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Saturday, March 01, 2008

All the HGs Are Too Nervous to Sleep
Chelsia James and Alli Make Due Together

10:40pm BBT

The DR has been calling them in one by one, and they're all convinced the sirens are going to go off tonight. James was just called in a few moments ago.

Speaking of James, his call into the DR broke up a three-some between him, Chelsia and Allison, who is now willing to do anything to stay.

Here's a clip of Allison and Chelsia alone while James is in the DR:

Matt and Ryan are outside talking about what the twist could possibly be - their theories run the gambit. Matt assures Ryan of his loyalty again. Incidentally, Matt was upstairs assuring Josh of his loyalty just a few minutes earlier.
    ***I've come to the decision that Matt is truly loyal to one person in this game, and it's the one person who will see him through to the end. Matt is loyal to Matt and Matt alone.

Josh is losing it. They're all planning to sleep in clothing they can just run and do something in.

10:45pm BBT
James comes back to bed. Chelsia comments that was the fastest DR ever. The threesome resumes their activities for the live feeds.

Here's a brief clip:

10:50pm BBT
Matt lectures Natalie about talking too much and listening too little.

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Matt & Allison

9:55pm BBT

Matt just snuck into Allison's room for a very quick, very quiet one-on-one. She asked him how it was looking, and he gestured back, then whispered very low to her:

"You gotta come up with something."

BB came over the speakers telling Allison to put her mike on, and Matt bailed as fast as his feet could carry him out of the room.

It's cute that he thinks no one's on to him. ;)

Better still is the extreme close-up they provided of Allison.

I think it's the most honesty we've seen from her (or any house guest) in quite some time.

10:02pm BBT

BB: Matt, please come to the Diary Room.

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Saturday Night in the Big Brother 9 House

Just some clips from around the house...

Chelsia and James sharing some quiet time...

Chelsia putting makeup on Matt...

James is made up too...

The women are after Adam to paint him up.

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Josh is Crying from the Stress

The stress of the situation is getting to Josh tonight. Sharon is there to talk him back into the game mindset.

Josh: I'm just homesick... just really homesick.. just done. It's like, what's going on with my family. Do I even have a boyfriend left? Is he even there? Everything I've done has now been televised to the world... It's just scary. I'm not breaking down, but I'm getting to the bottom. I'm not done... This is really hard. And on days like this.. I don't even have sunlight outside... 905 of them I can't stand...

Check out the clip:


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Allison Baits Joshuah
Matt Goes to "Take a Nap" with Sharon

5:58pm BBT
Allison tells Adam she knows Josh is going to go off on her tonight. She can see it coming.

    **So she goes to confront Joshuah, and tries to bait him into a fight.

6pm BBT
Joshuah & Allison
(Sharon is there, but hiding)
Allison: Why are you so mad at me? I haven't done anything. I don't understand why you're being so hateful to me.

Josh isn't biting.

Josh: I made a vow to the whole house not to talk to you.
Allison: I just don't understand why you're so angry at me.
Josh: You've been stirring up stuff since day one. Your gossiping has to go. I don't want it in the house anymore.
Allison: I don't even know what you're talking about. Give me an example. I don't even remember half the stuff people say I said.
Josh: Allison, you're going to the jury house, so go.
Allison: I'm a very forgiving person. I don't understand how you flipped on me so quickly.
Josh: You are so manipulative.
Allison: Why are you always so hateful...
Josh: The house wants me to stay away from you, so I am honoring their wishes. I could call you out on so many lies right now. It's pathetic you're trying to set up Sheila with your father. I can't understand why anyone would want to go out with the creator of a beast like you.

Josh left. Here's the clip:


Here are the reactions of the other HGs:


Allison talking with Ryan about what happened, and saying if he wants to do nothing, she'll stop.

6:20pm BBT
Sharon & Matt
A few minutes ago, Matt asked Joshuah's permission to go up to HoH and have a nap with Sharon. Josh said, no problem. Up Matt went.

Matt: I think we're the 2 strongest couples in the house.
Sharon: Really?
Matt: We've won all the comps.

Matt says Allison's smart, but she cracks under pressure.

They move on to BB101. Sharon explains about double evictions, which Matt has never heard of. Josh enters and explains some more about the fast forward episodes.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but Josh keeps mentioning the Hudson River Virus. He thinks someone will be infected and out! Josh believes BB will wake them up in the middle of the night, play some crazy comp, and the loser "gets the virus" and is tossed out immediately.

Talk moves to Allison.

Matt: I can't believe she told James she'd give him $750 and a carton of cigarettes for his vote. Isn't that illegal.
Josh: Yes it is. It definitely it. And she definitely said it.

6:30pm BBT
Josh bails to go get in the sauna. Nat and James are already in there, and Chelsia joins a moment later.

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Post Twist Announcement Theories

If you haven't read the Twist Announcement yet, Click Here. That comes first. Then proceed with this post.

The houseguests have been ruminating on the words in the letter from BB since it was read. I get the feeling BB's gonna let them drive themselves crazy for a couple days, because BB is just sadistic like that.

Still, I wont feel like I can go to sleep, turn down the volume on the feeds when I do actually rest, or leave my house until it actually happens, and for that, I have several choice words running through my head, but since I wouldn't publish them in a comment, it's not fair for me to put them here.

Here's what the HGs are thinking:

Sharon is certain that evicted houseguests will be coming back, and they'll be walking in through the front door. That's why BB wants them all to gather in the living room. She also believes this twist is how BB will extend the season.

    ***Me too.

Joshuah doesn't think it'll be anyone coming back. He thinks it'll be a comp of some sort. Truth is, he really doesn't care what happens, as long as Allison gets gone. However, he does say that he's gonna keep his clothes and shoes ready just in case the alarm goes off while he's sleeping.

Allison is hoping beyond hope the twist happens before she's evicted. Check out the smile on her face when the note was being read. You can almost hear "Hallelujah!!" ringing in her brain.

Allison has theories too. Her theories are wrong, but they're theories, and she's quite sure of them. Allison told Natalaie she doesn't think BB will allow her be evicted, because of the drama she causes with Josh.

Allison believes that America's votes are responsible for all the hardships in the house that were brought on by the HoH comp: no cups, no hot water, no washers. She thinks we voted on all those things, and she's sure we're involved in the twist too:

Allison: There's 3 lifelines that can be used throughout the game. Save a couple, bring a couple back, evict a couple.
    ***we wish, Allison.

The theories continue at 5:39pm BBT, and I don't imagine they'll stop until it actually happens. At the moment, Josh is spouting new ideas left and right, but he's sticking to not thinking anyone's coming back.

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BB9 TWIST Announced to House Guests!

2:50pm BBT

The houseguests just came back from an exterior lockdown. They went inside, and we saw a glimpse of them reading a letter that says:

    "Houseguests, I have an important announcement. Sometime in the coming weeks you will hear a distinct sound over the speakers.

    When you hear this sound, you must all gather at once in the living room and wait for instructions, and be aware, this could happen at any time...

    Expect the unexpected! ~ BB.

Here's the video:

Spark up the Feeds!!!

