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Monday, March 03, 2008

James & Chelsia vs Matt & Natalie
The Early Evening Report

Allison's been trying to stir the pot all day long. Finally, at 6:45pm BBT, she succeeds in talking to the right person, James, and stirs up a fine mess that continues for the rest of the night.

Allison gives James the Low Down on Matt


7:18pm BBT
Shortly after this conversation with Allison, James heads up to HoH and tells Sharon and Josh he's ready to go off on Matt... that he wants to expose Matt for his alliances with both Adam and Ryan. James reassures Josh the vote is fine, but he's done with it, and the deals are coming out. James tells Chelsia he's sorry, but he's doing it, and he wants her to stay upstairs and not get involved in it. Chelsia will not be controlled.

Here's the clip:

7:26pm BBT
James heads outside where Ryan, Matt and Adam are playing pool. He asks for a meeting when they're done. 3 minutes later, it's game on and James is all over Matt.

7:29pm BBT
James calls Matt out for telling both couples they have his vote. Matt comes back with, "this is Big Brother."

Here are the first 2 clips of the confrontation.



As this continues, Chelsia and James say that they've been playing straight up. The irony is they say this to Matt and Natalie, and Natalie gets all over James for his hypocrisy. The women's involvement escalates the argument to new heights. Nat's schizophrenic mother is brought into the argument... by Nat. It's not pretty. The whole clip is summed up by Chelsia, who says "Let's just all f'ing kill eachother right now, 'cause that would be splendid."

7:48pm BBT

In this next clip, Matty explains his motivation - to keep them off his back. He tells James that this whole argument is why he asked James for a sit down days ago, and James denied him. James said he "wanted to see how you'd play out the week." James wanted to manipulate the mess, and he did. Matt says he doesn't feel like it's fair to have it go one-one. He wants it to be a united vote. Ryan comes to Matt's defense, saying he was on the block last week, and he had to make some deals to save himself. James has never been on the block, so he can't understand.

7:58pm BBT

8:11pm BBT
The fight is over. Matt and James hug it out.

8:33pm BBT
Sheila and Natalie are talking about the other couples in the house.
Natalie: I bet America thinks me and Matty are the cute couple, you and Adam are the funny couple. As far as James and Chelsia, they're wondering why the F they even got picked to be on the show. Sheila takes this opening to make fun of James' look, and says "He's trouble. He's a young Evel Dick."

8:47pm BBT
Sheila and Natalie talk with Joshuah about the confrontation. He explains his calm: he only needs one vote and she's gone. He can't even stand her breathing in the same house as him... He's looking forward to the goodbyes tomorrow. Sheila and Natalie tell him how Allison is looking forward to the siren going off, and she's sure it's going to save her. Joshuah assures them it's not.. He's quite certain it wont happen till later and it'll be some epic contest.


9:09pm BBT
From the conversation with Sheila and Nat, Josh heads for a very calm, friendly talk with James and Chelsia. Josh teases them, saying, "he likes it when they play like this. It's so much more entertaining," but he keeps it very light and makes sure everyone's still on the same page. They are. They talk about what they think the "epic comp" will be. Josh thinks it'll be faces and Who said this quotes. Chelsia offers the notion of an endurance comp.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

and i still cant figure out who matt is voting to keep ugh

12:12 AM  
Blogger Kayla said...

Could James and Chelsia BE bigger hypocrites? First of all, Natalie was 100% right when she called James out about not being straight up. It doesn't matter WHY they nominated Matt and Natalie, the fact is: they said they wouldn't, but they did. THAT is not playing the game "striaght-up." Second of all, Chelsia claims she couldn't possibly have said anything about Natalie's schizophrenic mother because "that's shit people can't help." So I'm just going to go ahead and assume she's wipe the "or a noose" comment out of her memory?

James and Chelsia: just because you play the game a certain way (or believe you play it a certain way), doesn't mean everyone else has to. You can't get on someone else's case because they don't play like you. Matt said it really well: "This is Big Brother." If the worst thing that happens in the entire season is someone promising their vote to both nominees, count your blessings.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy does Nat ever have it wrong! I don't think that her and Matty are the cute couple at all! GO Chelsia & James!

6:14 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Oh, it's going to be epic! Epic, I say!

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hellooooooooooooooooo who do they think they are . James and chelsia think they can just come in the house and tell everyone else how they are supposed to play big brother , but the rules don't apply to them . WHATEVER I don't particulary care for matt as a man,but nothing he has done gamewise has been any different than anyone else. UGHHHHHHHHHH

7:42 AM  
Blogger Brandi said...

What a mess!! James should have kept his mouth shut. He and Chelsia are being hypocrites!! I really thought that James was smarter than this. He was playing the game so well until now. The tables are turning fast so he better look out. And to Nat, your getting on my nerves. It seems that a lot of people think your cute, but I personally think your annoying. Seriously..calm down a little and stop letting Matt treat you with such disrepect. Is it just me?? He needs to stop treating her like the family pet. And finally I want to say CONGRATS to Josh for keeping your cool while Sheila and Nat try to fluster you. Bravo and I agree with you. I also think the Siren's won't go off until Allison walks out of the BB house. AMEN!

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate james and chelsia they are straight up losers and i hope they are the next out the house after this week. i cant stand looking at that stupid pink hair any longer

2:44 PM  

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