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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Overnight Report

Good Morning & Happy Saturday, Big Brother Lovers!

As I'm assembling the Overnight Report, I can't help but ask myself if many of these HGs ever actually watched Big Brother? I know they have, but have they learned nothing from the mistakes of HGs gone by?

Alex, Amanda and Parker are allowing the twist and their emotions to severely impede their gameplay. I know Alex is truly a student of the game, and I hope he gets his head back in it. Amanda's trying to play all the angles, but she's too caught up in Parker and her paranoia about Alex.

While I'm definitely enjoying the role reversal for the paparazzo, in terms of him being stalked by cameras everywhere, I enjoy Parker, and I'm hoping he can figure out how to make it all work, or he's toast. Then again, according to Joshuah, Parker's already a goner.

1:00am BBT

Matt and Natalie are susceptible here too, for opposite reasons - she's head over heels, and his primary strategy is to make his way to the 500k on the lips of any willing female HG.

On the flip side, Allison and Joshuah have their game faces on and are geared up for the long haul. Chelsia and James are also keeping level heads. Sharon? Well, I think she's just happy to be back in the house, and doing her best to stay that way. As for Sheila and Adam, their stock has risen considerably since the premiere.

On the latest evening of As the BB House Turns, our leading lothario, Matt, found out that Allison is hard to get - even for just a kiss. Good on ya, Allison!

1:20am BBT
Captured by ~bb9dish~

Parker is working on Matt to use the veto, and Matt's assuring him that the votes to keep him and Jen are solid, or so he believes. Matt's hesitation to use the veto stems from a belief that doing so will likely see him put on the block in the next week.

Parker and Matt
on Alex & Strategy

Meanwhile, Sheila and Allison get a glimpse into the mind of Neanderthal Man. Who'd have thought that BB would be so educational this season. ;)


Parker and Amanda spent much of the evening together and dodging Alex. They're both really blowing it in terms of strategy, and it's beginning to dawn on Parker, but not quite enough. In the following clip, Parker and Amanda talk about the Alex situation with Chelsia.



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Anonymous Brent said...

What does everyone think about the comment Amanda made about Alex "touching" her while she was sleeping? She said she told BB in the DR and nothing has been done. If this is true, im going to throw up. Alex gets more creepy every day.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Tweetyfern said...

What are they doing? I can't believe Parker, Alex, and Matt. I love these guys (although not so much love for their partners). I want them to go farther, but they need to pull their heads out and quit showmancing their girls and play the game.

I'm hoping they'll evict a couple and one person gets to come back. Or it would be funny if when they go in to vote on Sunday, they go in as indviduals instead of couples and get told they are only voting for one of the 4 people on the block to go home. I'm not getting how it will be a full season otherwise.

Have a happy BB day everyone!

Remembering our fallen heros

8:28 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

I agree! Have they never seen the show before? Sharon says she has every episode ever on tape. Natalie seemed to know the right terms at first. But, seriously, this is very overly dramatic so soon! They seem to play foolishly, and make you work overtime... ha ha ha! Doesn't mean I'll be watching any less! ;)

Funny how my favorites change so quickly!

8:32 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Tracey - I appreciate the heads up, but I don't want to slam any other bb sites.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous doug said...

I want to point out to everyone a couple things I have noticed as I have been a little removed from things this first week of BB9 'Till Death Do Us Part'.. dirty little secrets.. that I think many if not all of you are forgetting.

This is the first time Big Brother has done a Winter Edition, and they are competing with a different audience. They have their core BB fans, but they didn't know if they knew they would have to do something in order to 'stimulate' the ratings and get people to watch. They did this first by casting a very good looking young cast, which worked last season for them.

They also realized with the cool weather in LA once the HG's moved into the house, that they were wearing too many clothes, and CBS made the decision to turn the heat high enough in the house so that people would start removing their clothes as if it were summer.

Next throw in a big bowl of condoms near the sauna which certainly doesn't discourage that type of behavior, and encourages it more than just having a box or two in the bathroom discretely.
(My opinion). : )

I also believe that when you pair people up and and have them sleep in the same bed, it's one thing.. But pair people up, tell them, er lie to them that they are their sole mates - have we determined if any are - and call them couples, they are going to start acting more like couples.

