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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Morning, What's Left of it!

11:20am BBT

A couple minutes ago, Sheila got up to use the restroom, then back to bed. Feeds have just gone to flames. Incidentally, when Sheila got up, we got to see a shot of the backyard. It is not locked down.

11:38am BBT
Feeds are back. Sheila and Ryan are chatting in the kitchen...
Sharon's in bed, eyes open, arms crossed over her chest, staring at the opposite wall.

11:40am BBT
Sheila & Ryan

They're picking on Baller for still being asleep, and not delivering the promised strawberry pancakes... Ryan's complaining that BB left the P.A. on and hissing all night long, and he asked them to turn it off, but no one was responding...

FLAMES @ 11:42am BBT
Back @ 11:43am BBT

LOCKDOWN coming soon...

Ryan, Sheila & Adam
Ryan: That just ruined my day, dude. We're gonna be locked in here all frikkin day.

    ***It just made my day... Gimme an E! Gimme a N!
Adam: What're we gonna do all day?!
Ryan: I'm gonna sleep.
Sheila: Thanks for waking me up at 4:30 in the morning.
Adam: I was gettin' busy.
Sheila: Yeah, you were gettin busy with your self.

11:46am BBT
Sheila & Sharon
Sharon: I wonder what they're gonna do while we're locked down all day.
Sheila: Who knows.
Sharon: That's nuts.

11:47am BBT
Adam & Ryan
The boys are enjoying what little fresh air they'll be getting today.
Adam's grousing about Sheila - "F her, dude!" - ... serious or playing up to Ryan? Not sure.
Adam: They're both talkin' mad sh*t on me.

11:49am BBT
Sharon's still going on about being locked down all day... Trying to figure it out.

Adam: All day.
Ryan: All frikkin; day, dude. They're building something up out here. i dont know WTF they're gonna be up to. We already had luxury. We wouldn't have a food comp this late in the week. I'm thinking maybe they have to fix a camera.
Adam: All day?!
Ryan: I don't know what the hell they're doin, but why do we have to be locked inside all day?! And they let us sleep in.. Usually they get us up around 9. Weird dude.

Sharon had the same thought about the camera placement and discounted it as not being an all day event... She's sure something is going on.

BACKYARD @ 11:53am
The boys keep repeating. "All day." "All f'in day, dude."
Ryan: They probably have to get ready for some crazy sh*t come Wednesday.
Adam: Like water lines and stuff...
Ryan: Maybe we will wait for the PoV till tomorrow...
Adam: They said Diary Room in 20 minutes.

11:55am BBT
Sharon has joined the boys... They're now talking about Alex. Then some idle chatter...

Sheila's still in the bathroom... just finished showering.

Ryan: They're getting ready to do things HUGE back here, Baller.
Adam: Gigundo.
Ryan: I can hear the trucks waiting...
Adam: It's nice out today too.
BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass doors.

Rumbles from Ryan... Cheers from me.

Ryan: Dude, that wasn't even 20 minutes. That was 17 minutes. Did they say Diary Room sessions today?
Sharon: Yeah.
Ryan: (sigh) I'm so depressed.

Ryan heads up to HoH....

Opening a new post for Afternoon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your prior post you mentioned hearing the woman wearing heels behind the walls. Do you hear that on the feeds? It kinds made me laugh because you would think BB would insulte a little better than that. I mean, if you can hear a woman in heels you can probably hear when a man let's a loud one rip, if you know what I mean. Let me know how much "behind the scene stuff" you hear on the live feeds. I'm curious. And since it seems the HG are sleeping all day...

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 4/20 Everyone!

11:47 AM  
Blogger ~imogen said...

okay girl.. i must be lost.. why would they lockdown for an endurance now?

11:51 AM  
Blogger ~imogen said...

anon1147 ~ wow i havent heard that since highschool.

11:52 AM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

WooHoo! Do I smell an endurance comp cooking? Sincerely hope so!

Especially cool if they show it on the live feeds. I started inducing coffee early this morning, just added some donuts into the mix, and have serious munchies for later on if needed. In other words ... I'm ready. Bring it on BB, bring it on!


12:01 PM  
Anonymous Krista said...

I tried posting this on "Final Days" blog but my internet crapped out on me:

I love the new theories about the final days that have emerged based on the fact that they've let the HG's sleep-in so late today. They're obviously letting them rest up for an upcoming comp and to let production get their game plan in place for a busy day

Now that they're awake (which I predicted about 20 minutes ago before I knew they were being woken up) I possibly see today playing out with a PoV Ceremony and eviction shortly thereafter, followed up with an Endurance comp tonight starting the 3-part HoH..... what a fun Sunday that would make! Let the games begin!!!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

anon@11:33am - yeah, we hear it on the feeds... we also heard when Evel Dick showed up for his PoV comp and greeted everyone behind the walls...

imogen - to build it and do test runs

n2realitytv - I believe we do...

krista - ditto, to a t

12:21 PM  
Anonymous marie said...

They've gotta be idiots NOT to realize that its close to the end of the game and that s*** is going down today!!

i'm so excited.. boo to homework and YAY to BB9!

12:33 PM  

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