3pm BBT
Sharon and Josh
Sharon: Somebody's comin' back. I know it.
Joshuah: Ya think?
Sharon: The noise is gonna go off, and somebody's gonna walk through that door. The same way we came in. That's how they're gonna prolong the season.
Josh: That sounds right.
Sharon: Holy F. They're gonna bring a pair back. That's gonna f up our whole gameplan. Right now we're all mapped out...
Josh: I think it's gonna be something crazy like run into the living room, and everyone has to do some crazy comp...

Chelsia enters.

Chelsia: Whatcha doin'?
Joshuah: Making a days till Allison leaves calendar...

Sharon: I really think people are coming back...
    ***We hope so!!
Josh: It said in the next couple of weeks.
Sharon: That could mean anything.

Chelsia: I'm gonna f'in snap on Natalie. She's driving me nuts. She's like, "why don't you volunteer to go up on the block?" I'm never gonna f'in volunteer to go up on the block!

Sharon, Josh and Chelsia are speculating about when they think this will take place.

Joshuah: The worst case scenario is Allison stays another week.

This could happen at any moment. Expect the unexpected.

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Saturday Afternoon

Checking in around the live feeds just after noon.

Quad @ 12:15pm BBT

Natalie and Sheila are painting nails and
sharing very personal stories.
Sharon's reading her bible and telling Josh she's
tweaked about Matt thinking he's playing her.
"Let him think it."

Joshuah: It's good to be king... for a week.
My words, not his.

Ryan, Adam and Matt just finished a game of horse,
and are talking about what they'd be doing in the real world
if they weren't in the BB house right now.

Adam claims he'd be partying and maybe going to a flea market.

Chelsia and James are having a nice snuggle when Allison comes in and does her best to plant seeds of doubt in them about Sheila. Allison tells them how certifiably crazy Sheila is, and how it would just kill her (Allison) to be sent home earlier than Sheila, and how much she loves them, and how Sheila claims to not know the game at all, but she sure plays well for someone who says she knows nothing...

"She's nuts. I mean really crazy. Like she should be on meds."

12:35pm BBT
Chelsia and James get a couple of minutes of peace, then Adam heads in and starts chatting to Chelsia asking if her friends are hot.

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C=Venus Strikes Again

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I'm about to head out and enjoy mine a bit too, but I'll be back to blog about all the craziness on the live feeds before too long. ;)

If you haven't had the opportunity yet, please check out the Overnight Report and the results of the last 2 Quickie Polls, as well as the new ones on the right sidebar.

Here's another fun BB9 Chop from our friend C=Venus. Call me psychic - I get the feeling she's heard enough from Allison. Please click the pic to visit her site.


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Quickie Polls

Below are the results from the veto & favorites polls from yesterday. The favorites poll was extremely close, with Sharon coming out literally one vote ahead of James to take the Favorite HG title for this week.

Joshuah and Sharon were your favorites to win Veto with 45% of your votes. Matt and Natalie held firm to 2nd with 31%.

Just to the right are 2 new quickie polls. Please take them and let us know what you're thinking!

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The Overnight Report

Good Morning BB Lovers! Happy Saturday! This overnight report is starting a bit earlier in the evening than usual, to make sure everyone who was out Friday night gets all caught up. By the way, in case anyone out there would like a lesson in "how to get with Sheila," here's the info you need (clip). ;)

9:09pm BBT
After the post veto comp celebrating and tears, it turn into a rather horny Friday night in the BB house. You'll see that as a recurrent theme throughout this post. This first clip is of James, Chelsia and Allison in the hot tub together. First the girls make out, then James joins in.


10:10PM BBT
Matt's hiding from Natalie again. He's up in HoH with Sharon telling her he never got head from Natalie, and that Amanda made the whole thing up to cast him in a bad light. He and Sharon make out. The beginning is quite awkward, starting with a mid-sentence lunge from Matt, but he makes up for it with impressive technique in the moment. Josh interrupts, and Matty reiterates (lies) to him that he and Nat did not hook up.

10:44pm Sharon Tells Joshuah about the kiss. Josh says if there were other gay guys in there, he'd be making out with people too. Here's the clip.
More importantly, Josh says, "I'm fine with Matt and Natalie. If they wanna take us to the final 2? F James and Chelsia." Give it a listen.

10:52pm BBT - It's official. Allison's allergy: Slop. (clip.

11:01pm BBT - Funny Clip, Not for the Prude.
The HGs have been locked up long enough & are all wicked horny enough to have a very frank sex talk. Matt starts the conversation, then Allison and Chelsia share their info. Ryan is there as well, but only contributes a little.

11:20pm BBT
Adam, James, Natalie
The sex talk turns to Natalie
Adam is complaining about Sheila claiming to be one way but not acting like it in the house. He says he wishes BB had paired him with "some nasty fat chick who would go down on him."
    ***Such a charmer.
Natalie joins the complain train, and her focus is Matt.
Adam: You're too emotional about Matt already, and he doesn't want to deal with it. Neither would I.
Natalie: No, I'm not.
Adam: Look how emotional you get when he wont cuddle. Think about how emotional you would be if he gave you some dick.

11:26pm BBT
Blowing up Matty's game, Part One
Sharon: Matty's like, well, ok, you've got a big decision to make. I think you need to put James and Chelsia on the block. So, here's what I say, Sheila came up here last night and told me, she's willing to go up on the block against Allison.

Matty is hard core gaming, pushing to get James and Chelsia up on the block, so he can vote them out and keep Allison safe. To their credit, none of the current HoH crew are buying into it.
    ***At least it's clear who he's true to now, and frankly, he ought to be true to Allison. She's the only reason he's in the house right now.
Here's the clip.


Chelsia, Josh, James & Sharon Blow up Matt's Game
James: If votes split, you know where Matty went...
Joshuah: I think it's funny...
Sharon: But that's what Matt came up here to say. He thinks that You and James and Allison and Ryan are a "Super alliance." He's retarded. He totally thinks he's messing with my head. He says, we need to make a deal with them...
Chelsia: I know. He did the same thing with me.
Joshuah: So had he won HoH, they would've put me up.
Chelsia: Oh yeah. Definitely.

Josh goes on to talk about the 4 way Matt was going on about. The details are on the clip, captured by xx2000xx.

The crux of it, according to Joshuah, is that next week's HoH will be between James & Chelsia and Matt & Natalie. Sheila and Adam wont even have a chance.

All of them feel that the HoH coming up next Wednesday will be physical and very likely endurance. Personally, I'm thinking endurance. Could be wishful thinking on my part, but it's definitely getting to be that time of season, and there's just nothing better than an endurance comp on the live feeds.

Cut to:
12:25am BBT
Josh & Sharon
They're talking about the events of the evening and Sharon is laughing about being evicted and then coming back to win the whole game.

Cut to:
12:45am BBT
James & Chelsia's Couch/Bed
Allison, Chelsia & James

Allison is talking with Chelsia and James. She's trying to figure it all out and asking them if they really think they're going up in Matt and Natalie's place.
James: That's what we were talking about in HoH. It's not gonna be a surprise.

James and Chelsia are as horny as the rest of the house. They invite Allison to come "play" with them in bed. She declines, saying she's too stressed out tonight, but she'll definitely take them up on the offer tomorrow night.