The reason that Matt and Nat's going's on have come to a head.. (sorry, I couldn't resist) LOL,
are because as roofer/construction worker he fits a stereotype to a T of a "get on, get off, get out" type of a guy. A gym dude with big muscles who lives in the North End (I lived in the North End myself!), and hangs with his buddies and picks up girls.

Natalie is the female stereotype of Matt. The pretty girl Who, she herself has commented that she is young and sexy and wants to use it while she has it. Nat is the female with the big fake boobs who works as a stripper she has said, and sells coffee wearing a bikini.

In watching the feeds and then watching the clips, I don't know who did the chasing more! One thing I am sure of though, is that although we only saw Matty's big perfect white smile on camers, I am sure that Natalie had one on her face as well under the sheet.

I guess I am trying to say they brought these people together to create heat for ratings and are doing everything to give them ideas. (Although some don't need too much pushing)!

Let's not forget Ryan and Jen going at it in the bathroom.. They are not a BB couple, but have known each other 9 months. Does it make it any better than what Matty and Natalie, a BB couple did?
According to Clinton, Matty and Nat didn't even have sex..

I say cut them a little slack. Lets get past at least the first week, get a better idea what the twists really are.

Winter is really heating up in the Big Brother House!

Lastly, as far as game play, some of them didn't even apply for the show this time to get on, and they are on.. at least from what they were saying early last evening - I believe "Ma" was one of them, so they may not be too familiar with the game!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous An gie said...

I completely agree! WTH? Their game play is in the toilet for the most part because they are acting like the person they were coupled with is their mate for life! I watched Amanda and Alex the other night in the HOH room when she was crying and telling him he was mean to her (this was just before the kiss). I did notice the resemblance between her and Janelle--more in mannerisms and the sound of their voices rather than actually looking like each other, but it's there. Anyway, she was playing him like a $2.00 fiddle! What is this about him touching her while she was sleeping??? I missed that. Did he really? Was he innapropriate??

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Brent said...

This is from Joker

Sat 2:43 AM BBT Amanda is confiding in Chels that she woke up to Alex touching her, when she woke she says he turned over and pretended like he was asleep. That's when he grabbed the mic and told her what he did about if they're not going to be together, she shouldn't get caught up w/ anyone else either.

Sat 3:19 AM BBT For the record, she has clarified that he was touching her genital area while she was "sleeping"

And she said she went to the DR and they told her "it would work out"

whatever that means. Wow Alex is a major scub bag if this is all true.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous LindsayLuvsBB said...

I think Amanda is playing both Parker and Alex... she seems like the type of girl who loves having the guys fight over her. She is in constant need of attention and drama. I liked her at first (reminded me of Janie) now she is getting on my last nerve and has no class compared to Janie.

Matt makes me SICK! He says he wants to "hit them all" he honestly thinks he is "God's gift to the BB women... yuck he makes me want to throw up. I can't wait to see him gone! I feel sorry for Natalie, she thinks that they are going to date when they get out. I don't know how she got that from "pinky swear you wont get attached"

I really like Joshuah, Jaymes, Chelsia, Allison and Shelia. I think they are actually playing the game and seem to be REAL.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

hmmm..has anyone else watched house calles with ED from Thursday (I think it was Thursday)??? It sounded to me like he just said that he and Danielle had things planned out from the beginning to even "fake" fight with each other. Does that mean that they WERE talking to each other before season 8 started? I'm so confused

11:17 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

brent - i prefer to think the best of people till i see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears not to...

11:41 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

And, that, Carolyn, is why we love you!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

How can Amber not just be "all about" Alex? i think he's a hottie LOL

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Angie said...

even in his glasses making breakfast---hot! LOL

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where's Natalie? Haven't seen her roaming around yet....

1:04 PM  
Blogger Doc Rocket said...

Josh has game...I really underestimated him...can't wait to see how this all plays out...and I wonder if his/Sharon's chat with Nat last night will cause her to persuade Matt to also vote Parker/Jen out.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Alexandria said...

Amanda is annoying me with her constant bickering over Parker and Alex. Tbh, I think she should just stick with Alex. He is extremely good looking. I hate to say I love them together.. I just wish she would stop with the drama. I have a feeling that if Parker leaves this week she will open up more and stop this drama crap! And she will stop damaging Alex's game and maybe create a showmance in the process. Wishful thinking but could it happen. Who knows?

5:26 PM  

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