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Thursday, February 14, 2008

BB9 Alex to Amanda:
I Really Want a Kiss

After an hour of talking and tears, all is good in the world of Alex and Amanda, and we've got the screenshots and videos to prove it.

First, the Kiss. I can't bear to have it anywhere but the top of this post.

Alex confesses his feelings for Amanda...

It all started with Parker. What hasn't this season?

Matt & Parker Discuss Alex's Jealousy

About Alex's Jealousy

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Blogger Doc Rocket said...

Honestly, Amanda is playing a good game. She is trying to demand a little more respect from Alex while also getting under his wing. She is also wooing Parker and even Matt…coaxing them through her perspective.

I like Alex, but I have to admit that some of his comments are rather mean. It is easy to overlook them because he throws them out in a somewhat playful manner…but saying things like “You walk around looking like a slut” is a bit much. Sure Amanda was wearing booty shorts but in my opinion they were no less revealing than a bathing suit…and if she didn’t have such a nice backside I’ll bet it wouldn’t have been so controversial. Part of his game play at this point should include curbing his negative (personal) comments towards his partner. It isn’t going to help him down the line that she feels mistreated by him (something she has been open about). He was obviously jealous of her cuddling up to Parker (and others) in the house and it came out as “dislike” towards her…kind of a typical scenario. Instead, why not just talk to her…let her know it bothers you…tell her how you feel about it.

2:35 AM  

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