Cut to:
12:54am BBT
Ryan & Allison's Bed
Ryan gets into bed.
Allison: The only other way we can stay is if Matt uses the PoV on us.
    Dreamah, you stupid little dreamah;
    So now you put your head in your hands, oh no!
    I said "Far out, - What a day, a year, a laugh it is!"
    You know, - Well you know you had it comin' to you,
    Now there's not a lot I can do.
- Supertramp
      ***Sorry... sometimes a song just pops into my head with something they say, and I have to share.
Ryan: He's not gonna do that.

Pretty early night for the HGs. Everyone's down for the count before 2am BBT. With all the stress of PoV day, I'm not surprised.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Post Veto Comp Scheming

As you can imagine, the house is abuzz with activity and scheming.

The following clip shows Joshuah in the Storage Room with Chelsia. They're planning to make Allison think she is safe, but then they are all going to vote to evict her.

6:41pm BBT

In addition to the scrambling that's going on surrounding the Veto, which will finally be used, what's most ironic at this moment is how they're all talking about and planning for next week. I can't wait to see the looks on all their faces when Julie announces the new twist.

Sheila and Sharon have both already been talking about how they feel it coming. Just a few minutes ago, Matt did too. Matt even went so far as to say he knew which 2 couples would be coming back.

7pm BBT
Joshuah and Sharon
HoH Room
Joshuah: Look at them down there. They're already going nuts. There's no scheming. There's no planning. You win or you go home. Next week, everyone but HoH is on the block. At this point, if we don't win PoV, we don't deserve to win the money. James and Chelsia gave us their word, if they win HoH, we don't go p on the block. Matt and Natalie promised us the same thing. Now the scary part is is Matt and Natalie win Veto. We go home. Who's gonna keep a strong couple (like us) when they could keep Sheila and Adam. Now, another scenario, if we win PoV, we kick out Adam and Sheila... If Matt and Natalie don't win, they go home, cuz who wants to be next to them on the jury? They have friends on the jury. I'm telling ya, if we get James and Chelsia, frikkin Sheila and Adam, we are soo final 2. It's awesome.

He's still goin'...

Josh: I'm so glad that b-tch didn't win. She would've come up here wanting my tiara. And Amanda and Alex are gonna be so happy to see her walk in the door. I don't know why she thinks I'll put up James and Chelsia... She's trying to reverse psychology my ass...

Sharon: Here's the thing. If people come back and it's a 3 month thing, they'll want Matt and Natalie out. If Alex and Amanda come back? They'll go after Matt and Natalie.

Still goin'..

7:09pm BBT
A bit earlier, we saw Matty promising his vote to evict Allison to Joshuah. In this next clip, he's promising Allison he'll keep her. There is no arguing Matt and Natalie are in the house now because of Allison's work last week. Who do you think Matty's telling the truth to?


7:30pm BBT
bb9dish room ;)
Matt, Adam, Josh, James
Male bonding. All the boys are talking about Allison and how they're going to make her think she's safe... I'm still not sure about Matty.
Matty: I just got the line in the bathroom. "You know you're my favorite guy in the house, right?"
Adam: I get that all the time too.

The men descend into locker room talk.

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BB9 Power of Veto Spoiler



Matt: My hat goes off to my partner.

Allison: I wish they had made it clear that you could interchange those pieces...

Joshuah is guaranteeing Chelsia
she will not be going up.
5:55pm BBT
Matty and Allison are upstairs partying with Josh and Sharon. Joking they're gonna pull a Marcellas and not use the PoV on themselves. Matty just did an adorable little "Matty's off the block and Allison's going home" song and dance. Here's a clip:

Party on the live feeds!

Allison's downstairs saying it wasn't fair and trying to work whoever will listen.


As soon as the feeds come back on and we're 100% sure who won the Power of Veto, we'll be posting the spoiler right here! The feeds went to trivia (and stayed there) at 3:53pm BBT.

The time is now 5:45pm BBT, and we're waiting for the feeds to come back on so we can all learn who won! I'll be updating the time every 15 minutes or so until the feeds come back on.

In the meantime, I'm just psyched the Veto Comp is finally happening and wondering who our two millionth visitor to the blog will be! At 5:45pm BBT, the count is 1,998,127.

LOL... in the excitement of the Veto Spoiler, I missed getting the info on Mr or Mrs 2 million. We're beyond it now. Thanks again for being here!

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The Veto Comp is On!

5:15 pm BBT - Still Trivia
While we wait, go check out the
Stunning new screencaps
on bb9dishcaps!

3:42pm BBT

Voice: Good Afternoon Houseguests!
HGs: Wooooooo!!!
Us: Woooo!!!

Feeds to flames for a minute, then Trivia.

Psych! Again!

Feeds are back with Natalie leading Sheila in prayer for a veto win. The HGs energy is completely renewed.

Natalie: I'm ready to do this. I'm amped. Come on James.
Chelsia: They better have him all dressed up.

OK... James is getting ready to host.

Natalie is "feeling the holy spirit."

3:53pm BBT - Feeds Go Straight to Trivia!

The Veto Comp is ON! And if it's not, I'm gonna have a temper tantrum.

I promised you some C=Venus artistry, and I mean to deliver. Check out her latest. It made me laugh out loud when she sent it this morning. Click the pic to check out her site.


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Do It Already!

3:24pm BBT

We've been waiting all day for the Power of Veto Comp to take place, and so have the houseguests. Each of them has a different theory about what it will be. At this point, I don't care what it is, I just want them to start it already!

On a much brighter note, I'm proud to tell you, bb9dish is on the cusp of 2 million hits! We're about 10,000 away from that right now, so it'll happen within the next couple hours.

Thank you!!

When I started this during All-Stars, I really never imagined how much the site would grow. I'm extremely grateful for all of you coming and participating and telling your friends about the site.

Thank you!

Hopefully they'll get the veto show on the road sometime soon. Until then, I'll be around monitoring the conversations on the live feeds, and I'll let you know as soon as the Veto Comp starts, if anyone's head explodes in the meantime, and of course, The Veto Comp Spoiler as soon as it's a definite.

Oh yeah, as soon as the comp starts, I have a special treat for you from C=Venus. :) Can't wait to share it with you!

Thanks so much for being a part of bb9dish.


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BB9 Veto Comp - Choosing the 4th Couple

Playing for the Veto are:

  1. Joshuah & Sharon - HoH
  2. Allison & Ryan - Nom
  3. Matt & Natalie - Nom
  4. Sheila & Adam - Random
James will be hosting.

And now they (and we) wait.

11:58am BBT - Feeds are back.
Allison: Well this could be an unintentional back door for anyone. No one's safe. Especially me.
Adam: Me n Sheila.
Allison: You and Sheila in the Veto Competition.
Matt: Are you stoked?
Chelsia: I'm gonna be the only one sitting out.
James: Aww.
Chelsia: I just love to compete.

Noon BBT
Joshuah's getting nervous. Sharon's calming him.
Sharon: If for any weird reason they actually win..
Joshuah: Matt & Nat go.
Sharon: Which is fine...

Sharon thinks it will be an endurance competition. She feels very confident that if it is, it's all theirs.

12:12pm BBT
Allison and Adam are talking about the upcoming PoV comp. Both agree that Sheila will completely flip out if she and Adam are to go up as the replacement nominees. Adam speculates that the comp will be question based. Allison calls Matt over to give her a massage, and says she's ready for some tickle torture for Adam later.

