Matt completely angry. The feeds are going to be on freakin' fire!

10:45 AM  
Blogger theZanyOne said...

I was just rewatching some of the BBAD from last night. What happened to Sheila's makeup? She said something about it will only get replaced if she gets HoH. Did she drop it in the toilet, too?

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether all the people complaining about James not keeping his word are just James haters, or whether they really think "lying" is wrong. Whichever is the case, there are two things to think about: James is no different than Natalie and James is no different than Ryan.

1) Natalie lied to Josh, saying she would not divulge his attempt to get Mattie evicted in order to protect Natalie from Mattie's verbal/mental abuse. In fact, where was everyone who is berating James when Natalie not only lied, but used Mattie's verbal abuse as a means of gaining sympathy from her fellow HGs? Using abuse of women (unfortunately, a much too often committed domestic problem) as a means to gain sympathy and then turn it against the people who are defending you is much more reprehensible than anything James has done.

2) Ryan lied directly to James' face in telling him he would not be put up on the block and then not only was James put up on the block, but Ryan refused to cast a vote in favor of having him come back. Instead of a vote for a 100% known, he took a 16.5% chance that Jen would come back, ignoring the fact his lovely "friend" Alison could just as easily have come back.

Also, remember Season ?? (don't remember Season number) where Kaysar gave up HoH on the promise that the girl (Jennifer?? - don't remember her name) he gave it up to wouldn't put him on the block. Not only did she put him up on the block, he got evicted. All of this after America voted to get him returned to the House.

When all of the above is taken into account, I think a lot of people need to stop "hatin' on James" and assess his skills at playing a game that is loaded with lies and deceit.

Hope you are all enjoying the game as much as I am. The lies, deceit and constantly changing landscape is what makes the game so much fun to watch. Just MHO.


11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had an epiphany a couple nights ago. I thought I understood this game. Normally floaters and piggybackers don't stand a chance in you know where of winning. But the Big She has turned on the angry inner beast. She has realized you can't trust anyone. Gee, ya think. So, even though I wouldn't have considered her to be a contender I realized something. Lightbulb moment here-Sheila will win the game. At some point all of the other houseguests will voluntarily leave or be carried away in straightjackets just to escape her voice. I'm warning you. Get rid of Sheila now or you are all doomed. Think about it. Doomed. KNOW THAT!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Pyke said...

Carolyn, you're right in putting the target on James/Josh (moreso James) by putting up Matt. BUt James/JOsh/Sharon?chelsia siad it right yesterday, Matt is the glue that holds Ryan/Nat/Adam?Shiela on outskirts... together. What they are doing and have effectively done thusfar is... made Shiela endebted to them, turned Shiela on Nat/Matt/Adam/Ryan... made Ryan realize that James/JOsh saved him, Ryan/Josh still have a secret alliance... Nat goes insane.... have to target Shiela cause shiela is targeting nat now (and then Nat targets James... of which shiela still goes cause James has numbers)

Adam continues to lose HOH as he floats to power... Shiela the same, but if (ha!) she wins she targets adam and natalie... it's crazy. All they have to REALLY worry about is Ryan... whom they are saving as well!



11:18 AM  
Blogger Dakota Valkyrie said...

Is there a BB9Dish Anonymous - I think I am addicted!!!

Thanks for keeping up-to-date and for all the wonderful, insightful, and humorous comments you and your readers post.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Ron - Welcome and Thank you for being here. It's such a treat reading your extremely well written, calm and intelligent comments.


11:27 AM  
Anonymous kevintucky said...

Matt deserves what he's getting and if anyone in the house wants to say what is up with that, James can say, "Hey, that's BB." I mean it worked for Matt when he was telling Ryan/Allison and Adam/Shiela he was going to vote for them when they were on the block as couples.

I truly dislike liars and I do believe there could be more honesty in the house every season, but let us all realize that it is extremely difficult to go through life without telling a lie. Life is a game and so is BB, but they are different kinds of games.

No one knows how James felt when Julie was interviewing him. The long process to be selected to the cast, followed by the stress of the being in the house and then to realizing it is all over when talking with Julie.

I have heard so many times that the game is much harder when you are actually there. We all have the advantage of seeing everything that the HGs do not. So it is easy for us to make our choices.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

pyke - excellent points. as always.

dakota - hehe. thanks so much! i may just have to create a facebook group for that. ;) or if someone else does, lemme know!

lauren - agreed.. though i wonder, will matt freak out and lose it on james, josh, etc.. or will he go quiet, and figure his way out of this mess?

11:29 AM  
Blogger Tella said...


"She is playing the game, and she doesn't even REALIZE it" LOL


You are referring to Season 6 when they were in the cage and after 14+ hours, Kaysar trusted Jennifer naively and let her win HoH by taking his finger off the button and this lead to his immediate ouster after having been voted back in. (He is the most popular HG ever... going by polls... His numbers were always over 80%.)

I personally think that James is a very good player in this Game and since I have no favorites... he may be the one I would vote for only due to play by play. But time will tell his upcoming moves.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anexa said...

I disagree Caroline. (Great job, by the way.) I feel that with Matt out of the house, the only threat to him or Josh would be Ryan or Nat. Sheila is indebted to Josh, who would advise her never to go against James. Chelsia is with James and Sharon is with Josh. This makes it a very smart move(at this juncture in the game). I think that Ryan will be the next target. He is the most threating after Matt to the J&J team.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

i think it's an excellent idea for him to put matt on the block as the replacement. it's his only safe move. yeah, he will put a target on him with the other group, but if he doesn't do it, he would still be a target for them. this way, at least he's thinning out the other side, the strongest part of the other side. i do think he needs to let ryan know he will not be taking him off the block now, though. if he tells him he's going to and doesn't that makes him look worse. i wouldn't tell him anything more than that, b/c i wouldn't want any of this to get back to matt. he does need to let him know that he will be staying on the block and that he will have the numbers to stay.

11:40 AM  
Blogger **Lauren** said...

I would bet that when this week is over, James will feel pretty good. He has in some way paid back everyone that lied to him last week. By telling several different people several different "secret plans" he has made a few people feel completely safe as they did to him last week.

I'm so happy that they went to singles. It became a true game! I think Josh & Sheila have been doing an extremely good job of gaming.

All of the houseguests have become more likeable to me since they've started playing the game. Even (begrudgingly) Matt.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Seffie said...

I have to disagree with you on a point you made concerning Josh and James and the target they may create on themselves.
James can't be more of a target than he already has been. He was voted out and then given another chance to be back in the game in the matter of a few minutes. He is a target if he tries - and succeeds - to blend into the wall! I think it is smart of him to do whatever he can to get rid of those who are a threat. Matt certainly falls in that category. Matt was VERY smug about the outcome of the veto ceremony last week and he has lied to James about his vote Wednesday on who he voted back in the house. While it really isn't anybody's business - or shouldn't be - on who votes how, Matt chose to let Adam take the fall when everyone else admitted who they voted for. That, alone, puts Matt in a bad light. Matt lied, thus making the deal Natalie made with James, which was based on truth, null and void.
Matt should go home and James is just the one who should send him there...

12:10 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

It is funny that you should say Sheila is playing the game and doesn't even know it. I was thinking kinda the same thing! LOL!

12:11 PM  

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