The HGs are in a holding pattern... general chatter... no explosions.

The feeds just cut out, at 1:55pm BBT.
Let's hope this time it's for real!
Nope... back 2 minutes later.

2pm BBT
Josh and Matt are talking. Matt just said that if he's taken off the block, "You know I'd vote for Sheila to stay. My boy Adam."

Allison's watching the guinea pig. "Ooh! He's eating his poop!"

Back to Matt & Josh and Sharon.
Matt: I'm rootin' for you too, man. Right now, going into today's competition, I'm confident. Last week I was a little nervous.

They're talking about how Allison changed her bed to the one Jen and Parker and then Amanda and Alex were sleeping in. Says she's crazy.

Josh: I'm just gonna say, well, you say you own Sheila, so I'm gonna put Sheila on the block next to you.
Matt: James & Chelsia are definitely gonna vote her (Allison) out, right?
Josh: Yep. Everyone's on board. Hopefully this is your week. Ya wanna redbull or anything? It's full of carbs...

Ryan and Allison
2:20pm BBT
The stress of waiting for the comp is getting to them (and everyone else). Allison thinks the comp will be eating stuff. Ryan doesn't think so, but he doesn't have any other ideas either.

To HoH
Meanwhile, Josh and Sharon are upstairs talking worst case scenario. Josh sees Allison on the HoH vision screen and makes fun of her shirt.

To Bedroom
Allison talks to Chelsia and James
Allison: I'm putting every ounce of myself into this game today.

2:25pm BBT
FLAMES - Please let these be the real thing! nope.

2:28pm BBT
Natalie & Sheila

Sheila: I need you to do a prayer with me... before we go out. I'm not a religious person, but I'm open to it, and I need you to do this with me.

Natalie tells Sheila she was praying so much last night, and then this morning BB played Matt's song, "Eye of the Tiger," it was his school song...

They talk about the benefits of prayer.

2:34pm BBT
FLAMES... please turn into trivia, so we can call this thing.... Nope.

2:36pm BBT
Feeds are back. Chatting in the room that matches bb9dish. ;)
Sheila and Natalie are still in the bathroom talking. Natalie's telling Sheila how Allison has already begun campaigning against Sheila. Sheila asks Nat if she believes Josh really wants Allison out, and Nat tells her absolutely, and that Josh has already told her "you have to win!"

Nat: She (allison) wants me to hang out with her 24/7, so Josh will think were in an alliance and turn around and target me.

Sheila and Natalie continue their conversation. Prime focus - negativity about Allison.

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Wake up Houseguests

This post will be updated through noon BBT.

9:30am BBT

BB just played the HGs a very old, very odd version of "Strangers in the Night" as their wake up music. I'll assume this version was chosen because it's so old it falls into the public domain category, and no royalties have to be paid to anyone.

I wonder what this song has to do with the Veto Comp. Hmmm... Anyhow, the whole thing was broadcast to the live feeds, then they went to flames.

Good Morning, Houseguests!

9:37am BBT
Feeds are back. Joshuah's voice is the first we hear, saying he's going to absolutely annihilate Allison today. He then goes on to talk about the wakeup song, and feels BB did it just for him, because he was talking about how much he loves that song yesterday.

9:43am BBT
Josh: I have an excellent feeling about today! I cannot wait for us to take our 3rd victory in a row! I don't know if it's ever been done before in BB history.
Sharon: Ask! Big Brother, has anyone ever won 3 comps in a row?

9:45am BBT
Allison is up and alert. Matt's getting there. Ryan's in the bathroom brushing his teeth.
BB: Good morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.

Josh and Sharon come down from HoH, greet the others, and head into the Storage Room. Joshuah continues his "I'm ready. I'm ready to win 3 in a row."

Sharon talks about them playing the song Eye of the Tiger and how Josh got up and danced to it in bed. Musta been right after Strangers in the Night when the feeds were on flames.

Josh & Sharon
9:51am BBT

Joshuah: Sheila has to go up. She'll freak out. If Matt and Nat win, take themselves off, Sheila and Adam will go up. Sheila against Allison. It's perfect.

    ***Unless, of course, you want Allison gone...
    Color me baffled.

9:56am BBT
Allison's complaining about "people leaving stuff out like there's a maid service here." Then she talks a bit with James and Chelsia about the Veto Comp... blows some smoke up their bums.

Allison keeps repeating to anyone who will listen that she's wearing the same shirt again and will be ridiculed (by Josh) on national television for it.

10:15am BBT
The whispering has begun all around the house.

Upstairs in HoH, Sharon and Joshuah, can speak in full voice.
Sharon: Well, the good thing is, we have 3:1 odds.

They talk more about putting Sheila up against Allison.

Joshuah: I can't wait to pit them 2 against each other.
Sharon: Only thing that makes me nervous is that Sheila gets so defensive, so quick.
Joshuah: That's perfect to pit them 2 against each other. They'll tear each other apart. Well, all I gotta say is, Allison'll campaign against her, and she'll go off! Sheila will go crazy.
Sharon: That is true. That is very true. She will have a heart attack and kill someone. I mean, she's got her coffee, but no carbs.
Josh: True...

10:15am BBT
Allison & Ryan
Allison's telling Ryan that Sheila is driving her crazy, saying if she were to win the PoV, she would never use it...

Sheila & Natalie speculating about what the comp will be, based upon the themes thus far. Sheila says there's never been a theme before, and Nat corrects her, saying last season was Alice in Wonderland. They talk about the veto comp with the hats last season that Mike did himself in with by overdoing it, so Dick gave the comp to Jen, put Mike up and voted him out.

11:00am BBT
Allison is making friends and influencing people... taunting Adam for not knowing how to use the PoV.

Joshuah and James begin talking about details around the house.

Around the house...
Sheila and Natalie start dishing on Allison's nastiness.
Allison is telling Chelsia how disappointed she is in Sheila, as a person.

HoH Room
11:15pm BBT
Joshuah & Sharon
Joshuah: She is psyched! Natalie is so pumped for this comp. She is sure it's going to be some physical, mental..
Sharon: Well, good for her! She'll win. Is anyone saying when they think it'll be?
Josh: No, I think they're just asking them if they're excited about it... Everyone's been in and out (of the DR) real fast... (referring to Allison) I can't wait to bring her down. I can't wait for 3 in a row.
Sharon: Holllaaaa! 3 in a row! Kick soma ass and take some names. That's the name of this game.

They talk about color coordinating their outfits for the comp.

Sharon and Josh continue talking about who's most psyched for the comp. Josh says Allison is very confident about it. Sharon says Natalie.

Josh: I'm just psyched for it all to be decided today. If Allison doesn't win, she will know there is no way she can get the votes, and no way she's staying.

11:33am BBT

Joshuah and Sheila are speaking very quietly in the downstairs bathroom. He's reassuring her that if she goes up as a replacement for Matt and Nat, she'll be safe. "It's numerically impossible for you to be voted out this week."

In the living room, the rest of the HGs are gathered talking about random stuff...

11:45am BBT
Sharon and Joshuah are called to the DR. Flames have been in and out for the last few minutes. Hopefully this means the Veto Comp Selection will happen very soon, and be followed shortly thereafter by the Veto Comp.

The HGs have moved out of the living room and are gathered together in a bedroom. They speculate that they've been asked to get out of the living room so BB can get some footage in there.

11:50am BBT - TRIVIA
Methinks the the random couple for the Veto Comp will be known to us very shortly.

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The Overnight Report

Good morning! Happy Friday & Happy Veto Comp day, Big Brother Lovers!

Most of the HGs had a very early night last night, and frankly there wasn't a whole lot of gaming going on, so this will be a rather short overnight report.

Allison and Ryan went to bed around 11pm and stayed there. They "have a veto comp to win," and they mean to be well rested. Shortly before they went to bed, Allison and Chelsia made out for the boys.

Captured by Trishydoll

Josh and Sharon holed up in HoH, and Josh went on a big rant about Allison, calling her ugly, making fun of her clothing and makeup and saying "she'd be the worse lay in the house" and anything else he could think of. He also told Sharon he'd heard that Matt had gotten some oral action in the house, and he thinks it was from Natalie.
    ***As we all know, he's correct, and for those of you wondering, that is what we refer to as "hummergate."
They did have some relevant game talk earlier in the evening. Around 9:30pm BBT, the talk was all about Veto and Sharon's concern that if they win 3 in a row, they become even bigger targets. Still, they are definitely going for the win on this one.

Being the clever girl she is, Sharon also deduced that if Big Brother wants this season to go full term, there has to be a twist right after Allison and Ryan leave.

Josh and Sharon went to sleep around 12:30am BBT.

At Midnight BBT, Natalie was wandering alone, studying the house intently. It seems she's been paying much closer attention than we give her credit. For example, did you know that the house has 300 logs on the wall, 447 books, and that the glasses have ducks and deers on them? Natalie does.

To her potential detriment, she also shared this information with Adam when he came out and asked her to join him outside for a smoke. As visions of veto gold dance in their heads, Natalie and Adam had a meeting of the minds. Adam does not understand the power of the veto - not at all.

While he doesn't understand that the PoV would protect him if he won it, he promises Natalie, that if he and Sheila win it, they wont take anyone down, but they will vote Allison and Ryan out.

When Adam finished his cigarette, he and Natalie came back inside, and she dove back into the bible. First she went to Joshua 7, since Joshua put her up on the block, and her lucky number is 7.
    "Consecrate yourselves in preparation for tomorrow, for this is what the Lord, your God, says. That which is devoted among you, you cannot stand against your enemies until you remove it."

Looking for more inspiration, Natalie turns to read from Matthew 7:7, because of her partnership with Matt.
    "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

Happy PoV Day!! This one's a nailbiter!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

BB9 - Oh Natalie - She's Nekkid Again

10:10pm BBT

Natalie's flashing the live feeds again.

I thought it was a Big Brother 1st, but I'd forgotten about BB8 Amber - when she got out of the HoH tub last season and toweled herself off with complete disregard for the cameras...

Anyhow, now it's Natalie's turn to show the internet the whole kitten kaboodle.

I can't say I'm surprised. Oddly enough, this time it wasn't intentional.

She'd just gotten out of the shower and was toweling off... just not being careful about concealing the goods.

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Random Thoughts

Is it just me, or has this cast not directly addressed us, the live feed viewers, even once? They've talked about us, but never to us... Can you think of any instances?

Maybe we got spoiled last season with the Dick at Night Show and during All-Stars where the lot of them were completely live feed savvy...

Matt came the closest that night with Natalie, when he looked directly into camera when she was done and shot a huge grin and a thumbs up, but no actual words...

I wonder if they were told not to...

Also missing are shout outs- to any sites at all. They've mentioned reading blogs, about the tranny rumor and a couple of other instances, but never which ones... unless it just completely escaped me.

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BB9 Nomination Spoiler

After some last minute plotting, scheming and jockeying for position, the feeds have been off since 5:43pm BBT. The nomination ceremony is taking place right now, and as soon as the feeds come back on, the spoiler will go here on this post.

We fully expect Allison & Ryan and Matt & Natalie to be nominated this evening. Anything else would be quite a shock. Either way, we'll let you know as soon as the feeds come back on.

Feeds are back as of 6:53pm BBT.

It seems the nomination ceremony has been over for a while, as Allison is telling Natalie what a great job she did with the salad.

Allison & Ryan are definitely on the block.

Matt & Nat are too.

Matt just confirmed it.
Matt: Watch, we'll be up again next week too.
Allison: It's not that bad the 2nd time around.

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All About Allison

Even More Added...

2:33pm BBT
Josh, Sharon & Chelsia
Discussing the upcoming nomination speeches.
Joshuah: Sharon's taking care of Matt and Natalie... I'm gonna pull yours and James' key second, just because... I'm gonna tell Ryan, I've really enjoyed you in this game, and I think you got a bad deal having Jen here... and now having Allison. Allison is the fakest, most manipulative person in the house, and for the houses best interest, I think she needs to go.
Chelsia: Allison's so mad, she may just win PoV out of spite.
Josh: No problem... Then we vote out Matt & Natalie. You and James win HoH next week and get rid of Allison then.
Chelsia: (imitates Allison) "I determine who wins the money"

Chelsia leaves. Josh is still tweaked about Allison talking about Chase. He says he's exhausted. A few moments later, Allison comes up to HoH.

2:50pm BBT
Sharon, Josh, Allison

Here's the first part of the conversation, captured by Quirkydude:

The conversation continues...

Allison blames Sheila for the whole lesbian story. She blames Ryan for getting rid of Amanda and Alex, saying she wanted to keep them.

Joshuah says the DR played back the tape for him, and what she accused him of was never said, and they told him, if it had been, he'd be gone. Further, he doesn't know where she came up with the 5 feet thing... they just said to give her her personal space.

Allison counters saying they told her differently.

She wants them to "team up and take down the whole house." She "adores" them. She thought yesterday was just a big joke... she never took it seriously.
    ***Where's Gepetto when ya need him?

Here's more from later in the conversation, captured by bb9dish:

At 3:15pm BBT, this conversation is still ongoing. Spark up the feeds, folks. Now Allison's blaming the meds she's on for her behavior... Chelsia's in the room with them now too.

Allison went back into MAJOR manipulator mode.

Then she asked Joshuah for a hug:

Allison: I'm gonna make a pact with you. If you hear anything at all, come straight to me. I'm done with Sheila. Thank you so much, you guys. I'm just gonna talk with Ryan. I'm not gonna talk to Matt at all. Think about it. It's a perfect set-up.

As soon as she left, shortly before 4pm BBT, Chelsia and Sharon agree they do not trust Allison at all, but they are a little snowed. The plan is to put her and Ryan up alongside Matt and Natalie. One of them goes home. No matter what happens, they want to insure that Sheila and Adam are in the final 3 with them.

James came in, livid, and told them, "If you don't get rid of Allison, you're on crack."

Allison and Chelsia are in a private talk now. Here's the clip.

4:22pm BBT
James goes outside for a smoke as soon as lockdown is over and tells Matt that Allison is trying to flip the script and get him and Natalie evicted.

4:25pm BBT
Back up in HoH
Joshuah and Sharon
Joshuah isn't snowed at all. Not for a moment. He had to leave the room before, because Allison was making him nauseous.

Josh: I don't care what she says. I don't wanna be in the final 2 with Allison and Ryan. Chelsia and James have looked out for us since day one.

4:38pm BBT
Natalie: I just think it's absolutely hysterical how she's trying to turn this whole thing on me... She's telling me one thing, then she twists everything... I'm not gonna talk to her at all anymore.

4:40pm BBT
Downstairs BTHRM
Matty approaches Allison while she's in the shower...


My head is about to explode with these people. They are non-stop. Back in a little while.

Nominations are coming soon too.

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Feeds are Back

2:05pm BBT

The feeds are back. All the HGs are in costumes. The women's costumes are green unitards with trees on them. Some of the men look like grocers, and some like farmers.

From the sound of things, they all enjoyed the comp, and for the moment, they're all getting on well together.

Give it time.

They're on exterior lockdown. And as of 2:18pm BBT, lol, they're on interior lockdown.

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Late Morning

11:40am BBT
Allison and Josh, Round 3?
A brief rundown...

Joshuah: I can't wait to send you home...

They argue some about education..

Allison: You're a crazy motherf'er.
Joshuah: No one likes you... you cyclops.
Josh makes fun of her for wearing the same "ugly dress" twice on national television.
Allison: I can't wait to meet Chase... I wonder who Chase (Josh's boyfriend) is out F'ing right now.
Joshuah: Don't worry... nobody wants to do that to you.
Allison: I don't want to get butt f'd. Only gay people do that.
Joshuah: C-nt.

Allison gets too close to Joshuah.

Joshuah: Stay back and give me the 5 feet.
Allison: That only applies to you. The producers said you have to stay 5 feet from me.

Here's the clip, provided by Quirkydude:

11:46am BBT

All except Allison & Ryan

Josh and Sharon hold a meeting with the others, asking who they'd like to see put up. Allison is a definite. Everyone wants Allison and Ryan to be evicted. It sounds as though Matt and Nat will go up as the pawn. Here's the clip, provided by scootie668:

FLAMES since 12:45pm BBT
Very likely the Food Comp is underway...

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The Morning Report

This post will be updated throughout the BB morning.

9:40am BBT

They're up!

The first words of the day:

Joshuah: Allison's got to leave.. this week.

Sharon: It's gonna be, like, soon. If there's gonna be a twist, I don't think it'll be near the end of the game.

Josh is flipping through the channels of HoH Cam.

They continue talking about how poorly they slept, even in HoH. Josh was stressing because he thought he was "gonna get a penalty nomination." Sharon instructs him to go to the DR and just let them know when he's getting stressed out, and say that he may go off, but he wont ever physically touch her. Sharon then launches into how "gay guys are not aggressive," "gay people fling there arms." Joshuah doesn't correct her vast generalizations.

Sharon: She's just trying to get you in trouble. She can't play the game the right way, so she's just trying to do this so she can cheat and win.
Joshuah: I'm taking her out. No matter what.

A few of the HGs have woken up and are beginning their day in the bathroom downstairs.


10:15am BBT
Sheila & Natalie
Sheila's complaining about Adam's snoring. Natalie's compaining about Matt's treatment of her. Both move into talking about the madness of last night.

Others join them in the kitchen...

10:40am BBT
The talk is all about last night.

11:15am BBT
Apologies, but something's come up and I have to run out for about an hour. Updating and comment moderation will resume upon my return.

Watch Big Brother 9 Replay 24/7 on SuperPass

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The Overnight Report

The overnight report is complete.

10:20pm BBT

Allison: Yeah, Joshuah's a football player.
Ryan: Yeah right.
Allison: Let's see him tackle my 6'3" brother who will f'ing kill him. If he'd stepped one step closer, he would've hit me in the face...
Ryan: Do you kinda wish that woulda happened?
Allison: Honestly, yeah. Cause then I would get him outta here in one second. Ya know. He's an idiot. He's such an idiot. Have you ever met people like this in your life?

She proceeds to bash Sheila and Matt...

Allison: I have no idea why Josh went off on me. Zero clue.
Ryan: He was probably just mad that we were f'in' with him... which we kinda were.
Allison: He was just mad that we didn't agree with what he wanted. It's just so funny... I keep replaying it in my mind... the worst case scenario...
Ryan: It's just, we can't win.

Here's the clip:

Allison & Ryan
10:23pm BBT

11:50pm BBT
Josh, Sharon, Ryan, Natalie
Sharon: (to Ryan) Alli confronted me about something that I never even said.

The HGs are telling Ryan they feel sorry for him being partnered up with her.

Josh: I hate to say it, but I really just took a page from Dick's book, and it worked.
Natalie: Dick has a book?

Fast forward to midnight in the Backyard. Sharon is attempting to talk to Allison, and it escalates to include Joshuah and a mini brawl. Allison laughs it off, publically.

Allison: Nothing Josh has said today has upset me. What does upset me is my life being threatened. Which is not, y'know, not cool at all.
Joshuah: Want me to go on? She came outside to provoke me again. Allison go away from me... Get away from my 5 feet that you supposedly are so threatened by.
Allison: Oh really... I really feel sorry for you outside these walls.
Joshuah: Go inside so everyone can talk about you.

The argument intensifies. Here's the link for the clip, just in case it's not viewable below.

Allison & Josh Fight
Midnight BBT

12:15am BBT
Ryan & Allison
Ryan's had enough.

Ryan: You told me one thing, and you went out there and said another.
Allison: Seriously?
Ryan: You're lying to me.
Allison: I don't give a sh*t anymore. Are you following that part. Bye. Good. Have a nice life. Oh, and just so you know, Ryan, everything I've ever said to you about you was not right.

Here's the link for the clip below, just in case it's not viewable on the blog.

Ryan & Allison Argue
12:15am BBT

Allison threatens to quit the show.
Allison: ...We all have, but they need to realize and recognize very quickly.. They obviously don't know me. They better start listening, or they're going to lose a cast member. What do I lose? $2200? I'm not gonna be true to that lifestyle.
Chelsia: Ok.. well I'm sure they'll figure something out. I just wanted to check on you.
Allison: I swear to you. I'm totally fine.

The clip is below, and here's the link, just in case:
12:29am BBT

1:04am BBT
Matt, Ryan and Allison
Following a conversation between Matt and Allison, in which she calls Ryan and f'ing idiot and reiterates to Matt how much he owes her, Matt plays mediator between the warring partners.
    ***It's Divide and Conquer 101, courtesy of Joshuah and Sharon, and neither of them are grasping it.

Ryan explains why he thinks Allison lied to him.
Matt: I'm gonna be a mediator right now.
Ryan: I don't know how you're gonna turn on me like that.
Allison: Uh uh. Ryan, first of all...
Matt: He thinks you lied to him, and she's upset that you didn't defend her when Josh started to rip her a new a-hole outside. Do I have to stay for this? This is partnership.
Ryan: You have to stay, 'cause last time I tried to talk to her, I got a finger wagging in my face, and she's goin' off on me.. When I came in here earlier, I asked why you went off on Sharon.
Allison: I didn't go off on Sharon.
Ryan: ..or you overheard her calling you a bitch... and whatnot. And then you told me that she admitted it to you. And that is not what I heard from Sharon. And you're telling me that she admitted it.
Allison: She said that Allison's acting, I don't know, witchy, or something.. and Joshuah admitted to calling me a bitch today..
Ryan: You told me you were going out there specifically to address this with Sharon, and you wanted to get to the bottom of it. She never said you were a bitch. One of you aren't being truthful...
Allison: When you wanna let me talk..
Ryan: You're missing my whole point here.
Allison: What's your point?

Ryan says he heard from several other people that Sharon never said it, and he wants to bring them all in and confront her about it, but that doesn't happen. Allison and Ryan continue talking, and Ryan gets progressively more annoyed with her. Check out the clip below:

1:04am BBT

If you'd like to confirm if Allison's being honest with Ryan, please reference the earlier clip with Sharon talking to Allison. Or you can just take my word for it - she's not.

1:11am BBT
Joshuah took Allison's key off the wall, dropped his shorts and rubbed it on his butt. Shortly after this, Joshuah paints a -6 on Allison's drinking bowl. Josh is later seen washing the key and bringing her bowl to the storage room. It is assumed the DR folks have instructed him to do this. An hour after this, Alli is spotted using nail polish to put something on Joshuah's key.
    **Next up, pulling pigtails?

1:19am BBT
Ryan & Allison continue arguing.

Ryan was told about the Lesbian story this evening, and he's confronting Allison about it, among other things... Allison lays the blame on Sheila.
Allison: It's all Sheila.
Ryan: It's coming out tomorrow... and why you're doing it.

Ryan: No one believes you in this house. No one likes you. They like me.
Allison: That just shows what kind of person you are... I saved us the 1st week.
Ryan: No. I saved us. I got Chelsia and James on our side. We're not here because of you. We're here because of me.
Allison: (dripping sarcasm)Ok, Ryan. Thank you, thank you... I'm shocked by the way you're acting now. You're acting like a jerk.

Ryan bails. Allison yells out to him:
Allison: Ryan, Ryan... I'm glad I'm not in a relationship with you.

1:30am BBT
Not to be left out of the drama, Matt and Natalie also got into it tonight. Natalie's crying under the covers that she wants to go home. The house is non-plussed.
Chelsia: This is perfect. Let Allison and Natalie leave. Then Ryan and Matt can team up.

HoH - Sharon & Josh
2:20am BBT
Sharon: We've been running this house from the beginning. I've been working one side, and you've been working the other.
    ***Umm.. except for last week?

A few minutes later, Joshuah is called to the Diary Room. He's a bit concerned. When he comes back, Sharon asks what happened.

Josh: I can't talk about it, but everything's fine.

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Happy Thursday

Good morning, BB lovers. Oh whatta night! And today will bring nominations, as well as another food (or luxury) comp.

While I get coherent and assemble the overnight report, please take the 2 new quickie polls on the right, and enjoy the following 2 clips. The first is a tribute to Alex made by hellataz. Ya had to know those would be coming, right? ;)

The second clip is Julie's exact words last night with regard to the upcoming twist, provided by tvgrapevine. The possibilities are limitless.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

C=Venus Strikes Again.

9pm BBT

The HGs are enjoying a pizza party together. If the past 90 minutes are any indication, tonight should be pretty lively on the feeds.

9:25pm BBT Sheila's telling how she made out with Johnny Depp... in a movie... I'm jealous.

Some info for you...

Tomorrow's schedule, according to Joshuah, who may well have access to the info as co-HoH:

  1. Food Comp
  2. Nominations
Joshuah seems to think they'll be happening reasonably early.

Last, a new chop from our favorite BB Chop Star, C=Venus. Please click the pic to check out C=Venus' site.


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HoH Room Reveal


If you haven't seen the Live Show Yet, the following information is a spoiler.

8:17pm BBT

The new HoH Room has been revealed. Allison did not come up for the reveal. She remained in bed. Sharon and Joshuah are overjoyed with all their pictures and goodies.

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Post Live Show


WARNING: If you haven't seen the live show yet, and you don't want to know the results, please read no further.

For the live show spoiler, click here.


Power Shifts Immediately

Allison started playing the victim card immediately after the feeds came back on... and crying foul about the competition. My, my how the tables turn.

Allison after the HoH Comp

Allison, Part 2

7:05pm BBT
Joshuah talking about Allison to Sheila and Natalie.

7:15pm BBT
Allison is crying in the bathroom, saying she's done with this. She feels threatened. Ryan is trying to calm her down, but also saying he didn't hear Josh being horrible to her.
Allison: Do you realize, my parents are probably like, wtf, why would she put up with this? Why is she even doing this?
Ryan: This is exactly what he wants...
Allison: No, this has nothing to do with what he said. This is about threats... He told me he was going to strangle me, slit my throat, then he got 2 feet in front of my face and called me a c-nt and a whore.. swore at me on television...

7:15pm BBT
Joshuah's side of the story...


Long story short, Allison says she told the DR what Joshuah did, and they called him in and told him to keep 5 feet away from her at all times.

So... am I evil if I'm sitting here hoping Allison drops out? And Ryan gets to bring back one of the recently evicted HGs... like, maybe, say.. Alex?

BACKYARD - Pool Table
Chelsia, James, Natalie, Ryan

Chill, fun group.

Sheila, Josh, Sharon

Sheila's puckering up to the new HoH's.

8pm BBT
BB: Joshuah. Sharon. Please come to the Diary Room.

HoH Room Reveal coming up soon!

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Big Brother 9 Live Show Spoiler

As always, we will be doing a live show spoiler this evening.

In an effort to keep the top of the blog safe for all eyes, we ask that you please click the link below to access the live show spoiler... AND post show commentary until 9pm BBT.

Thank you! :)

Once the Live Show starts, please leave all comments over on that link too!

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Afternoon Report

1:30pm BBT
The feeds have been on flames for about an hour now... A moment ago they cut back on to reveal Adam and a couple other HGs in the Backyard playing pool. They cut back out about 10 seconds later.

Welcome to live show day. ;) Of course, as soon as I say that, Feeds are back, and Matt and Allison are deep in conversation:

1:39pm BBT
Matt & Allison

Allison: She's not.
Matt: But that's how ___'s playin this, and now that it's outta the bag, I guarantee you..
Allison: I'm sure they made it seem much worse than it is.
Matt: Oh no, no.. You guys, it's gonna like be good tv. It's gonna be funny. Like that's what it is.
Ryan enters.
Matt: And this week, it wasn't even torture. That's why it's her, cause they're like, she called you out in front of everybody. How's that gonna effect America's Playa when his own girlfriend doesn't even like him.
Allison: We are gonna go after everybody with a f'ing vengeance.
Matt: Me 'n you.
Allison: I'm taking a huge risk because you are stronger than us as far as Ryan and I as a team.. physically.
Matt: But you are mentally. Natalie's a little, you know that, but I told her "you gotta simmer down. I already had a talk with her. She likes to chime in on everything, because I think as a kid she felt left out, so now whenever anyone has a conversation she wants to chime in on every single one, and I told her to chill a little bit.
Allison: No she's fine.
Matt: I know I got Adam.. Sheila's a little...
Allison: She wants you guys. She wouldn't tell me no.
Matt: It was so tough bein' up in that room... everybody makin' eyes and winkin' ... I'm like, goin nuts in that room.

Allison: I think you're fine with Sheila. Joshuah's been calling me a bitch all day yesterday... he was waiting for us to make our decision, but we were being evasive about it. That's why.
Matt: Just tell him to do 3-0 eh? Be like, she treated me like blablabla
Allison: But you haven't made any other deals with anyone else.
Matt: I haven't made any other deals. People have tried.
Allison: Us 3. Us 3 to the end. I'm just saying to you right now. If Joshuah and Sharon win, we are F'd.
Matt: We're more f'd than you are.

Here's the clip:

If you watch nothing else in the above clip, at least scroll over to 3:10 into it, and get a Matt classic moment. We've seen that expression directed to camera once before...

Ryan and Allison, private whisper.

Allison: It's gonna be about things in the house.. details.
Ryan: Do you know all the quotes?
Allison: Pretty much.

Conversation shifts to bible "gangsta" Moses, then Jesus.

2pm BBT
Josh, Sharon & Allison

After a brief skirmish, Sharon asks for 10 minutes alone with Joshuah. Allison leaves. Sharon proceeds to make a case to Joshuah to please kiss Allie's butt, so they can turn this thing around and keep Alex and Amanda. Sharon pleads with him for a few minutes, but Josh is perturbed that Sharon is intimidated by Allison. He wants them to just move forward, go study the house, and win HoH.

Here's the clip:

2:30pm BBT
Guinea Pigs on all 4 feeds... instead of flames.

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The Morning Report

This post will be updated throughout the morning.

9am BBT

The live feeds just cut to flames a moment ago. As it's 9am on live show day, I'll go out on a limb and say the HGs are being woken up. ;) They've got primping & tidying to do. Perhaps even a little last minute gaming. Please.

9:10am BBT

BB: Good morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.

Lights are still out everywhere. Whimpering can be heard all over the quad...

9:13am BBT
Joshuah & Amanda are showering and talking. Allison enters and they stop. Sheila comes in... Alex too. Then Matt...

The house is waking up.
Amanda: G'morning Allison.
Allison: Morning.
Sheila: (laughs under her breath)

There's a line for the showers... Alex and Amanda are listening intently whenever anyone makes a sound outside the bathroom...

9:30am BBT Idle chatter...

9:33am BBT

Joshuah and James

Joshuah: Should I give em a sympathy vote, or do you think it'll make me to big a target?
James: It'll definitely make you a bigger target.
Joshuah: I do to... go 3-0?
James: Yeah. Did you talk to Matty this morning?
Joshuah: I did. Me and Allison aren't talking. She hates me. She's definitely putting me up if they win. I mean, she's already confirmed that. I've gotta win HoH, or I'm just f'd. No pressure.

9:40am - 10am BBT
Amanda's still making an effort with Allison, but Allison said she's not talking game today with anyone if Ryan's not present.

The ladies are all primping. Amanda leaves, and 2 seconds later, they all launch into game talk. Allison tells Sheila to tell Amanda she'd love to vote for her, but Allison said not to.

They talk turns to Joshuah and how much Allison wants him gone.

She's not actually wearing a crown, but that's only a formality.

10:15am BBT
Matt, Allison, Sheila
(Amanda's in and out)
Quick little convo about putting Joshuah up on the block because of his pimping for Amanda and Alex, and how Amanda's bugging out.

10:20am BBT
Ryan and Joshuah
Joshuah lets Ryan know that he and Sharon will be voting to evict Amanda and Alex, making the vote 3-0.

Dining Table
Josh, Adam, James
They're on interior lockdown and taking notice of the lack of banging outside, thinking it'll be a mental HoH.

10:28am BBT
Matt & Alex

Matt tells Alex the word on the street... That it's gonna be 3-0.

Matt: Allison likes your girl more than mine.
Alex: Doesn't seem to matter... That's what's costing me the game. People at home will see that.

10:33am BBT
Momentary FLAMES

Back to idle chatter...

    Incidentally, for those of you keeping track of the ratings. They're getting better:
      BIG BROTHER TUESDAY posted its best adult 18-49 on any night according to preliminary Nielsen live plus same day ratings for Tuesday, Feb. 26.

      BIG BROTHER TUESDAY (4.4/07, 6.74m) averaged a 3.1/07 in adults 25-54, 2.6/06 in adults 18-49 and 1.9/06 in adults 18-34. This is BIG BROTHER's best delivery in both households and adults 18-49 on any night and matches its best delivery in adults 25-54.

      Compared to last week, BIG BROTHER TUESDAY was up +22% in households (from 3.6/05), +35% in adults 25-54 (from 2.3/05), +37% in adults 18-49 (from 1.9/04), +27% in adults 18-34 (from 1.5/04) and added +1.35m viewers (from 5.39m, +25%).

James & Joshuah (briefly Natalie)
James: We're all gonna be stuck together in HoH for like 3 hours... so we can kill each other.

James and Joshuah are privately discussing the details of the house...
James: Locked away in HoH for 3 hours, there probably gonna remove stuff, or they're gonna make it look like a disaster area in her, because of the virus.
Joshuah: I wonder how they're gonna have us cast our votes and everything. We can't leave... I guess we'll have to leave to go to the DR and cast our votes there.
James: Uhmmm.. didn't sound like it dude.
Joshuah: Interesting.
James: They were pretty adamant about a couple hours up in HoH.

10:55am BBT
Alex, Allison, James, Chelsia.. Matt joins, then Nati.
Alex: 3rd cups a charm. Really gets ya goin in the morning...

Alex tells James to really rock the shirt he gave him. Idle chatter... Allison tells Amanda how beautiful she looks... Natalie's happy the mermaid cup is back. Everyone's dressed and ready for the live show run through.

11:05am BBT
FLAMES, briefly

11:07am BBT
We return from flames and all the HGs are heading up to HoH for lockdown.

They're discussing how they weren't locked up last week. Lots of small talk...

I'm kinda hating BB right now for this lockdown. Not as if there's a whole lot of hope, but this lockdown kills it completely. Unless of course, Alex takes the opportunity to bust Matty in front of the whole room about hummergate, but that's about as likely as the sky suddenly turning purple.

And we have awkward silence.

James: Let's talk about how everyone hates each other. (laughing) Isn't it wonderful? So much love in this room.
Natalie: Sooooo.. this one time in band camp...

Talk moves to sex, the dental dams, and has anyone gotten any in the house. Someone pipes in "Ryan and Jen!" Alex stays silent and misses the golden opportunity to expose Matt and Natalie.

Natalie starts ribbing Amanda for her clothing choices, and Amanda says they told her not to wear a bra under that shirt (referring to when they all enetered the house).

Noon BBT
Still on lockdown up in HoH. They're beginning to wonder if the vote tonight might actually be live instead of pre-taped. Mostly they're just talking about football and turtles and random bs.

12:15pm BBT
Still HOH Lockdown small-talk yammering.
    ***I'm going to take this opportunity to run out and get some snacks for tonight, just in case there's an endurance comp. My cupboards are dangerously bare. Back in a little bit to publish comments...

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